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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  January 12, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> what a great show. we are out of time. thank you to our studio audience . i love you, america. >> thick good evening everyone and welcome to americus lately is. very time trace gallagher in tonight ♪ lisa marie presley, the only child of elvis has died at 54. she was rushed to a los angeles area hospital earlier today after suffering a cardiac arrest . alive report is moments away.
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14 of the twitter files dropped tonight, this time the journalist lays out compelling evidence that shows they were aware that was lying about trum and brescia gate, but did not write what generation do you think is the least proud to liv in america? we will tell you who and why. we begin with special counsel set to investigate a bite and classified document that ended up at the think tank in alongside his prized corvette inside his home in wilmington. new information, he is life and the nation's capital. >> joe biden now faces the prospect of increasingly intens legal scrutiny to state nothing of possibly months of bad headlines thanks to a discovery of classified material as you pointed out stored at his private home and in his private office here in the nation's capital. there have already been three
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such discoveries and there coul be others yet to come great now more classified documents found on the biden home in wilmington. white house lawyers claim the president's home in wilmington enbrel both we're searched afte the discovery. and if that weren't bad enough, things got worse because the attorney general of the united states where it garland has now appointed a special counsel to look into the matter which mean a thorough probe of documents, records, and interviews interviews, but biden still insists this is more or less much ado about nothing noting h didn't even know they were ther in the first place into his lawyers are handling things jus as he should. gig eclipsed classified materials next year corvette. >> punitives to speak on all of this but as i said this this week.
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my i corvette it out locked garage. no one has ever had a garage door. >> i think congress has to investigate. here's an individual that's bee in office for more than 40 year freight was on he was concerned about president trumps document for. >> he was very vocal in his criticism of the former president and his document problems. they also wonder how this is al coming to life now especially given that the biden attorneys from these documents a week before the midterm elections. >> these are all gate rate questions. not to look at the legal implications. let's bring in an attorney for
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the former president trumps. when he had these documents wha did they mean to him and how di they pertain to him. are you asking these questions? i could probably at about 60 or 75 other questions about how th doj has treated that situation and how radically different it is in their attempt to criminalize the situation which is simply not a crime under the presidential record in the constitution when it comes to his ability to declassify. the preferential treatment is etched in stone freight i don't know how special counsel can an do two counts of investigative steps. the big resource of doj. so more questions than answers to be sure. >> one of those questions would be because the president said h was surprised by the briefing
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about these documents. he said these things for the better part of six or may be seven years and we know they ha to move during that time. the doj has press conferences. still, we don't know all the facts. maybury there will be more locations where they find documents, but it seems like an honor trust treatment system, please have your people know what we did wrong and that's no the way that justin should be watching working in this country . their return to the proper authorities. mister trump's team dragged its feet to the point of possible
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obstruction. they are ignoring a lot of the questions we just about. >> that is the new narrative. the reality is different, the archivist wouldn't let them hav as if at mara lago, it's still 1,000 times more secure than being in the garage next to the fancy car where this is a situation where doj said please lock the storage room and instead of working with the attorneys after the 15 boxes they've received, they do a arrayed with a big boat like they put on the door. this myth about obstruction needs to be blown out of the water as well. i went to put this up on the screen. the revelations about a kneelin
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at classified document in the awkward position possibly pressing charges against trump while his actions our in question. that wouldn't be awkward that would be unjust. all roads lead to the attorney general he has to be of the consciences point. good to have you on, thank you, sir. >> let's bring in zero westward from washington. great to have you on, the special counsel appointment means that the white house in essence no longer has to talk about this at all. >> is no, you would think that. they have a special counsel flirting over him, that didn't
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really preclude the president from constantly being asked about being asked in the white house. having to comment on every little development. that certainly happened with trump, it happened. >> you look at the special counsel. what are the odds of the biden' potential counsel being the sam way freight it seems like there is. >> right now, it seems like the leaves are not coming from the department of justice, it seems like they could be coming from biden's own team. they've been calling the shots. they are the ones that have bee voluntarily alerting the national archives and handing over the documents freight the department of justice believes that there was probable cause t search the mar-a-lago home.
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it's not really clear, why when the were so similar. we are sitting in the garage fo two months active they get into the garage, how did they get to the from place to place in the bigger picture is let's disclos them back in december 2nd when you find these, why not disclos all of this instead of waiting. why did this come to light now. people involved on one side of the items i decided that it should come to light right now even though this did happen two months ago. only after this is in the headlines causing headaches did they go out to the garage and check for extroverted biden himself was he saying about it doesn't really add up for this
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first batch of documents came t light he said he was surprised and then when he was asked agai about the documents he said the were by my corvettes in the garage, that's why i locked it. even what he saying doesn't really hold up under scrutiny. zero westward, great to have yo on, thank you. >> thank you. >> more breaking news, volume 1 detailing what some tech contributor calls the russia gate lies. unpacking what he learned. >> this latest installment of the so-called twitter files. the is focusing on what he call the russia gate lies and help what he claims is made up story about. if you high-ranking dems manage to point saying that the # release the memo was a project
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of them. i believe this was done to announce a report released by devin nunes that pointed out th flaws and the investigation. some of the democrats and members of the media had called the nunes reports a joke saying it's only gained traction due t social media accounts linked to russian influence operation. >> think the new republican congress should subpoena or request from twitter this information so they can go through it. it's been great that they been gone three and the putting together these reports, but thi is only the tip of the iceberg. twitter is a small piece of the pie. there is a big boy on the block your. >> angel freight fox news, people frankly lied. even when twitter.
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the russia bot story had no evidence. despite the fact same one thing that he chose not to listen. i don't think most of these new organizations did that. nieces the high-profile democrats all declined to comment and other news organizations name impaired collegiate silence on this rate stand standby for some legal analysis freight we brought you on initially to talk about the idaho mergers but while you hav you it's great we could get thi perspective from you because he. you are feeding congressional
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trolls, not any significant activity connected putting the cart before the horse assuming this is propaganda parts, they knew this whole russia gate thing was happening and they propagated it anyway. >> at think it's clear that democrats have never really cared about what russia gate wa true or not true. i think along in the short of i is that they have an agenda tha they wanted to try and they drove it. i think as we go through this and as we go through investigating social media i think there's going to be more in more instances for lawyers but other individuals looking. >> he goes on to say the following, despite the universa internal convictions that there were no russians in strike, he went on to follow is lavish pattern challenging russian
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claims. they knew the claims were vs ye they wouldn't challenge it, that's the most disturbing part of me as they called these internal documents. they called each other out. when push came to shove they would think all the politicians. >> i think it's because to be quite candid they had a bigger issue, and that was with president trumka met they were more focused on whatever it too to tear him down. i would like the further investigation of other social media outlets. >> at think devin nunes hit the nail on the head, this is just one social media outlet twitter you've got facebook, twitter, instagram, tik tok, what is going on right now. >> in the media was also complacent. >> for sure.
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in the last story you talked about, they were complacent and thoughts as well. i think the american people the time as this is much more significant it is the traditional old going to give the american people accurate information so they can decide and hold people accountable? >> wasted no time touting this site latest decrease in inflation as a sign that this economic policies are working. consumer prices are running three times higher than the pre pandemic average. i want to play some sound, this is the president president doin his victory dance. >> inflation is at its lowest level since october of 2021.
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the big three reason is falling gas prices. as inflation is coming down, take-home pay for workers is going up, ample unemployment is the lowest it's been in 15 years . the lewiston unemployment rate in half a century. gig you would think stores are just giving stuff away, right? kick it looked, we had the highest inflation rate just fou or five months ago. this was a good report today, n question about it. inflation is coming. it reminds be what he said a fe weeks ago verity said i am bringing the deficit back. it is the same sort of thing fo this inflation rates, since
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biden came into office, prices were up 13 percent for the average american family has los $4,000 in purchasing power because of biden inflation. that's not something you celebrate. >> the heritage foundation. prices have risen so much faste than the average family has los $6,000 in purchasing power, interest rates are rising fast increased borrowing costs, combined with falling real wages , the average family effectively lost $7,400 in annual income under biden. your thoughts? >> i understated the problem. i was giving biden the benefit of the doubt. freight those numbers are gigantic. his joe biden bidden been to th grocery store?
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of course all of these other, those lists are out. i hope that inflation rate will come down. six and a half percent inflatio is nothing to celebrate. when trump left office, it was when a half percent. the inflation rhinestone by coming government spending. >> it's interesting great alway great to see you. >> appreciate it. can get the fox news at night commonsense department confused by the victory dance, it remind me of the reporter who stood in
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front of a burning building during the george floyd rights inside the protests were mostly peaceful parrots it's true that inflation only went up 6.5 percent in december but that means you had more money going out and coming in. especially if you live in high-priced states like california were eggs starts at $7 a dozen bright if you look a the year over year at national increase and things people tend to use a lot, it's depressing. eggs, up 60 percent. you all at, up more than 41 percent, butter, 31 percent and airline fares up nearly 29 percent leaving on time for leaving on all, not good. in the job security go down. they realize that even when their time was number 60 points some players who scored touchstones to do a victory dance in the end.
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in the end, it's just not advisable. some breaking news on the west coast, hours after rushing to hospital, confirmation tonight that lisa marie presley has passed away at the age of 54. following the announcement of presley's death, her mother priscilla presley policing the statement to people magazine it was with a heavy heart that i measure the devastating news that my beautiful daughter has left us. she was the most passionate, strong and loving woman i have ever known. we asked for privacy as we try to deal with the profound loss thank you for your love and prayers at this time, there wil be no further comment. lisa marie, the only child of elvis presley died today after being rushed to the hospital earlier in the des peres they were called to the telephone just before 11:00 a.m. for a
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woman in full cardiac arrest rate paramedics arrived six minutes later and performed cpr. presley attended the golden globes tuesday night celebratin the words even doing interviews with these before that, she traveled to memphis to see graceland which is the mansion elvis lived into celebrate the birth of her father on january 8th. lisa marie presley was 54 years old. >> for those of you just joinin us now, lisa marie presley has died at the age of 50. zicam. zinc that cold!
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from cardiac arrest at the age of 54. firststep intimates crime roundup, a man like a pipe with a nasty case of road rage in california he attacked this guy 's car. the victim says the road rage are. that is when the suspect turned from the car at the man he was actually taking the video. this video got the moment a woman was kidnapped in the streets of a neighborhood. officers use the footage to track down the license plate. in tacoma washington, they held up by masked man who preferred to see if customer before he went again at her.
9:28 pm
he held a the gun on my mom. the internet café also robbed b thieves carrying the gun and knife around 2:00 o'clock in th morning. the head cell phones and cash. they hop the fence and used to remove the box of money for hopping the fence and getting away. this woman and her male passengers put up after an officer stopped them from driving without their headlight on in the rain. she reached speeds of 120 miles per hour entered the suv. and push the pursuing officer into oncoming traffic.
9:29 pm
officers conducted a pit maneuver and both we're arrested . the woman's five children were in the backseat of the youngest four years old, fortunately, none of them were injured. >> back in an idaho courtroom just hours ago the suspect in the mourners of idaho students in november has been held without bail and is now indicating that the legal maneuvering in this case could be a very long process. >> in his second court appearance and a week, he said legal in the ring and this case first waving his right to a speedy hearing. >> he understands his right for the preliminary team. to allow us time in the case
9:30 pm
with. >> his attorney says he will challenge the evidence against him as he continues to grow, th 28 rolled criminally page g student was arrested for the brutal for university of idaho students verities now charged with four counts of first-degre murder at a felony burglary charge november 13th and 8th in shape treatment, it took investigators weeks to make the arrest of an inch as he couldn' he could have been stocking the home. according to court documents. filters before the murders and once the morning after. one of the surviving housemates known only by the original dm. indicates, that she saw a man with bushy eyebrows and the house, she was frozen with fear during the accountable.
9:31 pm
is scheduled now for the last week in june. the court has issued a gag orde barring investigators and he commented on the case. >> thank you know for some lega insights, let's bring back former prosecutor dave barrett freight i appreciate the double duty for you tonight. this is from fbi investigator former fbi investigator bill daley. pretty good insight, watch. >> he made every mistake you could make great he was connected to a vehicle, he left his dna, he left his murder weapon, he didn't eliminate the litmus. he killed more victims than he thought thoughts thought, and h starts them and it was printed all over his cell phone. >> arce furman, you get the gis anyway. you see he looks forward to challenging the evidence for it a lot to challenge your.
9:32 pm
>> at the suspect in this case has lots of issues. the dna is the most powerful, i think they are going to have a hard time. it defense is going to argue th circumstantial evidence case which in this case, there's jus so much freight they dna, it is just the difficult thing that he's going to have a hard time getting around. that's what they're going to go after bird further going to contest that great they're goin to contest the chain of custody. i think he has a tough time and an uphill battle on this one. >> we are not talking about the preliminaries now set for june. leaped out right to speedy public cause hearing. representative said he needed time to review the details of the case in his next court case
9:33 pm
set for june 26. that is a good time to. this cell phone tower in the. the prosecution is going to be doing the same thing. the weakness and the prosecutio case right now is. with they're going to do to the profile case is there going to come up with the motive for there's going to be a reason wh he thought that out. >> i want to move out if income to the boston missing mom were talking about and outlaws for this is a public incident repor in boston.
9:34 pm
he threatened to kill not missing dc realtor. above were chosen all she was going by her maiden name to mak a statement over the telephone he was going to kill her and he friend that is 2014 for the night before she is about to leave before she goes missing, she writes this according to ne york post on the outside of the box of the champagne bottle he said no, that's wrong when she waves angie writes this this while. let's make 2023 the best one yet . in enjoy love, anna. it's just amazing. west thoughts on it? cute when i first heard about this case, unless there is some sort of evidence of mental health that would cause her to
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>> continuing our coverage of breaking news, reaction pouring in from the shocking death of lisa marie presley, the only daughter of the king, elvis presley with more on her life and legacy we are joined by the thank you so much for coming on. i look at lisa marie presley life and you think it's so tragic she had so many tragic
9:41 pm
things happen, her father passe away as we know at the age of 48 , her son committed suicide, her ex-husband michael jackson died at the age of 51, she passed away at 54. this is a family that needs a lot of faith. >> of course, i didn't know lis marie, but i knew one of alyssa 's stepbrothers that lived at graceland within with him. he often spoke of elvis strong christian faith. they faced many challenges in his life. office was asset onto his doctor , and even though she faced many trails, her face comforted her and we just pray she is at peace tonight. >> you tell families that this happens that the circumstances, who lose young people, what is the consoling thing you tell
9:42 pm
them? >> eno, the only thing that can console somebody when you lose loved one in death is the hope the assurance that you're going to see them again and that is the bedrock hope in the faith. he talked about the hope of heaven and i pray that lisa marie is there and enjoying tha have been with her dad. thank you for helping us out, but that's great you're interviewing the former do you think that evangelicals are somewhat testing the waters for new candidates?
9:43 pm
trump was our greatest presiden since reagan and he's done more work for evangelicals than any president. there are some who are kicking the tires right now and thinkin about possibly another candidate . i don't know how that would go, but my prediction is eventually it will coalesce around donald trump. i don't know about mike pence whether he is running or not, he's my friend used her music talk about his book and we will just have to see what happens. the bottom one has got to be a little bit concerning. it's never attending religious services come up quite dramatically. your final thoughts on this? >> that is one of the downfalls of the pandemic. it really affected the spiritua
9:44 pm
health of americans freight i saw a story about this church attendance at an all-time low and then another story about emotional disorders at an all-time high, i don't think that is a accident. god created the church because we need each other. they needed each other even though they needed each other. we need one another and the warmth and comfort that comes from a church for spread. >> thank coming in on. >> eq for having me. >> check out the suburban skate and the minneapolis skater experience icy delays. one girl decided to put on her skates and commute via blade. unclear and clear it for just goal was uphill both ways.
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proceed to the root. >> about gps didn't take this one upright. the python stop traffic on the road. wildlife authorities actually encouraged the removal of human killing of the burmese python t reduce its impact on the environment, but this one got away. check your trunk. get over here. get over your. >> that's a bear. a bear found himself on the roo of a house after it fell from a tree. apparently strong winds not victory over landing the bear a you can see on the house. it eventually got off the roof rack three and into the woods for this guy is enjoying himsel playful wombat scene jumping an racing around a field indian
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>> back with a nightcap crew, the first topic, 73 percent of baby boomers are proud to live in america, but only 16 percent of genders the adults are proud to live in the united states freight we talk about people no going to church and now only 16 percent proud to live in america. i think it is sad. >> i just remember years ago we took 200 teenagers to the forme soviet union and the middle of the cold war and after two week of lousy food, and harassment b the kgb, and will never forget when our plane touched on it kgb , they spontaneously broke into singing god bless america.
9:53 pm
i think the problem with generation z is they haven't traveled far enough to appreciate what the country we live in. >> kevin clarkson don't really know enough to wait in glass cake think that's part of it, i think the pastor is right. if you're bombarded with negative reimbursement but this country. that can wait on you as well freight if you haven't traveled committee don't realize how lucky you have hit. >> maybe send them into a different place for a while. i think that's what it comes down too. it might be a fair assessment. >> i would agree. i think they are to two experienced and i think for a lot of them they have been bombarded with negative media. they haven't heard a lot of great things. >> jeff faulk, i think they are far removed from some of the hardships that baby boomers
9:54 pm
remember their parents telling them about. >> i think doing a semester overseas in venezuela and then coming back with it some of the most annoying phrases your coworker say. >> i can't stand that, at stop rate that actually giving 100 percent. >> i always give 110 percent, that's not my most annoying. >> teamwork makes the dream work . >> absolutely not freight i don't like that. >> nice to eat meat you. get that reminds us of that pandemic, i hate that. >> lastly, think outside the box
9:55 pm
. >> as a lawyer, we want people thinking inside the box. >> i would drop all of them at work if you could. thank you all, thank you for watching america's late news. i am trace gallagher, we will see you back here again tomorro night. as on top brands with seelie queen mattresses starting at 270, 999 and sleepy's starting at 179g..t 999,he only at the mattress fir, my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, the itching, the burning, the stinging. the burning, the stinging. my skin wa emerged from fyans with trump fire . most people saw 90% clear skinii at 16 weeknds, the majority of people saw 90% clear skin evenhs at five year..s.
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your attention. he makes it clear when hrte wanp to be left alone. he makes it obvious. co bundt ifit your cat has always n ,also known as osteoarthritis pain, he may be saying now in but >> it's a long lastingin, condition that makes it painful for your cat to move like they once did. they once did. >> climbing. climbing. red flags are everywhere, butp. cats are really good at hiding their pain. so you just need to know what to look for. visit cat red flags, .com to learn about the signs of pain and how your vet can help . >> good evening and welcome>> tc to the tucker carlsoken tonight. it's hard to remember now, butdw it wasn't that long ago that onl andrew cuomo was not only the governor of new york , but also a legitimate hero in the democratic party. >> do you remember that cuomo was the governor who legalized marijuana, who expanded medicare, who passed strict gun control, who destroyede destro a as a political force? he was the governor who , other more than any other person


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