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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  January 17, 2023 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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and see as to what happens next. >> john: and then tomorrow they'll find reasons to be optimistic and the dow will go back up again. as long as it does not continue to crater, i think we are in one of those volatile periods, up one day, down the next. >> sandra: great to be with you all. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. see you tomorrow. >> john: i'm john roberts. we'll see you >> martha: a lot going on. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. i guess you could say there's been a big mood shift at the white house after the elation that followed the mid terms has turned into a crisis management mode and a mood of quiet resignation. that mood is, according to this reporting through the halls at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> why shouldn't americans be outraged about classified documents being found in a
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garage? >> look, and i think i've been clear about this. we answered questions on this at this podium. you've heard as phil said the president talked about this. he said that he didn't know. he said that he was surprised. he said that he takes classified information and documents very, very seriously. >> martha: that very seriously being put under the microscope in terms of the actual behavior connected to it. the president's aides are waiting to learn if there are any more unearthed documents that might be coming down the pipe. the questions shift to what else is revealed in this story about the biden family. basically there's three big questions. not necessarily in this order. so one of them that's been coming up are documents where hunter biden has suggested in different applications that this is his home, the home in wilmington. is it his primary residence?
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if so, who has been going there while these documents were sitting in the garage. that's one line of questioning here. here's another one. what did the chinese government potentially get in response for what looks like millions in funding of the penn biden center where there's a connection here where the first batch of documents were unearthed. and then a big overarching question about the future, the political impact potentially on the president's hopes to run again in 2024. joe concha and andy mccarthy, a great panel to dig into this with us today. first, brand new reaction from the white house. peter doocy fresh off of the white house briefing. hi, peter. >> martha, today white house officials brought in to the briefing room steph curry from the warriors. they did not bring out any of the president's lawyers. >> we're not going to
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politically interfere. that continues with this legal issue. so i would refer you to the department of justice, refer you to the special counsel as it relates to specifics on this issue. >> so this photo that i took in 2019 outside biden's house, it shows folks on the hill demanding secret service records. the secret service wasn't there. they left a few months after biden left the vp's offers and stayed gone for years. there's a huge secret service presence there now and we're told those agents not keeping visitor logs. >> this has been done in a transparent way when it relates to how this was dealt with with the department of justice and the archives. the president takes this very, very seriously. >> that was friday. the problem with that is the day before more documents had been located in wilmington. lawyers didn't tell us about them until the day after. >> so just to be very clear, and
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look, i've also been very clear about being prudent from here. also being very clear about being consistent from here and not going beyond what is currently happening. >> the white house counsel's office spent months staffing up prepares for congressional republican investigations. now they're dealing mostly with a special counsel's investigation but it seems like a decision has been made. they're going to attack republicans as planned. they are not going to attack this special counsel. at least not yet. martha? >> martha: thanks, peter with that, we bring in joe concha, columnist for the hill and andy mccarthy, fox news contributors. one of the things creating the tension at the white house is the tension of your two hours. one is the communications what they're able to say to put this a little bit -- calm it down a little bit and present how the president is taking -- is
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viewing this, what his attorneys are saying. andy, there's the attorney viewpoint which is generally say nothing, please don't share more than we know. there's an ongoing investigation. these two things create a big tension here and we heard several reporters really pushing back. one of the lines of questioning, andy, was why is it that -- i believe this came from cbs -- why is it that it was the white house attorneys who were digging around at the house in wilmington, looking for documents or unearthing documents that were from two presidential administrations ago? want to take that on? >> well, he had access to the classified information when he was vice president regardless of what administration it was from. right? the question is, what did he do with it, how did he handle it, how did it get from his office in the white house to wherever it ended up. were there intermediate steps
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where it was someplace else that it wasn't supposed to be. i think the problem that you're referring to and sort of dynamic between what joe does and what i do is easily seen in the last couple days where every time she makes a statement, she's actually making it worse. biden's first thing is i don't know how they got there. right? well, he knows they're there now. what is their arrangement? they have people that don't have security clearances do the search. >> martha: why are the investigators allowing that to happen? >> they shouldn't be. that's the whole thing. the thing is, martha, they want you to believe that the only thing here is this was just a mistake. was he trying to sell the country out to the chinese? was it anything like that? no, of course not. meantime, the statute is was he grossly negligent in handling information. did he have it in the place where it wasn't authorized to be. even if he really didn't know it was there, they know it's there
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now and they're having people that don't have security clearances do the vetting. >> martha: these news conferences are becoming increasingly painful to watch, joe. it's clear that she's not -- karine jean-pierre at moments as peter just said hasn't been given information that is already out there. >> karine jean-pierre has shown that he's not qualified for this job at this level. we've seen that over the last couple months. she keeps saying over and over again as if she's almost programmed like she has no ability to think that the president takes these documents very seriously. one press conference she said that line 17 times. at the same time, she talks about how transparent the administration has been with the public while not answering questions. and then the most important thing here, which i cannot believe on any planet that this isn't a jersey shore beach house rented out by 20 somethings. this is the president of the united states , his residence. you're not telling me there's one person that took a log of
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who was going in and out to see the sittingn't of the united states? i have a very hard time believing that. the department of justice should answer basic questions as well. why did you wait all of those months to reveal that these documents existed back in november. it's like what they said at watergate. it's not the crime, it's the cover-up. this feels like a cover up because nobody is transparent despite what we hear from press secretary. >> martha: it's difficult as i said to watch this. it's the same thing. it's a process. he takes it seriously, which is a notion that has been eroded at every single step here. about how seriously this is being taken, andy. it does beg the question -- i know you said, you don't buy the fact that the secret service doesn't know who is coming and going from that house, especially given the fact that he spent a third of of his presidency in that resident and maybe since some of that time was during covid, everything is
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under covid, there shouldn't have been different rules that applied to that resident since he spent a lot of time there being president. >> and classified information is there, which means they need more security. look, i think martha what we'll end up finding out they don't have something that is called a log, but you know, look, if the fbi had a case where it was investigating a threat on the president and it was somehow relevant who had been to see biden at that residence in the last 23 months, you think the secret service said gee, sorry, we can't help out with that? i don't think so. i don't think people would accept that as an answer. i think the only way we'll get answers is by congress asking the questions. they should not defer to these prosecutors that work for the president. we just sat through two years of the january 6th committee where they couldn't care less what the impact of their high profile
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prime time extravaganza appearances were compared to the 900 cases that the justice department was trying to prosecute in connection with the capitol riot. so if i were the republicans in congress, i would not be listening, i wouldn't have a lot of indulgence for the idea that you have to let the prosecutors work. >> martha: they'll go there. i want to put up one of these documents. hunter biden put this address on this residence a few times. we dug into this today to try to figure out if he was paying $50,000 to -- as rent on this property or whether his company was. it's a little bit unclear whether the company was paying $50,000 -- i'm not sure if there's a difference -- or he was paying $50,000 to rent. a quick thought from both of you on the meaning of hunter using this property as his own address in these ways and how relevant that is to this. joe? >> from optics, it's not very good.
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$50,000 in rent? $49,000 higher than i paid in hoboken. what is in these documents? that's the most important thing. the special counsel -- it's like a box of chocolates. once they start digging through them, they pertain to hunter biden and ukraine and china or if they do, if the president profited off of that like tony bobulinski says, hunter biden's business partner, that is something that the president should be concerned with? a lot of questions there, andy. >> hunter may have misrepresented whether he owned the residence or not. the $50,000 as i understand it could be $50,000 that he owes in rent not necessarily to that residence but in connection with other business interests. this is another thing that the very transparent white house hasn't really so far clarified for us. >> martha: thanks, gentlemen. good to have you here. a story that moves every day. we're staying on it.
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democrats admit that the classified documents that were found in the biden home and office are a problem. they don't like the way that this looks. they say they're potentially a big problem. so does this impact the president's decision about whether or not he runs in 2024? >> it's an embarrassment. no doubt about it. is there more to it? i doubt it. we'll find out about it from the special counsel. >> we'll talk to mike gallagher next. (vo) if you have thyroid eye disease and the pain in your eyes burns like a red-hot chili pepper, or...your inflamed eyes are so watery they need windshield wipers... it might be time to discover another treatment option for thyroid eye disease, also known as t-e-d. to learn more, visit
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>> martha: this is just breaking. the husband of the missing massachusetts mother, this is
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him seen there smalling, her name is ana walshe. he's charged with her murder. this just happened. we'll speak to criminal defense attorney mercedes colwin. he's already in custody. what changes now in this stunning case where her mother says that her daughter called her the day before and said please come over from europe right away. we're going to dig into this in just a moment. stick around for that. in the meantime, definitely not a place i'd want to be in. that's how one democrat strategist describes president biden's potential re-election bid now that a special counsel is probing classified documents found at his former office and at his delaware home. let's dig in deeper with two lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. mike gallagher and democratic congressman john garamendi. congressman garamendi from california, let's begin with you. thanks for being here today. you got some attention over the weekend in a conversation that
12:18 pm
you had with our shannon bream at "fox news sunday." you said it's an embarrassment and that you would imagine that he was stunned and unhappy when he heard this news. beyond that, you're not sure where this leads. so that was a couple of days ago. as you learn there's more documents, what are you saying now, sir? >> say the same thing. the special counsel has this thing and it will play itself out. meantime, a lot of speculations will go on. most of it based upon innuendo, fact, hope. either way, the special counsel has it. should be played out in a quick period of time. we'll see what comes of it. as i said sunday, it's an embarrassment to the president. i'm sure he had some of the very strong words when he was told that these documents were there. >> yeah, these were already strong words that he used on "60
12:19 pm
minutes" when he talked about the situation that wasn't good for the former president, the mar-a-largo raid and this is what the president said about it. >> how that could possibly happen, how anyone could be that irresponsible. >> martha: so now the shoe is on the other foot. we could go into detail about the differences in them. but two of the highest ranking leaders in the united states having these documents and, you know, again and again. so what do you think the impact is on 2024? some people are speculating that some democrats think this is an opening to pick someone else given the polling on the now president. >> well, i think we'll have to wait and see how things turn out with regard to this. i suspect this will at the end of it be much adieu about a few documents left here and there. i don't get all the presidential briefings but i get a lot of briefings and a lot of documents
12:20 pm
pass through my hands and we try to make sure that they all get back. i'm sure mr. gallagher the same way. but when you're the president, when you're vice president, you're getting briefings wherever you happen to be. now, all of that will be played out with regard to the upcoming election. biden, if he chooses to run, will run on a very, very strong economy. one that has extraordinary economic growth, opportunities, job creation and a strong economy and one in which inflation is now on its way down. we're talking the economists are talking about a soft landing. that's entirely possible. so he has that going for him. also, he has the extraordinary record of accomplishments. you take a look at the legislation that he's passed in the first two years of his presidency. it's extraordinary. the jobs infrastructure, which will position america as the economy for decades to come. the chips act, bringing back to
12:21 pm
america the manufacturing systems. as well as the green technologies that are in the inflation reduction act. those are extraordinary pieces of legislation. frankly, i would hope the new republican majority in the house would focus on making sure that those bills are fully implemented, that we carry out the hope and promise of those bills, all of that and largely it's in the hands of the republican majority now. >> martha: would it be accurate to say he's your first choice, that you want him to be the nominee again in 2024 before i let you go? >> he was my choice in 1988 when he came to california and i was the majority leader in the california state senate. so i've been working with president biden for 30 years plus. >> martha: i think he dropped out of that race on a plagiarism charge, didn't he? >> your memory is good. i was disappointed that that
12:22 pm
happened. when you take a look at that particular charge, much adieu about nothing then. he's been a terrific president. will it carry on? obviously a different road ahead with the republicans running the house and it seems hell bent on getting into every part of his life and his family's life. i would hope that as they do that, they do not neglect the business of this nation, which is not just investigations and oversight. it's also about implementing the laws -- >> martha: sometimes it's that way on all sides. seems like this is the politics of the nation on both sides. there's a lot of work to be done underneath it. congressman garamendi, thank you. hope to see you soon. >> thank you. >> martha: to the other side of the aisle. mike gallagher from wisconsin. he sits on the house intelligence committee. good to have you here, congressman. you know, your reaction to the
12:23 pm
case that your fellow congressman makes here and his belief that in the end, this will be about, you know, documents and much adieu about what turned out to be nothing, he believes or he seems to believe at this point. >> well, let me confess my bias. 1988, i was 4 years old. the fact that biden has been running for president since then tells you everything you need to know and the american people, democrats and republicans, are desperate for a generational shift. career politicians like biden are fundamentally unsuited to the problems of the 21st century. we're dealing with the complexity of a boomer-built bureaucracy that they cannot fix. for that and many other reasons, i don't think biden should get a second term in office. specifically on the documents, a few things at issue here. one, what the president has said thus far is irresponsible, it's unserious. the idea that we should be comforted because these documents were in a locked
12:24 pm
garage. go in your garage. look what is there. i have my daughter's bicycles, a lawn mower, a snow thrower. i don't have anything of value besides my car itself in the garage. that's not a serious answer. we also have serious questions about what was in these documents. we requested a battle damage assessment. we need to know if sensitive sources and methods were compromised. there's questions about the timeline as well as issues related to the relationship between the biden and the penn biden center and chinese influence in that center. so a lot of things to unpack here. it's not going to get better for the president. the american people are demanding that we get to the bottom of this and apply a consistent standard. one not for the politicians and the rich and powerful. a settle of rules for everybody. >> martha: there's six individuals that have done prison time for taking home classified documents. there can't be a double standard.
12:25 pm
i hope you get the answers that you're looking for and i hope it sends a clear message to the leaders of this country about the way this material should be handled and the rules do apply to them as well. congressman, thanks very much. we'll watch that work closely. good to see you as always. >> thank you. >> so this is breaking as we are covering the story right now. the husband of ana walshe is now a suspect in her murder. just a short time ago, that was not the case. they were holding him on different charges. stay with us on the developments here and we'll talk about what this means for him. president biden, the university of pennsylvania and its university president that got an ambassadorship and then there's china. and their role in the penn biden center. what is the nexus here? we'll talk about it betsy devos
12:26 pm
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>> martha: the discovery of class need documents at president biden's think tank has raised questions. fox news can confirm that the
12:30 pm
school has taken millions from china. i can tell you, $67 million from 2013 to 2019. during which that period falls. so did that money go to this center, this university of pennsylvania biden center as well? following the money is one of the most important things in these kinds of stories. we're working on that. former education secretary betsy devos is standing by. she launched investigations of foreign d donations that which e massive. she wanted to know why and where the money was going. first, the back story with david spunt live from the department of justice. hi, david. >> hi, martha. good afternoon. the penn biden center opened in early 2018. no surprise the main funding source is the university of pennsylvania based in philadelphia. the penn biden center is based
12:31 pm
here in washington d.c., not a you'lly far from the department of justice. when news broke that classified documents were found at the d.c. location, questions rose about china's influence on the university and the center itself. i reached out to u penn based in philadelphia and received this statement from the v.p. from communications. he tells me -- >> a carefully worded statement. new while the penn biden center may not receive a penny from the chinese, the university of pennsylvania receives tens of millions. u penn received $14 million in
12:32 pm
may of 2018. the president hand picked the school's president of 18 years, amy gutman to be the ambassador to germany. the relationship goes back years. paul moore under your next guest, then sister betsy devos led the investigation that uncovered tens of millions in foreign gifts to multiple universities. listen. >> it's not illegal for universities to take this money. they can take it but they have to report it. >> so harvard, penn, the university of southern california, some of the bigger ones. what paul moore said is after the penn biden center opened in early 2018, it was the inception 2017, opened in early 2018. the donations from foreign countries to the university of pennsylvania rose significantly. martha? >> martha: david, thank you very much. so david mentioned the investigations launched by betsy
12:33 pm
devos and she joins me now. betsy, always good to have you with us. thanks for being here. i want to start with this. this is from the weekend. our coverage. this is peter flaherty, the chairman of the national legal and policy center. he says that the current department of education ignored the complaint about china's donation to the penn biden center. watch this. >> once the biden center was established, the gifts accelerated. there was a single $14 million anonymous gift in 2018 from a source in china. we filed a complaint with the department of education because universities are supposed to disclose any gift over $250,000. to our chagrin, the education didn't do anything about it. >> what do you think of this situation and where the money may or may not have gone?
12:34 pm
>> it's very concerning, martha. it's one of the reasons that we undertook the exercise that we did while in office, which was to request and require that universities disclose these gifts, these contributions as they are supposed to under law. there's been no teeth in that law. in fact, once the biden administration came in to office, they disbanded that program and the department of education. they're no longer making those kinds of requirements for schools to disclose where their foreign investments are coming from. it's very concerning. and i think this whole issue with u penn and the biden center and now the classified documents that have been discovered raises a whole host of other questions. we know that communist china is trying to infiltrate, trying to steal secrets, steal intellectual property, trying to insert themselves in every area of our society. now is when we need more
12:35 pm
transparency, not less. so the biden administration and the president's actions in this regard are very, very concerning and i would say appalling. >> martha: quick question. this is amy gutman. she became the ambassador to germany. she was appointed by the biden administration. prior to that, she was the former president of the university of pennsylvania. some are pointing to that connection and wondering if there's anything more there. is that fair to question? >> well, i think it is valid to question because when you have documents found discovered after a couple of years that nobody knew were there before, i think it's also important and interesting to note that the director of the biden center at u penn from 2017 to 19 was secretary state in waiting antony blinken. another of other key state department officials have come from the biden center. so again, raising more
12:36 pm
questions. we're not getting answers. transparency and openness is what is required here. we have adversaries to guard against. this administration does not seem to be engaged and concerned about all of those issues. >> martha: there was a lot of focus on the chinese programs that were underway in a lot of universities across this country. and some of them were pushed to be disbanded under the trump administration. there was push back from china and the biden administration stopped that investigation. university of pennsylvania backed off of investigating these chinese organizations on campuses. after that, amy gutman was given this position after she left the university. those are background. we'll see where this goes. betsy, thank you. always good to see you. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: this news is breaking today on "the story." the husband of ana walshe now is a suspect in her murder. we have just learned when he
12:37 pm
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>> martha: this story is breaking. the husband of a missing mom in massachusetts, disappeared new year's day, has now been charged in her murder officially. ana walshe disappeared more than two weeks ago. her husband, brian, who you see smiling here as he is taken out in handcuffs in massachusetts, back january 9, is already behind bars and they arrested him on a charge of misleading police. prosecutors then came forward to say that they had found a knife and blood in the family's basement. that brian walshe had spent hundreds of dollars on cleaning
12:42 pm
supplies and googling some rather concerning things including how to get rid of a 115-pound body according to the reports. mercedes colwin has jumped in to the chair to join us here because of this breaking news today. first to bryan llenas who has been on this story. he's live in quincy, massachusetts. hi, brian. >> good afternoon, martha. 16 days since ana walshe's disappearance. tragic news. you mentioned the circumstantial evidence that has warranted a murder charge. this video was released by the district attorney's office. >> brian walshe has been charged with the murder of his wife. he will be transported to the quincy district court for arraignment for the charge of murder. >> martha: the arraignment will be tomorrow as early as 9:00 a.m. cameras are allowed in the
12:43 pm
courtroom. we also know that ultimately that we can expect perhaps more additional charges. a source tells me on another charge that we can expect is disinterment of a human body. >> moving a deceased body. we'll find out more details during the arraignment tomorrow. you know, we talked about the circumstantial evidence. there's been a ton of us. you talked about the knife and the blood found in the family basement. there was a hatchet and hacksaw and blood found in a trash facility. he told investigators that he went to a home depot. he was caught on video buying cleaning supplies. he's been in custody over a week charging with misleading investigators about his whereabouts. that video of him smiling is of interest when you talk about his character. two family friends called him a sociopath. one family friend said he was
12:44 pm
clinically diagnosed as a sociopath and spent time at a psychiatric center. another friend described him as a physically violent and angry person. you take that and you add the detail, martha, that the fact that in 2014 ana filed a police report saying that he had threatened to kill her and her friend. she failed to move forward with charges. but -- and then married brian a year later. the bottom line, martha, is that this is incredibly tragic for the family. there's three sons that remain in state custody as this turned in to a murder case. martha >> it's tragic. you can imagine the poor little boys and how frightened they are. they haven't seen their mother in weeks and their father is in prison now. 2, 4, 6 years old. thanks, bryan llenas in cohaset, massachusetts. let's bring in mercedes colwin.
12:45 pm
fox news contributor news legal analyst. what is your reaction? what the do you think about when you hear about this new information here? >> how many times have we sat on this desk and heard the same story? some violence precipitating the disappearance of a woman or man in domestic violence? my own sister died in a violent relationship. his suspicious behave i don't know began at the inception of her disappearance. not calling the police. there's three babies around. the she doesn't call. her phone stops pinging january 2. her work calls the police because her behavior is out of order. she didn't make her flight. she was living in massachusetts, working in d.c. doesn't make the flight. disappears off of the grid. you unpack everything that law enforcement suspected. the cleans supplies paid by cash. you have $450 in your wallet to pay for cleaning supplies?
12:46 pm
most people paid with a credit card. most people pay with a credit card. you talk about the searches on the computer. how weird. how to dispose of a 115 pound body? she's 5'2", 115 pounds. how weird is that? a bloody knife. the blood that was found in the basement. it's just unbelievable. we haven't found the body yet. you know defense attorneys will say it no, body, no case. that's what is going to be the defense. but his walk, the perp walk, he's so dis assassdisassociated. >> martha: you don't have to have a body to be found guilty of murder but it helps, this was the prosecutor january nan. this is the day he walked out there. >> surveillance purchasing $450 of cleaning supplies. that would include mops, bucket,
12:47 pm
tyvex, drop cloth and tape. the bucket was found in the basement area also with a knife with blood. >> it's chilling. you watch him standing there. pull this picture from instagram. she did something strange. she started changes her instagram posts. this one she's injured. she says it was at work. she talks about having a mild concussion. a bruised hip and a cut. this was awhile back. when he was under investigation for art fraud, she was encouraging them to be lenient on him and said these pottive things about him. >> there's a psychological hold with partners in these domestic violence relationships.
12:48 pm
we don't understand it. there's this crazy psychological hold that individuals who are the battered individuals have. that they actually help they're batterer. she put an affidavit in and said what a loving husband he was and great father and be lenient. we need him home. this is so different than the man that is now accused of her murder. >> martha: who knows what kind of pressure he placed on her to do those things for him. so thank goodness. he was already in custody. they don't have to find this guy. they already have him, mercedes. so what next? >> well, while in custody, it's open field day. they can go in. that's why they gained access to the house. they can gather ed and slow it down. they were very suspicious of his behavior. they susrespect early on that he may have been the killer if in fact she was dead. the fact that she was off radar
12:49 pm
january 2 and a week later no sighting of her, no calls, none of that. obviously suspicions at that point that she was actually dead. >> the second charge is disinterment, which is moving a body. >> yes. what likely -- if i was the prosecutor that i suspect she was killed in the basement. that's where there was the blood evidence, where the knife was found. moving the body. they'll have to look for places like -- garbage receptacles, landfills, any of those things. >> martha: he was at his mother's house. they checked that dumpster. nothing there. mercedes, thanks very much. >> my pleasure. >> brian walshe last been a accused murdering his wife ana. we'll stay on that story. 13 years against when president obama accused the cambridge police of acting stupidly in the
12:50 pm
arrest of henry lewis gates jr., who you see in this image. he was released obviously. the department for a different reason is now back in the spotlight again following the police killing of a 20-year-old student who the police say lunged at them with a weapon and refused to stand down. >> i'm calling on our police department to disarm immediately or disband. we cannot accept the status quo. and i will not stop calling for justice for all of our community members. >> martha: two side to that story. we'll bring them to you and to this story as well. whales are dying. they're washing ashore. why so many right now? is this climate change or the digs that is going on deep in the ocean to build enormous wind farms where the whales live.
12:51 pm
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i can't talk right now, i'm at a silent retreat. cashback on everything you buy with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. >> martha: protesters have taken to the streets after police shot and killed a 20-year-old students. the man was coming at the officers with a knife and they tried to use nonlethal bullets to stop him but didn't work that unfolded in cambridge, massachusetts. the same city, of course, where when you think back in your memory, you may remember this situation. the arrest of a harvard professor prompted president obama to quickly say that the police had "acted stupidly" in cambridge. that exchange was an early salvo in what has led to a long and difficult history of riots and the movement that eventually
12:56 pm
became defund the police a few years later in that opinion piece. eric shawn with the back story on this shooting this month. hi, eric. >> martha: we know the liberal home of harvard and mit, cambridge, massachusetts involved in a case with the community against the police. authorities say a neighbor called 911 after seeing a man crashing through a first floor window of his family's apartment. apartmented with a machete knife and appeared to be cutting himself. police chased him down the street for five blocks and fired the nonlethal round at him. when the police moved toward him, he opened fire. the head of the bangladesh association of new england said police should not have used deadly force. >> we believe our cops were
12:57 pm
well-strained. even if he has an issue, we can stop him without killing him or shooting him. >> others point out that faisal was armed. the police commissioner said he didn't comply with the officer's request. >> our officers fried several times to engage the individual verbally unsuccessfully. this lasted over five blocks from where we first encountered them. yes, we tried several times to deescalate the situation. >> it's now up to the county district attorney to decide whether the officer will be charged or if no charges will be filed at all. >> a difficult situation. thank you, a lot of protests and tension about this in boston. also this. the growing calls to put offshore wind projects up and down the atlantic on hold as
12:58 pm
more beached whales wash up along the east coast from maine to florida. the feds say that they're investigating an unusual number of mortalities of hump back whales and other kinds of whales. supporters of wind energy are pushing back big time. alexis mcadams reporting live from atlantic city, new jersey today. hi, alexis. >> hi, martha. we're talking about more than half a dozen whales in the last month that have washed up on the shores of new york and new jersey. officials are trying to figure out what's happening. this is the latest picture in the past few days here. this 20 to 25 foot long hump back whale watched up on shore. the marine mammal stranding center susthe cause of death appears to be from a veries sample strike. but marine groups say that underwater surveys could be to blame here, a new jersey congressman jeff van drew is one of many causes for a pause in
12:59 pm
the surveys while the deaths are being investigated. ocean life is being put at risk as our governor and president force through the green new deal policies without giving full consideration on their real world impacts. phil murphy says the whale deaths are tragic and this work should continue. let's listen. >> we're here in coalition expressing that we're sad to see wildlife suffering and casualties of wildlife. at the same time, we understand it's a way bigger picture and it's climate change. >> activists say that hump back whales can hear the low frequency project and can interfere with their hearing and communication. right now new jersey has six wind turbines. activists are calling on the president to stop the projects. noaa says there's a link to the
1:00 pm
wind turbine projects and the whale deaths. >> martha: thanks, alexis. there's two big lawsuits from new jersey residents and massachusetts residents against the bureau of environmental management saying they didn't do the studies that they should have done. that's "the story" for today. good to have you with us. look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 3:00. have a great evening. bye now. >> are you upset that you came out here friday with inaccurate information and are you concerned it affects your credibility up here? >> what i'm concerned about is making sure that we do not politically interfere in the department of justice, that we continue to be consistent. >> the white house says republicans are faking outrage on this issue. why shouldn't americans be outraged about classified documents being found in a garage? >> look, i think i've been very clear about this.


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