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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  January 15, 2023 8:00am-9:01am PST

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♪ ♪ howard: after being pummeled by joe biden, by the democrats, by the media including many pundits demanding donald trump or be prosecuted for mishandling classified documents, it turns out the president also botched the handling of classified documents. that first reported by cbs, and biden's team releasing information in distributes and crab cans. oops, a second batch found as first reported by nbc, but we're
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not told where. oh, wait, in his wilmington garage. and then yesterday, a fourth batch discovered at the wilmington house. i'm not going to argue this is exactly like donald trump's case. he kept saying he'd turned over all the classified papers only to have fbi agents find 100 more curl that -- curl that raid on mar-a-lago. bind voluntarily cooperated, it's different, nothing to see here. but once robert hur was appointed to investigate biden's mishandling of classified documents, the media's tone gradually became more skeptical. >> republicans are jumping on the discovery of classified documents at president biden's privacy office, equating it to former president trump's large stash of government materials stored at mar-a-lago. apples to oranges really. >> thanks to joe biden, america's most sensitive secrets were floating around in an unsecured office that was bought
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and paid for by the ccp. of course, joe biden doesn't need to defend himself. why should he? he's got don lemon, liberal "morning joe," the ladies of "the view." 9. >> yet more classified documents in the possession of joe biden, the guy who's been lecturing you about cha classified documents. >> why are americans just finding out about this? >> because it's a growing political crisis for the president and for democrats. >> not like there's been a flood of timely information about this at all from in the white house. howard: i'm howard kurtz, and this is "mediabuzz". ♪ ♪ howe after white house reporters realized the biden team was not being forthcoming, was holding back information, was refusing to answer basic questions, they felt played, and many of them hammered karine jean-pierre. >> do you acknowledge that the
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fact that the white house did not reveal this to the public despite the fact that you've known about it for months undercuts the president's promise of being transparent? >> but here's the thing, they were transparent. [inaudible conversations] >> -- everything, and is you know that. we're reaching out on a con santa basis -- >> okay, i am saying to you tha- >> reporter: what is the white house trying to hidesome. >> nothing. >> reporter: someone gave the president a statement to read on tuesday the that was incomplete at best, misleading at worst. who? howard: joining us now to analyze the coverage, mollie hemingway, editor and chief of the federalist, and in new york, liz claman of fox business network. mollie, the reaction was, oh, this is just a minor sloppiness by the biden team. now i think the tone has gotten tougher.
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i think many of these journalists are angry and outraged. >> welsh it's interesting to see that that would be called angry. of those questions that you showed from the white house press corps, really only peter doocy's was getting at some of the deeper issues there and was rightfully called aggressive. i think it's good to think about the perspective here. no administration got kinder coverage than the obama-biden administration from the press. then we also saw that the press basically ran president biden's presidential campaign, allowing him to sit in the basement while they went after his opponent, president trump from. they were hysterical constantly with president trump. they were the ones pushing this russia collusion hoax. he were hostile about literally everything he did. and you see in those questions they're actually pretty nice. they're gentle, they're kind. only peter doocy gets at what are we hiding here? we don't know what we don't know with these documents, and that's important going forward. of. howard: well, i think for the paris time in joe biden's presidency, liz claman, i think the journalists feel like he was
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been had. i want to to get your thoughts. why can't the biden amendment just put out all the information at once instead of always, like, well, here's another batch, and we haven't accounted for this batch? there's a misconception, in my view, that you can't do that now because there's an investigation. there's nothing stopping president biden or his lawyer, richard sauber, from going to the briefing room saying here's what we know, here's what we don't know except politically they may not want to anger doj. >> i think you're right, howie. i think what started as very lukewarm coverage has turned into a pretty roiling boil. and, yes, peter doocy of fox news, very, very hard on them and rightly so. but now you're starting to see, as you mentioned, much more hostile and aggressive reporting. two things that i think are really crucial about the media coverage on this, howie. number one, cbs news broke the story a week ago monday. cbs broke that story. cbs and abc led their nightly
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newscasts that night. nbc, i think, used it as the second story. -- story. cnn devoted about an hour and 45 minutes that night, it's gotten bigger and bigger. obviously, fox news was on it, but they did 28 minutes compared to cnn. msnbc, a lot skinnier there. the most important thing is when you start to see i guess you could call it the dominant -- i wouldn't say mainstream because fox is number one, but dominant media, this morning jake tapper interviewed the house oversight chair. james comer gave him 19 minutes as the lead. so that's important. number two, what you showed, that clip, shows hat press got a lot more aggressive once they saw the stonewalling by the press secretary the, karine jean-pierre. howard: right. >> she did not take that the lanny davis, clinton press secretary, tone to heart which is if there's a problem, tell the it early, tell it all --
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howard: no. >> biden, not doing that. howard: they need somebody like that, and the press secretary gets beat up. but i don't think merrick garland could have turned down a potential counsel in this case. obviously, this is his boss, he named robert hur, a former trump-appointed prosecute after naming jack smith to investigate trump. but does the press seem satisfied that in the shows no double standard? >> there are two special counsels, but a special counsel is a tool of the department of justice. it can be used offensively to go after political opponents really tenaciously like the robert mueller special counsel which had all sorts of information that helped feed that russia collusion hoax that later fizzled out, it can also be used defensively to say, oh, we're working on it. also you can see differences in what the special counsels are assigned. so merrick garland, who has done a lot to destroy the already-damaged reputation of the department of justice by being so politicized has given the special counsel going can
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after trump broad authority to go after all sorts of things. and a much more narrow scope to to go after president biden. also, he named the special counsel for trump there after they already knew that biden had a document problem -- the. howard: right. >> -- the documents were discovered before the midterm elections. he appointed the trump special counsel after the mid temple elections. -- midterm the elections. howard: i've got to disagree that i don't know there's any evidence that president biden has told her merrick garland what to do. they insist hay had no heads up on the special counsel, so i don't know that the doj politicizes it, nor do i think that garland can resist whatever his new special counsel wants to do even if it's bring an indictment. so, liz, you know, you mentioned karine jean-pierre being out will. she says again and again and again it's an ongoing process, i can't comment, and it just looks awful. and at a certain point, she was battered and bloodied, and maybe they should have had a lawyer go out there who at least could answer some minimal questions
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rather than give the appearance that we're not talking here a. >> well, now that there's an investigation, the white house is going to put on a loop tape, sorry, we can't comment, there's an investigation. now real enterprising reporting begins. her going to -- and i'm pretty sure because you start to see the press really invigorated by this story, they are going to start hunting down looking for leaks and sources. so we shall see who becomes the most aggressive in all of this. but, howie, when you look specifically at the press coverage here, mollie made a great point. this was discovered before the midterm elections and wasn't revealed until after. that's the leviathan are problem here. not so much that it's the, you know, now it's 20 documents, there may be more, obviously, but but the problem is they held this, and that's going to be an issue. howard: right. and the timing is something they could have addressed, mollie, but they've not. they sat on this until a couple news organizations broke it. we did not know before the
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midterms. hay knew they had a problem with vice presidential documents that should not have been in the garage or next to the corvette or any of this err stuff -- can other stuff. i think the tone of this is different than anything else i've seen with the possible exception of the debacle in afghanistan. >> i was thinking the afghanistan was similar. howard: yeah. >> i love that you both have optimism that the press will do a good job covering this. i am just so chastened by what we've seen in the last couple years. even what we know about the biden story has largely been fed to friendly, compliant reporters, the entire news that there were these classified documents was given to friendly reporters. it wasn't tenacious reporting that brought this out. what's interesting to see with -- is whether the press can move into why exactly were these documents being hidden, strewn all over the place? what is going on with this university of pennsylvania biden center which has gotten more than $100 million in money from china? we know from, again, friendly
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reporters at cnn revealed that some of these dock can be units were about ukraine and about china. well, we have major problems in the world related to these two areas. the biden family business which involves people from those countries giving the biden family a lot of money for access to now-president biden, this is the story. this is what we need to understand, how the biden family business has affected what's going on with the united states of america and how it relates to these other countries. ohio. howard: -- ohio ohio one is set of these documents involves ukraine, and all of this will come out, i think a lot of it with the house republican hearings. but, liz, on this question of the timing, i guess what i would ask you is this: right now we're sort of at, maybe not at 11, but we're certainly at an 8 in terms of the press jumping for a new story every single day. we'll see what comes out. but do you think in a week, ten days if there's no new bombshell revelations that the press will lose interest in the way that might not have been the case
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with donald trump and his classified documents? >> time will tell, obviously, but they've got a helicopter or drone, i can't tell the difference these days, circling over the wilmington the, delaware, residence of the president. and, remember, this is very, very reminiscent of all of that media coverage crushing down on mar-a-lago. but i think the more almost worrisome and notable point about this is we have two potential 2024 presidential candidates unable, both of them, to follow one simple rule, do not remove documents from the white house unless you can put hem in a secured area -- them in a secured, and a corvette garage or a beach club do not count. and i think that the press is going to go after that. howard: i think we have a slight difference of emphasis here, but we'll see. when we come back, the media dig up incriminating new details about george santos, and some republicans knew about his lies during the campaign. ♪ ♪ oh, what's this? the sofia vergara collection
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howard: turns out some insiders knew in advance about george santos' largely fabricated biography. the freshman congressman is refusing calls to resign from republican leaders and being chased by reporters. >> will you. accept down. >> i will not. -- step down? >> i will not. [inaudible conversations] >> new york republicans are calling you a disgrace. >> you will not resign. >> pardon me. howard: house speaker kevin mccarthy on whether he plans to ache action. >> if there is -- to take action. >> if there is something that rises to the occasion that he did something wrong, then we'll look at that. >> will you put him on committees? >> right now, yes. howard: mollie, "the new york times" is reporting that some campaign members quit after an
8:17 am
oppo study the revealed some of these lies. other republicans knew about it, but they couldn't get anybody to pay attention. kind of changes the focus of the story. >> i mean, i feel like lots of politicians lie. this guy takes it to an all new level. he's very pathological, so i imagine there are many people that stepped away. he actually reminds me, by the way, of president biden's level of pathological lying, mostly like what we saw in the 1980s where he was lying about every aspect of his life and that has continued to do that. what's interesting is the media a are making kauai so much the focus -- guy so much the focus. his district can choose to recall him or not reelect him. way that they're obsessively focusing on this, i don't think it matches with what most americans care about in terms of the problems facing the country. howard: well, an interesting point is his democratic opponent tried to interest reporters in the story, but they were covering all these races, and it wasn't a big race. so "the washington post" reports
8:18 am
that santos got payments as late as 2021 from a florida-based outfit called harbor city capital. can you tell us what went on with that? >> well, it's a huge amount of money, and it's more compared to what he had said two years ago or when he filed his documents that are supposed to be filed when you're running for office, 20 months late, by the way. and if you're talking about the press coverage here, one single reporter from a small long island newspaper called the north shore -- howard: north shore leader. >> -- maureen dealingly, give her -- maureen daley, give her an award. not only did they dig a little deeper, he had said he had a mull i million hamptons house, now, he does not. they went to his rented queens row house and took photographs of that. howard: right. >> they dug in and found that he has an auto low -- loan. it's a way bigger problem for the gop and not so much george
8:19 am
santos who is, obviously, a disturb the thed -- disturb thed individual. kevin mccarthy said the people voted for him. no, they voted for a figment of george santos' imagination, and now republicans are asking for him to quit. howard: right. but he did win the election. and by the way, that harbor city outfit fit was accused of being a ponzi seem after santos the scheme after santos left. mollie, times reported that santos never went to college -- >> that's what i was referring to about pathological level of lying that certain politicians do have. but the level of media interest in him, you know, i think most people would care much more about president biden's continued lying -- howard: sure. whoever heard of this guy before. >> he lies about things he doesn't need to lie about. this guy, george santos, it is something that the people were poorly treated because they didn't know if about these
8:20 am
things, but they have means to handle that. the way that the d.c. press has focused on this instead the of talking about what the republicans want to do, heir just trying to come up with a bad story for republicans. howard: liz, just briefly, the idea that there were these financial funds that santos was involved in and still unexplained $700,000 gift or loan to his campaign, i think, is what is ultimately going to be the santos' problem here. >> well, yes, it is a, it is a federal violation of the law, and i was looking this up, it is a felony to make false filings in federal disclosures. so if there is an ethics committee investigation -- which a lot of even republicans are surprised there isn't already -- again, this is going to become a bigger issue for the gop and kevin mccarthy. what does it say that the brand newly-elected republican house of representatives, the two most known people or talk ad-about people right now are speaker kevin mccarthy and george santos? to go into this what aboutism
8:21 am
right now, i mean, the segment's about george santos, i'm just telling you, howie, the press is going the take this and not let go of it. but if it's dealt with, it'll be a footnote. howard: mollie makes a fair point, this was a barely known guy. thank you, both. up next, peter doocy about holding the white house accountable in the documents probe. ♪ if. ♪ one role of a lifetime... one sore throat. but she had enough. she took mucinex instasoothe sore throat lozenges. show your sore throat who's boss. mucinex instasoothe. works in seconds, lasts for hours. dry skin is sensitive skin, too. and it's natural. treat it that way with aveeno® daily moisture. formulated with nourishing, prebiotic oat. it's clinically proven to moisturize dry skin for 24 hours. aveeno® my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead.
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8:25 am
chief white house correspondent from the north launch peter doocy, welcome. >> reporter: thanks, howie. howard: here's what everybody wants to know, what made you frame the question about the classified documents found in the wilmington garage in terms of joe biden's corvette? >> reporter: well, just within probably 5-10 minutes before the president walked out, the special counsel put out their statement where they said this second batch of classified material was found in the garage at his wilmington residence. and i instantly remembered that he had posted a tweet during covid, hey, look what i'm doing here at my house, and he was revving the engine of the corvette. and so i found the tweet the, i looked it up. you can see garage in there, and i just made a little note. usually i take a lot of time to type my questions out so that they're clear when i look down, i just really quickly scribbled that one down, and it luckily got his attention. howard: well, you made that 1967
8:26 am
stingray even more famous. [laughter] let me play for you system of the back and forth you had the other day with karine jean-pierre. >> reporter: on these documents, how could anyone be that irresponsible? isn't that what president says about mishandling classified documents? >> the question spoke to this personally -- >> reporter: how can president biden be trust thed moving forward with american scents? >> because his lawyers, his team did the right hinge -- >> reporter: but he had a closet with classified -- >> he and his lawyers did the right -- again, again, again -- [inaudible conversations] he was surprised that the records were there. he spoke to this. [inaudible conversations] howard: so what were you trying to accomplish by talking about how can president biden be trust thed with america's secrets? >> well, basically president biden told "60 minutes" that this was really bad when a different president did it, and so i was just trying to figure out why exactly -- you know, it's not the an apples to apples
8:27 am
comparison with the biden situation and the trump situation. but it's close enough. and i was just trying to figure out why it is different when this president mishandles classified information than when another one does. howard: just to show that you did your homework. let's briefly play that "60 minutes" bite with president biden. >> how that could possibly happen, how anyone could be that irresponsible. howard: so, peter, at thursday's white house briefing it was painful to watch, went on for quite a long time. one correspondent after another stood up and pounded the press secretary on not providing the straight story, the full story, especially on timing of when they learned in the. i had the impression that many of your colleagues were genuinely upset and perhaps felt that they had been played. if i've never seen a briefing like this in the administration. how did it seem to you in that roomsome. >> reporter: i've noticed over the last two years that if
8:28 am
there's the one thing white house press corps as a whole gets really upset about, it is issues of access to the president or to events and transparency. and when you're hearing one thing from the white house and another thing from the attorney general can and they do not link up, it seems like around here these decisions of transparency or what they say is transparency maybe isn't really. howard: well, by our count there were at least 13 times that karine jean-pierre said it was the an ongoing process, so she couldn't comment, at least 18 times i would refer you ott justice department or the white house counsel's office knowing full well they're not commenting either. i felt some sympathy for her because they're not letting her go beyond anything that the president's already said. >> reporter: especially because she hen revealed the following day that she was not involved in the decision to sit on this. somebody in biden world has known about this more than two
8:29 am
months before they went public with it. she revealed on friday that was not her call. and so somebody around here is making decisions about -- because it's not just legal strategy, it is communications strategy, it's pr for the president. and whoever it is behind curtain pushing that button, pulling that that string, we still don't know. but, hey, we're being refer to the jus tet department and the -- the justice department and the special counsel, so we can ask them too. howard: well, maybe they'll put somebody mt. briefing room who can actually answer questions. peter doocy, thanks. >> thanks for having me. howard: peter doocy. and we'll be right back. ♪ n't so smart. sprinkler on. and now i'm sending mixed signals... to your garage. but, if you haven't bundled your home and auto, unpacking this isn't going to be too much fun. so get allstate. ugh-stipated... feeling weighed down by a backedup gut"
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8:33 am
intel committee. >> if you got the briefing i got, you wouldn't have him on any committee. he cannot get a secures clearance in the private sector -- security clearance. howard: joining us now, jim geraghty and in new york, mara liasson, npr's national political reporter. jim, whether people believe eric swalwell should be booted orbit for having a relationship with a suspected chinese spy, fact that democrats stripped marjorie taylor green of her committee assign9s, doesn't that make it harder for the president to say this is some kind of outrage? >> oh, yeah. should he remain on the intelligence committee after his experience attempting to penetrate chinese intelligence and does he belong on any committee. a similar thing with mtg. i do kind of think when you have these semi-narcissistic, always on social media, social media star candidates whether taking away their ability to be on committees is kind of like punishing the high school bully by saying you can't do homework
8:34 am
anymore. you're giving them more time to do what they want to do, which is be stars of social media. howard: yeah. more time for instagram. swalwell says this was purely vengeance, but when you also saw nancy pelosi reject some of kevin mccarthy's nominees to the january 6th committee, the media i don't recall being especially up in arms about that, so the it's a question of -- >> i remember that story being covered quite a bit. it was unusual that you wouldn't have both parties represented on that committee. on the other hand, when she, nancy pelosi, objected to putting certain members on like jim jordan, kevin mccarthy decided to pull everyone off and, you know, you can have a debate about whether that was a good idea or not. the january 6th committee was allowed to tell its story from, you could argue, the democrats' point of view with no republican input or pushback. sometimes beware of what you wish for. but with i do think we're in this spiral of the committees getting more partisan, both parties more willing to bar
8:35 am
people from the other party that they don't want on the committees. howard: you know, jim, you have this sort of alternative reality between democrats and republicans and the media. so the republicans have now voted to strip away $80 billion from past biden legislation to pay for what they say is 87,000 irs agents. they say we're protecting small business, we're protecting working families. but all these fact checkers -- washington post, politifact, fact -- say that's not true, most of the money wasn't going to agents and no one under $400,000ing a year will be audited, but conservatives, of course, don't necessarily believe it. >> yeah, look, there's a question of this is what the money's been allocated for and what it's intended to do and what the internal revenue service will actually do. republicans have a relatively easy case to the are public -- howard: everybody hates the irs. >> they're fine human beings and everyone should respect hem and they're terrific. [laughter] having said that, yes, everyone has peer of the irs, so when you hear, oh, a big budget
8:36 am
expansion, they're going to hire for personnel, everybody thinks, oh, gee, whatthey come after me? howard: on the other hand, mara, the white house says this will let the fat cats off the hook, the nonpartisan congressional budget office says it'll be a decrease of $100 billion in revenue because of not going after the well-heeled -- and the press used to moderate these debates, and i think now it's kabooky theater based on the underlying facts. >> it's hard for the press to the moderate these debates when the press isn't seen as a legitimate, dispassionate moderator. the fact is that the the irs has been one of conservatives' most hated agencies and, you know, it's in the eye of the beholder. if there's less money percent irs, sure, there's less money for the all of a sudden admits, but who mostly gets audited? rich people and corporations. and it just depends on how strongly you feel about the irs. this is a totally politicized argument. i think all of those fact checks are almost irrelevant here
8:37 am
politically. howard: we spent a lot of time at the top of the show talking about president biden and classified documents. the former president, donald trump the, said this on truth social, made a video with these allegations. play it. >> the fbi worked to stop the truth from being told about the biden family's criminality. the ticket -- the fix was in, the election was rigged, but the censorship of laptop from hell is only the beginning of the story. howe jim, donald trump's free to attack the fbi and talk about the rigged election, he's been doing it for two years, but i don't see it getting much coverage. >> it's reruns -- howard: it's not original programming? >> the laptop from hell, we've heard him say that about a thousand times -- howard: new developments on twitter -- >> yes, but it's all him reacting and tie thing it back to his previous grievances and headaches. howard: right. then there was another post by
8:38 am
the former president, mara, in which donald trump said robert hur's going to investigate joe bide joe biden. he's a nice guy, but jack smith, his own special counsel, may very well turn out to be a criminal, he's in a mental state of derangement. his wife donated to the obama campaign, but does the press no longer deem it newsworthy that donald trump makes these types of allegations against a law enforcement official? >> well, yeah. i mean, i think you can just look at the new york post or fox news and remember when he announced his election campaign, florida man announces re-election, page 26. there's no do you want that the majority of -- no doubt that the majority of conservative media, fox first and foremost, has a strong desire to move on from donald trump and are not paying enough attention and giving him the air time and inning they used to. howard: well, of course, the question is what about the voters. and, you know -- >> that's a different question. howard: right. because he's the only declared candidate. he has a way of making news, and
8:39 am
you can't count him out -- >> absolutely. howard: with all those caveats, mara, jim, great to see you this sunday. we'll be right back. ♪
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meet leon the third... the second... and the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. luckily, chase has solutions that grow with you. one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. howard: the british press has gone absolutely nuclear over prince harry's book, and in a tv blitz harry revealed his simmering resentment toward camilla, the queen consort, who he viewed as disrupting his
8:43 am
mother diana's marriage. >> she was the villain. she was the third person in the marriage. she needed to rehabilitate her image. >> you and your brother both directly asked your dad cannot to marry california camilla. >> yes. >> why be so public? why reveal conversations you've had with your father or your brother? you say you tried to do this privately -- >> and every single time i've tried to do it privately, there have been briefings and leakings and planting of stories against me and my wife. >> critics are going to say, well, you're taking your private struggles and making money, so it's the almost as if you've sol out your family. >> the only way i can protect us and correct those mistruths is by writing something -- the. [laughter] the truth, in one place. howard: joining us now, charlie langston with the daily mail. is this the case of the british tabloids using the book to pile on, or is there genuine anger about the sense that he's gone too far in revealing family
8:44 am
secrets? >> oh, there's absolutely genuine anger. i think that anger has grown substantially as a result of this book. but you're also seeing the tides turn here in the u.s. we all know that harry has railed against the british press time and time again, but you only have to look at the reaction from media outlets here mt. u.s. to see -- in the u.s. to see how angry people are. howard: okay. >> even "the new york times" said that harry went too far, and they have been one of his biggest supporters. the cut, which did an interview with meghan, called his book chaotic and unhinged. i think that is an indication for you of how angry people are across the globe. howard: we're awaiting some remarks by president biden honoring the martin louer king day weekend -- luther king day weekend. we'll bring those to you when the president starts speaking. charlie, look, it looks like the netflix series was three minutes ago, so are they cashing in? absolutely. but harry says he had to tell truth because buckingham palace
8:45 am
keeps leaking against him. and as if to underscore that point, several british papers used this quote that the prince had been kidnapped by a cult of psychotherapy and meghan. >> from my experience working as a journalist, i have never had anyone from inside the palace, from inside the royal family pick up phone to me and say, hey, i've got this great story for you. that's just not the way it works. what happens is we as journalists get stories, we get told the stories about the royal family. we find if out stories through investigative means. we then put those stories to the palace for a comment. so idea that anyone inside palace is phoning up a journalist to kind of leak evil and fake stories about harry and meghan just isn't how things work, and i think that's a very dangerous narrative for harry to be putting across. especially to people who don't understand how those kinds of processes happen.
8:46 am
howard: i'm sure these conversations go with on all the time as in any world capital. but, you know, the accusation, piers morgan and others saying harry betrayed not only the royal family -- and yet i've got to break in. fox news alert, president biden many atlanta, georgia, right now delivering remarks at ebeneezer baptist church in honor of mlk day, of course, martin luther's old church. let's listen. >> -- [inaudible] [applause] i've spoken before parliaments, kings, queens, leaders of the world. i've been doing this for a long time, but this is intimidating, following -- [laughter] y'all are incredible. i -- [applause] i want to say one hinge to rest, i may be a practicing catholic
8:47 am
who used to go to 7:30 mass every morning this many high school and college before i went to the black church. [laughter] not a joke. andy knows this. andy, it's so great to see you, man. you're one of the greatest we've ever had. you really are. [applause] pleasure andy and i took the on apartheid in south africa and a whole lot else. they didn't want to see him coming. but we used to -- that's where we'd organize, to march. the city and my state was, like yours, segregated by law. we were a slave state. we had a lot of leftovers of bad things come from that period of time. but i, anyway, that's another time. but i learned a lot, and i promise if any preacher preached to me back then, i'm not going to be the nearly as long as you were. [laughter] actually, i have a bad reputation for speaking too
8:48 am
long. he followed the path of moses, a leader of inspiration, calling on the people not to be afraid. and always, always, as my grandfather would say, keep the faith. he followed the path of joseph, a believer in dreams and the divinity they carry and the promise they hold. and like john the baptist the, he prepared us for the greater hope ahead, one who came to bear witness of life. reverend dr. martin luther king jr. was a nonviolence warrior for justice who followed the word and the way of his lord and his savior. on day of remembrance with, we gather at dr. king's cherished
8:49 am
ebb pleaser -- ebeneezer. i say, emphasize the word cherished ebeneezer. and by the way, sis, every good man, every good brother needs a strong, strong sister. [applause] you think i'm kidding. [applause] i'm no dr. can king, and my sister's not you, but i tell you what, she's smarter, better looking and better in person than i am. managed all my campaigns. folks, you know, on day of remembrance as we gather here at his cherished ebeneezer to commemorate what would have been dr. king's 99 4th birthday -- 94% birthday, we gather to contemplate his moral vision and to commit ourselves to his path, to his path. the path that leads to the beloved community, to the sacred
8:50 am
place, that city cred hour -- sacred hour when justice rains down like waters this many righteousness, a mighty stream. folk ifs, to the king family -- folks, to the king family, i know no matter how many years pass, doesn't matter how many years pass, those days of remembrance are difficult. they bring with everything back as if it happened yesterday. it's hard for them. and i want to hank the king family -- thank the king family on behalf of the whole congregation, for being willing to do year in and year out, to give so much, so much to the rest of us. and we love you all. we love you all. [applause] to fully honor dr. king, we have obey tribute to mrs. cover -- cover represent that scott king
8:51 am
who we dearly miss. [applause] she led the movement that created the king holiday and so much more. in my view, this is her day as well. [applause] and to raphael warnock, reverend, doctor, senator -- [applause] congratulations on your historic victory. [cheers and applause] a fellow morehouse man. [cheers and applause] i've come to know a lot of morehouse men. that old saying, you can't tell 'em much. [laughter] but i tell you what, we've set
8:52 am
up for the fors us time ever in the white house the divine nine committee. active every day. [applause] and i watch how the other graduates take on morehouse man. you stand at dr. can king's pulpit, and you carry on his purpose. and service doesn't stop at the church door. it didn't with dr. king, it doesn't with you, it doesn't with the vast majority of you standing, sitting before me. i want to thank you for the honor of inviting me to be at america's freedom church. and thank you to this congregation and to all of wished guests, elected and unelected officials that are here today the who have done so much for so many years, and so many on you people are going to do so much more than we were ever able to. what's your name, honey?
8:53 am
[applause] it's good to see you. maybe i can have a picture with you before i leave, okay? is that all right? [applause] i say with all sincerity, i stand here humbled being the first sitting president of united states to have an opportunity to speak at ebeneezer sunday service. you've been around for 136 years. i mow i look like it -- i know i look like it, but i haven't. [laughter] i'm god fearing, thanks to my parents and the nuns and priests that taught me in school, but i am no preacher. but i've tried to walk my faith, as all of you have. i stand here inspired by the preacher who is one of my only political heroes. i've been saying it and ann key's heard me say it for years -- andy -- i've had two
8:54 am
political heroes my entire life when i started off as a 22-year-old kid on the east side of the civil rights movement, got elected to the united states senate when i was 29. i wasn't old enough to take office. and i have two the heroes, bobby kennedy. i admired john kennedy, but i could never picture him at my kitchen table. but i could bobby. and, no malarkey, dr. king. dr. king. and the fact is that, you know, i stand here at a critical juncture for the united states and the world, in my view. some of hi colleagues -- my colleagues are tired of hearing me see it, but we're at one of those points in world history where what happens the last but years will happen in the next 6-8 years is going to determine
8:55 am
what the world looks like for the next 30-40 years. it happened after world war ii. it's happening again. the world is changing. there's much at stake. much at stake. and, you know, the fact is that this is the time of choosing. this is a time of choosing, direct choices we have. are we a people who will choose democracy over autocracy? couldn't ask that question 15 times ago. we already thought democracy was settled. not for african-americans, but democracy as an institutional structure was settled. but it's not. it's not. we have to choose community over chaos. we, the people, are going to
8:56 am
choose love over hate. these are the vital questions of our time and the reason why i'm here as your president. i believe dr. king's life and legacy show us the way. we should pay attention. [applause] i really do. [applause] dr. martin luther king was born in a nation where segregation was a tragic fact of life. he had every reason to believe as others of his generation did that history had already been written, that the division would be america's destiny. but he rejected that outcome. he heard micah's command to do justice the, love mercy and walk humbly. and so often when people hear about dr. king, people hi of his ministry -- think of his ministry and the movement or most about the epic struggle for civil rights and voting rights. but we'd do well to remember
8:57 am
that his mission was something even deeper. it was spiritual. it was moral. the goal of the southern christian leadership conference which dr. can king led stated it cheerily and boldly, and -- clearly and boldly, and it must be repeat again now. to redeem the soul of america. [applause] i'm not joking. to redeem the soul of america. [applause] what is the soul of america? st easy to say, but what is the sole of -- soul of america? st breath, the life, the essence of who we are. the soul makes us us. the soul of america is embodied in the sake of proposition that we're all created equal in the image of god. that was the sacred proposition for which dr. king gave his life.
8:58 am
the sacred proposition rooted many skipture -- in scripture and enshrined in the declaration of independence. the sacred proposition he invoked on that day in 1963 when he told my generation about his dream. a dream in which we're all dreams are all entitled to be treated with, my father's favorite word dignity and respect. a dream in which we all deserve liberty and justice. it is still the task of our time to make that dream a reality because it is not there yet. [applause] to make a doctor at kings vision tangible, to match the words of the preachers and the poets, with our deeds as the bible
8:59 am
teaches us, we must be doers of the word. doers of the word. the battle for the soul of this nation is perennial. it is a constant struggle. it is a constant struggle between hope and fear. kindness and cruelty, justice and injustice. against those who traffic in racism, insurrection, a battle fought on battlefields and bridges from courthouses in battle ballot boxes to pulpits in protest. and at our best, the american promise wins out. at our best, we hear and heed the injunctions of the lord and the whispers of the angels. i do not need to tell you that we are not always at our best. we are fallible.
9:00 am
we fail and fall. but faith and history teaches that however dark the night, joy,'s in the morning. [applause] and that joy comes with the commandments of scripture. love the lord thy god with all thy heart, all my mind and all thy soul. and love thy neighbor as thyself. easy to say, easy to say but very hard to do. but in that commandment, and my view lies the essence of the gospel. in the essence of the american promise. it is only see each other as neighbors and not enemies that progress and justice com