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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  January 16, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> greg: we're out of time. thank you, martha mccullum. love you, martha. *** >> good evening, everyone. i'm trace gallagher from los angeles. >> and breaking tonight, a san francisco panel studying reparations has proposed a one time payment of $5 million to every black residents of the city over the age of 18. so where is the money coming from? i'll give you one guess. the lapd is under fire after
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banning thin blue flies from public areas within police departments. the chief says the flag symbolizes "extremist views." but we begin with the white house going on offense over biden's classified documents, and a white house spokesperson now says the house judiciary investigation into the handling of the documents is hypocritical. white house correspondent cove cork is life from the capitol with more on this. >> calling the g.o.p. hypocritical to press the white house for answers is, say critics, akin to introducing the pot to the kettle. for all his bluster recall it was joe biden who loudly criticized president trump for allegedly having classified documents over at mar largo, and as the saying goes, well, well, well. >> look at the "60 minutes" interview that joe biden did and the comments he made about
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former president trump having documents, looks like he probably made those comments knowing that he himself had classified documents sitting in his garage. so somebody has to ask the question, did you just say that knowing what you knew? do you not think the rules apply to you? >> steve scalise speaking there. the white house says it wants credit for doing the right thing. it claims it did the right thing by turning over the documents, a claim which, as you can imagine, is also generating more eye rolls than ever. keep in mind, they knew about this issue since before the midterms, way back in early november, and we're just hearing about it now. speaking of now, the white house is now taking aim at congressional republicans for digging for answers. house republicans are playing politics, in a shamelessly hypocritical attempt to attack president biden. but tonight, white house counsel's office tells fox news there are no visitor logs for the biden's residence in
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wilmington, delaware. an admission that now led the house oversight committee chairman james comer to press the administration for answers, which, of course, is washington speak for more informations. not surpriseingly former president trump couldn't resist lowering in a few jabs slamming biden for having no visitor logs, and having documents in a flimsy, unlocked and unsecured but now very famous garage. the former president drawing a c contrast, saying they were all locked and in a secure location. to be continued. >> thank you very much. >> go into your garage today. what do you keep in there? i have a lawn mower, some of my daughter's bikes. i don't have birth certificates or anything of value. if i did something like this in the marine corps i would have been severely punished.
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we want to hol everybody accountable to the same standard. >> mike gallagher making the case for actual transparency during our interview today for american reports. for more let's bring in jonathan fahey and "washington times" affairs reporter -- thank you for coming on. jonathan, to you first, quoting, president biden is doing the right thing and is cooperating thoroughly but house republicans are playing politics in a shamelessly hypocritical attempt to attack president biden. i mean, why are, if they are doing this aboveboard, why are there lawyers looking for these documents and not the f.b.i.? why do the documents keep moving from place-to-place, and why did the white house not disclose all of the documents when they first announced the first set in january? >> yes, there are so many things that are remarkable about that statement. it's like, doing the right things. they knew about this before the
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election, and they didn't tell anyone about it, and remarkably, the doj didn't manage not to leak this information quite differently than the way they did it with president trump. but i think two things about this administration's handling of this. one, you know, they are not -- president biden does not take the handling of classified documents remotely seriously, and they have not been the least bit transparent. why do you need lawyers looking for the documents? it makes no sense, other than to protect the privilege, to protect a potential client. so it really -- it's a remarkable statement in so many respects. >> alex, chair of the house judiciary committee said this. i think it's fairly relevant. you listen and tell me. >> on december 18, they find classified material at the biden garage. at the residence, and they don't tell anyone and then on january 9 there is a news report talking about classified material but only at the biden center. the white house comes out and confirms that, but they still don't tell us about the garage.
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what they found on december 18. >> he goes on to say this is not transparency, is this a fair assessment? >> i think that is, and to echo the same point about attorney-client privilege being an issue is, you mentioned why is the f.b.i. not doing the review, like they went into mar lag go? the f.b.i. has the people's interest at stake. of course, biden's lawyers have his interest at stake. there is a potential problem, for example, if representative jim jordan wanted to question, have testimony, from some of these witnesses surrounding the biden document review. they would have to call in, who, biden's attorneys, and, of course, they could say i can't answer these questions due to attorney-client privilege. so there is lack of transparency, and right now, and then going forward. >> but i wonder, jonathan, if the fact there is now a special counsel in place, i wonder, and there are no logs at the wilmington house, right? we don't know who came or went, does the special counsel now
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have the authority to interview everybody? can they interview biden family members? can they get information from whomever they choose on who may or may not have been in that house? >> yes, my understanding is they should have the authority to interview everyone and this thing about not having logs is an interesting dodge. he's president of the united states for the last two years. whether or not they have logs or not, they have a record of who is visiting that house and certainly when he was in campaign mode as well so this idea that they can't put it together or claim they don't have logs, if the white house chief-of-staff told staff to figure out who was there every single day for the past several years, they would be able to put this together and put it out for the public but the fact is they don't want to and they are going to use a special counsel investigation to avoid answering further questions. you watch. >> i don't have logs in my house either, alex but i can pretty much tell you who did and didn't show up over the past year. i want to play this because joe
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scarborough used to be a republican, he's not anymore, but he did say this. watch. >> an unknown number of documents found in biden's garage, no more unknown. at this stage, we're two months in, they need to clean this up. they need to get -- you know, you know, amateur hour is over. >> alex, he's talking to the reverend sharpton there about amateur hour. that's the whole concept. and nobody is saying, wait. you're being too hard on joe biden because this is amateur hour apparently in full swing. your thoughts. >> yes, i have to say, though, the media has done a lot of work to defend the biden document situation versus the trump. if you look at the latest a.p. reporting overnight weekend, and also reuters, i saw reports, comparing the two. and, of course, one of the main things they bring up is, biden's document, we're talking about, you know, a few here and there, where as trump, he had hundreds. as far as i have looked at the
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presidential records act it doesn't discuss anything about the numbers. it can be a report. so, both presidents should be treated the same, as any individual would under the law. >> yes, nobody should make any judgments until they actually get all the answers and know what these documents are about. mishandled, not properly stored, a lot of different things here, jonathan. you can kind of take that, because the questions keep piling up and nobody is answering them because they are blaming now the special counsel saying they can't really say anything. >> exactly. that's what they are going to do. a key between the trump episode and this, these documents were at risk for much longer period of time in a far less secure location. everyone is talking about the corvette comment but it really shows how unserious he was because he thinks it was fine as long as they were in the garage with his corvette and hunter's old baseball trophies, and they really need to take this seriously. they need to come clean with the
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american public. >> i had no idea hunter biden played baseball until recently. alex and jonathan, thank you both. appreciate it. >> in the meantime a reparations committee in san francisco wants to give back black residents $5 million each and that's only the beginning. the chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live with the dee details. from the san francisco african-american reparations, would likely cost the cash strapped city tens of billions of dollars. among the proposals, a one time lump sum payment of $5 million to each eligible person to compensate the affected population for the decades of harm that is they have experienced. a recommendation to supplement lower income african-american households to reflect the area median income annually for at least 250 years.
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that median income, by the way, was $97,000 in 2022. the committee argues that "racial disparities across all metrics have led to a significant wealth gap in san francisco, by elevating income to match ami black people can better afford housing and achieve a better quality of life. and the committee also recommends a comprehensive debt forgiveness program that includes all educational loans, credit card loans and payday loans and tax credits for those who qualify for reparations including payroll tax, business tax, and property tax. now, two combination of research and public hearings at which experts and residents have offered their views. >> stay strong. know who you are and at the end of the day, any amount is too little. never enough. >> this is just recommendations
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but the committee is it serving as a driver for other cancels and assemblies across the country to follow suit. the boston city council voted to form a reparations task force. minnesota and the new york state assembly is expected to vote on establishing a reparations committee later this year. a whole lot of money at stake. >> a lot of these committees have come to fruition and had to pay out. jonathan, great stuff, thank you. >> and as jonathan told us, proposal by the san francisco reparations committee would cost billions of dollars but the fox news common sense department would like to dig into the numbers a bit more because san francisco currently has some 44,000 black residents. if half of those residents are eligible for the $5 million payout, that's $100 billion and that does not include the other part of the proposal which is paying off their debts like student loans, credit cards, and payday loans.
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that would be tens of billions more. so common sense would like to know where the money comes from? the answer clearly, unclear. san francisco already has a $728 million deficit, and the city can't really look to the state because california has an estimate $25 billion shortfall. remember, california might also be on the look for its own $500 billion reparations plan so the only way the state could afford this would be to raise taxes. a lot. common sense has advice for those californians who are successful. run. >> for a little context and perspective on reparations and other woke topics we're joined by the author of san francisco, michael shellenberger, i want to get your thoughts on this reparations project that san francisco is pitching. >> it would not be the approach
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i would take at this point to deal with either the addiction crisis or the housing crisis. both of which are contributing to homelessness, but ultimately, san francisco is suffering from a governance problem. we have the highest taxes in the country in california. we have some of the worst outcomes. we saw homelessness increase 31% over the last decade even as it declined in the rest of the country, so i don't think that's simply dealing with the problem by just giving some families very large amounts of money in cash, is a good solution to this problem, especially when the city is facing a much bigger crisis. >> right. you wrote the book san francisco, and i wonder, michael, are you surprised by this committee? are you surprised by the city putting this forth? >> well, you know, it's funny because honestly it's hard to know how seriously to take it. there is no way that the city will spend that amount of money on these reparations.
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>> it seems like a lot of symbolic politics and it's just sad because we have a serious street addiction and an untreated mental health crisis in san francisco. the city is not dealing with it in the way that it ought to be dealing with it and instead of actually confronting the problems of addiction and of, you know, crimes that feed them both including theft and a lot of sex work, not to mention the open drug dealing, instead of dealing with these problemsets engaged in symbolic politics. >> the new twitter files dropped, they show the new realm of things, michael, you know, these the globally loblollying blitz
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biontech reached out to twitter directly. you got big pharma shutting down dissent from any small operations. >> it is shocking and it should be illegal. i reported last week that facebook actually e-mailed the white house under pressure from the white house, facebook e-mailed the white house and said, look, we have been censoring accurate and factual information about the vaccines that we fear would lead people so much to take them. this is inappr inappropriate. these decisions must be transparent and visible to users of this platform. something needs to change. we hope we'll see some of these changes at twitter, we need to see them across social media in the industry as a whole. >> you went after the world
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economic forum here, "why does it keep on deleting web pages and why do we disclose more of our financial information, won't disclose the basic financial information itself," what do you want people to know about this? >> well, the first thing you should know which is running in all week of davos, switzerland, the conspiracy theories of the world economic forum turns out to be three and emulates within the world's economic forum including the idea of a great visa where we'll transition to a low energy economy, including eating insects rather than meat and the kind of you will own nothing and be happy slogan and idea dame directly out of the economic forum. it was not what some of the pr
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people tried to deny these things and they deleted some of the websites but didn't do a good job at it. you know i think what's important is what you said though, they're preaching huge amounts of transparency but they themselves would not reveal their basic investments which certainly are in a lot of the products they advertise over the year. >> every time i hear conspiracy theory, i want to look a little deeper into what they are saying. michael, it is always great to have you on. thank you. >> good to be with you. we'll talk about turning tables while states like california and new york move to ban the sales of new gas powered cars, wyoming is the first state to phase out electric vehicles. a group of lawmakers proposed a bill to end ev sales. supporters say the measure will help ensure stability of oil and gas industries and allow for the efficient engagement in
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commerce. well, another month, another record number of migrant encounters at our southern border as mayor eric adams struggles to deal with ear own immigration crisis that critics claimed he helped incentivize. sounds like mayor adams is seeing this issue a lot clearer. jackie. >> reporter: that's exactly right. a number cdp officials say is a first in the u.s. history. however, the department of homeland security has still not released the official numbers as of now. new footage shows migrants getting arrested, made of shipping containers at the mexico border but this is not just a texas problem. mayor eric adams made a trip to el paso to meet with officials there as the city deals with its
9:20 pm
own immigration crisis. >> i am going to extend my hand to the mayors across this country to say together we did not create this problem but we'll find solutions. >> reporter: right, here is the de dedeal, critics say he did this problem. look at the images of otrash. of course, american taxpayers footing the bill. the concern is not just the cost in damage of profit property, it is the safety of staffs and local residents as well. >> we got people that are drunk and using marijuana, they are punching and beating their wives or girlfriends. we have teenagers running around wild around the hotel, opening the fire exiting doors and doing
9:21 pm
what teenagers do. >> total chaos. >> mayor adams met with migrants unlike president biden when he visited a week ago there. adams called the situation a crisis, something else the president reluctant to do. >> jackie ibanez is live for us in new york. thank you. eight people had been shot in in in fort pearce, florida, the martin luther king event today. the shots rang out on 5:20 on monday, during the mlk car show and family fun day. the police department is facing fierce criticism after banning the thin, blue line flag. police are looking for several suspects who ransacked
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the deli in new york city, they are caught on camera throwing kitchen knives and store products at workers. that's next. ♪ tra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. its non-habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil.
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they trashed the store but it is unclear if they actually stole anything. nobody was hurt. washington, d.c. is poised to soften penalties for carjacking or other violent crimes. the counsel is expected to over ride that. that's despite the nation's capital saying a dramatic increase in
9:28 pm
some of those crimes in 2020. at least 100 suspects were arrested in 2022 for carjacking. most of them were teenagers and many of them charged for multiple instances of carjacking. we are talking about prolific offenders and only those arrested and not those still on the run. that was last lastlast lastlast year yen d.c. of 185. >> oh my god. >> that's the sound of a shooting in tuscaloosa, alabama that left one former mother dead, darius miles. in california, a gang re-ulated shooting left six people dead including a 17-year-old mother and a six-month-old baby. the family was targeted to send a
9:29 pm
message. in riverside county in los angeles, two deputies were shot and killed in as many weeks in the line of duty. >> they protect us and look what happened. >> senseless. >> something got to change. >> more than 330 officers were shot in 2022. that's almost one officer a day. >p this issue of the fl up. the blue line flag that's been in public areas for a while and it is to really recognize the fallen lapd officers that we had over the last few years. he went woke on us and decided to go with the leftest groups and removed the flags. well, that really pissed off the lapd and
9:30 pm
10,000 officers rejected that. >> that of course katelyn jenner telling me the frustration many are feeling, michael moore, for his decision to ban the pro police thin, blue line flag. let's bring in our lieutenant, brabranton sutton. here is a statement here, the view that it symbolize support for violent and extremest views such as those represented by the prowl boys and the others. you say what, daniel? >> well, it was really unfortunate that chief michael moore does not have the guts to stand up for his own cops and with the thin blue line flag
9:31 pm
actually symbolizes which is service and sacrifice. you just said that the 300 across the country, more than 300 officers have been shot this year and more and more officers are facing violence every single day. the flag is a symbol of unity of integrity, justice, and it really means something to the officers who are serving. when the chief says a complaint, gave himhim the empidus to destroy that flag meant to officers. i receive a plethora of complaints from cops reaching out because of my communication with them which happens every single day. it was really upsetting to their moral and i can tell you this. it also plays a role in the
9:32 pm
emotional mental health of these officers. >> here is the thing, you talk ab ababout low morale and this e "l.a. times" reported. lapd officials drawn up a plan calling for as many as 200 retired officers to be rehired. they are begging officers to come back in, randy, because nobody wants to be a cop because they know nobody got their back. >> it is almost unimaginable. this is a failure of leadership at the top levels of the lapd and chief moore is at the top of that list. can you imagine that all of these police officers who have been leaving in droves, lapd have been bleeding cops from retirement to resignation because of their leadership plays a major role and now they're begging cops to please come back. we need you. >> well, it is not happening. they're not coming back, chief.
9:33 pm
>> i have got about 15 seconds left. i want to put this up because of the anna walsh story we have all been covering from boston, massachusetts, police logs revealed by the post, it was the real estate group that made the first call to cops before noon that day. a caller identified themselves as head of security asked police to conduct a wellness check on anna. she was last seen on december 30th. scott peterson reported his wife missing. this guy did not report his wife missing. i have got 15 seconds for you, randy, that's unusual. >> it is highly unusual. the news is closing in on her husband. it is a matter of time before they find her body and that's when they're going to charge them. the mountain of evidence is increasing more and more every single day and it is a horrid for that family. >> randy, thank you for your work all day. thank you for helping me out on this story. we appreciate it. >> you got it. any time.
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some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. feel unstoppable. ask your doctor how lasting remission can start with stelara®. janssen can help you explore cost support options. the today's viral video, the breckenridge video of their accumulating snow. we measure the peak at 20 inches. really, who's counting? three people escaped of a deadly situation when they got out of a car that was teetering over the edge of a cliff in california. a highway patrol officer arrived a t the scene and saw three people inside the vehicle, he was able to get clear and concise construction to get them out safely. >> we need you where you are.
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[ cheers ] sometimes you just want to go where everybody knows your name. head coach zach taylor delivered at the bar after his team won on sunday night. the fans accepted the game ball. up next for the bengals, an emotional rematch against the buffalo bills. why making it to the birds? the ducks munched on snails and small insects and help fertilized the ground. the winery's owner. the soldiers of that vineyards. the first leg of the 2023 ocean race got under way sunday. 11 yacht team set sail. the event has been held every four
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years since 1973. the seventh and final gruelling leg of the race will take place on july 1st. may all teams have fair winds. the eiffel tower lit up in honor of protesters in iran fighting for women's rights. if you have a viral video to share, hit me up @trace gallagher or at fox news night on social media. >p >p well, when the house pa the abortion survival protection act, it did despite the fact that 210 democrats voted against the legislation of immediate attention for babies who were born alive. my next guest, lyla
9:42 pm
rose, she's joining us on the scrscreen. ensuring the child transported and admitted to the hospital, that's the big one that democrats were concerned about, report any failure of medical practitioner to comply to state or federal law enforcement or both. one democrat voted for this and your thoughts were what? >> the law is don't murder a newborn and every single democrat except for one voted against this. the democratic party is not proabortion but they are anti-human beings and anti-human life. no matter where you are on the political spectrum, everybody should be disgusted bide this. >> there were a lot of democrats and this was with bipartisan support back in 2002 in a similar bill. democrats are saying only really the part that bothered us was ensure child was transported and admitted to the hospital and if
9:43 pm
you are in a home - why would that be an issue? >> it is life or death. they try to kill the child first and sometimes the child is born alive. i have interviewed abortion survivors. these were women who had attempt in their llife ll in utero. that's what this bill is about, is making sure these children get the chance to live. this law is basic decency, giving them a chance at life and these democrats could not vote for it. it is heartbreaking. >> i want to play this sound. this was from congressman jerry nadler. >> republicans made it clear, this bill is another step in their plan to criminalize abortion nationwide. >> what would you say to that
9:44 pm
argument? >> abortion is sacriment. if the baby survives an abortion, i would say shame on you, how dare you and such hatred for preborn life or pre-children life. we have to draw a line in the sand here. this is what defines us as a country of how we treat children and everybody in america should be watching this and watch the vote unfold and vote accordingly the next election. >> i want to get your take on this. it is a different subject. the education association is creating race based trauma learning course. saying the following here, this course will discuss race based trauma of its causes and effects and offer educators research based tool to address.. it will help create healing center environments for all students. it is woke first off and you don't get that same feeling here. you may think there -- >>r>p i think it depends. t
9:45 pm
could be trauma coming from racism. that does happen and it is apart of our fallen human nature and exist in our society. you cross a line because of their skin color or creating division because of skin color. it depends of what's in the curriculum. that's the next question. >> did you get your invite to the night cap? >> i can't wait. officials are considering back pay for defense workers this charge after refusing to take the covid-19 vaccine. this comes after ending the department's mandate. here is the jennifer griffin. >> a requirement from republican lawmakers under the act providing funding to the pentagon. lloyd austin rescinded the covid-19 vaccine mandate and could offer to reinstate the
9:46 pm
8,400 service members discharged for refusing the shot. it is not clear how many wants their jobs back or remains fit enough to serve. "the department is still exploring this and will provide its view at the this appropriate time," the thousands will have their record updated. here is a break down of those discharged by service. 834 air and space force personnel. 1,851 soldiers. 3,717 marines and 2,064 navy reservice and sailors. providing back pay would be a win for republican like senate er rand paul. some service members could still be required to get the vaccine and for the
9:47 pm
unvaccinated, commanders will have the leeway to curtail assignments to foreign travel countries that still require covid-19 vaccinations. >> it is incumbent on commanders to ensure they are doing what they need to do. >> some republican lawmakers argued the vaccine mandate was affecting recruiting efforts. requiring covid-19 vaccine was not a big factor in enlistment. >> jennifer, thank you. coming up, are you guilty of time theft. how companies are fighting back and how do you beat the january blues? we have got some unbelievable suggestions when the night cap crew comes up. tonight, try new zzzquil pure zzzs sleep plus next day energy with melatonin to help you fall asleep naturally... plus extended-release b-vitamins. wake up feeling refreshed. pure zzzs.
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our night cap is here with jonathan and lyla rose. kevin corke, your computer is telling on you. >> oh man, please, i have two
9:53 pm
words. okay, pound send. she worked hard, i don't like this at all. >> jackie ibanez, your computer is tattling. they're going take money away from you, do you defend yourself or what do you do? the beginning of the story, she actually initiated the conversation with her manager. she's the one that raise the red flag, it is clear that she's unproductive. it is a manager problem it sounds like from the top down. something is not right there. >> interesting to me, jonathan comes into my office saying i feel unproductive. >> i am have been here eight hours today and i have been in tv for four minutes, i don't need anybody tracking what i did the rest of the time. >> we are in the industry where we get 90 seconds and they bet be good. anybody need me? >> lyla rose? >> listen, it sounds like a mane boss. the pure hours you work or
9:54 pm
the things you create. >> nicely done. >> i am going to say that computer is a dang liar. >> next up, the january blues. the most depressing day of the year, good thing we have the night cap crew, jonathan hunt, give us something to lift our spirits in the final minute of the the show. >> move to southern california, don't support the charges. >> really? >> that's all you need to be. the second weekend in january is always terrible. >> you should have stopped it. >> don't support the charges. >> kevin corke. >> i am blue mondayed out. >> your thoughts on lifting us up? >> i still can't get over the loss. i will give you one bit of advice. read something fun or watch something fun. i watch animation and laugh all the way through. >> hang out with your kids if you have kids or grand kids or nieces or nephews. kids are.
9:55 pm
there is no better serotonin. they are the future. >> don't hang out with your kids. >> double down. >> jackie. >> well, i love them. >> i know you do. thank you all for the night cap and thank you all for watching america's late news. fox news at night. i am trace gallagher in los angeles, we'll see you back here tomorrow night. your ends with seelie queen mattresses starting at 279no mo 99 and sleepy's starting at 179 99 , only at mattress. >> listen, i'm dharmsala because this is my pu i put it on once. no more touchup secret. hespe bouncing minerals and it helps eliminate odor instead helps eliminate odor instead just masking it. >> so pull it in close secret works. >> sail through the heart of historic cities.
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