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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  January 5, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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douglas murray, and our entire studio audience. >> thank you, greg. good evening. welcome to america's late news, fox news at night. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. >> trace: breaking tonight, chilling new details about a roommate that crossed pathses with the alleged killer the night four of her fellow students were murdered feet away. a full report from moscow, idaho coming up. joe biden is expanding border
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measures ahead of his visit to el paso this weekend. before he travels, it appears the needs to study up on specifics. >> we're going to have to use title nine -- title eight -- am i right? >> we begin in washington where 11 rounds of votes over three days, the house of representativeses have failed to elect a speaker. a deal might be coming to move more support to kevin mccarthy. kevin cork is live in d.c. with the latest on this. good evening, kevin. >> the house has gavelled out tonight and will come back again friday at noon. as it stands, the majority of republicans, some 200 of them, want kevin mccarthy to become the speaker of the house. the other 20 have backed everyone from florida republican byron donalds to even former donald trump. they don't seem to be budging. >> this isn't chaos. this is a constitutional republic at work.
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i'm a mom of four boys. i know what chaos and dysfunction looks like. >> mccarthy, meanwhile, said all he needs to do is flip at least 11 votes. tonight we've learned that he's offering even more concessions to his opponents. and he's even sounding a bit confident that, yes, eventually, he'll get the votes he needs. >> this takes a little longer and doesn't meet your deadline, that's okay. not how you start, it's how you finish. >> indeed, it's how you finish. however, so far, those concessions haven't moved the needle at all. 11 rounds as you mentioned, trace, mccarthy doesn't have the votes he needs. members on both sides are growing impatient. >> i'm a member of congress right now. i can't get classified briefings. i can't do my job. >> national security, vulnerabilities, this is a dangerous moment for americans and the world.
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it's one of the reasons the congress needs to organize. >> a source tells fox news digital that a deal is on the table that could see up to 12 republican holdouts move over to support kevin mccarthy for speaker. more about that tomorrow. of course at noon when they resume and we'll keep an eye on the member count. as you know, trace, if a number of members are absent or vote present, that could also change the calculus. trace? >> i'm doing the math on my fingers. 12 might not be enough to get over the border. kevin, back to you in a bit. thank you. more now in the speaker saga. bring in utah congressman-elect. it's great to have you on, congressman-elect. republicans believe that kevin mccarthy is gaining ground, there might be a deal in the works. the vote has not showed that. it has not moved one bit. your thoughts. >> thank you, trace, first of all. we're confident it will work out.
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those of us who watched this leader spend the time the last two years preparing for this moment to prepare a commitment to america which basically brought us together, we put together a task force to see what the people wanted. our promise is already within that document. so, i feel confident that as american people, understand basically what the 200 people, what the 200 congressmen and women are about, across the board from scalese to jordan, you name it. we're all onboard with our leader to become speaker because he's earned that right and i look forward to him getting the position and moving forward. >> another one of the congress people are confident. congresswoman salazar made this prediction. watch her. >> what i hear is within the next 24 hours, he will make it and those 20 will be reduced either to 18 or 16 or 17 and he will make it to the 218 that he needs. that is what everybody is saying right now.
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>> talking with kevin cork, everybody is doing the math. 202, we get 14, we get 16. right now, the magic number is 218. you can have wriggle room here and there if people vote present. right now, it's 218. do you see that number being hit sometime tomorrow? >> trace, my faith is in the american people. we were sent here to do a job. we're sent here -- we have a message of what commitment to america is all about, america first. it ended the day as we start to get the numbers down, there are those who are truly in this game for principle and to get processes taken care of. there are those who are unfortunately more about personality. those who are all about personality will have to cave in to the american people's will. because we want to move forward and get this thing together, you know, get our country moving in the direction of hope instead of misery. it's going to happen. >> you say cave in. i want to read this. this is john harrison from politico. he writes the following -- mccarthy destroyed the
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speakership in order to save it. now he's maneuvered himself to a situation where he might face something worse than losing the speakership -- winning it. under conditions like these. i mean, is mccarthy selling his soul to getting this position? >> that's an interesting take. if you look at the interest to america, you see how much it's about americans and not the power. he's up for the right reason. that's why 201 of us have decided we're going to support him and we're going to be doing it in the near future. we're in the right place. when we get past this, we're going to see a united conference. because we understand our mission. we understand our purpose. and we put together a commitment that we can look at to get the confidence of the american people. i feel good. we have to getting to the process to getting there. >> you mentioned 201, that's your side of the team here. some of them have said they will
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not back down to the other 20 who are holding this up. are you among those who say you refuse -- you will not back down to those 20? >> no, run the numbers, absolutely. 200 of us are saying -- across the board -- jordan, scalese, you name them, president trump, vice president pence, across the board, we're all onboard with the leader -- the speaker. i'm in for the win, the long term. the american people are going to be with us. those who want to hold out because of personalities will have to cave in if they want a future, i believe, in this country. americans are tired of playing the games. get the work done. time for us to come together and fight to win our culture back. that's what we're in the process of doing. >> i trust you. nobody played better defense than you, congressman-elect burgess owen, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you, trace. >> ahead of his visit, biden
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announced the expansion of the title 42 expulsion policy to include migrants entering from haiti and nicaragua. matt, good evening. >> good evening to you, trace. biden's major immigration speech said the new plan will not fix immigration but will help to manage it. the announced the expansion of the humanitarian program for venezuelans to include haitians, cubans, and nick rag wans, 30,000 people per month from all of the countries will be paroled in the united states for a two-year stay as long as they have a financial sponsor among other conditions. those who try to enter illegally will be ineligible. since he's created this, the number has dropped from 1100 to 250 per day on average. the attacked republicans claiming they have not been serious about immigration. biden said he waited until the supreme court ruled on title 42 last week before planning the first ever visit to the border
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and he appeared to have a gaffe about title eight. >> title 42 will go away in my prediction. then we have to use title eight -- am i right? title eight -- eight, nine? which is -- which we can implement what we're doing here plus some other things. >> the national border patrol says if title 42 and the new plans are executed properly, it could be a game changer but he's skeptical. of. >> he's two years too late to the party. the only reason he's come to the party now is you have democrats who are saying we're tired of what's going on. >> the aclu says biden's new plan further ties him to the, quote, poisonous anti-immigration policies of the trump administration, trace. >> a lot to find out.
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david carlucci, a strategist and former senator along with mark lauder, a special assistant to former president trump. welcome to you both. i'm going to talk border. while i have you here, going to get this out of the way. this is on the speaker saga. i don't get this. maybe you can help me out. the freedom caucus has 25, 140 members, 20 are holding out. they can stop kevin mccarthy. why are they wasting the powder on this? why not keep the powder dry and wait until they have some valid concern they can stop him with down the line? >> that's a good point. what you see is not a policy disagreement from the 20 members. it's a power and political argument. they're all on the same page when it comes to policy. they want more power and more seats at the table. that's what they're holding out for. it's not a principle argument, it's a swamp argument.
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there's a reason why you say you don't want to see laws and sausages being made? this is one political bratwurst. >> it is indeed. move to the border. david, your first talking point said, biden is dedicated to ensuring the crisis or solving the crisis at the southern border. you're talented and bright. i see that all the time. but it seems to be a little bit of hooey. >> the said flat out, what he can do is extremely limited. what needs to getted done is a bipartisan bill getting passed through congress. and obviously the debacle we see with the speakership, that's pushed to the back burner. and everybody complains about the border. but when it comes to roll up your sleeves and address the problem, we do not see that leadership. so, biden is doing what he can. he's mitigating the problem at the border. he's not saying that he's solving it. he's not coming out and making
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those claims. what he's saying he's doing what he can. he has to be creative. he's putting in new policies to address this problem and ameliorate it. but the only way we can solve this is take the hard decisions, democrats and republicans, make concessions, address the problem at the border and allow for a pathway and resources at the border that can make a difference. >> we go through this all the time, mark. it's not -- comprehensive immigration reform is not going to stop the line of people at the border. you can say, okay, we'll allow -- everybody in the country is going to be illegal who's here illegally. we'll let the dreamers stay, good, fine. instead of one million, we'll allow two million illegal immigrants to come in or citizens to come in, new americans. and you will still have a line of the border at tens of thousands of people wanting to get in and crossing illegally.
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>> you're right. that's the big political smoke screen. solving this is not going to solve the problem, it will make it worse. more people will come to the border hoping to be in the next batch of people given daca or amnesty. this is a problem because biden sees it as processing. they want to process more people through the southern border as opposed to deterring them from coming to the border in the first place. they've got the tools to do it. we showed it could be done under the trump administration. they won't use those tools. today you saw the arguing about title 42 and expanding it. but at the same time, he's at the supreme court asking them to throw it out. it makes no sense. of. >> and the said this, watch. >> and if they're serious about this at all? they haven't been serious at all. i wanted to make sure that i knew what the outcome, or at
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least the near outcome was on title 42 before it went down. we don't have it yet. i had to operate -- i don't like title 42. but it's the law now. i have to operate within it. >> republicans are not taking this seriously, david? the border republicans have fought tooth and nail to get something done down there to help their people who are overrun by migrants. your final thoughts. >> i think the is right. i think this is an issue where we have to come together and we have to have reform. we have to deal with the problem where we have an unprecedented amount of people coming from different countries than we've historically seen fleeing their home country travelling hundreds, if not 1,000 miles to cross the border. so, we have to deal with that. we have to deal with it in a humane way. just building a strong wall will not solve those problems. that's
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the disconnect here. we have republicans just attacking anything that biden does. we have biden pushing back saying, hey, you need to m co-up with something, a proposal that can get some muster and buy-in from democrats. and we just don't see that. so, i think this even plays in to what we see happening in the speakership battle. you just have this fight attack, attack. and no real ideas. >> there were ideas. there were mechanisms in place. the border flow was a fraction of what it is now. and joe biden took down all of those security measures and took away some of those laws. gentlemen, i have to leave it there. david, mark, thank you for coming on. >> good to see you, trace. >> good to be here. >> the man accused of murdering four in november made a court appearance today. he was denied bail as we learn startling information about the case against him.
9:16 pm
the chief correspondent jonathan hunt is in moscow tonight. >> the maximum penalty for this offense if you are found guilty is death or imprisonment for life. do you understand? >> yes. >> he had little to say in his first court appearance. but the evidence against him speaks volumes. a dna match on a knife sheathe found at the scene of the murders and a hyundai elantra registered to koleberger seen multiple times outside of the house where the killings took place in the early morning hours. his cell phone pinged near the victim's house 12 times in the weeks and months before the killings, a possible sign of stalking and planning. the most chilling part of the affidavit is the revelation that the roommate of the four victims saw the alleged killer having opened her bedroom door after
9:17 pm
hearing crying. that roommate told police she saw a man wearing all black and also wearing a mask. he walked towards her as she hurriedly shut and locked her bedroom door. he then left the building. police say, that man, was brian co-berger. trace? >> let's bring in ted. ted, always great to have you on. in your assessment, what's the most damaging evidence. is it the cell phone pings close to the victim's house. is it the dna seen on the knife -- the sheathe of the knife that was on the button. or, is it the fact that now we know one of the roommates, ted, ran into -- crossed paths with the alleged killer.
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>> all of the above. they gave some terrific information. if you think about the roommate, the roommate came out of the room when she heard kelly play with the dog. she went back in the room. the roommate came out a second time. she heard zannie crying, she believed. at that stage, she went back in her room. she came out a third time. on this third occasion, she came face-to-face with the killer. and he said to her, it's okay, i'm going to help you. and then he went out of the door. she was frozen, scared. she went back into her room. she locked the door. she came back out six hours later and called the police. >> amazing. i want to look at this genealogy. the dna here and the link says the following -- the perpetrators' arrest came after authorities matched dna from the crime scene to a sample on a
9:19 pm
genealogy website submitted by a family member of his -- a law enforcement source told fox news that family member was the father. it goes on to say that at least 99.998% of the male population would be expected to be excluded from the possibility of being the suspect's biological father. that is hard to defend, ted. i have about 40 seconds for you to wrap it up. >> that is absolutely hard to defend. i spoke earlier to dr. mike -- the great forensic pathologist. he said, when you have that kind of dna, it's very difficult to defend. i certainly believe that under the circumstances. i think they've got their right man, trace. >> ted williams, great analysis, as always, thank you for helping us out. new restrictions in place on travelers coming in to the united states from china with several nations requiring proof of a negative covid test, this
9:20 pm
as the national health organization stepped up criticism of china's handling of the pandemic. marian rafferty is live with that story. >> as of today, if you're traefling from china, you have to show proof of a negative covid test 48 hours before you board a plane or you won't be allowed to fly to the u.s. the cdc implementing the new rule on thursday after stopping the spread of the virus after the united nations accused china of not being forthcoming about the cases and deaths. the white house worried about the pocket of covid-infected travelers coming here. >> are you worried about how china is handling covid right now? >> yes, i am. you have to make the protocol we set out. if you're flying in from china, you have to be tested, and so on. china has not been -- i know they're very sensitive about we have them in that forthcoming. >> on the subject of air travel,
9:21 pm
pete buttigieg blaming the debacle on southwest airlines, saying it could have been worse if not for the transportation department. >> we made a ton of progress since this summer. the evidence is we had an epic storm hit the united states. within a few days, almost all of the airlines had recovered. as a matter of fact, every one recovered but one. southwest -- southwest airlines. they failed to invest in the iit systems they needed. >> and the ceo of southwest giving the update saying the airline is working on upgrades in order to restore the trust of customers and their employees. it will take a lot by the company. >> a new survey shows how many people are fleeing california for red states. coming up next, the conversation on what's working in texas and how it could work elsewhere. stay with us. a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the number one cold shortening brand! highly recommend it!
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witnessed a great test of policies. the policies of these states have sparked a mass exodus of productive americans from jurisdictions with florida serving as the most desired destination, a promise land of sanity. >> and here's the numbers to back that up. a new study from a major mover shows an exodus from big states like new york and california continues with people flocking to republican-led states led by florida and texas. why is it happening? vice president chuck dev and golden state policy melendez. thank you for coming on. chuck and i were old high school teammates. you were a lawmaker at some point in time. you fled to texas.
9:28 pm
in fact, one of the u-hauls had your stuff in it a few years back, chuck. was it a good move? you thought california was not worth saving. was there a good move that you went to texas? >> for my family, it was a good move. we were thankful that there was a texas to go to, a refuge, a place to start over. withe needed to do so. i was in the aerospace industry before i was elected in 2004. in the six years i was in the office before i was termed out, a lot of that industry left the state. and then, as life has it, we had to take in my wife's parents both suffering from dementia 12 years ago. with that, additional challenge to have more place to live, two more people under the roof, and trying to find something to do for a living. so, move to texas and have been working here every since. it's been really good for us. >> the sacramento bee said for
9:29 pm
the third straight year as high costs stress house holds. goes on, most of the population decline was explained by the 343,000 plus people who moved to other states. the population decline reflects failures in state policy. california is in a housing affordability crisis. and housing is one of your top concerns about this state. >> we have five kids. we look at each other and wonder how are they going to afford a starter home like we did when we were coming up and first married. it's impossible. the median home price is around $800,000? who in the world can afford that? people are leaving for places where they can afford a home they can fit in and not fall on top of each other and have money left over to pay utilities, buy groceries, do something fun now and then. >> yeah, it really is. the same thing. i have daughters, you'll meet
9:30 pm
this emin a minute. they're graduating college soon. and you think, where in the world are they going to live? it ain't going to be in california. you wrote, quoting here, california's nation leading income taxes crushing regulatory climate, rocketing energy costs due to climate change rules, and over the top covid-19 lockdowns have accelerated the population loss. but that has nothing to do with the next headline from fox which said this, california rings in 2023 with new laws on abortion, transgender, youth, and illegal immigration police. so on top of the regulation and the policies, the left have just gone crazy. >> right. they're trying to create a woke utopia in california. they're forgetting the basics, trace. they make it impossible for the average person to afford to live in california. and, trace, that's one of the reasons why i was happy to have the a modest role in helping to create the golden state policy
9:31 pm
council. california is such an important place, it's important to save california. because of all of the innovation that occurs out of the golden state. a lot of the good or bad ideas go elsewhere. 45 years ago, prop 14, the revolt against taxes, ronald reagan. and this uninsufferable woke agenda seems to be infecting the rest of the country from california. >> you stayed. you stayed, you said, you know what, i'm not leaving. i'm going to fight. you think this could all be changed. the pendulum can swing, how? >> yeah, i do. chuck recalls texas had a similar problem when the texas public policy foundation was created. texas was in a different place than we are at california right now, darn close. texas managed to turn it around? do i think it will be easy?
9:32 pm
no, california is worth saving. it's a beautiful state. there's so much to offer. and i don't want to leave. most people don't want to leave. they're forced out. governor newsom is dragging them across state lines. it but i don't want people to have to leave. especially those who have lived their entire lives here, have a business here, have a family here. we want people to be able to stay. we want people to move here from texas instead of the other way around. california for three years in a row now, we've had the most one way trips out of our state. >> it is beautiful. but if you have to drive through a dozen homeless encampments to get to work, it gets frustrating. melissa, chuck, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> speaking of california. the common sense department would like to remind you to get your tickets because governor gavin newsom's inauguration is tomorrow. and the good news is unlike his
9:33 pm
last swearing in ceremony, this time, the ticket prices won't be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. the event will be dramatically scaled down. it seems the golden state is in a cash crunch. the budget has gone from a $97 billion surplus in fiscal '22 to a projected $25 million deficit. that's a $122 billion swing in a matter of months. how is that possible? well, we told you in the previous segment, california leads the country in the number of people packing up u-hauls and leaving. many of those people are successful. when they leave, or have a bad year in the stock market, the money they fork over to california either goes away or goes down. that's a problem for the state that banks on the rich. state income taxes make up 75% of california's general fund. and less than .5% of taxpayers
9:34 pm
generate 40% of taxes. so, the same governor who has no problem allowing illegal immigrants to enter california might soon have to stop banning u-hauls from leaving california. while the los angeles zoo hosted a drag show last night for all ages. our next guest was there as the video. he's coming up. but first, this sloth takes napping to a new level. the hilarious one young woman's boyfriend met her family for the first time. emotional, and physical health. and we know 80% of couples sleep too hot or too cold. introducing the new sleep number climate 360 smart bed. the only smart bed in the world that actively cools, warms, and effortlessly responds to both of you. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night.
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>> hello. coming over here, praying for your team. >> the well wishes are pouring in for damar hamlin and also for some fans. the home security footage captured a neighbor stopping by a buffalo bills fan's home saying she was praying for the team. this -- now a sloth at the singapore zoo has impressive sleeping skills but it gets better. if you look closely, you can see, she also has a baby resting on her belly. also taking a nap while she grips on to the tree with her legs. i'm a tempurpedic guy, but whatever works. the pembroke pines police department in florida said they had a lot to be thankful for this year and shared this photo of ten of their officers with brand new babies. get the coffee. that's a lot of tired officers. one young woman's new boyfriend got a warm and hilarious welcome
9:41 pm
when he met her extended family for the first time. her cousins formed a tunnel he had to run through when they entered the front door. we're told the boyfriend was a great sport. and he got high fives all the way around. if you have a viral video to share, hit me up at trace gallagher or at fox news night on social media. nfl commissioner roger goodell announced that monday night's game between buffalo and cincinnati that was postponed after damar hamlin went to cardiac arrest on the field, the game has been cancelled. the move comes on a day of welcome news regarding hamlin's condition. here's molly. >> it is what football fans across the nation prayed for. he's awake and communicating days after the buffalo bills safety went into cardiac arrest during monday night's game against the cincinnati bengals. his bills teams are elated by the news. >> we heard that news this morning.
9:42 pm
there's nothing that could have been told to us to bring our day down. we're happy for him and his family. >> the bill's star quarterback josh allen expressed gratitude for the medical staff that rushed to his aid and said the team can't wait to see him. >> we want to love up on him. the next chance we get -- i don't know when it will be, if we get to see him any time soon, it will be awesome. >> thursday, the buffalo bills safety has made substantial progress in the last 24 hours. while he's unable to speak due to a ventilator, he is writing. >> and last night he was able to emerge and follow commands and ask who won the game. >> the 24-year-old is moving hands and feet and appears to be neurologically intact. >> . >> when asked did we win, we said, yeah, you won the game of life. >> the next big milestone is
9:43 pm
getting him to breathe on his own. the best case scenario for recovery. >> the best outcome is he'll be back to who he was before this happened. >> as hamlin recovers, players and fans have been showing love and support by donating to a charity he created, the go fund me page for the chasing m's foundation has raised more than $7.5 million. trace? >> great news all around, molly. thank you. controversy at the los angeles zoo following an all ages drag show featuring tickets for children and infants. bring in prager u personality who was there at it last night. great to have you on. you have video and sound. i want to play one of the sound bites and we'll get your response. >> and what were you doing out here at the l.a. zoo. >> living my life, god [ bleep ]. it. yes. it was l.a. pride. we thought we'd give the children a little something to snack on, you know what i'm saying. >> give the children a little something to snack on.
9:44 pm
what was it like? >> nothing about last night was family friendly, despite what the host of this event would have you believe. this is an event where grown men were stripping in front of children. i saw a mother there with her -year-old daughter and a number of strollers with toddlers and infants in them. it's not if i deem drag acceptable but if we should expose our kids to it. there are a lot of things in society that we deem inappropriate for kids to consume. alcohol, porn, r-rated movies. we have to add men stripping in scantily clad women's clothing to that. it was horrific. >> the fresno zoo -- these are zoos that are owned and run by the city. these are taxpayer dollars. fresno did the same thing, they got pushback. the l.a. zoo said we're going to do it anyway. >> they're strategic in the way they market it. they market it under the guise of gay pride or gay rights.
9:45 pm
they know if anybody comes out against it will be homophobic or hateful or bigoted. what in that clip or what i saw was nothing about pride or gay rights. this is about predatory adults that are sexualizinging children and we need to put a stop to it. events like last night, prager u has figured out how important it is to fight against this. we're starting with a foundation to protect kids' innocence. we need more people in the fight. >> just want to go on another subject. npr is mad that some schools removed the book "gender queer" from libraries. the author believes removing the books and getting pushback that it's a testament to your strength of work. no, it's because you have images of oral sex in these books. >> every kid has a normal childhood, they have no frame of reference or nothing to compare it to. so, what this is, the drag shows and the queer literature in
9:46 pm
public schools, it's part of a bigger push to normalize the lgbtq agenda injected to the kids that's conditioning them to the left wing's genderology that tells kids, you can switch genders if you go through these altering surgeries or chemically cast rate themselves. no wonder why we see younger generations in disproportionate numbers identifying as part of this group or a recent report where we saw puberty blocking drug prescriptions for under 18 has doubled. it's distribute. >> thanks for coming in. appreciate it. up next, special night cap crew members making their first appearance on set. they might even remind you of a certain fox news at night anchor. roll tide. and don't miss my girls, coming up. hi, i'm lauren, i lost 67 pounds on golo. i got picked on as a child. it really got to me, so i tried everything there was. golo and release has definitely shown me
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matt finn, mare an rafferty. and newcomers, evidence vooe and lyla home from the university of alabama, roll tide. we're going to pick on the genz crowd starting with a woman who dubs herself the phone lady. for $480 an hour, she gives phone training to young people.
9:52 pm
did you ever need help speaking on the phone when you were young? >> i'm the ninth of ten kids. i didn't get on the phone often, my mom had a simple rule -- get on, get off, you have exactly five minutes. there you go. >> we had a big dinner. you had to wait until someone took a sip before you jumped in. if you weren't compelling, you're out. >> $480 an hour, i will teach someone to use the phone for $5 an hour. i think genz people are more than capable of holding a phone call. >> this one, evie, evelyn, she's a phone talker. she loves the phone. >> i do. i love talking on the phone. people get your tone of voice much better than a text message. >> lyla? >> it's out of convenience. because like you know if i think the text is too long, then you go on the phone. but originally, i'm going to text, i'm a texter.
9:53 pm
>> she's the talker. the youngest wants to sit here. she's doing that at the university of alabama. marianne rafferty, two young boys, you have to getting them talking. >> my 4-year-old knows more about my phone than i do. they get on and do everything, they can make phone calls. i don't know, they steal my phone. >> jen z crowds, they don't use the signoffs, sincerely, or all of the best. we now have snarky sendoffs. bless up, mean regards, another day, another slay. slay, serve, survive. and, listen, i have to say, for these girls, slay is like the most popular word in the english language. >> yeah, college taught us how to write a proper email, i respect a fun signoff. >> would you sign off in a business letter. >> if you have a one boss,
9:54 pm
that's one thing. but never do that to a well respected -- >> lyla grace? >> it's so popular in people our age and people in their 20s. normal for people to, like she said, to sign off to a young boss like that. but if i were to say that to someone like you, no. i don't think it would go over well. >> marianne? >> no, i knew none of those were -- i would have no idea. >> matt fin? >> i think a lot are positive, not necessarily snarky. but you wouldn't want to use them in the professional email. >> i love the slay. slay is every fourth or fifth word -- it's a big thing, slay! slay! >> if you're going to drop "slay," add the word queen. slay queen. >> right? we get >> how many snaps for queen. what's the -- >> like three. >> there you go. three snaps for queen.
9:55 pm
evie,ing any snap for other things? >> no, just slay the day away. >> slay the day away. i love it. lyla, evie, marianne, matt fin, kevin cork, we appreciate you all tonight on the night cap. thank you for watching america's late news, fox news at night. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. roll tide. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ [acoustic soul music throughout] ♪ ♪ [acoustic soul music throughout] ♪ ♪ [acoustic soul music throughout] ♪ we're all in this thing together, we're going to make b it to now. wee se you c you why are 93% of, never sleep, are satisfiedn sle3 with your bed. maybe it's because you60 can s adjust your comfort and firmness on either side. your sleep. pacetti to help relieve pressure points and keep you both comfortable all night. the queen sleep number three 60 c to swap it is only eight ninety nine save two hundred dollars ends monday. >> now what did you find when you lost weight?
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9:58 pm
i understand that this is all very traumatizing. it's impossible not to think the worst, but i want you to know that we will find him. no, let's go , go , go , go , go , go . go . find out how we got kids after we catch this. >> this is life or death. you're safe . you're going to alert. >> the two night premier begins sunday on fox during tax season and there are more identity threats than you realize. >> because so much info is all in one place. lifelock alerts you to threats you could miss if your identity is stolen. a dedicated restoration specialist will help fix it. backed by our million dollar protection package, like identity theft protection starts here. >> hey, pal, i love the look.
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so features like automatic emergenc properly. all right. all finished. wow, that's great.lice. thanks♪ . >> stay safe with safe flight schedule now. safe flight, safe flight. >> likely place. joan, sleep. get your jumbled up it's mattress firm's new bed. new u.s. save up to 500 dollars on the sleep you deserve. am war this get a free adjustable base with qualifying seele purchase only a mattress firm. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson.o >> tonight, kevin mccarthy has just lost the eleventh round . d it's fun speaker >> and it's funny how we're supposed to feel about this. we're all supposed to be highle upset, outraged, appalled, on the verge of tears aboutar the fact that some of his him colleagues are trying to make it hard for kevin mccarthy to become the speaker ofse the house. very upset. but whvery uy exactly is it sobh upsetting? >> it should be hardar to becom. speaker of the house in this b country. >> very hard.ig j it's a big job.ob t it'she m


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