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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 13, 2023 3:00am-4:00am PST

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remains the same. and the effort to spin out of this is really not really convincing many people. >> carley: that's exactly right. and the president talking about the garage yesterday could be the soundbite of the week. >> todd: i don't know but i'm not familiar with the corvette defense from law school. >> carley: thank you so much, jonathan. appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ tell me ♪ tell me that your sweet love hasn't died ♪ give. >> ainsley: the music makes it even sadder. tributes pouring in for lisa marie presley the only child of the king of rock elvis presley. >> pete: lisa marie died yesterday after being found
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unresponsive in her california home. >> brian: the lead actor winning best actor award. todd piro joins us with more of her life and legacy. >> todd: tributes pouring in overnight follow the news of lisa marie presley' death. her mother i priscilla releasing to magazine it is heavy heart that i must share the beautiful news that my beautiful daughter lisa marie has left us. most passionate strong and loving woman i have ever known. we ask for privacy as we try to deal with this profound loss. thank you for the love and prayers. lisa dying thursday after being rushed to the hospital earlier in the day. first responders were called to her calabasas home 11:00 a.m. for a woman in cardiac arrest. they performed cpr regaining signs of life. presley then taken to a nearby hospital but later pronounced dead. celebrities sharing touching tributes for the singer and songwriter. tweeting i'm heart broken lisa
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did not have an easy life as some may think. may she be at peace resting with her son and father. remedy referencing the tragic loss of her son benjamin who died by suicide in 2020. emotional post john travolta saying lisa, baby girl, i'm so sorry. i'll miss you but i know i'll see you again. and rita wilson sharing a selfie with lisa marie and tom and i tom hanks of course spent time with lisa during the promotional tour. she was so honest and direct. she spoke so eloquently her father. what the movie meant to her that it was celebration of her dad. presley attending the golden globes tuesday night to celebrate austin butler's award for his portrayal of her father in the movie elvis. the actor giving love to lisa marie and priscilla during his acceptance speech. watch. >> lisa marie, priscilla, i love
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you forever. [applause] >> you could at least play suspicious minds or something. >> lisa marie survived by her mother and three daughters, reilly, harper and findlay. she was just 54 years old. back to you. >> wow. unbelievable. thanks, todd. >> she was born on february 1st, 1968. exactly nine months after her parents were married. she moved to l.a. at the age of 4 with her mother in 1973 after they were divorced and elvis died four years later. she was only the years old. she is the sole inheriter of grace land there were three people going continue to later it. the grand father, her great-grandmother and they both passed away and, therefore, she is the sole executor and inheritor. >> pete: brian, you had a chance recently to go to grace land and get significant elvis was to this country. >> brian: the thing was i remember the tour guide who brought us around was saying, you know, when lisa marie comes
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in with her family she looks at the house as her father's house. shut down all tours. walk around and let the kids live in there freely. >> ainsley: would she spend the night there. >> brian: she would spend the night there that's great point i remember that when you said it. here is a little of that tour and how that was a family house to her. >> big family man. and it was good after lisa marie was born. i see her picture, right? >> there is a couple of pictures of lisa in the house. one of elvis' proudest moment was when he became a dad. there is a picture of lisa by the front door as well as in the dining room. he carried one in his wallet. it's the very first thing you open his wallet there is a picture of him and lisa and is he kissing her on the head. >> brian: he also named a plane after her. >> yes, he did. >> brian: that's pretty good: >> brian: 54 too soon. >> ainsley: elvis best actor. bottom of the staircase when she
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packed her bags and said to elvis i'm leaving you he sat on the chairs begging her not to go with little lisa marie. >> brian: prescription drugs, too. the sad thing is she seemed to have lost he is most of her fortune with bad business manager. had enough to live on had something like 85 million and down to 1 million and ended up being in debt. she did have struggles at the end. guy gary siegel business manager and he was a disaster. they fired him in 2005. is so she was battling back and she had the suicide of her son that she said she was never going to recover from. eyewitnesses had a chance to interact with her at the golden globes. things seemed great because one of the rare situations where they loved the way their dad was portrayed and their lives were portrayed in that movie. >> ainsley: the police were saying there appeared no drugs to be found on the scene. the official cause of death will be determined at a later time. she was talking to billy bush
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red carpet. and she held on to her manager's arm and she said i'm going to grab your arm. the audience says she appeared unsteady. she was placed on life support in induced comaened a given temporary pacemaker. when her son died, we all have children. i cannot imagine he died in 2020. and on july 12th. and she said this on instagram. my heart and soul went with you. the depth of the pain is suffocating and bottomless without you. every moment of the day. she said later on national grief awareness day it's a real choice to keep going. one that i have to make every single day and one that is constantly challenging to say the least. but i keep going for my girls. i keep going because my son made it very clear in his final moments that taking care of his little sisters and looking out for them from were in the forefront of his concerns and mind. he absolutely adored him and they him. >> brian: six minutes after the hour now. the other news. the velocity of stories is just incredible. attorney general merrick garland
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yesterday afternoon is now appointing, it's official special counsel to investigated president biden's handling of classified documents. >> ainsley: the latest batch of papers found in the garage at his house, his beach house in delaware. the one in wilmington right next to the commander-in-chief's corvette. >> pete: don't worry, they're safe. alexandria hoff has the details from washington. good morning. >> good morning. inadvertently misplaced is how the white house is classifyings the classified documents found in the president's possession. attorney general garland was advised last week that a special counsel was, indeed, warranted on this. he has named former trump appointed prosecutor robert herr to the job hot white house says they will cooperate with fully during the course of this review. yesterday garland also broke down the investigation timeline. so on november 4th three days before the midterm elections the national archives contacts the department of justice to report classified documents found at the penn biden office in d.c. on the #th, the fbi begins assessment. by the 1st, garland assigns john
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lausch to perform an internal investigation. december 20th is when discovery number two happens as biden lawyers report additional documents were found at the president's private home in wilmington and yesterday, more documents were found and reported by the president's counsel. here is the president. >> my lawyers reviewed other places where documents in -- from my time as vice president were stored and they finished the review last night. they discovered a small number of documents of classified markings in storage areas and file cabinets in my home and my personal library. the department of justice was immediately onotified and the lawyers arranged for the department of justice to take possession of the document. >> biden vows the documents were found in his garage indeed locked in there kept secure because that's where the president keep's the president's stingray prized possession. as for the possession of
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obama-biden only went publicly recently last year and a half even though they came to life in november. the white house says they actually have been transparent. >> saying there is going to be a limit in transparency, public and not legal transparency. what can be shared by this white house. >> i disagree. i disagree, ed there has not been a limit of transparency. >> these statements were on. .[talking at the same time] >> there has not been a limit of transparency. i will disagree with you on that. >> question remains who may have had access to that wilmington garage. emails where the president's son hunter claimed the biden home address is his residence in 2018 and '19. fox news digital also confirms that a former top aide to the president regularly exchanged emails with hunter biden. that's something to think about as nbc news is reporting that the same aide is among several set to be interviewed by law enforcement. pete, ainsley, brian? >> ainsley: thank you, alexandria. >> pete: the biden family business was predicated on
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knowing things inside government that other people don't know and then trading on those. when the biden-penn center to what went on afterwards. that's why the cover of the "new york post" this morning saying anybody vet this guy? >> ainsley: pretty clever. >> pete: circled got documents in the back. we don't know those are the documents. >> ainsley: boxes of over flowing books and documents. steve. >> ainsley: this is from a 2020 campaign ad. >> pete: i believe so. >> biden offered a glimpse of the wilmington garage in the 2020 campaign ad. little did he know that would end up being the cover of "the new york post." >> brian: located in a garage and another place. >> ainsley: room off the garage? >> brian: i still don't know what prompted them to get in to the locked closet with lawyers and decide just arbitrarily november 2nd to go ahead and find stuff and they did, in fact, walk away with stuff. then, all of a sudden you find
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out with the elections on november 8th, which we know, but the attorney general is immediately called and said hey, we've got some documents here you want to look at? looks like they are classified. turns out in some cases to the highest level. so then they begin an assessment november 9th at which time the lawyers are allowed to go through joe biden's homes and offices on their own and make their own discovery. isn't that nice? wouldn't we all like the opportunity to pat ourselves down and find out if we are carrying anything illegal? so how different is that that be the way donald trump when you find classified documents and having talks with somebody you just decide to do a raid because perhaps you are frustrated. there i didn't know. so on the 1st, garland assigns john lausch to perform the investigation. on the 20th, biden's personal counsel informed lausch, nice of them that, we found additional documents. it turns out, as we now know, it's in his private home in his garage as he liked to emphasize, it was locked because we know that pete really can't beat
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locked garages today. if you want to keep a criminal out or the chinese, they can't beat a padlock and if your garage is locked, they will never get in there, especially if you have a nice corvette. why would they take documents and not the corvette. so the corvette was a decoy, perhaps, take the corvette instead of the top secret information. so then on january 5th. lausch briefed garland and said we have got some stuff in here. he advised him a special counsel is warranted we know the press conference yesterday. all along the way the one thing that was pretty consistent nobody knew until cbs gets the story, msnb nbc gets the second location nobody knew. the time was was incredible and noteworthy. >> ainsley: what is the room called a scif where they can go through and read different cases, you are not allowed to take your phone in there, you have to be working in the white house or a congressman or congress woman. not allowed to take briefings out. that was leaked. national archives room i guess
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if you are the president. wouldn't they have a library system check it out and turn it back in. how is it in a garage and found years later? >> brian: big picture we're going to get a system after having this. >> ainsley: doesn't it appear every president is doing this now ah ha donald trump got caught with it use this against him not thinking maybe other presidents in the other party ha have this as well. >> pete: if you are a president or vice president you often have a scif or secure facility at your home so that you can take documents with you. >> ainsley: okay. >> pete: they are supposed to remain in that place in your home not in the box in a corner of your garage or in your chinese funded think tank in washington, d.c. where the original documents were found. the biden penn center. none of this is by protocol. >> ainsley: more than a double standard. don't say trump is irresponsible when you're doing the same thing. >> pete: how did this come about and who has the motives to want
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to make sure joe biden is exposed. >> brian: jim trusty trump's lawyer told trump he he could not build a scif at mar-a-lago. that's huge. if you are supposed to be briefed in the future when bin laden is killed or major events brief you on this attack on your life like the iranians want to take out pompeo. there is a scif in that area. they wouldn't let him build it. that's part of the reason they walked in lock this up and keep it behind closed doors. >> ainsley: why investigated. >> brian: public event or donald trump. >> ainsley: enough said. >> brian: he wanted this question yesterday so president biden went out and mumbled his way through a pat on the back about inflation going down from 7 to 6 somewhere in that vicinity when he was done he paused peter doocy stood up and asked this question. >> mr. peter, classified material next to your corvette? what were you thering? >> let me -- i'm going to get a
3:15 am
chance to speak on all of this, god-willing soon. as i said earlier this week -- by the way my corvette is in a locked garage, okay? it's not like they are sitting out in the street. >> peter: so the material was in a locked garage. >> yes. as well as my corvette. but, as i said earlier this week, people know i take classified documents and classified material seriously. i also said we're cooperating fully and completely with the justice department's review. >> pete: the locked garage defense. what it is. >> brian: believe me, this is not it. there's got to be more. whether it's his delaware library or through his house. i guarantee you this is not it. >> ainsley: they said they checked the rehoboth beach house and didn't find anything there. >> pete: again, back to your original point. >> brian: investigating themselves. >> pete: rely joe biden lawyers tell us what the status of classified documents is while donald trump's home gets raided and they go through his son's drawer and wife's closet. that's the double standard.
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don't worry the biden lawyers have told us there is no classified information. don't worry. hunter biden totally above with board everything he has done. self-investigate. we will see if this special prosecutor is a real process. >> brian: this might neutralize both investigations. one is about to announce he is running again and president trump announced his first official event in south carolina. might out of all the things donald trump has to clear, this might neutralize. one special prosecutor comes out and says guilty we're going to have to indict and the other one says i think it's fine. that's hard to digest, judging by the press corps yesterday, i don't know if you guys had a chance to see it. >> pete: yes. >> brian: fox had the last question. ed o'keefe and others were angry and the press secretary was so ill-equipped to answer any question legitimate questions about the timeline holding back information from the last press conference to this one. why didn't you say there was a seconds location? did you know it?
3:17 am
and again she goes back to her sheet like the president of the united states. the frustration on their faces. >> pete: yes. >> brian: i think tells a bigger story. i don't think they are going to let up on this even though george santos might have lied about a few things and given them proper distraction i don't think they can avoid. this. >> pete: first time the press corps looked like it did under trump. >> brian: first time. >> pete: process, transparency, embarrassing. >> brian: didn't do the work to prepare for the presser. >> ainsley: they didn't have a choice they had to report it. cbs first batch. if it came out later they knew this information and didn't report it. >> brian: no, no. i think they had to report it but the follow-upsenned a aggression. >> ainsley: refreshing to see them. >> brian: yes. >> ainsley: finally ask the tough questions. still ahead, a state of emergency, more than 30 tornadoes ripping across the southeast yesterday, snapping trees. leaving a path of destruction. janice dean is tracking the latest. >> brian: plus joe rogan puts george soros on notice.
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>> he wants these cities to fall apart. he wants crime to flourish. it's almost like is he an evil person in a batman movie. >> brian: yes, his full comments on the democrat mega donor next. ♪ tuesday, wednesday, heart attack ♪ thursday never looking back ♪ it's friday, i'm in love ♪ too much? that's the point. get real about your risks and do something about it. talk to your health care provider about ways to lower your risk of stroke, heart attack, or death. learn more at
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>> pete: we're back with a fox weather alert. at least some people are dead 30 tornadoes tear across the southeast. 5-year-old boy in georgia crushed by a tree he was riding in reporting four were killed by flying debris. this video showing a destroyed
3:23 am
day. care center. >> brian: severe storms and tornado leave parts of mississippi in shambles destroying more than 100 homes and at least two twisters touching down in kentucky. >> ainsley: senior meteorologist janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. >> janice: the devastation is unbelievable. taking a look at some of the maps. i mean we have is had over 30 reports of tornadoes and the damage is going to be incredible. catastrophic damage we had report of a darkts demolished and horrors that brought those children to safety. we're going to see the sun come up and cities levels we saw tornado emergencies worst outbreak in january history for the amount of tornadoes and the destruction quieter weather now
3:24 am
starting to rebuild interior sections where the snow is going to pile up and icing in the area. be aware of that and listen to the forecast. fox immacs incredible. over to you pete and brian and ainsley. >> brian: what a weather week. >> janice: unbelievable. >> brian: incredible. thanks, janice. >> brian: carley shimkus other news including high profile murder cases. >> carley: news out of idaho the man accused murdering four university students. bryan kohberger held without bail until next court appearance which is set for june 26th. the 28-year-old arrived to the courtroom with mysterious cuts on his face. the moscow sheriff now says he got them from a bad shave. can you see the cuts right there
3:25 am
circumstantialed in red. kohberger accused murderings kaylee madison and ethan in house early morning hours of november 13th. new twitter files detail how democrats pushed a false narrative discrediting then congressman devin nunes' report exposing flaws in the trump administration. several lawmakers on the left claim russian bots on twitter were boosting that story. we are learning from these twitter files that twitter itself said that was not the case. twitter flagging two several democrats at the site was finding no evidence of russian influence. matt taibbi the journalist behind the latest batch of twitter files said this played a crucial rule in the infamous steele dossier. the nfl announcing the afc championship will be played at mercedes binns if there is a matchup between the buffalo bills and ka kansas city chiefs. atlanta was designated possible backup site for post season games prior to the start of the
3:26 am
2022 season. nfl owner a proving the plan in the wake of the week 1734567up between buffalo and the cincinnati bengals after damar's collapse. he is back home continuing his recovery. are you hungry, guys? get this? pizza hut is bringing back a favorite from the 90's. the big new yorker. the 16-inch pizza was a favorite for customers but was discontinued in 1999 part of the popularity it's 30% bigger. the big new yorker will be back on sale february 1st. it's going to cost 13-point # 9. it will only be around for a limited time. so get it while you can. i'm hearing applause in the background. >> pete: yes. >> carley: pete, are you jacked up. pete 350e9 i remember of the big new yorker. >> ainsley: you do? >> pete: year i graduated high school the big new yorker. what are you doing tonight, guys? the big new yorker. >> brian: how was it viewed do
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you have a pizza hut in new york. steve boot pete we had idyllic view of new york. >> brian: not allowed. >> pete: fantasy land never been to. >> ainsley: i never remember that you were from new york. you were in new jersey, you probably remember it. >> carley: i was but an infant. [laughter] >> pete: here we go. >> brian: most enlightening moment of my life go to california long island ice tea. think thought they just have a ice tea with liquor in it i didn't know the name carried itself. i always remember where i was i was at a bennigans in california. >> ainsley: i was a waitress and loved sell those because i think there are three liquors in it. >> brian: so drunk. >> ainsley: i like it the drink is really expensive so you get more in tips. >> brian: as you hand the person long island ice tea you take their car keys because you will not be able to drive with just one. i have been listening to more
3:28 am
and more joe rogan find him relatively fascinating. is he discovering a lot of things that we are in a daily warp. we know how evil george soros is how much has he done with out of his way to destroy this country with the money that he has. funding these evil das that go out there and think criminal first and the overturning of one does not result in the overturning of the da in los angeles and philadelphia. but he seems to have digested that premise, too. >> pete: it's true. he was on. joe rogan on his own show talked about where he learned the idea. >> with baker. >> exactly. with mike baker who is on our program frequently. talks about a conversation he had with the texas governor, discovering who george soros really is watch this. i had a conversation with the governor of texas about him greg abbott where he was explaining to me what george soros does it's [bleep] terrifying that he don't united states money to a very progressive, very leftist, whether it's a d.a. or whatever
3:29 am
politician and then funds someone who is even further left dlan them to go against them. >> he understood early on where he wanted to seize power we sometimes think i'm going senator is a pinnacle of success, it's not it's the d.a.s and state level politicians. that's where real change radial changes occurs and before you know it what the [bleep] is going on. >> real corrosion it. seems like he funds corrosion. it's like he wants these cities to fall apart. he wants crime to flourish. it's almost like he is an evil person in a batman movie. [laughter] >> ainsley: baker goes on to say soros is like a puppet master pulling strings and having influence and impact. they go on to talk about the influence that our politicians have and how you need to get to know how who your congress men and women are and politicians are because you really need to
3:30 am
know their issues before you vote for them. because some of them are so far left and they don't want you to know that but you need to look at your voting records. we saw that with covid. the power that these politicians have. they can change your life. they can change your children's life delay learning for a year if they say you have to wear a mask for a year and can't go back to school. we saw what happened in virginia. the parents finally spoke out. how many times did we interview parents down there and they said we did not know who our school council members were. >> brian: school board, yeah. >> ainsley: go to the meetings and speak out and finally change what's happening. we saw what happened with governor youngkin in that state. >> pete: it's neat watching joe rogan's progression because he is not inherently political. >> ainsley: bill maher is a little bit. >> pete: bill maher was always a little bit political. open-minded person wasn't openly political. as he gets more information he starts to connect the dots. wait, america is a good place
3:31 am
and there are people that want to destroy it and they are from other countries and spending a lot of money and want to open our borders and all because they hate western civilization because they have this different philosophy that max marxist in orientation and people are -- the red pill is slowly being swallowed. >> brian: he moved. he got out of california and he went to texas where he says i'm free and can i say hello to my neighbors and. >> ainsley: he is democrat. >> brian: no. dave portnoy looked at big time staunch conservatives we are not. we just have a logic. he looks as a logical person. >> pete: common sense. >> ainsley: number one on spotify for people listen to him. considers himself a liberal, right? >> pete: that guy does. even more classified documents are discovered by biden aides. this time stashed inside his garage. next to his prized classic corvette. >> ainsley: not in the hood of his car.
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were. not know the contents of these documents. the president says my lawyers recommended. i don't know what the content is nobody i talked to understands that are. >> it's incomprehensible. is he in the united states now. you che can look at any classifd document he wants. >> brian: if his attorneys didn't have security clearance. >> that's a problem. why desend his attorneys to all these locations that's another crime. , not only that, november 2nd is when the first batch was discovered. where was the fbi for 48 days before, yet again, his lawyers discovered the second batch and then now most recently the third batch? where's the fbi? you know, they converge on donald trump's residence.
3:39 am
>> brian: i heard. >> nowhere to be seen with joe biden. >> brian: battering ram was. no one could figure out how to open you the garage it was locked. >> my pleasure. >> brian: use you again for this just beginning. >> please. >> brian: michigan parents are outraged after sixth graders caught on camera dancing at a strip club school trip. trustee of the school board joins us next. later are you swiping into debt. more americans are racking up serious credit card bills. what you need to know despite the upbeat music it's not good news. ♪ if i stay is might not leave alone ♪ no, honey, i'm good ♪ i could have another i.
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3:44 am
southern california. her mother priscilla presley asking for privacy during this devastating time. sharing tributes for singer and songwriter leah. i'm heart broken lisa did not have an easy life as some might think. may she be at peace, resting with her son and father now. in an emotional post, john travolta says lisa, baby girl, i'm so sorry, i'll miss you but i know i'll see you again. lisa marie is survived by her mother and three daughters, reilly, harper and findlay. she was just 54 years old. air safety advocates have been warning the faa for years about the potential of the pilot alerted system breaking down. that's according to the "wall street journal." the transportation department claiming the system had failing vintage hardware that needed to be replaced. the issue led to a wave of delays and cancellations and the first nationwide ground stop since the september 11th terror
3:45 am
attacks. the faa is blaming the chaos on incompetence by personnel as one of the workers failed to follow proper procedures. enlightening. ainsley, to you. >> ainsley: good deal. thank you so much, carley. our next guest is sounding the alarm after sixth grade students in michigan were pictured dancing on stripper polgs inside a strip club while on a school field trip. that reportedly happened back in november when a teacher took them to the detroit symphony, then took them to a pizzeria connected to a strip club. the pizza place was so crowded the students were moved over into the strip club area. you can see in that picture over to the right. niki's night life because there wasn't enough room in the pizza rea now the rochester school district superintendent is threatening legal action against the school board trustee who spoke out about the incident. that trustee's name is andrew weaver, he has three kids and he joins us now. of good morning, andrew. >> good morning, thanks for having me.
3:46 am
what's your reaction. >> when you first see it your first thought is it's just unbelievable. it's it's not listed as a strip club it's listed as niki's lounge. not technically not reported as a strip club. it's just one of those things where it becomes all these other things and how did we have school field trip end up with our students in an environment that is absolutely not appropriate for our students? >> ainsley: why does the superintendent want to sue the school board, you included? >> so, the letter stating that buy b. legal action actually came on early -- late december and it's actually been sue the school board related to not -- if i don't fall in line and
3:47 am
follow protocol. actually threatening the school board. not threatening me. it's a greater risk than people are giving credit for. >> ainsley: what's the reason for e is the superintendent. is he not taking responsibility for this or the teachers at the school? who made the ultimate decision to allow the kids to do this? >> so that's the questions that people are trying to get answers to. parents were notified by their kids coming home from the trip that it happened. some are being -- some are reporting that they have been waiting seven weeks to get an answer. so that's, again, why result 34569ly i decided to make it public on my blog that i ran for two and a half years because lots of issues in our school district are not being addressed. parents are asking for answers. it comes back to just wanting clear communication, clear policies and procedures. that's why parents are upset. this is just another issue that comes up. it's why i ran for the board. it's why i was elected to the board. this is just the next issue where if this had been handled with clear communication, setting a policy, admitting we made a mistake and making sure
3:48 am
we don't make the same mistake again is unacceptable for us to have a sanctioned field trip that ends up with our students in an environment that is clearly designed for adult entertainment. >> ainsley: are you saying -- what's done is done the children. it conver conversations with sih graders that maybe they didn't want to. that's already done. how is the district handling? are you saying they never covered it up? they never addressed it. >> that's the part there has not been any addressing of it. as it came out, and back and forth, yes, a lot of that conversation is had over social media. it's a way that we connect. messages, comments. multiple parents expressed that they were not informed the permission slip did not state that because niki pizza could not accommodate the entire class that some of them would be having their lunch in the lounge area. that information was never clearly communicated. multiple parents reaching out saying they have asked
3:49 am
questions. not got answered going on seven weeks. again, i encourage my fellow colleague these are the things we have to just admit. put out an agenda in our meeting. give parents the opportunity express their concerns now people want to turn it into people are attacking the teacher. people going after them. political activist. it's none of that. parents just upset that their students were in environment that was unacceptable. and other parents going well, how do i know when i sign a permission slip that they don't end up there? that's why we need clear policies. we need to admit when we make mistakes. we have got to move forward. no one ringing the bell. you can't go and undo. >> ainsley: i understand the pizzeria didn't have room for 100 children in the sixth grade. when the teachers went in and it saw the stripper poles maybe they should have realized this is not appropriate for our kids even if they didn't realize that was a nightclub later in the day. thank you so much. keep us posted on what suspecting harassment hopefully the parents will get an apology
3:50 am
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- the past few years have been a challenge for our physical and mental health. - join kate and me as we get personal about our own journeys and how the conversation around mental health has changed. - watch our conversation on peacock. can. >> americans piling up credit card debt in the face of rising
3:54 am
prices. a new report finds one in four americans are relying on credit cards to pay their bills. as interest rates hit a record high on average of 19.1%. university of san diego finance professor dan roccato joins us now with more. dan, rates are as high as they have ever been. savings at record lows and a lot of people are paying bills on credit cards. how do you get out of it? >> it's a tough one, pete. a lot of folks are in this trap. let's call it a pay cut recession. we have had inflation of 5% or more for the last 19 month, pete. you and i thought that was going to be temporary. wages are only up about 5%. so, hence we get what i call a pay cut recession. a up can pell of tips, pete. number one, prioritize your card with the highest rate. let's tackle that one first. let's try to get a small victory and then move onto the others. prioritize that one. this is going to sound crazy, pete. how about getting a new card with 0 percent interest. if you have decent credit do
3:55 am
that transfer your balance over, peter. that way you can work on that without paying interest for let's say 1 or 18 months. >> pete: is that usually a temporary zero percent because you have to be inside the window of paying it. >> exactly 12 months 18 months. that gives you a window of opportunity to really whittle away at that balance. don't just make the minimum payments indentured servant to the credit card company the reps of your life. throw as much as we can of that if you have been a good customer of your credit card. give them a call and ask for a lower rate. chances are they there might be another product they can put new with a lower interest rate. >> pete: that can actually work. you can call them and sometimes they will consider it? >> sure. absolutely. why not especially if they want to keep you as a client. they used to have this in the old days. cash. every once in a while can you find it. studies show consumers spend less when you and i use cash. so how about a cash diet for 2023 along with your crash diet.
3:56 am
and we'll lose a few pounds and save some money at the same time. >> pete: it is something can you tackle because i have dealt with it myself. when you are paying minimums are paying fairly over the minimum. the balance never seems to go away at 19% it's not going to. >> exactly right, brother. we have all been there. the key is don't make that minimum payment. you will be caught in that trap. you will be indentured servant the rest of your life. add 5 to 10 bucks each bill and get rid of it. >> pete: dan roccato in the new year. >> take care. >> pete: still ahead, a political stunt in the white house is slamming florida governor ron desantis as he deploys the national guard to help fix wind's border crisis. how desantis is responding still ahead. ♪
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