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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 16, 2023 9:00am-10:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> harris: you are watching "outnumbered," i am harris faulkner with me jackie deangelis, deangelis, tammy bruce, lisa boothe, david webb, can you say hot five. let's do this. we began with the president biden facing additional questions over how he has handled the nation's secrets after his attorney is found more classified documents at his home
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in wilmington, delaware. despite the white house saying the search was complete last thursday. rapid developments here is what we are looking at so far. november 2nd, just days before the midterm election, six days, the president's aides find classified documents and a closet at the penn-biden center, a think tank in washington, d.c. but that discovery was not made public. on november 14th, attorney general merrick garland appoints a u.s. attorney to go over the case. fast-forward to december 20th, the president's attorneys find another batch of documents. these pages that were stored in his garage at his home coming in oh, next to the corvette like he told us. the story finally broke wide open on january 9th. an additional document was then found three days later. that same day the attorney general appointed a special counsel. two days after that more
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documents surfaced in wilmington. some democrats are staying silent on all of this while others are publicly speaking out including surprising comments made by congresswoman adam schiff. >> you raise the possibility of national security assessment, is it possible that national security was jeopardized here? >> i don't think that we can exclude the possibility without knowing more of the facts, we have asked for an assessment in the intelligence mar-a-lago documents and we need the same assessment in the documents found in the think tank as well as the home of president biden. >> harris: yeah, because you don't know what is coming next, so you better be fair. last hour republican senator ron johnson told me this and focus. >> this is obvious that president biden has certainly broken the rules, he should have known better. incredibly hypocritical coming of saw his interview with cbs talking about how he simply
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can't understand how somebody could be so irresponsible when he was talking about president trump, what does he think about himself? >> harris: actually last hour, former u.s. attorney brett tolman told me it's not the rules that the president broke, it's the law. >> david: what we have here is not an inadvertent, and the inadvertent defense does not work. he has broken the law clearly under u.s. code and no matter what they can avoid that. to adam schiff who suddenly has found his moment, don't believe him, because if you go back for years, what do you have a response to the statements on russia collusion and intelligence, other lies that he has actually told, so just miss him and go back to the facts, this is not about when they found the documents, this is about what happened prior to that. and i don't want to wander down the hunter biden thing, but we have to put in another aspect of this in there, for a while and one of his drug fuel periods, hunter biden was a resident in the residence. so think about it.
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where the documents are being kept in the house, wherever these documents have been moved around come we don't know where, a full investigation needs to be carried out which needs to look into as much as possible in interview anyone that they know may have had contact or rather have come to the property, so this needs full investigation, not a merrick garland distraction or silently appoint any counsel or whatever he wants to do. >> harris: yes, robert turner on the job at this point. and even as the job is being done, more documents are popping up. you know, you just -- you did not say it out loud, but you indicated it is not just that the documents were moving around while they were at the penn-biden center like to move them they are? and then attorneys move them someplace else somewhat, they move them to more than one location? what about that house? we found out that at least other documents were not on the garage, somewhere in an adjacent room, did they recently get move there? they certainly did not walk
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there. >> this is why we need if i may quickly, why we need a full not arrayed like mar-a-lago, but a full examination of premises followed by people who are there and then being asked questions by the fbi and the doj or whatever intelligence agency needs to be involved, based on what was in documents around the u.k., china, and the ukraine. so when we look at all of this, this needs to go further and a full investigation asks all those questions from the day they left the white house to the day they were sandy berger. >> why not arrayed? merrick garland lay down the president. so why not a raid? and not only that they withheld the information from the public since november 4th when allegedly the department of justice was made aware, so why not? and hold on -- >> david: i am saying why not arrayed, the surprises gone. >> but let's go down the hunter
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biden trail as well, he told us he did not talk to a son about the business dealings, and he is giving 10% and you look at these documents had to do with ukraine, found at the penn-biden center which is a chinese backed think tank, two countries that his son and his family had business dealings and not only that, but when he was the vice president he held greece to the wheel, by flying hunter biden in the air force to become a shaken hands of a business partner and hoping greasing the wheels in china, and getting the prosecutor general fired in ukraine who was investigating marie's mama and we were told by the media there is nothing the sea there, but obviously there is something the sea, so i would love to know which documents were found and if this was part of the pedaling operation. >> harris: and if i could follow up with you, lisa, on the possibility of a raid. i don't know if we know that that will come, but something like this, last thursday at the press secretary told us the
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search was over, but that was not right. and so are there other places where they are fanning out? nbc news reported threat sources last week that teams were told to keep looking, where are they searching? >> david: and who is searching? >> harris: hold on, lisa. us before why are they allowing his own attorneys to dig for the information, why can we take him at his word? we have been lied to you in the white house for the past few short days this took place and also a president has the ultimate, president trump had the ultimate authority to classify or declassified, a vice president does not have that authority. if you laid on the marker for the man who had the authority, president trump but you don't do it with the vice president who does not, what does that tell you? >> harris: i have not and forgive me if somebody has, but i have not heard anybody ask this question, did obama know that the papers were gone? >> jackie: it's a great question and we have to get to the bottom of that.
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>> harris: because he could have declassified them, but joe biden can it have. >> jackie: what the contents of the papers were, why they left and ended up where they did in these various locations and also the access, who had access to these papers that were thrown in the garage, literally, probably in some sort of storage box like they were junk. so the investigation that james comer wants to bring about and who had access in the delaware home is something that needs to be followed through with. this is, and outcome of the ultimate lack of discretion and it is the ultimate hypocrisy, because when he was asked about a bye 60 minutes and cvs coming he turned around and called former president trump irresponsible. when you look at how he handled the documents it was in a more responsible way with the authority to declassify, and then joe biden handled it. i mean, the garage element of this is a bum mind >> harris: it is more easter hunt, you know? and i want to be delicate, because we have seen the
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president recently talked to the easter bunny however accidental that was. >> tammy: i would like to add and i do agree excellent points across the board, but in the midst of the details on what was going on, i think the larger issue is the character of what has been exposed. when joe biden was confronted with the penn center discovery, he was looking at that arrows, remember by his lawyers to not ask questions coming you don't want to know coming you don't need to know, so he had no idea and was shocked and appalled, what we have learned is by the time he was asked and by the time of fox news' report and early january past the first week, he had already known that more documents were found at his home. that was discovered on december 20th. he already knew that there were multiple sites, he already knew and was persecuted, had to be personally involved not in his home, we believe other documents perhaps in a library, so he was personally involved, and the
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united states first inclination was to lie about the details, did so with ease and comfort to, and then when was confronted by peter doocy, he turned to belligerence and anger, and some grinning and laughing that they were next to the corvette safe. the same man who had no idea has to be translated to every serious issue in the country, afghanistan, the economy, the border, everything we are facing, that is what we see here. it is a lack of character, the willingness to lie, the pathological nature of it, and the ease at which it was done. >> harris: you drop that microphone, i got hit by shards of the microphone, by the way. i'm going to be all right th though. okay, coming up... even democrats are calling for more action from the federal government when it comes to the border crisis. big apple mayor eric adams is begging for help. he stopped at the border this weekend, el paso where the mayor
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>> harris: new york city mayor eric adams took a trip down to the border this weekend and now it is demanding that president biden appoint a leader at the federal emergency management agency to coordinate a national response to the crisis coming out, because it is an emergency, dude. adams says new york is at a breaking point as hundreds of migrants a day have arrived in his city in need of food, shelter, resources, but will you let him go, because you said if they were illegal when they were voting, you would let them vote. reports have been coming in that
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people are trashing hotel rooms which are costing the city hundreds of dollars a day. well, if you have been to the border then you know when they come across they immediately take off all of their clothes from the river water and put on the clothes of people they have never met before so they can make their way into el paso and other cities, is he paying attention? the mayor says the influx of people could cause new york city $2 billion and now he wants the federal federal government to pay for it. >> we are not pointing a finger at el paso, we're not pointing a finger at houston, we are pointing out where it should be pointed which is our national government, this is a national problem, we must have real immigration reform and we must immediately have a short-term fix of making sure -- >> harris: if time allows we will go back to the topic, right now you are looking at the president of the united states delivering remarks at national annual the dream to find breakfast, this is the mayflower
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hotel in washington, d.c., let's watch. >> president biden: well, it is hell turning 30, but you have to put up with it, and the biggest leader house speaker and american history. and the mover and shaker in politics, and great career, true champion for the day-to-day workers, everyone here from the civil rights community and congress is wonderful to be with you on this special day. yesterday morning what would have been dr. king's 94th birthday, i attended the sunday services at ebenezer, and i was deeply meaningful and moving for me, it was because we face another inflection point in our nations history. one that is going to determine what to this country looks like several decades from now. you know, this is a time for choosing.
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when we choose democracy over a talker pc -- autocracy, or community over chaos, love over hates, these are the questions of our time that i ran for president to try to help answer and dr. king's life and legacy in my view shows the way forward, just have to look back and be prepared. with all of you here together we have made some important progress. two years ago our economy was on its back, flat on its back. people were hurting, particularly minority communities, black americans and other people of color were disproportionally hit, and kamala in the eye and are -- acted swiftly with the people in this room, not only to end a pandemic down term, but to look at how it was more resilient and equitable to -- equitable economy. if we hold us a second, one of the things that i wanted -- a slight digression, one of the issues with the pandemic i wanted to make sure that we
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spent the time and effort and mechanism to make sure that minority communities were not left behind. that they were not left in the lurch, and the highest percentage of workers, minority communities were treated -- it was the single effort that we had, and i am very proud of the folks who ran that show they got it done. we got it done. and i am of the view and have been of my whole career, i am tired to trickle down economics. you and i have never liked it, have we? and i think the economy, the way that it should grow in america is from the bottom up and allow that way for folks have a shot, middle-class people do well in the wealthy still do very well. they still do very well, but they start to pay their fair share. two years and it is clearer than ever that i think that our plan
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is working. we have created nearly 11 million jobs, the strongest job growth on record for any president at this point in history. the unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in 50 years, and black unemployment is near record lows. wages for black workers are up, two strongest years ever for a small business creation including black small busi businesses. across-the-board american families have a bit more breathing room, more black americans have health insurance than ever and american history. and as of the 1st of january, our legislation is kicking in from last year, and so now is captive $35 a month for seniors on medicare instead of paying up to hundreds of dollars a month, and big pharma, big pharma under the law we finally got past with
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not much help from the other team, big pharma is in a situation where if they rise, if they raise the drug price beyond the rate of inflation, they are going to pay stiff penalties for doing so. that's a fact. so we are trying to bring things under control. we are seeing the same progress on energy, on energy costs, folks can get tax credits with the appliances at home like the efficiency dishwasher or heat pumps or electric vehicles if you are able to buy one of those. we are advancing those fence line communities that have suffered the most consequences and been smothered by pollution, why louisiana, my home state, route nine in delaware where all of the mills are, where all the oil refineries are and we are making sure these communities benefit from the biggest investment ever, ever ever with cleaner and safer environment and the jobs that are going to go to clean up the environment are going to go to the folks in that community, good paying
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jobs. they are the ones that will get the jobs. and so, folks, these are all pieces of a big new law that we pass, now they are kicking in. america will feel the benefits of these laws. we are implementing once in a infrastructure law, with equity and at center, my justice 40 initiative, 40% of all the benefits in the infrastructure which was $200 billion over the next few years, those benefits of certain federal investments went to disadvantage communities. at 70% the new infrastructure for the luxury school buses where kids aren't breathing that polluted air. and a lot more is coming.
9:23 am
modernizing america and the roads, bridges, airports across the country. and beginning to replace every poisonous lead pipe in america. every single one. we have already started so every child in america, every american can turn on the faucet at home or at school and drink clean water. significant member of minority communities can't access high speed internet as you know and have told me for years, but we are going to make sure that every community has access to affordable high-speed internet so no parent has to drive to mcdonald's parking lot to have their kids sign up for connection to be able to do their homework. and by the way, it will create millions of jobs in the mea meantime. folks look. speaking of education, the set of photo ops and i know i spent a lot of time with the trip from delaware knowing that i'm a big delaware state guy, i went to the university of delaware, but
9:24 am
my political foundation hbcu, i said i was going to help hbcus that have not been getting the help they need, you know, the folks are as competent as anybody else, but guess what, they don't have the laboratories, they don't have the funding, they don't have the endowment to build a laboratory for these good paying jobs. and so i have already -- we have delivered nearly 6 billion in funding to hbcus to invest in the next generation of black leaders. that's a record and that's a fact, it is not going to stop. to help close the wealth gap, the racial wealth gap under secretary fudge, she is leading the effort. we are expanding efforts to build a black generational wealth like every other person who has built their wealth, how did they build it? homes, investing equity in their homes, that's how it got built. you know, if you build in the last 25 years, you build housing
9:25 am
development on one side of the interstate highway, and you build the same one on the opposite side, and one is predominantly black and the other is white, guess what, the value of the exact same home built by the exact same builder is more valuable on the white side of that highway than on the black side. that's a fact. so we are going to progressively and aggressively combat racial discrimination, housing including working and restoring the will roll if your community gets a federal housing aid it's not enough to say that it won't discriminate. it has to be meaningful, affirmative steps to overcome patterns of segregation and give everyone a fair shot. and by the way, if you live in one of those neighborhoods and you have the same exact car i have in the other neighborhood, you pay more for your insurance on that side. no basis for it, none at all other than you are black, and i am white.
9:26 am
we are working with leaders incentive programs to route grass the negative impacts of redlining. one of the things that as a young county councilman, that almost lost me the election, but i am very proud of it trying to take care of redlining and get rid of discrimination. when launching a $1 billion pilot project, funded by my bipartisan infrastructure law that nancy made sure we got past, nancy, thank you. [applause] to help reconnect community is where highways had physically broken them up and walked down and put out black community is for opportunities, and the city of wilmington, delaware, where i am from, guess what, i-95 goes up where it used to be in predominantly black neighborhood, now you have seven, eight, nine lanes with exits and on ramps and off ramps that divide the community. this loss is coherence. there is remediation money in
9:27 am
the infrastructure bill. to be able to pave over that, to have -- so that it's a tunnel and study put parkland land in there, recreation facilities in there community centers. and finally we are addressing the core fact that black families homes often appraise at a much lower value than the homes own by white families. black small businesses are the engines and the economic blue of any community, i need not tell anybody in this room, restaurants, law firms, barbershops, beauty shops, these are the folks that hold the community together, they are the ones that sponsor the little league it, they are the ones that sponsor the churches, they are the ones that sponsor the local volunteer fire company. they are the ones that sponsor everything. they keep a community going. well, to hold that community together we need to encourage more of that. so i am proud that i signed a law that permanently authorizes the minority small business development agency for the first
9:28 am
time in our history. and it gives it expanded if a authority to helping more black-owned businesses grow. the biden administration also receives hundreds of billions of dollars in federal contracts from everything from refurbishing a decorated aircraft carrier to hear -- carrier to handrails in a federal building, i determined a long time ago when i first got in that you know, there is a law that was passed in the late '30s, 1930s that says that if you in fact are going to spend taxpayers dollars than the president has to authorize where that it's meant, and should be spent by an american on american made products by businesses. guess what, we are doing it. in an awful lot of people are going to work. and folks, in that, when i assigned and we awarded those contracts, and made a commitment, to increase from what is roughly 10 percent of
9:29 am
those contracts going to minority businesses to 15%, to 15 percent by 2025. in the share of those dollars that goes to the small business including black and brown own businesses. that's going to mean an additional hundred billion dollars going into the creation of the small businesses, $100 billion. we are doing all of this while being fiscally responsible. we are making sure that the wealthiest and biggest corporations finally start paying their fair share. far from it so far, you know when we were here and we were talking about, you referred to there are 15 companies in the fortune 500 companies that made $40 billion in 2022. 2021. you know how much they paid in taxes? zero, not one single penny, but if you are a local cop, a local firefighter, a local nurse
9:30 am
coming or going to pay 24-26%. and they are paying zero. increase the corporate minimum tax and i want to go back at, increasing the minimum tax to 15%, now that's not a whole lot for these major corporations, but no one earning less than $400,000 pays a single penny more in taxes, but 15% seems to be the bare minimum of the corporate making tens of billions of dollars should be paying. we are making this progress at the same time reducing the deficit, you know, we are going to talk about big spending democrats again, guess what, i reduce the deficit last year or $350 billion, and this year federal deficit is down 1 trillion plus dollars. hear me, that's a fact. and there will be hundreds of billions reduced over the next decade, and so what, these guys
9:31 am
come of the fiscal. the fiscal dementia, they don't quite get it. to deliver equal justice under the law, we are building the federal bench with judges that reflect all america, and my dad talked about basically giving judges, and it will straighten things out, fair judges, guess what, we probably heard of a lady called tom g brown. [cheers and applause] i made a commitment to you, al, i said i'm going to appoint the first black woman of the supreme court and she is about the smartest one of all of them, i might add. and by the way, we have appointed more black women into the federal circuit course then every other president in american history combined. every single president combined, and by the way, if you see derman, senator derman, thank him.
9:32 am
because he got them through. and so many of you work so hard to pass the george floyd policing act, but since the senate republicans blocked that last year, i did the only thing i could do, i signed a historic executive order that included key elements of that bill at the federal level, bandage choke holds, and a national database for officer misconduct that has to be placed in the national database to tighten the use of force policies and emphasize de-escalation, you have to retrain cops as to why should you always shoot with deadly force, the fact is if you need to use your weapon, you don't have to do that, and to call a fresh approach to recruit and how we recruit, how we hire, how we train, how we promote and retain law enforcement, the it comes from the neighborhoods that they serve. and know the people that are charged to protect. now i know a lot of people say community police is not a good
9:33 am
idea, come to a wilmington, delaware, at the old neighborhood i worked in on the east side called bucking, they need protection. they are asking for protection, they want cops who are fair, they want cops who know their communities. they want cops that are going to be doing it by the numbers. and folks, that's tied to more community policing in advancing public trust and safety. it's also why about a month after buffalo and you volte, i visited both, i signed the first major gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years. and i will say what i said then, i will say it over and over again, i am going to get assault weapons bans. i did it once, and i'm going to do it again. there is no social redeeming value wearing kevlar vests out
9:34 am
there, what do you need an assault -- i am serious, and the number of bullets that going to magazine, there is no need for any of that. i love my right-wing friends that talk about the tree of liberty is, on the blood of patriots, you need to work about taking on, you need some made 15, you don't need an ar-15. i am serious, think about it. think about the rationale for this? it's about money. money, money, money. meanwhile we are making a story of community violence and conventions studies have shown the reduced violent crime of up to 60% and we have seen this impact in baltimore and sacramento and by the way i would be in real trouble, my daughter is a social worker, and this is what she does, so if i didn't, i would be in real trouble, you think i'm joking, i'm not joking.
9:35 am
in one of the things about equal justice, i am keeping my promise no one, i will say it again no one should be in federal prison for the mere possession of marijuana. no one. [applause] in addition to that, they should be released from prison and completely pardoned of their entire record expunged so that if they have to ask have you ever been, you can honestly say no. folks, i just signed legislation for a power of the sec to cap the cost of phone calls from prison. prison. prisoners charged and incarcerated people, just allow for some dignity, a lot of federal prisoners are put in prisons and they should not be far from where they live, they should be able to communicate with their families, with their
9:36 am
children, and we brought brittney griner home just in time for christmas. [applause] and we have more to bring home as well. last year -- >> harris: we have been fact-checking along the way and we have jackie deangelis with us here on the couch from the fox business, there were a couple of items that the president said, by the way, did he mention dr. king and his comment so far? >> jackie: i did not hear it. >> harris: he sang happy birthday, but i think the speeches about what is going on with president biden and its policies and it is about to the recognition of the day, somebody cut and if i am wrong, i want you to take it away on the fact-check, president of the united states as no one earned by the way, no one earning less than $400,000 a year pays a single penny more on taxes, federal deficit is down 1 trillion. and you say what?
9:37 am
>> jackie: a nice day regarding the deficit if you would have done nothing, it would be down even more, we spent a lot of money during the pandemic as you know to take care of complete emergency situation, but then this administration went and spent trillions of dollars more. so the deficit would have just come down on its own if we would've stopped spending as a result of there was no more urgency. but they wanted to continue the emergency ntu 2021, into 2022, so when he talks about that deficit reduction, it is off of a very bloated figure, but it brings me back to your point as you are commenting during the break, all of these stats are distorted, harris. he also said he created 11 million jobs, you mean you brought back the jobs that we were temporarily off-line as a result of the pandemic? again it is taking facts and saying that he created something when he has not done anything. >> harris: the number $350 billion in reducing the deficit, you are saying that we could have done better on our
9:38 am
own? >> jackie: if you would've stopped spending, the deficit would've fallen 850. >> david: he does say that's a fact to lisa's points. after he tells you a distortion. i was nice, i said distortion. >> lisa: you can be sure when he says that's a fact it's actually a lie. >> harris: as i mentioned in the first 20 minutes of the president taken the stage, he made virtually no mention of the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr., and this is supposed to be the event, the speech that he designated as such for today, dr. king was the leading voice of the american civil rights were union who preached a message of hope nonviolent resistance, the protests that he organized, the marches that he led in the speeches that he gave were key in bringing about
9:39 am
landmark legislation such as the civil rights act of 1964. dr. king was the youngest person to win the nobel peace prize, to fight racial inequality. in 2011 he was the first african american to receive a monument on the national mall in washington, d.c. his birthday has now become a national holiday. hence may be why he thought it was time to sing. "the new york post" marking an op-ed titled dr. king the very best of america, reads in part we honor dr. king for the goals he pursued and largely achieved and for a vision the nation still strives to fully realize, martin luther king's legacy is that he managed to combat injustice by appealing to americans highest aspirations, and that is why the nation rightly celebrates him today. and every day. and by the way, it's called a dream to find breakfast at
9:40 am
national action network's annual mayflower hotel where the president is talking, we were wanting to give some details about the day that perhaps he left out. >> david: and possibly a really important point to this, the dream is still underway, much of it has been achieved. we have a truly diverse nation, we have a nation where individual rights and laws protect those individual rights with a constitution that is done that since it was put into place, and what the far left is trying to do is segregate us once again. i live near an area in miami that was once -- it is a tragedy in the windy city when you go and see an area represented by frederico wilson that gets very little attention and very little success, tme said earlier when we were talking that these areas have been run by democrats for
9:41 am
decades, and they are still where they are at. we have achieved a great deal of this stream, period, end of story. >> tammy: and today is left will be literally canceling dr. king, that's what they are doing, they are turning that dream on its head. they are doing the opposite of what he asked for, which is a genuine embracement of each other. so keep that in mind about the condition of today's left. >> harris: in all fairness, the president was at ebenezer baptist church, the per sitting president to go for regular church service there and address the congregation, but today he did sing happy birthday and then made the speech all about himself and the policies. he did mention a couple of relatives as well, we will come back right after this commercial break. i count on personalized financial advice from my ameriprise advisor. she knows my goals and can help me reach them with confidence. the markets may fluctuate but you're still on track. more than 9 out of 10 clients are likely to recommend us.
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knowing where you came from, it gives you a sense of “this is who i am”. oh my goodness... wow, look at all those! you get hungry for more and then you're just like, “wow, i'm learning about my family.” yeah, yep. which one, what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? look at grandma... hey grandma! unbelievable. everybody deserves to know who they are and where they came from. this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family.
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>> more stonewalling from the white house, the latest reaction from the administration top of the hour come up plus new evidence against the alleged idaho murder her, and on joe biden's border crisis, stunning new images we are just getting in, come come join us live as "america reports" at the top of the hour.
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♪ ♪ 's before the national hockey league is changing its plans for a job fair after ron desantis called them out for being discriminatory. the pathway to a hockey sentiment is scheduled for next month in fort lauderdale during the nhl's all-star weekend, but was only open to certain people, these people identifying as female, black, asian, or pacific islander, hispanic or latino, indigenous, lgbtq, or a person with a disability. veterans were included. the veteran expressed his outrage saying discrimination of any sort is not allowed in the state of order and we do not abide by the woke notion that it should be avoided if in a politically correct -- the nhl has eliminated reference to ethnic, gender,
9:47 am
sexual orientation, and veteran all teary status, a spokesperson tells fox the original wording was incorrect and that anyone 18 or older can attend. what a change of events they are, david. this really gets to this broader conversation as we talk about martin luther king getting away from content of the character, this drive towards equity actually is discriminatory. >> david: this is the new racism come i want to put in context as i call on a friend of mine, former professional hockey player i was going to go to the all-star game coming up that weekend, february 4th-fifth weekend, kim davis -- kim davis is the problem, brought in by the nhl, here is her history. corporate philanthropic community tied to hillary clinton as an adviser, senior manager, she pushes corporate responsibility and inclusive leadership practices, a.k.a. dei across corporations. this is part of the graph,
9:48 am
speaking to the national action network, the biggest race and poverty pimp in the world al sharpton, this is a game, they by doing what kim davis and the nhl wanted to do down in florida were actually excluding a part of their big bass, which hate, hockey, majority, caucasians around the world, but yes, many blacks. i love live hockey, people of all ethnicities who i don't identify when they walk in, they want a good seat behind the glass. >> lisa: governor desantis called them out and they backed down. maybe that's what we need to see. >> jackie: i just wanted to say, we should applaud governor desantis for standing up and saying what everybody wanted to say. na is telling the nhl and disney, no, you are not going to do this in my state any you are not going to exclude people. if you want to raise interest in hockey it should be open all. the funniest part is when they amend the statement, oh, no, it was open anyone regardless as
9:49 am
long as you are over 18. that is not what it said and they were purposefully keeping people out, discriminating in some ways, to the point you made in the last second about dr. king and his messaging. >> tammy: their immediate reversal tells you that they know what they are doing is a problem. normally if you put something out, you will stand by it. he will say, wait a minute, this is a teaching moment. they don't, they run for the hills, they say we were caught, it's the cat that is under the bed. they hope no one will cost back, because based on fear they have trained a lot of politicians to say, that's -- i'm not going to touch that, parents have found back pushing back is important, the left knows what they are doing is wrong, and hoping you will turn away, we can't do it, but this is literally like equity returns martin luther king on its head and his dream equity turns even affirmative action on its head. affirmative action is reaching out to communities specifically who think they would not belong at the nhl or at the police department or in the military
9:50 am
and ad for the military for women in a woman's magazine, this literally once again erases people and tells them not to come, it is the antithesis of what we fought for and it's got to be abolished. >> harris: so i lived in the state of hockey where i met my husband, so if you don't invite him to a hockey game, he doesn't bring me. and if you're looking for diversity, then we don't bring our biracial children, which is to look at them coming you would not know what they are, an amalgam of all things great in america, and my heart i am their mom. but when i look at that, i just think the ticket for the sport does not know what you look like, but it puts you in the seat of places that you might not normally go, and by naturally getting there and loving it and enjoying it, you will bring more. i mean, that's what america is to me. it is the freedom to go and do whatever you want to, and then
9:51 am
the freedom to bring with you whomever you'd like. and you never know, you just never know. and what do you miss out on by telling us that half the folks can't come? i don't think it's running a very good business, but you missed out on the very thing you said you wanted, diversity. and not just of skin color. of thought and experience. >> lisa: and maybe some of these people to work on their character. all right, great discussion, coming up coming young activists get schooled on the left's woke tactics to stop climate change, stick around for this, stay with us. newday is a leader in va loans? it means serving veterans is what we do. it means if you need cash, you get more at newday by borrowing up to 100% of your home's value, not just 80%. it means newday has been granted automatic authority by the va to make our own approvals. we can say yes to a veteran when other lenders say no.
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it means we come to work every day knowing we have the privilege of helping veterans make the most of their va home loan benefit. it means no bank, no lender-- no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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live every moment. glucerna. >> drive only electric vehicles, ban your gas stoves, list goes on and on, and now a comedian putting them in their place. watch this. >> the only thing that wokeness has to offer in exchange is to
9:56 am
brainwash bright young minds like you to believe that you are victims, to believe that you have no agency, to believe that what you must do to improve the world is to complain, is to protest, is to throw soup on paintings. we sit on this side of the house because we know the way to improve the world is to work, is to create, it is to build. and the problem with woke culture is that it's trained too many young minds like yours to forget about that. thank you very much. [cheering] >> so i watched the whole speech, about nine minutes long, it was not comedy to me, it actually was very true what he was talking about and what he basically is saying is these young people, activists, embracing woke culture are willing to throw capitalism under the bus because that's the easiest way to solve their problem, which is climate change, instead of actually
9:57 am
realizing it would be capitalism and innovating to provide the solution for the future. >> but that would take work. >> nobody wants to work. >> that's the point he was making. if you want to make a difference, work, contribute, innovate, it's easier to be a victim, virtue signalling and pretend you are doing something, that's what climate change is about for a lot of these people. virtue signalling exercise. for the people in charge it's about control and the people fall along, how virtue great they are, which they are not. >> and for example, in his country if all of a sudden everybody converted everything to green energy, it would only be the cherry on top of the cake, it would not solve the problem. >> yes, and i think that's part of the issue for the left. it's never about the issue. the issues are the excuse, are the pretext, this is about envy, it's about -- they are miserable people who want everyone to be miserable, where there is nothing to fight for, there's
9:58 am
nothing to compete for, and that's what happens. in the meantime and before the segment you heard, he went into the history, five minutes of the world, of china, what's happening in india, poverty, what is -- you all want your families to emerge, to do better, and you are not going to get it done with what the left is offering. >> it's fascinating. and you did not laugh, it's not funny. constantine can be funny but not this day. have we exported wokism or is it everywhere? >> it's a cancer. it's everywhere. >> in part do you blame the young kids, they have been indoctrinated, what they are learning in school, learned it since the day they had consciousness. >> in part i do blame them, those indoctrinated and those that buy into it. some was attempted with me, i did not buy into it. and context here, that gave me a chill, i stood in the same spot
9:59 am
where he stands with the president of the union right there and i was there to debate sharpton when he did not show up and i chickened out whether america is institutional racism or not. kudos to the union for allowing people to speak. unique opportunity to tell people about the right things in life versus the wrong things in life and he's a comedian, but that was a very pointed, appropriate moment for him. >> i would have liked to have seen that, between you and sharpton. >> it's on youtube. it's on youtube, and -- >> the power of marketing, power of indoctrination through persuasion and marketing and education, that's why marketing and all of that is billions of dollars industry. >> look, one of the big stories was over taking away merit awards from children and it's affecting the state of virginia, up to six schools have done this, they did not give out the appreciation of merit awards so
10:00 am
that could be part of your college application, taking away some of the identity of that child to what they say for equity make things more even and not hurtful for children who didn't rise. well, my goodness. if no one is rising, will we all be on the floor? >> equity is the new racism. >> we have to leave it there, guys. thank you so much to everyone. don't forget, dvr the show. "america reports." >> sandra: begin with more stone walling out of the white house, and on those biden documents. we will get to them in just a moment. we are watching this scene at the southern border. stunning new numbers just in on the border crisis and the number of migrants shattering another record. further proof that the crisis is only getting worse. all of this as a prominent democrat gets a firsthand look at the situation in el paso, and now pleading with president biden to take action. >> mor


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