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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 5, 2023 4:00am-5:00am PST

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[coughing] hi, susan. honey. yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry. steve the house is set to reconvene at noon northeastern hopes of electing a speaker. >> kevin mccarthy sat through more votes yesterday, once again losing. >> some things like this have happened but nothing like this. >> ainsley: the grad student accused of murdering four college students awaiting court date. >> tracking the quadruple murder suspect. >> encouraging updates on damar hamlin doctors saw some signs of improvement. >> hoping for the most positive
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outlook. >> get as much support as you can in a situation like that. >> niagara parks lit up the parks in blue to show support. >> that's my intention, we are working out the details now. president biden does intend to visit the southern border next week. >> doing it because is he forced to not because he wants actual solution. >> most of my movies the machines were the enemy. but today they found ways to use technology as an ally. >> i am your ultimate companion. ♪ ♪ one more time ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: yep, one more time. they're going to go ahead and gavel things in today at noon in that building and for one more time they will have another vote. and, you know, maybe we're closer. we don't know. yesterday we thought we might be closer. not the case. anyway, it is a thursday.
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it is january 5th at 55 degrees down in washington, d.c., a beautiful day. they're going for 66 and it's going to be cloudy. >> ainsley: that song always reminds you of something. a restaurant in new york and palm beach. play this song bring out a cake and put a sparkler in it. >> steve: what's the restaurant. >> ainsley: a french student.'s a lot of fun. >> steve: salad is $35. >> ainsley: exactly. they play that song and the whole restaurant start dancing and singing happy birthday. >> brian: place by me i love the place except the birthday song. with the birthday song it's so wild that everyone goes in and makes believe they have a birthday and it -- every seven minutes the music goes on and i go you know what? we can't go here anymore. it's so disruptive. >> steve: what's the song? >> brian: it's a birthday song italian song. i can't give it because i'm pretty sure it's not a franchise
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i don't want to hurt it. >> ainsley: a lot of people like that. >> brian: in comes this italian. in the beginning so interesting. after a while it's oh my god i have got to get out of here too many birthdays and clearly you need to check ids to make sure it's a real birthday. >> ainsley: i love places like that. >> brian: you are in the middle of a conversation. >> ainsley: aren't you glad they're each born you can celebrate. >> brian: give you a scenario. the three of you was are out at dinner. i'm thinking about buying this house that cost $120,000, they are are going to need a down payment. all you the sudden music players go off seven more minutes refresh your recollection going to eat this? all of a sudden the music blasts again wait a second i have got to get out of here. >> steve: is it a popular place? >> brian: yes. >> steve: it's popular for a reason people must like it because it sounds like a lot of fun long island. >> ainsley: context clues to del. >> brian: i can't tell you where it is. >> ainsley: tell us the city? >> brian: if you are around where i live on long island, you know what i'm talking about. >> steve: brian can't mention the name of it because is he
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criticizing it on tv. >> brian: which i don't want to hurt anybody. >> ainsley: i bet a lot of young people go there because they love those party places. >> ainsley: place in new york nightclub in the middle of the kay. >> steve: like being on a cruise. throughout the dipper there is a party over here. there is a party over here. somebody else is having. >> ainsley: it's an experience. got to go once. >> brian: okay. >> steve: will they be singing one more time today on capitol hill? yes. >> ainsley: so the battle over who will be the next house speaker rages on. >> steve: additional votes are expected to be held later today as republican leader kevin mccarthy insists. the republicans are making progress. even though we can't see it. >> brian: what a beautiful back drop. david spunt joins us live from washington with the latest. hey, david. >> pro and ante mccarthy factions stayed up late in the night negotiating. kevin mccarthy pushed hard to adjourn last night until noon today by a thread he got his wish, republicans won the vote to adjourn to give them a little
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breathing room. mccarthy sat through three separate votes yesterday. numbers 4, 5 and 6 sitting there on the house floor next to his allies once again losings 21 members who refused to support his speakership. these are the members elect who voted against him. the g.o.p. rebels led by matt gaetz, lauren boebert. chip roy, and scott perry to name a few. the group -- 20 of the group i should say voted for byron donalds from southwest florida to be speaker. someone with just two years experience in the house. representative elect victoria spartz voted present, which is essentially a no vote. byron is a dear friend, a solid conservative, and now is a member of the united states congress. and for the first time in history, there have been two black americans placed into the nomination for speaker of the house. [applause] >> we caught up with a man the past few days kevin mccarthy
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after some of those negotiations that remains confident, despite the stiff republican resistance. >> i felt as though we had a very good discussion. i think be able to do that vote that the discussions are going well and continue. >> some of the negotiations taking place, according to politico a one member motion to vacate. meaning one member could trying ear no confidence vote. before mccarthy wanted five. the house freedom caucus wants two seats. the site also reporting representative elect ralph norm wants term limits. three terms for house members. mccarthy has more than 200 supporters and they have come to his defense time after time to see this thing through. >> sure, it looks messy. but democracy is messy. democracy is messy. by design. >> i believe that in my bones. nobody has done more to lay out a plan for how we restore the
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basic functioning of this institution than kevin mccarthy. nobody. >> and the functioning of the institution, meaning the house of representatives cannot go on until members elect, elect a speaker so they can be sworn in. we'll see today at noon, once that all begins if some of those sticking points actually come to the foreand if mccarthy will essentially give. in back to you. >> brian: right. it seems as though the fact that they're negotiating and we have specifics today unlike the last two days i think is a reason to be encouraged. thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> brian: chad, what do you feel. chad pergram who might be historically no one can touch him and he's just a fantastic reporter. >> ainsley: now he is on air all the time because he knows this stuff like the back of his hands. >> brian: right there. is starting to be movement. if they play their cards right a successful vote later tonight. part of playing your card right is getting specific about what you wanted. the 20 are finally getting specific, as we just mentioned. instead of saying five seats. five members can stand up and
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say vacate the job of speaker, let's vote on you vacating. now it looks as though mccarthy is going to agree to one. also. >> steve: which is crazy. >> ainsley: so one person can say i don't like you anymore. >> steve: unbelievable. >> brian: they just vote on it, too. it doesn't mean you're out. >> steve: unfortunately live it would be a nuisance any time they do it. hey, any time somebody doesn't like something i'm the guy. have a vote. >> ainsley: take weeks and weeks to find a new speaker. >> brian: stand alone vote instead of having omnibus bill dumped in your lap and told you have two hours to read and it sign it. they say we are going to break it up into 12 appropriation bills instead of one stand alone vote, so each part of the budget will get a separate vote so we'll see how that goes. >> ainsley: something else house rules committee freedom caucus as you were saying earlier, they want four seats on the committee. >> steve: right. >> ainsley: they are saying no, we will give you two, and also give you maybe a seat to a conservative that's very close to the freedom caucus like
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thomas massie. another thing is term limits. ralph norm. >> brian: wants a vote. >> ainsley: congressman or congresswoman to serve only three terms max. >> brian: at least have a vote on it to see where it stands. see if people will vote themselves out. steve a according to punch bowl this morning. kevin mccarthy doesn't want to see what happened yesterday and the day before. multiple roll call votes where he loses. >> brian: terrible. >> steve: he doesn't want to see that again. republican insiders are saying this could drag into next week. so, it's not only bad for kevin mccarthy, as brit hume said last night to bret baier, it's bad for the republicans and it's bad for the country. >> some things like this have happened but never something quite like this where you have 200 members of the house want a certain candidate to be speaker and about 20 don't. and the 20 are calling the tune. one thing is that the public in this country is in no mood for
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extremist in either party. they don't do well. they didn't do well in this election. arguably the presence of a number of people thought to be extremist on the republican side of the tickets across the country cost them the big night they were hoping to be having. so, at this action here 20 or 21 members are holding up the whole parade, i think a lot of people think that's extreme. >> steve: kevin mccarthy, if they're making movement, that's great. it's behind the scenes. it's a lot of procedural stuff. most people don't even understand. but the worry is that if he gives too much to the freedom caucus and these renegade republicans, he will face backlash from the 200 people who have been voting for him every time. >> brian: that's why there is more than just him in these meetings. yesterday about 6 or 7 that mccarthy dispatched including brian fitzpatrick so-called moderate from pennsylvania go work this out.
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and they came back and couldn't move them. >> ainsley: you might look at the full screen we put up there with all of the different faces that are holdouts, those 20. you might say well we don't know who these people are if you live in one of their states, you do. you voted for them. and many of them are upset because they will say we really want to move on. these -- there are other important issues to deal with. >> brian: i think chip roy, if a deal is cut for kevin mccarthy, it looks like chip roy is leading the charge for negotiation. he deserves the credit or depend where you stand the discredit. i think it's great if you have a view, go ahead and work it out and you have to cut a deal. you can't get everything you want. >> steve: but there's no deal so are if a. by the way, we should point out, kevin mccarthy won the vote last night to adjourn. >> brian: barely. >> steve: some democrats joined the republicans. turn to the leadership battle on capitol hill to the crisis on our southern border. >> ainsley: so president biden is now saying he does intend to visit the border for the first time next week. >> brian: all right. peter doocy is live outside the white house.
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>> good morning and officials here have long told us they see trips to the southern border as political stunts. but that's changing. >> are you going to be visiting the border when you head down to mexico? >> that's my intention. we're working out the details now. >> peter: right before president biden took office in 2020 there were about 458,000 border encounters a year. that grew to 1.73 million in the president's first year and 2.37 million in the second year. officials here right on up to the president have said immigration has always been a priority, with the president putting forward a plan shortly after inauguration. it just hasn't been the top priority. that's been the economy the whole time which officials believe polls show people want them putting first like when i asked the president when he was on his way to a chips facility in arizona last month. >> why go to a border state and not visit the border?
4:13 am
>> because there are more things going on. they are going to invest billions of dollars in a new enterprise. >> after decades in d.c. we believe this will be president biden's first ever trip to the border. something we have asked about here from the beginning. >> why doesn't he want to go. >> i don't think it's an issue of wanting to go. i think it's an issue what's most constructive to address what we see as a challenging situation at the border and a broken immigration system. >> pete: and this announcement is somewhat savvy in that house republicans had been promising to address border security in a very serious way on day one of the house majority. but they have not been able to do it. these house republicans, who are coming into the majority, also said -- they have also really been criticizing biden for never taking an official trip to the border. and white house officials appear to be trying to take that talking point away from them. back to you. >> steve: yeah. speaking of political stunts. they stole the republicans' talking point. peter, at 11:00 today, the president is going to make a
4:14 am
speech about migration, immigration, the border. do we have any idea what he is going to say? >> we know that building border security event going to be joined by the vice president. almost two full years ago he tasked the vice president with addressing the root causes of migration. so, again, while the house is tied up and they can't legislate and put anything forward. maybe there will be a policy announcement we don't know beyond they say they are going to talk borders ahead of the trip down south. >> ainsley: peter, he says his intention to visit the border january 9th through the 10 of the justin trudeau and the mexican president will be there too. is the border the top issue and will this meeting take place, this summit down there on the border, too. >> we expect to get more details today, actually. about what exactly they want to talk about. but we do think that the economy, they still talk a lot about covid at these summits and the pandemic and come out of it. and then migration.
4:15 am
because the numbers that we put up earlier, they keep getting worse and worse. >> steve: bigger and bigger. >> in terms of the irregular migration. we do expect that to be up there. >> brian: peter, don't forget climate change that was the original readout three weeks ago. going to talk about climate change in new mexico, fantastic. thanks, peter. >> steve: to your point, brian. it's january, and peter is not wearing a jacket on the north lawn of the white house. >> brian: which, as his dad, do you approve? >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: is he making his own outer wear. >> steve: it's 60 degrees out there. he has been pretty much since he has been 12. >> ainsley: bibs and blankets holding his new baby. >> brian: if the president is serious, he will say i might as well leave, 80 years old. the border is falling apart. i am president. 616,000 people who have come to our border already this fiscal year in 2023. 617,000. maybe i will actually get some real adjustments.
4:16 am
if the president is serious you will hear him pressing obrador to crack down on what's happening in mexico, your southern border, let alone the mexicans coming in here illegally people coming into mexico how are allowing to get on trains and come right to the border if he is serious about that. and finding out if we can work with him to crack down on the cartels if he is serious. if he looks around and goes yeah, can i do better. go back comprehensive immigration. i don't think so anyone buying it and he misses an opportunity to lead. >> steve: we have heard the new chris whipple book how joe biden behind the scenes in the white house, has been very frustrated, dropping a lot of f bombs because of what is going on in the southern border. and one of the reasons is he is getting so much blow back from big democratic mayors and governors who need help. so i would like for the president to give them some money today to make them happy. >> ainsley: well, i'm glad he's going down there. >> me too. >> brian: our money for a problem that he allowed to
4:17 am
happen. >> ainsley: even mayorkas is admitting that this is a massive problem the numbers are strange our system. hand it over to ashley for headlines. >> ashley: pretty sad story. a 7-year-old girl is struck by a stray bullet and two men are in critical condition. it was following a shooting in philadelphia. police say one bullet went through a front door and hit the child in her left foot. she is now recovering in the hospital. police suspect an argument over a parking spot is what led to the exchange of gunfire. no arrests have been made. independent journalist matt taibbi says the latest round of twitter files proves the government colluded and coordinated with the social media giant to censors conservatives in a big way. >> every conceivable wing of the enforcement agencies of the u.s. government were in some way or another sending moderation requests to twitter and in many cases those requests were being fulfilled. had internal guidance, which i think is very significant where they said publicly we will only
4:18 am
remove content at o sole discretion. if the intel community says we should take it down, we're going to take it down. >> ashley: california democrat adam schiff front and center in the latest revelations. demanding on the remove of any content they believe promote false conspiracies. president biden is keeping up his tradition of making really confusing comments. let's check out this as the head scratching remarks made during his visit to kentucky to tout new infrastructure spending. watch. this i've traveled over 140 countries around the world and as i was -- i'm paraphrase the phrase of my old neighborhood, the rest of the country the world is not a patch in our jeans if we do what we want to do we need to do. >> what in the world in the president's so-called neighborhood phrase stumping twitter users and really everybody else. author and air force veteran buzz patterson calling it the latest episode what the heck did joe biden say.
4:19 am
knight rider meets terminator. unveil a new futuristic vehicle that can speak back to you. >> enemy but today we have found ways to use technology as an ally. >> i am your ultimate companion. >> i vision d has a talking digital assistant and can change into 32 different colors with a variety of patterns. vmw is planning to release the car to the public in 2025. right around the corner, guys, back to you. >> steve: that's going to be expensive. holy cow. >> ainsley: bmw, you said? >> steve: change into any color you want. >> ainsley: econochameleon car. >> steve: brian kohberger now in a idaho jail for the murder of those four college students. how long the fbi was on his trailing. we have new details coming up. >> brian: nancy grace will talk about it. ♪
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and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ >> ainsley: the 28-year-old suspect accused of murdering four university of idaho students is arising in washington overnight to face charges in the brutal crime. next guest has been following this case since the very beginning. we are a fascinated by. this glad a suspect in custody. fox nation host nancy grace and she joins us now. hey, nancy. >> good morning. he is one of the very few people in this country that got to fly on a private plane. he was on a 14 seater pa lad dis. long story short he was surrounded by armed guards made a quick pit stop in illinois to refuel, whether they needed to
4:25 am
or not and for him to go to the bathroom. i hear they evacuated the little fixed space operator for security reasons. but he touched down back in pullman and he is ready to go court to have formal charges read to him. he will also be secured with a defense team. i understand a team of five defense investigators have already gone in to the murder scene. we know that is happening. we also know that his parents have hired a crime reconstructionist, which will cost a lot of money. but i believe that that affidavit, that probable cause affidavit will be open as soon as he sets foot in front of a magistrate. one more tid bit of information we have just learned. it appears, not sure about this, appears that the county jail is in the court house. so he is in a holding cell in the courthouse, so he will just go up a secured elevator to go to court when he has knows
4:26 am
charges read. i think that's going to happen today. >> ainsley: do we know why he did this, what the motive was. if he knew those three girls and that man? do we know anything about his parents? can they afford all of these expensive attorneys or the processes that they are doing? >> i doubt they can afford. they will probably ha hawk the house or anything else in order to afford it. it took me five years prosecuting rapes and murders. why ask why? why am i asking why? i'm not going to go in his head and figure out why. but i do know that he stalked these victims, spied on them. i think we'll learn that from his cell phone activity. being around them all the time and one more thing, i want to defend the cops in indiana. everybody was screaming why didn't you arrest him when you pulled him over december 15th. we now know the fbi asked him to pull him over. did nobody think it was a coincidence pulled over twice in you a too ins and not given a
4:27 am
ticket. they wanted video of his hands and face. >> ainsley: how many days after the crime did they pull him over? did he still have the marks on his hands if they were there? >> that's what i'm wondering, too. there was a knife cut, then probably, yes. otherwise, no. it was about one month and one day. >> ainsley: so they might have healed. >> the scratches may have been gone. >> ainsley: nancy, we want to talk to you about your fox nation, you're investigating conservatorship. we saw what happened with brittany spears, what have you found out? >> yeah, it's not a crime scene but it should be. a lot of people think our brand new investigation is all about brittany spears. she is just a poster girl for bad conservativeships. actually, when you and i were at the patriot awards, almost two years ago, that a group of parents and children came up to me begging for help because they had loved ones locked in conservativeships. and it's like the conservator takes over your life the way we
4:28 am
believe it happened with brittany spears. you lose everything, your money, your home, your independence, and i think that's wrong. and these everyday people came to me there, when i was there with you and asked for help. >> ainsley: really? >> and they gave me a huge file and i took it and ran. and now we have this special investigation. >> ainsley: wow. everywhere we go people give you stacks of things to investigate. good for you to looking into that and helping out. can't wait to watch it. thank you, nancy. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. the house will once again attempt to elect a speaker today. indiana congressman elect jim banks joins us live to share whether republicans are any closer to choosing a leader. that's next. with caplyta, there's a chance to let the light shine through. and light tomorrow, with the hope from today. this is a chance to let in the lyte. caplyta is a once-daily pill
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bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. long live hugs and kisses. ask about kisqali. and long live life. >> brian: back with our top story the house is set to convene at noon in hopes of electing a speaker today. can republicans unify behind one person congressman elect jim banks joins us now to share the latest from capitol hill. right now chad pergram and others, congressman, are somewhat optimistic where they weren't the last two days. what's going on behind the scenes. >> yeah, brian, this reminds me of the ancient flawfer mick jagger who said you can't always get what you want but if you try
4:33 am
sometimes you get what you need. in this case we have got what we need. time to r move on, roll up our sleeves. concessions went late into the night last night with the holdouts and leader mccarthy and others to give them to give them more seats at the table on committees, change some of the rules. at this point the rules that have been negotiated are really good to empower rank and file members and take power away from the hands of just one or two people in leadership and that's good for the institution. it's good for the party. it's time to move forward, unify, and we have got to get back to work. >> brian: so nothing has changed 20, 21 victoria spartz votes present. it looks like you have got some never kevin mccarthys. and if it gets down to single digits where things are actually moving and you can only lose four and you are at 4 four to six what changes then?
4:34 am
instead of 20 where it looks way too far and down to one or two, then what changes? >> well, we're going to have another vote at noon. i think you're going to see some progress. i think there is light at the end of the tunnel. so, if that happens, hopefully that progress snowballs and members who are holding out feel pressure in their districts or from others to unify with the party and do the right thing and elect a speaker so we can work on the issues that matters. at noon, i don't expect at noon that we're going to elect a speaker, but i do expect there to be progress and hopefully by the end of the day today we will have a better story to tell. >> brian: if, at the end of the day, kevin mccarthy is not the speaker, is there movement to put steve scalise forward? >> well, that's, you know, part -- that's one of the conversations i'm sure that's happening. i don't want to play the what if game. many of us are committed to remaining unified and supportive of kevin mccarthy to make him
4:35 am
speaker and i believe we're on track to do just that. let's see what happens at noon today. i expect there to be progress in that direction and we'll move forward quickly and focus on what matters. we have bills ready to go to create a select committee on china to address the biggest threat that america faces to push for a balanced budgets, to focus on wokeism in our schools and our military. that's what matters and every day that we're delayed at this point prevents us from doing what the voters expect us to do. >> brian: if things do move forward, word is it's chip roy who has been against mccarthy for byron donalds and jim jordan that deserves some credit because he spearheaded the negotiation. could you bring our audience behind the scenes? is that happening? >> yeah. last night chip roy, a number of others engaging in serious conversations with kevin mccarthy and others about what it would take to bring them back to the table. and as i understand it from chip roy, and that group, that there
4:36 am
was progress made, that those concessions that they were looking for being made to -- on the motion to vacate from five back to one where it's historically been on giving some of the more conservative members of the table seats on the powerful rules committee, which i'm fully supportive of. i want, as a conservative leader in the house, i want conservatives at the table and kevin mccarthy has made those concessions to make that happen. >> brian: congressman, you have kept a cool head through all of this. thank you for joining us today and hopefully you'll have good news by the end ever the day. thank you. >> thank you, have a good day. >> brian: do you know whether you are investing in wokeness. vivek ramaswamy shares the five questions you should ask as you take stock in your finances this year. ♪ come on, come on ♪ hear the money talk ♪ come on, come on ♪ this is the sound of better breathing.
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4:41 am
steve well, with the new year, a good time to be taking stocks of your finances. today stride accent management learn where your money is working. joining us now with questions you need to be asking strive founders vivek ramaswamy and an sen friedreich. they both join us from columbus. guys, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: vivek friferl who are we suppose to ask these questions it. >> if you have market in the market wealth manager or 401(k) wealth. or pension fund. simple question for americans to ask. was my money used to vote in favor of a racial equity audit at one of those companies. was my money to vote in favor of an emissions cap. was my money invested in esg fund that excludes oil and gas or firearms or other sectors. and i think a lot of people,
4:42 am
steve, are in for a rude surprise they are going to get the answer that yes, their money was invested after their financial advisers look into. it i think that knowledge is a good thing because then people can be empowered to make decisions with their own money to say that i don't want to advance those social agendas with my money. i'm empowered. >> steve: okay, so, i get all your questions. but anson, you know, i have got a 401 k. i'm sure you guys have a 401(k). i bet i know who you have invested in. it's through work. how do i get ahold of that guy to ask him the question? >> yeah. it's a great question. it's really simple. there's two things can you do. you have a 401(k) provider you can go to your company and ask them who that 401(k) provider is. a form on our web sirt. send to your 401(k) provider and ask them these questions. is my money being used to maximize value or being used to advance someone else's values. and especially last year where face it tough year in the market. worst year 2008.
4:43 am
values esg funds out there under performed the broader market that was out there. so now is the time to take stock of your portfolio, make sure you're asking your 4 o1 k provider. sending emails and figure out how is my money being used in 2023 to get back on track to be able to meet my financial goals. >> steve: vivek, here someone of the problems. their adviser might send them this list of the companies that they are invested in and they look at the list and they think okay, apple, that's good. home depot, that's good. those are not woke companies. but you disagree black rock state street and vanguard are telling those companies to adopt these toxic policies. apple and home depot both did not want to adopt a racially equity audit until they were forced to when black rock used the money of everyday citizens, everyday americans to force them to adopt those racially equitable programs anyway. that's what you need to discover
4:44 am
go to local raymond james or merrill lynch they won't know. ask them to find out and come back with you. they will be surprised what they find. >> steve: surprised investing in woke companies, anson, what do we do with the money. >> it's not excluding those companies. that's part of the problem. exclude. let the black rocks, van guards continue to push progressive values. find investment manager that is going to maximize the value of those companies by asking them to be americratic. more customer centric and not advance certain social or political goals but actually to focus on the customer and creating great products for customers. now asset managers out there looking at investing into companies that are going to maximize returns. >> steve: which is had what you guys are doing. i'm sure you have got all this on your strive asset management
4:45 am
web page. anson and vivek, thank you very much for joining us live today from columbus. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. it is coming up on a quarter before the hour. janice dean has never been safer outside our building because she is surrounded by police officers from filly. >> janice: that's right. and sergeant laconia from philadelphia. who is protecting the streets of philadelphia. >> although we still are here we do have the finest at home protecting the streets. they are not deserted i promise you that. >> why did you come to new york city to join us. >> new york city is very diverse and we do have -- we like. >> you rear cuting. >> absolutely. >> tell me about that. >> recruitment to join filly's police department. our website is join filly you have to be 20 years of age. high school diploma or equivalent and we do waive the residency. deadline is tomorrow january 6th. please, please, please.
4:46 am
get your applications in now. >> janice: how long have you been a police officer. >> i have been a police officer 16 years come next month. >> janice: what do you love about it. >> every day is a different opportunity. not typically 9 to 5. going in, pushing the same thing every day. you get to be in constant contact with the community. outreach programs. and just be there for your citizens. >> janice: i love that and where with can they go to get more information. >> can you go to again join filly that's the website. once you do the application, one of our recruit members that you see here, they will contact you and they will explain the process. >> janice: wonderful. what's your name my friend. >> my name is clarence anson iii. >> janice: you have a big job push the click tore do the weather. rough ready. >> i'm more than ready. >> janice: take a look at it. very warm in the northeast. >> yes, it is. >> janice: take a look at the maps you are going to help me 4. 33 in kansas city. and then cold air behind this front. okay, you're going to push that
4:47 am
for me. did you do it? oh, yes. so we have warm temperatures for thursday, friday and saturday for much of the country and do you know what our big story is today? if you advance that map i will show you across california heavy rainfall continues to move into the coast. not only heavy rain and gusty winds and mountain snow. so that's going to be a big deal not only today but through the weekend. people need to be alert. nicely done, everyone. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> janice: thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> janice: i do feel so safe. steve doocy. you guys can stick around everyday on "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> janice: love you. >> steve: for the folks curious once again the website is join filly i just looked at the website. they are offering a $2,000 sign-on balance for new recruits. >> janice: bonus is a big deal. >> bonus, absolutely. a $2,000 sign-on bonus. >> steve: there you go. >> janice: where do you sign me? >> join filly pd. >> there is no -- there is 20
4:48 am
age. no max. 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. >> janice: can i get a filly police hug? [awe] >> steve: filly's finest along with fox's finest. thank you very much. one of the greatest tennis stars in the world not able to compete because of covid restrictions. pete hegseth on whether the move will ever move forward past aa ♪ bye, bye cough. later chest congestion. hello 12 hours of relief. 12 hours!! hmmm, ok. not coughing at yoga? antiquing not coughing? not coughing at the movies?! hashtag still not coughing?! aaah. oww! mucinex dm gives you 12 hours of relief from chest congestion and any type of cough, day or night.
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4:52 am
steve all right. there he is. one of the top tennis players. novak djokovic may be blocked from more major tournaments because the united states requires all foreign travelers be vaccinated covid-19 for another couple months. >> brian: unbelievable. djokovic already forced to miss australian open back in august had this to say earlier. >> well, i mean, look, if it is official, then it is. i mean, what can i do? nothing. you know my position. so it is what it is. i'm hoping but, you know, if i can't go, i can't go. that's it. >> ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth joins us now to react.
4:53 am
pete? >> pete: happy new year to all of you. listen, he is not going to take it. why would he at this point. if he wants into the united states, i suggest he go the to southern border where he can cross and claim asylum and he doesn't need a vaccine. this the is lunacy of our policy right now. we are letting in tens of thousands of people on the southern border. not only do we not know who they are and why they are coming here. certainly not vaccinated or boosted or no protocol there. they're just released into the united states. yet a non-citizen extending this let alone a young, healthy, athlete who has made a choice about their body. in light of all that we have learned since the covid vaccines, i don't know if you guys saw tucker last night. i don't know if it has been covered on this program here. cardiologist on last night that talked about something a lot of us have been seeing for a long time cardiac arrest in young, healthy athletes is up big time. there were 29 a year in european sports league before covid. there have been 1500 since. most of which have been fatal
4:54 am
there are side effects of the covid vaccine that young males, especially boosted young males are suffering from. the cdc acknowledges it a little bit? but, they also try to put their thumb on the scale and make it sound like it's not a big deal? if you're young and healthy, you have no business getting this or needing to get it right now. yet, they're pushing it on non-citizens to play a sport for people that are healthy? this is because the left, and the white house are covid obsessed. i traveled in the middle of this year to israel -- i don't talk about my vaccination status often. i've had covid multiple times but i got an exemption. i didn't get the vaccine. i was able to travel to israel and do a film called "the life of jesus" which is on our platform right now. israel had the most prominent covid restrictions of any country across the globe. they realize that phase is over. it's time to open up to the world. for some reason joe biden, the cdc and the white house can't figure that out. djokovic is right. don't bend to this stuff. it's just a game. ultimately your life is what
4:55 am
matters a lot more. >> steve: what he said is if i can't go i can't go. the good news is this particular provision is going to expire april 10th. and it sounds like he might miss any wells and miami. >> pete: expiring april 12th. two weeks to slow the spread in they tell us something is going to expire. >> brian: two years ago. >> pete: and then the science is supposed to confirm or lead what we do or don't and then we watch our politicians ignore that science. that's the problem here. there's guidance to be given on vaccines and other things in our health community today that people are now skeptical of because they put their incorporator on the scale and ignored who is actually vulnerable to these things and guys like djokovic, guys like kyrie irving who stood up on the issue of vaccines and said i should be able to make a personal choice or aaron rodgers are demonized for that but they're making their own health decisions. i think that's what everyone has to do now, especially this far away. it's insane.
4:56 am
>> brian: but we are banning china because it's running rampant over here so we're actually going to start screening them by a president they called the former president xenophobic. >> pete: how cool is that. if you started this and you won't acknowledge it and you cover it up and because of your policies it's spreading more, then you can have a targeted policy against a country that is perpetuating it. that's fine. that's not what this is. >> brian: just going to warn you china is very sensitive about the fact that they started this world pandemic. so just tread likely. thank you, pete. appreciate it. >> pete: i'm sensitive about a lot of things. >> brian: you are very sensitive. coming up straight ahead the house will attempt again to elect a speaker today. >> ainsley: congressman elect brian mast shares if the republicans are any closer to choosing a leader. ♪ you know that i can use w somebody ♪orld, back... inflammation in the eye might be to blame. feel the ache and burn! one man learns the truth... over-the-counter eye drops
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the most common side effects include respiratory tract infection, headache, and urinary tract infection. picture your life in motion with vyvgart. a treatment designed using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist if vyvgart could be right for you. ♪ ♪ >> the house is set to reconvene at noon eastern in hopes of electing a speaker. >> kevin mccarthy sat through more votes yesterday, once again losing. >> many of us are committed to kevin mccarthy and making him the speaker, and i believe we are on track to do just that. >> the grad student accused of murdering four college students is awaiting his first court date. >> the surveillance team tracking the quadruple murder suspect. >> he stalked these victims. i think we will learn that from his cell phone. >> that's my intention. we


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