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tv   America Reports  FOX News  January 18, 2023 10:00am-11:00am PST

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i'm here thankful that i'm here but still have a big fight in me and advocacy is not one day, it's not a week, it's not a month, it's a lifetime. >> and i've been on set with you every day, you've been fighting this every single day. >> i love you, i love our viewers, too. >> she is the storm, in fact. the book is "i am the storm," pick it up. thank you for watching "outnumbered." "america reports" now. >> sandra: fox news alert, investigation is heating up into more than a dozen virginia high schools over why they failed to give students their prestigious merit awards in a timely manner. meaning they couldn't use them in their college application process. >> john: virginia's attorney general wants to know if the delays occurred as part of the equity push and whether one of those schools also discriminated against asian-americans in admission policies. virginia governor glenn youngkin
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is the one who called on the a.g. to investigate this and just moments he's going to join us live and has an update for us. >> you have all these cartels that basically run this border. selling people and drugs across, big money. >> unless this situation changes and we take back control from the cartels for the trafficking coming across our border, it will only get worse. >> sandra: residents in border towns have been warning for months these cartels are now in control of their areas, and this gruesome cartel-style execution is leaving a california town in complete shock and might just be proving their case. sandra smith in new york. john, hello to you. >> john: middle of the week. at least six people were killed in what police describe an early
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morning massacre, all the earmarks of a mexican drug cartel attack, due to the brutality and the sophistication of the murders. victims, a teenage mother and 10-month-old baby chased down by a gunman as they ran for their lives from the house. >> sandra: we will speak with the sheriff investigating the case. >> john: but first, matt, what's the latest on the search for the gunman? >> this afternoon investigators are searching for two known suspects they say executed this family, including a 72-year-old grandmother who was shot and killed in her bed, and that woman's 16-year-old granddaughter and 10-month-old child, both shot in the head trying to flee. they say it was a deliberate massacre that shows signs of a gang or cartel assassination, including two victims killed in the street. six family members were killed,
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three survived, including one who hid and then called 911. the gunfire was so intense the call was initially treated as an active shooter. sheriff says the home was known for gang activity and a search warrant was just conducted there earlier this month. it's not clear who the intended target was but the sheriff says the mother and the 10-month-old child were not. autopsies are underway right now and the sheriff says it's not confirmed this was cartel-related but partially blames the deadly cartels in his central california county on the southern border and says the shooters may have been from outside the area. >> when it comes to certain gangs, as well as the cartel, there is local connection that spreads across the state. i can tell you that some of our investigations have led outside the county. >> that sheriff also says california has taken a soft on crime approach and this state has to start holding criminals accountable who use guns in violent crimes. the sheriff says the surviving
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family members were offered assistance but turned it down. fbi, atf and homeland security are assisting. >> matt, thank you. sandra. >> sandra: bring in sheriff mike budreau, from tullare county. can you give us an update of the two lives lost too soon. >> well, we are working really hard with our federal counterparts, i'm very confident in our investigators here in the county with sheriff's office. this was a horrific massacre. mentioned earlier, i believe the cartel is involved, i believe there is high ranking gang structure involved in this, and the reason i believe that is this is not your norm. when you have a 16-year-old young mother killed right alongside her 10-month-old son, shot in the head, and i say that
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and i know it's very difficult to hear, but the people of california, the people of the united states need to hear these cartels and this drug violence and these gang violence is taking the lives of innocent young people. >> sandra: sheriff, i know you are not only blaming what you are calling an unsecure border, you are also blaming california soft on crime policies for something like this to be able to play out in your state. >> well, let me say it this way. voters of california voted for the death penalty. they believe the death penalty in certain circumstances is justice. what california governor newsom did, removed the ability for people to be sentenced to death, he does not believe in it. there are certain crimes like this when you shoot a 10-month-old child in the head they deserve the death penalty. that death penalty needs to be part of our justice system in california and he has removed it. if that's not soft on crime, i don't understand what would be soft on crime. many legislation in california
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does not support law enforcement. going to our open border, unsecure open border. we have cartels, drug runners, gun runners, human trafficking, sex trafficking. we listen to the news all the time, does not matter which venue you listen to, it's very clear that our unsecure border is impacting public safety across california and the country. i'm very upset with the administration when it comes to president biden's administration, and not clearly seeing that the citizens of the united states are in danger. this case alone truly lets everyone know that it could happen in any community throughout the state of california. >> sandra: that is a strong warning coming from someone who sees this happening firsthand on the ground there. sheriff, a final question to you. what do you think when you hear the department of homeland security, white house administration officials say that the border is secure and our border is closed?
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>> i think all of us who pay attention, specifically in law enforcement, we see it as a flat lie. that is in fact not the case. there is a complete open and unsecure border and we are beginning to see our population increase one documented persons in our communities. there is no way that that border is secure. there is lots of different things that can be done. i have friends in the border patrol, i have friends in every federal agency and they are all hard working men and women trying to do the right thing. their hands are tied. and so when it comes to local law enforcement providing public safety, here in california going back to soft on crime we are not even allowed to ask what your immigration status is. >> sandra: wow, i think for a lot of people listening they don't realize your hands are tied many times. as a police sheriff, we appreciate your time. thank you for the update on this investigation and our hearts go out to all those affected especially the two young people on the screen here, the young mother and her baby.
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sheriff, thank you. and we will continue to get updates on the story for the audience, john. >> john: talking with a very interesting guest this afternoon, victor avila, retired eighth, he and his partner in 2011 were ambushed by a drug cartel on the infamous highway 57 between monterrey and mexico city. his partner was killed, and victor is still seeking justice for that killing. he knows an awful lot about this cartel business and he'll be joining us to talk about this. >> sandra: all right. >> why shouldn't americans be upset about documents found in a garage? >> that's for the american people to decide. the president goes out and talks to the american people. they also care about the economy. >> on friday did you or did you not know about the additional -- >> i already -- literally just
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answered that question. i just -- >> is it yes or no? >> you can ask me this 100 times, 200 times if you wish. i'm going to keep saying the same thing. >> john: answers in scarce supply from a white house ensnared in scandal in a document scandal, and fox news confirming justice department officials did go to the home to pick up the documents that had been found by president biden's personal attorneys. meanwhile, the wall street journal is reporting the doj considered having fbi agents monitor the search at the president's home but ultimately decided against it. white house correspondenn. do we know who made the call not to send in the fbi? >> you know, john, not right now, don't know if it was the fbi who made the call or if it was the doj who made the call not to have the fbi agents overseeing the search.
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according to the wall street journal, not having them there would have allowed potentially to take a harder line in the future, to execute a search warrant if negotiations ever became hostile. and that may have factored into this decision. however, there are also the optics of having fbi agents and fbi jackets searching the home of a sitting president who is being cooperative and self-reported and this is all against the backdrop of increased scrutiny of government agencies being weaponized for political purposes. so, nevertheless, justice department officials were there as was stated in a statement that we got over the weekend from the white house counsel's office. critics also say the absence of the fbi in the search creates questions. >> it was only 20 documents -- how do we know that? i guess we have to take that at face value now and the white house was too nervous to have a
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federal agent at least alongside the attorneys because remember, anything else they see that could be construed as criminal activity as they are looking for these top secret documents while the attorneys have no clearances at all. >> another new bit that we are noticing is a shift in how the white house describes the home of the president. in the president's words in the past, it's been pretty casual. >> i was sitting in the kitchen and a sun room off the kitchen and my wife was there with a her sister and mary anne, due realize it's over $5 for a pound of hamburger meat? >> in defending the president's frequent trips to delaware, the white house has described it as an official work space to make secure calls, the whole matter
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we are getting from why they won't release the visitor logs and keep track of them, the president's home is personal. >> john: one day it's this, one day it's that. jacqui heinrich at the white house where they are always doing business. jacqui, thank you. a lot more ahead and other stuff as well. >> sandra:conway, it seems by the day there are more questions than answers and we have gotten a lot of the white house press briefings since the first revelation of those classified documents, since they were first found. and the white house is just not answering questions, at least not through the press secretary, and that makes it pretty tough and a lot of room for speculation. see what happens next. the next briefing at 3:00 today. >> john: and what happened with the declaration by the president, he swore it was going to be the most transparent presidency in history. put receipts and reaction from
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byron donalds coming up. meantime, more than a dozen schools at a virginia county now under investigation for failing to notify students about their prestigious national merit scholarship awards. the attorney general in virginia says the office wants to know if the delays happened as part of the county's equity push, as well as admission policy discriminates against asian-american students. governor glenn youngkin, you have made education a centerpiece of your administration, this started off with thomas jefferson high school, ranked number one, saying oops, human error that we did not tell them they received the merit scholarships, and now 13 high schools. one might be human error, 13 suggests something else. >> john, thank you for having me
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and in fact, what started years ago in loudoun county ground 0 standing up for parents' rights and recognizing the systematic driving of equity at all cost was damaging students is clearly now and fairfax county as well, and i would expand your comments. we now are led to believe that there are three counties, three largest counties in virginia with 16 schools that failed to notify students national merit recognition and i'm taking action. first of all, our attorney general as you said is undertaking a full investigation to get to the bottom of why this happened. meanwhile, i'm sending legislation to our general assembly today to make it mandatory, mandatory that schools notify parents and students of awards, recognitions and scholarship opportunities as soon as they know. this is not going to happen again. there is clearly an effort to
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bring down the standards for our students in virginia, to stop celebrating excellence and this has countered everything we believe. this nation was built on the idea of building a better future, striving and achieving, and here we have what appears to be three large school districts in virginia who have been systematically withholding information about excellence. this is so counter to everything that we believe, we are going to get to the bottom of it through our attorney general and get legislation passed that makes it illegal to do this again. >> sandra: for anybody just tuning in who thinks it's just now happening or information was withheld from students or parents for days or weeks or months, that's just not the case. in fact, the woman who broke this story, she's a journalist but also a mother with a child at thomas jefferson school, high school, she's a mother in
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fairfax county, she broke this story december 21st. she said she did not learn her son, who graduated from thomas jefferson for science and technology in 2021 was a national merit student until two years after he was to receive the award. that has huge consequences for families. >> it's just -- it's just absolute absolutely atrocious for families and it is unacceptable clearly to withhold this kind of information to students who are excelling when they want to apply to colleges. this is described as a golden ticket. >> sandra: is it criminal? is it criminal? >> the attorney general is investigating all of this under the virginia human rights act and we are going to find out. but there clearly is a real suggestion their civil rights have been violated and we need to understand what's at the heart of this. remind ourselves that we do have a superintendent of schools in
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fairfax county who claimed that equal outcomes for all students at any cost was her top priority, they have hired in equity consultants in order to drive this mentality. it is a relentless pursuit of equity that would damage the prospects of students. in virginia, we are going to work to raise the ceiling and the floor. we are going to make sure our children can soar, but we are certainly not going to put a cap on them, which is what this relentless pursuit of equity is all about, and it is not just not consistent with virginia values, it's inconsistent with american values. virginia will continue to be on the forefront of standing up for parents, we stand for education excellence and go to work every day and make sure that we are protecting our students and our parents from this relentless pursuit of equal outcomes at any cost. >> john: a big difference between equality and equity. equality allows all boats to
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rise. equity torpedos the highest floating boats so it makes lower floating boats look better. bill mcgurn is calling it the new structural racism. benevolent effort has hardened into an ugly war on achievement. what makes asian-american achievement so resented by our equity warriors, exposes as false the america where minorities cannot succeed. it's amplified by moms and dads who believe they should have a say in their kids educations. turning point in your campaign, when -- and bill mcgurn believes is new structural racism against asian-american students and their parents who care about what's happening to their kids in school.
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>> yes, and what started as a suggestion of a clerical error at one school clearly is a shared belief that withholding these accolades from what is a disproportionate asian population is acceptable, it is not. i believe it does violate our virginia human rights act. our attorney general is going to work to find out. jason's team has done great work in loudoun county, exposed a cover-up of a sexual assault, and here we are in these counties end. fairfax, loudoun and prince william with the same challenges. virginia's parents deserve to know what's going on in their children's lives, excellence in education should be celebrated, not withheld from students. this is a core value we will protect in the commonwealth of virginia. >> sandra: and a revelation from
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the virginia attorney general telling fox news that fairfax county paid a so-called equity consultant $450,000 for less than nine months of work. is that person at the center of this decision? what do we know about that so far? >> well, that has been reported, and again, i think what i believe is that it is this relentless pursuit of equal outcomes at any cost. equal outcomes for all students that has been preached and it has been trained into administration's and this $450,000 contract is just yet another example. and therefore, it is not surprising to suggest that for this to be pervasive across fairfax county, but also loudoun county and now appears prince william county is something we have to fully investigate. there should be full transparency in these kinds of
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expenditures, particularly when they are teaching and training a methodology and a belief system so counter to excellence, so counter to making sure that we -- that students are allowed to achieve and do their best. again, it is such against everything we believe, and when in america did it become wrong, when in virginia did it become wrong to excel and achieve to the point where your achievement is going to be withheld and you are disadvantaged from being able to apply to early admission and to scholarship opportunities in college. this is so fundamentally wrong. i believe it's pervasive. the attorney general will get to the bottom of it and people held accountable. let me tell you, right now we are sending a bill down to make sure it does not happen again, and this must be reported immediately. >> john: governor, full disclosure, our twins were in fairfax county public school, they are now in catholic school but likely at some point back
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into fairfax county public schools. this controversy falls on the heels of the one we talked about the last time wechated with you, fairfax county public schools allowing students to change gender pronouns, use the bathroom of their choice, and locker room of their choice without parents being notified and people are saying what in the world is going on in that school district, we should point out is one of the most prestigious school districts in the nation. >> well, this is -- it's a trifecta. we have schools that lowered expectations, virginia used to have the highest standards for achievement and now we have had the lowest, we are putting them back. but sadly, virginia students met those expectations, second of all, pushed parents out of their students' lives, and third, there has been consistent cover-up in the relentless pursuit of equity. this is happening in our school
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systems, one of the reasons virginia hired me to come to work. >> john: the question is how did that happen without a check and balance on it? >> i don't understand, although i must say that previous administration's systematically supported these kinds of policies. the lowering of expectations was passed through our state board of education, and we in fact have just, through the new state board of education put it back with aspiration to be the highest in the nation again. i had b to elected governor and call for a special investigation of loudoun county in order to get to the truth in the sexual assaults in loudoun county that were being covered up, and here we are again calling for a special investigation with our attorney general and having to pass legislation in order to stop this practice of withholding awards and accolades from students and i believe they are violating the virginia human rights act. this is where we were -- we are
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not there anymore because there's a governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general and majority in the house of delegates, and lots of parents, and this is not a republican versus democrat issue. this is parents standing up for their children across virginia saying our school system had gone way out of bounds and thank you governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general for bringing it back inbounds. >> sandra: you keep saying and your statement as well at any cost. what -- what do you believe are the costs involved here? you say people will be held accountable. i think about parents who their children didn't know about these awards prior to applying for college, it affected the college outcome, their destination, that difference in college can be a difference in the job they get, the income they make. how do you plan to investigate that, the actual cost to all of this? >> well, that's exactly what the attorney general is working on.
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it also demonstrates just the extreme nature of this relentless pursuit of equity. they don't care what it costs. they don't care how much damage they do. they are going to make sure that they hold down high achievers so that people don't feel bad. and that again is so inconsistent with everything that we believe as a nation. yes, we should help students who have differing abilities to do better and get them the support they need but allow the students to fly who can in fact achieve these extraordinary academic accolade, let them know they have done great, celebrate it, and stop, stop stealing their future. let them fly because that's what virginia schools should be all about. >> sandra: all right, governor glenn youngkin joining us on that. we had it early on on this show, we have been following the story closely and appreciate the update, governor. please come back when you have another one, thank you. >> john: governor, thanks.
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>> thank you very much for having me and making sure america knows these issues are not just in virginia, and this is something that we all have to pay attention to, we have to take care of parents and our kids. >> sandra: got it. >> john: see you again soon. for more on this, bring in florida congressman byron donalds, member of the house oversight committee, clearly you don't have jurisdiction over the fairfax county school system, but what you think what you just heard about. >> atrocious, despicable, disgusting. cut to the chase. doing this does not help black kids. you have people in these school districts and it's not just fairfax county, it's found in fairfax county but stuff like this is going on across america. and the whole purpose of this diversity, equity and inclusion stuff is level the playing field for black kids. you are not going to help black children succeed by holding everybody else down. you don't help them succeed by taking away the issues of merit
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and achievement. we are in a society that have been based on competition. our economy is based on competition. our athletes compete every day, our musicians compete and our entertainers all compete. you can't take that away from young kids and think they are going to succeed. it is going to be false. i have three sons. i always tell my kids, you have to work hard for everything. nobody is giving you anything, you have to scratch and claw every single day if you are going to achieve something. but in our school districts, if they think the way for black kids to get ahead is hold other kids back, it is wrong and going to fail everybody. >> john: this equity system was meant to alleviate racism, at least in the eyes of those who believed it was a good idea. what instead it's doing is perpetuating racism, it's just switching it to a different minority group. >> that's exactly right, what it's doing. history of race in america is disgusting. we all know this. nobody is trying to rewrite
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history. we know what it is. but to then use that history which has been destructive of black people in the united states to perpetuate this nonsense now, which is destructive of other people in the united states is also wrong. we should be rewarding merit. we should be showing our children, yes, success is earned, not given. and so you have -- that's the pathway forward. it's only going to divide americans and america, not going to bring us together. it's not going to help black kids succeed because at the end of the day when you go into the real world and you have to prove your worth, prove your metal, but you've never had to do its in school, you are not going to be ready for the real world. >> john: switch gears and talk to you about something that you do have oversight over, and that is the presidency of the united states and what happens in this administration. and today we learned that while president biden's attorneys were given free rein to go search out whatever documents were at his
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home, doj did come to his house in wilmington after classified documents were found and took charge of those documents. but there was a conscious decision made, congressman, for the fbi to not lead the investigation into searching for documents after classified documents had already been found. what will the oversight committee do about this? what is this investigation going to look like? >> well, listen, the number one question is going to be why the double standard in the way the fbi is utilized by the department of justice. they had no problem raiding mar-a-lago, but let's go back even before the mar-a-lago raid. donald trump's attorneys was in negotiations and talks with the national archives. they were well aware of what was happening at mar-a-lago. so why the fbi raid. you compare that to what's happening with joe biden at his residence, yes, the fbi was there but merrick garland did not do his job in making sure they were running the search and
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investigation, to make sure everything was found and secured. third question, did joe biden's attorneys, do they have security clearance to handle documents and continue the search, a question as well. >> john: mar-a-lago, negotiations had gone on for more than a year, between the department of justice and the trump organization, not the trump organization, but the president's post presidential organization and the national archives and records administration. but at some point president trump's attorneys told those entities that all the documents had been handed over when that was not the case, what prompted the raid. in terms of the differences here, there could seem to be some. but you believe there is still a double standard here in terms of how those two things were handled? >> oh, absolutely, without a doubt. because here is the other thing. you get leaks to the press, pitchers of documents all over the floor, i mean, come on, this is the double standard that has
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existed unfortunately it appears the department of justice, one of the reasons why house republicans have formulated the weaponization of the federal government committee that is going to be looking into this and more as well as the oversight committee. but the one thing that's lost with the documents that have been found at president biden's wilmington home, and not to step off of that, what about the documents at the penn biden center. they were not in his office, but in another office, how long were the documents there, how did then vice president joe biden get the documents, and again, vice presidents are very different than presidents of the united states, simply because the president of the united states is the head of the executive branch, they have the ability unlike anybody else to classfy and declassify information. how long were they there, what was the situation of the handling at the center, that's the stuff -- i know media is
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focused on the media and the corvette, but my focus is the penn biden center, he had them before he was president of the united states. >> john: and what prompted the search in the first place on november 2nd. perhaps the committee will get to the bottom of that. congressman byron donalds. appreciate it. >> any time. >> sandra: let's bring in our panel now, sean duffy is here, and dagen mcdowell, the co-hosts of "the bottom line," fox business 6:00 p.m. eastern time, this monday. i can't wait for it. >> it's going to be huge. >> i just found out i did not get a christmas card, what's going on with that? >> she might find it on the desk tomorrow morning. >> sandra: i'm already starting trouble. >> trouble is good, trouble is good.
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>> complain they put me to her light and she's on my right, is that a sign she's more conservative? >> sandra: we expect a hot show launching on monday. the biden classified documents, seems to only be getting worse and we seem to be learning more and more by the day. rewind the clock. this is jen psaki 2022, listen. >> i will note that while every president can work from anywhere they are, that is how presidencies are equipped. the president has the capacity to make a secure call from anywhere he is, yes. >> sandra: but leaving classified documents in the unsecured garage, it's not part of the job, where are you with this? >> the same woman and administration that has blythely lied to the american people over and over again, looking at the border early in the administration, it's a challenge, it's not chaos. i can go over and over the words that will come out of her mouth and biden's mouth and on and on, but this was how, i was talking
10:34 am
to a very close friend of mine related to the wall street journal article the justice department considered having fbi agents monitor a search by president biden's lawyers for classified documents, but decided against it. and a friend of mine said so excuse me, you are saying lawyers for the person who potentially broke the law get to do the search. how is that possible? and i said well, it is the hillary clinton standard. it is the hillary clinton precedent, which andy mccarthy has talked about and has written about. it's not just the home brew server, it's not just the mass destruction of documents, it's the fact thae fbi and the brass there wrote up a statement months before the nonprosecution decision was formally made. andy writes about this. months before she was interviewed by the fbi, she was
10:35 am
interviewed alongside her potential accomplices, her potential co-conspirators in the interview, posing as her attorneys, that's what she was allowed to do. and the obama-biden justice department co -- colluded, biden and company know he's getting off, a treatment they are going to get from justice, and treatment, nontreatment from the fbi because apparently they weren't even at the residence participating in the search. >> 100% right. again, i'm concerned about the documents in regard to who came through this home with these secret documents, classified documents in joe's garage, and the fact that there's not visitor logs, might make sense to me, it's not the documents, but no doubt there are documents from secret service who came and did not come in and outrageous
10:36 am
you cannot have the fbi step in and say we have multiple places we have classified documents, we better step in and do this. i was a prosecutor. what defendant gets to investigate themselves and turn over the evidence against themselves to the prosecutors and the place. it never happens unless you are a democrat, a clinton or a biden, it happens for you. >> what my daddy would call big swinging democrats. >> sandra: here is a few of them mixed in with trump and mccarthy sound, some of what we have heard over the past couple of years. sean, i know you are ready to tee off on this, debt ceiling. >> paying what we already owe. >> that's a very, very sacred thing in our country, debt ceiling. we can never play with it. >> we have said again and again we want to do that in a bipartisan way. >> and again and again. would you just keep doing that or would you change the behavior? >> sandra: i mean, what happens with all of this? is biden going to call up the
10:37 am
republicans and get something done? >> i hope so, we are $31 trillion in debt. if we don't have a crisis with the debt ceiling, we have a financial crisis on the horizon. why don't we steer the american car away from the cliff as opposed to the economy off the cliff which ends in a fire ball. this is the only leverage republicans have right now with the omnibus bill that republican senators passed at the end of last year. republicans don't have a kick at the budget until the end of september. so this is the one leverage point, let's come together, we want to raise the debt limit but get spending under control, one way we can come together and get us on a more sustainable trajectory of spending and borrowing, but i think joe and the media will try to play it out and make it the republicans' fault and spin. >> sandra: you think? ultimately it falls on the taxpayer. democrat, republican, white house, whatever the negotiation
10:38 am
is, the massive debt we accumulate, we will all pay for it and we are. >> we are all paying for it. democrats, starting with biden, will try to scare the american people about any debt cliff, about potential downgrade of our credit rating. and try to tie that to the impending recession. we are headed toward a recession, and in turn, blame it on the republican. >> sandra: that's a prediction. >> we talk about the debt ceiling, continuing to pile up debt, that's on joe biden. that's on all the democrats. just one -- one item, continued moratorium on making student loan payments. that runs through the middle of next year. that is not only -- there is no interest accruing on that debt, it's been going on for about 35, 36 months, there's no interest accruing, so that debt is being inflated away.
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>> sandra: five seconds. >> almost $200 billion. >> and those payments were supposed to pay for obamacare when it passed, i have addictionnary for dagen, what's a badooby? as we do the show together. >> it's a word from "tootsie," i will just leave it with that. >> sandra: she'll let you know when she gets her christmas card, sean duffy. >> women don't have them, how about that. >> sandra: ok, daytime television. >> i'll figure it out. >> sandra: we look forward to watching you in the evening, the show launches 6:00. invite me on some time. >> are you serious? >> of course. >> and roberts, if he'll ever get his fancy self to new york city. >> or if dagen comes down to washington, hello. sean has been down here, ask him, it's a good place. >> sandra: by the way -- >> john: larry kudlow coming up.
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>> sandra: he's going to react to the comments from john kerry over in davos. >> john: you can play on a loop, it will never get old. some tragic news, a helicopter carrying senior ukrainian officials crashed into a kindergarten building outside of kyiv earlier in the day, leaving 18 dead, including the ukraine minister of internal affairs, the highest ranking official to die during the war. the cause of the crash is unclear, zelenskyy calling it a terrible tragedy. do we know yet, alex, how the crash happened? >> hi, john. well, preliminary investigations are still underway. ukrainians here say they are not ruling out any kind of interference but appears it could have simply been a tragic pilot error. ukrainian officials are dead,
10:41 am
children are dead and wounded ab the people who live in the small town thought he were under attack, like some attacks in recent days, and authorities brought the victims out in body bags as residents there began to mourn. this is a very difficult day for the government as well, losing its interior minister, the first deputy and he is the head of police and emergency services. the most senior official to die since the start of the war. ukraine tonight has already tapped a temporary replacement to now head that effort. this was the scene earlier this morning as the helicopter slammed into the side of the roof of the school. all together, more than a dozen people are dead, including everyone on the aircraft. 25 people are hospitalized, 11 of them were children. as the war rages on, this is what the devastated town of backmut looks like, windows blown out, craters in the
10:42 am
violent battle and allies are coming together specifically to give aid to some of these hard hit areas. they will go to germany to pledge more international support. zelenskyy addressing that exactly tonight. >> security and peace in ukraine must outpace russia's attacks on security and peace in other countries. >> another announcement, the ukrainians say will make a big difference, netherlands saying it is following the u.s. and germany in supporting ukraine by giving another advance patriot missile system. we know that the ukrainian troops are training to use that right now in the u.s. john. >> john: a little more than a month away from the one-year anniversary of the conflict. alex, thanks. sandra. >> sandra: it is not your imagination, if you want to buy a dozen eggs, which so many of us do almost daily or weekly,
10:43 am
you'll have to shell out even more money. what one restaurant in vegas is now doing to find an alternative to the expensive kitchen essential. >> john: at that price, it should cook themselves. the husband of the massachusetts woman missing since new york day now charged with her murder. stunning evidence revealed in court, including the husband's alleged google searches. criminal defense attorney phil holloway on how prosecutors follow the evidence in the case and do they have enough to convict, coming up next. >> well, sadly this was not the outcome we were hoping for. we held out hope that she was still alive, but the evidence and just brought us in a totally different direction. ♪ to conquer the high road, or the off road. ♪ the gmc sierra heavy duty.
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10:48 am
bryan kohberger and one of the four college students that he is accused of killing. investigators allegedly finding a series of direct private messages he sent on instagram two weeks before the slayings in november. his next court date is set for june. john. >> john: sandra, chilling and gruesome new details of the case against brian walshe, the massachusetts man charged with the murder of his wife ana walshe, she vanished in the early hours of new year's day and is believed to be dead. prosecutors say he killed her and disposed of her remains and also revealed more evidence against him. phil holloway, former u.s. navy jag and former police officer and legal adviser to georgia's department. done it all. a lot of circumstantial video, brian walshe lifting a heavy garbage bag into a dumpster,
10:49 am
transfer station, dna testing of items found, contained blood of both ana and brian, slippers and a tyvek suit, a knife with blood, a second knife as well, but still no body and without it can you make a clear-cut case? >> well, good afternoon, john. thanks for having me again today. this recitation of probable cause sounded almost like an opening statement in a trial. she laid out the entire laundry list, they say establish probable cause but i think it goes much further than that, and by proving how he destroyed the body, if they can prove the things they said in court today, they have gonna long ways towards proving that he committed the crime of murder because as you mentioned, the first thing you have to have is proof that a human being lost
10:50 am
their life. ok, they have to prove that she was a living person and in the absence of a body that's done by circumstantial evidence, and so by showing how he methodically went about dismembering her and destroying her body, they have proven that and if they have proven half the things they said when they get to trial, it's probably an indefensible case. >> both ana and brian's blood were found on some items, could raise the possibility of a self-defense case, got into a big fight, a lot of blood flying around, she was going to kill him and the recourse was to kill her. you might remember robert durst case where he shot his neighbor, morris black in the face, and then dismembered his body and
10:51 am
threw it into galveston bay. the jury believed it was a case of self-defense and the fact he cut up the body and threw it into galveston bay post-mortem did not matter to the facts at hand, that the killing was in self-defense. could that potentially be applicable here? >> i don't think so. i think the robert durst acquittal was sort of a one-off. i think if they can prove half the things they laid out today they are going to prove beyond a reasonable doubt he committed the crime of murder. today i heard a prosecutor lay out evidence if they can prove at trial shows a defendant who has a guilty conscience, and to me that translates to malice, he knew what he had done was wrong and that he's going to elaborate length to conceal it. think about the google searches, that's something we didn't have in the robert durst case, he was not online looking how to dismember and keep a body from stinking and how to do all the
10:52 am
things that -- i can't even comprehend that he searched for on his child's ipad. that shows a consciousness of guilt, abandoned and malignant heart, get him the death penalty if they had it in massachusetts. >> john: he searched how long before a body smells, ten ways to dispose of a dead body, how long does dna last, and throw crime clothes away or get rid of them, and identify a body with broken teeth, on and on. almost like he was trying to get caught. >> it's amazing and if you look at that, that shows a presence of mind, it shows he knew what he had done was wrong and going to great lengths to cover it up. and by the way, not only does that foreclose a self-defense are o accident, it would
10:53 am
foreclose insanity. he's thinking logically, soundly, hey look, i have an objective, my objective is to not get caught and use the internet to help me figure out how to do it. it's not insane, maybe depraved, but not insane. this is a conviction if they can prove the things they set out today. >> john: i guess, phil, if he was thinking that he forgot the old phrase the internet is forever. and definitely be a digital trail of what he did. all right, what a gruesome presentation, graphic in the courtroom today. phil, great to get your thoughts. >> let's not forget the kids. poor three abandoned kids now orphans, just awful. >> john: phil, always get to get your take on things. >> sandra: patients with diabetes nationwide are having trouble finding medications, on tiktok off label use to lose
10:54 am
weight. gillian, something a lot of people have talked about for a long time, and it has big consequences for people who need the drug. >> it absolutely does. and perhaps unsurprisingly, sandra, hollywood is leading the way with the weight loss trend, so many people are clamoring to get their hands on ozempic, that diabetes patients who rely on it are coming up short. a direct correlation between the 400 million tiktok views and supplies flying off local shelves. listen. >> if you are a patient with diabetes and you need that medication to control your blood sugar, you have a competition with the people using it from weight loss. >> celebs from kardashians, julia roberts and others have been accused of using it off label. elon musk admitted to his twitter followers, it helped him lose 30 pounds. doctors say this.
10:55 am
>> you decrease your appetite and feel full pretty much all the time, and you don't really crave sugar because you are not getting the big sugar high and low. it's as close to the magic weight loss as we have right now. >> ozempic's manufacturer is saying we recognize some healthcare providers may prescribe it to patients who want to lose weight, it's up to each healthcare provider to choose the best treatment approach for their patients. they do not suggest or encourage off label use of our medications. now, using prescription drugs for off label purposes may not be illegal but it is dangerous, comes with health risks, some are known, some are not. no clinical trials, sandra, conducted on the use of ozempic for weight loss. >> sandra: gillian, thank you. >> john: coming up new at 2:00, horrific cartel-style execution
10:56 am
of a teenage mom and her 10-month-old son showcasing how leaving the border wide open is allowing drug cartels to bring their vicious tactics deep into america. retired ice agent victor avilla knows it all too well after his partner was killed. he will join us to explain what needs to be done. larry kudlow, kellyanne conway, and chef rosa, all that and more as "america reports" rolls on. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease. and you may lose weight. adults lost up to 14 pounds. ozempic® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't share needles or pens, or reuse needles. don't take ozempic® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2,
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