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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 14, 2023 10:00am-11:00am PST

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bill: we begin this hour with fox news alert, additional 5 classified documents have now been uncovered at president biden's home in delaware. the president's attorney say the documents were found on thursday and immediately taken into the custody by the justice department. welcome to another hour of fox news live i'm bill melugin. >> great to have you in the dc bureau, we are used to seeing you in the southern border. bill: have breaking news to it. gillian: we do. i'm gillian turner.
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the white house is insisting that the president is cooperating with the doj probe and unclear whether they will do with congressional investigators also taking a look at security breach. lucas tomlinson joins us again from the north lawn of the white house. what are you learning this hour. >> some republicans are accusing the white house of a cover-up and sitting on classified material ahead of midterm elections and with your interview crawford, here is what he's accusing the president of. >> not bringing the information forward potentially affects the outcome of the election. we have seen this happen time and time again on different issues. this is one that certainly was rose to the level of being reported and so i think they deliberately quashed that to make sure that it wasn't out in the public's sphere before election day. lucas: two days ago our colleague peter doocy asked what he was thinking keeping
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classified documents next to stingray and the president fired back that the garage was locked and now minutes ago we learn more classified material, 5 additional pages according to the white house and not independently verified was found outside that garage in adjacent room. you asked about the laws last night, member of house judiciary committee who is launching investigation spoke to fox news. >> i have little faith that they will try to resolve the matter especially transparent way, sean, what's interesting is there's a lot of people going in and out of private residents, there's a lot of friends of hunter bidens and we know some of the lessly savory characters that hunter biden hangs around with. oversight committee james comer says the family can be security risk. the news member launching second investigation and chairman jim jordan saying it is unclear when the justice department first
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came to learn about the existence of the documents and whether it actively concealed this information from the public on the eve of the 2022 elections. now some experts are wondering can the doj investigate president biden. >> the conflict of interest that's inherent in the special counsel situation is when the justice department has to investigate its own administration and particularly its own president. lucas: and remains justice department policy that it cannot charge a sitting president with a crime. gillian. gillian: lucas, break down for us what we know about the president's private residence in wilmington, who has access to it and who has been there over the last few years while the documents have been there? >> this is a home he built in 1991 for about $350,000 since then it's gone up in value. he goes here frequently. of course, when he was a u.s. senator 50 years ago, in fact, this month when he came to washington as senator he's been
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going back and forth between delaware and washington. he's made over 60 trips there. he spends most weekends there. because he's president of the united states, there's a secure room where he can view classified material, hold secure phone calls, you know, with world leaders and, of course, top military officials 679 but the garage is not one of those rooms and that's right now what's going on here. you have the biden center here in washington where, you know, people allege chinese were giving a lot of money to this, classified material found at that place and now his own home in -- wilmington, delaware. according to reports there's 20 documents in all, classified documents half bear the markings of top secret, gillian. gillian: lucas tomlinson at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, stay close, thank you. bill: for more on breaking news, we will bring white house
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correspondent peter doocy joining us by phone this afternoon. peter, the question i have here is the white house counsel says they found the new documents on thursday, immediately notified doj, the white house had a press conference yesterday which you were at, they did not call on you but they didn't say anything about these new documents despite i'm guessing they must have found out about them the day before if the white house counsel told the white house. if your opinion, why would they not announce that they had found more documents and at least try to get ahead of the narrative? >> i hope that they tell us in the next couple of days, bill. this is quite the saturday morning early afternoon news stump. there's so much information that they gave us but the most basic question that remains unanswered despite all the new details to me does the president know what is going on in his own house because as of yesterday they
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wouldn't even tell us who the president's personal attorney is in this matter. all of a sudden this morning, this afternoon, we find out it's bob bower and he tells us that on december 20th, he's the one that was in there with his guys in wilmington going through the president's files, they located some records of classified markings and then stopped searching. did the president know that this was going on because if he did, he didn't mention it, he left that out of his statement tuesday in mexico city where he's just talking about a box in a closet or cabinet at the penn biden center in washington, d.c. nothing about his residence and materials that have been found there. did he know, did he leave it out on purpose, did somebody write him a statement that knew this and left it out? the other thing is bob bower is telling us now, this is the first time we have heard from him regarding this.
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he says the president directed his personal attorneys to be forthcoming and fully cooperative with t t the nationl chthe national --archives and dl the american public about it for more than 2 months because that would be an issue of transparency and i'm going through my notes, comparing what i heard at the press briefing yesterday with what we are learning today and just a few things from my notes that we heard the press secretary say, keep in mind, the day after they knew even more documents were located steve said, this is a quote, we have been transparent. he said and this is a quote, this has been done in a transparent way and she said another quote, we are not avoiding anything here. they knew on thursday night that
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there were more documents, that's what they are telling us about today and yet on friday they claim transparency. we now know that that is just not the case. gillian: peter, this is gillian, we now know that there are at least 20 documents or 20 pages, we don't know how many documents they are a part of that are classified, they have been found at at least 3 separate locations where they are not allowed to be, we also know that the intelligence contained within them spans the gamut from iran to ukraine to the special relationship with the british government.
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it's going to be pretty hard for bob bower or any other lawyer to make the case that this was an aberration. peter: that's what the special counsel is trying to figure out that we are learning today for the first time. they are telling us that the president's personal attorney who are being assigned to go see if there's classified information don't have active security clearances. but we need somebody with a security clearance to come by but the timeline here is what is ultimately the problem because gillian as you know from working in the national security part of the government, this is something that happened like people leave government, they discover that they have classified materials, there is a process where you contact the archives, they do a review and
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they figure out what's going on, fine. but that's not what the problem is here. the issue is number one we are finding out that the president made some direction to his personal attorneys to cooperate with with the national archives, a search in november. didn't know about it before the midterms, didn't know about it all december. just finding about it now. the other problem is somebody wrote whether or not the president knew that he had all this material at his house. somebody wrote a statement for him to read on tuesday in mexico city where he he's talking about one box. nothing concerning the residence. it's incomplete at best. it's misleading at worst. was that on purpose? we just don't know. bill: peter real quick, one last question, who what's do you think is going on in the white house press with the comp team.
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you have been back and forth with karine jean-pierre. they will have to answer why they knew about documents thursday night but said nothing about it during press conference yesterday to your point as they claim they are cooperating and they are being transparent. i believe it was you who asked the other day what is the white house hiding. what do you think is happening in the pr room right now? >> well, i think that there's probably a lot of four letter words that would not be suitable for broadcast in the press room right now. but the people in the press shop and karine jean-pierre was kind of alluding to this yesterday, they are being put in a tough spot by the president's personal attorneys and by the special counsel's office because karine jean-pierre said that she was not involved in the decision to wait and wait and wait to
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disclose these discoveries to the public. but somebody was and we don't know who and so the press -- you have to sympathize with with some of these guys a little bit because they are just finding out about the drip, drip, drip from the personal attorneys from the special counsel's office and so -- they have their hands full. i'm sure they will take advantage of the federal holiday on monday when we don't expect there to be a press briefing to make sure that everything is set, but -- but at the rate they are going with all of these disclosures, who knows, maybe this isn't the last disclosure of the weekend. don't know. bill: we will have to see and you'll be in the press briefing room whenever the next one happens. judging the way things are going we can expect a lot of back and forth. thank you for hopping on the phone with us, gillian.
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gillian: let's bring political panel tony katz and fox news contributor richard fowler. tony, given that we now have the discovery of 3 different sets of documents in 3 different locations spread out over the course of a week in terms of public revelations, the fed needs to get involved and search the residence top to bottom? >> i'm sour priced that a lot of the searching hasn't happened already. you make a good point. we are talking about the public revelations, this started six days before the midterms, it's been two months. let's go back to a question that you were asking lucas tomlinson at the white house because that's the transparency of conversation. as peter doocy was pointing out, one of the things we don't know who went to the delaware house. there are no logs that we get regarding the secret service about who has visited joe biden at the house where the documents are just laying about like so
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many m&m's in a bowl or card candy that you would get from your mima, who has been visiting and who has had access to them is a huge question and new a national security question and as for how this affects the biden administration, there's really one or two conversations either joe biden is criminally mishandling classified documents or joe biden is old and doesn't know he has them. that's a terrible place for the white house to be. gillian: the documents we know have been at the residence possibly as long as six years now. richard, what do you say? >> look, there's no question that the biden white house is in a little bit of hot water here. in crisis communications the first thing that you want to do is get all of the information and put it out to the public in a meaningful way so you can say here is what we know and here is what we don't know. you can't defend that and that's why the media and why peter and the white house team in every media organization is chomping
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at the bit to get the white house to answer the questions. gillian: not only that, richard, as bill talked about with peter, they have chosen not to take hold of the narrative. they could have offered this information. >> i agree. gillian: for the last couple of days but withheld it. >> i completely agree there. i'm not denying that. gillian: it's a curious strategy. >> listen, and i think i'm sure if you talk to karine jean-pierre if you talk to kate or anybody in the white house press shop what they would say is we wished we could have gotten the information out to the press in one big press release and all the documents we had and what we are doing moving forward, right, and this is not happening, we are giving you drip, drip, which allows not to focus on what we want to focus on malay under speaker mccarthy. gillian: they are moving forward. >> not necessarily. you still have new evidence
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about george santos. now we know he has a ponzi scheme going on. i digress. let's get back to the documents. what the white house can point to is attorney general, the attorney general has followed federal law, he's done in abundance of caution appointed special counsel and the counsel is reviewing documents and what we heard tony talk about is speculation. we don't know what the special counsel is doing in this moment. we don't know if the special counsel is in front of a federal judge acquiring subpoena or granted privilege to search the delaware residence of the president. we don't know what's happening. that could be happening all behind closed doors so before we speculate and make assumptions about what is happening, let's let the general counsel do his special job. gillian: the biden administration has been touting their upper hand here of that of transparency. they said they have been forthcoming when it comes to president trump. they accused him of covering
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classified documents in his house. they are losing that argument every time a new document is revealed to the public now. >> you know, as i said earlier, i may have lost my voice but i haven't lost my mind. what speculation, richard, are you discussing, classified documents -- >> your speculation about china. i'm discussing your speculation about who is at the house, i'm discussing all the speculations. >> richard, richard. it's not speculation that classified documents were found in an office of upenn center. >> speculation about who was in and out of the house. gillian: to be fair, richard, the reason people are speculating about who has been in and out of the biden's residence -- >> that is not a conversation of speculation, that is the white house can let us know. the white house can let us know. >> once again -- >> gillian: they moment they can tell us. that's right, richard. >> here is what happened once
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the documents came out. immediately merrick garland, the attorney general appointed a trump appointed u.s. attorney from chicago to investigate this. he's been on the case since november, right, that's what we know. this is the fact pattern, number one. the only reason he's not on the case because he's going to private sector. the second thing what happened is this, special could believe was appointed-somebody who has history of dealing with prosecuting elected officials. he's now on the case. there's a lot of stuff happening in the background. the biden white house and the president as well as the president's attorneys have been forthcoming and even when you listen to what peter doocy said in his comments tells you how transparent how the white house is being. >> oh, my gosh. >> the president's lawyers -- excuse me, i let you finish, let me finish. they are telling you that their lawyers don't have top secret clearance, we are pumping the breaks and calling the justice department. you didn't get that from the trump administration or donald trump in mar-a-lago.
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i'm not saying the president is doing a good job here. >> trump is not the story. live in the now. >> i'm telling you -- >> gillian: richard, we have to leave it there. tony. you have a few seconds. >> thank you so much. the argument for transparency is not really a good one coming from you today, richard, and the idea that you are touting that the attorney general did his job by appointing a special prosecutor, i mean, we are now applauding the progressive left for doing their job, here you go. [applause] >> i will give you the ataboy. >> he's a federal judge not the progressive left. >> engaged in the conversation about there's no transparency. it's the white house press corp. what peter doocy was talking about is a conversation happening all over the press briefing room that they aren't being told. this got known on november second and we had midterm election on november 8th and nobody told a soul. we didn't know until cbs news
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breaking the news, i believe it was them, i want to make sure i give credit where it's due. do not think for a second, america, that this has been a transparent white house when you know for a fact it hasn't been. gillian: also yesterday both the president and the press secretary had the opportunity directly to tell reporters about the latest development and decline today do so. gillian: we have to leave it. thanks so much for joining us. we will have you back soon. bill: another political headache for the biden administration this week was the massive faa computer system meltdown which led to a full ground stop earlier this week. the first one since 911, what we know about that debacle and some possible solutions coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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gillian: fox news alert, another 5 classified documents have been found at president biden's wilmington home, this brings total to 20 pages found across 3 separate locations. special counsel richard said he obtained 5 pages on thursday, they were immediately taken into justice department custody by officials who were on scene with him. we will continue to bring you more as the story develops this hour, bill. bill: faa says operations are back to normal after damaged database file disrupted flights
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earlier this week leading to nationwide ground stop, the first since september 11th, nate foy joining us live, and nate, a lot of unhappy travelers this week, weren't there? nate: there certainly were, bill. this weekend we are not seeing major issues so far. according to flight aware, 77 cancellations and 1700 delays across the country today but how we move forward from this week's meltdown is subject of debate. a lot of people traveling this weekend, recent holidays have been absolute disaster at airports whether it'd be staffing shortages, bad weather or in this most recent case an outage in faa's notice to air missions to systems which communicates danger to pilots and faa personnel. the faa released statement, functioning properly and there have been no unusual delays or cancellations sense wednesday, preliminary analysis determined that a data file was damaged by
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personnel who failed to follow procedures. faa is continuing its review. now despite this bill, air travelers still have a lot of concerns, listen to this. >> i hope the stimulus package is going to fix the computer problems. nate: this computer problem, bill, comes over a year after president biden's bipartisan infrastructure law that provides $5 billion to the faa to update technology in flight infrastructure. faa started to investigate -- investing the first billion back in april, couldn't stop this week's meltdown but now airline executives are calling for more money. transportation secretary pete buttigieg taking a lot of criticism for this. congresswoman nancy macy filed a bill that would force him to fly commercial until faa reauthorization process is complete and these issues are dealt with. we will send it back to you, bill.
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bill: nate, i was one of the delayed flights coming to dc, 4 and a half hours not fun at the airport, thanks for the live report, nate. more on faa disruptions we will bring steven bradberry, this circles in the notam system. if we can pull up the call. it used to be called notice to airman system and in december 2021, faa announced that they were changing notam to be more gender inclusive and they were going to call it notice to air missions instead in an effort to be more inclusive to all aviators. they were working on fixing the language but not the system itself. >> the system notam and acronym has been known for. they want today keep the same letters so they invented this new term air missions which is a
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confusing term. i don't think it has any real meaning. but i think that shows the priorities of the department of transportation. the top priorities of the political leadership are really on things like climate change, racial equity and gender identity rather than safety which is a primary mission of dot and i suspect the name change was probably pete buttigieg's only prior experience with the notam system. bill: faa came out this week and essentially blamed i believe on two individuals working for a contractor on that notam system because of what happened in the first nationwide ground stop since 911, over 20 years, some people out there calling for the system to be privatized, is that something that you support? >> yes. bill: why? >> part of air traffic control operations and long debate about prioritizing that. it's been done in other countries successfully, canada, for example. this system which is -- it's
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essential for safety to get these messages into the hands of pilots so they know about safety obstructions and issues at the airport they are flying to but the network that distributes them ought to be a pretty simple system. this one has been pieced together 30, 40 years and had some issues in the past and this time the backup failed and the whole system had to go down. now in private hands a simple system like this could be much more efficiently operated without issues like this. i don't understand why it couldn't be distributed more, why does it have to be centralized and under government monopoly. bill: 20 seconds, the faa doesn't have administrator. >> i wouldn't say that, billy nolan who is the acting administrator is long-time experienced safety guy from the airline industry. i almost feel better that the faa is under his leadership than
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it would be under the nominees. bill: phil washington is the nominee and he's not gotten senate confirmed. >> happy to be here. gillian: up next closer look to legal fallout on biden classified documents that have been found in at least 3 separate locations, stick with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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bill: welcome back, top story this afternoon additional 5 classified documents have been found at president biden's wilmington house, we have lucas tomlinson back with us live at the white house lawn for more on what we are finding out. lucas, i understand that you reached out to the white house a while ago, have you heard back from them? >> bill, i asked the white house how many documents are we talking about, classified documents, how many have been discovered, they are not commenting on that. there could be, could be more out there so they don't want to put a definitive number on that. i don't think it's clear how many are out there completely.
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there's been report 20 total, half of them are top secret. let's go back to key exchange that our colleague peter doocy and president biden about where the classified documents were found in delaware home. >> i will get a chance to speak on all this god willing, peter, by the way my corvette is in a locked garage, it's in the like they are sitting out in the street. lucas: what's notable few minutes before exchange the white house in a statement said that one additional document was found in a room adjacent to the garage, so right there the president was saying something that wasn't completely true that not only is garage may have been locked, that's how classified material is supposed to be stored, secured location known as skit. minutes ago we found out there's more classified material outside of the garage and at the house raising more questions this morning or this afternoon, bill. bill: lucas, real quick, 30 second. correct me if i'm wrong, didn't the white house just say in a statement few weeks ago that the
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attorneys had finished their search of delaware home. they looked for everything and turned everything over to the doj? apparently they didn't now. lucas: apparently from the statement just released this morning from the white house not all of those attorneys had, they weren't clear to access classified information and some of the material was found they had to call another lawyer, special counsel, not necessarily special counsel but lawyer who had special classification but the story keeps changing whenever you think, okay, we have all of the classified material that's been made public, it hasn't, of course, this material first discovered two months ago before midterm elections, bill. bill: timing there suspect and the story just keeps changing seemingly by the hour. lucas tomlinson at the white house, gillian. gillian: more on top story this hour we are joined by real clear politics phil waman, let's jump into breaking news this hour, has the narrative completely run away from the white house, is
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there achance for them to get on top of this? >> i'm not certain they can get in front of this. it's important that we distinguish these are not the documents found in the biden penn office. they were found in the garage, the room adjacent to the garage. these are the 3 categories of places where documents were found where they weren't supposed to be and what jumps out to me immediately and lucas and bill were talking about this just a moment ago is that on thursday in that room the white house press secretary told us that the searches had been complete, what we have seen from this statement put out by the president's counsel is that they found them on wednesday but they didn't alert us immediately. this has been the theme of this entire scandal, the slow drip, drip of information. gillian: not only did the white house not notify the public, reporters, but the justice department hasn't either. >> and what we are dealing with here the white house insisted there's a process that they are being transparent but we have open questions of what is your standard of transparency, are
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you being transparency to the letter of the law just doing what you're acquire today stay out of legal trouble or transparent with the american public. remember, a big part of biden's entire pitch to the american people on the campaign trail was that he was competent and straightforward and honest and this has been incredibly frustrating. another question that stands out in my mind and i pressed karine jean-pierre on thursday, what universe of people could have had access to this, we know the president spends a lot of time in wilmington, delaware and spends a lot of time in the penn center. we can piece together just how many people could have potentially had access to these incredibly sensitive documents. gillian: so far the white house, the secret service to be particular has resisted foia requests, not only are they not telling us but they are telling us that they have no intention in telling us unless they are compelled to do so by a court of law. take a listen to this real quick, phil, this is from former white house -- former whitewater
10:39 am
deputy independent counsel. >> the question is really why did they go after and treat former president trump different than anybody else? there may be good reasons, there may not. you don't bring inadvertently to a vice presidential think tank. gillian: you don't certainly don't bring classified documents to unsecured locations that are varied, three unsecured locations. >> right, three and potentially counting. i think that the differences that we have seen thus far and this is what the white house will direct every reporter back to for as long as this lasts, their argument is we have cooperated from the very beginning, our lawyers turn today national archives and department of justice, there was no legal standoff in the way in a way with president trump. one of the earlier things that we heard from the allies of the administration, well, this is just a small number of documents
10:40 am
as the releases grow, though, we are seeing these are potentially at many more and at this point certainly we hope that this is the last batch of documents that have been found but something that i'm still struggling to understand and i pressed the white house press secretary on this is why doesn't biden know what has been in the documents. he said that lawyers advised him to inquire about the contents, well, he's the president of the united states. nothing is off, you know, off limits to him. it seems that this is perhaps another bit of legal insulation but more than the political scandal here, the president ought to know if some of this information had to do with top security issues, things sensitive. our national security is at risk he has to know and be prepared to that. gillian: what information has been compromised. we talked about with the panel, the president above and beyond any staffer who works for him, any staffer who works at the white house or government agencies, it is incumbent upon
10:41 am
him to specifically protect the nation's secrets. he alone is responsible for the armed forces across the world. he alone is responsible for the intelligence operatives working under cover in some of the -- in country's u.s. worst adversaries around the world, americans who put their lives in danger. >> you have two presidents now, the current one and his predecessor who are under investigation, have two special counsels who are looking into this and we will find out exactly probably not to satisfaction of a lot of people in the press because we want to know immediately but we will find out generally what was in the documents. we have seen earlier report that is was incredibly troubling from outlets that some of the documents may have had to do with intelligence related to ukraine. we reported to real clear politics, the president said some of the classified information was in his garage and by own admission previously his son hunter biden also had
10:42 am
access to that garage. gillian: we have to leave it there. thank you for taking the time, appreciate it. so tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. with house majority leader kevin mccarthy on how the house is handling revelations and justice department investigation is ongoing, that's tomorrow on sunday morning futures. bill: gillian, now details into the disappearance of ana walsh days after her husband was arrested for allegedly misleading police. the story coming up right after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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bill: welcome back, live look at eagle pass, texas where towns just like it are feeling effects of migrant crisis after president biden's visit to the
10:47 am
southern border new york city mayor eric adams is heading to el paso today. our national correspondent griff jenkins joining us live in eagle pass, texas with the latest on this. griff, you and i have spent a whole lot of time in eagle pass, show the del rio sector looking today? griff: well, bill, you're well familiar with and drone high above the bridge connected between eagle pass and piedras negras and viewers can't make this out but we are witnessing and you are familiar with, the title 42 of dozen individuals walking back into mexico, that is that covid era fix that many believe is the last thing standing between us and chaos at this border and it comes as new york city's mayor eric adams is headed to el paso now with a reported 3 stops there. we will see if he sees any migrants firsthand unlike president biden this past week
10:48 am
when he visited el paso. but, of course, mayor adams now saying that it has reached a breaking point with the number of migrants he's gotten in the big apple and in border towns like eagle pass is overwhelmed and in kenny county where you have spent time with so many smuggling operations going on, we talked this week, bill, with the kenny county attorney brent smith, he says he's asking all surrounding texas counties for help because it's become unattainable there. take a listen. >> even though there's not guns and bullets on the ground, in kenny county feels like a war that we are going through, amount of property damage, invasion of privacy is unsustainable for texas or the nation. >> let us show you new norms we have gotten since january 1st past 13 days, bill, nearly 50,000 encounters of which nearly 20,000 were expelled under title 42 but a digit there
10:49 am
at the bottom 73.4%, almost 75% of the encounters in the first 13 days have been single adults, that's as you well know alarms the border patrol officials and, of course, something that they had hoped would come as a result of the meeting with president biden and president lopez obrador that mexico could cut down on being transit country for so many migrants. finally, fox news getting exclusive photos of 17 cuban migrants picked up by royal caribbean cruise ship earlier this morning all part of crisis from the florida keys all the way here to texas out arizona in california. bill, we will send it back to you. bill: griff, something you and i talk about quite a bit. explain to the viewers some of the documents littered on the u.s. side of the river bank, once a lot of the people come over, they've got the visas and other passports, explain some of
10:50 am
the documents they ditch as soon as they get to the u.s. side and why they do it? griff: that's right, it's such an important point, bill, because the mexican officials give migrants temporary visas, many of them for 30 days but we have just been picking them up. i had one here just a moment ago from a nicaraguan woman and she was admitted into mexico on january 2nd, she crossed and ditched it right away simply because she doesn't want to prove to officials here she has status south of the border. on any given day you will find dozens of those things littered in a 50-foot span, pretty wild. griff jenkins doing awesome job at the border like he always does, thank you. gillian: new developments this hour after missing massachusetts mom ana c walshe, we have detais for you.
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10:55 am
department custody by officials on scening, more details as we get it, gillian. gillian: newly released police log, shedding light on massachusetts mother, husband charged with misleading investigators. bryan llenas. reporter: ana walshe declared missing on january 4th, last seen at new year's eve gathering with husband brian and friend. head of security at her real estate firm in washington, d.c. called police after she failed to show up for work there. the head of security said the company contacted her husband brian who had not filed missing persons report. brian remains in police custody charged misleading investigators about whereabouts as it pertains to disappearance of his wife. last seen alive showing ana in
10:56 am
juice press with her son and surveillance caught him $450 worth of cleaning supplies, murder charges have not been filed despite mounting evidence of wrongdoing including broken knife in family basement and reported internet searches he made about how to dispose of a woman's bodiment we spoke to the silvas who have been friends with the walshes for 8 years. >> i spent 14 hours months at a time in this guy's house.
10:57 am
he had me fooled. >> we had dinners together. been in each other's homes. >> i've never seen this guy get mad. gillian: that does it for us this
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ask if i could get him back i'll get him back. but they would believe nothing. i lost it, it is gone. but i lost something more valuable than my home and my possession and that was him. clark's heartbreak in the heartland, and emotional outpouring from a woman who lost her brother and a tornado in alabama. he was one of at least nine people killed in storms in the


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