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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 15, 2023 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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clark's house republicans demanding more information from the white house. after the discovery of several more classified documents present inviting stellar home, including his library. that was just announced this weekend. hello everyone welcome to brand-new our "fox news live", i am eric shawn. hi arthel. arthel: hello eric, hello everyone i am arthel neville. multiple house committees are now pledging to investigate the president's handling of the classified documents for the files were first found at his home and garage. and in his former office at the
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penn biden center in washington. appointed by the attorney general is also investigating the matter. lucas tomlinson live in the white house with the very latest. >> good after arthel "sunday morning futures" newly appointed house speaker kevin mccarthy says the republicans will go after these documents but they will be starting their own investigations as well to just mention. >> now we are finding time in again garage door open and closes with a push of a button. how many years has this vice president been in office for more than 40 years had these documents? how long they've been out of their question they apply special counsel but how many do they apply to that in president trump as well? adam schiff the former of the committee damage assessment when they raided former president mar lagos state to see if there is any breach of national security, can't rule out doing the same
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thing with arthel with biden. >> i don't think we can exclude the possibility without knowing more the facts. we have asked for an assessment on the intelligence community of the par lago documents for you should get same assessment of the documents found in the think tank soc home of president bi biden. >> is notable the new republican chairman also wants a damage assessment done on this potential breach as well but many republicans say they just want consistency. >> i think the american people see how president trump has been treated on one hand. they want to see a sense of fairness. granted the situations are different, but they are both about classified information being in areas that are illegal. like some democrats admit this is just not a good look right now for this white house. >> it is an embarrassment, no doubt about it. is there more to it? i doubt it will find out for the special counsel as he goes about his business.
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>> leno said a few times this weekend but it is worth repeating, arthel put the department of justice has led the you cannot charge with a crime for even though you do find some stuff it's not clear if they'll impact present biden in any way, will likely not be formally charged, arthel. twenty-five lucas, air care we hear the speaker mccarthy's that questions went in and out of their trade the republicans are asking for the visitor's logs, what are the chances are going to get them? >> recall form president trump got rid of the visitor logs here at the white house. president biden brought them back in terms of how they supply present biden spends of time out of his house for the present spent a lot of their weekends away from the white house. camp david, presidents and john f. kennedy went out to horse country out in middleburg. lyndon b. johnson, ronald reagan going out to his ranch. presidents julie there white house.
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terms of biden's home in wilmington that's arguably a crime scene right now. right now whether it's the president's son or others, republicans are demanding answers but they went to see the visitor's log of course the secret service keeps a tally and log of anybody going in and out. they want to see you had access to the documents and a garage and were not secured. arthel: we cannot rush to judgment but there are many questions that are out there. what questions you specifically have for the administration? >> first of all all the information we know is coming from the white house. this with her putting out his statements were in the cbs broke the story everything since then has come for the white house for the classified documents were first found in biden's wilmington home on december 20, just a day before the ukrainian president zelenskyy here at the white house. then on thursday per for the president saying this thing was over. they're done looking for documents. then yesterday on your show we
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talked about the white house inc. five more documents those were discovered thursday night. that's over 20 days from late december. why did it take 20 days to discover one more thing, arthel, those discovered thursday night. did not mention anything about this she held a press briefing on friday but we never heard anything about these additional classified documents. we have to say many people the white house news is documents existed because there found thursday night. sweet felt right lucas tomlinson life at the white house will probably reporting on all this. support the white house transparency it has been criticized. concern the first documents were found in early november, lauren blanchard has more in that timeline. lexi white house says that they have been by the book on this whole document drop. here's the timeline. in early november the president's lawyers fined 10
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classified market documents in an office closet at the penn biden center. in mid-november attorney general merrick garland gave the case to trump appointed john lausch. tells him they're more documents for the presence delaware garage. >> classified material next your corvette? >> yes is wells my corvette pickwick to smoke on the ninth news breaks of the document not to the white house or justice department but another news network for two days later another document is found. the 12 special counsel robert is and said that should be it. thursday richard sauber isn't wilmington and find five more documents we don't learn about until saturday. >> assessment done in a transparent way when it relates to how this was dealt with in the department of justice. in the archives the president take this very, very seriously progressive house judiciary committee jim jordan till
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"sunday morning futures" he is going to look into if there is a double standard print there's anything else we don't know. cook this lack of transparency. prexy house oversight committee now and see white house to release a visitor log for the presence wilmington home and they want info on what properties have been searched. in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. >> and thank you, lauren perez we celebrate doctor trayvon martin luther king birthday weekend, president biden is in atlanta on of the civil rights icon delivered a sunday sermon at doctor king's church in atlanta. charles watson is live with those details. hi charles. >> hi, arthel p president biden is back in delaware as we speak after delivering his sermon at ebenezer baptist church this morning where he took the opportunity to reflect on the life and legacy of civil rights giant doctor trayvon martin luther king jr. on his 94th birthday.
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president biden who is a catholic got some laughs from the audience as he joked about how intimidating it was for him to stand up and talk before the congregation at ebenezer baptist religious institution, often referred to as the world's most famous black church during his sermon. president biden praise the iconic efforts of doctor king. he was pastor at the church up until his assassination in 1968. the president say doctor king's a life and legacy showed how we as a country should pay attention. pointing out doctor king's passion for change at the time of segregation in this country is what ultimately helped fuel the passage of the civil rights active in 1964 in the voting rights act in 1965. the present plot of the progress that has been made in this country, thanks to the efforts of doctor king and others he also made it clear to work toward a free society is not yet finished, take a listen. what's a battle for the soul of
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this nation is perennial. it is a constant struggle, it is a constant struggle between hope and fear. kindness and cruelty, justice and injustice. against those traffic races and extremism and insurrection. a battle fought on battlefields and bridges from courthouses to pulpits and protests. and at our best the american promise wins out. >> that was the presence first public appearance in georgia since he delivered a speech from some voting rights here in atlanta almost a year ago to date less generally. aid to the president senator raffaella warnock say the senator let ebenezer baptist church for 17 years as reverend extended the invitation for biden to speak today. notable because during the midterms, were not kept his
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distance from the present as he dealt with inflationary economy and low approval ratings. look, as the president focuses on the potential 2024 reelection campaign, georgia particularly black voters in the state will be pivotal for the president he wants to win another term. and folks, watching the president visit today believe george is a good starting point for the president's put a narrowing of a margin fewer than 12000 votes back in 2020, arthel. arthel: georgia stepping on on the president's minder charles watson their life in atlanta, thank you. by the way later this albert we will speak with national urban league president and ceo about carrying on doctor king's unfinished work. >> a tragic story from georgia coming in, university of georgia football player and staff member killed in a single car crash. it happened in athens, georgia early this morning about
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3:00 a.m. in the morning. that is just 12 hours after they both attended the team celebration for the second straight national championship a 20-year-old office offensive lineman devon was pronounced dead at the scene for the stafford 24-year-old chandler died on the way to the hospital. they said it was during the suv winnowing off the road and hit two power poles in several tr trees. two other people were injured in the crash there now was in stable condition at head coach said in a statement the team is heartbroken by this loss. i will support the victims and families in every possible way. such a sadness. >> it is so sad. it is too sad. well, southern california county is really after shirts deputy was shot and killed them all responding to a domestic disturbance call. he is the second riverside county officer killed in the line of duty. in just the last two weeks. christina coleman his life in
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los angeles with the very latest on this. sina? >> hi arthel but members of law enforcement across the state are in mourning right now but as men you mentioned telephone being the second deputy to be killed in just two weeks of time within the riverside county sheriff's office. authorities say was shot in a gunfight with the suspect after responding to a child custody call friday evening. 42-year-old listers also shot in this incident. he is taking to the in critical condition was placed into custody. the deadly shooting happened two weeks after 32-year-old riverside county shepherding cordarro was attempting to make a traffic stop on december 29 for the deadly back-to-back incidents leading incidents to law enforcement's mourning the loss of these two deputies. 3-year-old deputy calhoun leaves behind a pregnant wife.
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his loved ones coping with the senseless murder. works of noy know something's terrific happens to someone is trying to do good. there's not one person is one negative thing to say about him. his most cheerful, the most positive, the most good wholesome man you can imagine. >> it riverside county sheriff said his office is grateful for all of the support during this very difficult time. noting that his deputies will continue to go out and protect and serve. >> we will hold our heads high we will come right back to answer another call for service that could put our lives in jeopardy. i cannot begin to describe the support that we have for our community. and i can honestly tell you that our deputies know it and they feel it. >> is definitely good to hear. governor gavin newsom releasing a statement this weekend on the violence he says deputy calhoun
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died a hero and his bravery and selfless service will always be remembered, arthel. >> a hero indeed. it's absently heartbreaking. christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you christina, erica. >> is been two weeks today since massachusetts mother of three in a while she disappeared. her husband brian has been charged with misleading investigators in the case. has not been charged with any of the crime related to her disappearance. the very latest let's go to brian he is in massachusetts the investigation and this continues, hi brian. quick site eric part of the last week there's not been an active search who has been in sync now for two weeks. as this appears to be shifting more and more from a missing persons case to a possible murder investigation focused on her husband, brian walshe. as you mentioned brian is in the
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investigation of his wife's disappearance. bryant is also by the way a convicted fraudster who was awaiting sentencing at the time being fake andy warhol paintings were $80000. listen to friends of the walshe's. >> he is very smart spirit. >> look at the guy he conned in l.a. >> he is the first and only to get went off on me. >> now we are part of that party two. but he got went off on us and everybody else. a lot of people he knew he pictured himself to be something that he is not now. >> brian was smiling after being arrested by police in a 2019 affidavit a friend of brian's father described him as a sociopath in a very angry physically violent person. in 2014 anna filed a police report thank brian threatened to kill her and a friend. law enforcement experts tell space on the evidence of our they expect a murder charge evidently. >> the call that she made to law
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enforcement saying she had been threatened to be killed. he is a true sociopath. he has no empathy, he does not care. he's not going to necessarily obey the law. if you are a sociopath you have no limits. >> forensic lab results in this case will be keeper there's a blood found in the family spaceman as well as a damage night with blood on it. reportedly also a hatchet, hacksaw and blood were found in a trash facility. of course there is the reported internet searches of how to dispose of a woman's body. the family, the couple has three sons ages two, four, six who are in state custody, eric. eric: alright brian thanks so much, arthel but. arthel: eric and o'brien, new york city eric adams getting a firsthand look at the border crisis in el paso. we are alive in eagle pass with more from his visit and why he is urging washington to act now. with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks.
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eric: nearest city mayor eric adams business of the more this as he said the migrants being combusted to the big apple and put up in hotels could cost the city upwards of $2 billion. he scheduled to hold a news conference at a couple hours on
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his visit. mr. adams calls a margaret search a national crisis that needs a national solution. griff jenkins is live in eagle pass, texas with a very latest on the mayor's visit and the migrant price crisis there. >> hey eric it certainly is not slow down prayers as evidence of that you can see a group behind me. if we go back to her sky drone team we can show you here at eagle pass. you are at look at the rio grande, the river purchase in the last five minutes here's a group of about half a dozen migrants walked past us about five minutes ago. i asked him where they are from they said they are from ecuador and colombia. the migrants in those countries are likely to possibly be processed and released. that is part of this migrant surge. which is part of the del rio sector part of more 150,000 migrants encountered since october 1. now, for got to el paso you can see these pictures new york city
1:22 pm
mayor eric adams has been posting to a social media. his meeting last night with el paso mayor oscar, talking about the migrants have been bussed from city to city. adams is saying more than 36000 have been busted new york since spring constants and to billion dollar price tag. also seen some social media that suggests mayor adams did indeed meet migrants that engage with them which is something president biden did not do just about a week ago. now i want to show you some drone footage that we shot early this morning here in eagle pass breeding seared drone shot a group of about 150 migrants crossing in the morning hours. happens every morning as i often said it's like an amazon delivery the efficiency with which these large groups convert this one had migrants also from ecuador and colombia. but also if you migrants from senegal those are western african countries. this sector seeing more than 140
1:23 pm
different countries this past 100 plus days but really significant it just suggests how many people are really coming in from how far away they are coming for it earlier today former dhs assistant secretary chad wolf had this observation. >> it is clear they do not have a good handle what's going on for the it's also clear the rest of the world knows what most americans know which is that borders wide open. >> and eric, we are learning from sources today, a little bit and breaking news. the official cbp numbers are not yet released 15 days into january. multiple sources tell fox news that number is likely going to exceed 250,000. something that has never happened before. that comes after nine straight previous months over 200,000. those numbers really drive home just how high these migrant numbers are, eric will send it back to you. eric: no sign of stopping comic
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griff good to see a thank you. >> eric and griff thank you for a public health officials are warning of a dangerous new mix of a street drug commonly known as frank pretty often contains a sentinel or place with the animal tranquilizer xylocaine for the dea reported huge jobs and overdose deaths from 2020 until 2021 bird that is the latest data available. doctor janette joins us now she's a family and emergency medicine doctor fox news contributor. doctor, i would imagine you've dealt with the devastation of drug overdoses firsthand i'm sure. >> yes it is heartbreaking but with the worst memories i have work in the emergency room is having a 17 on teenager overdose and then having to tell his parents of the horrific news. what is happening, arthel, the cartels will do anything to enhance their profit. even at the expense of these young innocent children or vulnerable addicts spread what
1:25 pm
they are doing now is using this drug, this is a medicine that is a sedative that is used to put cows and horses to sleep for surgery. it is not meant for human consumption. the mexican cartels, the drug dealers are using as a cutting agent for fentanyl, methamphetamine, for heroin and other types of drugs. what it does is, it prolongs the high if you survived that drug use in the first place. and it is cheaper to use. that's why we're seeing sometimes people pass away from this more than 300 deaths a day. the problem is you do not know what you are getting when you're buying drugs off the streets. i could beat laced with something you're not aware of. even the drug dealer may not be aware of it. >> you said it prolongs the hyatt, but again that fentanyl opioid mixed they call it shrank, what does shrink due to the human body? >> it is a really good question.
1:26 pm
number when you can become unconscious but before that your blood pressure drops come your heart rate drops. difficulty breathing. you can go unconscious but still be alive for investment other things can happen. people can take advantage of you, you could be rob, you could be stabbed, you could be raped. some people will survive this narcan that i usually use for patients i don't go anywhere, this will not work it is not opioid. there is no antidote for it for humans for there is for animals. we cannot reverse those side effects you may feel if you do ingest it is supportive care. that's if you get to the er in a timely manner. many people don't get to the er in a timely manner were seeing an increase in drug overdoses by about 25% with this new infiltration of xylocaine into these medications. but arthel, i think if we know
1:27 pm
we are dealing with if we can educate our children. if we can educate at a young age starting in middle school or even younger than that i think that's the first step in trying to combat this overdose and drug that we are dealing with. arthel: aptly to the education for sure. and finally, we been talking about fentanyl and its improper use. there is a proper medical use for fentanyl, right? >> oh absolutely. for example i've used in the er when i had a patient who had multiple fractures in a car accident or maybe they are suffering from severe side effects of cancer. or they had surgery the beauty offense obtuse and proper when the hospital can really help with pain. some people unfortunately become addicted to these medicines and they look for alternatives that are laced with these other drugs on the streets. that's what we see problems
1:28 pm
arise. which means we really need to focus on again education, having resources, rehab, detox available. and another thing i'm seeing a lot of, arthel, social media. snapchat, instagram, we've got young teenagers and young children have easy access to these drugs. not knowing and digesting one pill could kill them. we really need to look at the big picture tackling from social media. the imports from the mexican border. what china is supplying to the mexican cartels. and then holding these drug dealers accountable if they sell a drug to someone who overdoses they need to be held accou accountable. what happened to our old fashion just say no campaigns? we need to get back to that. arthel: need to get back to that. i think there's one pill can kill regarding fentanyl is kind of the updated just say no campaign. but you are right we need to make sure the kids know to just say no. doctor janette nesheiwat thank you, take care.
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to fort russia launched a horrifying missile tech ukraine dozens are feared dead. after one missile hit an apartment building but we are live in kyiv with the very place and how we can help ukraine w when. >> woman: i have a few more minutes. let's go! >> tech vo: that's service that fits your schedule. go to >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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maybe it's because you can gently raise your partner's head to help relieve snoring. so, you can both stay comfortable all night. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. save $200. ends monday we are to be pretty official site dozens of people are dead, hurt or missing after a russian missile strike on an apartment tower there. it is the deadliest attack and more than 100 days. alex hogan is live in kyiv with the latest on this, alex. >> hi arthel, rescue teams have continued to search through the rubble in hopes of finding new survivors. hundreds of people came together both officials and volunteers, searching for the residents who were attacked in this apartment building in dnipro including children who are now hospitalized. we have the latest death toll as many as 30 people have been
1:34 pm
killed. seventy-five people have been wounded. forty people remained missing. >> i am just in shock. i never thought it could come to my house for this is a residential area there are no military facilities here. there is nothing here. there is no air defense, there are no military pieces here but is just civilians, innocent. works russia and lisa tacked on regions all across the country yesterday. many of these attacks striking energy infrastructure and russia today says it achieved its goal on saturday attacking specifically what it intended to. meanwhile further east the fighting continues in the town, ukrainian forces say they are firing soviet airy rockets toward russian troops. as far as the attacks on civilians so we saw across the country in the last day even that we have been hearing about these types of attacks for the last year, arthel, it is never
1:35 pm
ever lost some people who live here but it is always just as dramatic. especially given the scenario for people searching through the rubble. they're getting text messages residents caught underground trying to be found and routinely the workers would all stop at the same moment in hopes of hearing the sound of someone trapped underneath. the problem right now, arthel is with every hour that hope of finding someone dwindles given the cold and the destruction of what took place. arthel. arthel: cannot imagine. alex hogan lie in kyiv, ukraine thank you. eric: as the world reacts that despicable strike of the apartment building and it dnipro ukrainian soldiers are arriving at oklahoma this week to begin training on the patriot air defense to defend ukraine against missile spirit was sick alive look at the regional airport. this is where about 100 so ukrainian soldiers will arrive
1:36 pm
when they start to get training to operate the advanced weaponry that's capable of shooting down multiple targets at once. this comes as the united kingdom today announced they will be sending 14 tanks ukraine. more could be coming from other european countries. as for us, national security council spokesman john kirby said the u.s. could follow. >> we have been i think very effective at providing security assistance that involves with the way the war has evolved. and now, it two weeks ago we were chocolate patriots and air defense and today we are trying my armored vehicles and tanks. >> so, what will it take for ukraine to finally win? army veteran blackhawk helicopter pilot, and cofounder and director of restore liberty, lieutenant colonel, first thank you so much for your service to our nation.
1:37 pm
>> thanks eric and thanks for have me on today. >> of course. that missile that hit the dnipro is sickening but it's totally beyond. could the patriot system ukrainian soldiers are coming here to learn how to operate, and the patriot potentially have, if it is in place now could it have prevented this? and can that be the system that could prevent further missile strikes? >> yes, of course this is a terrible thing to see. the patriot missile system is something that can contradict a number targets and destroy them in there before they strike the ground. that is of course assuming that people who are employing at know how to use it externally well. and the system that's used by russia to come and attack ukraine itself is the type of system that can be picked up in time for the patient to respond. support take several months is just not going to be deployed immediately. take several months to learn how to operate. seems to be very complex.
1:38 pm
about 90 staff to operate it that would be one patriot battery. don't you think ukraine needs more? can this be russian any manner? >> i wouldn't rush it that is for sure for the arty rushing it up they are expecting to be trained in a few months. this is a system that can take up to a year to train our soldiers to operate where talk about people who generally don't have any language difficulties with reading american manuals and going to the american training process. we are asking now is for a bunch of an army of eastern europeans, out of ukraine who i've worked with to look at our manuals and go through some of our training process in an accelerated timeline. that itself to be a challenge. >> just to give work with them, what are they like? how do you find her spirit and determination as they face the horrors that mad man vladimir putin is putting on them?
1:39 pm
>> ukrainian soldiers are much like a lot of soldiers out of eastern european countries that are trained with. there externally motivated to do defend their homeland for they've lived under the shed of comedies and directly or they have seen the results of it because it may not be old enough to have been behind the iron curtain. they know they don't want to a back to that. they are willing to learn and do whatever it takes to keep their nations as free as they can keep them. that is part of the concern here is in making sure these types of systems go to a country where they're going to stay and be used the way they are supposed to be used. not what i fear about them moving into different countries around the world being expl exploited. sewer products could be a conference of coming the next week or so in europe, lloyd austin defense secretary joint chief of staff german mark milley will be there for this talk about setting abrams tanks, great britain said they are sending 14 of their tanks. germany should make a decision later this week. should we, can we send more
1:40 pm
tanks? what will it take for vladimir putin to lose? >> that is a hard question for sure, both of those were the first one is just because we can do something doesn't mean we should. one of my concerns we are selling or giving away some of our most high tech weapons system into a country whose government is externally corrupt as well put those systems are already making it into multiple other nations around the world on the black market. and so there's a lot of advantage the west holds in technology and training that many ways were just giving it away right now. that is one of my concerns. the other issue is of course, what does it take to defeat russia? it is conceivable the punishment methods they are using now missiles and indirect attacks, can be slow down and almost eliminate through something like the patriot. but you've got months to go before that is even close to a reality. we have to expect that. stay for some reports say they're not going to the black market will start investigating
1:41 pm
that, ukraine certainly does need the free world's defense. lieutenant colonel good to see you, thank you. >> you too eric. survive today it marks what would have been doctor trayvon martin luther king junior's 94th birthday. we'll talk about doctor king's enduring legacy of civil rights activism and how we can carry on his unfinished work. it■s hard eating healthy. unless you happen to be a dog. wow! it's been 38 years since we were here. back then we could barely afford a hostel.
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1:46 pm
the life and legacy of doctor trayvon martin luther king jr. during a sermon at the civil rights icon famous atlanta church today ebenezer baptist church. mr. biden is a first sitting president to ever have that honor. today it marks what would have been doctor king's 94th birthday. he was just 39 years old when he was assassinated. while supporting a sanitation workers strike and memphis, tennessee. right now are going to bring an marc morial president ceo of national urban league. i'm so good you can join us. where do we go from here? >> first of all, thank you for having me. happy trayvon martin luther king weekend to you and your viewers and the entire nation. the message of trayvon martin luther king, non- violence resistance to unjust laws, the notion that america must build bridges races of his religions,
1:47 pm
resignations now more than ever. given the hate crimes in the gun violence we see across this nation. doctor king's message is so important. as president biden said we must move forward. but i think trayvon martin luther king's work, his teachings and his life give us a set of values that we can face our policies, our thinking and our future on. >> it is like giving us moral structure if you will. that wasn't your family legacy is that of civil rights advocacy. of course your father elected first black mayor of new orleans in 1978. you carried that torch to become mayor of neurons in 84. for conviction of fighting and voting rights but what aspects of doctor king's work is vital to continue today? >> i think doctor king -- make
1:48 pm
the idea he was not an elected official, not a man of great wealth. held no particular investments or involvements. it was a preacher. and a moral force in america. to guide those who are in elected office, appointed office. those who hold positions of great rank and responsibility. also those who are just like every one of us. just plain folk and people about how we can work in our life. whether you work through your place of worship, where the work to community based civil rights group but rather it's on the job, we should be working for democracy. we should be working to build bridges. we should be working to say no to hate and hateful speech and hateful actions. this operates an individual sense that in 1963 did in 1968.
1:49 pm
is my hope people will recognize that doctor king's birthday is a moment to recommit. my life and my family's work has been about this. whether we were in elected office whether we were working in the community. as i do now lead a great and powerful civil rights if you will organization. the issue is, will we work? but will we commit and recommit to work his methods in teaching? i'm greater access be inspired by his words and his work than ever before. so take time out. listen to doctor king himself.
1:50 pm
yes, the eye have a dream speech. there's so many more important pretty drum major for justice. when not only inspired but it informed people. kirk's really great sentiments i perceive are taking and sharing them. take care. marc morial. we will be right back. high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. (voya mnemonic.) there are some things that go better...together. hey! like your workplace benefits... and retirement savings.
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>> suffered airplane accident decade for the twin agent atr 72 is landing at a newly open airport and eight tourist town witnesses say as you can see the aircraft suddenly banked and then started spinning out of control as it started to land. 6870 people on board were killed, forks still remain
1:55 pm
missing. tree has more from our jerusalem bureau. >> at his right, regional passenger plane and the pole crashed today. [background noises] sixty-eight of those passengers were killed in the tragedy and four are currently listed as missing for a number of foreign nationals were on board including people from india, russia, south korea, australia, argentina, france and ireland. the disaster happened in the morning is a flight from the capitol of kathmandu approached the city. the propeller plane crashed into the gorge of the end of a 30 minute flight rescue workers responded to the fire receipt is a black smoke filled the area. witnesses describe the flights final moments. >> when the plane made a loud noise we turned around and saw the bamboo tree fell down. i told my friend the plane was falling to the ground. we heard the sounds precut to
1:56 pm
celtic first air disaster in nepal in recent memory. in may, 22 people were killed when a passenger plane crash will heading to a city popular tourist. the pulse of gdp is nearly 70% tourism and safety is a major concern for those traveling in the country. officials of the capitol of kathmandu to then launch an investigation into the cause of today's crash. in jerusalem, trey yingst fox news. super arete trey thank you. new york city mayor eric adams is going to hold a news conference at el paso. what he sees in the southern border we expect that within the next two hours for the migrant crisis hitting the city hard. thousands of migrants a bus from texas and colorado, expected to cost the city up to $2 billion. you know, arthel. controversial issue in new york city. even so far from the border. arthel: absolutely. we are going to be back next sunday. sunday. please don'te li. accident.ow my glucose numbers sunday. please don'te li. without fingersticks.
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visit to see your dogs personalized meal plan. . >> hello, everyone. i am lisa along with charlie, rachel and joe. welcome to the big sunday show. the hypocrisy over president biden's handling of classified documents. even after more documents were found in wilmington delaware. the same place where classified info was found in his garage with his corvette. democrats are still defending biden because apparently his team is doing the right thing.


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