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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 18, 2023 3:00am-4:00am PST

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supposedly the bureau sat him aside because he is from afghanistan a high risk country just to make sure he wasn't a terrorist. pell, the pentagon could pick up the phone, let the fbi or dhs or cbp know that and apparently i just spoke with someone who visited him. >> carley: absolutely. yeah. congressman we have got leave it there. thank you for joining us. ♪ ♪ >> breaking news that the doj considered using the fbi in the biden document search, but, instead, allowed the president's purge attorney. >> in the meantime answers from this white house are frustration and -- rolling. >> i'm just knot going to -- you're asking a question that should go to white house counsel's office. >> the husband of ana walshe is now charged with her murder. >> brian could appear in court today. authorities face the prosecuting a murder case without ana's remains. >> warning residents about, quote, unexpected pedestrians as
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migrants pour. in border patrol slamming vice president kamala harris for her handling of the crisis and tweeting you should be fired and replaced. >> it's pretty extraordinary. >> climate hypocrite john kerry in davos. expecting a thousand private jets. >> saving the planet that's so extraterrestrial ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ it's the higher love ♪ thinking of >> steve: good morning, louisville, kentucky. looking live there courtesy of wdrv our affiliate there right now you have got 38 degrees. partly cloudy. the high later on today is going to been 60 degrees. and right now it's as chilly as it is going to get all day long in louisville, kentucky. as you look live here on the big screen here in the big studio on this wednesday, january 18th. come on, in folks.
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>> ainsley: hello, everyone. good morning. great news today. it's the middle of the week. so happy to be waking up with you this morning. get ready, brian, the wheels are coming off today. >> brian: wheels coming off already? when we need one wheel and three wheels when they come off they catch the vehicle and surpass it. we just need one wheel to stay on. maybe it's carley. >> steve: what about a unicycle only need one wheel. >> brian: can't lose a wheel. if the wheels come off a unicycle. four wheels. one stays on and three pass the vehicle. >> ainsley: what are you talking about? three of the wheels are off the cart. >> brian: lose a wheel, it will pass your car. so if your wheel comes out. >> steve: you mean if you are driving down the road and the wheel goes off goes faster to the car. >> brian: absolutely. >> ainsley: no it could go off the side of the road. >> i was trying to figure out where you were going with this. >> ainsley: who wants to get back on track?
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they were off for a little bit and it didn't go well. >> steve: nothing to seize here. the justice department apparently was asked by joe biden's attorneys hey, we found some stuff we weren't supposed to have. do you want to be here? and the justice department said, you know what? no. both sides agree that biden's attorneys would search and notify the doj if they found anything classified and then law enforcement would take it. as it turns out. they immediately turned it over. joe biden doesn't have a little egg on his face. he has a whole omelet press secretary nothing more to find. over the weekend found more classified documents in delaware. his personal attorney's name is patrick moore. he is the one that discovered the first baptism of the classified materials at the d.c. think tank. well, then he reportedly met with the u.s. attorney john lausch's team after finding
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those documents they are saying it's a very informal meeting there were no 302 forms which is what you would do in an official more formal meeting. >> steve: you write it up, memorialize it. >> ainsley: they don't have any of that. >> brian: the "wall street journal" said last night around 5:00. they came out with a story that the justice department considered -- after these documents were discovered, and by the way, if you have to move out of your office, get your 08-year-old attorney go over there with some bubble wrap that's a good thing to do if we are to believe how this whole thing happened november 2nd. he questions over and says i've got classified documents here. when it becomes clear they call the archives. archives calls justice. justice considered having the fbi go like they did with donald trump or anybody else that was going to be investigated when you have top secret information if not arrested well, i thought better of it because they have been transparent and they seem to be coming clean about the department of justice and -- excuse me, the biden attorneys. so why let the fbi get in anyone's way or lead or monitor an investigation of his garage,
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of a secure room, or an insecure room, or of his closet? that decision is befuddling, not just to logical people on the outside but the people on the inside like jonathan turley. he has never heard of anything like this. >> steve: well, both sides agreed that biden's attorneys would search and call the department of justice if they found anything. so apparently what they are doing is looking far and wide. and then law enforcement would take custody. those deliberations not previously reported by the "wall street journal" shows that the biden team was trying to cooperate but, nonetheless, apparently what the department of justice and the fbi, what they've decided is not to involve them in the early stage. that way the department of justice preservative the future search warrant if things turn hostile. so, in other words, if they don't cooperate -- apparently every time they find stuff they go hey, look, we have been looking and we found it. they let them know. if things turn hostile and they could, with search warrant or
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something like that. >> brian: who cares? the fbi this is top secret documents. our national security is at stake. seem to be doing a good job going through all the paperwork leave them alone. not even to monitor. who cares if it goes hostile. since when does the fbi care if it rankels your feathers. they should go in there and grab and the department names a special prosecutor little by little hear about five documents on saturday. hear about a big discovery on wednesday. the original discovery november 2nd. then there is nothing for six weeks. then we hear something december 20th. and still the fbi stands on the outside and says i don't want to get in anybodiens way? >> ainsley: everyone wants to know also what's the involvement with china with the penn biden center. people want to know why we are finding this out two months after the election when they knew this days before the election. why isn't he being treated the same way that donald trump was treated? both were caught with classified documents and one was treated with a raid into their house. the other one, their lawyers got
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to go in. and the fbi never did a raid on biden's house. so there is so many questions. the reporters have been asking them. they are firing away these questions. the president has had several bilateral meetings with different world leaders. the prime minister of japan last week. we saw him with justin trudeau last week. yesterday with the netherlands prime minister. and when reporters are in the room with him they are asking so many questions and they don't care so much about these bilateral meetings they want to know why he had these classified documents and they have so many questions. he's ignoring them all. this was him yesterday when he was meeting with the netherlands prime minister. >>
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[shouting questions] >> ainsley: one asked will you commit to speak to the special counsel? biden, you can hear so many questions and he is ignoring it. not acknowledging, smiling, trying to pretend to continue to talk to the prime minister of netherlands and then the white house told those reporters to get out. >> steve: right. apparently, according to the "wall street journal," the department of justice officials worried if the fbi was there as the biden team looked for documents, it could complicate the ability to execute search warrants in the future if things go south. right now, the biden team is cooperating with the department of justice. that could change; however, the press secretary, not cooperating with correspondents in the room who have a million questions here she is yesterday depending them off. >> five additional classified documents have been found. is it safe to assume now that all the documents have been recovered? >> i'm going to let this ongoing review that is happening, this legal process that is happening and let that -- let that process
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continue under the special counsel. >> did you not know on friday that those documents had been found when you were at the podium or are you being directed by someone to not be forthcoming on this issue? >> i have been forthcoming from this podium. >> you also knew, did you not know -- >> -- i'm telling you. i just answered the question. >> white house says republicans are faking outrage on their. why shouldn't americans be outraged about classified documents being found in a garage? >> look, and i think i have been very clear about this. we have answered questions on this at this podium. >> on friday, did you or did you not know about the additional. >> i already -- i literally just answered that question. >> but i missed it so is it yes or no. >> i mean you are not too far sitting next to her so i was very clear i provided -- i provided the information that you all had at the time. >> brian: by the way, when you look at his house and no sign-in sheet or record of people coming in or out. keep in mind how many important
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meetings jen psaki says takes place there. wherever the president goes the president does important work. you can't have it both ways. number two, don't you remember when they were trying to convince joe manchin to sign on for build back better. joe manchin meeting with chuck schumer at the biden -- what else were they discussing? that does become like the white house there. and we are not just talking about classified documents. as you mentioned, ainsley, we don't know what those documents are that they lead to a wider investigation. >> ainsley: or if there might be more. >> steve: sure. >> brian: i don't understand why if you waited six years to find out he had classified information, why -- and we're getting little by little. five here. four here, 20 here. why does the fbi say we'll let him do it. you have had six years and two month to come up with documents and you're still going through them, we're professional investigators. we'll know where to look. can you watch like the trump lawyers did from afar. we'll go through it from here on
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his residences. and, steve, your point last week is interesting because there is a biden school university of delaware. are there documents there? i mean, has anyone even brought it up? he actually i think did teach there when he was a senator. >> steve: that's a repository of his stuff from when he was senator. apparently the department of justice considered the fbi presence as he looked for documents could actually complicate investigator's ability to execute future search warrants and it makes sense because that, right on its face, is a sign that investigators are considering the possibility of a grand jury are. so they are keeping things -- okay. let us know when you think you're done. but, when it's all over, the department of justice is saying, there could be a grand jury to decide whether or not what you did is legal. >> ainsley: several more quick things. double standard the way this was handled compared to donald trump. they're frivolous with our classified information. with our government secrets. they're in a garage. they're in some office building and you were describing.
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>> brian: brian with his corvette. >> ainsley: right next to his corvette. doesn't have call logs, a log of who is going in. he is the president of the united states. >> steve: the white house said yesterday it's his private house. >> ainsley: but he is the president of the united states does that mean anyone can walk up to his private house. >> brian: yes. >> ainsley: pretty dangerous. >> steve: they have got security. we have seen that anyway, we will continue the conversation on this wednesday morning, thank you very much for joining us. >> ainsley: all right. still ahead. the husband of missing massachusetts mom ana walsh is officially charged with her murder. you will hear the heart breaking reaction from her friend she said anaens kindness actually killed her. >> brian: liberal elite wearing in switzerland to preach climate change. >> so almost extra industrial to, quote, saving the planet. >> brian: exactly. more of his out of the world comments from the detached john kerry who seems to be getting taller. ♪
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>> ainsley: brian walshe charged with officially murdering his wife missing mom ana walshe. >> his arraignment could happen today despite the fact that the body has not been found. ana has not been found brian todd piro has more on disturbing developments. >> todd: brian walshe arrested yesterday for the murder of his wife. also charged with the improper transport of his body. face the task of prosecuting a murder case without ana's remains. according to the norfolk missing attorney ana's husband could appear in court this morning saying quote the arraignment may be as soon as #:00 a.m. today
3:18 am
dependent on defense attorney availability. let's take a look at the timeline of ana's disappearance leading up to brian's arrest. new year's day is when ana was last seen alive. january 4th police were notified of her disappearance by one of the co-workers. charge on the 5th. charged with misleading investigators about her disappearance on the 8th. then on january 9th. police say they recovered a bloody knife from the basement of the couple's cohasset home. just a few days later a washington, d.c. report revealing that brian had threatened to kill ana during an argument back in 2014. and then yesterday brian walshe officially charged with her murder. a friend of ana says she was always a forgiving life who saw the best in brian. >> she was always, always defending brian, giving him chances. she was almost too good to be true. so maybe that's kindness killed her. it sounds horrible to say but
3:19 am
that's my impression that she is a giver. >> authorities say investigation and evidence supporting these charges will be supported at brian's rarnlt. back to you. >> steve: todd, as an attorney, it's always easier if there is a body. always easier if there is a body. >> always easier but not dispositive. there is circumstantial evidence. you always hear on tv show it's circumstantial. well, that's still evidence. it still works. and if a jury is convinced yard brian walshe will go to jail presumably for the rest of his life so, yes, obviously prosecutors would like to have a body. let's face it, in this case there is a ridiculous amount of evidence that really helps out the prosecutor not the least is how do i dispose of cut up 115-pound body. that's insane web search that is really going to hurt the deference's case. >> ainsley: what was found inside his home the knife and all the blood.
3:20 am
>> steve: terrible story. >> brian: thanks, todd. over to carley shimkus with another terrible story to lead off with. >> carley: chilling details about bryan kohberger's alleged contact with one of the four university of idaho students he is accused of murdering. a source reportedly claims the suspected killer mess sageted one of the girls on instagram before the murders but they did not disclose which victim. they claim he, quote: slid into one of the girl's direct messages several times but she didn't respond. basically it was just him saying hey, how are you? but he did it again and again. the source says she may not have even seen the messages because they were sent to her request folder which happens when someone you don't follow messages you. check out this terrifying video of what washington state police are calling an abduction attempt. you can see a man carrying zip ties trying to pull a barista from a drive-thru window. the woman slamming the window shut before the suspect could yank her into his car.
3:21 am
police say the suspect sped off in a pickup truck but not before the cameras caught a glimpse of his tattoo which appears to say chevrolet. authorities say tips from the community led to the suspect's arrest. he is set to face a judge later this morning. who. microsoft latest tech giant to announce latest round of. last year microsoft terminated an estimated 200,000 positions affecting about 1% of the company. meanwhile amazon workers are bracing for the biggest round of laughs layoffs. that's just a fraction of amazon's 1.5 million global workforce. president biden and vice president kamala harris welcoming the 2022 nba champion golden state warriors to the white house yesterday. look at that picture right there. things took awkward term when it's time for the pair to take a team photo.
3:22 am
>> oh. [laughter] [laughter] >> carley: vice president kamala harris refusing to take a knee alongside the president. looks like he was proposing. and. >> ainsley: totally did. >> carley: weird. >> steve: obviously he wanted her to get down on a knee for symmetry. >> carley: no, i'm the vice president i'm not kneeling. >> ainsley: just strange why did he do it. >> brian: usually the shorter guys go in front to take a picture. >> steve: you want the president down front. >> carley: height is not really a problem with an nba team. >> carley: just a little bizarre. >> steve: thank you very much, carley. >> carley: you are very welcome steve you are in switzerland. in davos the world nic forum is going on. ourselves and climate guy is
3:23 am
over there, and he has been mocked for his almost extra extl plan he literally described as out of this world but then again that's just john kerry, watch. >> and when you stop to think about it, it's pretty extraordinary that we, select group of beings, because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives, are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet. i mean, it's so almost extraterrestrial to think about, quote, saving the planet. if you said that to most people. most people think you are just a crazy tree hugging lefty liberal you know do-gooder, whatever. and there's no relationship. but really that's where we are. >> steve: okay. >> brian: amazing, too they are out there saving the planet telling us about the need to go green and gret greta thorn bergl
3:24 am
be there today. >> ainsley: i saw her pictures being arrested. >> brian: best of luck. they were talking about meeting. this is the best of the best turner to tell us we can't use fossil fuel to destroy the country don't be so selfish. arrive in private jets 500. did an estimate. most of these people are within 60 miles a lot of them. could have hopped on a train and arrived. once they get there they are encouraged to use mass transportation. i don't see billionaires on subways and buses that doesn't happen. >> ainsley: bloomberg did every day. >> steve: meet a lot of nice people. >> brian: as green as it gets. jets off to an island that he owns. afford a private jet you can't condemn the rest of the country for gassing up their buick. >> ainsley: people on social media when he was talking about extraterrestrial experience they said ha, i always knew they were aliens. green peace is up in arms about
3:25 am
this because they, obviously, are fighting climate change and they're saying here are all these rich elitist, billionaires that are flying in on their private planes and lecturing us about climate change. they agree with the lectures on climate change but they don't agree with the private jets. they said meanwhile the rich and powerful davos and polluting socially and equitably private jets and inequality behind closed doors. i agree with you who cares how you spend your money. billionaire buy a private jet and makes your life easier go do it. don't stand at the podium and lecture them they have to buy electric cars. >> steve: rules for thee and not me. 50% of the jet trip were short and below 500 miles. easily could have been on a train. about 40% were super short. one jet trip was apparently 13 miles. >> ainsley: you needed that private jet. >> steve: 113 miles. they just wanted the photo. hey, i'm getting on the jet, going to davos.
3:26 am
>> ainsley: going to cost me $40,000 to get 1 miles. >> steve: there was one other jaw-dropping fact. that was apparently green peace study showed that last year's private trip trips to davos, the equivalent of 350,000 cars. so those guys going to that fancy resort used up the same kind of energy as 350,000 cars. >> ainsley: if you read this on social media. people are outraged. it's just like when gavin newsom tells everyone they can't go inside restaurants and he's doing it like he said rules for thee and not for me. >> brian: 26 minutes after the hour. outrage in kentucky after a student to created a so-called kill list is allowed back on campus. two parents whose kids were in the same class as that student join us live.
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another call that said that he was coming back to school just everything normal. >> steve: rob, that had to freak out your child in the school, right? >> absolutely. i mean, i don't think people have any comprehension of the anxiety, the stress, and everything that is put on somebody if i said or anybody said they were going to hurt your family, your child and then every day you see that person in the hallway in the gymnasium. and the calf fear i can't. >> steve: and deanne, you have two kids.
3:32 am
>> outraged i had shock i had no idea in the same room as my daughter. >> steve: what do you do about it. >> i immediately emailed the principal mr. why cough and he removed my student w no issues. >> he was tremendous. >> steve: a lot of people are wondering why the kid was allowed back into school after putting out this kill list the boone county superintendent said the safety of our students and our staff is our greatest priority when making district decisions. the kentucky constitution guarantees the right to a public education for every child without prejudice and we are obligated to follow state law: rob, don't you think there could be an exception when somebody has a kill list? >> absolutely. i guess the biggest question is you took a student out of a
3:33 am
situation where he threatened to kill other students and is it best to put him back into the same situation a year layered. if the child is struggling with the safety of our children, why would you put him back -- right back in the con exact same situation? >> steve: has the school tried to calm parents down it's just a list he is not going to hurt anybody? >> well, i think there needs to be a division here on what the school is doing and what the superintendent and board of education is doing. >> steve: okay. >> i don't believe they are on the same page it would be prudent to point out that the theprincipal of our high schools own son was on this kill list. the superintendent made this decision alone, to my
3:34 am
understanding, without even the board of education thoughts or concerns. did not speak with the principal or the administration at the actual high school before he placed the student back. >> steve: steve it is a head scratcher. if you get answers, let us know. rob and deanna, thank you for joining us. we did reach out to conner high school for a statement. they did not respond. thank you very much. good luck. you got to get your kids ready for school. starts here in an hour. that's quite a story, isn't it? still ahead on this wednesday, the military vaccine mandate has been lifted but an air force lieutenant colonel could still lose her pension because she didn't get the shot. she'll join us next with the latest on her fight. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york city and, good morning saint paul, minnesota. ♪
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with a max strength fever fighting formula. the right tool for long lasting flu symptom relief. hot beats flu. ♪ ♪ >> brian: even though the u.s. military was forced to repeal their covid-19 vaccine mandate some say they are still being punished. next guest air force pilot who could lose her retirement after 19 and a half years of service all because of multiple exemption requests have been denied. lieutenant colonel brandy king joins us now. colonel, this is unbelievable. you are on the doorstep of your pension, six month from retirement. you apply for religious exemption. you don't get it. how would you describe your status now? >> right now, i'm just in a holding tank of sorts. a type of purgatory until i phase out of the military all together. it's a little loophole that air force reserve command uses and really all reserve command to to send those of that's they don't want to serve for whatever
3:40 am
reason into a holding tank until we can just basically disappear. i have no means by which to gain income or points towards retirement or healthcare at the moment. so the intent of ndaa in our estimation has not been met. >> brian: totally despicable. you are alarger. aallergic.allergy to one of the ingredients. >> two ingredients and two certified al ler justs have stated that. >> brian: you have the religious exemption. 75% of the religious exemption denied. 24% of them are pending. .96% have been approved. total 14,045. so, to me, they are asking you to do something now, i mean they are asking you -- they are not taking into account your 19 and a half years of service. but they are looking to the future and saying from now on anybody in or out doesn't have to take the vaccine.
3:41 am
do you have a lawyer? >> yes, i do. i do have a lawyer. r. davis young. >> and what do they say? >> he is doing as much as he can to fight the good fight on this. and understands that there were multiple constitutional violations, statutory law violations along the way. also, the religious accommodations that were approved were actually only approved for those that were already getting out or had other issues. so, they weren't necessarily approved for the religious accommodation first amendment rights. >> brian: colonel, do you take pride in serving for your country? >> i absolutely do. i spent almost two decades serving my country. i love our republic. i'm dedicated to our oath to support and defend the constitution. i think the american public would like to see our military leaders step up and support and defend the constitution they swore and treat our troops well so we can recruit and retain
3:42 am
talent. >> brian: colonel, almost every branch is not satisfied -- has not reached their recruiting goals. do you think stories like yours hurt recruiting when they see how disrespectful they're being to a 19-year veteran? yes more than that the military sole purpose to support and defend the constitution and defend our republic. not only do my neighbors, community, friends, family see the way i have been treated they also see that our constitution isn't being defended and supported and i think that that is a huge problem for military recruitment and for retaining talent. people are running to the airlines like crazy because most of the airlines don't adhere to this shot. >> brian: have you taken other vaccines when the military says we have to have my people listen when we make mandates i can't start showing some give when it comes to personal choice on vaccines. what do you say on that. >> i say the military has accommodated religious requests,
3:43 am
accommodation requests historically. and medical exemption requests historically for numerous vaccines. in fact, immunity has long since been one of the issues that allows us to be exempt from a vaccine. so the readiness argument for the vaccine is not there. it just isn't. and the efficacy, as people can see on this particular vaccine is not there. so, it's just not -- it's not a viable -- we're not buying what they are selling essentially. >> brian: neither am i. lieutenant colonel brandi king hobbifully somebody is up at the pentagon and listening. >> thank you. >> brian: hopefully you get this done and get this solved. >> thank you so much. >> brian: over to carley. >> carley: bad news out of ukraine at least 18 people are dead including ukraine's interior minister in the helicopter crash in the outskirts of kyiv. the chopper going down next to a
3:44 am
kindergarten and residential building. senior government officials among the dead. 29 others, including 15 children were injured. it appears no foul play was involved. ukraine's interior minister was with eight others in the helicopter when it crashed. he was a prominent member of president zelenskyy's cabinet. a california sheriff is blaming the open southern border for cartel violence after the execution-style killing of this family in central california. >> it is very clear that this family was a target. and that there are gang associations involved as well as drug investigations with this home. i can tell you cartels are here. they are here for multiple reasons. selling drugs is lucrative. there's a lot of money to be made. the other is that we have a very unsecure border right now. >> carley: 16-year-old mother and 10-month-old baby are among those who died. police are looking for two possibly three suspects in that
3:45 am
situation. and check out this bizarre low speed pursuit in north carolina. a man steals a john deere tractor and cruises along with police in tow while dukes of hazard. authorities eventually shot out one of the tires after he slammed into several vehicles and a church. whoa. the suspect was taken into custody after reportedly hopping off the tractor while holding a knife. thankfully no one was hurt. a lot going on in that story there my goodness. and reigning open champion raffaele nadal is eliminated in just the second round. he injured his left hip during the match and needed a medical time-out. american mckenzie mcdonald manages to knock out the tournament's number one seed in a straight set shocker after the match frustrating nadal said he did not want to have to forfeit from the match over his hip injury. brian, over to you. >> brian: right. carley, if you got hurt, would you take a medical time-out or
3:46 am
would you just go home. >> carley: you have to power through. >> brian: what did you say? >> carley: you have to power through. easier for knee say that here. but that's my story. i'm sticking to it. >> brian: right. and if you hurt your hip, you would take five minutes off. >> carley: no time off. you've got to go. >> brian: you hear that, janice dean? you got the weather. if you are hurt or injured or running a fever power through. >> janice: no, i would probably go home. i'm going to be honest. >> brian: okay. i understand. >> janice: i don't want to get people sick if i have got the flu. talk about the weather shall we, friends? very warm across the east coast. cold front that's going to smash into some very warm air, relatively, you know, for january standards we are almost talking about like late spring temperatures and you've got the cold air behind that so the severe threat today from the mississippi valley up towards the ohio river valley, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes will be possible. look at the snow behind us. the past 24 hours, three feet of snow in the mountains of colorado and we're going to see more of that happening across
3:47 am
the midwest as this system continues to move north and eastward. so not only the severe weather component. about you we have a lot of snow in the forecast. there are your winter weather alerts for the next couple of days. and then the snow still to come for the rockies. the good news is, california, you will get a break from all the rain and the wind. so there's the silver lining there. fox for all of your latest details. over to you, brian, my friend. >> brian: all right. thanks so much. she is perfectly healthy and her book is excellent. so you cannot be sick this week. janice, you have to get the word out. meanwhile, up next, with the clock ticking on a potential tiktok ban, the offering onto have a third party on how data is collected. can we really trust that i will pretend not to know. kurt the cyberguy will explain why. border czar v.p. harris heads to arizona tomorrow but not to address the migrant surge. hear who is calling for her to be fired at the top of the hour. ♪
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>> carley: we are back with a couple quick headlines, a miniature horse is spotted in
3:52 am
the back seat of a car going through a mcdonald's drive-thru in australia. the driver of that car said his trustee was very excited for his ice cream cone. and some good news if that story has you craving the golden arches. today the fast food chain is celebrating the mcnugget's 40 anniversary on the menu. so mcdonald's is offering a free six piece but only if you order through the app. very important detail there. ' and oklahoma police put out a, quote, dealer alert warning that dangerously addictive girl scout cookies are about to hit the police. the choctaw police substances go by street names like thin mints and caramel delights, peanut butter patties and lemonades. they encounter to drop the addictive products off at their station so officers can dispose of them safely. i smell an ulterior motive there, guys. >> ainsley: dispose of them in
3:53 am
their stomach. >> steve: thank you, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> steve: clock ticking on popular tiktok ban. over to win over more lawmakers they think is transparency. tiktok says it could grant the united states officials oversight of its al gorery themselves and offer a third party review of whether china is using it to spy on americans. >> brian: getting a little panicky but with more than the half of the country's state banning from devices is it too late? >> ainsley: here is kurt knutsson. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. >> ainsley: is this good news? they are having a third party to monitor it to make sure china doesn't spy on us. >> the talks are going on is a good thing, i suppose. and the only reason we are really talking is because the young ones in our family are fully on full on addicted to
3:54 am
tiktok. you can't turn it off that easily from them. at the end of the day, china has infiltrated the american mindset, period. they are now one of the most controlling media companies tiktok, owned by bytedance which is in china. the proposition they have on the table comes after they alleged to have spent $1.5 billion moving all of their architecture on to these oracle k servers really safe. the fact is allowing a third party may have worked in the european union for some things that weren't from china. but i wouldn't say this is a necessarily anything you can trust. they have proven as early as december that they were spying on u.s. journalists. i just don't buy into any of this. >> steve: right. meanwhile, kurt, the university of texas, is keeping tiktok from being used on the campus wifi. and there are a number of other colleges that are banning the app., i think it's 36 in all.
3:55 am
but, here's the thing. so, you can't use it on college devices. or their wifi but everybody has got cell phone service they can get it in that way. >> yeah. you can -- you will find ways around the wifi system on campus as you know. you will not stop kids from doing this at this moment. what you may be able to do find some cases come up like we did in december where it got revealed about the journalists being tracked on tiktok by tiktok employees. more of that comes about. more education. and maybe people will wake up to it. the thing i get from friends, hey, i have nothing to hide. why should i be worried to be on tiktok? it isn't did b. that what it is about the ability for a message to be tailored to you through an algorithm that if you understood how smart it is would scare the bejesus how it can get into your
3:56 am
mind. if you go to, you got someone in your family using tiktok at least do these privacy routines that we put online. >> brian: up to instagram or somebody else to come up with that same algorithm and have an american company do it. i think that ship has sailed for bytedance. >> i agree with you. >> brian: i hope so. anyway, kurt the cyberguy, thanks so much. >> good to see you. >> ainsley: thanks, kurt. coming up an assault on families, that's what arizona parents are calling the democratic governor's plan to roll back school choice. the fight for education still ahead ♪ ♪ type 2 diabetes? discover the ozempic® tri-zone. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it.
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the most common side effects include respiratory tract infection, headache, and urinary tract infection. picture your life in motion with vyvgart. a treatment designed using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist if vyvgart could be right for you. >> breaking news that the doj considered using the fbi in the biden document search. allowed the personal attorney in the meantime answers from this white house are frustration and eye rolling have you been directed to be forth coming. >> husband of ana walshe is charged with her murder. >> brian could appear in court today. >> prosecuting a murder case without ana's remains. >> new sign in el paso warning brnts quote unexpected pedestrian migrants pour in representing border patrol, slamming vice president kamala harris for


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