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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  December 30, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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lucky american could be ringing in the new year as a multi-millionaire. the mega millions jackpot going to $640 million ahead of tonight's drawing. it comes with a cash option of $328 million. odds of winning 302 million to 1 and i don't play the lotto. >> rich: ill i'll take it. >> molly: president biden heading back from his sweet vacation after the new year. the island vibes, though, may be shut down quickly. house republicans demanding answers the white house says they'll have to wait. this is "the faulkner focus", i'm molly line in for harris. republicans are ready to hit the ground running when they get the majority. jim jordan and james comer lining up a flurry of investigations. democrats have been able to ignore the white house yesterday turning a cold shoulder to the
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nearly 200 oversight requests already submitted. the white house counsel telling republicans they need to resend all of those requests once they take over next week. the white house plans to work in good faith with the opposing party. those on the right skeptical to say the least. a few of the tweets. does leaking a story and sending a letter at 4:30 a.m. show good faith? the white house and media are already playing games. get ready, the oversight chair also digging in. >> joe biden promised the americans that he would be the most transparent president in history and i could make a strong case he is the least transparent president in history. we're supposed to provide oversight and root out waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement in the federal government. joe biden has blocked us at every turn and surely everyone
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has seen by now over the past years the democrats haven't provided any oversight. we're trying to do our jobs. >> molly: first we go to jacque heinrich traveling with the president live in st. croix. to you, jacque. >> good morning, molly. the way the white house sees it, republicans while they are in the minority have very little oversight authority. and no real oversight can come until they are officially in the majority. now one of the white house's top oversight lawyers is pointing all the way back to the reagan administration and saying that the congress doesn't delegate oversight authority to individual members who aren't committee chairmen. a spokesman says they intend to work in good faith to provide appropriate information to congress and unfortunately political stunts like subpoena threats from the minority suggest house republicans might be spending more time thinking how to get booked an hannity
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than work together to help the american people. house judiciary republicans claim the white house leaked this story to "politico" and only later notified members of congress who were requesting this information that it wouldn't be coming. all the while claiming they were in working in good faith. the white house informed us they won't provide us the answers such as the border and fentanyl christ, energy crisis, botched afghanistan withdrawal, covid origins and biden family's influence pendling. why is the biden administration hiding this information? the white house does appear poised to fulfill these requests eventually but if there is anything we can glean from all of this, they are not going to make it easy for republicans when they take the majority. >> molly: it's quite a list, thank you so much. appreciate it. "politico" piece sums up how the g.o.p. is feeling about this
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hold-up writing rage over the white house's plan to slow investigations adding the white house's latest opening salvo appears to have touched a nerve among congressional republicans. we have republican congresswoman kat kam cammock. no secret the gop will launch a flurry of investigations seeing answers already or some of the things they might use to come to answers. your thoughts how the white house is approaching this before things really get underway. >> happy new year to you and everyone out there watching. this is the part that is really frustrating for the new incoming majority. you already have the white house coming out playing political games and saying they will slow walk everything. but what we have seen is really just a continuation of what
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they've done for the last two years. i can tell you as the ranking member for a subcommittee on homeland security it took nearly eight months to get responses and receipts that there was a homeless veterans program that redirected to the border. they did it quietly but didn't want to share any information. you can imagine going into the majority they will do everything they possibly can to stop any request from every committee that is an oversight committee. every single committee is an oversight body. they'll do everything they can to turn the spin machine on to misdirect and show the american people that oh, look over here, there is something going on when reality is there are some nefarious things going on within this administration. >> molly: do you think the white house can slow things down but ultimately answers will come forth? >> absolutely. the one thing the republican majority is focused on is
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walking and chewing gum at the same time. in congress they haven't been able to see that out of this democrat majority. not only will we be holding all these accountability measures, holding this administration to account for all their failures, but also working to do the things that we need to get done on behalf of the american people. bringing down energy prices, firing the 87,000 i.r.s. agents that the bind administration hired at the expense of working class folks. we will be doing these two things, aggressive agenda to help americans get on their feet while securing the borders and holding the biden administration accountable. american people need to see both and what they demanded in the mid-term elections and excited for us to get started come january 3rd. >> molly: what do you think is the most important on that list? >> there are so many things have gone awry. you can point to the border crisis, which is the largest border crisis we've experienced. the failures, the negligence, the dereliction of duty there.
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the afghanistan withdrawal which cost 13 service members their lives. you can go on and on and on about hunter biden, mayokas, the crime wave, 300 people in the united states a day dying from fentanyl because of the open borders. no shortage of items we have to address. we're responsible for our national security at the end of the day. we have to secure our borders and get the economy back on track and reduce the size and scope of government that has infill trait every aspect of our lives. >> molly: the "wall street journal" writes most republicans plan committee -- sources tell me the house republicans plan to set up a panel under the judiciary committee called the spilth subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government. can the recognition that the recent revelations about government meddling in speech and politics go way beyond the f.b.i.? the twitter files have also
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shown the f.b.i. was facilitating censorship requests from other parts of government. add this to the other disturbing government moves to use its power to silence or track citizens. your thoughts on a potential effort to look into the role that government, not to mention agencies like the f.b.i., have played in our social media, the ability of americans to communicate, and free speech. >> absolutely. if anything that we've seen over the last two years has shown us is the biden administration will go to any length to really weaponize every single agency at their disposal including the i.r.s. in which we saw them hire 87,000 new agents not to address the backlog where we still have returns from 2019 being processed, but to audit working class americans or the d.o.j., which we saw them going after parents concerned about their children's education.
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you look at the f.b.i. and their collusion with these big tech companies to censor our first amendment rights and speech. there is really no end to where this goes. we've seen under the usda where they have picked and chosen who gets their loans paid off completely but you have to check a certain box. this is really what is so egregious about the biden administration. they are picking and choosing winners and losers. when you look at a subcommittee, select committee like this it is critical. we need to explain to the american people how this administration has weaponized the agencies but how we will dismantle that and fix it so it doesn't ever happen again. >> molly: president biden signed the massive funding bill into law. another 1.7 trillion tacked on to the spending leg -- legacy. most on the right are upset about some of the pork.
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the liberal goodese. sky high spending bill. this is the optics of this. the white house actually flew this massive bill for signing to st. croix on the taxpayer dime. just the optics of that. the bill itself and the optics of the signing. >> disgusting. not only does this $1.7 trillion just pour gasoline on the record historic inflation that we have seen and dealt with for the last year and a half plus, but we are now funding all these pet projects like the michelle obama hiking trail in georgia and a bunch of community centers around the country named after senators. it is ridiculous that when folks across america are dealing with decisions like do i pay rent or get gas in my car? what do i do about putting groceries in the refrigerator this winter when the heating bill has gone up four times? these are the things that we
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normal americans are contending with and the president of the united states has the nerve to not only be vacationing at a super mega donor's island in the tropics but has to have the bill flown at taxpayer expense so he can sign this 4,000 page monstrosity? it is disgusting and unexceptable and he shop ashaked. people ought to be outraged. >> molly: a lot of republicans feel that way as well. thank you for joining us. appreciate it and wish you a wonderful 2023 and all your constituents as well. >> thank you, happy new year. >> molly: after days of massive protests china eased its covid restrictions. now the world has to figure out how to deal with it. critics hitting the president on a new rule that smacks of hypocrisy and republicans putting the border crisis on the back of the biden administration.
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>> it is time for the house set this straight, show the american people that every single day they've been intentionally and willfully violating federal law on the board. >> molly: a wave of record border numbers, tom homan weighs in next. vision insurance doesn't do you any good if you don't use it. just like this treadmill i bought, that i keep saying that i'll use... but never do. yeah. with hundreds of frames to choose from, you can put your vision insurance to good use at america's best. book an exam today. -hey there. -hey. -hi. hey there. how are you? i'm with disabled american veterans. i was wondering if you had a quick minute to thank america's veterans
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>> molly: a fox news alert. a law enforcement source confirming to fox news that police have taken a suspect into custody in connection with the murders of four university of idaho students. we don't know why that person is in custody at this time. we're told the suspect is in his mid 20s and was taken into custody in scranton, pennsylvania. he has already made a court appearance and reportedly a
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college student but does not attend the university of idaho himself. police say that all four students, the victims, were stabbed to death inside their campus home in the early morning hours of sunday, november 13th. two other students in the home at the time survived and were uninjured. police are scheduled to hold a news conference at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. hopefully more answers to come. the u.s. and countries around the world are debating how to deal with china's decision to lift its strict 0 covid policies. the biden administration announcing it will be requiring negative covid tests from all travelers coming from china. some worry that feels like going backwards when it comes to the virus. >> hopefully it won't impact our health here in the united states. i'm curious how that is going to play out in china. hopefully they won't be spreading it to other parts of the world like it likely happened and seemingly did
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happen when covid first began. >> molly: fox business correspondent hillary vaughn is live at the white house with this. >> some countries are ramping up their covid testing for people traveling from china as china drops its 0 covid lockdown policies. the world still doesn't know if they can trust china that if there is another bad outbreak they'll tell the rest of the world. italy has started testing all travelers from china. they tried to get the european union on board but they rejected plans to do that. testing from travelers from china will start january 5th. president biden approving this testing requirement for chinese travelers or travelers from china even though in the past he called former president trump's travel restrictions targeting china xenophobic. >> president biden: this is no time for donald trump's record of hysteria, xenophobia, to --
8:20 am
and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science. >> some medical experts are skeptical. testing two days before traveling means someone could test negative one day and be positive two days later when boarding the flight to the u.s. republicans say this is a charade. there is no mandatory testing now for everyone crossing at the southern border. >> i think the biden administration to enforce the policies against the chinese coming in say to new york city but not anyone on the 160 countries that are people are derived from coming across our southern border, we have no restrictions and no policies there. we have people coming across with covid, whooping cough, mumps, measles, eradicated diseases and we're doing nothing about it. >> republicans don't think biden has done enough to get to the origins of covid-19.
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republicans say that will change next week. >> molly: i would be interested in more answers on that as well. thank you. critics still tearing into -- >> right here in yuma and we have seen since october 1st enough fentanyl seized to potentially kill everyone in arizona two times over. 50% of all of it flowing through the country is throwing flew the southern border. i am losing words to describe how dangerous this is and as i keep saying it is undermining the foundations of the rule of law and joe biden is shredding the constitution in the process. >> molly: you can hear the frustration. critics still tearing into the biden administration for fueling the chaos on the southern border. the supreme court ruled to temporarily keep title 42 in place even with that policy allowing for rapid expulsions, new numbers from just the first two months of fiscal year 2023
8:22 am
grim. record shattering for the total number of migrant encounters, migrants released into the u.s. and the gotaways never proper se -- processed at all. >> immigration is one of the greatest vulnerabilities for president biden if he wants to run for re-election. if title 42 expired you would see the numbers go up and a major problem heading to 2023 for the white house. >> molly: tom homan with us, former acting ice director and fox news contributor. thank you for joining us on friday morning. there is still a lot of uncertainty around title 42. we have the band-aid on for another roughly two months or so. your thoughts on what we'll see during the two months as we go into 2023 and what we can expect from the white house. >> i think people need to understand that we are oaf in a historic crisis even with title
8:23 am
42. the numbers right now as you were talking about we're on a glide path right now to beat last year's number. first year historic records. never seen those numbers. following year he beat it by hundreds of thousands, never seen those numbers in the history of this nation. this year we're on a glide path to beat that and have over 3 million encounters. the biden administration is breaking records every year even with title 42. why? the biden administration never enforced title 42 the way cdc wanted it done. they carved out huge populations of people who won't be sent back under title 42. most family groups, uac, unaccompanied children, single adults from various countries that don't speak sparn. if you look at the data the biden administration released more people into the united states than they returned through title 42.
8:24 am
that's just a fact. title 42 keeping it in place helps because it does stop an increase in numbers that overwhelm border patrol. they can't handle it. we're at the point now even with title 42, 80 to 90% of agents have been pulled off patrol to process. the border is open forgotaways, fentanyl, gang members, criminals. increased in sex trafficking of women and children. huge vulnerability from known or suspected terrorists. we're already in a crisis of huge proportions even with title 42. what they should be doing is reimplementing remain in mexico. they can push the numbers down. the trump administration proved it and it worked. >> molly: one of the big challenges waiting for answers from the white house is getting clarity on what precisely the strategy is. what would you like to hear from the white house? what do you think is possible they might be willing to
8:25 am
implement? >> i think their strategy is open borders. joe biden ran on open borders. he said he was going to put a moratorium on deportations and give amnesty and shut down all immigration detention. he said things that most vulnerable people in the world will come to this country to take advantage of. you have the secretary saying being in the country illegally is not enough rights to arrest you. this administration is saying you can cross the border illegally. you won't be detained and if you lose your case, ice won't be arresting you. the numbers show that. their strategy, their plan has come together perfectly. this isn't mismanagement. this isn't incompetence, it is their plan. if they really want to secure the border they could reimplement the remain in mexico program and the third country agreements work. they have the trump playbook that proofed it work.
8:26 am
they know how to stop it. they don't want to stop it. >> molly: thank you for joining us. thank you for your insight and happy new year and happy 2023. hopefully it will be a good one. illinois's new no cash bail law goes into effect on sunday but not in more than half of that state's counties. the judge's ruling that has already created a lot of confusion around a law that critics say will cause even more crime. a long-time democrat senator may need a refresher course on the constitution. >> if you espouse hate and violence you aren't protected under the first amendment. >> molly: the blowback he is getting for his remarks on the first amendment and his messy attempt to clean it up.
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moscow, idaho police later this afternoon. police have taken a suspect into custody in connection with the murders of four university of idaho students. we don't know why the person is in custody at this time. william la jeunesse is following this for us and live with the details. >> arrest was 2500 miles away from the murder scene in scranton, pennsylvania. law enforcement sources saying the man is in his mid 20s taken into custody last night around 3:00 a.m. by local police and the f.b.i. he have is a college student but does not attend the university of idaho. we do not know if he is the sole suspect. police have left open the possibility there could have been more than one killer. we know the back story, four university of idaho students stabbed to death in their home november 13th. police had made no arrests or identified suspects until now. the only lead they were looking for a white hyundai elantra.
8:33 am
the driver was not a suspect per se but may have had some information of use. so far police received 5,000 tips, collected 113 pieces of evidence and taken about 4,000 photographs. 150 interviews. three of the victims, mogan,, the fourth was visiting. the kids were partying. they made phone calls until 3:00 a.m. the coroner saved all f four were stabbed multiple times with a large knife. no signs of sexual assault. two other females were in the house at the time. however, they were not attacked. bottom line is, molly, this is a huge break and we expect a news conference at 1:00 p.m. pacific, 4:00 p.m. in the east. we'll bring it to you then. >> molly: hopefully the families
8:34 am
will get answers more than six weeks after the crime was committed. thank you very much. that 4:00 news conference set for eastern time as you mentioned 1:00 out there. critics say the elimination of cash bail in illinois starting sunday will create chaos in a state already facing a huge crime problem. a judge ruled the ban unconstitutional. the state's democratic governor ripping the decision saying in a statement we cannot and should not defend a system that fails to keep people safe by allowing those who are a threat to the community to buy their way out of jail. the ruling only impacts the 64 counties that actually signed onto the suit and does not include cook county. home to chicago which has been plagued by violent crime and murder, 687 of them this year through christmas day. critics of the law say it will make the situation infinitely worse. >> i believe in reconciliation.
8:35 am
people need help to get back on track. i believe that. but i also believe in accountability. i know that when they talk about equity and they talk about the criminals getting equity, they are not taking into consideration the victims. it does not do anything but add to more failures that these leftist policies have been doing. it used to be defund the police, now emotion information criminals. >> molly: a former special assistant to president trump and former press secretary to vice president pence and -- we'll see what occurs. i want to get your insight what it means for big city suffering with a lot of crime like chicago on day one, right around the corner, january 1st. mark, to you first. >> it means that people who are arrested by the police will go to jail, be processed and sent back onto the streets to continue their life of crime. there is also no deterrent. and mechanism that will force
8:36 am
them to come back and appear in court. this is not just a defund the police, this defangs the police. this law prohibits you can't take someone trespassing to jail. just a ticket. how else are they supposed to get people off your property if they can't even arrest you and get you off the property, they give you a parking ticket. it is weak. >> molly: dan, your thoughts. the type of reform that proponents argue will help the single mom that can't pay her way out of a shoplifting charge to be out of jail and be home with her kids. your thoughts on this reform. >> i think all criminal justice reform is rooted in the fact we need safe communities. everyone deserves to live in a safe community. if we thought this sort of cash bail dominant system kept folks safe that would be one consideration. it doesn't. studies show as these systems have been taken away crime rates
8:37 am
have gone down. a lot of evidence to suggest there is a culture of criminality that comes with keeping folks in jail and incredibly wasteful. dollars that can be used for mental health, drug, law enforcement, cops on the street. it's not going where it needs to go because this system is ineffective and inefficient and allowing folks to kip the law who have cash. >> molly: something intended to mitigate. defendants get two hearings. initial hearing and detention hearing which would determine whether or not someone can get back out on the street or if they are threat. it sounds like a dangerousness hearing. your thoughts if it would work or will help? >> the system has always had in place if you were a true threat to society and arrested on murder charges or something along those lines you would be denied cash bail so you couldn't buy yourself out of jail. what we're seeing now is because of the way this system is going
8:38 am
to work is that people who are brought in on much lower-level crimes including some that could be violent, including some that could turn violent later in retaliation are just released as soon as they get done proper sense and put back onto the street. it lacks the deterrent and also leads to the possibility that you are going to have crime seeking retribution. >> molly: we'll get dan's take on the next topic first. the democrat of maryland is getting heat for this statement. >> if you espouse hate and violence you aren't protected under the first amendment. he can be more aggressive that we handle that type of use of the internet. >> molly: one said perhaps after 35 years he is due to a refresher course. he tried to clear up remarks on
8:39 am
twitter with link to the hearing. hate speech is protected unless it provides violence. critics say he didn't get it quite right to the first amendment. your thoughts, dan. >> sure, a couple things. one i think these issues are complicated and difficult and we're in a terribly troubling time in our world. violent rhetoric and speech. speech intended not just incidentally but intended to incite violence and discord in the country is increasing tremendously. in the hearing, important context, he was talking to representatives from the defamation league noting the 61% increase in anti-semitic acts in the last year and a half or so. that's a real problem. we need to address it. i commend him and anyone else to think how we as a society, government and private sector actors, working to eliminate as best we can speech incites
8:40 am
violence. i think ben cardin meant and perhaps the words weren't perfect and is an emotional hearing. what i believe he meant to say and what i took if you are attempting to incite violence that's not protected and that's clear. if it's just hate speech we have to live with that as part part of a free sociality i don't think it's what he meant. the challenges are real. that's the big point and problem fangs our country right now. >> molly: we are in an interesting time and place. >> liberals and democrats have done everything in their power to censor speech they don't like whether about vaccinations or unfortunate political stories that aren't helpful to their campaigns and now they will start labeling everything they can as hate speech. hate speech is wrong but it is
8:41 am
protected. everyone in america has a right to free speech, freedom of thought even if they're wrong. government censorship through a third private party is prohibited. i don't need the government's permission to express my thoughts even if they are wrong and as soon as we start sacrificing that we start sacrificing what it is to be america. >> molly: thank you both so much for joining me. happy new year to you both. woke colleges getting even wokeer, some of the classes parents and students are shelling out for. can southwest get it together after a week from hell? >> how can you not know where your crews are. technology exists today. >> molly: thousands still stranded across the country. mountains of luggage still stand. jimmy failla is on all of that next.
8:42 am
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>> molly: after a disastrous week southwest airlines says it is almost back on track. thousands of passengers are stranded all over the country and stuck someplace without their luggage. the pilots satisfaction said this was years in the making. >> at the end of the day southwest wasn't prepared. unfortunately this has been a decade in the making. we have sounded alarm bells. we have tried to get them to change processes. but it is a culmination of processes, outdated technology and infrastructure. >> molly: pete buttigieg wrote the southwest saying the level customers have experienced is unacceptable. garrett tenney is live at midway international airport in chicago with more on how things are continuing to shake out. garrett, to you. >> the department of transportation is issuing a warning to southwest to do right
8:48 am
by its passengers or else. in that letter that secretary buttigieg sent to the ceo of the airline he wrote, no amount ofiy make up for passengers who missed moments with their families that they can never get back. the department will use the fullest extent of its investigative and enforcement powers to hold southwest accountable if it fails to adhere to the promises made to reimburse passengers. so southwest says it is back the normal operations, 43 flights canceled but even as the flight situation improves, a lot of passengers whose holiday travel plans were messed up are still trying to track down their bags. >> we received one bag with the flight but four other bags were missing. >> they have said your bags will get to dallas before you. it didn't make sense. our bags weren't here.
8:49 am
we had a connecting flight in houston. three days with no clothes. >> if you find your luggage inside this mess behind you, you just won the lottery. >> they expect operations to continue to improve throughout the weekend. folks continue to try to make their way back home from the holidays. >> molly: transportation secretary with this prediction. the tea leaves didn't pan out. >> do you think this issue will be sorted in time for the holidays? >> it will get better by the holidays. we're pressing the air lanes to deliver better service. >> molly: jimmy failla is here with me now. delighted to have you here. southwest, oh my goodness. >> there has never been a better time to own an airport bar. that business is badge. i have empathy for the people stranded. i know a lot of people who wish their flight got canceled so
8:50 am
they didn't have to see their family. >> molly: how about they get flown without their bags, no clothes, >> it is infuriating for multiple reason. travelers are getting screwed but they paid for it. we gave these airlines billions in taxpayer funded relief. >> molly: we weren't allowed to use it. >> southwest airlines restored -- since it expired they go back to $0.18 a share. they aren't looking out for the passenger. they don't have to. this administration when they say things you better shape up? they won't do anything. what recourse do we really have? >> molly: where is the teeth? i found the report from npr over the summer where pete buttigieg had his flight canceled after having a meeting with the airline ceos over this operational problem. >> they don't take this
8:51 am
administration seriously. yes, there are a lot of missing bags. don't necessarily blame southwest. it could be a member of the biden administration trying on your stuff. you don't know these days. taxpayers are getting the business. as always, typical biden administration, more concerned with them than they are with you. meaning back in september when this first mess started, a lot of people would say because of the vaccine mandate caused pilot and staff shortages. buttigieg says you better do better. he is not delivering for anybody who needs his help. >> molly: major shift in topic now. wild woke college classes popping up across the country. here are a fifty courses from this year. backlash, people are paying for this. tuition paying for the problem of whiteness at the university of chicago. angry white male studies at the university of kansas. porn westminster college and queer dance at the university of
8:52 am
hawaii. honestly, some of these sound interesting and -- i might have attended some of those. >> if you get a bad grade in the porn class you will know how you can change it. here is the reality. college are becoming racist daycares and teaching you to hate white people. the problem with go angry white males. can you have it in regard to any other ethnicity. they would be burning down the campus because it's racist. that's who runs is colleges now, racist perverts. >> molly: i was having college flashbacks. i was required to watch the unbearable lightness of being. it is exploring sexual norms but blends political and erotic.
8:53 am
sometimes it pushes the envelope. >> that's not what this is. that's perverts. we have to call it what it is. we'll get together and watch porn. who is paying to watch porn? i did research for the study. it's free all over the internet. this whole time i didn't know. >> molly: more. critics are calling this "new york times" poll a major fail called you can't say that or can you? turns out americans aren't feeling all those politically correct updates. 84% say they still say master bedroom despite claims it is rooted in slavery. majority satisfy they don't use primary bedroom. 86% say they're fine using pregnant woman. 34% say birthing parent. the term lot-in x go with no love. 81% asian, while 27% say aapi.
8:54 am
it stands for asian american pacific islanders. woke language on what's appropriate. >> it's absurd. it was not created by members of the ethnic groups but white people trying to divide us instead of treating it like people. you talk about the aapi. my neighbor is chinese. he wants to be called michael. he doesn't care about the labels. you see the survey on latin x. hispanic people think the term is absurd. when you start to degender language which is the most ridiculous thing of all. tyranny of the minority and always erased women and biological differences between men and women. people oppose it on a superficial level. do you want to watch a pretty woman reboot called pretty person and no, none of it is
8:55 am
grammatically correct or anything we wanted to embrace as a sociality it was a grievance. we'll change the language and tell anybody who doesn't like it they are a monster. >> molly: thank you for coming on. see you in 2023. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." "outnumbered" is coming up right after the break. (torstein vo) when you really philosophize about it, there's only one thing you don't have enough of. time is the only truly scarce commodity. when you come to that realization, i think it's very important that you spend your time wisely. and what better way of spending time than traveling, continuing to educate ourselves and broaden our minds? (woman vo) viking. exploring the world in comfort. are you feeling sluggish or weighed down? metamucil's new fiber plus collagen can help. when taken daily, it supports your health, starting with your digestive system. metamucil's plant-based fiber forms a gel
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it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> fox news alert we're finally getting answers on horrific quadruple murder in the university of idaho. those four students were killed more than six weeks ago while they slept in their home just yards from campus. a law enforcement source saying a suspect is in custody in pennsylvania paired moscow, idaho, police expected to give an update later this afternoon. hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered." i am cheryl casone also joining us kennedy, dr. nicole saper


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