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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  January 22, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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can find us on-line or trey gowdy podcast, good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin," welcome. we have t great gifts, steven a smith some mike pompeo two great guests. the greatest threat we face in this country is the
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democrat party and its radicalism. the war on constitutional ism, on national sovereignty ocapitallism, classrooms and parents. almost an alien party if you will with its embrace of american marxism. there is other great threat we face because of its association and attachment to democrat party, i hate to say this, someone who spent part of his career a wonderful time at the department of justice as chief of staff. we have to fear federal law enforcement. in specific, the u.s. department of justice, and the fbi which is a piece of the department of justice. first, i want to make a recommendation to you, each
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american, each of you file a freedom of information act request with the department of justice and fbi for any information the government might be keeping on you. with all of these stories of big tech and fbi, working together. and the massive databases now and montherring that is taking place -- monitoring, you may not believe it many of you most of you are patriots. but you may have a file. ask for it. they will try do is charge you a fortune. i'm having repu -- asking republicans in house to start the process of exempting any fees or costs. that will keep them busy a while, and teach them a lesson, don't just gather information on law abiding citizens, you should find out what they have on you.
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what else should republican in congress do? whether they be in minority in senate or majority in the house, i'm serious about this, as someone that worked at that department. they should slash the department of justice a budget by 20%. it has gotten too big, too fast. it is not doing its job, the communist chinese are running away with our technology, our nuclear secrets. maybe it's too busy focusing on us, you and me, the funds should be transferred to the border patrol and i.c.e. to secure that border, to keep foreigners out of the country who we don't know anything about. to remove people who are here illegally and protect us from fentanyl and the drug cartels, fbi won't do it border patrol and i.c.e. will, my view, fbi needs to be reorganized with a close look at its various missions. its history of civil liberty
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violations goes back decades, and right now, it taking place as well. fbi prohibited should be prohibited from investigating the e the e the election or, electoral challenges. they are investigating republican state legislators and taking cell phones away from republican members of congress, and violating attorney-client privilege of certain attorneys who are targeted. we cannot allow them to get involved in challenges to elections. it is a purely political process. in the end congress makes the final determination over electors, not grand juries
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controlled by democrats, this needs to be an area where the fbi, department of justice, u.s. attorneys, cannot go. the attorney general should be subjected to removal by a no confident vote of congress, it is too difficult to fundament a attorney general. he is not in the constitution. this is a position created by congress. 1789, george washington had first attorney general, department of justice itself was not created until 1870 under pro proposal of grant. we need to make modifications to it attorney general is powerful. he is unelected. you can see what this attorney general, merrick garland has done with that power, there ought to be ability for congress to has final say on how this government is set up. and first say, to have a no
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confidence vote perhaps a majority vote to remove an attorney general. there should be term limits for federal judges, some of you may oppose, that i don't. that something i wrote about in my first book, "men in black," for the supreme court, i conclude it needs to be across the board for federal judges, maybe 12 or 14 years, but it needs to happen. we need to a amend the constitution to do that. the republicans in house some begin pushing, pushing. you know over in israel, they are reforming their legal system, oligarchs on left are going nuts and attacking them, too bad. we've seen the corrup corruption. fbi using social media to sensor and monitor american
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citizens, scientists, experts, fbi interfering in federal elections, and russia solution,. implantinged stories, and -- it planted stories and leaked lies and created documents in 2020, fbi interfered, meetings with big tech to cover-up hunter biden laptop story, twice. and interfering with election systems this time by withholds the fact that there were documents that joe biden was holding illegally. and fbi falsifieds every to secret course. that whole thing needs to be looked at and fbi most likely is monitoring you, in one form or another. department of justice has targeted parents in school board meetings, and has targeted pro life activists. political lawsuit have been brought against the georgia
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legislator and voting bill, which wound up having more people vote, against texas and abortion bill. and investigating republican members of congress. they refuse to enforce the immigration laws at the department of justice they refuse to prosecute radical pro-abortion protesters. seeking to intimidate conservative members of the supreme court, and department of justice cover-up for biden crime family, refuses to appoint a special counsel. on their foreign dealings and transfer of tens of millions of dollars, into joe biden and his family. directly and indirectly. this server issue with donald trump and joe biden, cover up, fbi didn't go in and investigate, fbi didn't
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do the searches, it left it to the private lawyers, hillary clinton had a sever in her westchester home, did they use a warrant? though, she had thousands and thousands of government e-mails, and classified information. were of this was destroyed. they still didn't send in fbi s.w.a.t. team, what is that about? but, donald trump gets the trump treatment. s.w.a.t. teams, warrantses, armed fbi agencies, threats of ab obstruction, when they were negotiating with the department of justice on who should get who documents, so, january 6. insurrection they said. does anyone remember when the white house was attacked? over 50 secret service personnel were injured? does anyone were that donald
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trump had to be rushed to nuclear bunker under the white house because there were efforting to breach the fence at white house and threaten the president of united states, does anyone remember the damage that was done in lafayette park to historic st. john's church. does anyone were that, how come that is not an insurgents, fbi the department of justice, the democrats and media they want you to forget about it. there needs to be a overhaul of our legal judicial systems. it is taking place in israel today. the elites s self-apointed and judicial oligarchs are resisting like hell, natalia -- with all that of debate about rules changes in the house which is over and great, which is fine, we need more than rules changes in the house.
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we need serious changes in the government. biden is packing the courts, federal court through out the the nation, with extreme radicals at a record pace, why, he is not looking for objective impartial judges, he looking to push an agenda,. woodrow wilson wrote a hundred years ago, the way you change you country is lou through the unelected bodies, the courts. fbi senior executives have powers on to themselves. using law to impose christicree critical race theory, sitting seesit. >> sitting silently. attorney client privilege for certain lawyers,
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representing president trump and others. outrageous, is the citizens held without trials in solitaire confinement in dc. and g.o.p. members of congress having their cell phones confiscated and their lawyers, judges are upholding violations of bill of rates and basic civil liberties. no more lifetime appointments. crime, street crime is going through the roof. this system must be overhauled. the federal law enforcement, the federal judiciary, and congress has the power to do it. i just want to point this out to you. under judiciary acts that have taken place, since the beginning of our nation, congress is determined how many judges there are, what districts the courts are, and how appellate courts and members, they created the department of justice, they
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created the federal bureau of investigation and civil vir vi service, the whole thing, it is long pastime it get a very close examination and that it get a very strong overhaul. if not now, when. i'll be right back. you could save hundreds for safe driving with liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance... so you only pay for what you need! whoo! we gotta go again. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty liberty♪ ♪liberty♪ age is just a number, and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health versus 16 grams in ensure® high protein. boost® high protein. now available in cinnabon® bakery-inspired flavor. learn more at when aspen dental told me that my dentures were ready, i was so excited. i love the confidence.
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mark: welcome back america, i'm here with someone you know, stephen a . smith. know each other. he has a fantastic best selling book. straight shooter. let me is you this. a lot of politics in sports these days. is that good or bad. >> well, it depends on circumstances. i'm not app advocated of athletes shutting up in dribble, when you speak on a plethora of issues, you have
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to have some idea of what you are talking about. not beyond pale for others not wanting them to do so if they have something to say, but wanting to be quiet if they don't have anything to say. i would remind you with today a modern day athlete, the money that is put out there relationships, that are cultivated between them and advertisers and sponsors, and the belief of how that impacts our society. i think it is important if you are asking them, to be all of those things, to sell product, what have you, they have a right to spi speak on state affairs, they just need to know what they are talking about and be fair minded. >> do you think with communist china there is a bit of hop hypocrisy in terms of our country and government versus the silence with
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communist china. >> we could make that argument, i don't think that anyone could refute it, here is my issue. i know, when you talk about the athlete, just like when phil mickelson and they got involved in you know with liv golf. and golfers were willing to do, with saudi arabia. what the american public needs to understand is that, it is far easier to hold someone like phil mickelson or other folks account. but our government does business with these people, if you are so abhorred. and you find it reprehensible to do business with countries, that you want to bring the hammer down on these folks, why are we not holding our government to the same level of accountability, that say problem that is pervasive in our society, too many occasions we're holding people accountable, they
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have nothing to to with raising our taxes, nothing to do with protecting our borders or nothing to to with the economy, with inflation, with recession all these things, ed cheducation and welfare reform, they are just athletes trying to make an honest living. we would hold them accountable, but politics who are supposed to be prioritizing these and govern our lives, oh, they get to do business with these folks? there something hypocritical about that. everyone should bic excoriated for it. mark: that is pretty good. here is my problem. >> okay. mark: my problem is. if you will be silent about communist china or saudi
5:21 pm
arabia, and trash the united states. >> okay. >> that is my problem. >> yeah. mark: i don't mind that you make money, but i mind that the greatest country in the face of the earth, with all of its imperfecttions, whether historical or present day, it is not communist china. not saudi arabia. so if you kiss their butt or not say anything, that is my problem whether it is golf, or basketball players or whatever it is. >> i don't disagree, but i want you to understand there is a difference in your level of thinks compared to some people on the right who express themselves, you talking consistency, saying if you feel this way about united states, this country, you feel that way about your own nation, feel that way about china, feel that way about saudi arabia, f
5:22 pm
feel that way about anyone else who live under a different umbrella and we won't even get into human right violations. and you talk about consistency. that is different. than some people on the right, who are willing to say, just because you are an athlete, shut up and dribble. we're don't want to hear what you have to say, what you say doesn't matter. mark levin is talking about consistency, in your position. no matter who you are talking about. that is not what they are doing, they want to cherry pick who they want to talk and who they don't want to talk and when. that is something we have not go for if our society. >> fair enough, my attitude about that is the market system, you leak, don't like a playeroyer and don't watch them, that and shut up and dribble is a tough line to a football
5:23 pm
player. >> yes. mark: you have a fantastic book. straight shooter. you use your life really, to project positions and arguments and understanding about life, it is about you and about more than you, i interviewed you on the road, radio, i said this -- the radio, i said this book is about american dream, when we come back, stephen, have you been living the american dream? you started with nothing. now look, you are number known everywhere you go, a wealthy man, i are a person that people want to hear, i know not as wealthy as we want to be. >> but very important, you like the icon sports break broa broadcaster but you reach beyond, that when we come back, the great
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book, i want to get into it. we'll be right back.
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jon: fox news alert i am jon scott, new development on story we've been following, the massacre in a ballroom dance club outside of los angeles, police in monterey park confirm that suspected gunman died of a civil inflicted gunshot wound in the white van. he took his life as s.w.a.t.
5:28 pm
officers surrounded his vehicle this afternoon. not far from last night's crime scene. the mass killing claimed 10 lives, left 10 more wounded. it happened as victims were celebrating the lunar new year. there are reports that gunman tried to enter another nearby dance club, patrons wrestled the weapon away from him, he ran away, motive is not yet known, we'll follow the story and bring you you updating as required. i am jon scott, now back to "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back america, with stephen a. smith, book is straight shooter, you can get it on any of my social sites on, out right now. the hottest book. that is out there because, it is very meaningful book,
5:29 pm
a s substantive book, i would argue the american dream. >> i say the american dream. i have done the book, i wrote the book, i wrote of word. i did an audio book, to make sure people know it is me, in my voice. i made sure i was attached to this 100%, i have been on tv two hours a day, minimum live on espn every weekday. and on top of, that i have been writing, i was a newspaper reporter for 20 years. people recognize me and my voice. as the american dream, i have been popular about saying that there are a lot of stars and super stars we see, they are the american fantasy. turned to reality. i consider myself american dream, i believe anyone can be me. you can get left back in the fourth grade and have
5:30 pm
undiagnosed dyslexia and have reading comprehensive issues and ordained to be someone not going to succeed in life and yet scratch, claw your way, do whatever you have to do to get to where i am today, i didn't get to this point because i was a super star athlete or rap artist or a actor or actress destined for held, i put my head down and put in the work, that is why i am where i am today, if i could do it, anyone can do it, that is the message tonight send, i don't care what color or creed you are. don't think you know every damn thing, you don't, figure it out that way and go from there. mark: the book it is clear you believe in god, our mother this a huge impact on your life, you think about
5:31 pm
her day, giving you advice. >> i consider my mother to be the greatest woman to i have known, what she had to endure to take care of the 6 of us because of my father's negligence, resonated in a fashion, you look at her and you mar vil marveled at her greatness and commitment to making sure all 6 of her children will be okay and what she sacrificed in order for me to be here with you today, that is why she is with me where ev ever. i got fired by isp n in 2009, i blamed everyone else until my mother blamed he and challenge need look in the mirror and look at myself. and recognize what i did wrong. my level of --
5:32 pm
immaturity. she was always proud of me. but in the same breath she never allowed me to get comcomcomplacent. as long as you are living and breathing, her mentality was there were things to accomplish. she always told me, that not just talking about work but about life, a good person, trying to make a difference in our society. trying to do the right thing, not just for myself, but for the collective whole. wha whoever it may be. mark: the book, straight shooter. by st stephen a. smith, a fantastic back. i recommend -- what do you think your appeal is across races, faiths across geography, people love to watch you, they want to hear your take, first take is the big show on espn .
5:33 pm
i'll bring on radio, i'll ask you about the usc and baseball and basketball you are like the rain man, it is also the way you express it. >> i talk fast, i am confident in my ability to articulate my thoughts, i that think i am peerless in saying -- fearless in saying what i think needs to be said no matter how controversial or challenging it may be. they come in the to play, but, people look at my humanity and knows that it has not left me in the process of me expressing those things, hell i might disagree with the great one mark levin, but i might disagree with you about this. i'm not condemning you as a particular person because i don't feel the way you feel on this issue, it a case by case basis. i know that the world is a better place, whether we're
5:34 pm
all committed to making the world's better place, you can't becom become -- committed if you unfair and inhumane, you have to be better. for me, people i think no matter what kien kind of criticisms or things that i may say in holding people accountable for what they do, at the end of the day i'm the same pitch -- person that you can pick up the phone. i think that people in sports industry have seen that from me. time and time again. whether it is athletes, coaches, owners, advertisers, and sponsors. that is why they are all support it of straight shooter, i had shaquille o'neal promoting my book, and tom brady, and adam silvers, and executive vp for nfl. list goes on.
5:35 pm
they are not doing things like that steph curry congratulated me. you are not doing stuff like that for people, whose humanity you question. you do it because you know there are heart is in the right place. i think we have that obligation to make the world's better place, i hope it came across in my book. mark: it does. most importantly, pion all those super stars, i'm promoting your book. here it is. >> yes, you are. mark: a fam fantastic book, you will love the book. you will get to know stephen a. smith. in ways you have never known him and like him 100 times more, he is a great guy, he is great at life. and i really think you should replace one of these nighttime hoists, you know. one of the three, they all sound alike and say the same damn thing, do you not, you
5:36 pm
are compelling, i wish you all of the best my friend. >> i appreciate it thank you so much. >> honored to be on your show, thank you, i appreciate it mark. mark: it is my honor, god bless you, sir. >> god bless. mark: we'll be right back. my asthma felt anything but normal. a blood test helped show my asthma is driven by eosinophils, which nucala helps reduce. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face,
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mark: welcome back america. we have with us now one of greatest athletes -- i'm kidding, we us now, honesterly, one of the great secretaries of state, mike pompeo. who has written a fantastic book, never give an inch. fighting for the america i love, this is a great book. you learn a ton about what was taking place durings trump administration and how mike pompeo quietly behind the scenes, most of the time was duking it out with our enemies, even with punitive allies, to try to achieve many things.
5:41 pm
you know, mr. secretary. we don't have enough time to hit every aspect of this book. you have seconds of the book that are really -- second sections that are remarkable, you wanted to meet with the governors, association. and you had trouble getting into that meeting. then you get there they give you time, tell us about that meeting. >> thank you mark. thank you for kind words, i am not the greatest athlete. i had the privilege to search for 4 years. the chinese communist party presents singular great threat from outside of the country. i had come to learn through classified information that chinese communist party was tracking all government of our governors and grade great detail and evaluates them, giving them a rating, on the team, off the team or we're working on you.
5:42 pm
i saw governor association was having a meeting in dc, i called then governor hogan and governor cuomo and asked for 20 minutes. when i was there, and it was a sleepy saturday afternoon, they were kind of pay attention, i told them i had a recently declassified report where chinese communist party were tracking them, following them, measuring them, every one of them wanted to see what i had, this problem from chinese communist party is inside of the gates, they are tracking a lot of americans in the business world, senior leaders and government, not just federal level. like with representative swalwell, they are looking to go propaganda and collect secrets, that day i alerted the governors to that. mark: you dealt with leadership of that regime, what did you make of it?
5:43 pm
were they cold-hearted. ? blood thi thirsty individuals over power hungry. >> all of the above. cold-hearted, power hungry, don't give a whip about human humanity, they are nothing burgers it is about power and making the nation of china the greatest hehegemonic power, xi jinping calls it the great struggle, trying to build the middle kingdom, the middle of this earth, he consolidated power in way no leader in 40 years has consolidated, his intention with respect to u.s., are clear. and they have a lest problem in china, a lot of problem in china we need to defend our own way of life, if we don't get this way right, our kids and grand kids will live in a country that looks like theirs more than ours.
5:44 pm
mark: they're a greater threat than old soviet union, right in they embrace economy policies that cause them to assimilate within our own economy system. they are strategic, about surrounding the united states whether the panama canal and our h he hemisphere, western side of africa, that building m military arsenal that can reach the u.s. >> you are right, primary confrontation battlefield, it is economic, they have stolen tens of thousands of jobs from the american people, and billions of dollars worth of intellectual property. i talk about the spying operation out of chinese consulate, their diplomatic facility in houston, texas. we had known about it for a
5:45 pm
long time, i closed it they were single largest spying operation inside of united states we didn't want to make them mad or anger them, for first time, you saw an administration acknowledge the risk from chinese communist party and begin to push back on 50 years of american weakness with respect to it. mark: the book, never give an inch, fighting for the america i love, mike pompeo when we come back, tonight ask you -- i want to ask you, you had a eagle's eye seat. what do you make of the biden administration? when they are doing? are they unraveling all of the proe progress you made? we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america. we're with former secretary of state mike pompeo. fantastic book, never give an inch. fighting for the america i love. you will love the book, you can get it at, any major bookstore. mr. secretary. given what you have accomplished, president trump accomplished. ure seewhat do you make of now. >> i'm heart broken, not about me, but america is at more risk today as a result of fact that president biden has unwound a number of things we dwe built out historic agreements, this president came in and reengaged in iran, we confronted china for first time, he has begun to walk away from those central commitment, we worked hard to make sure that the work we did in afghanistan for 20
5:51 pm
years, was protected. president biden just picked a date, 7 and created 13 dead americans, and damaged america's place in the world and put a lot of risk, we pushed back against russia too, we made sure that vladimir putin did not invade europe on our walk, he took a fifth of ukraine you were president obama did not take an inch on our watch, thing just after we left office he moved again, this is absense of determine deterrents and american credible leadership that putting america in a weaker place. mark: china is building up, they are not stopping. they are more encouraged than before, building up military might, and geopolitical positions, using a lot of arm armaments now, yet joe biden does not propose a budget for defense department that
5:52 pm
is come -- come -- with what they are doing. >> we'll have fewer ships in 5 years. we'll have fewer capabilities in space. than we this -- not only. >> the number, size and scope but you get it right. and president biden has gotten it wrong, he it talking about shrinking scale of defense department, and focu f focus, equity inclusion. they are discoun disconnected from protects and preserving our nation, i can assure everyone watching, if you read -- there is not a chance that chinese military is doing, that there is not a chance they are not focused on understanding america and taking us down, we need to make sure our military is sized correctly and shaped
5:53 pm
correctly to achieve that and pro for protect things that matter most to us. mark: you were raised really in the midwest. those are kind of values you bring to the table. you look at what is going on in the nation today, you talk about this wokism, the attack on our history, what is going on in the classrooms. joe biden, keeps trashing our nation, l left and write as systematically races, irony in his early career where he hung out with segregationists and t racist, if has st -- this has to be troubling to you. >> it is, he is un under
5:54 pm
mining the central values, people want to see america's secretary of state, they knew we were good, they knew we were powerful and they knew and respected our leadership, none of those last two exist today, we're a famil fundamentally good country but we're teaching kids in school to found our country was founded on racism, this is gas lighting this is a great nation, as i watch this daadministration undermine that and apologize for america, something that i this never done, i i know it makes life of my children, and fra grandchildren less secure. mark: a fantastic book. that covers so many areas that you are interested in concerned about. never give an inch, fighting for the america i love. this is the book. you know secretary pompeo. he is a great patriot. has done great things for the country, you can get it
5:55 pm
on, thank you so much for coming. >> mark, bless you, have a good eve innin evening. mark: god bless you sir, we'll be right back. ♪ [acoustic soul music throughout] ♪ ♪ for skin as alive as you are... don't settle for silver. harness the power of 7 moisturizers & 3 vitamins to smooth, heal, and moisturize your dry skin. gold bond. champion your skin. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly.
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mark: welcome back america, our two great guests, stephen a. smith and mike pompeo, different backgrounds. different career paths. two successful men. bucboth of whom life america and are products of the american dream. the american system. both of whom are products of individual liberty and capital capitalism, and our great constitution. that is what i'm committed to defending, that is this program will always be btwo about. two men with different backgrounds highly
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successful, is that not what america is all about. making success of themselve or not. or not. but being free to pursue that which motivates them, that is what we're about here, i'll see you next time on "life, liberty and levin" steve: breaking tonight a total show at the white house looking at any of the biting classified documents if you find them let them know. remember how the biden people in the immediate benefits wanting the adults back in the room they should know how to govern what a joke. the clowns are back in the circus. here's what i want to know about the document fiasco. they started talking about i


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