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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 18, 2023 4:00am-5:00am PST

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e most common side effects include respiratory tract infection, headache, and urinary tract infection. picture your life in motion with vyvgart. a treatment designed using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist if vyvgart could be right for you. >> breaking news that the doj considered using the fbi in the biden document search. allowed the personal attorney in the meantime answers from this white house are frustration and eye rolling have you been directed to be forth coming. >> husband of ana walshe is charged with her murder. >> brian could appear in court today. >> prosecuting a murder case without ana's remains. >> new sign in el paso warning brnts quote unexpected pedestrian migrants pour in representing border patrol, slamming vice president kamala harris for her handling of the
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crisis tweeting you should be fired and replaced. >> it's pretty extraordinary. >> climate hypocrite john kerry in davos expecting 1,000 private jets to fly there. >> kerry planet saver. >> saving the planet so almost extraterrestrial. >> look at that shot. are the sand is so white there. it's a beautiful, wonderful place to live. 57 degrees there right now. >> steve: people are walking along the shore. >> ainsley: going to be up into the 70s. 73 around 3:00 p.m. that looks like that will be the high today. >> steve: good time to go out and get a beach chair.
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>> ainsley: read a good book. >> brian: why read a book when can you watch tv. it's not like a beach club you got to come with your own stuff. >> ainsley: beach chairs set up there that might be a hotel. >> steve: public beach. i think -- >> brian: can we see that again? >> steve: put the picture up again. >> brian: that's a hotel? >> steve: there are beach chairs right there see them by the little shacks. >> ainsley: sometimes the lifeguards at certain beaches will come out and put the up and you come out and pay them. look at. that is that the stairs walking down to the beach? >> steve: i think so. there is a berm right there. sand do you know and leads down to beautiful sugar beach in clearwater. >> ainsley: thanks for waking up us with us. >> steve: beat the alternative. things in the news today our vice president is finally going to arizona but it's not about the border crisis. it is about clean energy. she is going to maricopa county to highlight the fed's efforts
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to create a clean energy economy. there's there is something called the ten west link which is a 500 transmitted line. there is a groundbreaking. it's going to link power grids in arizona and california as well. it's all about renewable stuff. it has nothing -- even though the proximity is to the border. it has nothing to do with the crisis at our border. >> ainsley: border patrol agents are saying that might be important but not as important as what we're seeing down here on the border and they wish she would travel down there. they took her to task yesterday, the border patrol union says they want her fired. this is what they tweeted out. if you were given a job two years ago with the explicit goal of reducing illegal immigration and then you sit around and you do nothing while illegal immigration explodes to levels never seen before, you should be fired and replaced, period. >> brian: right. so a couple of things. she has been invisible for the last two weeks since this whole scandal broke out with these
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documents. >> steve: i don't blame her. >> brian: isn't it fascinating to see arizona it try to catch the magic of california's blackouts by hooking up to a grid. if there was a link not to happen it would be to california. number two what a disaster it was with that last election if you think about securing the border. because this governor is looking to right away pull out all those containers because doocy was term limited out and the republican lost. kari lake, even though she is still disputing it. not only that in arizona, you have a problem now because this current governor want to overturn the school choice bill over in arizona. which was going to give people a chance to leave with their money if they had underperforming public school. but in terms of her at the border. not bad policies. it is no policies, no interest in having a policies and saying whoa is me for getting this assignment. and here's the main complaint from patrol chief raúl ortiz.
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12,000 encounters, 800 pounds of marijuana. 250 pounds of cocaine. 96 pounds of meth. 30 pounds of fentanyl. six firearms seized. sex offenders found. one man conviction arrested. great job by agents on the northern southern border. here's the thing. that's what they got. can you imagine who they missed and can you imagine they actually had support in washington. what is fascinating the mayors are meeting in washington today. these mayors are in the eye of the storm. they are in the front lines. they are the ones getting the illegal immigrants. if they would use some of their -- almost all democrats. if they would use some of that pressure to go to 1600 pennsylvania avenue, that would help reinforce the border. because they know how bad it is for them. >> ainsley: you know down in el paso they are actually having to put up road signs warning people about the migrant crossings. these are some of the signs that are on the highway there. they say watch for unexpected pedestrians. these are highways next to the border barriers. el paso has seen some of the
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biggest spikes in migrant crossings. the city is declared a state of emergency. they did that in december. there have been more than 2.3 million encounters in fiscal year 2022. and 600,000 got-aways they say but that doesn't include all the ones that have snuck over and we haven't found them. >> steve: brian was making regarding that border patrol tweet talking about the number of drugs. we can stop drugs from coming into the country but we can't stop people at this point. and that really rankles people like texas governor greg abbott say they in the lone star state are doing everything they can it dry to keep america safe, which is contrary, essentially to what the feds are doing. >> make no mistake. the border is a crisis for one simple reason: the biden administration is not enforcing the laws that are already on the
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books. as a result, more illegal immigrants cross our border last year than any year in the history of the united states of america. in fact, over the past two years more illegal immigrants crossed our border than the populations of austin, el paso, and houston combined. with the biden administration missing in action. texas is using every tool to protect our state. >> steve: right. keep in mind, you know, the president went down to the border, just a week or two ago. >> ainsley: el paso. >> steve: he didn't see anybody. >> ainsley: they cleaned it up. >> steve: the migrants were detained elsewhere. he did not see any. you know, he is talking about they need better facilities, and things like that. but really didn't address, because he didn't want to, stop the flow of illegal migrants into the country.
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>> ainsley: politico is saying that kamala harris, this might be her best year. she said they say the new congress and new year is bringing a sense of optimism for her. the headline is why harris. harris world thinks she may be the biggest winner for the midterms. it says she is in a better place after managing bad headlines, staff turnover. persistent questions about her portfolio and position in the biden world. >> brian: yeah. i don't agree with this at all. now that it looks like he is running, meaning president biden. she is really being treated like what i call a normal vice president. there is just less attention. which i think actually free its her up to focus on excelling. don't have to worry about the scrutiny. what does that mean? worry about -- you should be worried about whether scrutinized or not you have an important job. the fact is he running i guess it means as though she is not going to be kicked to the curb. if he wasn't running, then you could say that would be an opportunity for her to be president. she would have the machine behind her and maybe have a leg
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up on all other competitors from gavin newsom on down but, to me, i don't see this being an advantage that he is running or a disadvantage. i don't even understand what they're coming at. it's like they are going out of their way to write something positive about her for no reason. >> steve: isn't it curious this particular story talking about how she is suddenly happy with her status quo as vice president is coming at the same time that joe biden is in the midst of the biggest crisis of his administration where, you know, you got all these top secret documents at joe's house and think tank and stuff like that. now her people are coming out and saying you, you know what? she is just happy to be vice president. i'm sure they are completely eating it up because if something is revealed. that causes joe biden to go away, she will be the benefactor of that so what is she doing? just saying hey, i love my job. i have no ambition. i want to continue to be joe biden's vice president. the underlying message it could assume to mean unless joe decides he is not going to run for re-election and then i'm
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going to step in. >> ainsley: they have interviewed some aides and some of her friends and democratic strategists in this article. she wants to be out front more. they want to see her out front more. she told her staff she is eager to do more. she is going to be the leading voice on abortion rights planning a major speech on abortion rights on the 50th anniversary of roe v. wade on january 22nd. >> brian: i don't understand it. to me, if you are a strong vice president and the president's in trouble you come to the conclusion that she is ready. there's nothing that she has done, including keep staffers to make you think that she is even ready for that job, let alone another job. >> ainsley: she says she is ready to be treated normally to be a normal vice president then do your job. >> brian: act like a normal vice president. >> steve: she is going to keep her headn while joe biden weathers the storm with his documents until it blows over. >> brian: what does she do? i mean, i don't know what she does. >> ainsley: she goes to rib been
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cutting ceremonies. >> steve: you are largely a figure head. she has been tasked with big jobs and let them down. >> brian: look at dick cheney. >> ainsley: what did she do nothing? >> brian: mike pence was running interference at capitol hill all the time. you have dick cheney people thought he was actually running early on he was more powerful than george w. bush. not many people people thought al gore was doing nothing. this is the first do nothing vice president in quite some time. that i can remember. i mean, she doesn't do anything. and she recents when she is given jobs. she doesn't just show up for them. >> steve: here is joe concha talking about the vice president. >> she has failed to lead on her number one job. >> and that's securing and solving the crisis that is a catastrophe at the u.s. southern border. she has been more of an absentee landlord as vice president overall on all things and she has been largely invisible because just like her boss joe biden her handlers are terrified, mortified, petrified
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of putting her in front of a microphone. so politico and other outlets can push narrative of new kamala as much as possible it's enough to make you cackle. you don't get a second chance to make a first impression or in kamala's case the first, second, or third impression. she is who she is and i don't see much changing in that regard. >> steve: i think joe is probably right. keep in mind, while she is like our border czar essentially. >> ainsley: that's her title at least. >> brian: she is really not. >> steve: that's what she is known as. she is doing what the administration wants. in their estimation she is following instructions from the home office. >> brian: i don't agree. i don't think the administration wants her to be incompetent, wants her to screw up every public address. wants her to not take the initiative when given a be jo. she was supposed to be work on voter rights in her point of view points out where republicans voter rights make it seem biased. she hasn't done that at all.
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i don't know what role she played in the midterm elections kind of invisible. joe biden didn't even play a role. so to me -- she had such an opportunity to work behind the scenes like mike pence did. you will could point out to joe biden did everything that barack obama asked. you might not -- whatever you think of joe biden. he worked hard. he had the ukraine portfolio. he had the border he was complying around. you might not like the results but no one didn't say he worked hard. i don't think she works hard. >> in the runup to this election we heard from all these analysts politicians running for re-election with all due respect to the white house and mr. president, we don't need you to insert yourself into our races and so nowed that the races are behind and joe biden and company did not lose as many seats in the congress. it looks good for her. i think her analysis analysts have told her right now joe
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biden is facing one of the biggest storms of his presidency and that is about these classified documents that he parked next to the corvette. >> ainsley: they are trying to paint a rosy picture of her. when you read the article, it just reminds us of the bad headlines, of the staff turnovers of all the questions about why isn't she going to the border? why isn't she doing more to help when our border patrol agents are down there screaming from the mountain tops please help us and no one is. >> brian: there is no substance in that point of view. don't be dissuaded by the headlines, don't be persuaded by the headlines. >> steve: she is going to the border tomorrow kind of to look at the energy. >> brian: not going to the border. >> ainsley: 50 miles from phoenix. not going down there for the border. >> steve: she could make a left turn. >> brian: she is not. >> steve: as they always do. >> brian: she won't. >> ainsley: carley has headlines. >> carley: disturbing update to get to here. a body has been discovered in oklahoma just 30 miles from where missing 4-year-old athena brownfield was last seen.
4:15 am
police have yet to identify the remains but they have arrested ivan adams in connection with to her murder. adams was athena's caretaker. according to court documents, his wife, who is also facing charges, claims her husband beat athena badly on christmas day until she, quote: wasn't moving. look at her right there. she claims adams buried athena near rush springs that's where the unidentified remains were discovered yesterday. the biden justice department reportedly declined to monitor the president's attorneys as they search for classified materials delaware homes. the president himself simply laughing off serious questions from the media. [shouting questions] >> the administration is gilad shalit getting hit by ethics complete cited by watchdog
4:16 am
citing a serious debee trail of the public's plummeting trust. the faa quietly lowering the electrocardiogram for pilots. army flight surgeon joined tucker carlson to explain why this could put fliers at risk. >> extending the interval from the acceptable ranges. actually puts the 'public at greater risk of a pilot having a cardiac event. >> this also comes as the doj appeals the court ruling that ended its authority to issue mask mandates on planes and other modes of transportation. they are still fighting it. this comes months after president biden declared the pandemic is over. and if you are looking for a new coffee maker or how about a
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kegerator. auctioning off items from san francisco headquarters. all part of elon musk's latest attempt to drastically cut costs. other products include this soda machine with the company logo plus generic office furniture like these standard gray chairs. the list goes on and on. it's a garage sale, guys. >> steve: why -- but here's the thing. >> carley: or a yard sale. >> steve: got stuff only pennies on the dollar for expresso. why don't they start charging twitter employees for a cup of joe? >> carley: good point. unless you are a twitter employee then you hate what you just suggested. >> steve: you. everything free. >> ainsley: did your mom ever stop at a yard sale. >> carley: we lived in such a rural area it would be hard to find the next yard. >> steve: my parents loved garage sales. there is one right over there pull over, jim. >> ainsley: we had them and go to them i would always find treasures. >> steve: little treasures indeed.
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brian you. >> brian: i think i got a game of twister. no like a used game of twister. fantastic. >> steve: thank you, carley. >> carley: you are very welcome. >> ainsley: the husband of the missing massachusetts mother ana walshe. nancy grace on the chilling new details learning this morning. >> steve: plus, thousands of microsoft employees are bracing for layoffs that could start today. this following unprecedented cuts to amazon's workforce. we're going to dive into what is driving the firings coast to coast right here on "fox & friends" on this january 18th, 2023. ♪ you can't afford it ♪ like that tattoo on your shoulder ♪ pull the sheets right off the corner ♪
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>> ainsley: break in the case of missing massachusetts mom ana walshe pointing fingers at brian charging him with murder and improper transport of a body. he is expected to appear before a judge this morning. brian walshe already being held on half a million dollars bail for allegedly misleading investigators. nancy grace is follow the case and joins us live. good morning to you, nancy. >> good morning, very disturbing news. today, i would imagine in the about an hour or so, brian walshe will appear in court. he will be arraigned on homicide charges and as you pointed out. illegal transport of a body. i'm wondering what they have new. because we already knew that she has been missing since january 1. that he lied to cops about her going to the airport. i found out that her flight was on until january 3rd to go to her job in d.c. from boston logan. he lied about that. he lied about where he was.
4:24 am
he said he went to go get his son ice cream instead he was buying $450 word of cleaning supplies, mops and tarps from the rockland home depot. but here's what i think happened as to why we are getting homicide charges now. following his cell phone when will anybody ever learn we know where your cell phone pings. he went to his mom's house very isir cure tuesday rout. trash transfer station. they got to that i guess trash dump or reaccept tackle and there they find a hacksaw and a bloody rut. now did that d.n.a. match to ana, a mother of three little boys. now left alone. >> ainsley: friends trying to get custody of them so they can
4:25 am
raise them together because her mom lives in serbia. i know her friends say she was so kind and probably more submissive, old-fashioned in her thoughts and she did have three boys. but he said she called police in 2014 and reported that he threatened to kill her. he pled guilty in 2021 to fraud. trying to sell those warhol paintings. >> big time fraud, too. two shadow paintings. [talking at the same time] >> ainsley: darling. >> i don't understand why she didn't leave but after working at the battered women's center for so long. it's very, very common. >> ainsley: let's talk about what is happening in idaho. bryan kohberger, we are learning from "people" magazine that the idaho killer was repeatedly messaging or alleged killer i should say repeatedly messaging one of the victims on instagram. what do you know about this? what does it tell you? >> that's absolutely correct. we are now learning from reports, haven't heard from comes yet but from reports that kohberger was, direct
4:26 am
messaging at least one of the female victims as early as october. now, here is the irony. i don't know if the victims ever even saw those direct messages because they can go into a folder where she may not have seen them. he was just saying hi, how are you? and he never got a response. so he continued to then barrage at least one of these victims with messages. also, we're finding out from a "new york times" reporter about a series of posts, kohberger put on a form, an online forum saying i feel like organic sack of meat no self-worth as i look at my family. i feel like i'm looking at a video game. i see nothing. i feel nothing. >> ainsley: you have a special about this parallels of evil. that sounds interesting. the bundy and idaho killings. that dropped on january 2 #th on fox nation. i read somewhere was he obsessed with ted bundy?
4:27 am
>> there are reports that he was obsessed with bundy. one of the reasons he was in criminology. another thing about those messages that you brought up, we have all been wondering how did he target these victims and we have been discussing did he see these beautiful young girls and ethan on social. now that we know about these d.m.s, direct messages, i think that may be how he targeted his victims. >> ainsley: nancy, thank you so much. great to see you. >> thank you. and likewise, friend. >> ainsley: thank you. coming up, a french city has a special request for madonna. what they want the material girl from her at least still ahead. plus, arizona's new democratic governor is looking to end one of the country's most successful school choice programs. it's outraging the parents there. they are going to sound the alarm next. ♪ change would do you good ♪ life change would do you good.
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♪ giorgio, look! the peanut butter box is here. ralph, that's the chewy pharmacy box with our flea and tick meds. it's not peanut butter. ♪ the peanut butter box is here ♪ i'm out. pet prescriptions delivered to your door. chewy. car carr we are back with your headlines the ceo citigroup warning work from home staffers will be forced to work in the office if they are caught
4:32 am
slacking off. here is what he had to say in davos, switzerland. >> can you see how productive someone is or isn't. if they're not being productive we bring them back to the office or back to the site and give them the encourage they need until this get their productivity up again. >> carley: chief executive of black rock the world's biggest asset manager slamming work from home all together. remote working has not worked. philadelphia fliers star ivan boycotts the team's pride night because of his religious beliefs. his head coach supporting the decision despite fan outrage. >> he is being true to himself and to his religion. this has to do with his belief and his religion and it's one thing i respect about true to him. >> carley: pride jerseys in pregame warm-ups before changing into different with sweaters game against the anaheim ducks.
4:33 am
after skipping warm-ups he led the fliers in ice time during the game which they won 5-2. the mayor of a small city north of paris believes madonna may have a priceless painting that was lost during world war i. it comes after the material girl posted this picture showing what is believed to be the missing artwork that dates back to 1918. can you believe that? >> painting or identical version was auctioned off in new york back in 1989 pop star paid $1.3 million for it. the city's mayor is now asking loan it back. snow on the ground in denver. folks in the mile high city are bracing for another blast of winter weather. a severe storm is forecast to drop a foot of snow the city canceling public school buses and winter storm warnings are being issued for denver, northeastern colorado and nebraska. those are your headlines. >> steve, over to you.
4:34 am
>> steve: thank you very much, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> steve: meanwhile governor katie hobbs in arizona sparking outrage after that state announced plans to end their expansion of its school choice voucher program which was working well it seems. parent like next guest protesting the governor's program urging hobbes to reverse her decision. american federation for children steve smith and scottsdale unified governing board member amy carney. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: amy, i think you've got two kids in the school district there. how is this going to impact you? >> well, it's going to impact me because it impacts my neighbors. and, you know, it impacts our public schools, too. because, right now, people are leaving in droves from our public schools and speaking to education that their children need and deserve. and, if they can't get that in our local public schools, then they should have the opportunity to go seek out, you know, the
4:35 am
education that works best for their children. >> steve: absolutely. so, steve, what's going wrong with it? why would the new democrat governor want to rebirth soreversesomething that's seemee working well. >> outrageous behavior. literally her first week on the job she is going to lay down her marker in the state of the state address where she said this and days later she doubled down and put in her budget of the fact that she could pick this fight with tens of thousands of parents in her first week in offers is scary to parents again, outrageous behavior to parents. is there seriously no more important things on her agenda than to go after the education that's working as you said brilliantly well that the lifeline to parents? she is going to go after that her first week in office? that would not be political astute i think. >> steve: steve, just imagine you are speaking to the new governor, what would you tell her to try to convince her to
4:36 am
stop her plan? >> i would say especially in the wake of covid where have you unprecedented learning loss from our kids. where act scores in arizona are at 30-some year low, right? in light of all of this, when you have parents nearly 50,000 of them. not talking insignificant number. 50,000 parents using this program as a lifeline. a way to help their kid not only get caught up on learning but surpass the learning loss they have experienced, you're going to try to rip that away from the neediest families in this state? i would implore her to say my gosh, can you look at what this program is doing for these kids and why would you dare try to take it away from them? you are in the program working seemingly under governor doocy. suddenly he was a republican and now you have got a democrat we
4:37 am
are doing a 180 here. >> arizona is leading the way, leading the nation in educational freedom. even beyond florida, right? and like you said, it is working. it is still working and she needs to listen to the parents who are utilizing this esa program and learn why why are so many families needing this option and then make changes possibly, you know, to our public schools to keep more students there. >> let's see what happens. steve smith and amy carney thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. >> steve: by the way fox did reach out to the governor for a statement. they have not yet responded. if they do, we will have you both back. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: you bet. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. louisiana senator john kennedy joins us live. first, district of crime. the city council in our nation's capital district council weakens punishment for violent criminals. next guests calls out members of her own democratic party for their soft on crime approach.
4:38 am
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and let's stop the great reset. ♪ >> brian: all right, wokeness wins as washington, d.c. city council votes to enact soft on crime policies even after the mayor vetoed it. the revised criminal code aims to decrease punishments for carjackings, home invasions. burg glears, robberies, and homicides even democrats including next guest fear for the nation's capital. who wouldn't. denise rucker crup joins us now. denise, what are they thinking? >> i don't know. excuse me, i don't know i'm looking at carjackings 148 in 2018 and we had 485 in 2022. over the past fine years, 171 individuals have been murdered we have violent crime in washington, d.c. and the d.c. council is writing a bill that
4:43 am
minimizes accountability for crime. so i don't know what they are thinking. >> brian: i mean here's the revised criminal code reduce max penalty for violent crime and reduce mandatory minimum sentences and lower maximum sentences to 45 years. sentencing reconsideration after 20 years. and allow jury trials and misdemeanor cases. one thing in particular if any of these people directly affected by these crimes they would think differently, right? >> absolutely i had a carjacking in front of my house last april. it's an incident that's terrified myself. terrified my neighborhood. that's what we talk about on a day-to-day basis. and it's something that maybe that's not happening with the other city council members. maybe they live in a safe part of the city. i don't know. but that's not my part of the city. >> brian: no. i hear you. the mayor came out is on your side. any time there is a policy that reduces penalties, i think that sends the wrong message. that takes the focus off using or possessing guns. that's the wrong way to go.
4:44 am
but they didn't care. they voted 12-1 to do this. and these are the people that have been voted into place do people understand this is against their own self-interest and welfare? >> i don't think most people knew about the bill until the past couple of weeks. and people woke up and hey, wait a second here. this doesn't make any sense. and why is my council member doing this? you know, you mentioned that it's a 12 to 1 vote. the one person who voted against was trey on white and a lot of crime is happening in his washed it. did not surprise me that he voted against it. we have got do a better job with this. here's what they are doing. voted 12-1 to override the vito right after they said you know what? we are going to revise the revised criminal code because it's not good enough. well, if it's not good enough, are are we pushing it forward. take the time say hey we have to tweak some things. for example, one thing i have been talking about we shouldn't be letting rapists out early. rapists should serve their full sentence. why would rerelease them?
4:45 am
why is it in the interest of justice to release rapists i don't know. that's something you need to go back and look at. for some some reason they are not willing -- >> brian: how many crimes will happen because there is no fear of a stiff penalty? hey, it's worth the risk. i'm going to be able to get out. look at new york and look at san francisco to find out how bad it is going to get. denise rucker krepp, keep fighting. appreciate it? >> thank you very much. take care. >> brian: hopefully nation's capital they don't seem to. check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice? >> janice: good morning, brian. take a look at it. it's very warm across the east, relatively speaking to what it should be in january. and because of those warm temperatures for the south, we have the potential for strong to severe weather as a cold front crashes into those warm unstable temperatures throughout the day today on top of that, the cold side of the storm is bringing feet of snow, including for denver, colorado that's one of our top headlines today on fox there's the severe storm threat
4:46 am
across the mississippi valley in towards the ohio river valley, hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes will be possible. and then we have the flash flood threat where we could get a couple inches of rain in a very short period of time and part of the reason we have those strong to severe storms in the forecast is because we have unseasonably warm air ahead of that cold front. that helps to fuel those storms. winters weather alerts for the are area that's going to see quite a bit of snow from colorado all the way up towards michigan and there's the snow still to come. so over a foot or more for parts of the plain states. we'll keep you up to date fox of course, news are brian and you can just text me and i will give you my forecast. >> brian: which is best. i will give out your cell later so everyone can have that privilege because we are all about equity in this country and company. >> janice: thank you so much. >> brian: thousands of jobs on the chopping block caused a massive cut to amazon's workforce. why these major companies are laying off employees en masse.
4:47 am
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♪ >> carley: got some more news to get to here. michael parsons may make millions but is he still shocked at prices at the grocery store. the two time all pro-linebacker tweeting inflation is a serious problem at supermarkets. inflation slow in december but food prices increase the cost of eggs soaring just over 11%. and country music legend dolly parton is once again partnering with dunkin' heinz for four number baking mixes. they are caramel turtle and
4:52 am
fabulously fudgy brownie mixes. sweet cornbread and muffin mix and buttermilk biscuits. i am hungry. come with collectible what would dolly do tea towel and spatula and recipe cards. the mix costs over 3 bucks each. early access will begin februar. guys, over to you. >> steve: i want some of that. >> ainsley: how cute is the packaging? >> steve: no kidding. thank you very much, carley. starting today thousands of microsoft jobs are apparently on the chopping block. these major layoffs following the 200,000 jobs microsoft terminated last year. >> brian: what's going on. meanwhile amazon workers bracing for the biggest rounds of layoffs in company history. 18,000 set to lose their jobs. >> ainsley: cheryl casone joins us now. why? >> cheryl: good morning, what we are seeing now since the beginning of 2023 we have seen 200,000 layoffs in the technology industry around the world. a lot of these tech companies built up their workforces during
4:53 am
the pandemic. look at peloton, for example. they were one of the first companies that said we are going to lay off. it's because the demand started to slow down. seeing that at amazon. not really drivers amazon to give you an example not laying off there it's in the books division; in the devices division but these companies are saying we are going into a recession. ceos are very pessimistic. most pessimistic we have seen them be really since 2008 during the financial crisis. they are saying we are about to get leaner and meaner. it's probably going to continue for a little bit. >> brian: doesn't seem reflective in the job numbers every week. >> cheryl: not showing up in the data. that's where the head scratcher comes in because the government data does not reflect what you are seeing in these white collar industries in particular. i do believe that it's going to catch up in the jobs data but we still have a tightly labor market in construction tight labor market when it comes to truck drivers. it depends on the industry.
4:54 am
industry specific and really is technology. >> steve: technology has been so flush with cash for over a decade. and so it's like even kind of during leanish times they could keep everyone on board. obviously we have turned a corner. >> again. they have built up their workforces to meet demand of the pandemic. now people are going back out. so, if you own a restaurant, you are still having a hard time getting somebody to come to work at your restaurant. you are having to pay them more or in a grocery store, for example. but, in technology, there's just basically too many and also that work from home trend now seeing ceos say it might be time to come back to the office. so that work from home trend i think is going to change and it might not be a great look for you to stay at home right now. might be a good plan to say i'm going to come in a couple of days a week. >> steve: pespeaking of home whe are you going. >> wildwood, missouri. about 30 minutes outside of st. louis. a lake front property. and this is -- it's huber
4:55 am
springs. this is actually wildwood, missouri. this is a carrie and garrett excuse me, they have four kids, there they are right there. cutest couple. he works in the mortgage business they wanted to find a place for their dream home. >> steve: watch. >> it is no wonder locals refer to arkansas as -- missouri truly is the show me state from the gateway arch in st. louis to the lake of the ozarks. missouri is full of surprises around every turn. about 30 minutes from downtown st. louis is the town of wildwood. >> we have four kids. we were there for 16 years. and probably outgrew it eight years ago. >> steve: so that's a missouri family? >> cheryl: yeah. they actually wanted to stay in missouri. we started to show the other episode that we are going to show you don't that's actually huber springs, arkansas. she actually moved from tampa up to huber springs, arkansas. i lied to you last time i said this was the only time someone was going it leave florida on my show. actually this the second time it's going to happen tonight.
4:56 am
rare anyone to leave florida. >> her husband passed away and she wanted to find her dream home. their dream home i guess i should say and she did. i wrote an article for her on if you want to learn more about maclin she was one of my favorites. >> steve: look how pretty that is herrell shah cheryl we have been to some of the most beautiful places in the country. amazing places to see in the nation that are in not in major metropolitan areas and that's what i love about dream homes. >> brian: wonder what the interest rates going up is going to do to people's decision to make the move. >> cheryl: i know we have got run but i will say this. depend on what the price of the home is. 50 grand off right now does it matter that the interest rates is a couple of points higher? >> brian: great home i will watch american dream home tonight. >> steve: thank you, cheryl. >> brian: guess who is coming up? senator john kennedy live. ♪
4:57 am
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