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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 13, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: out of time for the evening. for the hour and the week. but, we will be back on monday night. 8 p.m. show the that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. have the best weekend with the ones you love. see you refreshed on monday. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: what a welcome! >> [cheers and applause]: welcome to "hannity" with a live audience. a strange newsweek with hypocrisy. the mob and media are in
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a predictament. they spent several months demanding that former president trump be indict asked thrown in jail over claims he mishandled classified documents. we have a major development. it's a problem for the hypocrites. their buddy joe biden has been caught red handed. mishandling top secret classified documents that he apparently stole from the obama administration. the sensitive material was stored at biden's unsecured private office at the u penn biden center, his home library and next to his special corvette in his locked garbage even though we have pictures of it wide open. that little circle in the "new york post" showing the papers just laying there. breaking this week the president of the united states is under an investigation.
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are you happy? special counsel appointed. one sketchy depraved self-serving individual had easy access to those documents and that was the president's deeply troubled and frankly corrupt son zero experience hunter. he lived at the delaware mansion where the secret material was found. he listed the home as his billing address for credit cards and apple account. according to the "new york post" he claimed he owned the property on a presental application. when hunter was in the throes of his crack cocaine addiction. he used prostitutes -- and had his hand in business schemes with china and russia with business patterson who are -- partners who are now in prison.
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is this a save environment for classified documents? i don't think so. do you want somebody like that having access to america's secrets. hunter could not keep track of his own handgun. he lost it. or his own laptop. he put it in a repair shop. we are supposed to trust him around top secret material. he is 50 years old. we are not talking about a child here. when he went on good morning america and asked if he had any experience with oil and gas? nope. why did they pay you all of this money? i don't know. maybe because your father was the vice-president in charge of ukraine. now we know why joe biden the quid pro quo with held a billion dollars tax dollars until they fired the prosecutor investigating his son. i wish i didn't have to talk about hunter ever again.
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his life and investments and bill and living arrangements are so enter twined with his father. it's impossible to separate the pair. for example, cathy chung biden's executive assistance when he was vice-president was hired after a recommendation from hunter. emails on hunter's laptop show that chung communicated with hunter. she has been questioned by law enforcement as part of the investigation into garage gate. how could joe biden be this irresponsible. that's what he said about donald trump? how did this happen? this is a massive scandal and some on the left looked shell shocked and a few floated a three they the classified
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documents had to be planted by republicans. maybe donald trump himself -- take a look. >> to me, if you are missings classified documents in my house, if something is missing, i know it's missing. >> does it feel like the republicans are behind it? >> i am suspicious of the timing of it. i am aware of the fact that things can be planted on people. >> sean: i just stumbled on these classified documents. i bet a trump supporter put it there. this is insane and pathetic. even don lemon at fake news cnn sees the writing on the wall. and chuck schumer was not happy being asked about it. >> i have to say this. you seem more measured about this than with the trump documents. you called for transparency with the trump documents. you want lawmakers to have
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access to the documents seizeed in florida. >> i said that night it's pro mature to comment on what should be done for president trump. that's what i said. >> sean: no more hysteria for classified documents from chuck schumer because the democrats didn't care about the classified documents. for them it was all a ploy to get trump one more time. this is not a game. i think most americans see we have a dual system of justice. i have very little faith in the doj that they will hold joe biden accountable. they are in his executive branch. his home office have yet to be raided but they did that with the donald trump.
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donald trump gave the fbi access to the room where the classified documents were. they were in. there they could have taken them with them. they didn't. they said put a padlock on the door. they could have come back any time. but they decided to go forward with a raid. that means the house investigations jim jordan and comber and others are taking on a high level of new importance. that's not the only critical task facing the new majority. a debt ceiling showdown can taking center stage. the gop better be ready to hold their ground. the senator screwed over the country with the 1.7-billion dollars deal with hundreds of dollars for gender equity and the preserves of salmon.
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and half a billion dollars for border security in other countries and $3 million for be friendly highways. honeybees. it's time for the house to bring our budget under control and stop robbing our children and grandchildren blind. it can't come soon enough. big banks predict a resignation. the house market is tanking -- recession. we could be headed for serious financial turmoil. we come on set fox news contributor kellyanne conway. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: "fox and friends" co-host eve and gregg jarrett. good to see everybody. >> [applauding]. >> sean: i will give you a "hannity" football at the end of the show. i am throwing them out in the crowd. everyone is missing.
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i am not tom brady. >> a philadelphia eagles fan? >> [cheering]. >> sean: wow. kellyanne conway, they made such a big deal. they didn't need to raid mar-a-lago. if that's the standard why is joe biden not getting the same trea treatment? >> he ought to. sean, people should be concerned that a former vice-president and sitting president has these documentings between a monkey wrench and a lawn mower in his garage. everybody somebody team biden says they didn't know everything is fine. the law is cut and dry. you have a document that you should not and they have many. people don't like the hypocrisy. i feel like the press is starting to turn on this. all of a sudden the last press conference can karine-jean
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pierre. it felt like when we were in the trump white house. not just peter doocy. she has a bad week because she never has a good response. it doesn't matter if the intent was convenience or concealment. you have them dead to rights. they have to come up with a better excuse. is it in the public interest to indict a sitting president? i think the trump folks handleed it in a better fashion. they gave them access. you can't compare happening upon on a garage in delaware. it's a lovely state but no one needs to be there that much. >> [laughing]. >> sean: delaware, florida,
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tennessee and the carolinas. >> they have the camera footage from mar-a-lago. this garage jay leno's crew had access to it. hunter biden lived there. a driver's license to that address. this is no small thing. we were told in the trump-pence administration you are not serious. biden gets there. the adults have arrived. we know how to handle classified documents. no, they don't. and president trump is able to do classified things and the vice-president is not. >> sean: let's go through the timeline. the raid of mar-a-lago in august. then get the first set of documents from the biden center. 6 days before the mid-terms. how many in the audience agree they should havelet the american
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people know? >> [applauding]. >> sean: they didn't let the american people. two weeks after that a special prosecutor is appointed to trump but not biden. that timeline is very telling to me. it's a double standard. >> very much a double standard. the same thing happened in 2020 with the hunter biden story. not the first go around where information was suppressed before an election. what triggered this? he sent his lawyers to go in and examine what might be in the garage and also in this think tank. i don't know joe biden had a think tank. >> that's an oxymoron. >> [laughing]. >> a think tank from the ivy league. we not done about the $100-million in overseas funding that showed up the biden center. they wanted hunter biden to have a job there. their influence pedalling never
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stopped. when you look at classified materials, if i held one classified documents in the military i would be gone. my career would be over. he has stacks in multiple locations. we are supposed to trust the lawyers to be above board on this. as if they are not part of this let's put this over here. >> sean: are sitting next to a lawyer. be careful here. >> where has gregg jarrett been recently? >> planting the evidence. [laughing]. i was just admiring the corvette. i didn't dig in the boxes. >> they raid mar-a-lago but we trust biden's lawyers to be above board. this could be a democrat opportunity to clean the deck of joe biden and the press corps jumping on this one in ways we have never seen before. >> sean: greg, you made the distinction between the trump
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case and the biden case. i don't think documents will be the undoing of joe biden. i think it will be related to money. the hunter biden laptop, i have to give half of my income to pops. 10% for the big guys. the money. china alone. $100,000 shopping spree for hunter biden's family. a forgivable line. that sounds like bribery. you are not getting your money back. 1.5-billion dollars deal with the bank of china. we know 67 million dollars the chinese gave to u-penn and $50-million when joe went to
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u-penn. the money is where he is most vulnerable? >> yes, follow the money. that's what i used to do in many of the cases i was involved in. you start adding it up. $31-million from the chinese. $40 million from russia. millions from the ukraine. add in 3 other countries. joe biden in the obama administration was given authority over every single one of those countries from when hunter biden was getting million dollars. money laundry and fraud. how is it possible that we are in the fifth year of a hunter biden investigation. documents show that joe biden
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was complicit and there is no criminal charge? if the last name was trump instead of biden there would have been a conviction a long time ago. it's a racket rundown by merrick garland and christopher wray at the fbi. this is where congress comes into play. the whistleblowers. they have the evidence of corruption by the doj and the fbi. i don't have confidence in the special counsel because he was with rosenstein from the russia hoax. i have confidence in the new committees in congress to get to the bottom of it and return to your question follow the money. >> sean: how great are these guys. love them all. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: we will watch you in
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the morning. when we come back former fbi agent sounded off the alarm about political bias within the organization. her message is resonating across the country. it's raising a lot of people's awareness. straight ahead. >> [cheers and applause].
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>> ♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live. people in flood ravaged california are preparing for more rounds of storms this weekend. more than 6,000 people are under evacuations orders. heavy rainfall tomorrow with wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. 19 people have died since late
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december and damage is expected to surpass $1 billion. the cdc is taking a closer look at pfizer's covid 19 booster shot after one of its system detected a stroke risk in 65 and people. they said it is unlick likely there is a health risk. and people should still get boosters. back to "hannity." >> [cheers and applause]. -- >> sean: former fbi agent is coming forward to explain why she left the bureau and sounding the alarm over how deeply polarized things have become within the fbi. this should be the world's premier law enforcement agency. this no longer is.
6:23 pm
nicole parker left the bureau after 13 years. she worked on high-profile cases. the parkland school shooting and airport shooting and the pipe bomb case and ponzi schemes and so much more. she says the bureau lost the trust of the american people. she writes. she said there was a shift in recruit practices and lowering eligibility requirements which negatively impacts performance. in closing she writes:
6:24 pm
here to explain more, former fbi special agent nicole parker. thanks for coming. you were working for merrill lynch on the troop floor of the world trade center. >> correct. i heard the first plane crash into the north tower. i ran to the window and witnessed the second plane crashing into tower 2. that day changed my life.
6:25 pm
if your year there were 55,000 application. you went through 6 months of training. >> correct. >> okay. what was the fbi like then and what happened? >> i came to the fbi because i love america. i wanted to serve this country. i knew on 9-11. i came in. it was amazing to join the fbi. i worked with the finest and the brightest in the fbi. local law enforcement and federal prosecutors. these are outstanding and wonderful people. we were just getting in there and fighting crime and putting bad people behind bars. that's why i came. i noticed through the course of my career, the trajectory of the fbi changed. it seemed to have been more in the last couple of years more than ever. it was something that i started to wonder is this the fbi i signed on to? the amazing heroes in the fbi they are still there and doing the hard work. unfortunately some of that hard work is getting drowned out by
6:26 pm
the negativity happening. >> sean: i could not believe in 2016 the fbi said in early october after they were warned in august not to trust the dirty russian dossier of hillary clinton. they 2016 they sent agents to interview christopher steele and offer him a million dollars to do corroborate it. we can't and doesn't get the million dollars. it was unverifiable. they weren't to a fisa court and says verified. they could not verify it. at that moment, they put their fingers on the scale of that election. they had hunter's laptop in 2019. yet they were talking to the fbi leakly talking to all big tech
6:27 pm
companies. there might be disinformation from other countries. did you see that type of politics. >> the bottom line the people working crimes against children and human trafficking. we are trying to protect americans. i was never asked to participate in anything political. i knew it was happening around me. americans knew it. that impact the mission of the bureau. we need the buy in of the american people to support us when we are doing our job. 99% of the fbi employees are working hard. people are out there sacrificing. my dearest friend and another agent were shot. does anyone about laura and the other agents? >> sean: the media only focuses on cases they can politicize.
6:28 pm
>> it's important to know when there are people at the top that are politicizing the fbi is takes afri the agents in the field trying to do the real work. >> sean: we know because of grassley and jim jordan all of the whistleblowers have come forward. we don't know who they are yet. you are the first public one and there will be many more. this article comes out. what has been the feedback? some positive? especially from the fbi? >> there are a lot of amazing individuals they worked shoulder to shoulder with across the country. america needs to know there are incredible people holding the line. those individuals don't have the luxury to voice their concerns. it puts a target on your back. there might be times when you
6:29 pm
are not involved. that doesn't mean you don't aagree with what is happening. keep your low and stay off the radar. >> sean: you were 8 years away from a pension. you gave up a lot. >> for me, i am a woman of faith. i believe in god. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i know that god is watching over me and the amazing people in the fbi. >> sean: this was really hard if you? >> it was a difficult decision. i sacrificed a lot working for the fbi. i want americans to understand when you go to an active shooter site and see young children it takes a toll. my phone was ringing 247. it's a sacrifice to serve this
6:30 pm
country but we love america. >> sean: are courageous. we wish you god's speed in future endeavors. thanks for your courage to speak out. i know it was hard. we appreciate it. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: coming up aoc said gas stoves are linked to brain damage. has she been around a gas stove allot and not happy republicans are going after her for those remarks. we will play the tape next. and kamala harris's word salad. and joe biden's highlights of the week. he had a rough peek as per usual. can't tell the truth and our great american is coming up next. bye, bye cough. later chest congestion. hello 12 hours of relief. 12 hours!! not coughing? hashtag still not coughing?! mucinex dm gives you 12 hours of relief from chest congestion and any type of cough, day or night. mucinex dm. it's comeback season. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> [applauding]>> [cheers and applause].
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: a gas stove expert aoc is responding to critics after a photo showed her at her own apartment cooking on a gas stove. take a look. >> [laughing]. >> no secret. government agencies going to bust down your door and take your gas stove away. i think it's funny that the republican meltdown. you can take my gas stove from my cold dead hand. you have a gas stove. first i rent, period. >> sean: a great excuse. tammy bruce and joe concha and fox across america host jimmy. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: there we go. >> all right!
6:36 pm
>> sean: good to see you all. frankly, i feel that way tammy. you can take my gas stove out of my cold dead hands. i am not giving my gas stove up. >> you know what this is? micro- management. she wants to be everybody's mommy and we don't want her to be our mommy or center. nobody is going to come to take your stove. they banned wood burning. san francisco started it when they had bad air days. you can't use your fireplace. this is the step. i am sure she is a nice woman when she is not trying to governor our lives. this is not their job. it's not their job to tell us
6:37 pm
how we are going to cook. when we are going to cook. it just isn't. if we accept it, they continue. that's yet push back is important. it has to continue on this issue and every other issue. >> sean: well said. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: you know what the left don't believe in. one word: freedom. i want the freedom to have a gas stove. leave me the hell alone. >> what else they don't believe in? common sense. >> sean: well said. >> think about this for a second. in california they will not sell you anything but an electric car by the year 2034. let's say i am single me and living in los angeles and i have an electric car. where do i charge that? if i am on i5 and my charge runs out because of the traffic how do we get the car off the road?
6:38 pm
i have to earn $100,000 to afford an electric car at $60,000. there is no reality. >> sean: they said you could not charge your electric vehicle in california during these hours. >> [laughing]. >> sean: their grid is not up to speed. >> [laughing]. can you imagine the o.j. chase under gavin newsom? we got him. he left the house at 5 o'clock. he could not go anywhere. tv would be so different. his points of common sense. nobody ever died of stove. you have never been to a funeral, what got him? ge. that's a shame. my uncle went the same way. this is the problem with aoc. she is so stupid, she could not
6:39 pm
spell dumb congresswoman if you spotteder the aoc. i don't say that because of race or gender. if you are going to moralize to the country that you can't use a gas stove, you can't have a gas stove. if i say i was in an alcohol free studio and did a headstand on joe concha's back. >> which he did before. >> sean: the joe biden's with the classified documents. the rnc highlight aid -- highlighted a list of biden's live. we decided to provide a quick refr
6:40 pm
refresher. >> i haven't had a house burn down with my wife in it. he got out safely. god willing. i remember spending time -- you know. going on to the tree of life synagogue. i have known ever prime minister well since golda. she invited me to come over because i was going to be the liason between 3 and the egyptians about the suez. >> [laughing]. >> i didn't want walk in the shoes of generations of students who walked these grounds. i walk other grounds. it seems like yesterday the first time i got arrested. >> [laughing]. >> you know, joe, you accepted
6:41 pm
my appointment in the academy. you would still have one year and 3 months active duty and i would have no problems right now. >> [laughing]. >> this day 30 years ago. mandela walked out of prison. i was arrested with our u.n. ambassador on the streets trying to get to see him. >> [laughing]. >> pinning silver stars on soldiers in the middle of a fire storm. >> i used to drive a tractor-trailer. i know about driving big trucks. >> what did he say. >> this is a combination of zellig and george santos.
6:42 pm
>> sean: my congressman. lucky me. >> whether it's aoc or any other young person running that for 50 year has been their example. this is our problem. it's amazing. not just embellishments. that didn't happen. with the document and everything else. he was shocked at first with the penn center documents. no idea. then he gets snarky with peter doocy about the corvette in the locked garage. when oscars come up just give them to politicians. >> a wrote a book on joe biden. "come on, man." and i did a chapter on corn pop. the biggest lie. joe biden in college he worked at a pool in the black community to get to know the black community better. that's how all college students
6:43 pm
think. >> sean: and talked about how he worked with a former klans man? >> corn pop is a leader of the gang called the romans. he is about to go off the diving board and biden says get the proper swim gear on or i will though you out of here. all of the gang members see all of this. when biden goes to leave, he sees they are waiting for him in the parking lot with long razors am he gets the rope that separates the low end from the deep ends and goes to up corn pop and says if you think i will apologize that won't happen. i apologize for calling you ether williams. so corn pop said we are good.
6:44 pm
do you think that would happen in watts or chicago? that's the ultimate lie. he stared down a gang member and embarrassed him in front ever other gang members and nothing happened to him. >> i want to confess on live tv. i have written a bunch of biden jokes but i left the document on the floor in my garage. >> [laughing]. >> [applauding]. >> i hate when that happens. >> ouch. >> it's embarrassing. >> we are making fun of biden. despite the week we had he is in his house in delaware partying like it's 1999 because that's what year he thinks it is. it's embarrassing to us as a country because we are making excuses pretending this is okay. we know this is not okay. joe biden is the only person who quit talking in the middle of a sentence because he is done. sending in the punt team on second down. it doesn't work that way.
6:45 pm
>> sean: we will come back. more great american panel on friday night. kamala harris's latest word salad straight ahead. (man) then i got the dexcom g6. i just glance at my phone and... ...there's my glucose number. no fingersticks. none. yes! yay! my diabetes is no longer a mystery. you see a spike after eating raisins. but dark chocolate? no spike. that's a huge victory. my a1c's dropped over two points. to 7.2. (woman) i actually can't wait for my next doctor's appointment.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> [applauding]. >> sean: vice-president kamala harris had another word salad this week discussing her love of diagrams. that's just one of many baffling moments. take a look. >> something i love which to think about complex issues through frame of a vin diagram. i love them. [laughing]. i love vin digams. we invented $12 billion in community banks because we know community banks are in the community. >> [laughing].
6:50 pm
>> the significance of the passage of time. the significance of the passage of time. when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time in terms of what need to do to create jobs. there is such great significance to the passage of time am we will continue to work together to address these issues and tackle these challenges and work together as we continue to work operating from the nknew norms, rules and agreements. we will convene to work together on. when we talk about children, for this group we believe when we talk about the children of the community, they are the children of the community. >> [laughing]. >> you need to get to go and get where you need to go to do the work and get home. >> [laughing]. >> [applauding]. >> sean: we continue with our
6:51 pm
panel. jimmy, with the passage of time and if we work together we will be working together. >> you have ever watched the one where she yells and screams about how much she loves school buses. she rode a school bus every day. it was the short bus. >> oh! >> the joke is on america. the democratic party tried to warn us when she ran for president. she dropped out before the iowa caucuses. that's the equivalent of throwing up in the bathroom in new year's eve before the ball drops at midnight. kamala harris dropped out. in california she was polling behind isis and we didn't get the memo. here we are. >> yeah. >> i watched that montage. whenever i talk to my dog it happens to me every time i listen to kamala harris. your point around the school bus. i love school buses.
6:52 pm
everybody else hasn't had experience riding a school bus. like this was only exclusive to her. my grandfather drove me to school in his corvette he kept in his garage with life savings. if she is plan-b we for deep trouble. more like plan-z. >> sean: i shudder at the thought. >> she is the talent. has anyone ever seen her. she might be a hologram with bad artificial intelligence. >> [laughing]. >> the programming comes over and over. she said that vin diagram before and talks about the buses. they need this to happen. whoever is working for her doesn't like her very much. she hasn't figured it out. >> sean: last word? >> she is an inspirational
6:53 pm
figure. if somebody that stupid can become vice-president everyone watching can be anything they want. she is the proof. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: our great american panel. when we come back the audience gets the last word. thanks for being with fox.
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♪ ♪ >> who was up first? let's see who is up? introduce yourself. whoever you are. [laughter] >> how are you? >> if their republicans are fortunate enough to to get back how do you think before economic policies are stored to the dog from presidency? >> if you look at ronald reagan, basically kicked in 83. and then he went on to win 49
6:58 pm
states in his reelection? which was amazing. when worried about his republicans have got to understand that their model of elections, democrats they don't want to debate, they don't kiss babies, they don't shake hands. they don't do town halls. they don't do rallies. they pay for negative ads and then to go out hunting for votes and then ballot harvesting which is legal in most states. republicans don't do that. if you get over the reluctance and resistance about voting early. voting by mail and they also have to do the ballot harvestig legally better than the democrats. they go. [applause] [applause] next, who was a question? darwin they just mentioned your name in my ear. >> thanks keep up the great work i watch all the time my question is do you think the doj and some
6:59 pm
of the crazy leftist you see on tonight. the show tonight they previewed will be of the same energy when they investigate joe biden on his document issue like they did with donald trump? >> i do think we right now equal justice a new application of her loss i think we have a dull justice system. and then one for conservative if you do to confer jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk. that has to change if you want to remain a great constitutional republic i believe jim jordan james comer you're gonna get the beat out of them but they're gonna get the job done i hope it results for the sake of the country and the media changes we need the fbi to get back to their original mission we need the bite until the countable if any of you on this audience took the money from china, kazakhstan russia that they did i guarantee that you will be in jail.
7:00 pm
let's see what happens. [applause] thank you all for coming that's all the time we have left this evening. as always thank you please set your dvr sue never missed an episode of "hannity." let not your heart be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is next. have a great weekend and we will see you monday. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm in for laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. now about five hours ago joe biden touched on a delaware returning to his limits and home and one of the three crime scenes that contain dust by document by his time was vice president. source of the case the white house and many of joe biden's fellow democrats no doubt hope the story goes away goes away fast. there's just one