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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  January 19, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> out of time. thanks to all of you and our studio audience. trace gallagher for fox news @ night is next. >> trace: good evening. i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. breaking tonight, new e-mails intine fox news reveal the head of the border patrol pushed back against the biden administration's handling of that false whipping controversy aimed at his agents. we'll tell you how. alec baldwin said to be charged with involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors insist baldwin
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pulled the trigger. that's not what the actor says. and despite an eight-month investigation at the highest levels, the supreme court has apparently failed to find who leaked last year's abortion opinion. and constitutional lawyers say that is as frightening as the leak itself. but we begin with president biden who said tonight he has no regrets about his handling of classified documents. the white house correspondent kevin corke live in the nation's capitol with more. kevin, good evening. >> kevin: evening, trace. the president's son hunter who as you know is facing a number of investigations dealing with his businesses and other controversies actually once noted he and other family members quarantined at his dad's house where the classified documents were recently found. just to reset, his memoir was published in april of 2021, in it, he said he and his family members spent election night 2020 at the house in wilmington.
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after the white house press secretary and the council's office referred fox to the d.o.j. on the question as to whether any assessment has been planned or launched to determine if national security was jeopardized, you guessed it, the d.o.j. referred fox to the special council's office which tells us tonight, "consistent with longstanding department practice, we will decline to comment on the ongoing investigation." so there! now, while touring california to assess the damage from a series of recent winter storms that pummeled the golden state, mr. biden insisted again once again there's no there there. >> i think you're going to find there's nothing there. i've got no regrets. i'm following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do. that's exactly what we're doing. there's no there there. >> kevin: remember what he said there. i have no regrets. that is something to remember. meanwhile on capitol hill, g.o.p. lawmakers are turning up the heat!
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>> we requested logs to see who had access to the classified documents. they said none existed. now, we're starting to figure out maybe they're playing a game of words with us. >> kevin: that happens a lot here in washington. they will be asked a specific question. they'll answer it in a way that doesn't exactly deny by simply reframing the answer. always want to watch that as well. now, the keys, say g.o.p. lawmakers, is following the trail by way of the secret service logs and if need be by questioning staffers in delaware about who knew what when and if there are more documents to find. trace? >> trace: are you saying there's doublespeak? >> kevin: imagine that! just a bit. >> trace: kevin corke, thank you. >> kevin: you bet. >> trace: exclusive new details tonight about the whipping of haitian migrants in september 2021 and what border patrol's leadership thought of that entire incident in its aftermath. fox news now obtained internal
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e-mails from the heritage foundation's oversight project, this from a foyer request, that shed new light on border patrol deputy chief raul ortiz' frustration with the administration's scrambled response and the failure to highlight the good work his agents were doing under -- as you might imagine -- brutal conditions. quoting here, our agents are being assaulted and we aren't saying a word. the bus contractors and pilots are dealing with haitians escaping or trying to overrun drivers, and we stay quiet. >> excuse me, mr. secretary, any comments to republicans who are calling for your impeachment, sir? >> good morning. >> they've announced an oversight hearing for the border next month. will you cooperate, sir? >> trace: homeland security secretary alejandro my yorkist didn't answer questions from our bill melugin as he arrived for the annual conference of mayors on thursday. the embattled secretary told the
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conference the embattled administration will help the agents team with the surge along the southern border and financial assistance being is distributed. while the supreme court investigation into who leaked a draft decision overruling the roe vs. wade decision -- a lot of people are surprised by these findings, ashley? >> reporter: the supreme court is leaving us with more questions tonight announcing the investigation into the leak of the draft opinion came up with no leads but word from the court that the probe is not over yet. the court says 82 people had access to either electronic or hard copies of the decision overturning roe v wade. 97 employees were interviewed. some multiple times. all of them denied being the leaker. the investigation also concluded an outside hack or penetration of the court's internal i.t.
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system is highly unlikely suggesting that this was, indeed, an inside job. while the court says the employees who were asked to did turn over calls and text records from their personal cell phones. nothing relevant was found, though. in addition, all personnel who were asked to submit to an interview did so and all of them signed a sworn affidavit under penalty of perjury they didn't disclose the draft opinion to anyone who didn't work for the court. but many admitted they didn't stick to procedure for handling the draft including this, some individuals admitted to investigators that they told their spouse or partner about the draft's opinion and the vote count, in violation of the court's confidentiality rules. in the end, the court's internal investigation concluded it was unable to identify the person responsible for the leak by preponderance of the evidence which is a very, very low standard, essentially the ability to say something is more likely than not suggesting this court doesn't have any strong
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leads. trace? >> trace: yeah, really astonishing. ashley strohmier. ashley, thank you. in the meantime, hours before the march for life takes place in washington friday and days after a pro-life pregnancy center announced it was hiring private investigators because the f.b.i.'s lack of response to violence and threats against such facilities, the bureau announced now offering a $25,000 reward for information on those attacks. the actor and producer alec baldwin now facing a charge of involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of a cinematographer on a movie set of october 2021. baldwin was pointing a property pistol at helena hutchins during a rehearsal when the gun fired. jonathan hunt has the breaking details in the west coast newsroom. >> how's it going, sir? >> reporter: alec baldwin is making it clear tonight through his attorney he's going to fight these charges. the attorney essentially blaming others on the set of the low-budget movie "rust" for not
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checking the gun saying baldwin had no reason to believe there was a live bullet in the weapon and adding, "this decision distorts helena hutchins' tragic death and represents a terrible miscarriage of justice." prosecutors' reaction to that was simple. >> the miscarriage of justice would be if no one was held to account for helena hutchins' death. this is about her and what happened to her, and so i believe that we are doing what is right for helena hutchins and what is right for the process and the integrity of law. >> reporter: and the prosecutors argue not only was alec baldwin responsible for checking the gun before using it during a scene rehearsal but that as a producer, he also had a wider responsibility for safety on the set and they say he failed in that duty. the attorney for hannah gutierrez-reed who handled the gun before use and faces the
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same involuntary manslaughter charges issued a statement saying "these charges are as a result of a very flawed investigation and an inaccurate understanding of the full facts." while the family of helena hutchins said in their own statement, "our independent investigation also supports that charges are warranted. it is a comfort to the family that in new mexico, no one is above the law." charges will be formally filed by the end of this month and shortly after that, we expect a first court appearance by both baldwin and gutierrez-reed, although prosecutors tell us they wouldn't request arrests and both can make that first appearance by video. trace? >> trace: sounds like a trial's coming. jonathan, thank you. for more on what kind of legal jeopardy alec baldwin is about to find himself in, let's bring in former head prosecutor and
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former federal prosecutor john and former federal prosecutor mr. moreno. here is alec baldwin saying he didn't pull the trigger followed by a prosecutor saying, oh yes he did. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> well, the trigger wasn't pulled. i didn't pull the trigger. >> you never pulled the trigger? >> no. no. no. no. no. i would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger. that's the training i had. you don't point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. >> trace: yeah and the prosecutor went onto say, oh yes, he did. in fact, let's play the prosecutor right now. >> we definitely believe he pulled the trigger. tthe f.b.i. lab report confirms that, so definitely the trigger was pulled. >> trace: what do you think, bob? does alec baldwin's denial here help the prosecutor in any sense? >> absolutely. trace, i know people look at this and they want to -- they like alec baldwin. they don't like alec baldwin. that's not what happens in a court of law.
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these would have been hard charges to prove. it's not about mere civil negligence. you have to show conscious disregard for known risk. while they don't use due care and circumspection. what he did in that clip is say i didn't fire the weapon. we have the f.b.i. say only if your finger is on the trigger could the weapon be fired but i think more importantly, he's saying i knew beforehand that pointing a weapon at a person on the set is an inappropriate practice and it shouldn't be done. well, we know we had the weapon pointed at her because the bullet hit her. these are damning admissions that if the prosecution did not have would have made the defense case much more powerful. >> it's a good point because the whole thing, joe, this gun misfired before alec baldwin knew that, right? he knew. even though he was told the gun was cold and didn't have any live bullets, does it increase his liability as a producer of this movie knowing that this gun had some, you know, bad action
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previously? >> tres, you know, i agree with -- trace, you know, i agree with bob that this is a difficult case because the standard that has to be met here is not -- it's not just simple negligence, right? i mean, if you go to a firing range, the instructions always are you keep a live weapon pointed down range. if you pivot and that fire -- you know, that gun fires off and shoots someone, that's a problem here, right? in this case, though, alec baldwin was told there were blanks in this weapon. and even if he checked the weapon, how are we to expect he would know what a blank versus a live round looked like? i don't know. i think it's one thing to bring these charges. i'm not convinced they get past a probable cause determination here. it's another thing to get to the jury and get 12 men and women to agree with that. >> trace: couple of other quick topics i want to say. the president came out and said this about the classified documents. i want to get your take afterwards. watch. >> i think you're going to find there's nothing there. i have no regrets. i'm following what the lawyers
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have told me they want me to do. it's exactly what we're doing. there's no there there. thank you. >> trace: i don't know, bob. if there's no there there, you would think the white house would be answering a whole bunch of more questions. if you're not answering questions, there might be some there there. your thoughts? >> yeah, trace, fair enough in the court of public opinion. as a lawyer if he were to advise me -- i would say to him, and i think any competent defense attorney regardless of their political stripes would say the same thing, look, do not speak publicly like alec baldwin and get yourself into trouble. defer all questions to the department of justice. period. end of story. that's the smart way to play it. >> trace: yeah, it's interesting, too. and i want to lastly touch on this, because the supreme court could not identify a leaker in the dob's opinion. that's the case that overturned roe v wade. jonathan turley said the following here, joe, quote, the supreme court indicates they cannot isolate the culprit among the over 80 possible suspects
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for the dob's leak. it is an admission that's almost as chilling as the leak itself. i mean, is it because, joe, they just let everybody work from home now and it's really tough to figure out where this thing came from? >> trace, this is a miscarriage of justice. i mean, this is unbelievable! i was nervous about this from the beginning when the supreme court failed to bring in the f.b.i. to conduct this investigation, and, again, they gave it to the supreme court police force. now, look, the marshal's office might have great at providing court security, but they're not investigators, so i'm not shocked that now eight long months later they haven't found a culprit. keep in mind, too, there's a lot of us lawyers out there, but only the elite of the elite among attorneys get to practice at the supreme court. the fact we can't police these people is a sad state of affairs. >> trace: it really is. it's a sad state of affairs. a lot of people have echoed that. bob and joe moreno, thank you for coming on.
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we appreciate it. a suburban san diego ymca is under fire and take heat over protesters about the transgender policy. a man seen as trans was seen as a shower. caitlyn jenner. so good to have you on the set. we're going to play sound. these are supporters at last night's protest talking about this who think it was fine for this person to walk around the locker room. i'll get your response on the other side. watch. >> had this conversation with my daughter. if she was in the bathroom and a transgender person was in there, she has no problem whatsoever. >> i have a seven-year-old. she's safer around the l blbgtq+
9:16 pm
community than this. >> i disagree with what they have to say. things have changed so drastically, especially over the last 10 or 15 years when it comes to this issue. and it's a shame. we've been following it here at fox for a long time. i mean literally. it's been a couple of years. the leah thomas days with the swimming and is it fair? we kind of won that battle because now the international governing body says you cannot, um, compete if you don't go through transition before the age of 12, because they knew male puberty is a big deal. in this case right here, this is another case of it. what happened is california changed the laws, ok? you see that in government and you also see it at universities. you also see it in the marketplace. big companies are changing policies when it comes to trans issues and it just isn't
9:17 pm
good. i just don't feel it, because in this case right here, you know, what i feel like here in california, bad people are using these very liberal civil rights laws as kind of a loophole to victimize people. >> trace: take advantage of them. >> take advantage of them. that's exactly what happened here. i don't want my daughter in a locker room with some guy walking around parading himself pride as can be with all of his manhood hanging out. it's just not right. young people don't deserve to have to go through something like that. and this guy is a pervert. i mean how -- if you're in the trans community, you have to have some discretion. you have to have a little bit of class. you just can't do these things. honestly, it's just not right. >> trace: carl demaio was on last night. he's gay. he was talking about transgender rights. >> if the lgbtq community is truly serious will mutual
9:18 pm
respect and dignity, it's not a dignity act or respectful act to go expose yourself in a woman's bathroom to an underaged female! >> trace: not a respectful act. >> i give him -- i agree with him 100%. you know, i have been -- you know i'm trans, right? you didn't know? i appreciate that. seven years now. i have met so many good people in the trans community. i mean, just loads of them. smart, intelligent, discreet. go through transition with class and dignity and do it right, you know? and out of that, there's a very small group that's out there who to be honest with you, they call themselves activists -- i never called myself an activist, you know? and so -- because i just feel like i just want to be me, you know? and -- but these activists kind of have hijacked just like in
9:19 pm
society, they've hijacked the community and it's a shame, and it just doesn't have to be this way. we have to treat this whole thing with dignity and right now, we're not doing that. >> trace: while i've got you, i want to get your take on this san francisco reparation panel saying that maybe we pay every black person in san francisco $5 million. here's one of the people on the panel. this is what they said. watch. >> because california's reparations will be the boiler plate. they're going to take our blueprint and start with that to determine what national reparations will be. >> trace: not only do they want reparations, they want this to be the national model. your thoughts, caitlyn? we have 30 seconds left. >> it's terrible. it's a bad precedence. 20,000 companies have left california! thousands of people are getting out of the state. why? because of things like this! that is just not fair!
9:20 pm
it just isn't fair! and it shouldn't be happening! and it's the downfall of california. california's -- i've been out here since 1973! it's not like it used to be. this used to be the place to come, the place to make it. i came here. i made it here. now, it's just run by a bunch of very liberal left wing democrats and the state is just dying. and people are getting out. i don't blame 'em! >> trace: caitlyn jenner. nice to have you on. >> nice to see you right here in california. >> trace: republicans open the investigation into the withdrawal of u.s. troops out of afghanistan. up next, two men very familiar with afghanistan and the withdrawal. later, does leaving an inheritance to your children breed laziness and entitlement? singer marie osmond says yes. what do you say? let us know on social media, onu
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join tens of millions of people making the easy switch by downloading the app today. duckduckgo, privacy simplified. >> trace: breaking tonight, we are monitoring antigovernment protests out of peru. police fired tear gas into thousands of protesters from mostly remote andean regions who converged on the capitol. you can see a raging fire broke out in downtown lima, that in a plaza there, as law enforcement worked to keep the mob away from govegovernment buildings. the protesters are calling for the removal of the current president along with the d disillusion of congress and immediate elections. as promised, the republican-controlled house is opening an investigation into the chaotic u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan back in august 2021
9:27 pm
that included the deaths of 13 u.s. service members from a terrorist bombing of the kabul airport. let's bring in the author of the new book "saving aziz" marine veteran chad and retired army lieutenant colonel daniel davis. gentlemen, thank you. welcome, both. chad, you wrote in an op ed earlier this week in part, quoting here, while our team tried to pick up the slack for the government's evacuation failures, our own state department seemed to sabotage our rescue efforts by dragging their feet and hog tying us with bureaucratic red tape. it was as though they had decided if they couldn't save everyone, then they would make sure no one could. you believe the state department hindered the process of getting people out. fair? >> absolutely, yes! and not only that, from the very beginning, you know, the white house took the neo operation, a noncombatant evacuation operation away from the d.o.d. which is their rightful place for the job and gave it to the
9:28 pm
state department who doesn't know how to do the job. they treated the airport as an embassy and not as an evacuation site withdrawing military personnel, closing bagram air force base and leaving equipment behind before they even moved civilians out. the state department didn't know how to do that. on top of that when we started evacuating people, they really created a lot of red tape and closed the doors for us to bring people to third-party countries. >> trace: chad makes a good point, colonel. we kind of gave the taliban the upper hand leaving behind $80 billion, leaving behind a lot of other stuff and kind of letting them set the narrative. >> well, we did, and you know the reason for that, obviously we didn't expect the government and the military to collapse when we sent that stuff over there. we thought they were going to last, but i think this really underscores the bigger problem than how we got out. there's no shortage of things we can talk about there, but the disaster in the 20 years before
9:29 pm
that when all of these -- the stage was set for this. it was avoidable at that time and now that we have the problems that chad just talked about there and you just mentioned here with all of this equipment that was completely wasted. that's what i hope they investigate just as much as how they got out. >> trace: yeah, i think that's a fair assessment as well, chad, but it's really kind of heartbreaking when you see what is going onover there. the cameras are gone. people aren't focusing on it. reuters wrote this quoting the taliban administration ordered local and aid organizations to stop female staff from working until further notice days after it banned women from universities. the taliban said the orders condemned globally was justified because some women had not adhered to its interpretation of islamic dress code. everything now went back 20 years, chad, and we're just not seeing the people who were left behind. >> that's right. it's north korea. you won't know what is actually happening in there. we also know women are not
9:30 pm
allowed to see male doctors anymore. that also ties to the fact women aren't allowed to be educators and women aren't allowed to be doctors. no women's healthcare for 20 million afghan women who are there, not to mention they're being sexually enslaved. little girls as young as nine years old are being sold to 50-year-old men. we left a disaster there. we left our allies behind. we left our citizens behind. i'm so thankful for the investigations. not so optimistic to think anyone will be held responsible. at least the questions will be asked publicly. >> trace: when you're talking about investigations, colonel, you know, to really get a good, robust investigation, you need truth. you need answers. do you believe, colonel, we're getting the answers that we need to come up with some conclusions so this never happens again? >> well, look, the problem is there's too many powerful people that benefit from not having the truth told out there. that's why i think it is so crucial that we get to the
9:31 pm
absolute bottom of this and that they get, you know, that congress gets whatever power it needs because we've got to be able to penetrate through these people that in many cases were the very architects for all the disasters and yet they're the ones that are asking what went wrong? of course they're telling everything except for what they did we need a broad spectrum of people, not just the famous people, we need people who were on the ground who know what was going on and hear from them. >> trace: i've got about 30 seconds left. i'd like both of you to weigh in. was the biggest mistake, chad, giving up the bagram air force base? >> that's the most strategic place in the globe between iraq, russia, iran and china. we should never have left when we could have only had a small contingency of 2,500 troops participating with the rest of the world to keep taliban out of afghanistan. >> trace: colonel, biggest mistake? >> biggest mistake is not leaving may 2021 when the deal that trump set for it and
9:32 pm
pushing it back six months. i think that's what was one of the bigger problems we faced not leaving on time. >> trace: yeah. chad, good luck on the new book. colonel, always great to see you. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> trace: first up in tonight's crime round-up. in missouri, five dangerous inmates including three sex offenders broke out of prison south of st. louis. two of them snuck into a parking lot and stole a gray sedan. the other three met them just outside the gate and off they drove. the sheriff says they ditched their prison clothes for white t-shirts and shorts and they are still on the run. in new york, three kids now face felony charges after throwing rocks from an overpass at passing cars that damaged at least 16 vehicles ranging from flat tires to smashed windshields. in oklahoma, police are asking for help finding the shopl shoplifters, a man and a woman who fled a sports store with armfuls of goods. someone who appears to be a
9:33 pm
store employees, as you can see, tried to stop the thieves but they still got away. while we're on the subject of rampant crime, the fox news @ night commonsense department noticed black lives matter along with members of the los angeles city council are proposing not to defund police but to remove police from certain situations including traffic stops, mental health crisis, schools, transportation facilities and, "every place they obviously don't belong," which black lives matter would define as most places. common sense doesn't have to wonder what it would be like to remove police from the equation at schools because we already have compelling evidence of the outcome, namely parkland, florida, and uvalde, texas, where a timely and robust police response would very likely have saved many lives. as for letting unarmed people respond to mental health calls, police unions will tell you that's all well and good if the
9:34 pm
mentally ill person is in the mood to talk and not shoot, but considering dozens of police officers each year are killed by the mentally ill, talking is not always a top priority. and if pulling police off the roads and away from mass transit is an honest suggestion, common sense honestly doesn't know if they've thought this through. well, we hope you like your pizza with extra, extra, extra everything and the video that has the entire internet asking what was their plan? wait until you see it. the day's best viral videos next. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u rise to the challenge. u won't clock out. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... ...without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness.
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9:40 pm
maneuvers are a display of the robot's sensing capabilities. the robot could build a path to reach the man on the stop of the scaffolding alone showing mr. roboto will always find you. >> hey! ha-ha. >> trace: nice! when the going gets tough, you work together! this video shows a basketball team from grand valley state university displaying some dazzling teamwork when they pushed their team bus out of a snow bank. this was on their way to a game against northern michigan university tonight which grand -- tonight. which grand valley state won. congrats. >> it's not uncommon to see packs of wild animals in nevada. these coyotes were found roa roaming. to the sea turtle hospital
9:41 pm
where researchers cared for 60 cold stunned sea turtles this week found stuck on beaches. the wind patterns trapped the turtles in colder water. >> up next, that's one jumbo pie! the los angeles convention center is filled tonight with the makings of possibly the world's largest pizza. the doughy feat being attempted by pizza hut. the ceo says the mega-pie will be over 1,400 square feet and be divided into more than 68,000 slices once it's complete. the plan, of course, is to donate the slices to food banks across los angeles.
9:42 pm
>> good boy. good boy. i can't get out! >> oh, you're going to say that, too, what in the world are they thinking? this video going mega-viral tonight shows a northern california couple testing out the new dog crates by getting inside at the same time and closing the door behind them. you can see the husband kind of bouncing his crate over to face his wife where he was finally able to open the door on her crate. they later said their backup plan was to ask alexa to call the neighbors to free them. alexa, help! if you have a viral video to share, hit me up at trace gallagher or fox news night on social media. well, after 17 northern virginia high schools failed to notify students that they earned national merit awards, governor glenn youngin proposed legislation that would legally require such notification. let's talk about this latest
9:43 pm
culture battle with the author of "nation of victims." it's always great to have you on. ashwa on our show last night wrote the following about the merit award fallout, quoting here, 17 schools withheld national merit awards, mostly impact asian students going onto say an analysis by fairfax county times reveals an estimated 75% of the national merit semifinalists a notch above american students are of asian heritage. virginia attorney general jason -- it's amazing they're basically targeting one segment of the population. >> the assault on merit is really an assault on the american soul, trace. we have this new culture in our country that penalizes excellence and embraces victimhood. i'll tell you something, this is deeply personal to me, ok? the way i got ahead in this country, the way my parents
9:44 pm
taught me to get ahead in this country -- they came as immigrants -- was through hard work, dedication and achievement through education. there's a reason we don't take this anti-excellence attitude to the sports field, because we couldn't have sports left. well, guess what? i think the same thing is true in the classroom as well. we shouldn't think it's any different when it comes to math or reading, yet that's where we are because of this fractious group identity grievance culture that's infected nearly every major institution now including even our schools and it's a sad thing to watch. >> trace: when i heard governor youngkin was pushing this law that would mandate the students know about their merit awards, i was just baffled. can you imagine having to put a law in place to notify kids that they've done well? >> it is -- it's sending a signal to the next generation you have to be embarrassed in order to achieve. that's what led to america's new apologist culture.
9:45 pm
the inner animal spirit at the heart of the american soul used to be about pursuing excellence. that's now been domesticated. it has been tamed by this new culture that celebrates mediocrity instead. it's no longer cool to be excellent. we're teaching kids the cool thing to do is be mediocre and hide their own achievements. any surprise when the kids graduate school, join the work force and contribute to the american economy they embrace laziness instead of achievement in our economy as well? if we don't fix this, trace, mark my words, this'll be the beginning to the end of the american experiment as we know it. i don't think it's too late but we need to put merit back into america or else our national decline is really a preview of what's ahead. >> don't you love it when rich and powerful fly their private jets to some place to cure poverty and climate change? it's just astonishing. your thoughts? >> dab bose is the classic place of artificial snow, ok? they go there to pontificate about the world's problems
9:46 pm
because they have a fundamental mistrust in. [indiscernible] there's two world views. this is the most fundamental political dispute of our time. it's not even between republicans and democrats. it is between the managerial class, the people who perpetuate the great reset and get together in davos and believe citizens can't be trusted to arrive at the right answers on questions on how to fight climate change oreads are racial injustice. you have the great uprising of everyday citizens who say absolutely not. my voice actually matters and davos typifies the great reset world view that government leaders and business leaders have to get together in private behind closed doors on top of ski slopes in order to decide what rules apply to the rest of society around the world at large. i hope we americans stand for the 1776 vision that says no to that old-world european view. that says we settle those disagreements as citizens where our voices count equally.
9:47 pm
but unfortunately, that's not the view that prevails in davos which is why i don't go to these things. >> trace: sounds like proper assessment. always good to get your take on things. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> trace: in the meantime, we're following some breaking news tonight. an active shooter at a walmart store in evansville, indiana, as apparently been shot and killed. that's what we're being told. now, we're tracking word on victims at this hour. police say officers are currently inside the walmart. they're clearing the area. we have been through this drill many times. they have to go room-to-room, closet-to-closet, aisle-to-aisle to make sure there's no danger there. we're being told they're tending to possible potential victims. we don't know if there are any victims but we will keep you posted as we learn more about a mass shooting, but the shooter has been neutralized. in the meantime, marie osmond is not giving her kids a cent when she dies. she says it's not good for their
9:48 pm
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9:53 pm
night cap crew. ashley strohmier and kevin corke. the topic tonight is does leaving an inheritance to your children breed laziness and entitlement because marie osmond says it does and she is not leaving her kids anything. but kevin corke, i think he has a different take on this than marie osmond. kevin? you lead this topic. >> kevin: i would lead as much as i could. generational wealth is my le legacy. if i could help give them a leg up in their life, start a business, get a house, do something tremendous, teach them the value and make sure they give to charity as well, i think it's a good thing. >> trace: it's a fair point. i want to put up this night cap poll because i was surprised, i thought everybody would kind of being on kevin corke's side but look at this... yes, yes, don't leave them anything because it makes them lazy and entitled. the bottom line, no, you have to give them what you want because it's part of your legacy. it's really kind of fun.
9:54 pm
ashley strohmier, i have to read what a couple of these responses say. dance m says if you do a good job as a parent and teach good values this wouldn't be an issue. and cathy kg says i don't agree with her at all. the inheritance could help her children and grandchildren as well. ashley strohmier, thoughts? >> i'm a little split. i'm 50/50 on this one. i'ii'm a little wishy-washy. she wants to spend the money with her husband. totally get it. she worked for it also i would give a majority to my kids. i'm already spending an arm and a leg on my dog. i can only imagine what will happen when i have children. >> yeah t really is amazing -- it really is amazing. this is charley major. he says it is important to teach children the value of hard work and perseverance and how to save and invest their money wisely, but he's in favor. you got to give it to them. and healthy bland says disagree. although you should never count on it, it's not your parents' job to fund your retirement.
9:55 pm
i would say just like kevin corke, you give it to them because that's your legacy and everybody wants their children to do better than they did and this generation doesn't look like it's going to happen. kevin, ashley, thank you, both. >> you bet. >> trace: thank you, all, for watching america's late news, fox news @ night. angeles. i'll see you back here tomorrown . fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done. mentation fermentations formulated fermentations formulated to help your body really, truly absorb the natural goodness. were dris well done. done. >> when yo damage, trust safe like thisit' >> dad and daughter were driving when they got a cracke in their windshield. broufelite.he wouldn't takec anywhere. >>ed safety sy so he brought it. we replaced the windshield >> dd and recalibrated their cars. advanced safety system. so featurereat. ths like automac
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