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tv   Sunday Night in America  FOX News  January 15, 2023 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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in a package then it probably needs to be a better package than they have packaged right now with joe biden. steve: that's a good summary and a great way to end the show geez, i am jon scott. thank you for watching, see you next time. trey: thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it's "sunday night in america." it is different. how many times have we heard that. two people do the same thing, one person is guilty but the other, it is all just a big misunderstanding. if media likes one person but not the other media immediately begins to look for ways to distinguish the
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two cases, if they like the person it is self-defense, if they don't it is homicide, if they like the people gathering it is a protest, if they don't it is a riot. different rules, based on political preference, this week we learned classified documents were found in their, so far, locations used by joe biden after he was the vice president. classified documents found by his personal lawyers, not the fbi, who put them there? were the documents together originally then separated, if so by whom? did the former vice president use the documents while he was a privates i a. citizen. don't worry the media tells us that the garage was locked. i'm sure is not a legal defense. it wasn't when classified documents were found at
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mar-a-lago, media begins to tell you how very different those two cases are. new york magazine telling us there are significant differences. "new york times" telling us, the circumstances of the two case appear to be strikingly different. and "new york times" telling us again, the cases were very different. devoting an entire article, explaining how a former vice president can have classified documents but not a former president. nbc telling us that the circumstances are different, and media framed issue to lessen the significance of the biden discoveries, writing it gives the republicans something to bludgeon the with the with, they could have written that discovery gives merrick garland to a point special counsel or he knew about it
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before the midterms but didn't do anything, they could have dusted off old stories about whether a sitting president can be up diet -- indicted, but they did not, much is unknown about the biden case, how did the classified documents get to bid to biden's office, house and garage? who took them there? who used them while they were there? why were certain documents taken? why were his lawyers looking for classified documents, not fbi agents? >> when did merrick garland know about this, and why did he wait to publicly appoint special counsel. do not be misled, there are always differences in fact patterns, fact patterns are unique, some murderers take place to monday, some friday, some involve a knife, the other a gun. media wants to focus on
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differences and ignore the glaring simila similarity, mediocre lawyers and reporters can distinguish one fact pattern from another, the question is whether the differences matter, legally or factually. do the distinguishtions -- distinctions make a difference, does it matter when classified documents were found beside a vintage corvette, a dodge ram pickup truck or a golf cart at mar-a-lago, it would be nice if we had one standard for everyon everyone. we shall see if the media and doj investigate both fact patterns with the same firm and vigor, they are not off to a very encouraging start. >> joining us now, former director of national intelligence, former congressman from great state of texas john lee ratcliffe,
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i want to play a clip from one of the media personalities telling us how very different they are. >> dalla classified documents in private hands is something republicans downplayed, until the shoe was placed on the other foot, unfortunately for them, the trump shoe that dropped was much bigger, and entirely different in key issue of will pull attempt to obstruct, many republicans are not smart enough to figure that out. trey: you know, director, i have never claimed to be smart, you on the other hand did well at notre dame and smu law school, i am wondering do you see similarities or differences? do the differences maybe a difference? >> i don't know about republicans being smart enough but i know that
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lawyers and prosecutors are starsmart enough to see when is the stronger case, the case gain joe biden is much stronger and gets stronger every one one of joe biden's cabinets, closets or kitchen drawers gets opened and they find more documents, at-this-point the biggest similar tie tsimilarity they are both accused of same conduct. ththe biggest difference is one of them still has defenses, donald trump said from the beginning he declassified everything and points to public statements like a tweet that set out saying i declassified everything, joe biden has no defenses, he said anyone that would do this is incredibly irresponsible. and now we found out he has done it 4 times, i think you said three, but year up on to 4, keep up, 4 statutes of documents in 4 different locations. storing them near a corvette
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is not a defense, cooperation is also not a defense, cooperation gets you dim time off your sentence in a burglary agreement but not a legal defense, they trotted out this was an inadvertent mistake that is forever first tranche of documents, now we're up to four. the case is loo clear from a legal stand point. they are doing a national security damage assessment, they did it with president trump, and now they have to do it president biden, things get worse when you compare them between president trump and president biden, in case of president trump, documents left white house business with the to mar-a-lago, expr and were under watchful a of united states secu.s. -- eye of secret
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service. in case of joe biden we don't know where the documents went we know they were not kept in secure locations or guarded in 6 years, we know one of the places they went was owned oa drug use irhunter bid user hunter biden, i know which of the two cases i would rather be prosecuting the one against joe biden. trey: put on your old hat. do we know why no one noticed that the documents were missing? i think national archives told fbi go get the documents back from president trump. how did no one notice this
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stuff was missing? >> there isn't a good answer. based on what we've been told, but what we do know is that in the case of president trump, if you want to talk differences national archives noticed right away, they contacts president trump within two months saying we believe dollar documents missing -- there are documents missing, we can't find them, we would like to engage with you and determine if you have them, in case of joe biden, national archives never knew for 6 years and never cared for 6 years. with respect to that issue, the cases are different. it seems calculated and political and different standard applied by national archives as much as we've seen applied by fbi and department of justice in in case as well. trey: john lee ratcliffe, i know you are following, you
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have a unique background. thank you for telling me it was four not threes are i was watching football that afternoon. >> it could be 12 by next week. trey: we've been talking 10 minuteses it could be 12 now, thank you. >> up next house republicans have new ideas and at least one old one. there is a new subcommittee looking at whether federal different has been weapon. tom emmer and mark smith a dental tool is round for a reason.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," jim jordan is a veteran of congressional investigations. he work the on "fast and furious" and killings of 4 americans in be benghazi. now runs judiciary committee, he will run new subcommittee vest gat investigating whether the federal government has been weaponized, joining us now congressman tom emmer. what lead you and speaker mccarthy and jim jordan to want this new judiciary subcommittee, what do you plan on investigating. >> as you correctly component out -- and great to be with you. as you point out this committee on weaponization of the federal government is going to be under the umbrellumbrellof the
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judiciary committee, they will look at fbi and department of justice, every federal government piece of federal government that has been used to persecute their political adversaries. long overdue. jump ijim is the right guy to lead that effort. trey: he is a grizzled veteran, he was there before i got there, i was with him for 8 years, this is what i learned, you have to have documents and witnesses, you conditioyou can't investigate anything without documents and witnesses. how are you getting the biden administration do cooperate? documents and government witnesses how do you get them? >> you have to build your case. as jim knows. in this case, you will have
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first step, winning the majority. now that we have that, jim jordan, his committee will have subpoena power. they did not have that before. federal government, led by the biden administration is not going to be a willing cooperative body, they will try to stonewall. you will see probably a more aggressive approach than we've seen in past couple of years, by the republicans lead by jim on this committee. also on oversight commit we our friend jaime comer. the same type of effort but a new level of stonewalling i am particularring frombining, we'll have to lead into it and you hole these people accountable it is about building your case and subpoena our records and bringing correct people before the committee. trey: and only thing i would
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add, legal letting people know the obstacles that investigators have to clear, when the biden administration controls the federal prosecutors, you are. you can go do civil court, and yo you could use appropriations but you would get blasted by media if you cut government money based on noncompliance. let's switch to your new china select committee, what lead you and others to think that gallagher number one would be right guy to lead it we needed a select committee china as well. >> the voters are tired of the biden administration's soft on china policies. we'll do things that the democrats have failed at for last few years, we'll hold our greatest adversary accountable.
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that that is what china committee is about. gallagher has been appointed to lead that committee. and hunt down party of china. that is just the beginning, they are long overdue, as you know. this is an issue that we have to be well aware of, china is not our friend. trey: and i will say this, your select committee, if i read that right got overwhelming bipartisan support, we shall see whether your friends on the other side of will aisle help you, and gallagher and the others thank you congressman emmer. >> great to be with you. trey: did you enjoy the week-long process by which kevin mccarthy was elected speaker, a single member can theory go through that
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process all over again, is that what thomas jefferson intended when he wrote the rules? is it still relevant. joining me now professor mark smith. how does that advance principles of democracy to allow a single well b speaker election whenever they want. >> i think you have to step back and look at the united states constitution. which as you know is designed to be a series of collects an collects and balances. -- collect checks and balances it says house of representative, rules by which they govern and behave.
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including their own rate to choose their own speaker,. institution in the federal government than the house representatives, every member as you know, is up for reelection every two years it is. you have in u.s. senate do not exist in house of representatives. if the house majority members, think a speaker is not doing his or her job, why not have a vote, let democracy within the house of representatives play out. trey: all right. is there a similar tool for any other elected federal office holder where one person can say, let's do that all over again, i get your point. mr. jefferson wrote the rules, they could have put in in the constitution, but they decided not to. i'm trying to see if someone else is having the sort hanging over their head, like kevin mccarthy that
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is in a federal elected office. >> >> well, certainly, individuals that work at the you know at behest of the president, they are always at risk of being terminateed and fired. the president has the authority to terminate individuals that work for him or her. every institution is different. that is important, because the checks and balances, we want them all doing battle. in 1801, he wrote the jefferson manual, that was adopted in 1830s by the house, some people make the case, why are is the house of representatives governed by a document from 1830s that gives rise to question of the whole country is governed by a document from 17 hundreds, that is the constitution. it has been a tremendous success, in preserving individual freedom.
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trey: if my history is correct. jefferson wrote rules for senate, house adopted them, you are the scholar. i'll bet there were not 435 members of house when they decided this would be a good set of rules, i don't know how many members there one. one of my friends says there were five. i guess one out of phi five i could live with but. i'm giving you the last word. >> at the end of the day the speaker is elected by members of house, u.s. constitution gives the house the authority to pick their speaker. if for some reason they feel that speaker is not doing their job, they should be held accountable to body they represent. and they should be -- in american history, no speaker
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has been removed. from office if you will, but possibility of this like anything else helps people beequipme become aconnable taableaccountable, that is what we need more in dc . trey: i agree with you. i will you have back, if it there is a motion to vacate you come back and talk about it with us okay? >> sounds great, trey. trey: thank you professor, coming up last year was a tough one for our economy. will the new year be abou any better? if so starting when? joining us david lomita feed is 101 years old.
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jim: welco trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america." last year was a tough one. are we getting closer to end of this economic cycle of pain or will the newer year be like the old year for you
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and your money, joining to us better understand financial forc forecast for 2023, founder, managing partner. chief investment officer of the bahnsen group. david bahnsen thank you for joining us. do you think it will be better, worse or both. >> i think it is both. i think inflation will come down versus high levels of last year, there are a lot of areas that could get worse. that is the problem with an economy that is unstable like this. it is legitimate there is conflicts data. i try not to politicize it. as . i don't look for things negative in the economy because there is a democrat in white house or what have you, but there is data that tells us they are trying to
10:32 pm
create a recession at federal reserve as a way to deal with inflation, that is totally misguided. >> is a recession a necessary pr prerequisite to a recovery or can it be avoided. >> it can be avoided, often times a recession does come in and bring things down so much make the economy so bad, that the last thing we're worried about is hig higher prices, in this case we had a problem in the economy because they shut the economy down, the lockdowns at covid moment we lost the ability to produce new goods and services. then the country reopened, thank god, and people report back to their normal lives. but the goods and services were not there to keep up
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with the demand and that created inflation, now going forward, i think that if interesting get high enough, you could end up with a recession but right now jobs look okay. mutuamanufacturing is coming down there is good and bad, energy is the thing i would look at, engineer pri energy prices they manipulated them back down from the reserve. they have to fill it back up if we see oil prices come back up that is a different ball game. trey: let me try to anticipate what i think some viewers may be wondering. we start with housing market. do you expect that to -- it looks like on a little bit of a decent. are you expecting that to continue or rebound? >> i expect it to continue, as a good thing. i never accepted view that permanently rising prices is
10:34 pm
a good thing, i think housing witness went up way too much, and for it to come down a bit between 10-20% is healthy, i want young people of good income and means and credit to be able to buy a home, they became unaffordable, i think that housing prices will come lower, but i don't see that as a negative. trey: for folks wondering what do i do with any left over money. i'm not getting much interest when i put in a savings account. what do i do with it? >> burying it in backyard is against my rel religion. you should invest it.
10:35 pm
i do think that there has to be an understanding that investing is risk taking, and that risk taking is good in the american economy. we want ma p -- entrepreneurialism and. trey: mr. bahnsen thank you for loaning us your expertise, look forward to visiting with you again soon. >> thank you, so much. trey: up next, lawsuit are filing up for pic tiktok, instagram and facebook, allegation is they are damaging for mental health of young people, congress mcongressman ke
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," there are lawsuits alleging social media fsystem platforms are addictive, and dangerous, and companies are liable for the harm and damages. there is a suit by public school district in seattle
10:41 pm
and in california. other suits that willing the way that social media companies target their customers with information and police information on their sites. ken buck a former federal prosecutor, former state district attorney, a current member of congress. who has developed an invest and expertise in social media and big tech, he is joining us welcome to you congressman buck. the counter argument is technology is agnostic, how we use it determines whether it is for good and bad. which side of the argument do you fall on with social media and big tech? >> trey, big tech has developed techniques to hook young people on social media. they understand that when young people see perio positive images they get a hit of dopamine that brings them back.
10:42 pm
the consequences is instagram some of the reports that meta produces were stunning, the young girls had body shaming issues and depression, and higher suicide rates. what meta did, instagram did, they doubled down and went for a younger group of girls. it is disturbing and i hope to see this lawsuit and theory successful, it is the same theory that was used to against the tobacco companies earlier. it is a product liability theory it may be successful in seattle. trey: you know, congressman, that is what was going through my mind as you described it. it is big tobacco, this is what we went through with nicotine. do you see congress stepping
10:43 pm
in, i think you have to be 18 or 21 to buy cigarettes, you would have to be a certain age, there would be mutiny if you had to be a certain age to use social media fla platforms, what do you see congress' role as. >> i think we need is to competition. when parents see harmful affects of instagram on their kids and there are 5 alternatives that involve images from shoulder up or nonimages, i think that parents and kids will make that kind of a decision together, we when we have one company occupying a space, now. tiktok is come fe competing with instagram.
10:44 pm
>> in addition to a distinguish career as a prosecutor. you also author, subtitle, big tech's war on free speech. you are not a guy prone to hyperbole, you are understated. war is a big word, what do you mean by that? >> trey, we know that biden administration has contacted social media companies asked them to take people off of social media because they disagree withed biden administration's narrative on vaccines or masks or some other issue. we know that these companies have actually discrimnated took clarence thomas' video off of youtube during the black history month, we know they are doing -- suppressing positive stories on republican members of congress and presidential candidates, that is a war in my mind. when you control the flow of
10:45 pm
information in democracy, you control elections that is scary, the american public needs to know and make sure they support effort to create competition and make sure we don't allow a few companies to control the flow of information in this country. trey: we have a minute. your judiciary, i assume you will be on subcommittee, that has jurisdiction over this what do you think the role in terms of getting witnesses and documents you need? >> we for last 3 1/2 years investigated, proposed different bills. the democrat leaders, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, have made sure those bills did not get to floor, i am kevin mccarthy as speaker gets the bills to floor. president biden said he is in favor, let's see if he
10:46 pm
will sign them. trey: ken buck, we'll, be watching you on the house judiciary committee. thank you for joining us on a sunday night. >> thank you, trey. trey: coming up life giving us choices. we have to make decisions. wouldn't it be great if we had a reliable way to make the very best decisions in life? i have good news for you, i decided to invite dana perino on to discuss my new book, start, stay or live, right after the break.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," i like to start at the end. i do it with speeches, i did it in the courtroom, i vie tried to do with it life, start at the end, what do we want to see, how can we navigate our way toward that desired ending with decisions that we make. on january 24, my new book will be out, defens it was written for you, hopeful i folks can learn from decisions that i got right, like marrying my wife, and avoid decisions that i got wrong, the idea of this book began in a parking lot in a grocery store, a comment caused my too catch a glimpse of what i wouldment
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someone want someone to think or say. life well lived would look like, life consists of decisions that we make. th, stay or leave. a job, a town, a school. or relationship. i left a job i loved in the courtroom, it was probably the right decision. i stayed in a job i didn't love. congress. it too was probably the right decision. how do we know when to start, stay or leave? how do we decide who to listen to in life who should we opportunity tune out, how can we tame fear and balance logic with emotion. how can we be grounded in logic, yet still allow ourselves to dream? all covered in my new book,
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i believe can help you, navigate the decisions in this gift we call life. joining us now co-host of america's newsroom, and the five, someone made some significant decisions in her open life, one of my favorite people in the world dana perino. thank you for reading my book. and for you called me yesterday, no one in the world will know about, you just did it because you are a kind person. if i remember correctly, you walked into our boss' office with an eye today leaving and wound up staying, and started something new. >> that is true, i did have to say, i have my copy. i think truly, everyone listen to me, this is the best book of advice, is specially for career oriented people, what you decide what you want to do in your life, trey, you have
10:54 pm
written an amazing book, i believe should be required reading. for everyone. i hope that everyone buying the book, i know you not only wrote it but you read the audio book, people can get that there as well, my quick story, i was deputy press secretary if the white house for a long time we had about 18 months left to go, tony snow, the late tony snow, he was press secretary we not a note from chief of staff saying if you don't think you can sprint to finish with president maybe you should think about moving o on. i was with administration since 9/11. you work those jobs your family getting on the back burner, i thought maybe it is time to try something else, i thought it through, talked it identif over and prayed, i can't in asked edgalespi, if i could see
10:55 pm
him, he said i need to see you, he said can you stay, i was nervous, i didn't rail want really want to leave, i thought they should, edsaid, do you mind if i go first,y i said sure. he said, we would -- the president would like to make you the press secretary, we want to make that announcement friday, i said. amazing. i never told him, he didn't know until he read my book that i had actually intended to resign that day. >> all right, this leads to my next question. i have a chapter on being careful which voices we listen to. how do you pick friends or adviser ands blos and block out noise in ther life from people who maybe don't have your best
10:56 pm
interest in mind. >> a great chapter in here, i believe you said everyone needs a nathan, at one point in my life someone recommended having a personal board of advisers, people who tell you the truth no matter, i am blessed i have a lot of strong good friends, i have a sister, angie who she is my biggest fan. but she will also be the most hon os honest. one of most important thing in this modern able to stop less -- modern age to stop listening to people on social media. if you look at mentions from people you follow, it makes a huge difference in your life. others are drying trying to tear you down. we could take lesson from my experience in social media turning off negative comes made it better. trey: you and i have discussed the end before,
10:57 pm
for me a funeral and hoping my wife does not bring a date to my funeral, for you, more like a retirement party, you are less moribund than i am, value of catchi catch glimpse of the end before the end. >> i like your construct a lot, that is good for your overall life. and way you talk about it, and start, stay or leave is excellent, i talk about retire retirement party, i remember going to one a man was so shocked to hear from all these people he helped throughout his 50 year career, he had no idea the impact he had on them, i thought if you are going to be someone with a career, who likes to mentor others, you might not realize the kind of impact you have. in the book, you talk about a woman named frankie, a
10:58 pm
walmart greeter you saw for years and many people she touched in her life, imagine what her redire a ti retirement party would have been like. trey: you first know who will impact your life, it is great idea to be nice torch, to everyone. my motto in life what is worse that happen. you had a boss who asked you that. >> i was reading book. chapter, what is the worst? i thought, george w. bush in post presidency, i was working at a big pr firm, i didn't love it he said why didn't you start your own, i said i would fail, he said i'm not persuaded by that, he said sit down and tell my what would happen, the answer and i guess you would go back and work for a different pr firm, right, i'm lucky to have a lot of
10:59 pm
friends, fortunate to have good relationships, like with you, and relationship with my husband and bosses and friends, i wil will take lessons that i learn in the book, this advice is memorable, i know it will helso many people. trey: you did read it, i haven't gotten to the up of end of it yet, thank you dana for being one of the best humans on the face of the earth. >> thank you, i like coming on here to get these -- you knoget buttered up have a great week. >> thank you. >> thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, one of many things to reflect on tomorrow. on day set aside to honor
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life of dr. martin luther king, jr. have a great week ahead. until next week you can find us on-line or podcast. good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ i am the shannon brain pray the presumed 2024 presidential front runners. >> i take classified documents and classified material seriously. it's not like they're sitting on the street. shannon: so i do try to quiet concerns about the handling of classified documents. after blasting from her president trump on the wake of the mar-a-lago search. and house republicans officially invite the president to deliver his state of the union address. as they launch multiple investigations and press for


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