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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 13, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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channe l. >> we are out of time for the evening, for the hour and for the week. but we'll be back on monday night, 8:00 p.m., the show.t ise that's the swornhave t enemy of lying. pomposity, smugness and groupthink have the best weekenest week d with the ones . we'll see you refreshed on monday. i want to welcome broadcasting the live studio audience tonight in new york city. by the way, we'll take questions for you in the audience. get the last word tonight at the end of the show. also, our great american panel is back and they'll have reaction to what has been wevery, very busy, strange, bizarre, crazy "newsweek". a a lot of hypocrisy on displaywsk and without a doubt, democrats,
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the mob, the media, they are in quite a predicament now. theyght,e they have spent the last several months breathlessly, hysterically endless, demanding that former president donald trump be indicted and thrown in jailn over claims that he mishandled classified material. major now we have a major, major development, a little bit of a problem for those hypocrites,o their buddy joe . i don't knowcrittheir bu what d. biden has been caught red handed, mishandling top secret classified documents that he apparently stole from the obama administration. >> now, the sensitive materialsd was reckless, recklessly storede at biden's unsecured private office a t the upand biden center, his home library and even next to the special corvette and what he called his garage. s of wien though we have pictures of the garage wide open. the "new and as you can see, that littler circle in the new york post today, it showjusts the papers e laying there now. breaking this week, the president of the united states is under investigation.
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are you happy?igatio special counsen.l has been appointed, but you don't need an extensive investigation to kno w that at least one sketchy, depraved, self-serving individuay l had easy access to almost all of those documents. e documeand that would be the president's deeply troubled and frankly corrupt son . y zero experienced hunter who made millions with no experience. e delaware >> he lived at the delawareater mansion where the secret material wasial found. a now, he listed the home as his billing address for his credit anrds and his apple account. according to thee ac "new york post", even claime owe that he owned the property on a rental application. appli at the very same time, hunter was in the throes of his crack cocaine addiction. >> now he frequently utilizedhir the servicesac, as we know from his laptop, from eastern europe and he had his hand in numerous foreign business schemes in china, russia, kazakhstan, ukraine, you name it, alongside multiple business partners who are now in prison. so quick question, does this
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seem like a safe environment for classified top secretclassi documents? i don't think so d.ocumen do you? want somebody like that having access to america's secrets now? tocould not keep track of his on handgun. >> remember, he lost he put it in a repair shop. but we're supposed to trust himt around top secret material. we e look, i'll be honest, he's 50 aa years old. chi we're not talkinldg about a chi. here. whene went on good morning america and was asked, do you have any experience with oil, gas, energy or ukraine? >>n go nope. a an why do you think they paid youe all this money? hunterha? they pay >> i don't know.f this he literally said that maybemon? because your father wasthe vi the vice president in charge. ukraine now, maybe we know why joe biden, the quid pro quo, withheld a billion tax dollarsin until they fired the prosecutor investigating his son being paid millions without that experience , look, i wish
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i didn't have to talk about hunter ever again. his life, his career, his investments, his money, his bills, his living arrangements, are so intertwined with his father as james has said. and he is running the house oversight committee investigation into the bidene to family syndicate. it is impossible to separate a pair. for example, kathy chung,hung biden's executive assistantassit from his timane as vice president , was reportedly hired after a recommendation a from hunter. and according to emaildations os laptop. while chung frequently communicated with hunter beforeh and during her role as the vpben assistant, now she has since par been questioned by lawhe enforcement as part of the investigation into garage gate. so how could joe biden be this t irresponsible member? >> that's what he said about donald trump. how how did this happen? h but make no mistake, this is a massive scandal. and frankly,iv some on the left looked a little bit shell shocked, a few of them evenked n floated a desperate conspiracy theory that the classifiedd doct
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documents, they had to be planted by republicans. take adonald trump himself. >> take a look. how do i know it's up to me if you missing classified information out of me lampungth in my house and stuffis is missing. i know it's like oppo research to you. does it feel likl likeepublic the republicans are behind it? ani'm suspicious of the timing f it. i >> i'm als ao aware of the fact that things can be planted on people. n: i i just happened to stumble upon these classified documents. i bettert stum trump supporter e there. any amount of money. all right. what your ther juse.t heard is >> it's pathetic. to his credit, even don lemon at fake news. cnn sees the writing on the wall. and chuck schumer wa t happy being asked about. >> take a look, senator . i have to i have to get it to say this. u seemyo much more measuredured about this than with the trumpua documents because you call for transparency with the trump documents. you want it. lawmaker trums to have access to the
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documents seized in the formeroe president , his residence in. florida, which it seems like nit you. i >> the bottom line is t'i saids that night it's prematureon w to comment on what should t shbe done to try that. >> yes. for president trump. that's exactly right. e i think that you're consistena >> i sure do.i all of a sudden, no more hysteria over classified documents from chuck schumer because democrats never really cared about the integrity ofs the classified materia l. t for them, it was all a ployre to get trump one more time. but this is not a game now. i don't know what will come from the special counsel investigation into biden. frankly, at this point, i think most americans see we havei have a dual system of justice. i have very little faith inj tht the doj that they will holdble. joe biden accountable there in his executive branch. >> i don't think they'll hold him accountable for anything. his home offices, by the way, and they've yet to be raided, even though they had no problem doing it with donald trump. and by the way, donald trumpaveh
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gave the fbi unfettered accesscs to that room with a classified documents. n there,wiwere i they could have taken them with them. they didn't. they called and said, put a padlock on the door. they could have come back any y day, any time. but they decided to go forward with a raid. i guess that means the house investigations, the oversight ininvestigation and jim jordan, jim or others are taking on a very high level of new importance. thatthat's not the onlf ney critical task that is facing the new majority. a looming debt ceiling showdown is about to take center stage.m. >> so let me be very clear to cn the house gop, you better be ready to hold your ground this will be a big test. the senate already screwed over the country with one pointe seno seven trillion dollars. that omnibus bill , they shouldr pass the c.r. they didn't. ity allocates t hundredhes of millions of dollars for.7-bil gender equity. sixty five millionli forr ge the preservation of salmon. i like salmon, but not that much. equitnearly half a billion dols
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for border security in otherityn countries, even three million othfor be friendly highways, bridges, honeybees, and i can go on and on, but it's time foro the house to force concessions from democrats, bringr bu our budget under control, stop d robbing our children and grandchildren blind and itac can't come soon enough. biome soong banks, they are preg a recession. the housing market is tanking. inflation is still way up, according to cnbc. 96% ofgnatio workersn. are now g for a new job. we could be headed for real serious financial turmoil. sero all right. here with reaction to all of tonight's top stories, we set welcome on said fox news contributor kellyanne conway. and fox and friends co-host hexapod and fox news legal analyst greg gregory. good to see everybody. how are you? i'll give you guys a hannitye football at the end ofof the sh. the show. i am throwin evve been throwing them out in the crowd.
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everyone's missingeryone i. >> i'm not tom brady. looks like a philadelphiadelp eagles fan. >>ahhi, really? yeah. yeah. wow. [ kelly , it look, they made such a big deal , they did not need to raid >> okay, but if that'sif the standard, why is joe biden not get the same treatment? >> well, he ought to . we didn't see a big raid of the corvettes garage and the embarrassing display of papers. strewn about, i'm sure.d and people should be verbey concerned that a former vice president and a sitting president has these documents reallyiden between a monkey wreh and a lawnmower sitting in hisne garage and every time somebody in team biden makes the excuseev that they'reerybod intent was na that they didn't know everything's fine. there was nothing nefarious.n they're admitting culpabilityno because the law is very cut cut and dry. you either have a document you should not have or you don't dr and it seems like they havee many. so sure, people don't like lik the hypocrisy. . they don't like the . and i feel that the press is starting to turn a little bit on this.
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all of a sudden, this last press conference with karine jean-pierre feltlike like when we were there ine in the trump white house, it felt like one of those press offices were not just a bad week, but peter doocy had aid and comfort from his colleagues and she had a bad week and she has a bad bee week because she never has a good response and want to say something. it doesn't matter if the intens was convenience or concealment. it doesn't matter if they were just being sloppy or surreptitious. you have the guy dead to rights and they're going to have to come up with a betterer excuse. now, there's a question, is it in the publiinc interest to indict a sitting president or a former president ? we can discuss that. but as goes this, i think that the trump folks have handled in a better fashion because they did give them f they did tryashion. to cure it.s. and you can't compare happening upon a garage in delaware today is the one hundred and seventy five day joe biden has spent in delaware since he's been president , a lovely state. >> no one needs to be there that muc h like you with your say, i'm in delaware or florida. tennessee, the carolinas.elawar, >> i think i pick any of the above and just just sos.
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we're clear , you know, the they have all the camera footage from mar-a-lago, as you know, juster this garage. access t's crew had access to it because they were out with the corvette. it sounds hunter biden had access to it. hu b thereiden. he had a driver's license's lic to that address. so this is no smalenl thing. and we were told in the trump administration, well, you're the rag tag team otrf keystone a cops. you're not the series people. biden gets there. the adults havre e arrived. we kno the buttoned up, tightened upanl administration is back. we know how to handleassi classifiedfied information. no, they don't. and we're not going to give an inch on this for exactly that reason. and the last thing is president trump, a president, is able to declassify things. a vice president is not a veryih important distinction. inhe greg is been making. we'll get to greg a second on that. let's go throughnot. the timeli, the rate of mar-a-lago and ine d august right then they get a hold of the first set of documents from the pen. >> biden center six days before the midterm elections. >> how many in this audienced-tm clap? if you agrees. they should let the american people know.
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>> do you agree that pretty much every vote they didn't let the american people know. >> and then two weeks after that, a special prosecutor is appointed to trump, but notyn biden. now, that timeline is very telling to me. it's a double standard to me. au >> marong very much a double standard. i mean, the same thingth happend in 2020 with the hunter bidenun story. this is not the firsbidet go arr where information is suppressed before an election. they mayrmation have known ever than that what triggered this whole thing to begin with . he senered t his lawyers to go inine what and examine what might be ine it the garage, but also in this. think tank. by the way, i didn'ti knodon'w joe biden had a think tank. >> that's an oxymoron. the biggest dunce in washington, dc. here's a think tank from the ivy league. >> everything you need to know. and we did and we didn't know about the hundred almostding one hundred million dollars in overseas funding that suddenly showed up at the penn bidenhuntr center. once joe biden was there, bid they wanted hunter bidenen tve
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to have a job there. their influence peddling never stopped. and so when you look at classified materials that are if i held one classified one document in the military, i'd i be gone. military imy career would be ov. i'd be court martialed. he's got stacks of them in multiple locations that lawyers and we're supposed to trustf th the lawyers to be above board pr on this as if they're not part of. re. >> s >> let's put this over here. the way you sit next to ala lawyer, you got to be carefulul here. well, i will say, where has h greg joe biden recently? has he been and will she? be accused of planning document anythingg th that i said?s just >> look, i was just admiring the corvette. i didn't dig intetteo boxes. it's amazing.he i mean, so they raised mar-a-lago, but we trust biden's lawyers to be aboves la board on this and not tryove to protect their client. there's this could also be a democrat opportunity to clean the deck of joe biden and hence the press corps jumping on this one as well in ways we've never seen before. >> way greg, you've made the distinction between
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the trump case and the biden case. i want to ask you a different question. i don't think it's going to bebe documents that is the undoing of joe biden. i think the undoing ofing of joe biden is going to be related to money if you look at the hunter biden laptop, i have to give half my income pops. obviously, his father or i have to pay for pop's repairs. ion his property. oh, 10% to the big guy.e bi we know, tony.. >> bob wolinsky had to say about that. but the money, the the millions and millions. let's look achint china alone.a a hundred thousand dollar shopping spree. one hundred biden's family, five million dollar, no interestr , forgivable loan. that sounds like a bribery to me. that's where i grew up. bribe >> oh, it's forgivable.t gettin you're not getting your money back . you can forgive it.ey then the one point five dollars billion deal with the bank of w china and all of this money we started at six we now know. sixty seven million dollars the chinese gave to you pen . right. chin came whenillion jill went to you. pen , do you agree
11:15 pm
with kazakhstan, ukraine,e mones russia, china? the money is where where he is t vulnerable to follow the money. >> i mean, that's what i used to do in many of the cases. i was involved in. you start adding it up, it appears. thirty one million dollars from chine0 milliothe chinese. >> forty million fromm th the russia, millions more from ukraine. add in three other countries. >> what's the commones denominator? joe biden in the obama administration presided was given authority over every single one of those countries from which hunter biden was reaping tens of millions of dollars into the biden family coffers. influence peddling, bribery, money laundering, fraud, foreign corrupt practices act. >> how is it possible that we're in the fifth year of a hunter biden investigation, documents of which show that joe biden was instrumental n.and complicit and there's notr
11:16 pm
criminal charge? if the last name was trump instead of biden, there would've been an indictment or prosecution, a conviction and tossed into hoosegow a long in to go to get money from china. it'sacket being run, i think. and as you have pointed out meri many times by america, flynnthii and christopher wray at the fbi, this is where congress comes into play.e the whistleblowers, they have the evidence of corruption by the doj and the fbi. i don't frankly have confidence in the special counsel, robert , because he was beef with rod rosenstein, who was one of the most nefarious characters in the russiath. >> but i do have confidence in these new investigatorbottom o committees in congress to get to the bottom of it. >> and return to your question, follow the money by the way, how great of these guys we have >>em on all the time. >> i love them all. thank you. sean: w
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relaxium . w we'll be watching you inat the morning. all right.g. you're when going to want to know what we have. when we come back , former fbif agent sounding off the alarm about political bias within the organization. her message is resonating nowonn all throughout the country. acrossand it is really raising t of people's awareness straight ahead. >> people told me not to run for republican leader against mitch mcconnell. >> he said i wouldn't win. i knew it was going to be hard ,but we got to start somewhere. look, we're on the road to work. socialism and republicans are just a speed bump. we can't keep doing this same old thing. it's time for republicans to be bold, speak the truth and stop caving and help us change our party. >> join us and rescue america. .com, i'm rick scott. >> i approve this message. but her moderate to severe eczema dancing is everything. soccer is the best. the moderate to severe eczema
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serious defect of the immune system. early testing gives children a chance to dream. welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmeyer new york search and rescue efforts are underway after a tornado spawning storm system ripped through the south. the violent weather is blamed for at least nine deaths in alabama, georgia, but that number is expected to rise. there are reports of damage and at least 14 counties with this storm flipping mobile homes, tearing off roofs and even derailing a freight train. a school official received a tip about a possible weapon
11:22 pm
before a six year old shot his teacher at an elementary school in virginia. a spokesperson for the school system says the student backpack was searched, but administrators did not find the nine millimeter handgun that was used. police say they were not alerted to the tip. the first grade teacher is still in the hospital. they are stable. no students were hurt. i'm ashleigh strohmeyer back to "hannity" right nowis with our piece for fox newscomif .com, the former fbi is coming r forward to explain why she lefti the bureau and ings sounding the alarm over how deeply polarized things have become within the fbi and that law enforcement agency. shoul >> it should be the world's premier law enforcement agency. it no longer is nower nicole parker. she left the bureau afternicole
11:23 pm
nearly 13 years. now she worked on high profile o cases like the parkland school shooting, the twenty seventeen fort lauderdale airport, shooting the cesar sioc pipe bomb case, the multimodescheme billion ponzi schemes and so muc much more . but she left and now says the bureau has lost the truth and the trust that the american people is what she writes. over the course of my 12 plus years of service, the fbi's trajectory transformed. on paper, the bureau's mission remain the same, but its priorities governing principles. they shifted dramatically. the fbi became politically weaponizes starting from the top in washington, trickling down to field offices. >> parker also says that there has been a shift in recruiting practices and a, quote, lowering of eligibility requirements, which is negatively impacting the agency's performance. in closing, she writes, for me, distancing myself fromrites: egregious mistakes, immoral behavior, and politically
11:24 pm
charged actions taken by a small but destructive few fbi employees became exhausting here to explain a lot more .n former fbi special agent nicole parker. we, form welcome . wow.l thank you for coming. you were working for merrill w lynch? yes. orkingyou are on the top floor f the world trade center on 9/11. >> center. well, i was on the top floor of the world financial center. we're on 21, correct. >> on september 11th, 2001, i was working for merrill lynch . >> of on the top floor the world financial center. i heard the first plane crashe into the north tower. i did not see it, but i was at my desk. the i ran to the window. myself and my colleagues witnessed the second plane crashing intw ano the second to tower two. that's a day that changed my life. >> so you apply you have this great career trajectory in finance. you decide, you know what, i want to apply for the fbi. you have in your year, there
11:25 pm
were forty five thousand applicants. you will one of nine hundred chosen. so that was a great honor. then you went t wenhrt to quant. went through, what, six months o of training, correct?kay. >> yeah. okaywhat was, what was the fbi e then and what happened? so, you know, i came to the fbis because i love america. i wanted to serve this country.. and i knew on 9/11 that i wanted to get back one. in. i came in and it was an amazingt experience to join the fbi. i worked with the finestin the and the brightest in the fbi,. lo local law enforcement, our federal prosecutors. these are outstandingerfu and wonderful l people. a and we were really just getting in there and fighting crime and putting people behind bars. and that's why i came and ih th noticed through the course ofhe my my career, the trajectory ofh the fbi seem to have changed.e and it seemed to have been more , you know, in the lastthan couple of years, more than evere . and it wasto just something thah i started to wonder, is this the fbi that i signed on to? i but the amazing heroes ofork. the fbi, they're still there. they're stilunatell doing the ht work. and unfortunately, it seems
11:26 pm
that some of that hard workby th is getting drowned out by some of the negativity that'sty happening. >> i couldn't believe in 2016. the fbi actually sent in early october after they were warned in august by bruce gordon not te to trust the dirty russian dossier of hillary clinton. clinton. so they send in early october. 2016 agents to interview christopher steele. >> the author offered hit agenti a million dollars to corroborate it. >> he can't corroborate it. he doesn't get the million. >> but then they used it as the bulk of information to literally spy on carter page and backdoor spy on president ad trump, then candidate trump and the amazing thing is it was unverifiable, but they went to a fis ta court, it says at the top, verified they couldn't verify it. at that moment, i was like, scae what do they put their fingerssa on the scale of that election? they had one laptop in 2019, and yet they were talking to the fbi weekly, was talking all big tech companies. be careful.
11:27 pm
that might be misinformation campaigns from other countries.m >> did you see that type of politics? look, the bottom line is , is that the agents in the fielde that are working the the. crimes, the violent crimes, you know, the crimes against children the, the human trafficking, you know, we'ren trying to protect americans. frankly, i was never asked to participate in anything that was political , bud tot i knew t it was happening around me because, you know, americans knew . and unfortunately, that negatively impacts the mission of the bureau because we need the buthatau.y of the american u to support us when we're doing our job. and so, you know. 99% of the fbi employees are working hard. fbi we're doing real work. you know, i would i really feel like it's important for america to understand that there are people out there and they're sacrificing. my dearest friend, special my, bergerd anhwartz and another agent, as well as multiple three other agentsr that were shot.e abou does anyone know that?ur does anyone know about laura schwartz and berger? and the other people? >> can't mention a single onl person shot the media
11:28 pm
only focuses on cases that they can politicize.n >> well, and i think it's important for us to know that when there are people att the top that are politicizingaf the fbi, it takes away from the agents in the field thattryt are trying to do the real work. >> so we know because of charles grassley and senator ron johnson and congressman jim jordanause, that all of thee whistleblowers now have come forward. we forw don't know who they are ye. you're the first public one . and that there will be manye fis more , i'm told, perhaps dozenst . >> and this article comes out. what has been the feedback? some positive. i mean, especially from the fbi. >> you know,os thereitive? are f amazing individuals that are doing amazing work at the fbi,fn people i work shoulder to shoulder with , not just in h the miami division, but across the entire country in americane to know that there are peopl incredible people at the highest level of integrity that are holding the line. those individuals are not at the luxury to speak upo and voicvoe their concernserns because, you know, sometimes when you speak up, that puts pu a target on youryour back . whe
11:29 pm
soyo there might be times whenin you're not actually involved with something that's th doesnt doesn't mean wit that you don't agreeat with what's happening. but in essence, to you, justw an keep your head low, do your work, stay off the radar and try to do the right thing. >> werean: youe you eight yearsy from a pension? >> you gavu gae upve a lot. you know, for me, i'm a woman of faith and i believe in god and and i know that god iamn know that god is watching over me and the amazing people in the fbi. d if >> this was really hard foryou? you. it was a ver y difficult decision. i love this. lot i mean, i sacrificed a lot working for the fbi, but i want americans to understand wheno you're going to an active shooter site and you're seeing young children, it takes a toll on you. i mean, we are seeing things. my phone was ringing. 24/7 three sixty five . i was the crimes on the high seas coordinator for the fbi, the types of things that are exposed to it's very dark and it's a sacrifice to serve this country. bu sacrit we do it because we l.
11:30 pm
america. >> you are very courageous . we wish you godspeed in allfutue your future endeavors. thank you for your courage to write this and speak out. and i know it was hard to do. pt >> thank you. we appreciate it. a thank yoppu sola much for coming this week.ov aosis gas stoveses are linked to brain damage as she beata ga around a gas stove a lot. i don't know and she's not happy. republicans are going after her for those remarks. we'rmarks.e going to play the te coming up next. and by the way, where do you see kamala harris word salad? by the way, joe biden's highlights of the week. he had a rough week, as per usual. can't seem to tell the truth. great americ >> and our great american panel is coming up next. thank yo u. hello, i'm former arkansas governor mike huckabee. did you know that a lack of sleep can lead to very serious health problems? i know it's scary. you can't fall asleep or you're tossing and turning all night. you can't get the sleep.
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11:35 pm
newly proclaimed gas stoveao expert aoc is responding to critics afteris a photo h resurfaced showing her at heerrw own apartment. >> >> and she's cooking on a gas stove. take a look. no buecret government agency is going to bust down your door and take your gas stove away.i h i do think it's funny, like's absolute utter republican meltdown weather. >> like you can take my gas over my cold, dead hands or how dare you talk about gas stoves. you have a gas stovemy first cof all. >> first of all, i rent,t period. oh, that's a great excuse. let's welcome our great great american palafox contributor, an terry gross, joe concha and fox across america. the one and only jimmy failla. let's see around. throw it. there w all right. all right.
11:36 pm
all right. >> all right.n: goo good catch. see good to see you all. frankly, i feel that way. tammy, you could take my gasd de stove out ofad my cold, dead s. d i'm not giving my gas stove up. well, you know what?no this is ? it's about micromanagement, right? they want to be she wants to be. everybody's mommy, but we don't want her to be our mommy, do we? m we don't want heanr evenagem toe our sister. sht hee war to bnts toe b our congresswoman. right. so warning him to be careful, because i see what i see that watch out a district in san o francisco. she's oh, nobody's going to come to take your stove. >> they have banned wood com burning in any capacity year bae round. right. saodn francisco started it whenb there was like bad air days. you can't use your fireplace. this is this is why we get upset. this is the step. . if they just if you you become inured to this idea, that this i'm sure she's a nice womant tr governor our when she's not trying to govern our lives.
11:37 pm
bujot thisb. is not their job. b it's not their job to tell us how we're going to cook, when we're going to cook. us it's it's just isn't.isn't. and they get if we accept it, i imen they continue. that's whypo these the pushback is important.n this and it has to continue on thisis issue. >> and every other issue , joe , as also. >> no, you know what the left s: is today? n' >> you know what? they don't believe in one word.o freedom. freed >>om i want the freedom to have a gas stove. >> leave me the alone. w that's simple. you know what else? the they don't believe commonin sense. >> okay, so i'll say let's let's thinkinl about this for a second.ifl no in california, they will not sell you anything but an electric car by the year 2030 for so let's say i'm single me and i'm living in los angeles and i have an electrice car where my charging that exactly. 5 oud then ianf i'm on in five am i charge runs out because there's traffic everywheree of a
11:38 pm
how are we going to get thatroad car up the road.? exactly. you oh by the way, i got to earn one hundred thousand dollars pretax in order to afford the cheapest electric car , which is sixty thousand dollars. >> so it's all these aspirational dreams. but no one thinks about the how part, which is how do you actually achieve, for instance,a gas stoves going away? >> there is no reality around it. common sense.he >> give me the device itself. c caey literallyou said you could not charge your electric vehicle in california during these hours.urs. >> [laughing ]. because their grid is not up to speed. >> can you imagine if the o.j. case happened under gavin aginnewsom? r gavi wen got him. h he left the house at five clockg . he couldn't go anywhere. shorters chase ever. tv be so different, building on his point of common sense. okay. , nobody has ever died of stove, you know whate. i'm saying? you've never been to a funeral home. been like what got him out? gee. oh, that's such shame. e same my uncle louie went the sameth way. but thisis is th is the problem with aoc. she is so stupid she couldn'tupd
11:39 pm
spell dumb. >> congresswoman, if you spotted her, the a, the o and a c. >> oh, congres it's just true, she's dumb and i don't say it o because of her race or her gender or anything. >> in between. t it's because if you're goingrale to moralize to the rest of the country that youth can't ust a gas stove, you can't have a gas stove. you know what i mean? if i say to you guys, that is an alcohol free studio iand then i do a keg stand on conscious back , which you did before backstage, you should see that. all right. now it's right with the biden white house now on defense overo joey's mishandling classified information, it is only the latest sign that biden is as weak as ever ahead of the twenty twenty four presidential election this week, the rnc kind of highlighted a lot of biden's lies, a list of lies. highli so we decided we would provide a quick refresher about the never ending blunders and fake stories that joey tell s and makes up in his mind.quic >> he thinks that's reality. take a look. >> no, haven't had a house
11:40 pm
burned down with my wife in it. she got out safely, got reallygo it was i remember spending time at, you know, go going to the, you know, the tree of lifee synagotrg speaking with the man i have known everygo every prime minister well since golda meir. she invited me to come over because i was going to liaison lias between she and the egyptians about the suezon, so on , so forth. >> i did not walk in the shoesof of generation. who walked we still walk these grounds, but i walked g around. seems like yesterday, the firsta time i got arrested. anyway , he said, you know, joe , if you acceptedmy
11:41 pm
my commissioned you to come my appointment to the academy, you said you'd still have one year and three months active dutr y. >> i'd have no problems right now. now. >> this day, thirty years ago, outo nelson mandela walked out of prison.. i had the great honor of beingi wa arrested with our un ambassador on the streets of soweto tryingt to get to see hi tm on robben island. >> pinning medals on silver soars, on soldiers up in the upper konar valley in the middle of a firestorm. >> i used to drive a tractor trailer. oh, awesome.trac and so i ato little bit about driving the big trucks. what did he say? like dog faced pony soldiers. yeah, yeah. this is it's a combination of walter mitty and zelig and george santos. o >> yeah.f
11:42 pm
this is saying, look, this is the way my congressmen lucky. man, when you have whether it'so aoc or any other young personr 0 running that for fifty years has been their example. >> and this is our problem. i mean, it's amazing when the not just embellishments, but just things that just did not happen. and so now you have to wonder. it's likhae with the documents and everything else, no wonderhd is it was he was shocked at first, right. with the pen center document the s, just dismayed and shocked at. h no idea. and then he gets snarky with our peter doocy about the corvette and the locked garage. they knew all the time. >> so when the oscars come up, maybe they just need to give them all to politicians at this point. >> so i wrot wroe a bookte on joe biden, you did. and yes, i did a best seller. come on , man. that's right. and i did a whole chapterd a on corn pop.chapte >> okay, so you want to talk about the biggest ever? joe biden says that when he wase in college, he decided to go tork at a pool in the black community because you wantedkn to get to know the blackow communit they better because ths how all college students think. right.
11:43 pm
so that he talked about when he worked with the former klansman to stop the integration of schools because he didn't want to be racial jungle's.w >> did hhee mention that that my have been as well, but the core pump thing gets better. okay, so then corn pop cor is really a real person and he is the leader of a gang called the romans and he's about to goa off the diving board. and then biden goes frome di david hasselhoff to clint eastwood and says, youvi betterg get the proper swim gearet on oi i'm going to throw you out of here. who do you think you are, mr. williams? >> sn oro then meanwhile, corn pops, all of his minions, aller the gang members are ins se the pool playing sharks and minnows. and marco poloall of, they see all of this. >> so then when bide bidenn goes to leave work, he looks out and he sees they're waiting for him in the parking lotlo with long razors. he calls and basically is goinga to get right. am goes and gets the thing that separates the low end from the deep end de like that. that rope. right. walks out there, goeess right at corn pop and says, if you think that i'm going to apologize for having you putf you th on the pr swimwear, that's not going to happen. but i do apologize for calling you esther williams. then corn pops says, okay, soogz you apologize to me and bidenias says, yes, it is . w
11:44 pm
okay, we're good. if you think that that wouldwoul ever happen in watts or chicago. , nothat's. that is like the ultimate lie ad that he stared down a gang member, embarrassed him in front of all of his other gang members and nothing happened to him. come on .ng i like the guy that shakes the er. con >> go ahead, jimi.fess i actually want to confess on live tv.i have i feel bad saying it. i had written a bunch of biden jokes, but i left the document on the floor of my garage next door. >> i when tha ht happened, i .>> we >>ar ouch. it's embarrassing. gore over here making fuunn of o biden. s in but you know what?use in despite the week we had,e part he's at his house right now iny delaware portering like it'ss partying like it's 1999, because that's what year he r he thinks it is . but it's embarrassing to uss as as a country because we're making excuses on the left specifically and pretendin mgw this is okay. s no we know this is not okay. joe biden is the only person, qt you know, who quits talking innh the middle of a sentence because he's done. do you understand?he p he's sending iunn the pump teamd on second down. sean down.?
11:45 pm
it's not supposed to work that way. well said. all right. we gotmore g to take a break. >> we'll come back more with our great american panel on this friday night. kamala's latest works out straight ahead. why do more than 50000 customers recommend taking sandweiss before they eat? >> because then why it works? then why is digestive health products help reduce gas bloating and promote a healthy gi tract? >> i notice less discomfort and less bloating after meals is the most regular i've ever been searched. then why is digestive bliss bundle on amazon to get your free 30 account traveled in today? that's a ten dollar value free zone wise. >> then eat. angie, you are not going to believe what i am going to show you. right now. >> when a group of women put me on flawless second skin, the latest biotech cosmetic breakthrough under one i watch what happened. >> i only did one eye and i see huge difference so far . they have put the product under my right eye and i see
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11:48 pm
11:49 pm
>> if you or your family are noticing changes, it could be alzheimer's. talk about seeing a doctor together. call your vice president , paul harris. i got another word salad this week while discussin g our love of of then diagrams.e of >> but of course, that's just one of many baffling moments. ec >> take a look at something i love. i just always think about complex issues in the frame of a van diagram. i live in diagrams i love. i do. i love venn diagram. so we invested an additional 12 billion dollars into communitn iny banks because we w the community banks are in
11:50 pm
the community. >> the >> the significance ofe of the passage of time.e of right. the significance of the passage of tim e. so when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time in terms of what we need to do to lay these wires. job >> we need to do to create these jobs. and there is such greatce significance to the passage of time we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues. >> se to tackle these challenges and to work together as we continue to work operating fro the new norms, rules and agreements that we will convene to work together on . now, when weon tal.whenk abou wt our children, i know for this group we all believe that when we talk aboue t the children, er the community, they are the children of the community. .you need to get to go and needd >> be able to get where you need to go to do the work and get home to continue with our panel. tammy bruce,ue joe concha, with
11:51 pm
jimmy fallon, jimmy , startssag with you.e by the way, with the passageof f time. >> and if we work together well, we'll be working together. wellking togethe, to add to thau ever watch the one where she yells and screams about how muche yell she loves school buses, she always talks aboutes kamala love to tell you, she rode a schoo school bus every d. >> what she doesn't tell you is it was the short bus, youus. know. oh , but listen, man, the joke's on america because s the democratic party tried to warn us when she ran for president . she dropped out before the iowa caucuses. quivalent ofthat's the equivaleo throwing up in the bathtub on new year's eve before a ball drops at midnight. you know what i'm saying? kamala harris dropped ou t at the time she was in california.' she was polling behind isis and we didn't get the memo. yea. and here we are. yeah, i watched that montage. and whenever i try to talk to my dog, like, hey, we're going to go to this, nobody kind of tilts his head.ti thatme happens to me every timea i listen to kamala harris, to your point around the school bus righs. pointt. >> she she's amazing.l
11:52 pm
i love school buses, as if you expeybody else hasn't had experience riding a school bus, as if, like, this was a speciala thing that was only exclusive eu to her. the bottom line is msivey t grandfather used to drive meher. to school right in his corvette that he kept in his garage nextt to his life savings and some gold that was given by one day. so it was a different experience for me. garage with certainly.if >> but if she's plan b , we're in big trouble, more like plan z, i would say.more lik >> i hate to . >> i shudder the thought of a or b right now. well, she she is the talents ano bench. but i done wonder, hasr se anyo ever seen her? she might be a hologram with very bad artificial ograintelligence. where do you get the programing just comes ovengr and over and over again because she said that venn diagram before she's talked about the buses over and over and over again, which means they mean thiser do happen. >> so whoever's working for her obviousllikey doesn't like her much and she hasn't figured it out. >> that's what i see>> i shet ii your head.
11:53 pm
i think she's an inspirationalfe figure of somebody that's stupid. could become vicy the president >> everyone watching can be anything they want. and she'want. shs the i feel sorry forca her. you're a great american panel. when we come back , you in the audience, you get the last word as we return this friday night. night. thank you for being with fox. for back pain. , i've always been a take two and hole in the morning guy, but my new doctor recommended solong pass withou's good t anor pill upsetting my stomach. i get powerful, effective and safe. relief selon pass. >> it's good medicine. me too. we need to collect the cupcake constellation. we will require funds spend at big with let's engage lightning link. >> she might not be able to execute the spin. that constellation is now in possession. >> let's take her for another
11:54 pm
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zero four zero four call eight under three two two zero four zero four eight under three two two zero four zero four character i believe. right. right, right. it's about trust. >> this is not an adventure race. this is a military selected. >> do i still have that fire , even it out? well, they will play by our rules. special forces will tell this test wednesdays on fox and watch any time on hulu. super wild card game kicks off on goldie taylor on saturday. christine mccaffrey in a red hot niners team touchdown crime ready for a run at the time. now they'll take on geno smith and the seahawks. got it on sunday. dekel and the giants play take on kirk cousins and let's go to
11:56 pm
when oh, part of super wildcard weekend when people call home,at i've diets. or they've lost the same ten , twenty , fifty pounds over and over again. again. i've always fought with five to ten pounds all the time eating all these different things and nothing's ever things and nothing's ever workin wasng. i've done the diets, all the diets before. in the weight wasn't going anywhere. the secretsu to losing weight and keeping it off is managing insulin and glucose. golo takes a systematichealth approach to eating that focusess on optimizins is eg insulin lev we tackle the cause of weight gain, not just the symptom. when you have good metabolic health, weight loss is easy. i always thought ii havet wouldo difficult to lose weight, but >> the weight just fell off. i have people come up to me all the time and asked me, doesn't really work. and i have to say, here i am. it works. my advice for everyone is to
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go with the go. it will release your fat and it will be released. there's a new voice on sunday mornings and her name is shannon bream. on this show, we'll get to the heart of the issues americans care about and remind people in this town they work for you. fox news sunday with shannon green on the fox news channel. >> we call last call. time for this great audience to give me a great comment. what they liked didn't like about the show. who's up first? e wh let's see who's up.introd introduce yourselfuc wherever yu are. >> robert from staten island. what's up, robert ? staten island. how are you doing? >> all right. what's going on ? you how are you? so, sean, if the republicansansr are fortunate enough to takenk r back the white house in twenty four , how long do you think before the economic policies we saw in the trump presidency would kick infr? take a couple of years? if you look at reagan, it kicked in. you basically in eighty three .o and then he went on to win
11:58 pm
forty nine states in his? reelection, which was amazing. what i'm worried about is republicans have got to understand that their model of elections, democrats,ec they don'ttions, want a debate,i they don't do press availses, they don't kiss babies, they don't shake hands. they they don't do town halls. they don't do rallies. they pay for negative ads. and then they go out hunting for votes. and they do ballot harvesting, which is legal in most states . and republicans don't do that.vh they got to get overbout vot the reluctance and resistance about voting early and votingvol by mail and they also got to do the ballot harvesting legally better than the democrats. >> and you get a ballparkuse] figure there. next, what is the question? who's up? rwin darwin wants those. darwin, how are you? they just mentioned your name. my , how are you?. i'm doing good, sean. thanks for having us .rk and keep u p the great work. you know, i watch you all the time, but my question is ,
11:59 pm
do you think the doj and some of the crazy leftists you've seenou tonight, your showwill tonight, that yo bu previewed what they have the same energyeo and investigate invited on his document issue that he says like they did with trump? i don' donald t think we have r equal justice and equal a neapplication of our laws.jusc i think we have a dual justice system, one for the bidens, the clintons, and then one one , you know, a conservative. yorvu get thative tickete for o jaywalkingnf, or spittingchange on the sidewalk. that's got to change. i if we want to remain a great constitutional republic. republi believe jim jordan and s beater, they're going to get they're going to get the o beat out of them, but they're going to get the job done. results for the sake o i hope it results for the sake of the country and the needed changes, we need the fbi to get back to their original mission and we need the bidens held the accountable. ru any of yo countable iu in the took the money from china, kazakhstan, ukraine, or russia
12:00 am
that they did, i guarantee you'd be in jail. >> yes.let' sos let's see what happens. we can always hope.[appla all thank you all fo r coming.hat' wes appreciate that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for misse the fauci. set your dvr so you never, ever, ever miss an episode ofepd hannity.e ha in the meantime, let notnnity." your heart be troubled. the ingraham angle is up next. sean duffy and flora, have a great weekend. we'll see you monday. >>see yo i'm sean duffy and floa ingram . >> and this is a specialeditio edition of the "ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. >> now, about five hours ago, joe biden touched down in delaware, returning scenilmington home and one of the three crime scenes that contained classified documentsst from his time as vice president . with mcclellan's begrudging appointment of a special. counsel yesterday to oversee the case, the white house and many of biden's fellowt hope democrats no doubt hope this goy d goes awa t