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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 16, 2023 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> carley: the los angeles police department banning the flag from the public lobbies after receiving a complaint saying it represent violent views. you're watching "fox and friends first"s, i'm carli lloyd. towed a community complaint of the flag. i directed to have the flag taken down. the u.s. flag should proudly be displayed when possible.
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>> todd: -- says this just emboldened the left. >> usually when people make a complaint like that, they do not like the police. for the chief to take it down, symbolizes hard work policemen make and show that blue line is separating the darkness and chaos. it would be nice if they stood up and explained more, because moral is in the gutter, it is a heart retention rate. executives are not standing up for them. >> carley: one person makes a complaint and you have the lapd chief siding with that person. i read this minutes before i read this headline, one of the
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wild-card games were on tv. it's been six or seven years since the national anthem controversy started. so glad there is not controversy anymore and it sounds like anti-police c sentiment has dissipated. this attack is from inside the house. lapd chief michael moore, if he thinks the same blue line flag has been taken over by extremist, he's out of touch with police officers, in his own department or police community in general. majority of people see that for what it is, symbol of what police do everyday putting their lives on the line to protect and serve their communities. >> todd: we see this time and
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time again, let one individual ruin it for everybody. we see this time and time again, somebody reaches upper echelon of the military, police, mayor's office, they abandon the people that got them there, he's abandoning the people under him for some random complaint because he probably has bigger goals in the future of politics. if you are running for politics in l.a., that probably gets you some points. joseph said when you go to a funeral, you see people of all races and you see officers of all races, wearing that thin blue line flag, when i do my event with cops, with the organization that helps survivors of slain police officers, it is not just white people, it is all races, all grieving and coming together and
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that is what the thin blue line symbol keptses. >> carley: you think -- what purpose does this serve? do you think that will make police feel and the department feel more together, more like leadership is standing behind them? it's just one of those really unfortunate things and to your point about leadership making decisions that are self-serving. i was listening to shannon bream interview with cornelle west on "fox news sunday," and he says people are rewarded for being echos, you have to be inseer about who you are. people pose and posture to the top and never know who they are, this decision is posing and posturing to the top and not knowing who they are or the people putting them in leadership looking up to them to
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guide them and unfortunately, it seems like i don't think lapd leadership has their back. >> todd: lapd looking to retire 200 retired officers to combat staffing shortage. the department expects 600 officers to resign or leave the next year. next academy class to graduate, not a typo, just 22 recruits in this new class, total number of officers in the lapd has been on the decline with current staff sitting at less than 1000 of ros, down from 10,000 to 9240. is this all a result of the chief abandoning the thin whether you line? no, this was before that. they do not get paid, they do not have the respect of the public, now because of actions
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like this and defund the police movement, you don't get respect and if you do your job, you are under scrutiny, if you make one error in a split-second decision, your family is ruined and you're bankrupt. >> carley: rinse and repeat and still going on. flight attendants are talking about a loophole to smuggle fentanyl, this is an insane story coming up. >> todd: it is wild. the medical community admitting covid deaths are being miscountry. is it too late? we'll ask an infectious disease physician next. ♪i feel free to bare my skin♪ ♪yeah, that's all me♪ ♪nothing and me go hand in hand♪
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>> the new emomicron subvar iant, 1-5, the subvariant accounts for covid-19 cases. an infectious disease expert joins us now. i think a lot of vaccinated
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people saw this and got concerned. what do you think about this report? >> this virus continues to evolve. the xbb.15 has that ability. it can get around some of the -- death are reduced if you're vaccinated, high-risk person that is boosted. this is what we expect this virus to do, it is not cause for alarm. this is now something anybody can get because this virus has evolved so much. >> carley: you think it is a good idea to get vaccinated? >> yes, i think get vaccinated and somebody that is high risk should get boosted, people not boosted have not been given pax. >> carley: what about the thought there may be connection
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between the pfizer vaccine and streak. >> it doesn't mean this is causing strokes, it is precautionary method to use to get something early if it is. i don't think this will pan out, it is one system, it likely is not something to -- that is going to stick. this is important to be transparent about it, i don't think it will -- >> carley: i've heard the medical community use the word signal, people have not heard that before, how often do signals turn out to be true? >> not often. the signal for myocarditis did, but this is just coincidence. they are cautious to catch
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something quickly. >> carley: the new var iants, there was concern because of explosion of cases in china, this could create a super-variant here, is the china situation not linked here? >> it is not linked. the variants in china are a couple months behind us, it will not impact what goes on in the united states and i don't think china is a place where a new variant will arise. there is lots of immunity and in china those forces aren't there. >> carley: a top medical director says the medical community is overcounting covid death and says the united states is experiencing 400 covid deaths
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everyday, that would be 150,000 a year, she says are these people dying of covid or with covid? some people are saying it is great she is coming to this conclusion, but late to the party. >> it will take time to sift through the numbers. the argument is after omicron because the dominant, there were more infection, people getting routinely tested and they are there for something else. that is hard to deal with and sift through. there are people testing positive for covid, trying to change the metric so they are better able to pick up cases due to covid versus incidental cases. i suspect there will be shifting in the numbers and it is
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important to talk about it, we are in an okay place when it comes to decoupling cases because of the science. >> carley: thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. todd, to you. >> todd: a brazen new york city robbery caught on camera, a man snatches a woman's cell phone from her hands and walk out. wait until you hear what happens when she tried to confront him. and a business owner says homeless people are scaring away customers, wait until you hear what he's doing to solve the problem. at adp, we understand business today looks nothing like it did yesterday. while it's more unpredictable, its possibilities are endless. from paying your people from anywhere to supporting your talent everywhere, we use data driven insights to design hr solutions and services to help businesses of all size work smarter today.
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on sierra heavy duty models. we... are professional grade. gmc. >> janice: good morning, take a look at the map. we have cold air across the west and east. cold temperatures so cold we have freeze advisory for parts of florida, georgia and the
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freeze advisories continue down south toward south florida. i apologize, i'm out of breath because my clicker wasn't working and i had to go fix and00 i'm back. 31 in jacksonville, 41 in orlando. we're talking about heavy rainfall across the west. look at rainfall totals, 42 inches of rain, incredible. snow totals almost 100 feet of snow. more rain in the forecast today. high pressure will build in and cut moisture flow moving from the west. we will deal with fact of more rain and heavy snow for parts of the rockies and toward the plain states and take a look at future cast over next couple days, severe threat thursday and parts of south earnplains and mississippi river valley and
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ohio river valley. some energy coming from the west gathers moisture from the gulf of mexico and threat of strong to severe thunderstorms wednesday into thursday. am i doing a walk right now? >> you walk? >> janice: holy moly, if you could see the scene before we go on tv, it is all about a clicker thing. >> carley: you are always flawless. >> janice: i'm so out of shape, 10, nine, eights, seven, sin. >> carley: you did a great job, critical weather from you, truly. you got this. america's crime crisis, broad daylight robbery caught on camera in new york city. a man enters a lobby and snatches a woman's cell phone from her own hands.
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police say she attempted to get her phone back and the suspect pointed a gun at her, the man is on the loose. one person dead and four hospitalized after a shooting outside a houston nightclub. >> over 50 shots were fired, which is scary, the number of paknow tros outside. >> carley: multiple suspects drove up to the club, got out and opened fire on a group of people standing near a food truck in the parking lot. one suspect used an ak-47. the four surviving victims are in stable condition, no arrests have been made. >> todd: one 7-11 is turning to classical music to deal with disruptive homeless to stop them
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from camping outside. ♪ /* >> todd: the owner of the store is here, is it working? >> yes, it is. our customers are telling us that there are less people hanging out in the parking lot soliciting for money and drinking. customers tell us it is working, they are staying away from the area. >> todd: why is this working? i like classical music when i need to study or chill out, why do you think this is working? >> experts tell us that classical music and opera a annoying and it is working, they are annoyed. people say it is loud and they
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don't hang around the property anymore. >> todd: how did you come up with this in the first place? >> we are experiencing a lot of problems with homeless camping next to our store in an as abandoned building and they are soliciting customers. it was becoming scary, especially at night when female customers come to buy products and they get scared because the solicitors are going to the cars and asking for money. i addressed the issue and say this is a problem. we heard of a couple of stores doing this in california and it seems to be working for them and now it is working for us. >> todd: what has been the
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reaction from customers? >> there are a few customers that live close to the store that it is loud and they can't sleep at night, we lower it at night. most customers appreciate it, they want to come to our store and buy the product and leave. >> todd: the city of austin should handle the homeless problem, where are they? >> they are not. basically couple of years ago they passed an ordinance where anybody can camp out on any public ground and the governor of texas said this is not acceptable, they are defecating in public and throwing trash everywhere and the governor says this is unacceptable, so the state passed law that you cannot
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camp out on public property. now what they have done, moved to private proper, like abandoned belling next door was a sonic. this has been going on for almost two years and it has gotten worse in last three monthses, the city is not doing anything about it. i don't know why it is acceptable like that to live in camps in at any times like that. >> todd: makes no sense. jagat patel, thanks for joining us. remember when the white house said this? >> it is part of lawyers, they look to places where documents could have been stored. >> we should assume it has been completed? >> you should assume it's been completed, yes. >> todd: it wasn't completed, more documents discovered in joe
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biden's beach house this weekend. >> carley: joe concha is breaking down the white house messaging next. ♪ when you're ready to go, but static says “whoa.” try bounce lasting fresh dryer sheets. ♪ more freshness. more softness. less static. less wrinkles. yeah! it's the sheet. ♪ new bounce lasting fresh dryer sheets. it's the sheet! ♪
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>> carley: listen to this, "u.s.a. today" is warning
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americans not to use culturally insensitive words to say hello. just because you can say something, doesn't mean it is appropriate. if you are not hawaiian, do not say aloha, this could be uttering and micro-aggression. >> todd: do research before you write an article like that. >> carley: i do it to todd. >> todd: finding more documents at president biden's beach house, just as they assured us there is nothing more to find. >> there is no other search underway at this time? >> they have, the lawyers look to places documents could have been stored. you should assume it's been
2:32 am
completed, yes. >> carley: joe concha joins us now, how is the white house doing on transparency here? >> joe: aloha to both of you on this holiday monday. it's eye shame, "the view" or "morning joe" is not on the air, it would be a hoot to watch them defend the indefensible. karine jean-pierre is having the best weekend of her life, that was -- you almost felt sorry for her facing questions for once outside of anybody named doocy or jacqui heinrich. no way in a sane and sober world and the jury is out on that, by the way, that donald trump can be indicted unless biden is also
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and we know the latter is not going to happen. classified documents at three separate locations for six years to this point. right now a sitting president likely going to announce he was going to run again in joe biden. this makes the swamp look like the mediterranean. peter doocy pressed karine jean-pierre on the visitor log for the house in wilmington. joe biden has been in delaware for nearly 200 days, 61 weekends of presidency in delaware since becoming president and the press secretary said we've been transparent, we are asking about the delaware log. who has been going in and out of a crime scene, particularly where the president is now and documenting found throughout
2:34 am
this house including next to his corvette. this is where we're at right now. this is bad for the president and he gets a special counsel and that could go in any direction based on what they find in these ump dos if they pertain to ukraine or china, todd. >> todd: why answer like that when anybody with half a brain knows there are going to be more documents coming out this week, that is how silly confident they are and makes no sense. reuters calling this a political black eye, the document scandal. where do you fall on this? speed bump or brick wall? >> joe: well, again, depends what the documents contain, classified documents, why were they placed in washington and in
2:35 am
wilmington, right? i think it depends on what is there. who decided to look for these documents now, right before biden is about to announce he is running for reelection. there has to be something in there where biden says, i can't run again because of xyz. we'll see. we have donald trump, likely the front-runner if it is not ron himes and joe biden, both have spe special counsel investigating them and that will hinder their messaging in 2023 and campaigns don't happen in one year, they are basically two years and special counsel, if you remember with bob mueller can go on for years. here we are, welcome to the united states of america, everybody. >> carley: two special counsel
2:36 am
investigation for the two top candidates that could run for president in 2024 and these investigations take a long time. seven months we'll be like, that is right. >> todd: still going on. thanks, joe. >> joe: congratulations to your giants, they will go to beat pete's team. there you go. >> carley: we are learning agents encountered 250,000 migrants at the border in december alone, highest in history. >> todd: marianne rafferty has details. >> cbp expectses to clock 250,000 migrant encounters and influx steady stream of 200,000
2:37 am
for nine straight months. in 2023, migrants have crossed into the u.s. illegally and border agents are dealing with overwhelming numbers. >> it is almost a norm now, anything over 200,000 is the norm. when i was with dhs and we were approaching 70 a month, it was a full-blown crisis. in may border agents encountered 241,000 migrants. >> todd: the numbers are staggering. new york city mayor eric adams saw chaos first hand, got a different view than president biden. >> he did, mayor eric adams, who has been begging for federal help paid a visit to el paso to visit with migrants personally.
2:38 am
adams says the large numbers are putting a strain on the city's resources and he's demanding federal help. >> this is a federal crisis, new york can't take more, pointing the finger at national government, this is a national problem. >> maybe governor abbott move to show how other cities are dealing with massive numbers, maybe it worked, adams is saying biden administration needs to play a more active role in securing the border. >> todd: you spoke to robertalmonte. ing >> right before president biden came, the city was cleaned up under the order of the white house to give el paso the nice look. mayor adams going down there got
2:39 am
a dose of reality and he's right, this was a border crisis that had turned into a national crisis and i've been saying that many times and it is unfortunate and when is it going to stop? this is result of not having a plan to deal with the issue on the border. >> todd: good on him issue late to the party for mayor eric adams, talking about this many months. >> carley: 250,000 encounters in december. >> todd: average american families spending extra $72 bucks a month on food thanks to president biden. >> carley: cheryl casone will tell us how the white house policies are putting a strain on your wallet, that is next. ♪
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>> carley: not good news here, new study showed average american family is spending $82 more on housing and $72 more on food than last year. >> todd: economists say we are on our way to a full-blown recession. cheryl casone is here, i would argue we are already there, but
2:44 am
i'm no economist. >> cheryl: look at the graph, you had two quarters of negative gdp growth, which technically is a recession, but somehow we are having a debate we didn't have recession last year. i say we did. this is consumer price index, report we do every month. inflation did peak in june, the pan the consumer is feeling is exponential. look at food and shelter cost, big piece of cpi. this is year over year comparison, and it is $72 over last year, shelter $82 more december to december. look at consumer spending in december in 2021. what does this tell you, that
2:45 am
the american consumers are feeling the pain and the american consumer right now is telling you, i am in a recession and i'm paying more for eggs and everything else at the grocery store. >> carley: how the american people feel, jenny has interesting comments on the debt ceiling, we'll hit limit on thursday? >> cheryl: this is what speaker mccarthy said when he got this letter from janet yellen, listen to the response from the letter from janet yellen? >> every state has to budget, county, city, for the white house to say they won't look at it and can't find one penny of eliminating waste, they are trying to put us into bankruptcy. >> cheryl: here is the letter,
2:46 am
she says to congress, it is critical that congress act in timely manner, failure will cause irreparable harm to americans and big time global financial stability. we have debt and bills to pay, make sure we pay the bills. >> todd: curious to find out what she is thinking of to get to that solution, my main question for janet yellen. we'll see in the coming days. this flight attendant smuggling story. >> cheryl: before i go to this story, not all flight attend antss are drug smugglers, some are facing prison time. attorney for the flight attendant says this is commonly done, they don't get caught frequently. i disagree with this statement
2:47 am
1000 percent, but yeah, this flight attendant was caught trying to smuggle fentanyl into boston. does it happen? sure. is it rare? yes. make -- this is a small carrier. >> todd: when you and i go on a plane, there are security protocols we need to pass through that the flight attend antss don't do. >> cheryl: it is like a quick screen. when you're a pilot, you go through federal background checks and everything else -- >> carley: maybe other people are doing it. >> todd: cheryl casone never smuggled drugsesa a flight attendant. >> carley: thank you. >> todd: lawrence jones, what is
2:48 am
coming up on "fox and friends"? >> new york city mayor eric adams is a national crisis, during a border visit. micoal will reacts, nancy grace, jim gray and jack brewer and a 10 year old proving he has what it takes to be a sports reporter. >> wide receiver for the los angeles, 1433 yards, 14 touchdowns and averages 15 yards per catch. >> smooth. meet the impressive young reporter, that is comeingly up on "fox and friends." and things are a no go because you keep seeing double, or...your bloodshot eyes have you seeing red,
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♪ democrats turning on president biden calling his classified document scandal embarrassing as more documents are discovered at his delaware home.
2:53 am
>> carley: james comer is calling on the white house to release the visitor log for the president's beach house. >> after the general counsel was appointed we stem find out that president biden's personal attorneys are still rum manualing around what essentially would be a crime scene trying to find information to turn over this who process handled poorly it shows two tier justice system. we want to know who had access to those classified documents at the bind home. >> carley: am election andrea with the latest. >> good morning, carley and todd. why still don't know what was in these documents why the public wasn't tuned in sooner or frankly if all the lawyers and aides had the proper security clearances. news of the classified documents found in early november finally came out on the january 9th. on the 11th one more document found at the home by personal
2:54 am
lawyers. richard finds one more documents there january 12th and two days later reveals each more documents were found on thursday. democrats are coming to terms with beth the political and the ethical troubling aspects of this situation. listen. >> is it possible that national security was jeopardized here? >> i don't think we can exclude the possibility without knowing more of the facts. >> it's an embarrassment, no doubt about. it is there more to it? i doubt it. >> i'm glad that there is a special prosecutor appointed any time there is a deviance in regards to security protocols they should be taken serious and investigated. >> it's embarrassing. one of those moments they wish hadn't happened. >> classified documents are to be taken seriously and they are to be handled with a great deal of care and no one is above the law. >> attorney general merrick garland announced last week that robert hur had been appointed
2:55 am
special counsel to documents. the document dignity back to biden's time handed to the national archives. republicans strumgd to understand why this action took so throng come out. >> this lack of transparency. even though the white house says they are being transparent it's been just the opposite. they find these documents on november 2nd. we don't learn about it. we, the american people, don't learn about it until january 6th. that's from a news report when the white house goes public and tells us the only thing they talk about are the first batch. >> house republicans have promised to conduct their own investigation into this matter and have once again called for a visitor log for the president's wilmington residence trying to figure out who over the course of the year may have had access to these documents, carley, todd. >> carley: alexandria hoff live for us. let's bring in former acting attorney general m matt whitake. where to begin. five more documents over the weekend. more questions about who had access to the garage and the
2:56 am
biden center. what are you honing in on this morning and where do do you thik this investigation is going? >> yeah. i'm honing in on two things. it's good to be with you this morning carley and todd. i think one the statement on thursday that the search had been completed, that from the press secretary proves to be a lie and they were, you know, telling us hopeful statement instead of the truth. but what i'm really looking at is if you look at the timeline, this was a -- originally a curated narrative that suggested that these -- they were moving out of the penn biden center. that these were encountered in that move. i don't think -- they were searching for something and now that i'm looking at the timeline of how it's rolling out and now they have lost control of the narrative. when it broke, the story, they thought they could explain it away. they throughout is nothing to see here. and now it is just this everrolling revealing story about how these documents were
2:57 am
appear to be strewn hither, fifther and yawn during joe biden's move as vice president. really surprising. where the investigation is going, carley, i think rob hur is going to try to figure out whether this was an inned a investor tent misplacement as we were going told or whether a crime has been committed. ultimately a sitting president can't be charged there may be statute of limitations issues but this is a serious problem for the white house. >> todd: we're all going to become intermittently familiar with the phrase chain of custody over the next weeks and months. what i'm honing in on is some of these documents are about ukraine. you all recall that hunter biden had $83,000 job with. [buzzer] ma. ukrainian energy company. we had reports that hunter biden lived in this home. a lot of coincidences here, matt. what do you make of them all? >> yeah, todd.
2:58 am
that's very inciteful. what i would say is that the content of these documents matter dramatically as to whether they were unintentional misplacement outside of a secure facility or to be shared. remember, david petraeus got in a lot of trouble for sharing classified information with someone that didn't have clearance. that is something that i think is drilling as to what is is the contents of this these documents? >> carley: feels like the popular opinion when all is said and done neither president biden or former president trump are going to face any sort of legal ramifications for this or be indicted whatsoever. one within a sells out the other. but if regular american mishandled classified documents, the outcome would be much different. how do you feel about that? >> it's true.
2:59 am
carley, one of the problems we have a system that no one is above the law but we do see these examtion where it appears that people do get away at the highest levels with things that their employees and underlings would never get away with. we're going to watch, i think, whether or not these two special counsels coordinate, talk about the law, what the law should be and how to apply it to these facts because ultimately. it's the same exact statutes. and i thought the donald trump case is actually more sympathetic because as a president he had the ability to declassify documents which special counsel jack smith is going to have to consider. in the other case of president biden, when he was vice president, he had no ability to declassify documents. >> todd: let's keep in mind these documents were pretty secure in mar-a-lago, secret service there. not so much over there throughout delaware. >> carley: a box in your garage next to your car, not secure. >> a locked garage.
3:00 am
>> todd: he has a corvette. >> carley: never owns the garage door. >> todd: we had that locked garage defense in law school. you remember that. >> thank you both, have a great day. >> carley: todd, great to you with you. breaking news, the giants won. with that "fox & friends" now. ♪ >> democrats beginning to turn on president biden. >> coming to terms with both politically and think troubling situations. >> it's an embarrassment. >> no one is above the law. >> is it possible that national security was jeopardized. >> i don't think we can exclude the possibility. >> this is a national crisis. >> new york city's mayor eric adams is in el paso to get a firsthand look at the growing border crisis. >> sources tell fox news december migrant encounters exceed 250,000. >> brian walsh's mother outside the family's home after her son was charged with misleading the police


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