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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 17, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. entrust you heart to entresto. additional questions. >> the white house shutting down gop calls for visitor logs from biden's delaware home. >> congress has an interesting in knowing who was at the house. >> border agents encounter more than a quarter of a million migrants. >> also 65,000 known got-aways in december. >> cause for celebration for this administration. doing everything they can to encourage that. >> joe rogan's woke warning.
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>> if you are in it when you are young, you are indoctrinated. >> she has deprogrammed herself. >> virginia's attorney general is vowing to investigate after at least 13 schools withheld merit awards. >> governor youngkin saying the schools have a focus on outcomes. >> undercutting so many students. >> good protection, the pass wide open, touchdown lamb. >> on behalf of all football fans, thank you and appreciate the memories. what a career. ♪ you're a shining star no matter who you are ♪ ♪ shining bright to see who you can truly be ♪ >> steve: i've got news for the control room, that is philadelphia. i mean, you know what, maybe it's being taken from jersey. no, it's not. that's pennsylvania. you can tell.
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i had two kids who went to school there. so i know for sure. let's go live to new york city, currently 36°, mostly cloudy, the high today according to my watch, 46. but it's going to be a little overcast as we listen to earth, wind and fire. >> are we going to get snow this season, almost to the end of january. >> brian: it feels like it's spring. >> we have to get through february. >> steve: about 60 days. welcome aboard, great to have you. very busy tuesday that starts this third hour with this. >> republicans are not backing down, administration tries to dismiss the probe into president biden's handling of documents. >> brian: they claim the data does not exist. >> steve: peter, that was your exclusive yesterday, and they said we don't have any records. >> i was surprised to hear that,
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i asked the white house about this last week and they talked about vice are to logs here, they never -- they could have just said there is novice tore log for wilmington. now we know they don't exist and any effort to figure out who might have been poking around in the garage with classified material has to be done with interviews of biden associates and it's going to have to be done retroactively. the white house is telling me like every president in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal. house republicans are playing politics in a shamelessly hypothetical attempt to attack president biden. the white house thinks there is a precedent here. previous presidents for decades have not kept logs at home. but this really was not a possible national security issue until trump and liberal groups did sue for mar-a-lago visitor logs. house republicans seem very skeptical there are no records because the biden team also once recently said there were no more
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documents. >> we wonder if the secret service had records now, that's our next question, because he still had secret service protection, and you would assume that the secret service would vet people that would be allowed on the premise of the dwelling for the president of the united states. >> the secret service says they don't keep a visitor log now and even if they did, there would be a big gap in the record because former vice presidents don't get secret service protection, so it would end some time around january 2017, not pick up until some time in march of 2020, and i was thinking about this because the day that biden announced he was going to run with the youtube video, my producer and i did not know where to go, we looked up his address, went to wilmington to that house and there was nobody there. there was a guard shack and there is a gate with a fence, but the secret service had long left the stuff that they built while he was vice president.
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so we didn't know at the time there were classified documents contained somewhere in there, and apparently neither did the secret service because you would think that they might want to stick around to keep an eye on that stuff. so -- big gap in the records. >> steve: no kidding. peter, i have a question for you. we were not on the air after you had asked the question. you asked of the president, you know, you were keeping the documents next to the corvette, what were you thinking, you asked that of the president. you know, his answer was the only thing we have gotten from him different than what the lawyers have put out. how did you know to ask about the corvette, because nobody had mentioned corvette until you mentioned it. >> didn't know to ask, just thought it might be good to ask because i remembered during covid they posted a video of him revving the engine in the driveway, like hey, everybody is locked down, this is what i'm doing, and when the president --
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i figured he was going to have a statement prepared with some sort of legalese about what the lawyers wanted him to say, that's the youtube video you can see shot during covid, i knew he was going to have some sort of a statement. he had to say something and i was just hoping to have a very short question and the corvette was all that i knew about the garage, because of this video. so, that's why i asked it like that. and now we know. he's the reason that we know it was next to the corvette. i was just asking. >> steve: so you were just kind of guessing. >> it was an educated guess, yeah. >> steve: well, you know what, everybody is talking about it. keep up the good work. >> ainsley: hard to imagine if the president is there at the delaware house they would not vet anyone walking inside the house. >> steve: there's a list. >> ainsley: in the white house,
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we have to go through the background check, give them our social, our license, they know who you are and you have to be on the list to be let through. >> brian: don't know why they went there november 2nd, don't know why after u.s. attorney john losch was assigned, five weeks went by, no documents. december 20th, documents again. january 5th, more documents. saturday, more documents. does anybody think we are done? no way we are legitimately done. more discovery has to be out there. i thought there would be a third party like the actual special prosecutor that would take it from here, or the fbi, listen, i don't want you touching or looking at anything. right now the process is look for stuff, when you see it, call somebody with top or secret clearance. what kind of investigation goes like that. bill clinton would have taken that in a second. donald trump certainly would have taken that, and i don't see
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why we don't understand it tall, besides knowing ukraine, china were in the first batch. >> ainsley: and cbs broke the story, it happened the beginning of november, we are finding out about it in january. we have so many questions. republicans are saying it's not fair, it's a double standard because they say that the government goes in and raids mar-a-lago, why didn't they raid his house, why do his attorneys get to go in and find the materials and trumps were not allowed to be in the room when the raid was happening and why did they wait so long to tell us. >> steve: that's a good point. as we know from history, the fbi executed a search warrant to go into mar-a-lago at the behest of the department of justice, working with the archives, trying to get from donald trump the stuff but he was reluctant to give it up. the big question is, did the
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national archives know that they were missing documents, and if they didn't, why didn't they. here is the thing. maybe they realized so much going on with the trump stuff, let's look into the biden, or the obama-biden administration, they are missing these documents. could they possibly have called and said on the down low, can you look for this thing, this paper, we have it still is signed out to your office. and maybe that's why they started to look. >> brian: then they shouldn't have come up with cleaning out the office, that means they are lying. why are you cleaning out his office with your lawyer, doug jones comes out, a big fan of the president and comes out and you know, former senator from alabama, he said the president made a big mistake, coming out with a statement when he didn't have all the facts. when he comes out with the initial statement and says his press secretary out there on wednesday, tuesday and wednesday, and then on thursday you get more and on friday a presser and that's it, and then saturday you find out there's
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more. and then she comes out and then she's going to come out today and have -- and we are supposed to believe her when she said that's it, or listen, i'm going to shut it down, it's in the hands of the special prosecutor. not really. if the president's lawyer is still leading the investigation into all the homes and compounds, you can't say i'm punting to the special prosecutor because clearly his lawyers are leading the investigation, which is ridiculous. >> well, ultimately james comer over the weekend said they have oversight over the national archives. the national archives needs to explain exactly did they know that the stuff was missing, and did they have any hand in suggesting to the biden team hey, can you go look for that, because they did, and now here we are, joe biden is in the midst of a scandal. >> joe rogan on the podcast said he thinks someone is leaking this because they don't want him to run again but we are wondering would it ever be
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leaked, if it were not cbs would we know. >> brian: and then nbc, and eventually you would think it would come out if someone does a biography. >> steve: dan crenshaw coming up and will discuss it more. and news from carley. >> carley: searching for three suspects an of a gas station attendant was lying on the ground with a gunshot wound in the back. they hope surveillance footage will bring the shooter to justice. jim banks is running for united states senate. the republican exclusively made the announcement earlier right here on "fox & friends." >> today here on "fox & friends" i'm announcing i'm running for the united states senate, indiana is a conservative state and indiana deserves a
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conservative fighter in the senate. >> carley: after mike braun announced he is running for indiana governor. wyoming lawmakers are looking to make a point on bans on gas powered vehicles. new legislation that would ban electric vehicles. emphasizes how important the oil and gas is to the state. wyoming is home to 68,000 jobs in the oil and gas industry. five states are set to ban gas powered vehicles, including california, massachusetts and new york. and a surprise, crazy video out of connecticut, a giant black bear hibernating under a back yard deck, look at him right there, he's a big boy. the family made the wild discovery after noticing their dog behaving weirdly. they notified state wildlife officials and they decided to
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let him hang out under the deck since he is not bothering anyone. kind hearted gesture of the family. >> brian: is that a rule of the forest, if the bear is under the deck and not bothering, leave him there? >> steve: it's just not bothering the people, if we don't stir him up and he's still hibernating, seems to be completely out, they are going to leave him. i think it's crazy. >> ainsley: what are the other rules of the forest. >> brian: use the back door if he's under the porch. don't play with matches, in the forest, i've seen the psas, but also if you are walking on the porch and the bear is underneath, walk slowly and quietly. >> steve: apparently they tried to wake him up and he does not wake up. >> ainsley: he's a sleepy guy. >> steve: we have bear in the neighborhood, you don't want to mess with them. >> brian: how come no one comes across them when they are hibernating. >> ainsley: we were in the mountains this weekend and asking about the bears, we were
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on the hiking trails and they said it might not be cold enough to where they are hibernating yet. but don't know of anyone getting eaten. >> steve: blaming global warming? >> ainsley: we talked to the uber driver. she didn't mention global warming. >> steve: call the uber driver and if they have more rules of the forest. >> brian: a lot of information about your life today. tom brady was not very good last night, the bucs were terrible and cowboys trounsed them, did not have much offense. if he comes back to the bucs they have to revamp the roster to make them contenders. the way he was acting after the game, seeing his parents, and some of his statements, and his parents in the tunnel after the game, he's got a new girlfriend, you have to think every indication that this could be his last season, especially knowing he's going to come to fox and we have the dental
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program, healthcare plan, why wouldn't he come right to fox? >> ainsley: i don't know if it's true, but the rumors are his marriage broke up because he wanted to go back and play and she didn't want him to. do you think he would blow up his marriage and retire a few months later? >> steve: had he won last night would we have the conversation? >> brian: no, maybe next week would be the last game if he lost. >> steve: what about if he won the super bowl? >> brian: like strahan, win the super bowl and then out on top. new orleans is another place he may go. >> steve: here he is, mr. thom brady, talking about his future. you be the judge. >> what is your process from here when you think about what you want to do next, obviously it's going to be huge speculation. >> i'll going to go home and get
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a good night sleep as good as i can. feels like the end of the season, so say thank you guys for everything this year, appreciate your effort and i know it's hard for you guys, it's hard for us players to make it through and you have a tough job and appreciate all you do to cover us and everyone who watches and a big fan of the sport. we are grateful for everyone's support and hopefully, you know, i love this organization, it's a great place to be, and thank you everybody for welcoming me, all you regulars, and just very grateful for the respect and hope i give the same thing back to you guys. >> steve: something very telling about it, it feels like the end of a season. he didn't say like feels like the end, he thanked everybody, which you would do, you would be that way to the team and the organization, i'm sure he feels responsible for him not bringing home a win. >> brian: he was upset that
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someone else announced his retired, and then broke the story, and 40 days go by, and in england, are you retired? he goes i don't know, and huge news, and then he's back with the bucs but then training camp, and why does he not go to training camp, they say he's 45 years old, his own decision, now it was possibly the family thing. it played out in realtime in front of everybody. >> ainsley: what changed on the teams, the bucs were doing so well. >> brian: two years ago, three players were hit on the offensive line, and got hit a lot this year, didn't have a lot of time. >> steve: what do you think, tom back, tom leaving? email us. >> brian: and will he be on fox's coverage of the super bowl, maybe a few features. >> ainsley: is he allowed to do that, are there rules --
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>> brian: absolutely, you absolutely can do that. >> steve: here is the playoff line-up, giants versus eagles saturday at 8:15 on fox and sunday cowboys versus the 49ers, sunday at 6:30 here. >> steve: giants and cowboys? >> brian: i would like to see everyone lose to the giants. see if it can happen. >> steve: i'm going with the chiefs and the cowboys. >> brian: we will see. we have a bunch more show ahead. >> steve: this is big news. up next, iowa church diocese, anti-woke rules. >> you look so happy talking about mass hysteria. hannah brown, former bachelorette, is here. she stars in fox's "out of the forces." joins us next.
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saving you up to 60% a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> ainsley: one democratic state senator firing back saying the diocese is trying to shun and exclude people based on sexual orientation and gender expression. this is not what jesus would do. here to react, fox news contributor leo terrell. good morning, leo. >> hi, ainsley, thanks for having me. >> 17 schools and 80 parishes in southwestern iowa. what do you think about this? >> well, thanks for that
5:24 am
question, ainsley. the first amendment is alive and well and thank goodness for the first amendment. the woke community has declared war on religion, why? because they have to respect the teachings of god, they don't want that. they have basically infiltrated public schools but the first amendment blocks them and when you have a religious institution that has a right to implement these rules, that contradicts, ainsley, the woke dock -- docktrination. >> some democrats say the diocese receives more than 100 million in taxpayers dollars, legally, you are an attorney, how do you feel about that? >> private institutions, religious institutions receive federal funding and they don't lose their tax exempt status. they don't lose the first amendment right to implement
5:25 am
policies and procedures, and what this archdiocese is doing is saying we are not going to let you, woke community, infiltrate our moral teachings. that's exactly what they are trying to do. they have already controlled the public schools, ainsley, and religious institutions give people the opportunity to have choices. if you don't like the program, go somewhere else. but don't take away the religious teachings of the archdiocese and the catholic church. it's a war against religion. >> ainsley: we have seen it in states all over the country, parents are pulling kids from schools and putting them in catholic schools. they like the teaching. >> look at virginia, and florida, the woke community has infiltrated public schools and now their next target are the religious institutions, and that is what is creating this tension. the problem is this. the first amendment, the freedom of religion, the fact that
5:26 am
government cannot pass laws to infringe upon individual religious rights and that's something the woke community does not want, they cannot indoctrinate inside the church. there is no problem here because the first amendment is alive and well. >> ainsley: and you have a choice, if you are a parent, you don't like the rules that the diocese is laying out, then you don't have to sends your kids to school there, or don't have to go to the churches. all right. thank you, leo. >> the problem with the woke community, they want to have everyone the same way, thank goodness for the religious institutions, ainsley. >> ainsley: we can make our own mind up and have choice. a comedian goes viral for ripping woke culture. >> only thing that wokeness has to offer in exchange is to brainwash bright young minds like you to believe that you are victims. >> ainsley: texas congressman
5:27 am
dan crenshaw says it's a speech every woke person needs to watch. he's next. ♪ you have to be tough, you have to be stronger ♪ ♪ you got to be cool, you got to be calm, you got to stay together ♪ eraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design solutions to help you manage payroll, benefits, and hr today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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hi, i'm katie, i've lost 110 pounds on golo in just over a year. golo is different than other programs i had been on because i was specifically looking for something that helped with insulin resistance. i had had conversations with my physician indicating that that was probably an issue that i was facing and making it more difficult for me to sustain weight loss. golo has been more sustainable. i can fit it into family life, i can make meals that the whole family will enjoy. it just works in everyday life as a mom. >> steve: house republicans demanding visitor logs for joe
5:31 am
biden's delaware home in wilmington, more pages of classified material were discovered over the weekend but the white house claims they don't exist, like every president across decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal, that means there are novice tore logs. >> brian: here to react is texas gop congressman dan crenshaw. congressman, this investigation not going anywhere. what is your reaction to them saying my personal house, no sign-in sheet. >> well, look, i don't know if they have a sign-in sheet or not. my reaction to all of this is look, the democrats and joe biden set the rules on how we are supposed to react to something like this, based on trump's documents that were in his residence, and we have to play by those rules and according to those rules we have to freak out and the fbi has to raid the home, that's the rules. do i think those should be the rules, no, i don't think those should be the rules. i do not think trump's residence should have been raided for this.
5:32 am
i think there should be some benefit of the doubt, grace given to vice presidents or ex-vice presidents who leave office and crazy and chaotic and packing stuff up and not sure where it went. that happens, i get it, it can be a mistake. i didn't make the rules now. the rules now say the fbi has to raid the home and do a thorough search, not your personal lawyers going through the garage and according to what we know, stopping the search after they find a document and going through whatever legal process to inform the archives, that's what they are doing, but they also did not tell anybody. the only reason they told anybody about this, it was reported by the media. and see what frustrates me too, this actually happened, in the u-penn office in d.c., and donald trump's home was raided by the fbi, otherwise we could have some grace, like mistakes
5:33 am
happen, benefit of the doubt, and transparent from going forward. >> brian: six years. >> six years in his garage, a lot of people come over there, whether it's workers, staff, friends, who knows. and they say they are being transparent but they are really not. >> ainsley: congressman, another topic that got our attention, a russian british comedian and he was speaking at the oxford union society and he is slamming the woke culture. says it's gone too far. listen to this. >> the only thing that wokeness has to offer in exchange is to brainwash bright young minds like you to believe that you are victims, to believe that you have no agency, to believe that what you must do to improve the world is to complain, is to protest, is to throw soup on paintings, that the way to improve the world is to work, is to create, it is to build.
5:34 am
and the problem with woke culture is that it's trained too many young minds like yours to forget about that. >> ainsley: congressman you wrote on instagram, i've been making this point for a while but everything sounds smarter with a british accent. what's your reaction? >> everything does sound smarter with a british accent. jealous there. important point about wokeness, doing what feels good instead of what does good, and there's a difference. in the speech he focuses on climate change and the debate over climate change. makes a lot of really good points about how the people feel like there's a problem and they feel like you have to take action for the sake of action, even if it does no good. and points out that, you know, speaking to the british, that they account for about 2% of total global emissions. and by the way, even in america, we only account for 11 to 13% of global emissions. china is up to 30%. so you take a look at the
5:35 am
problem and wonder if we completely destroy our lives, if we completely stop doing everything, what effect will it have on this overall problem, and the answer is about near 0. so, what the heck are you doing? what on earth -- what kind of solutions should you be looking for, and that's where rational thought gets you, the cost benefit analysis, you think clearly, unemotionally, wokeness does teach you to think purely with your emotions, purely about virtue signalling, grandstanding, and without any rational thought. and this applies not just to the climate change debate, but to the debate over transgenderism, the debate over what ever else they want to have, over redistribution of wealth. might feel good and it might make you feel morally superior to others but does not actually do good, especially for the people you claim to be trying to help. >> steve: congressman crenshaw, thank you from the studio, i
5:36 am
believe you are in humble, texas today. >> that's right, back home finally, indeed. >> steve: back to work tomorrow. coming up, philadelphia could be closer to opening a so-called safe injection site. the move was blocked by the trump administration but joe biden's administration of justice will give it a go. jeff flock reporting live from there coming up. i'd like to thank our sponsor liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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>> steve: listen to this. a non-profit is renewing talks with the biden administration to open philadelphia's first supervised injection site. >> ainsley: the so-called safe sites already exist here in new york city where people can shoot up under medical supervision, all in the hopes of preventing overdose deaths. >> brian: jeff flock is live with the latest from philadelphia, what do you think? >> it's a tough one, boy, this is a tough one. if you want to see a community that has been racked by drugs,
5:41 am
homelessness, neglect, whatever you want to call it, kensington in philadelphia. this is the edge of mcpherson park, oops, hit a pole there. you can see, just one encampment and they are all over the community here. drug overdose deaths, you know, over 100,000 in the u.s. last year, getting worse all the time. that was an all-time record. pennsylvania has the fifth highest drug overdose death rate in the nation, and this organization called safe house philly is trying to open one of these places to come in and at least they say it's a religious organization, they say the least we can do, we don't love drug use, we are not supporting drug use but they want to at least try to save some lives. we talked to rhonda goldfarb with the organization and says that's the least we can do. listen. >> our religious calling, our spiritual beliefs tell us the number one thing you can do, you must do, you must do, is to save
5:42 am
lives. and we said if you don't let us open an overdose prevention site then you are infringing on our religious beliefs that require us to save lives. >> as you pointed out, new york already has these, has tried these. the trump justice department sued to stop the pennsylvania, the philadelphia site, the biden justice department is not stopping the new york one and they are now negotiating with the folks that want to open this one so that maybe they can reach some sort of accommodation. obviously it's a violation of federal law to allow people to use illegal drugs. at the same time, when you look at the scenes and i don't know, follow me over here, i don't want to intrude on people, but i think it's important for people to see these pictures. this is what it looks like when you get to the end of your rope almost and i don't know what to say about it.
5:43 am
i don't know, there's no easy answers, that's all i can say. tough problem. >> steve: right, and jeff, that is -- that site is in the kensington neighborhood. but as you know, and i've been in philadelphia quite a bit, there are encampments like that all over town. >> everywhere. >> steve: the good parts, bad parts, all over philly. >> this one is particularly racked with drugs and i don't want to suggest anybody we are seeing here is a drug addict, but this one is bad for drugs. there are homeless encampments all over the city. people are like zombies walking around. >> ainsley: we want to save lives, don't want anyone to die but if your child were doing drugs you would not set up a place in the home to do drugs safely, you would get them help. >> it's a tough debate, it is a
5:44 am
tough debate. i have no answers. i have no answers. >> ainsley: thank you for reporting it. >> steve: address root causes. thank you very much. >> brian: meanwhile, the other breaking news much to follow, carley. >> carley: here in idaho, ryan kohberger's former defense attorney believes the evidence may not be as strong as some think. the attorney who represented the quadruple murder suspect during his extradition from pennsylvania to idaho says "it certainly was a strong circumstantial case but i believe that individually taken the evidence could be attacked." kohberger's next court date is on june 26th. iran is accusing prince harry of war crimes following outrage in the u.k. over the execution of a british iranian national. in his new memoir, harry claims he killed 25 enemy fighters during his military service in afghanistan saying he thought of them as "chess pieces."
5:45 am
iran's foreign ministry argues they see a killing of 25 innocent people as removal of chess pieces and no regrets over the issue and those who turn a blind eye to this war crime are in no position to preach others on human rights. stunning video shot on the long island expressway in new york, show good samaritans pulling a woman away from a burning car. several people seen rescuing the woman after the vehicle burst into flames after hitting the center median and flipping on its side, whoa. the woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital and she's currently listed in critical condition. ford c.e.o. jim farley is set to ditch the office for a few laps around the daytona international speedway. he'll compete in the v.p. race this weekend. he is a vintage race car driver
5:46 am
with several podium finishes. he'll be driving this racing car at the event. check in with senior meteorologist janice dean with the fox weather forecast. >> janice: hello, we have a drying out period, areas of low pressure are giving the coast of california a break, we have storms for the central part of the u.s. a cold front marching across the plains states, bringing cold air and quite a bit of snow for the rockies in towards the midwest and the northern plains and then the risk of severe storms wednesday across the mississippi river valley, damaging winds, tornadoes possible, and feet of snow behind it. look at the snow towards the plains states, california getting a break what they need to hear. winter weather alerts, we have storm warnings winter weather advisories that stretch up towards the midwest and there is the severe storm threat that happens on wednesday. make sure you have a way to get
5:47 am
your watches and warnings. will keep you up to date. steve, ainsley, brian, over to you. >> ainsley: former bachelorette hannah brown is returning to reality tv for a challenge unlike anything she has seen before. >> brian: she joins us more, world's toughest test, next. >> steve: bill hemmer and what happens in 13 minutes. >> bill: will our nation's capitol change rules on jailed convicts. will san francisco shovel millions of dollars in reparations to african american citizens. did new york's mayor change the game on the border? all questions today for lee zeldin, karl rove, clay travis, we will see you in 12 minutes, top of the hour on a tuesday in january. we'll see you then. our purpose is not just closing a loan. we want to do whatever's best
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>> steve: hannah brown is no stranger to reality tv. >> brian: she made a name for herself as bachelorette and won "dancing with the stars," but now embarking on a new kind of reality. >> we are the directing staff from this moment on, you will address us as staff. the next ten days we freaking
5:52 am
own you. you have no grovelling assistant to pick up your gear, you will suffer individually, and suffer together. and that's the only way through. >> ainsley: joining us now, star of fox's new show "special forces, world's toughest test" hannah brown. hi, hannah. >> hi. how are you this morning? >> ainsley: we've been watching. some of the things you have to do, terrifying, walk on the rope across the high ravine or you know, if you fell obviously many of them did fall, but you were in a harness, but that had to be terrifying. what's the hardest part about the show? >> i mean, all the tasks that we do are definitely hard, and they are, you know, really showing and making us face our biggest fears, our biggest insecurities. honestly for me it was the 24/7 discomfort of even the living
5:53 am
situation. that was so -- that was the hardest part, and it's a unique situation in reality tv that like -- >> brian: and living with guys, too, right? >> besides everyone, all dressing in front of each other, but you are not even thinking about that. you are totally just trying to survive and stay in it and push through one more day, but it was just -- it's overall like experience that, you know, it was all encompassing. >> brian: here you are getting it from the staff. listen. >> the recruits are being subjected to determine if they did the dry kit correctly. >> we are not playing games. >> what is it? >> my toe. >> take the smile off your face
5:54 am
or i'll take it off for you. >> steve: it's like a combination of battle of the network stars and real boot camp, what america's servicemen and women go through. hannah, do you have a deeper more profound appreciation for what people who wear a uniform for the u.s. military go through? >> oh, my gosh, absolutely. i remember one of the directing staff told us that our toughest day is exponentially easier than an hour of what they do, and it's so true. they would tell us stories before we would do tasks of things they had to do, everything that we were doing was for a reason, even if it seemed so minute of just making sure our water bottle was topped off every time we left the barracks, like everything that we did was for a reason and they gave us real life things of what they do. >> brian: what was your reason for doing this, being a reality show, what was your reason? >> yeah, i mean, this show
5:55 am
obviously pushes you to your limits and i wanted to have another experience to grow and this is a transformative experience to really put myself to the test of where are my -- where is my mental strength now, where am i physically, how can i push through when it feels impossible, and so i really wanted to do this ultimate test for myself. >> ainsley: hannah, when i was watching the first episode, people did not make it through the first episode, some were quitting already. some of them did not look like they had even trained, not even a day to go out there in the elements and carrying the big backpack. how did you prepare for it? >> you really didn't know what to expect, i will say that, and i did train, like do some weight training and we had to wear these boots and i would make sure i hiked and broke them in because sometimes people would leave because i mean you would
5:56 am
have blisters and bleeding all over because of these boots, and so i did a lot of hiking up mountains just like walking and that helped but it's more just the mental space that you are in that you really can't prepare. >> brian: it helped that one played for the lakers and grinded out in training camp. >> ainsley: hurt him when he had to walk from mountain to mountain. >> brian: 6'11". >> ainsley: he could not balance. hannah, we are pulling for you. >> brian: we'll be right back.
5:57 am
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de ♪ >> okay. thanks for joining us, west side of new york as we look at intrepid. >> brian has a radio show and anchor "the five" today. have a good day. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning. the more we learn the murkier it becomes. the president's handling of classified documents has the republicans on the hunt for answers. back together in new york. i'm bill hemmer. good morning at home. >> dana: congratulations to the bengals. >> bill: thank you. winning survived. >> dana: next sunday is a big game. we'll talk more about that. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." let's get back to the document. the discovery of classified documents in the president's


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