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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  January 15, 2023 7:00am-8:00am PST

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cleaning after this? will: you have to put it slice side down? pete: yep, i'm using my hands. i'm going for speed, i'm going -- rachel: i have -- pete: manual with. [inaudible conversations] i don't have to load and reload. rick: okay, who won? i think i won. i am sure i won. pete: have a great sunday, go to church. rachel: bye, everybody. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us, welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. told, gross negligence, intense and hypocrisy, president biden busted for another batch of classified documents in his possession, and amazingly, the commander in chief tries to explain it away this week with a promise that the documents were locked up with his sports car in a garage. >> by the way, my corvette's in a locked garage, okay?
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so it's not like it's sitting out on the street. but anyway -- >> reporter: in a locked garage. >> yes. as well as my corvette. maria: coming up, a new sheriff is in town as new speaker of the house kevin mccarthy puts week one in the books and enjoys spiking approval ratings for keeping promises of holding joe biden's lawless administration in check. speaker mccarthy will join us live this morning for his first sunday morning interview since taking the gavel. then, oh, the hypocrisy of it all. the department of justice knew joe biden was guilty of removing classified documents even as merrick garland ordered a raid on donald trump for the very same thing. plus, new information on who exactly directed joe biden to cancel the china initiative. now we know, the university of pennsylvania got it shut down after accepting $50 million plus from communist china. >> we now learn that the university of penn successfully
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lobbied the fbi to drop their china initiative which was an investigation by the fbi into all the reach that china has with our research universities around the united states, even the most liberal university prime ministers will tell you they're -- presidents will tell you they're concerned that china has infiltrated all of our universities with spies who are stealing our intellectual property. maria: coming up, newly-named chairman of the house judiciary committee, jim jordan, launches his first investigation since taking the gavel into the doj's handling of biden's blunders. why did the fbi and doj interfere in another election by hiding the truth about bind's handling of classified documents, and why are they allowing the ccp to steal america's secrets? chairman jordan is here. plus, the corruption was a whole-of-government approach. more twitter files expose the fbi, doj and several other government agencies of trying to shut down free speech in
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america. independent journalist matt taibbi on just how hard the fbi tried to hide the truth about russia collusion, the biden laptop and covid-19. the extraordinary plot to fool america now exposed. plus, china's deadly fentanyl killing americans, women and girls being raped on their way into america. five million and counting breaching the country illegally on biden's watch. the reality of life in america because of joe biden's wide open border. the arizona angle with newly-elected congressman juan sis comanny right now. it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and we begin this sunday morning with breaking muse of yet another batch of classified documents found in joe biden's possession, and biden's neglect in handling america's most sensitive information with some classified documents discovered in the garage of his delaware
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vacation home. on thursday attorney general merrick garland named former u.s. attorney robert hur as special counsel to investigate whether biden brock the law. joining me right now exclusively in his first sunday morning television information interinterview on all of this, congressman kevin mccarthy. mr. speaker, good to have you this morning. >> thanks, maria. maria: congratulations to you. it was a hard-won fight. you are there and you've had an incredible first week which aisle going to get to. but first, i want to get your take the on the breaking news. what are you going to do about all of these classified documents being founding in joe biden's possession? >> it just shows the hypocrisy of why the american public does not trust their government. you know, congress has an independent, constitutional obligation to oversee all aspects of the justice department. and that includes special counsels as well. and so we will have a role in overseeing what's transpiring
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here. what's real concerning to me is how justice is applied and is it applied equally. why do you raid president trump? his wasn't just locked, it was padlocked, hay knew it was there. they could have come and taken it anytime they wanted. he were communicating with one another. now we're finding time and again, a locked garage door that opens and closes by the push of a button? how many years has this vice president who's been in office for more than 40 years had these documentsesome who's been in and out of there? so they apply a special counsel, but how many agents do they apply to that and apply to president trump as well? this is just hypocrisy, and i'm tired of this justice department that we found that went after parents and others that they utilize it to go after people because they have different political beliefs. this is a prime example of why we passed this week a new select committee that will fall under jim jordan's committee for the weaponization of government. we can look into what the fbi has been doing from twitter and
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everywhere else and change the course where we can now trust our law enforcement from the fbi place are again, a lot of the whistleblowers have come in very concerned about what has happened to this agency and get it back to the place we mow it should be. maria: it feels like there's so much politics involved. devin nuñes, your former colleague, join ised me on friday to talk about robert hur. here's what he said about this new special counsel. watch. >> this special counsel that was appointed to look at joe biden is somebody we're very familiar with. he is a russia hoaxer himself. and i think the republicans better check in. he has a lot of explaining to do, because he was involved in the letter that was from the fbi to the public that said that we were going to endanger national security if we released that, released the memo at the time. maria: i mean, it's just incredible, it's incredible to me, speaker mccarthy, that this is the person hay chose.
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he's got, you know, dirt on his hands from the russia collusion lie. >> of the thousands of people that work at the fbi, why is it every time there's an investigation of a republican, they're the always tied together in a small, little loop? couldn't we have an independent person in the fbi that has no ties to anything to investigate something? why is it always from a small, protected group of friends are the only ones that they put in to have counsel? that is why we have moved for a new select committee of the winnyization. we will get -- weaponization. we will get to the bottom of this no matter how hard we have to fight. there's one thing i think, maria, i hope the american public realize from watching the race for speaker, i will never give up. that means i will never give up on you getting the truth. maria: and you did that this week. you kept your promises in terms of removing or rescinding the funding for the irs. joe biden wants 87,000 new urs agents.
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you've got 15,000 border agents, what a comparison. you also removed democrats from those important committees, adam schiff as well as eric swalwell and omar as well. and you've got bipartisan support on china bills. tell the us about your first week, how are you feeling after week one is in the books? >> i peel the first week has been very productive. we got a very good rules package that empowers all all members of congress. when you lend that voice to your member, republican or democrat, they have a better opportunity to have a say on the floor. the idea will win at the end of the day. we were able to repeal that 87,000 irs agents because i believe government should be here to help you, not to go after you. yes, we got bipartisan support, 146 democrats joined with us to create a new select committee on china that we can bring those jobs back from china to america, that america will speak with one voice. this is something that you have looked at, maria, time and again, our intellectual property
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being stolen, our farm and others. -- farm and others. we look at all aspects of that so we can compete. we also got a bipartisan vote to stop the strategic petroleum reserve, for selling our oil that is supposed to be there for a time of emergency off to china and others. 113 democrats joined with us. is solike ed to see manchins and others in the senate bring that bill up and move that to the president's desk. we've got a number of bills coming up in the pooch, securing our border -- in the future -- producing more energy, stopping this covid emergency across america so we can all get back to work. maria: yeah. i mean, i'm shocked i even have to ask this, but is the senate going along with this bill that we shouldn't be selling oil from the strategic reserve to china. >> they're not even in session, they haven't produced my bills, so here's the first bill they can take right up. and as you talk to those democrats, manchin, sherrod
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brown, tester and others who say they're moderates and that they want to work together, here's an example that 113 democrats inside congress voted for as well. i don't see the reason why it wouldn't get moved. maria: speaker, you've also said that you are going to release all the video from january 6th. tell me why you want to release all the video, and is what can congress really do at this point? can you change the course of where we've been where it feels like the democrats have been just railroading over the republicans now for several years? >> well, that's what we really tried to do in the house. the first thing we did on the first day was open the people's house back to the people. you know, nancy pelosi wasn't allowing the public to come in. now you can come in and watch and hear the debates. we opened up the capitol for people to come and tour. we took away the magnetometers of members going onto the floor. we want the people to be the a part of their government, to actually see that it's working. the reason why i looked into
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releasing those tapes, i've watched the politicization of what transpired there that nancy pelosi wouldn't are release her own texts, but would pick and choose who could be on that committee. i watched what the report said, things that were not true. so the best way to handle this, i i think, is exactly the way elon musk -- just put all the information out there and let people see what is truth and what is not. so the best way to do that is release the tapes. people can know for themselves instead of picking and choosing what views they want people to see. maria: well, what are we going to learn? if are we going to learn that nancy pelosi basically allowed open air and people to come in with the capitol police not enforcing rules? >> i don't know, i haven't seen the tapes. i just think they should be released. the one thing i did know when nancy pelosi picked this committee, she picked a chairman that actually objected to president bush being as president. the chairman actually said we can look at everything except nancy pelosi. we could not know what she said to the sergeant of arms.
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i think all that information should come forward and let the american public understand what transpired and let them know the full truth. maria: speaker mccarthy, i want to ask you about what's next, i want to ask you about the debt ceiling and the bills that you are looking at to bring to the floor. let's take a short break and continue our conversation with speaker kevin mccarthy in just a moment. and then coming up shortly, matt taibbi among the journalists exposing the collusion between government and social media. wait until you hear the request that the fbi had for twitter. oh, my god. then, jim jordan with plans to hold them all accountable, and new arizona congressman juan with kiss comany -- ciscomani coming up. coming up. back in n a minute. i don't feel seen. oh my god mom, you gotta look... nope. keeping my eyes on the road is paying off with drivewise. bo-ring. get drivewise from allstate and save for avoiding mayhem like me. when you find that perfect pair,
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that has potentially disastrous outcomes, and that means -- and once american debt goes into default, a lot of people can't own it anymore. and american debt doesn't cross default, but it's cumulative. t-bill defaults and next week t-bill defaults, pension plans have to sell. it is so potentially dangerous, we shouldn't get anywhere near it. maria: and we are mere it. that's jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon with me last we're week on an exclusive interview on "mornings with maria." late last week treasury secretary janet yellen wrote a letter to ken mccarthy -- kevin mccar they're that this week the department will begin taking extraordinary measures to avoid default on the national debt. the treasury is expected to exhaust all of its accounting maneuvers by early june, shedding up -- setting up a showdown over raising the debt ceiling. i am back with the speaker of the house, ken mccarthy. --
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kevin mccarthy. what are you going to do about the debt ceiling? >> i do think it's worth a moment to pause and look at how did we get here. and first of all, maria, there is no doom right today. the hundreds of billions of dollars the government currently has, we won't hit our debt limit til really this summer. so let's take a moment and realize why did we get here. i mean, if you look just mt. last four years that democrats were in the majority, they increased discretionary spending by 30%. when republicans were in the majority for the eight years prior, they didn't increase it by one dollar. so that's $400 billion a year we spend more. mt. last two years, they have taken us from spending $4 trillion to $7 trillion. they have added $10 trillion in the next 10 years. we are now going to have deficits for a trillion dollars a year for as long as the eye can see. so what i really think we need to do is treat this like we would treat our household.
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if you have a child and you gave them a credit card and they kept hitting the limit, you wouldn't keep increasing it. what are you spending your money on, how can we cut items out? every government has to do in the, every state, county, city has to balance their budget. for the white houses to say they won't even look for it, they can't find one penny out of a dollar of eliminating waste? i think they're trying to put us into bankruptcy. what i am saying, the first conversation i had with the president, let's sit down together, let's look at the places that we can change our baer. the first thing -- our behavior. the first thing, why don't you make the house and senate both produce a budget? they don't produce a budget, so you know they're wasting money. the house and senate both have to do the appropriation bills. the senate didn't even do appropriation bills, and two senators wrote a $1.7 trillion bill right before christmas that no one could realize. maria: yeah. >> are you going to tell me there's no waste in that? maria: yeah. >> why don't we look at -- this
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is hard working taxpayers' mone- maria: yeah. right, i understand that. >> that's all we're saying, let's sit down and change our behavior for the good of america, because what we're going to do is bankrupt this country and these entitlements if we don't change our behavior today. maria: but they're not going to do it. speaker mccarthy, you know in the. we've already seen the arrogance in full scale last week. karine jean-pierre said there will be no negotiation. the congress has to raise the debt ceiling, we will not get anywhere close to this, there will be no negotiation. now, did you make an agreement with the freedom caucus that you would go back to 2022 spending levels? because i spoke with congressman michael waltz last week, and he said if you do that, that's going to be a $75 billion cut in defense spending. are you willing to cut defense spending to meet this and not have any negotiation with the white house as joe biden wantsesome. >> well, first, let's just take a pause. if we go back to '22 levels, that was what we were spending just 2 the, 3 weeks ago.
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that's not cutting defense by 75 billion. does defense getting more than $800 billion, will areas that i think they could be more efficient? yeah. eliminate all the money spent on wokism, eliminate all the money that they're trying to find different fuels and they're worried about the environment to go through. i want our men and women trained to be able to defend themselves, to secure, to have the best weapons systems possible. so, yeah, i'm sure they can find some places that they could be more efficient. we have some of the best navy seals, some of the best rangers. they come to me every single day as i serve in congress and tell me where that waste is in the pentagon and others and want to be more efficient. but every single level of government should be doing that. this is not our money. this is the hard working taxpayers' money. we should start every day how can we be more efficient, how can we deliver more effective to the american public, and how can we do it in a more secure way that we don't spend as much. why would we sit back and be so
7:21 am
arrogant to say, no, there's no waste in government? why wouldn't we look at all the money that poured out during covid? what money of that has not been spentsome why wouldn't you pull that back in? maria: yeah. but they're not going to agree to a spending cap. they're not going to agree to a spending cap. >> well, maria, i don't believe that's the case because when donald trump was president and when nancy pelosi was speaker, that's exactly what happened for them to get a debt ceiling lifted last time. they agreed to a spending cap. i believe we can sit down with anybody who wants to work together. i believe this president could be that person. that's the conversation i had with the president. i want to sit down with him now so there is no problem. i'm sure he knows there's places that you can change and put america on a trajectory that we save these entitlements instead of putting them into bankruptcy the way they have been spending. maria: so, so -- >> make us do a budget. make us do appropriations out in the public. just doing that would save
7:22 am
tremendous amounts of money. maria: so just to be clear, you're not going to do anything this week unless you can sit down with biden to discuss, because you know there's more money to move around and the real crisis happens in june. and at that time, you are going to try to stick to 2022 levels by cutting out the wokism in defense and perhaps elsewhere. >> yeah, there's plenty of places we can find efficiencies and eliminate waste. the idea that a $1.7 trillion omnibus bill was written by two senators who were retiring where nobody got to debate it, i know we could find a lot of places we can eliminate. the idea of increased spending just in the last four years by 30%, $400 billion, that you added $10 trillion just with democrats in power i now when we were in power discretionary spending went up zero. so like every single household the first hinge you need to do is a budget and prioritize where your money should be spent.
7:23 am
defense is the very number one priority. maria: speaker, we only have a couple of seconds. will you move to impeach alejandro mayorkas on the border. >> we will never use impeachment for a political basis, but i said prior to the election i believe he should resign based on his actions at the border. maria: okay. >> i want our committees to investigate why we're in this position that we are, hundreds of americans are dying every day from fentanyl based on his decisions. maria: hundreds of thousands in the last year, that's for sure. kevin mccarthy, thanks very much for joining us this morning, good to see you. >> thank you, maria. maria: all right. speaker mccarthy. we'll be right back. ♪g i ♪ ter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody.
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maria: welcome back. surveillance and control. we're learning of the manying
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anemics that the biden administration has been using against the american people in their campaign to suppress truth and amplify lies especially during and around major elections. yes, we continue to see that. week elon musk released more trouble thing information about the way the administration has directed social media to censor american citizens and amplify its version of the biden laptop and the evidence of influence peddling on it, covid-19 and its handling of it and the russia collusion lie which the feds pursued, the fbi pursued and secured fisa warrants to spy on trump officials even as they knew there was absolutely no truth to it. matt taibbi joins me now with the latest batch of troubling files. matt, it's good to see you. thanks very much for your work around this. >> thanks very much for having me, maria, i appreciate it. maria: so talk to us about the main revelations from all of these twitter files. there's been a lot, i want you to suppress it into what's most important for us. >> i think the major revelation
7:28 am
of the twitter files so far is that we've discovered an elaborate bureaucracy of what you might call public-private censorship, basically companies like twitter have a system by which they receive ten tens of thousands of requests for action on various accounts. tip typically -- the typically through the dhs and fbi, but these requests for coming from basically every department in the government. we've seen hem from the hhs, from the treasury, from the dod, even from the cia, and they will send basically long lists of accounts in excel spread sheet files and ask for action on those accounts. and in many cases, twitter is complying. maria: yeah, we've been talking about the fact that the if fbi had a task force of 80 agents or 80 people at at the fbi who were tasked with just dealing with
7:29 am
social media, but it was many more than that, right? you're estimating up to a thousand people throughout government. >> right, because that foreign influence task force only refers to the people in the fbi, dhs and the director of national intelligence office. but actually, this includes people in a variety of agencies both federal and state. we've seen requests from basically all 50 states, most of those go through dhs to twitter. so i would estimate that personnel somewhere between 500-1,000 people just based on what we've seen so far. it may be more than that. maria: unbelievable, how extensive this is. and the fbi actually paid twitter, right? what were they paying $3.5 million for? if. >> so that's a really interesting question, maria. we found one incredible e-mail from former fbi general counsel jim baker, this was reporter
7:30 am
michael shellen berger found this, and it's t essentially celebrating that the the fbi had paid $3.4 million for, quote-unquote, processing requests. so, in other words, all those requests that were coming through to twitter and we see all the e-mail traffic talking about what a burden it was for the company to process all of these requests, that's what the money was for. service for hem to look at all these requests -- it was for them to look at these requests harp coming from all these different agencies. maria: unbelievable. and some of the requests were just incredible. i want you to tell the us about those requests because at some point some of the lawmakers like dianne feinstein or adam schiff would just say shut these people's accounts down, period. the fbi would say these are the accounts that we hi are -- well, you tell me what they said. but what are the other requests that the fbi was making? what did they want to know from twitter? >> yes. as i was reading these tens of
7:31 am
thousands of e-mails, we would put them into different buckets. so this might be a person, an issue over here, this might be a revolving door question over here, but then over here we had a bucket called improper asks. and there you might see something like the fbi asking for user identification or ip addresses or handles. and in some cases, even things like geolocation of individual accounts. now, the problem is we don't always see the other side of these transactions, but we can definitely see the government asking for these things. so these are things that are, they're not entitled to usually without a subpoena or without a warrant, but they're asking for them anyway because they have a very close relationship with these companies. and in some cases, we're not talking about a few can'ts, we're talking about -- a few accounts, they're talking about thousands of accounts where they're asking for information. maria: unbelievable. >> and that, i think, is very dangerous.
7:32 am
maria: of course. this is stunning. this is right out of the communist china playbook. matt, before you go, real quick, what happened when twitter said, oh, we can't identify russian bots? we can't identify that this was actually russian disinformation? that's not what we're finding. then what did they do to pressure twitter? >> well, the the usual means is they would go to their friends in the corporate press, and twitter would be hammered by, you know, mainstream press organizations would say basically twitter is not doing enough to combat foreign interference. as you know, because you were reporting on it at time, congressman devin nuñes got an extraordinary amount of abuse because it was claimed that the hashtag release the memo was boosted by russian bots. but we now know based on stuff we've seen internally and these e-mails that winter was actually
7:33 am
telling senators like richard blumenthal, don't do it, you're going to look foolish, and hay did it anyway. maria: and when they didn't get what they wants, they went to cn insurance companies, washington times -- cnn. matt, we've got to have you back on another day when we're not so tight. thank you so much for being here. matt taibbi, great work. >> thanks so much, maria. maria: we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> we now learn that the university of penn successfully lobbied the the fbi to drop their the china initiative which was an investigation by the fbi into all the reach that china had with our research universities around the united states. even the most liberal university presidents will tell you they're concerned that china has infiltrated all of our universities with spies who are stealing our intellectual property, who are stealing all of our research, adopt and technology, things like that -- development. maria: that was the chairman of the house oversight sight committee, james comer, with me over the weekend on fax fox business with after months of my question as to why this administration dropped the so-called china initiative. now we know. it was the because of pressure from the university of pennsylvania after penn received $50 million plus from communist china. partly used that money to fund an office for joe biden, and it was in that very office that
7:38 am
that classified documents were found, part of several batches of classified documents in widen's -- biden's possession. now jis first investigation out of judiciary into president biden and the doj's handling of this situation over classified documents. this comes as chairman jordan is also leading a new select subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government. joining me right now is the man himself, the chairman of the judiciary committee, congressman jim jordan. mr. chairman, congratulations to you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. good to be with you. maria: well, let's talk about your investigation. what are you looking at in terms of these classified documents? let's start there. >> well, i think a couple things jump out, maria. first is this lack of transparency. even though the white house says they're being transparent, it's been just the opposite. so they find these documents on november 2nd. we, the american people, don't learn about it until january 9th, and that's from a news report. when the white house goes public and tells us about the only thing they talk about are the
7:39 am
first batch, the ones found at the penn biden center. they don't tell us about the second batch that were found in the garage in the adjacent room even though they knew about it at the time. they can say they're being transparent, but it's anything but. and then, of course, there's the obvious thing that so many people have talked about, it's double standard. it's, you know, clinton mishandles classified information and biden mishandles classified information, they get treated a certain way and then, of course, president trump gets his home raided 91 days before this midterm election. i think those are the two things that stand out. and, by the way, why is it always the left, the democrats, they get to decide, they get to go find the information and hand it over to the government? i still remember during the benghazi hearings i asked secretary clinton about the 60 some thousand e-mails she had. i said, madam secretary, we don't need to see the personal ones, this is america. this thing called privacy is really important. we don't need to see that, but
7:40 am
we don't exactly trust you and your lawyers to hand over to the committee what the american people are entitled to see. why don't you let us do it this way, how about a neutral third party like a retired federal judge, how about we have them evaluate and hand over the documents. and, of course, they said, no. of they said, we'll decide and we'll destroy 30,000 e-mails which is exactly what they did. so there's always this double standard and, frankly, that's why we've created this select committee to look into some of this disparate treatment that we've seen in the way the justice department operates. maria: i mean, this is county of justice -- department of justice. and isn't this election interference? the fbi sat on the biden laptop right before the election, pursued fisa warrants before the 2016 election. this is third collection, 2016, 2020, 2032, that we're seeing election interference, is it not? >> yep. you're exactly right, 2016 they spy on trump's campaign. 018 it's the mueller
7:41 am
investigation. 2020 the, they suppress the hunter biden story. 2022, they raid the president's home but don't tell the us about joe biden's classified document issue that they knew about prior to the election. and now you've got the special counsel investigating president trump and president biden, i mean, impacting, probably impacting the 2024 race potentially. i mean, it's election -- maybe the fbi should just stay out of things and let the american people decide who we want representing us in congress and who we want as commander in chief and not weigh in on all these various elections. maria: so can you and these committees improve things before 2024? are you going to be able to get a handle on this? >> step one in stopping this behavior is, first, exposing it, getting all the truth to the american people. that's why speaker mccarthy has established this select committee to look at what we term as the weaponization of government. you can just go down the list. the very first whistleblower who came to us came to us and told us about the justice department
7:42 am
going after moms and dads showing up at school board meetings. and that fbi agent whistleblower used this line about the highest levels of the fbi, he said it's rotted at its core. and then we've had the different treatment, the double standard where january 6th defendants get treated one way and then the rioters and looters of the summer of 2020 get treated in a different fashion, it looks like. then you have how pro-life activists versus the people protesting at supreme court justices' homes this summer. and then fisa abuses and the ones you were just talking about, the idea that our government is paying big tech companies to give them information about american citizens and working this collusion between big tech and big government to keep information from the american people? and as we know in 2020, important information about the hunter biden story just days and weeks before that most important election we have, election for president of the united states.
7:43 am
so those are the things we're going to examine in this select committee and make sure the truth is out for the american people. maria: well, what do you want to say to these companies that are getting bully by the fbi -- bullied by the fbi and doj to give up all of this information? can the fbi just go to twitter and say what is the geolocation, who's the user, where do they live, who are they talking to? are they supposed to just give it up? what about at&t, what have hay given up? what about all these other companies? can they just get bullied and roll over for the fbi, which seems to be what they've been doing? >> there's supposed to be a warrant. it's called the united states constitution. it's called due process. it's called respecting liberty and freedom. so there's supposed to be a warrant in -- if you're going to get that kind of information. this is one of the issues that some of these f if bi agent whistleblowers have talked to us about, this idea that they're handing stuff over without proper predicate, without a warrant. that is what is so alarming. and the idea that they were paying them, as you pointed out,
7:44 am
$3.5 million the government is paying twitter to do these the searches and do the things that they were doing is truly frightening. i actually think a template that's used by the left. the left will say the lie, big media will report it, big tech will amplify it, then when you try to tell the truth, you get attacked and called all kinds of names. that's how it operateses. maria: yeah. >> when the government weighs in, that's when it's a direct violation, i think, of americans' first amendment free speech rights. the government weighing in and influencing that process, that template that's used by the left, that's when it gets particularly scary. and, again, that's the motivation for having this committee, so that we can expose all this and make sure it doesn't happen in this great country. maria: real quick, we've got to jump, but it feels to me that you've got two issues you've got to get through. you've got to except those whistleblowers to come out and testify under oath. >> working on that. maria: and number two, what
7:45 am
about this revolving door of government going to social media? jim baker was general counsel at the fbi, then he becomes the number two general counsel at twitter, and that's just one example. how are you going to break that? >> yeah. we're -- first on the whistleblower question, we've now had 19 whistleblowers come talk to us. what's scary is many of them, we think, have been retaliated against by the justice department. we are working with them. we think many of them are, in fact, going to be willing to sit for a deposition and willing to, be willing to testify in a pluck hearing. maria: okay. >> we're working on that as we speak. the other issue about this back and north, it's so true. jim baker was at the fbi and hen, of course, at twitter. very, very concerning what's going on there. we want to get some of these communications, for example, the communication between elvis chan, fbi agent who was meeting weekly with the big tech platforms in silicon valley, we want to get those communications. we think that'll be real important for this investigation. maria: and i'm wondering if he's
7:46 am
reporting back to the chinese communist party. does he have other family that the ccp is bullying unless he gives them information. jim jordan, thanks very much. we'll be watching your leadership. we'll be right back. >> you bet. ♪ ♪ meet leon the third... leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. hi, i'm lauren, i lost 67 pounds in 12 months on golo. golo and the release has been phenomenal in my life. it's all natural. it's not something that gives you the jitters.
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7:50 am
about the impact to arizona, and what you take away from joe biden's visit there. greg abbott was with us last week, and he said that it was two years too late, and he has not had much of an impact. how do you see things? >> well, i'll tell you what, from arizona's perspective this has been, needed to be tone a long time ago. -- done a long time ago. what really stood out to me by that speech by joe biden, obviously, he praised the vice president about her good work on the border. i don't know what vice president he was looking at, but i can tell you that there is nothing to be proud about in what's been happening at the border. certainly not the overdose deaths in fentanyl, that is the number one leading cause of deaths among young people in arizona overall. certainly not the 800 migrants that have died in the desert trying to cross because of an open border. there's really nothing to be proud about, in my view, and that's what the president said and praised? he just shows that he's
7:51 am
completely out of touch on issue, and that's why i'm glad the house has been on the republican side, and we're going to have some very needed oversight on this issue. maria: the border agents have told me the gotaways, this million number of gotaways who evade apprehension, that they go to arizona, that they go to tucson. what are you seeing in terms of gotaways? >> well, sure. i live in tucson, that's the biggest city in my district can, and we definitely are seeing the gotaways all over the country, honestly. this is no longer a border state issue. every state has become a border state at this point, because people are going to every single part of our country. so it's an issue that every single community is feeling in different ways, but it's been out of control, and we've been saying this for a long time. and secretary mayorkas has failed at his job utterly, and is we need to have some real accountability on this issue. maria: we're going to continue this conversation. i want to know what that means for mayorkas and also talk to you about your own journey here. congressman. juan ciscomani, stay with us.
7:52 am
we'll be right back with more. ♪ ♪
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and when you leave search, duckduckgo helps keep companies from watching you as you brows. join tens of millions of people making the easy switch by downloading the app today. duckduckgo, privacy simplified. maria: welcome back. i am back with arizona congressman juan ciscomani. congressman, tell us a bit about your own story. you were born in mexico. because a lot of people who emigrated here the legal way are upset that all of these illegal migrants are getting in front of the line. you were born in mexico? >> i was born in mexico, and i became the first mexican immigrant here in arizona to win a congressional seat. you know, i was remembering a conversation i had with my dad right before the campaign, and he asked me where else could we have our story? we come to the country, we learn english. he said i drive a bus my whole life, we become u.s. citizens, and now my son has a shot at
7:56 am
becoming a member of the united states congress. where else in the world could that be, and the answer's nowhere. i've been a big defender of the american dream through my campaign. when i was in d.c. here for swearing in, i remember that the first oath i took to the constitution was to become a u.s. citizen, and the second oath that i took 16 years later was to become a u.s. member of the united states congress. so this is kind of opportunity this country offers, and we need to fight for that american dream for everyone that wants a shot at it. part of that is, of course, the rule of law and keeping opportunity alive for everyone. maria: yeah. that is a great story, and it sure is the american dream. so having said that, do you want to see alejandro mayorkas impeached forker the application of duty? all of those people waiting to do it the way you did it, legally. >> well, as i said in the previous segment, hal -- alejandro mayorkas has ultimate -- utterly failed and has not been held accountable, and that is a big, big problem. now that the house is on the republican side, we are going to
7:57 am
hold him accountable, ask the right questions, and he has to go. he has failed and he needs to go. maria: congressman, it's good to have you. we hope you'll come back soon to "sunday morning futures." >> absolutely. thank you. maria: that'll do it for us. the news continues this week on "morning s with maria," join us live from davos, switzerland, this week, i'll be live on fox business. have a great sunday. i'm down with rybelsus®. my a1c is down with rybelsus®. in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. in the same study, people taking rybelsus® lost more weight. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis.
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