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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  January 8, 2023 2:00am-3:00am PST

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next saturday night at 10 p.m. eastern until then you can find me on social media. lawrence b. jones 3 on twitter, facebook, instagram, follow all of the information that we'll be giving to you set your dvr so you never miss a show. good night america [♪] brian: welcome to 2023. officially "one nation" is starting a new year. hr mcmaster and isis and charlie gasparino from madoff to the crypto creep we are dealing with now. we begin with something totally different. as you know by now, monday night football, damar hamlin made what
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i consider a routine tackle. in addition to cpr on the field just to survive. we watched the game canceled and sports put into perspective at the highest level. it's not how of it rest night with the sports world. but with all of us i don't remember a time when more people who have never seen a down of talk interested in the condition of this fullback. we were praying for damar's reof cover are you. in our newsroom especially. all wondering what exactly
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happened to stop this man's heart, and when he comes out of his coma, how close he would be to 100%. it's an unfortunate reminder that young athletes are as vulnerable as anyone else. the result? an american bond reformed like we have not seen in some time. >> i saw people, coaches, players on both sides. >> athletes love each other. they go through trials and tribulations and put their bodies through what the average american couldn't think about enduring. pray for strength for da mar and healing for damar. >> this kid is 24 years old.
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brian: while his condition is improving every minute. but the question remains what happened that caused him to suffer cardiac arrest. experts are pointing to this word. commodeio cordis. >> which is when typically a projectile. but if you get hit over the heart in factly the right time in the cardiac cycle, the heart is vulnerable to an arrhythmia. >> typically it's associated with young people less than 20 years old playing sports, some kinds of blunt trauma to the chest can happen, particularly baseball or lacrosse. brian: i got to learn a new
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word. strange to me, but not to my next guests. they lost their son on a lacrosse game at the age of 14. because of what they learned about their son's accident since, hundreds and thousands have survived around the country, around the world. damar hamlin may have survived because of this boy. they got the word out to make sure the aeds are on every field in every sport at every level. john and karen. welcome. that word was not sprang to you. can you bring us back to 2000 and tell us what happened? >> i will do that for sure. my son was playing in his first
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high school lacrosse game. it was early in the second quarter. he blocked a routine shot. not particularly that you stop it with your chest. but he did it at that time. the ball dropped in front of lewis. he took a few steps and collapsed. we thought he had the wind knocked out of him and he tripped. but i did not get up for what seemed like a while. we saw the athletic trainer and the coach go out to lewis and adjusting him. i kept telling john to go down there to see what's wrong. we ran down there and we quickly realized lewis was in serious trouble. the athletic trainer was starting cpr. but ems did not arrive for 15 minutes. there was no defibrillator on the field, it was in the
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ambulance. brian: would an aed have saved his life? >> i think most definitely. he was young, in impeccable shape. he was a great athlete. had it been there in a timely fashion he would have survived. brian: you researched it and you found out about it. you learned this greek word commodeio cordis. >> we started a campaign and better sches protection was first -- chest protection was first and foremost in our minds. the research for athletic equipment was going to take years. but what we could do immediately is make sure aeds were on the field. it took some lobbying and largest from assemblymen and
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senators and we had lewis's law passed in 2002. brian: i could not coach a game until i got my aed training. we are talking about from 5 to 18. not just nfl stadiums. do you believe that's part of the reason if in fact damar was suffering from this that he's able to live today? >> i absolutely believe that. there is no doubt in my mind. because that aed was there in a timely fashion, he made it. >> aeds and trained coaches are not required inout athletic sports. that's -- required in youth athletic sports. brian: my club did. and they provided it. but they are available and
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people are trained on it. there is an awareness to it and he was able to survive because of it. how many people because of your foundation have had this sense, and how many were able to survive because they were treated properly? >> since lewis' law has been passed, that we can document, just in new york state schools there have been 110 lives safe. every police car and ambulance in new york state are carrying aeds. they have to be in all gyms in new york. it's probably in the hundreds or thousands. but 110 lives just in new york schools. brian: for people to say it's too dangerous, i don't want my
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kids in sports. >> i don't. as a mom and grandma, i have fear. however, i feel like there are things we can do, safety measures we can take. one of those for sure is to demand that your child's team has a defibrillator and coaches trained in first aid and aed. safety is key. but sports i do believe they are paramount for kids' well roundedness. brian: the fact that he stood up after the tackle and collapsed thereafter is similar to your son. i'm in saw of what you accomplished. karen and john, thanks so much. give to that foundation if you want to. thanks, guy.
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coming up straight ahead. keep it in new york. george santos gave a new meaning to fake. fake it until you make it. this story. all too familiar. islamic extremism on the rise again in 2023. and guess who is coming back? isis. h.r. mcmaster joins us live. if it's date night for you. go eat dinner but dvr the show if your business kept on employees through the pandemic, can see if it may qualify for a payroll tax refund of up to $26,000 per employee. all it takes is eight minutes to get started. then work with professionals to assist your business with its forms and submit the application. go to to learn more.
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>> you said no? that was a lie. >> you are done. brian: don't put george santos
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yet. an investigation by the "new york times" have shown that almost all of his claims about his personal life were untrue. the coach his claims range from his sexuality. he may not be gay. having jewish grandparents who fled europe during world war ii. survived the holocaust? not really. joining me the deputy editor at news week, and douglas murray. the lying. does it bother you? >> of course it bothers me. i don't think there is a democratic case you can take him out. he was elected by voters and they will have to take him out.
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i'm bothered by his lying and it raises a bigger question. he lied about status. work for goldman within having a degree. so many of our members of congress have made money while being members of congress and overwhelmingly have a college degree. that's not the norm for the average american. why are we gate keeping access to the house of representatives in this way. he's responsible for his lies but they tell us something problematic about our culture. brian: can you lie your way to as congressional seat? >> it appears so. take the lies joe biden tells. there is the i'm the smartest guy, i was at the top of the class, i got the full scholarship. i got three degrees.
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i am the cleverest guy and you should respect me. then another segment of joe biden is i'm just like you guys. i meet a guy who drives tractors and i say i used to drive tractors. really? why didn't he just say i drive a car, maybe it's like that but bigger. he can't help himself. it's always in one of those two camps. it's always i'm clever earlier than er thanyou are. do people want to work with people who work with goldman sachs? now we are talking. why does he need his mother to have died in the world trade center then died from cancer.
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lying about being gay may be the most modern story ever. to advance in politics in the 21st century a straight man would be pretending to be gay. brian: george santos might have been on the tarmac that day with bill clinton and loretta lynch. and he was with brian williams on that helicopter forced down by enemy fire in 2003. did news week report that? no, they didn't. and naturally he was there to bail out joe biden out of jail in south africa when he was arrested when he went to see nelson mandela. that's fun. but all those other people did lie in those circumstances. is that why we haven't heard much outrage from fellow
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lawmakers because they don't want the same examination? >> there is something commendable about the republican party in this situation. a lot of people are giving him heat for not vetting him. but so many republican voters wanted to show they do want to vote for a person who is gay, hispanic and jewish. brian jewish. there is a difference. the president of the united states is going to the border this weekend, the first time in his hundred-year career. what do you think he's going to see in el paso? >> nothing he doesn't already know. the president hasn't bothered to visit the border since he became president. he knows the stats. it's late in the day and it has
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a certain kind of symbolic importance. this is where politicians go to areas where there are floods and they go to look at the water. the flood is still there, and you haven't changed anything. going to the border to understand the nature of the problem. i don't think he will learn anything from him. millions of people are flooding across the border every year. it's that that he has to address. >> i can only hope the reason he's going now is he feels he has the political capital on his own side due to his recent victories. >> i always joke there is only a one-way traffic across the border from south america to america. it's possible we might see george santos fleeing the other
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way. brian: thanks so much, appreciate you. coming up straight ahead. we dive deep into the minds of two ultimate scammers. bernie madoff and sbf. how did they manage to steal millions from investors before their luck ran out. isis is in a comeback. they are in full stride. hr mcmaste ♪ ♪ mom! mom! every day can be extraordinary with rich, creamy, delicious fage total yogurt.
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incredible progress but still in critical condition. brian: it's been a year and a half since president biden's disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan. and what many predicted has come through. many terrorists groups are springing up around the globe, especially isis. a guy with a machete slashed two officers in times square on new year's eve. authorities warned of a taliban attack, i should say al~qaeda.
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president biden's response sending crucial air marshals to bail out the crisis. joining us now to talk about this and so much more, general h.r. macmaster. is terror back? is islamic extremism back. >> i think so. what is keeping us safe is remaining engaged with these terrorist groups abroad. right before the pullout from iraq in 2010 president biden said al qaeda is a shadow of its former self. al qaeda had taken over territory the size of great britain in syria and iraq and became the most destructive
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terrorist organization in history. but the numbers are on the rise. we turned over afghanistan. we abandoned our afghan partners. now terrorists are in charge of the state. they are in charge of afghanistan. one of the most notorious minister in the world is handing out passports to terrorists. pakistan is never stable, but it's getting much worse. just yesterday pakistani forces were engaged with a terrorist group along the afghan border. they have a perception of success, the victory for the taliban was a victory for isis and all these terrorist organizations who are recruiting young, impressionable, often
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disaffected youth to the cause. brian: this guy trevor says he was radicalized online from isis. let's talk about ukraine if we can. are you buying putin wants an orthodoxed christmas pause in action? >> he wants a pause in action so he can try to refit and strengthen his forces which have been targeted very effectively by the longer ranked systems the ukrainians are employing. you saw the recan't strikes on russian barracks with these new recruits pressed into service killed probably hundreds of them and wounded many more. i think he's reeling. what he wants is a break so he can reconstitute some of that combat capability.
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brian around the big difference is ukraine goes for troops and military sites. they kidnap children and infrastructure and go for i vair sevilleans. -- for civilians. how much more blue will be on that map. >> i think they can take it all back. if they get the weapons systems they need, they could make it untenable for the russians in the crimea peninsula. we have seen attacked on some of their airfields. we have seen seaboard drones attack their vessels in port. sung their flagship earlier last year. i think the russian positions
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will become untenable if ukraine gets the weapons and equipment they need. brian: we are still slow rolling this stuff. give them what they need. >> right. how about just froo two objectives. objective one. stop the russians from being able to target innocent civilians as well as ukrainian infrastructure. second give ukrainians what they need to sustain a counter offensive. but we keep meeting out the assistance. meanwhile, how about this. lettuce cost $7.
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so what does he do? he picks up the phone and tells the sec he wants to come in and talk to them. >> every time a trade is done there is a record of it at this you independent agency. it's a way for regulators to find out if the trades are happening. >> we need your account number so we can check, they tell bernie. he writes it out that friday afternoon that if they call any of those banks expecting to hear that they trade options with him, or if they check that clearing house account expecting to find the billions of dollars assets that are supposed to be there but aren't, the fraud is over. >> they asked the questions, they got the information, they got account number, but they never made the phone call.
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brian: the crimes of bernie madoff, it's big and it's great. he stole billions in a ponzi scheme over 40 years. you would think people learned their lesson. they did not. sam bankman-fried transferred billions in assets to his own private trading firm. he gets to stay at home during this time. how do the scam artists feel they can always pull it off. charlie gasparino interviewed madoff many times. jim campbell is here. your biggest takeaway watching these smart successful people getting duped by bernie madoff in your series. >> there is a similarity between
2:37 am
madoff and sam bankman-fried. he built the -- it was real it was a market maker and he treated his clients perfectly. he invented the payment for order flow. he always gave hem the best price available. the i am lart with sbf, he bought his way more than bernie. he had regulators from the cftc that were consultants and contributions to democrats. bernie was known as the jewish t-bill safe and secure at u.s. treasuries. >> it's similar how they worked the regulatory system and built that sort of -- brian: rigged the game. >> i wouldn't say rigged. it's only rigged if one side
2:38 am
allows you to be rigged. when the regulators say, bernie would never do this. one of the reasons they do this is they might want to work for his market making firm. brian: when they get done. >> it's similar with sam bankman-fried on ftx. you build that sort of trust through regulatory capture, you are going to have people looking the other way in terms of scams. madoff didn't fool everybody. sam bankman-fried didn't fool everybody. we don't have to get into all that. what they did do, though, is convince enough people through different measures. madoff was the madoff bond. put your money with me. and you can't just get in. you have to beg to get in. brian: wasn't it similar with
2:39 am
sam bankman-fried too? you are giving money to way to great cause. >> the sec investigated bernie five times and never found the ponzi scheme. and fear that he was front running. and sbf was the dog ate the homework which hasn't worked since fifth grade. >> what's fascinating about bernie, she was saying they never checked if he did a trade. his whole strategy was around options. it's calleddal split strike conversion strategy which is insane. apparently they did check the options and found he did no option trading in the u.s. he turned around and said i did
2:40 am
it overseas. brian: from the layman, i give you money, i assume you are doing what you say. this guy is buying real estate, sam bankman-fried, in the bahamas. and he's investing in the 17th floor, the corrupt area. you hold the money, i give it to you. he just kept moving it. if the market doesn't fall out in 2008 -- >> i think he's still in business. his big four coconspirators took out $400 million. >> what took out bernie were the european investments. if he stayed with american investors. he had the madoff bond and preyed on the jewish community.
2:41 am
he preyed on that ethnic trust. there is no ethnic trust with european banks. he went around and tried to raise more money and he tried to raise it from one of the smartest dudes on wall street, founded home depot. he did what most smart italians will do, he said i'm out. brian: jim campbell, congratulations on the success. charlie gasparino, you never stop. >> i told my wife, we are watching the madoff thing. >> number two in the nation according to "usa today." brian: more shocking revelations from the twitter files showing direct connections between the government and a tech giants.
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brian: another grenade courtesy of twitter. i think so anyway. the fbi and cia and other state entities were in constant contact for years with the social media giant making content moderation requests. kinds of demanding it. adam schiff contacted them to badge what he calledshire theories. -- called conspiracy theories.
2:47 am
>> is it just me or is this a huge story people are refusing to cover. >> this is a major issue when you have the fbi, the department of homeland security and other members of state colluding with big tech deciding what the american public can and cannot hear about. you have a first amendment precisely to prevent the government from interfering with people's freedom of speech rights. the twitter files which have been released gradually the last few weeks. we knew big tech and twitter were censoring accounts that didn't agree with them politically. the sill connell valley 20-somethings are democrat supporters. but we are getting more evidence that you effectively
2:48 am
have arms of the state nudging twitter to censor their political opponents. it's up there with watergate and i don't know why people aren't covering it more. brian: they got taxpayer dollars for shadow-banning. listen how he labels himself and what was his biggest surprise after he was asked by elon musk to disseminate the communications. i'm a died in the wool liberal and grew up that way. i'm deeply disappointed. i think people on that side of the aisle are missing the boat on this. they are thinking about this in partisan terms. this isn't a partisan story. this bits architecture of the law enforcement getting its
2:49 am
hands on speech and the ability with people to communicate with each other. brian: he's not getting calls from cnn or msnbc or any of the networks. what about where you are? >> pretty much nothing. i have been covering the twitter files as much as i can because there is a complete silence across the board. people don't think it's interesting. it's the phrase nothing-burger saying this is not newsworthy. how can it not be newsworthy? they did the same thing about the hunter biden laptop story. it was about big tech, twitter and facebook were able to say to the public, you don't get to read this news story. the "new york post" is one of the oldest publications in the
2:50 am
country. it's not some blog on the dark web. this is not about left and right and the whole culture war. people think it's about left versus right. and it's not. it's about people who value liberty and those who value author tear yawnism. they are authoritarians because they want to control speech and what you can hear about. brian: you are stopping trump and you are stopping misinformation. and it's for pro anthony fauci. thanks so much andrew for joining us. it's "news duel" straight ahead. susan li has been summoned.
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brian: welcome to the 2023 version of the "news duel." are you ready, susan? cue the music. let's talk about my favorite rapper cardy b. she is standing up for the every
2:56 am
day mr. and mrs. johnson. she makes $7 million a day just to be here. she is upset about people going paycheck to paycheck with inflation. she spoke out to president biden. lettuce is $7. of course i will say something. i can't imagine what middle class people are doing [bleep]. brian: do you understand what she said through the [bleep]s? >> who can afford it. even cardy b. but where do you find $7 a head lettuce? i'm not sure. brian: you have the next story. susan: i am sure your parents
2:57 am
told you whatever you do, be the best at it. this employee is going viral because he takes his job very seriously. if you looked at the skills on this guy in this is perfectly layered popcorn to butter. look how he tosses it. brian: he's actually playing to his son. he's so good at this he has been invited to the oscars. next story i want to share with you. celine dion was snubbed. she sold more than 200 billion albums. she did not make the top five list of the greatest singers of all time. is this right? to agree with this snub?
2:58 am
susan: there is one person who made the list. the guy from "american idol." i have to say that's kind of what i sound like in the shower. [♪] brian: right. i have a problem with sam cook and william hung. if he's on that list, celine should be angry. susan: i love celine. so, where are we going next? brian: we are going to woke california with brand-new laws. including banning the sale of fur, decriminalizing jay-walking. and they also are decriminalizing
2:59 am
prostitution-based lawyering. you are around to and around the prostitute without getting a ticket. is this moving america in the right direction. susan: didn't california make their money on the murder trade? girls need to stay warm. it's been around since the 1800s. i thought it was more decriminalizing sex work and stopping the bag stigma. susan: i'm a capitalist. people who want to work hard, congratulations no matter how you do it. brian: susan is on the radio show a lot. if you listen this week 9 to noon, doug collins on what's going on with this speaker stuff. follow me on social media
3:00 am
because i need people around me. twitter, facebook, instagram and rumble. do you know who is next? next on our channel? >> i believe it's dan bongino. brian: i think i ♪. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes


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