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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  December 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> do you think it is a good idea for speaker pelosi to travel to taiwan. >> never would i thought some day i would go from homemaker to house speaker. >> say good-bye, sa good-bye. >> well, thank you for inviting us into your home tonight and this we begin with a fox news alert. thanks for joining me i'm sean duffy info jesse. the murder of four high schools university students who were stepped depth for the latest decals do we go to dn springer. >> i don't think it is a stretc that the entire city and everyone connected to the university of idaho is breathin a sigh of relief tonight more than a month and a half up the shocking murders out those four students at the university of idaho.
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please have finally made an arrest for 28-year-old bryan kohberger is facing four counts of first-degree murder and one count of burglary. he is in custody in monroe county, pennsylvania and he was in court for an initial appearance where he was held with no bail and it was also important to have an extra side effect idaho but there is a hearing on extradition set for next tuesday. the arrest happened at 3:00 a.m at his parent's home in eastern pennsylvania for the state police swat team took the lead. this is in the mountains about 100 miles north of the city of philadelphia. it's also 2,500 miles from the murder scene in the apartment that kohberger rented at washington state university pai police search that apartment today. it is 8 miles from where the murders took place. police suggested that a news conference today he acted alone. >> i can tell you we have an individual in custody committed
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these horrible crimes and i do believe our community is safe but we still need to be vigilant . >> one big lead was the white huyndai that was near the victim 's house the night of the murders. they now have that vehicle. this arrest is rewarding for th family off the four victims, kaylee goncalves, maddie mogen, ethan chapin, and xana kernodle. we spoke with kaylee's dad by phone today. >> you can't even smile when yo have this over your head. it feels like a little bit of weight has been relieved that w are on the right track. >> if you hadn't following this case you know that he's been very critical of the moscow police department and the lawyer . the lawyer for suggesting that maybe the police department was in over its head and not
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experienced enough. all is good today for they did the right thing by keeping a lo of information to themselves an now it seems it paid off as an arrest has been made. >> appreciate at pitt. >> live outside the pennsylvani jail where bryan kohberger is being held with more details on they suspected killer. >> the correction facility is going to be home at least for the next few days for the suspect in this case. early in the morning, 3:00 a.m. here in this area, this is a prison, a jail, i should say, maximum and minimum security. we will see more about that jai and doors were locked and no visitors at this time. but show you the picture once again. bryan kohberger taken into custody by state police at a home southeast in scranton,
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pennsylvania. he was arrested on a fugitive warrant from justice. there's very little details about how they zoned in on kohberger but had enough to mak their arrest. >> a criminal complaint was filed yesterday charging the defendant, mr. kohberger with four counts of first-degree murder in addition to felony burglary which involves injurin the residence with the intent two the crime of murder. >> that affidavit showing probable cause for arrest is sealed until kohberger is physically back in idaho. of law enforcement recovered th white huyndai here. we don't know where they took it . remember what was the subject o a nationwide search after it wa spotted near the scene of the crime in idaho in the early morning hours of november 13. we spoke to a neighbor near where the arrest took place who was clearly shaken by the news that the suspect in these grisl
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crimes was captured right here. >> i was surprised and did not. >> something like this can happen. i specifically move from new york to a quiet area as i didn't . >> things like this to happen and i wanted to keep my teacher family safe from this. is kind of crazy. >> today investigators were 15 minutes away from the crime scene in idaho in pullman, washington, where he was a graduate student pursuing a degree in criminal justice justice. he's being held without bond an the public defender has been assigned. we will have more to come as we go through the next few hours then days here. >> sean: thank you. obviously there still a lot mor to learn about kohberger here take a look at this. it is a server that he posted online as part of an undergraduate research project. part of the introduction reads, quote, i'm invading you to participate in a research
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project that seeks to understan how emotions and psychological traits influences decision-making when committing a crime. listen to some of these questions. why do you choose the victim target over others. did you prepare for the crime before leaving your home. but was the first move you made in order to accomplish your goa and after arriving what steps did you take prior to locating the victim target. it sounds a little odd to me. let's go to criminal profile james fitzgerald for his expert opinion. james', list them. i read through these questions that kohberger had an's researc project. what you make of that in light of his arrest today. >> as soon as i heard those questions are read them earlier it reminded me of the protocol of like 400 questions that we had back in the day as only new
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profilers would go through trading in virginia within a year or so, we would go out to the prisons and interview seria offenders and violent offenders. their convicted not going anywhere and we put asked them about 400 questions about how they committed crimes then why they committed crimes and why they didn't choose other victims . the questions i've seen so far in our subjects, the questions that he had prepared for his masters thesis are very similar to those spirits of this guy obviously is intelligent and he's obviously done his researc and he wanted to get inside the mind of these people but at the same time he was getting all th answers from them himself so he had to do it himself and commit this type of a crime to truly answer those questions. >> it begs the question, was he doing this for the research project and was actually doing research to make sure that he
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could better commit his crime when he chose to do it. >> sure. and many criminals, the dc sniper, the anthrax guy, they all claim to have is off the to sort of rationales and reasons for doing it and once they are caught, quite frankly they have violent ideations, outfits use command they want to form an excuse for why they go out and commit crimes. in a one-off like this guy killing four people at once and being a serial offender that goes on for weeks or months or decades in the case of some of them. so this guy wanted to kill someone. i'm sure about that and once he got more in a world of this criminal justice studies and ho these prisoners operate. he thought he would be smarter peter reminds me from 99 years
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ago before my time but i'm certainly familiar with that, leopold and loeb case in chicago . they were a couple of students but they were smarter than law enforcement and they kidnapped and killed a 14-year-old boy. there was some movie in 1948, a hitchcock movie, that captures that. the methodology is different bu i think part of what this guy isn't someone who thinks he is smarter than the rest of us, certainly law-enforcement, and that may be one of the factors that contributed to him committing this crime his. >> over the last several weeks you have a lot of people on tv, criminal profilers, psychological profilers, but what this guy would look like. we don't know a lot about kohberger but from what we've we've seen, would he match someone like this? >> i was here five weeks ago tonight on this exact show abou this exact time and i laid out three potential scenarios of this person. it was somewhat known by the
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victims and indirectly and mayb he knew them more and they knew him and there can be someone involved in celibacy are some kind of a sexual status. they are not mutually exclusive. they can be -- people can operate in two or three of those conditions when committing this crime. there is this questionnaire tha he thought out and this fascination level so high for him just doing the research on his own was not enough. he had to involve himself directly in these crimes. he chose mass murder of five innocent people while they slept . >> so sad. thanks for joining me. appreciated. >> the investigation into bryan kohberger is just beginning. we examine the details coming u next.
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we are still looking for more information just like we stated all along. we are putting all the pieces together. this is not the end of this investigation. this is a new beginning. >> today's press conference was then on details and left us wit a lot of questions. one thing we heard a lot about his dna evidence. my next guest is an expert, anthony schubert. good to see you. it is good the cup what role do you think dna played in breakin this case today. >> i don't have any direct knowledge and obviously there i a lot of information out there about dna collected in this cas
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i think just talking generically , i'm quite confident that dna can play a very critical role ng analogy can play a critical role in identifying who is responsible for this crime. >> you look at a crime like thi and it was brutal and it appear the victims had defensive wounds . so i can't imagine that kohberger would not have left some dna behind. the question is where they pulled to retrieve it. that they find a drop of blood or perspiration that could've been left behind. how has technology developed that will allow investigators t suck up all of this dna and analyze it? >> my experience comes from lon years of dna but when you look at the golden state killer in the way that case was solved, h killed 13 people and over 50 an ultimately after 40 years of an investigation, it was genetic genealogy that ultimately solve that case and about 60 days. we talk about this new tool, it
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is the most revolutionary thing we've seen in our lifetime and perhaps that we are going to se for many years to come that is why become such a critical piec not just for cold cases but as in this particular case, if in fact it was used, this now has the ability that we can solve upwards of 90% of crimes if we have dna left that a crime scene . it is a revolutionary tool that we now have paid. >> i was a prosecutor for ten years myself many people watch these crime shows and they. >> dna evidence or fingerprint evidence and you don't forget that in many crimes that we prosecute. if they don't, if this goes to trial, is it expected they have dna evidence or do you think juries will rely on the evidenc that prosecutors have? >> i have faith in the prosecution can't file a case unless you can prove it beyond reasonable doubt.
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a lot of times juries want to see that kind of evidence but not every case has the habit. setting that aside for this particular case, we have to go back to the fact that when we talk about the advancement of science, ten years ago what would you find in a crime scene is very different than what you see now paid we have the abilit dna profiles from rufus ayers and the ability to get dna from somebody touching a glass. we've advanced to the point tha we are really, as i say, the greatest revolutionary digital age of dna that we've seen in our lifetimes. exact side and to be part of an something we have to be very aggressive about, making sure that all of our law enforcement partners are aware of it and ho does that work in getting our public levers to use it and jen match. if we use in attic genealogy, w need people to match in.
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>> thanks for joining me and thank you for your insights. >> thanks so much for having me. >> to nan at 10:00 p.m. nancy grace is going to dig deeper fo the full hour on fox news. it's going to be great. to the big story happening tonight at capitol hill, could determine the future of the democratic platform. some of his colleagues are not important. there not sure if they're going to vote for him coming up next week. the vote is supposed to be next tuesday, january 3. nobody knows what is going to happen let's go to kevin mc carthy joining me now. good to see you. what is going to happen with th speaker race next tuesday? >> i think we made great progress today and we are working on the rule some people want to see a package and open it back up. we've gone from 72 hours of church style to be able to investigate the fbi and others.
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we watch this new ability to bring more votes to bills onto the floor in an open process. i think this is all healthy. morgan griffith really cares about supporting me today, base upon the progress that we've made along here so i think everyone will get there at the end of the day. we have to. we are the only ones to stop these democrat liberal policies. think about it. in the four years i've been leader, we have won of recycle but we won when the other republican senators and governors have lost. we need to be able to come together to stop with the democrats are doing but actuall put the country in a new plays and get some prosperity where w can get our economy moving agai our borders secure in bring tha accountability back to washington that we all crave so deeply pits. >> everyone who sees you on tv, you are a nice guy. you have a friendly smile. at a lot of liberals don't seem to like you. the close of this election gets
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the more they hate you whether it is all omar, adam schiff, li cheney, they all don't like kevin mccarthy provided these liberals hate you so much? >> first of all nancy hates me because i beat her. we wanted to fire nancy poulos yet we just did that. omar and the others, i will stand up to them. at him schiff is not going to b on the intel committee. omar's not going to be sitting on the department of defense fo they want to have gas prices high and make sure that -- they want an open border i'm going to stand up and make sure the border is secure. you watch what they want to do to mandate the vaccine on men and women and i was able to pul that out and no longer argue kicking women and men out of ou military. these are the types of things that i will stand up for when they want to do their runaway spending. i will speak on the floor, the longest speech on the floor eve given. i will stand up to the liberal policies of what they are doing because this country is too
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important and we've been able t win under this leadership and w will be able to win more for th american public. >> the american people did not give the set up the majority this last election but they did get republicans in the house th majority. on january 3, what is the first order of business. for the republicans going to do in the first hundred days the have the majority. >> the first thing we have to d is elect our speaker. we can't do anything until you elect that speaker. the white house is actually pushing back on our investigations they were not going to give you anything unti we get this solved. we need to be able to move forward. on the first day we will repeal the 87,000 irs agents. another reason why the democrat are mad at me. i think government should be here to help you and not go after you. then we are going to secure our border. we got to secure the border wit the millions coming across with this fentanyl killing our children. we have to work on the economy. we need to hold this government accountable with the origin
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where covid began to find out what the family of devon the process and make sure the fbi i not going after americans by actually going after crime. we actually -- we got so much work behind us w need the start on the very firs day. >> liberals say bad things abou you but i think you are a nice guy thanks for joining me tonight. coming up, hunter byman -- hunter biden's stripper was to cash in on the family name. plus democrats finally flip these tax returns that they are a big huge massive nothing.
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i love all my children equally but cannot be the same for hunter by them. we know that it can be hard. he's paid no attention to the four-year-old love child that h had out of wedlock with a retired stripper. back in 2017 hunter locked eyes and it was the beginning of a torrid affair for the two of them hunter tried to weasel his way out of it and he denied eve meeting the mother of the child despite hiring london september of this year. hunter tried to get out of paying child support saying he couldn't afford it.
4:31 pm
at things couldn't get any wors this christmas, the big guy snubbed hunters love child from the white house document display . the mother of the child just wants to make things right so i a new court filing this week, she's requesting that her last name be changed two by the daughter point benefit from carrying the family name. hunter got a benefit from the hunter biden name so why should she. he slipped a lavish lifestyle thanks to the biden name. having dinners with rich -- and he's made millions from the biden name and got his dad 10% of a cut. if we learned anything from hunter, the biden family name i untouchable. the one person investigating hunter biden is wisconsin governor ron johnson. good to cup or can you obviousl blame the mother off the love child. i see all the money that hunter
4:32 pm
biden has made with the biden name. i want my daughter to have the biden name and may be the thing she's not thinking about is tha hunter biden can go to jail too. >> hello, sean. when you consider what lowlifes and how crooked the biden famil is, i'm not sure why you would want that name attached to you. from my standpoint, that is her right and i understand why she' trying to obtain that in court. the biden's are such a sordid tale. they completely ignore it. >> i was hoping that if republicans had won in the senate. the house has the majority.
4:33 pm
you think were going to see mor exposure of this corruption whe he is the vice president. >> out on how a how much more w need to see. what is on that laptop is incriminating enough. and it will be interesting to see what the house will be able to get out of this administration. in the senate we hold confirmation hearings and they raise their hand said they are going to comply with the congressional oversight including from the minority and now look what the white house i saying. that have no -- that is not correct.
4:34 pm
they waited for a holiday to replace them. surprise, surprise. there's nothing embarrassing in the release of the trump tax returns. what is going on here? >> it is obviously a violation and that deal is when you turn over all your financial information to the irs, it's supposed to remain confidential between you and the irs. there are exceptions for congress to obtain tax returns for legitimate legislative purposes. there is no legitimate legislative purpose in the hous refacing releasing this spirit it is strictly done for partisa purposes. that is what democrats always duped or they're the ones that always push the envelope and they violate the norms and reducing the flesh hold on the confirmation judges.
4:35 pm
we are going into new year's weekend and they take over on tuesday. and they have these documents and they wait until the friday before new year's eve to releas them i think democrats must understand them the nothing in there. they sell this to some big huge story but if it was a big story they whatever based upon they first got it and they -- >> they probably realize what a violation this was and that is why there is resistance in the party but they decided to release that the last minute. it is really sick. senator ron johnson, proud to have you from the state of wisconsin happy new year. >> happy new year to you and your family. >> a lot of people that have been talking about george santos , the congressman lied his way into getting a seed in the u.s. congress. he made up an alternative life
4:36 pm
for himself just to win both spirit lying is a hopeful thing to do when you campaign of thos lies but if you tune into the liberal media, they're acting like this is the biggest story of the year. they all want him to resign. since when is lying in politics anything new. democrats should know better than anyone bill clinton made i their norm. >> i tried marijuana a time or two and didn't like it. i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> we can't talk about lying without bringing out liz pocahontas warren who support the voters that she was a nativ american. >> i still have a picture on my mantle at home and it is a picture my mother had before that and a picture of my grandfather and my aunt b has walked by that picture at least a thousand times and remarked that her father, had high cheekbones like all of the
4:37 pm
indians do. being native american has been part of my story, i guess, sinc the day i was born. >> part of her story liar. >> that was a big lie dr. fauci 's that he never funded gain of function. that was alive. adam schiff swore that he approved the fresh inclusion in of bristol watching and waiting for it. and one man's whole career was built on lies beauty became president by lifting and an alternative reality. >> and so i was sort of raised in the puerto rican community a home. that i got my education in the black church. that is a fact. i probably put the shoulder mor than many of you did. i became fastener --
4:38 pm
professor at the university of pennsylvania. we could go on all night long with democrat lies. low-lying democrats, hear me out . george santos resigns. when will all of you resign. >> ned ryan joins me right now. let's have santos resign and let's get liz born to resign, joe biden to resign and the a whole bunch of liars in the democratic liars to resign. >> it is deeply refreshing to see this call for honesty in ou national discourse spirit reall gives refreshing credits the ne national standard for that got to be honest to be in politics. at the ball problematic for the left if they are going to be seen as authentic and believabl and they keep protecting these liars like elizabeth warren and joe biden, his whole 50 year career has been one laughed at the other and the interesting thing is it's basically, hey,
4:39 pm
kids, another day another live. how colorful is not like going to be because eli is a given. you mentioned eric's wall wall and adam schiff. what is the left going to do about them with their intentional lies about christia russian collusion and knowingly advancing the russian information campaign and undermined the duly elected president of the united states. what about the new york times has -- how about they return their pulitzers for advancing that massive lie of russian collusion . the things that the left claims they want honesty, that is aliv because all they do, most of them, is life your eye will mak a deal with them. i will make a deal. i will let them continue to lie but i am going to ask that they not be set dishes traders. >> the size of the lie matters. so he lighted new york, 750,000
4:40 pm
people back and should do it. these are national democrats that are lying to the whole of american people are they were trying to undo an election by their lies come away more serious than what joe santos ha done. they have no shame to go george santos is a liar, he should resign. maybe we should make this claim since we have lies or sells. >> all they're trying to do is put us on the defensive and not really have -- they're not interested in equal standards for their trying to put everybody on the defensive to try to get them to defend us and get samples to resign their their past that point of shame and pass the ability to actuall look at themselves and go we ar pretty much a bunch of liars an dishonest hack spirit we should resign as well. it is just a weapon in their trying to get us to show up and we won't pay her this is the ne right there we punch right back at them.
4:41 pm
he can for side but not then. >> george santos lied before he was sworn in and he doesn't -- list for an libel sheep was a senator. george santos, do not reside. stay in congress and work for your district. happy new year. >> coming up, the new york time says the crime wave is over. surprise, surprise.
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after the week we all had, i be you didn't think that we would
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end tonight with great news bit according to new york times, crime is down. il is thought my eggnog was still spiked. despite studies that they violent crime is down, get read for it, a whole 5%. think of it like gas prices. the democrats don't care that they reached record highs but bring out the champagnie goes down 5 cents. don't believe your eyes. believe the new york times. data suggest other kinds of crimes besides murders and shootings might have increased in 2022. murders are still higher than 2019 but the date of the head suggests that the shooting rate are going in the right directio as the year comes to a close, i is good news that you can celebrate thank you, new york times. demi lawrence is a fox news contributor. how are you celebrating this great news delivered to us from the new york times. crime is down.
4:48 pm
>> sean, i water democrats and these activist politicians and das that judges worry as much about the crime problem as they do trying to convince us there isn't the crime problem and one that we can actually solve. as long as they are still tryin to gaslight us and convinces that the things are happening and her own backyards and subwa systems aren't happening, we ar never going to get to work on this problem that they have created. but what i want to know and i'v been wondering this as i have yet to hear democrats be asked or answer why they think these policies are more equitable for anyone because that is the whol reason that they build all of this criminal justice reform an it is more equitable and more fair and more diverse. at the end of the day when crim is happening, it impacts everybody.
4:49 pm
what was happening in the -- and new legislation that comes out like in illinois that's going to have no cash bail. maybe we will get to the root causes and they are gaslight in the american people saying don' look over there. there's not a problem with crime . disregard you saw in the street people are getting beat up or getting shot in the head just disregard it. that is what is so frustrating with the liberal media. >> and how do they justify at? how they justify implementing more of these no cash bail losses they're going to do in illinois. they see what it is doing in places like california and new york and they think that the good ideas to expand nationwide. we still have yet to hear the rational behind this and i also would like to go on to say because i'm a big supporter of law enforcement, we have of riverside deputy that would be alive today if not for the coddling policies in place in
4:50 pm
california and these activist judges of activist das that think it is better to put these thugs and felons on the streets because of better for them than for average hard-working decent people and our law enforcement officers that are being targete every day there not asked about it so they don't have to answer it. unfortunately lost opportunity and the midterms with the start of a new congress on the start of a new year. i hope that we press a little harder. >> the liberal media has become active in spirit they are not here to report the news. it's just like with the george floyd riots, these are mostly peaceful. they defended those protest through the whole summer of 202 and so again, they have skin in the game to say there is some o this crime in some of these protests and some of these individuals and we supported an we are okay with it. >> they kicked off this culture of lawlessness in the summer of love and 2020 and they set a
4:51 pm
precedent that if you do horrible things, you ride and loot and attack your fellow citizens, you will not face consequences for that because i will be passed off as justice. felons and thugs learned this and they learned there are no consequences for that is why qc smash and grab some people bein beaten over the head with baseball bats because there are no consequences. it is time for a day of reckoning and time for that to change. happy new year to you. have a good one. >> the countdown to 2023 is on. we preview the all-american new year. that is coming up next.
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>> the countdown to 2023 is on. new year's eve is tomorrow the fox news team is getting the party started early. we kickoff from nashville, tennessee. the coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. after that my lovely wife rachel
4:57 pm
along with her "fox & friends" cohorts will pick the sharp up from there and of course it wouldn't be an all-american new year without comedy, bull riding, which i'm going to be doing tomorrow night, and of course music. country superstar brantley gilbert will be performing live in after cole hauser from the hit show yellowstone will be joining us all night long. the show may look a little something like this. come on. who can turn down a good party like that? jimmy failla will be cohosting the show tomorrow live. give me the preview. >> it's going to be amazing. if last year's performance with any indicator, everyone is going to be plastered and swinging from the chandeliers. everybody in nashville 2023 is not just the year, it's the blood alcohol content. they party hard. i will be doing live stand-up comedy set which is an honor to be put on live tv to tell jokes after five hours of open bar. going to have to play little defense. >> sean: hopefully you'll have
4:58 pm
drunk people cheering you on. >> southern company crowds are the greatest. no one has ever gotten offended by a joke within 20 miles of a cracker barrel, okay, anywhere you can buy boots and chicken and dumplings within a few miles of each other they are going to love you. i'm so excited. >> sean: you have a preshow that comes on before you go live. a number of us auditioned. i was one of them. i am waiting to get word back. did i get the job? take a look. >> why was six afraid of seven? because seven, eight, nine, jeannie. what do you clown angry karen? a steamed veggie. how do you make an egg roll? you push the egg. jimmy and i are going to be awesome. we are crushing nashville.
4:59 pm
>> my kids love these jokes. did i get the gain? give it to me straight. >> you have the chosen open for me. they just haven't decided what year. it's call hollywood no. we tell you yes and we never get back to you. you're going to be there on the mechanical bull with me. do you notice where you rank in this company based on the assignments that you get in the rundown? the spare rib eating contest. we are riding bulls. i'm getting shot out of a cannon. you're going to be wrestling an alligator in the c block. >> sean: last year we had the dumb and dumber dance. i am riding the bull. but i don't have cowboy boots. you do. >> the deal in nashville, buy one, get 12 free. we are going to look like we're in the witness protection program. still am looking forward to it. you are the best. i guess i'm not going into comedy. that does it for us tonight but check out my podcast from the
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kitchen table. january 23, 6:00 p.m., i have a new show on fox business called the bottom line with dagen mcdowell and myself. you're going to love it. you don't want to miss it. it's going to be great. that does it for us tonight. don't go away. tulsi gabbard is in for tucker carlson and that's coming right now. ♪ ♪ >> tulsi: good evening and aloha, everyone. welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." i am tulsi gabbard standing in for tucker. i am so grateful for having the privilege to wear the cloth of this country, currently serving in the u.s. army reserves. my first deployment was to iraq. in 2005 i served in the medical unit in the camp that wa


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