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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 12, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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will be again. a much more united country then. don't know too much about her life after childhood but what w do now is suggests an ever present life. at one point she was married to michael jackson. >> she is gone 54 >> that separate us tonight we will be back tomorrow. we hope you have the best night with the ones you love. be back welcome to hannity tonight we begin with a sad fox news alert set news to report a tucker was a mentioning singer-songwriter lisa marie presley daughter of elvis pressley has passed away from cardiac arrest. she was only 54 years old. our prayers are with the entire presley family tonight. we'll continue to follow the story and we also have another alert tonight. we have this a fox news alert big news it from the chairman o the house oversight committee that would be james komar. john solomon will join us in a
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moment. komar is now planning to extend his committees critical investigation into joe biden an his family is lucrative employment at u penn that biden center. seriously coincided with you pens lucrative relationship wit the communist party of china during biden's employment at u penn. tens and tens of millions of dollars we believe 67 up-to-dat from china pouring into the university. at that same time hunter biden was the beneficiary of a very look at a dl with a chinese energy company. you believe that? private office at u penn the biden center made possible by the communist party of china. you can't make that out. that's exactly what top secret classified obama era documents it turned up years later. we have a complete details a great specificity breaking news coming up. tonight, we are witnessing a white house and food crisis mode . they are panicking in the west wing biden a visibly shaken
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after the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the classified top secret obama air documents that quote turned up at three separate unsecured locations. that includes that joe biden's garage in delaware. next to his advantage grow that. don't worry, the garage was locked. at least most of the time take look there's the garage right there. the scandal gets worse by the day. coming up google to get to a shocking timeline that is a ver for both joe biden and the department of justice. his department of justice. we will follow the money back t china and also back again and w have a special report breaking news about ten minutes ago from john solomon. the great one mark levan he wil weigh in on all of this. geraldo will be in the hannity hotseat tonight to offer his defense of his good friend joe biden. frankly, there is no defensive. devon and will join us tonight with a reaction to what was
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released today the latest batch of twitter files that directly involves the former chairman adam shaft and everyone in between. it will prove that we were vindicated on all of our reporting as it relates to the russian hoax. let's begin tonight in wilmington, delaware. at joe biden's private residence . for more than two decades, joe would jell and hunter called this house a home. as it turns out, biden's mansio also was housing numerous classified top secret documents from his time as vice president that he apparently stole from the obama white house when he left and early 2017. the documents were recently located in biden's personal library. even his garage. take a look at the picture. wide open. he said the door was locked. not all the time. said that in a twentytwenty campaign video. presumably the documents were located in those cardboard boxe
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pictured right there. according to joe biden, it's no a big deal. people know he takes them seriously. take a look. >> classified materials next to your corvette? what were you thinking? >> i get a chance to speak on all of this will examine as i said earlier this week, my corvette is in a locked garage. it's not like they're sitting i the street. >> as well as my corvette. as i said earlier this week, people know i take classified documents and materials seriously. >> that's laughable. people who take classified materials at seriously don't stash them in a garage for years . a private garage accessed by on guy name hunter biden and god knows who mounts. during joe biden's at four year as a private citizen and during his many visits as presidents, we have no idea that this time
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you enter that house. there are no visitor logs or security logs. nothing. they've been hiding it for two years from the american people since he's been president. according to a visibly nervous pierre the biden warehouse is the most transparent administration in history. that's the claim. >> when what a white house release a log of it visitors it to the wilmington mark. >> you asked this question or your colleagues have before, let's not forget what we did here in this white house. we instituted something that th last of ministration got rid of it which is of putting out the white house making sure there was a white house log extensive it white house log. at the people got to see-- [indiscernible] >> unsecured classified material . >> again, i'm telling you we di something the last administration got rid of which is instituting the white house logs. did you ask the last ministration where they got rid of that? be back let's go [indiscernible]
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>> delaware residents of? i was called the gentleman who wanted to ask a question not related to this. >> that's not true because 40 percent of his time as president has been outside the white house and that they have never released any of the visitor logs a. the biden white house care so much about transparency, they attended the hide the document scandal now for months. for a wild, biden's at doj has doj from the executive branch o his executive branch more than happy to oblige. let's take a look at the timeline. last august after president trump and invited federal officials to his home to reveal presidential documents. they went in the very room wher they later found documents during a raid. they had it that day. they could've taken it that day. they called and said put a padlock on the room we went into . where these quote documents existed.
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that request was granted. if they put a padlock on it. the fbi instead of knocking on the door and and we go back in the room, they rated mara lago. they seized at the documents by force. they had access to previously i that room. in september, biden prorated former president trump called him irresponsible on 60 minutes. in the november 2, 6 days befor the all important midterms, a trove of top secret classified documents were found in biden's private office in the doj was notified then. there was no subsequent rate of biden's private offices or home and biden and garland in biden' at doj said nothing to you the american people information you should have had before the election. two weeks later, november 18, only investigating donald trump. not joe biden. it was not until today that garland appointed a special counsel to investigate biden. at the white house continues to
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claim the president had no idea classified documents or housed in multiple unsecured locations. donald trump has we pointed out yesterday had every right to declassify there's news that process if there is no legal process. ray means he has to follow. that is not something a vice president has. as jonathan turley points out, the claim is probably a boldfac live. at least someone moved multiple times. we will find out in time. that's because of the year invited center where much of th materials turned up did not ope their doors until 2018. that means over a year after biden left the obama white house . where where the documents store before them and who moved them around and who might've saw them ? speaking of which, the european political center named after jo biden was probably one of the worst places on earth to store top-secret document. >> university of pennsylvania
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pay very close attention to the money. of collected a whopping $67 million between 2013 and 2019 from a vast majority of that money nearly $50 million. 47.7 million lowered in during biden's lucrative rain at the u penn biden center. get this in a 2016 e-mail uncovered on the very real laptop of hunter biden, his agent references the creation o the u penn center while also discussing hunter's plans for wealth creation. keep in mind also revealed a planner for the bidens too shar office space at the u penn bide center with individuals from th chinese communist party. in one e-mail request to get keys it made for nationals. remember prior hunter wasn't raking in millions of millions of dollars from chinese foreign nationals including proceeds
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from the multibillion-dollar dollar dl incorporated with the bank of china ten days after hunter joined his father the vice president on that trip to beijing on air force to end up course another massive deal wit the chinese energy conglomerate don't forget the $5 million no interest at forgivable loan. don't forget the hundred thousand dollars chinese national shopping spree. if all of this isn't enough, in february of 2022, after getting millions in donations from china , the university of pennsylvania successfully lobbied the justice department to end a counterespionage program against a beijing's growing influence. keep in mind china is our country america's number one geopolitical file and now the chairman of the house oversight committee he is it calling for investigations into biden's special relationship with china. >> courage to pennsylvania wher
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it is biden center is where all the chinese money goes to fund all the biden initiatives it. they encourage the fbi too draw up that china initiative investigation. what else are they influencing this administration to do? what else is china and influencing this administration and the biden family this is very concerning? was sending a letter to penn requesting documents related to the chinese donations we want a list individuals involved whoever was involved in soliciting donations from china. with all communications. >> the fact that top-secret classified compartmented documents were discovered in th u penn biden center is more tha a little strange appeared to th fact that hunter biden could've easily accessed all those documents is more than a little concerning in the fact we have no idea how many classified documents remain in biden's house, garage, office is beyond troubling to say the least.
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at the fact china russia ukrain in a multitude of other countries paid hunter and that the family syndicate millions without any experience is beyon anyone's imagination and by the way we need answers because it was joe biden himself i never want to talk to hunter about my dealings. there's really only one way to know if all the classified material has been turned over. you know what it is a. i'll give you a hand to. i've got no problem doing this and more lago. >> if this is a serious investigation, it is time of al of biden's proper private properties to be rated. tomorrow morning would be a goo time. otherwise our two-tiered system of justice will have reared its ugly head yet again and the investigations by jordan and komar now take on massive new urgency. joining us now is investigative reporter editor-in-chief john solomon by the way this is
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getting deeper by the minute. bring us up to speed what you know follow the money and james comers in the development. >> that's the key thing first off the chairman announced tonight he's can include the university of in the flow of money from china to the university to drop at the fbi's main counter espionage program going after chinese spies the key here is you have to understand the timeline it's complicated this university takes in a lot of chinese money had hired as a joe biden if it sets up at center than joe biden 's family is also getting the exact same time from a chinese energy company they get a 5 million-dollar interest rat forgivable loan. that pads at their pockets of chinese coming in a job i did i multiple locations and then later this university turns around us something that most people would consider favorable to china. the pressure them step down the act and counterespionage and trying to root out chinese spies
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. >> when you look at the two investigations that couldn't come at a worse time for biden but it couldn't come at a bette time for people seeking the truth john solomon and i can remind people when it came to the russia hoax, you and greg jarrett and sarah carter and ar simulcast i can't mention everybody we ended up getting i all right. the mob and the media got it al wrong. it seems like this will be unappealing the layers of the onion once again. >> that's exactly right. follow the money follow the facts. >> look at we learned today about twitter. a disinformation artist when they knew it wasn't the case. keep her eyes on the facts will peel this onion backup follow the money the china money we will get to the bottom of it. >> john solomon joining is now fox news legal analyst on the
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legal aspect of all this. >> the most important thing in any criminal investigation is the prosecutor is to treat all cases the same. meaning of something is similarly situated, it needs to be treated with uniformity. clearly we know that did not happen here. it's artie been established. as you said president trump hav the power to declassify joe biden never did. moreover the documents that president trump took went from the white house and the a secur place in the country tomorrow lago one of them a secure place in the country guarded constantly by secret service. joe biden's documents we have n idea where they floated around for at least a year before some went to the biden penn center before some went to ms. house i delaware. the playbooks already been written by merrick garland. if you want to treat them with uniformity, do the search warrant at all the biden residence is a a. of that's important. interview anyone could've
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touched those documents including the chinese who wante keys and paid millions to hunte biden. hunter biden says that his residence he can hit a garage door button to be interviewed. >> the amount of money greg jarrett we are talking about is breathtaking. merrick garland sat on that news . now we have not one not two but three separate locations were found. about the money is the most disturbing. the money to the penn biden center the overwhelming majorit of it came when biden was there. he was being paid by the university. the university had their professors request from merrick garland that they dropped the
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espionage case with china. he dropped it. i am or meet about everything i'm reading. >> it looks like a quid pro quo where the equivalent of a bribery. joe biden is the new britney spears it oops, i did it again. and again. and again. three different locations with classified information in it. you can maybe rationalize it wa inadvertent once. may be accidental twice a. of three times? remember the criminal statute says the story removal and stor of classified information is a crime if it's either intentiona or reckless. this now appears to be the definition of recklessness unde the criminal statute. joe biden is at greater risk of donald trump because tromp as a former president says he
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declassify the documents before he left office. joe biden doesn't have that defense available as vice president. in his defense today, i've been a lawyer for more than 40 years i was a defense lawyer i think i've heard every excuse in the book. today he heard a new one. it's the corvette defense. it's okay to have classified documents because i'm sitting next to my corvette. >> does that look locked to your ? there's a picture right there. how many people had access to that that didn't have security clearance? they won't give us the visitor logs. joe biden is at greater risk of donald trump. >> by the way as a bad choice o corvettes he can keep its tearing out at the visio six if he could ever find when. >> joining is now former national intelligence director
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john radcliffe. let's get you a broad overview of all of this it. i want to focus especially on the amount of money that we kno that the biden family was getting through hunter biden an that we know that joe lied when he said he never discussed foreign business deals with hunter pure we have photographi evidence he attended with his partners is foreign business partners. the amount of money from all these countries the number one geopolitical file in that is china. the money and is staggering in terms of its magnitude. tens of millions of dollars it coming from china. our number one adversary and of the folks that were benefiting from that as we are finding out the circumstances around this pendant-biden center include no just joe biden, but hunter bide who e-mail show negotiated at least in part that deal current
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secretary of state anthony blin and current white house counselors diversity who were both employed at an office at that as you pointed out chinese business associates may have ha access to but what we do know classified documents were kept at that joe biden was not authorized to keep it. incredibly problematic. my overall take as a watch this is as we watch this unprecedented raid of donald trump's home august i think we all knew that where they intended it to go was an unprecedented prosecution of president trump that other presidents had previously engaged in. that would be prosecution just had a massive roadblock in the roadblock's name to biden. i don't think the department of justice ever ever anticipated that joe biden would be the one to screw up their prosecution against president trump. i don't think they ever thought
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they'd be sitting around as the have for the last of probably two months saying how are we possibly can to prosecute donal trump now for an offense that w know joe biden so clearly committed? hillary clinton was probably as bad as all of them. the majority of the money from china came after biden left office when he was setting up that center. merrick garland knew about this on november 2nd. should he have told the america people before the midterm election and we have one government said this pennant biden center called a patronage mill that was a dark money nightmare. it sounds about right. why would china give all this money and the lobbying to get a investigation into their espionage against us stopped an merrick garland stopped it? >> exactly right. all the people we talked about
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from joe biden to his advisers like lincoln and marchetti have been so soft on china were on s many issues for the last two years it. it raises the question of why and now you found out that the money trail goes directly to th specific issue is something the american people deserve to know about. i think certainly the biden department of justice is not going to explore it. i do think a new republican-controlled house of representatives with numerous committees and now set up to look into these and to investigate and is really the opportunity for the american people to get answers and accountability. >> john radcliffe great to have you on the program very important. when we come back the great whe our club i am he comes returns from the new year. that straightahead. last call tonight you could degrade the show tell me what you like tell me what you don't like tell me how i can improve
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and make it better.
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do you
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>> tonight as predicted yet mob is having a full and on meltdown . amid a classified biden documents and lb left at multiple locations here to join us and give us his take a host of other the number one show on the weekends at life livered them also radio show host numbe one best-selling author all around good guy. i called the great one. thank me god bless us. i know you have a lot to say on this. i want to start with your thoughts overall on the money part of it which is breathtakin to me. >> the money part of it is the name of the game with the biden
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's, isn't it? did you see those homes that biden has on a senator's salary mark it's incredible. >> and oceanfront home in delaware got this big mansion i wilmington tens of millions in the bank on a senator salary, that's pretty good. what i when i get into is what' taking place it. if this is a major scandal. why? because department of justice tried for two months to cover i up. that's what you see in the timeline. nothing leaked from the fbi. nothing leaked from the prosecutors nothing got to the meter media into monday this week. they find of the documents november 2. who finds them? the private lawyers. it's bizarre everyone says so i their right. what's the magic day about november 2nd and why are lawyer looking? they would not november 9th at the fbi begins an assessment. why did they go in from that point and search the office? going to his homes in search as
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homes? issue subpoenas. they did none of that. and that we have november 14 garland assigns john mouse to u securities attorney to perform an initial investigation. he does it awfully fast did he say 30 days of 40 days or 50 days? what was it? they muscled through the midter elections without a leak. four days later they appoint a special counsel this at the thi democrat who prosecutes genocidal war criminals, they appointed him as of special counselor. family is loaded up with politics up to their eyeballs o the democrat side. of course, they do that without ever mentioning they are lookin into this biden situation with the us attorney. what next? december 20 almost at seven weeks after the initial batch i a founder, they find another batch in joe biden's garage. how did that happen?
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why did the fbi investigate and look at his house? they're there in plain sight. then? at january 5, last week the us attorney he has his report all done for merrick garland. it sits there for a week. whether or not to appoint a special counsel merrick garland it did not use the need this attorney to do a preliminary bp review. january 12. one week today he appoints a special counsel because it they find another document. the private lawyers bring up another document. this was a cover-up. and you know how it got blown? the republicans got elected and they were still going to do a cover-up. it ended monday when there was leak they intentional planted leak about documents appearing. the only mention to the office building. tuesday nbc mentions well,
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there's another batch of documents it's because on sunday , mr. komar the incoming chairman of the house oversight committee sunday night on my show when i asked him specifically about the national archives, you have oversight of you going to dig into this and see and i said every president every vice president every attorney general and secretary of state has taken documents including classified documents home and not return to them. if i am wrong, prove me wrong. and they should all be looked a whether it's obama or bush or cheney or gordo clinton they've all done it. that said, he said yes we will look at this retreatment. they didn't want the republican too find this out so they had t put out information. it's no accident that 20 hours later they leaked this.
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the national archives when donald trump specifically accused obama of taking secret information and other information they came to obama' defense. they said no 30 million they turned everything over to us we are in charge we own lock and key and everything they lied. these documents are obama administration documents. the documents in the office the documents in the garage the got documents and bidens library th national archives did not have those. we have no idea how many classified documents to this da that biden has appeared what about the unclassified documents ? did he to classify documents with them? to this moment, the fbi is not investigated all the properties to look for information that we are aware of. it not to this moment because garland wanted to keep this hidden human went to sweep it under the rug until it got hot the republicans are calling
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hearings there gonna call witnesses and garland reluctantly today appoints a special counsel and who does he appoint? the right handyman to fbi director christopher ray. the same kind of special counse that donald trump is facing. at is one thing stinks to high heaven. now it's rope a dope. no lists of people who visited the biden home in wilmington where he kind of hung out most of his advice presidency and beyond. no lists that can be used for nothing. it now it's going to be the white house spokesman said we take it seriously we take it very seriously. now we have a special counsel investigation. we can't look into anything i'm gonna tell you this, if they dare to charge a donald for wha took place and that there was n obstruction of justice by trump or his people they were negotiating, the fbi cut it off criminalized to the process and
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went after him. if they do that, the nation wil be furious. done. that's it. >> that's why we call him the great one. mark lebed, thank you. an update on the tragic death earlier tonight of lisa marie presley at the young age of 54. we have exposed details from th twitter files at noon is miller way and straight ahead as we continue
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>> in other news that tonight, new batch of twitter files surrounding the russia hugs and democrats efforts to outright lie over and over again all while the fbi abused their powe to too illegally spy on team trump with hillary bottom paid for a dirty dossier.
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according from reporting democrats repeatedly pushed a totally false narrative that devon nunez 2018 memo laying ou widespread spraying abuses was being pushed by russian box on twitter. even twitter officials said tha they found no evidence that noo as report was promoted by russian pots nor was there any significant rush activity connected to russia. >> specifically january 2018, adam shift and senator dianne feinstein lied repeatedly claiming the release of the mem hashtag was being boosted by russian trolls. however, a complete lie that wa false and even twitter is not saying so. according to these new documents . to push the biggest hoax in american political history and up for the record, this show with its ensemble cast out that story completely right while a
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99 percent of the media mob it dead wrong and lied just like when i supported donald trump early, i got the beat out of me by people saying them not a conservative. here with reaction former chairman of the house until committee devon nunez along wit american first of the stephen miller. >> devyn, that start with you. you were right the congenital liar lied we write the whole time. i wish we knew at the time. i wish we found our earlier thi went on for nearly three years. >> it still going on. i think if you were actually to have adam shipped on your show, he probably would not show up. he would continue to say it he met all give him a for hours at three on radio and one ntb. >> i don't think he will show up . remember what happened at 2016 donald trump cut everybody by surprise by using social media successfully to win the election . after that point, obama went to
6:41 pm
zuckerberg they went to twitter so this was part of an ongoing process through 17 and 18 they honor the russia hoax was exactly that, a hoax. their goal was not to schedule the fake news but to control th delivery of the big news which plays into the american people and i bet if you poll today he would still have half of americ may be more that would think that trump and republicans had something to do with russia. it's a shame. >> that is really a shame. where there the whole time you follow this daily as we did. we all knew it was a lie there was no evidence of that back up what they said. congenital liar the democrats the media mob, they pushed that bodhi conspiracy theory and rammed it down the throats of every american that i think devon is right people would believe it these twitter files are explosive. they document how after a devon nunez courageously stepped
6:42 pm
forward and published the memo documenting a illegal spying on the president. it documenting the russia hoax after he bravely stepped forward . people like adam shipped and dianne feinstein and senator blumenthal concocted and pushed a pony story suggesting their mission pots were promoting thi to try to taint the memo to try to taint this congressman. what we see here is a systemati pattern where the people who point in say russia collision and they are the interfering in our democracy they are the ones spreading lies that poison the well of the american republic. they are the ones who must be held accountable. i am so gratified to see that adam shift lying liar that he i has been booted from the intelligence committee be met devon as i look at this, you go back to 2016 the only people
6:43 pm
bought and paid for russian misinformation that was hillary. the only one that talked to a russian that said they had compromising deals on trumpet naked pictures that would be th congenital liar adam shift. if you look at where the money went from the communist chinese that went to the biden family ukraine went withholding a billion dollars into your fire prosecutor investigating mice and who admits he has no experience in oil. the family that's a getting a $5 million no interest forgivable loan that's the biden 's of the ones getting the money from russia's ukraine china that's all them. the very thing they accuse republicans of it they are guilty of. >> that's exactly right. the question is it now, what's going to happen? president trump and i were very
6:44 pm
supportive of the la muscat thi company. i think we've been surprised that the elon has been willing to put this out and i think the new republican congress should subpoena or request from twitte this information so they can go through it it's been great that matt has gone through it and putting out these reports. also it's only the tip of the iceberg we are only looking at twitter and twitter is a small piece of the pie. met out which is facebook and instagram they are the big boy on the block. and they spent after donald trump uses facebook successfull to get elected in 20 of 16 did at the right way before they were shadow banning and then they turn around and start to shadow banas they put pressure on the tech companies and zuckerberg puts in over $400 million. >> it gets worse. >> they have an fbi guy that writes a thesis in college abou how trump colluded with russia.
6:45 pm
he had set up a group of fbi agents talking to big tech companies every single week warning them there might be be misinformation campaign in the twentytwenty race and it might be about hunter at least according to the integrity head of twitter mcqueen got to roll. you've been vindicated steve miller so have you and so has the show think you all will hav more to come with that also whe we come back the sad tragic death presently we have geraldo rivera he bellusci in the hannity hotseat and you'll get the last work tonight straight ahead
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♪ every search you make ♪ ♪ every click you take ♪ ♪ i'll be watching you ♪ - [narrator] the internet doesn't have to be so creepy, the duckduckgo app, lets you search and browse pria blocking most trackers all forf your search history is never tracked, so it can't be shared. and when you leave search, duckduckgo helps keep companies from watching you as you brows. join tens of millions of people making the easy switch by downloading the app today. duckduckgo, privacy simplified. >> we reported earlier tragic news tonight lisa marie presley has passed away at the young ag of 54 years of age.
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cohost geraldo rivera reaction. i look at her dad, one of them most gifted and talented unbelievable performers of all time, it had to be very hard fo her growing up in his shadow. we don't know i guess cardiac arrest is the cause of death. way too young for my feelings. your thoughts? >> it's awful. ice in my condolences to priscilla, her mom. it is a terrible tragedy. the awful gut wrenching thing i it was on tuesday night at the golden globes that she was with her mom and they were celebrating austin butler the guy who played elvis at the biopic. they were alive and vibrant and opening night and excitement an all the rest of it. a couple of days later she is dead. it's staggering unexpected.
6:51 pm
lisa marie had it written extensively about her problems with addiction. will withhold judgment until we hear the facts of from the examiner. it is awful. here's a little girl who was born into a hurricane. she later married she's the daughter of the king of otter lockable she later marries michael jackson the king of pop. at the king of pop the king of rock 'n' roll there's lisa mari trying to find her way in the world her own son killed himsel eight years ago. it's tragedy. >> i feel for this family elvis was a magnificent performer. i loved his music. i was honored to meet him a couple of times. >> he was so special and he loved her. he named airplane lisa marie he
6:52 pm
flew her near in times tells th story he flew her up to idaho because she had never seen snow before he loved her and that this is just awful. she later married in the cage the actor. terrible. i feel for this family and priscilla my thoughts and prayers are with you. i'm sorry it happened. >> amen. god rest her soul. time up with reason we originally had you on the hannity hotseat. i only have one question tonight . only one. you have the biden family they've got all this money. millions hundreds of millions o dollars billion five eddie with a big in china $5 million no interest forgivable loan under thousand dollars shopping spree china ukraine you're not gettin a billion taxpayer dollars unless you fire the prosecutor investigating mice son that got
6:53 pm
paid millions with no experienc admittedly in kazakhstan and then a ton of money from rationale the guards here's my question. with all that money for china, you say it's no big deal to martha maccallum? >> i don't believe that this is any more or less a significant and then the awful raid on mara lago which i have criticized where they sending waves of fbi agents. >> when did donald trump take a penny from these countries? when did he ever take a send? let's separate the document story from the issues you raise a legitimate issues that will b sorted out by the prosecutor in delaware and the various congressional committees. i have no doubt we will hear an nausea him about all of hunter biden and the rest of the dealings. i am absolutely consistent. i have opposed i thought it was
6:54 pm
awful misuse of federal resources and disrespectful of the former president to rate hi home because of some documents. here again and trump didn't get money. >> he admitted president biden admitted he had a box of documents in his garage and so forth. he admitted after. >> thank you. when we come back you get the last word straight
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>> time for her last call where you, the viewer could degrade how we did on the show call my radio show 18941 john. mo from new york city, if this is the guy i think it is, i'm dead tonight. well, is that you? >> i love your show. you know that. the only thing i think you coul improve on is if you had a gues host one day when you're off.
6:59 pm
>> now wait a minute. the same ole i believe it is is did you call me them as dangerous person in the country once? >> you are the most dangerous man in america. i've been calling you that for 15 years when you were a local. >> how did you get through? i need to start asking ahead of time give me the great i can pick that hit it's not a big deal i understand a d or an f? is not good to be anything higher? a+. i heard my buddy marco you are such a liar. they never agree with the word said but i'm glad you're watching. a lot of people hate watching that still good enough for me. i love when i get to call into your radio show. thank you so much for having me. >> thank you we appreciate it. call my radio show 3-6 eastern.
7:00 pm
hopefully you get to grade the show tell us what you like what you don't like what we can do t improve. were open to all suggestions. that's all the time we have lef of evening thank you for joinin us making that show possible se your dvr never miss an episode let not your heart be troubled at laura's can can i collect she's up next straightahead >> i'm laura ingram and this is the ingram angle from washingto thinks for joining us. in moments we will talk to country music legend former collaborator with elvis and larry gatlin about the shocking death of lisa marie presley. first, drip drip drip that's th focus of tonight single. at this point it's basically 10:00 o'clock eastern time. do we really know there aren't more classify documents and folded up and we