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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 23, 2023 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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said but i don't know. >> greg: there you go. >> jesse: totally. >> judge jeanine: 21-year-old deep sea driver disappears after being caught in a powerful current depths of 150 feet. he ends up being sent down a mile and then swims two miles. his family caught him. it's a miracle the kid's name is dillon. he was resourceful and has got a lot of energy. and that's it. >> dana: that is it for us "special report" is up next. >> hey, bret. >> bret: hey, dana, thanks. jesse congrats on the eagles. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a former high ranking fbi official is indicted over alleged ties to a russian oligarch. we will explain that the search for answers after a gunman kills 11 people at a southern california dance club. we'll take you there live. and we'll talk live with indiana senator todd young just back from taiwan about whether the u.s. is prepared for a showdown with china and how close we may be to seeing that.
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♪ >> bret: but, first, breaking news tonight. the chairman of the house intelligence committee is describing president biden as a, quote: serial classified document hoarder. that comment from congressman mike turner comes after the fbi seized additional classified documents from the president's delaware home. turmoil over this scandal comments as white house chief of staff john kayleigh mcenany prepares to leave his job at the president's side. a big change in the white house now under peter doocy joins us. >> we learned tonight when the houses they are fully cooperating they mean with the doj because the white house coucounsel written back to james comer the oversight committee chairman saying they will work to accommodate legitimate oversight interest. they do not say they will work to accommodate all oversight interest. and that's as comer is also
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hoping for a response from the secret service about biden visitor information. >> the fbi was invited into the president's home. >> now we know while president biden was meeting with mayors and flying on marine one friday, fbi agents were in his primary residence performing a 13-hour long search. >> the president and his lawyers offered up access, unprecedented access i should add, to every single room of the president's personal home. >> according to biden's personal attorneys, the fbi took several of biden's belongings, quote: including items consisting of documents with classification marks. some dating back to his days as a senator. >> i go to a scif and i have to give over my phone. and i'm not allowed to take any documents outside of the scif. so, i really don't understand how those documents got in to a personal residence. >> president biden's indication of a statement on this topic. >> any more [inaudible] in your
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home, sir? >> never materialized. >> i think this is a big deal for his 2024 plans. i think they might have been in question anyway. >> white house chief of staff ron klain is set to exit soon. reportedly to be jeff zients as democrats struggle to defend the president's document mess. >> embarrassed by the situation as he should have been. >> some distancing themselves from the president's defiant defense. >> i have no regrets. >> i think he should have a lot of regrets, yeah. >> the democrats stress the president is cooperating. republicans are skeptical. >> this has all the pattern of an influence peddling scheme. it also has the makings of a potential cover-up. >> is president biden involved in a cover-up? >> we have been very clear here from this administration, the president has been very clear that he takes this very seriously when it comes to the -- when it comes to classified information.
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>> this is the first time a sitting president has had a home searched by the fbi. and the press secretary insists president biden still does intend to run for president, run for re-election in 2024 but they do concede there is no precedent for somebody running for president after having the fbi search their most private quarters. bret? >> bret: the use of fbi agents to search the president's home would seem to escalate the investigation to a new level. and it adds to the growing involvement of the justice department. correspondent david spunt joins us tonight. >> stayed central when asked by fox news appointing appointing two special counsels to investigate two presidents. >> justice department to apply the facts and law in each case and reach appropriate decisions in a nonpartisan and neutral way with regard to to who the
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subjects are. >> spent 13 hours searching. the fbi source was consensual. >> usually that happens under circumstances where the government has grounds to get a criminal search warrant. >> mr. president in this case there was no warrant and the president was warned in advance. >> planned only means they knew he was coming which is why the president probably spent the weekend at rehoboth when they're going to search wilmington. >> the president has said his property in rehoboth beach, delaware does not contain any classified documents but fox news has learned authorities may search there and other locations connected to biden, as agents searched the wilmington home, his lawyers watched, juxtapose that with the unannounced search of former president donald trump's home. authorities came armed with a warrant and trump's lawyers
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claimed they were left in the dark during the search. the former president fought with the national archives and justice department for months leading to the unannounced fbi raid in august. >> president biden's team turned over documents to the national archives as soon as they were found but the first batch was discovered a week before the november midterms and the only reason, bret, we found out about them more than two months later is because the story broke in the news. so the question was the white house going to come out with this before the news broke with it? doesn't seem to be. >> bret: david, thank you. ♪ >> bret: breaking tonight, a retired fbi official, one of the top officials in counterintelligence has been arrested on charges he violated u.s. sanctions against russia working for and getting paid by a russian oligarch. those are the charges. senior national correspondent rich edson has details tonight. good evening, rich. >> good evening, bret. prosecutors have indicted the former special agent in charge of counterintelligence at the fbi in new york.
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they accuse him of using his position to help a heavily sanctioned russian oligarch. charles mcgonigle allegedly asked for and received $225,000 to work for ohleg delaware pose can a. prosecutors say he agreed to investigate a rival oligarch tried to get him off the u.s. sanctions list, even opened a criminal investigation at the fbi. attorney general merrick garland was asked about such a high profile law enforcement official who allegedly betrayed the fbi. >> i believe there is a press release from the southern district of new york and from the district of columbia where the two different sets of charges are made and i really can't go beyond that. >> fbi director chris wray said in a statement, quote: the way we maintain the trust and confidence of the american people is through our work showing when all the facts come out that we stuck to the process and we treated everyone equally, even when it is one of our own. the fbi will go to great lengths
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to investigate and hold accountable anyone who violates the law including when the individual accusing him of ties to the kremlin, money laundering, extortion, racketeering and ordering the medical record murder of a businessman. also a client of paul manafort donald trump's campaign manager for a few months in 2016. in 2018 manafort was convicted of financial crimes. mcgonegal was a senior intelligence official in washington before 2016 and likely would have at least been briefed on crossfire hurricane the trump-russia investigation began the previous july. bret? >> bret: we'll follow. this rich, thank you. let's bring in fox news political analyst brit hume. brit, good evening. i want to talk to you about the document search and the
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president's reaction to it and his party. quickly, the reaction to another development with the fbi. i mean, it does not seem like it's been a good couple of months. >> brit: black eye for the fbi handling of donald trump matter and earlier the hillary clinton matter and now for its on again, off again participation in the biden's paper questions. a lot on the fbi's plate. real feelings that this agency needs reformed. this will only add to voices saying that. >> over the decades we have seen presidents deal with different adversity, different charges, different investigations. here is just a touch, a lookback at how they dealt with it. >> people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook well, i'm not a crook. >> we did not -- i repeat, did not trade wednesday or anything else for hostages. >> i'm going to say this again: i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> i think you're gonna find
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there's nothing there. i have no regrets. there's no there there. thank you. >> bret: the "wall street journal" says that joe biden's no regrets presidency, one of president biden's political character traits is his manifest disdain for anyone who questions his behavior or judgment. this has been on full display and drawing him deeper into a political morass. it appears he felt entitled to take classified documents home while a senator. did he put them in his briefcase to read on amtrak? the threat here is more political than criminal. the president had better hope there isn't more there there or he might find his hope for a second term in jeopardy. that's from the "wall street journal." your thoughts on all of this? >> brit: i have to say, bret, in the anales of presidential denials, the one you heard about no regrets and no there there was the most unfortunate than i can remember for several reasons. let's take, for example, what we learned over the weekend that he took documents home while he was a senator, a senator has no
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authorization whatsoever to remove a classified document from the security compartmentalized information facility that they have on capitol hill let alone take one out of that room. let alone out of the building and let alone home and then who hold on to it for lo these many years. that was utterly indefensible and the president's defense regrettable no sooner than he said this than this turned out. >> bret: quickly, brit, where do you think this goes? obviously it runs its course. >> brit: well, now the assertion so different from what donald trump did. it's different in what donald trump did in one way that is
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behind these classified documents that is the argument is the president behaved better after he got caught but make no mistake about it he got caught. there's no way around it. and it will stand on the record going forward no matter what the justice department or anybody else does. >> bret: a rally for tech stocks today sent the stocks up. dow gained 254. the nasdaq rose 224 today. up next, we talked about the growing tensions over china and taiwan. what the senator who just returned from the island nation. first, here is what some mexico's former top law enforcement official. gathers luna possible decades of prison time over allegations he accepted millions of dollars in bribes from a drug cartel he was supposedly trying to stop. prosecutors say luna helped the sinaloa cartel by not
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intervening in drug shipments from mexico. wfxt in boston 300 catholic churches have been attacked last two that years. 300. just 25% of the attackers have been arrested so far. and this is a live look at hawaii. one of the big stories there from khon, our affiliate, surfer luke shepardson takes first place in the 2023 eddy ico big waive invitation. the first time the event has occurred in 2016. the 27-year-old won with near perfect store of 89 points out of 90. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back ♪ inside outside u.s.a. ♪ everybody's gone surfing ♪ surfing u.s.a. ♪ ,”
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>> bret: washington at this thank says the u.s. industrial base is not adequately prepared for the international security environment that now exists. the center for strategic and international studies says its own war games indicate the u.s. use of munitions would likely
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exceed the current stockpiles during a major regional conflict such as war with china and the taiwan strait. the report says the u.s. would likely run out of some munitions in less than a week. the war in ukraine has also exposed serious deficiencies in the industrial base. tonight we want to talk about the situation with taiwan and china. todd young says every member of congress should visit the island and see for themselves. he is recently back from the visit and he joins us this evening. senator young, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me, bret. >> bret: just back. your sense of where things stand today. how taiwan looks at it and obviously china's aggression happens week-to-week. >> yeah, bret. this visit was really important at this period of time. as the first member of congress to visit taiwan this year and i think the coming year and really the next few years are going to be essential as we hear that the population is declining in china. they have a botched covid
3:20 pm
response and that's broadly recognized and they have economic problems. there may be a push by chinese leadership xi jinping, in particular, to increase the threat of military invasion which is why the taiwanese have been upping their military game, partnering with us on military training issues and acquiring more a symmetric weapons. i was there to reassure them that there is unity amidst an atmosphere of disunity oftentimes here in washington on this issue for the most part there is unity that we need to continue to invest in the relationship because it will cost us less to do so in the long run despite the walking back some of the things president biden has said saying we will stand up and be taiwan and the white house walking that back and saying our policy hasn't changed you are saying there is unity if china attacks taiwan are we in that game. we are, whether we like it or not, we are part of an order and
3:21 pm
we benefit order defends democratic values and open trade and that's been our way of life post world war ii. so we need to, just as we are resourcing the are ukrainians to fight on their front against russian aggression we need to give the taiwanese what they need to contain china and ensure that a free and open pacific is something americans benefit from. >> bret: china continues to talk about this in a very aggressive way. here is just recent foreign ministry. >> only when china is fully reunified can there be true peace across the taiwan strait. china will take the most forceful steps to expose external interference. >> bret: so, you know, they are talking about it very aggressively. then when you look at something that you have dealt with a lot, semiconductors taiwan. "new york times" writes. this americans must win semiconductor war. if china took control of taiwan and cut off our chip supply that would be economically
3:22 pm
devastating, akin to or worse than the loss of oil exports from the major middle eastern producer. first of all, do you agree with that and second of all you dealt with the chips act. how long are we going to take before we are competitive outside of taiwan on that front? >> i do agree with that statement. chips are arguably more valuable in today's economy than hydrocarbons. you can't turn on and off anything with an on-off switch these days without microchips embedded in the device or automobile or weapon system. we need access to our own domestic supply. the chips in science act will get us that we are in the early stages of implementing that legislation. it of course takes a couple year to build these computer chip plants. these fabs that are often in the news. >> bret: we're two, three years from being able to compete on that front. >> that's right. we are a couple years from competing. that said, we have already improved our resiliency in part
3:23 pm
because members and the administration nor focused working other countries. a broader narrative the chinese are trying to weaponize our economic interdepend dense of the country. they became the workshop of the world and they aim to make higher end things not just toys and assembling automobiles but ultimately designing and making these computer chips. so they threatened on a number of fronts a number of countries to use that interdependence to their own political benefit. cutting off imports of various things. disrupting supply chains. we can't allow them to do that with a mission critical component like a semiconductor. >> we often talk about the long-term threat from china. there is a near term threat especially for some place like taiwan. do you think that's coming to a head sooner rather than later? >> conventional wisdom said that the actual threat of invasion is ten years or beyond.
3:24 pm
thinking that's conventional wisdom informed by this trip as well, you have a declining population botched covid response and slowing growth in china, they fay feel an urgency to go ahead and act. certainly i would say there is more uncertainty about the insenses of xi jinping and the communist right now than there was just months ago. so all the more reason that we need to stay resolute. we need to partner with the taiwanese, japanese, australians and others. and we in congress need to send a message of unity by investing in security and important relationships. >> bret: last thing, in your party, there are sections that feel like there is too much money going to ukraine. there is too much thought about other things and perhaps taiwan hasn't come up specifically in legislation but there is talk about this. are you worried about that faction and how that sits with what you see? >> i understand where they are coming from, which is a lot of
3:25 pm
money has been spent of late. we are recovering from a global pandemic and we need to establish priorities. the job of our federal government. our government generally is to keep people safe and secure so they can go on and carry on their daily lives. this is our most fundamental responsibility. the threat has gone. and the cost of war, of armed conflict is far greater, far greater than avoiding war, which is what we all aim to do. >> bret: senator young, we appreciate your time come back. >> thanks, bret. >> bret: the slaughter of 11 people at southern california dance studio and lunar new year celebrations we will have a live report there and domestic terrorism charges after protests turn violent in atlanta. now adt professionally installs turn violent in atlanta. ♪
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correspondent christina coleman joins us with the latest. good evening, christina. >> good evening, bret. a yes, a press conference is going on right now. where investigators are giving an update on the latest on this mass shooting. the sheriff just said that the suspect in the case arrest 1994 for unlawful possession of a firearm. they also said as a result of the search warrant for the suspect's home they recovered one 308 caliber rifle. cell phone and also collected items that lead them to believe. manufacturing homemade firearm suppressers. kind hearted person. really kind, genuine, 65-year-old mimi mann loved to go dancing every saturday. known for her warm smile. she started a dance studio in monterey park where ming maui was an instructor.
3:32 pm
they are two of the victims who have been identified as police continue to search for a motive for saturday night's deadly shuting which happened just moments after a large lunar festival nearby. >> would he want knowed how something this awful can happen. >> armed with what the los angeles county sheriff describes as a magazine semi-automatic assault pistol. huu can tran first targeted the star studio before heading nearby there two men wrestled the gun away and the suspect fled. two hours later tran shot himself. as they searched the white van they were looking for based on witness descriptions. inside investigators found evidence linking tran to the shootings. >> he would are looking at all criminal history, mental health history. there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to answer a lot of questions that all of us have. >> the shooting happened known as the heart of l.a. county's chinese community. california congresswoman nancy pelosi says while the lunar new year should be a time of celebration it's now one of
3:33 pm
sorrow and renewed her call for an assault weapon ban. >> having access to this kind of violent weaponry and being able to break into a celebration of community it just has to stop. >> just moments ago in this press conference the sheriff clarified his statement about how that gun was taken away from that suspect initially they said two people fought with him to get the gun. during this press conference just now, they say it was one person and he has called to person a hero. bret? >> bret: christina coleman live there. we will continue to monday for tore for any news. two students are dead and adult employee injured after shooting in a school which took three suspects into custody about 20 minutes. police sergeant says the shootings were targeted and not random. it happened at educational program called starts right here works at risk youth.
3:34 pm
officials in atlanta, georgia charging more than a dozen people with domestic terrorism in violence surrounding the construction of a police training facility. saturday night things came to a head in doubt atlanta. correspondent steve harrigan is there tonight. [chanting] >> what started out as a peaceful demonstration to mark the death of an activist last week turned violent in downtown atlanta. rioters in hoodies and ski masks set a police car on fire and used hammers and rocks to smash building windows. no injuries were reported. six were arrested. police say the six were intent on violence their action have nothing to do with freedom of speech. >> they will be charged accordingly and they will find that this police department and the partnership committed to stomp that activity. >> trouble began last week when police tried to clear 25 camp sites from members of a group called defend the forest who
3:35 pm
oppose construction of a police training center which opponents call cop city. law enforcement officials say a georgia state trooper was shot and wounded during the operation by a 26-year-old activist who was killed when police returned fire. the protesters are demanding an investigation into the shooting. >> people protest is not domestic terrorism. >> this is a chilling effect on the peaceful right of assembly. >> atlanta's mayor issued a warning if the violence continues. >> my message is simple to those who seek to continue this type of criminal behavior. we will find you and we will arrest you. and you will be held accountable. >> six of those arrested made their first court appearance today. they face a series of charges including domestic terrorism most were divnd bond due to flight risk. 12 of the 13 people were from other states. the governor tweeted these are outsiders trying to bring violence to georgia.
3:36 pm
bret? >> bret: steve harrigan in atlanta. thank you. when we come back, the congressional stalemate over the debt ceiling and what comes next. as we go break. one more tribute to our long-time colleague alan komissaroff who died at the age of 47. this weekend a massive turfout in the memorial service new jersey for him. the fox family and his family and friends came out in droves from all over to say goodbye. alan was fox news channel senior vice president of news and politics. he started working here back in 1996 even before the network launched. alum need of he had mueller high school it was there that he met the woman who would become his wife, rachel. and theirs was a love story that any of us would feel lucky to have. alan and rachel went to prom together, graduated together. they have got married and had two incredible kids. ben turned 17 in november. olivia is 13.
3:37 pm
they and rachel were the loves of alan's life. we all know he could not have been more proud of his family. he talked about them all the time. or they of him. he was a father and our friend. weigh as colleague beyond measure as alan rose through the ranks here, we knew him as a perfectionist, an occasional prankster. he also had uncanny ability to quote from any movie or tv show. alan worked harder than just about anyone. after a heart attack 10 years ago, he came backs stronger and for decades alan has been at the heart of our coverage. >> so with everything so tight, we know it's going to be a late night. what's the likelihood we wake up in the morning and we still have not been able to call. >> unfortunately it's unlikely. >> for every major news story and election cycle and every intrarks alan was there. today, he is no longer. and his absence leaves an enormous hole in our lives.
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3:43 pm
conspiracy january 2021. to keep president trump in power. the men face up to 20 years in prison. they are ordered to remain in home detention with electronic monitoring until their sentencing date. separately, the man who rested his feet on a desk in nancy pelosi's office was found guilty on all case he faced. richard barnett will be sentenced in early may. democrat turned independent arizona senator kyrsten sinema is -- has a new opponent or her seat next year. is he democratic congressman ruben gallego. he will fight for normal people struggling to make ends meet and losing faith in politicians. gallego is a 43-year-old military veteran first elected to congress in 2014. senators are back in washington tonight but there apparently is no plan to lift the debt ceiling which the country exceeded last week. that is because the president and fellow democrats are refusing to discuss spending
3:44 pm
cuts with republicans. they want a flat debt ceiling increase and that might not fly. here is senior congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> it's a staring contest risking fiscal fallout. democrats demand republicans unveil their spending cuts. >> let the entirety of the house debate it and vote on it and let the american people see and assess these cuts for themselves prussians insist on deep reductions. >> the credit cards are maxed out. that's basically how you hit the debt ceiling. >> hawks caution the g.o.p. sass expirations are too lofty. >> if you wanted to balance the budget in the next 10 years, you would have to cut about $7 trillion in spending and that means you have to make substantial cuts to things people care a lot about. >> that includes medicare, medicaid and social security, accounting for 70% of all federal spending. that's why no one wants to cut programs which cost the most. >> no cuts to medicare, medicaid or social security. that's a nonstarter for either side. >> no cuts to anybody that's
3:45 pm
receiving their benefits, no adjustments to this. they earned it. >> obama zients is expected to succeed ron klain just as the president is slated for a meeting with house speaker kevin mccarthy. the administration is adamant about debt ceiling height. >> it should be done without conditions. >> yet biden was the negotiator during the 2011 debt ceiling. >> i didn't go to convince i went to explain. i never asked another person to vote against. >> bipartisan lawmakers say talks are essential. >> when you have a divided government, you have to negative the united states. we need to have these constructive conversations. >> however, negotiations do not guarantee success. automatic spending cuts began in 2011 because talks failed to reach a deal. bret? >> bret: chad pergram live on the hill. thank you. up next a panel on the biden document scandal. what's evolving. my interview with todd young as
3:46 pm
well. turkey's president says sweden should not expect support for nato membership following anti-islam and procureddish groups. demonstrators burned c q. >> janet yellen is calling for leaders in zambia to restructure debt. meeting with officials three country tour. china has prevented zambia from resolving debt problem but believes progress is possible after talks with chinese officials last week. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into,
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but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present as best as it can be for everybody.
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3:52 pm
those documents should not have been in the personal possession of either joe biden or donald trump. let's be honest about it when the information is found it diminishes the stature of any person who is in possession of it. >> the attorney general today and some lawmakers over the weekend reacting to the biden document situation the scandal has developed. andy mccarthy and "the national review" why biden consented to fbi search. birched has decided to pose as a dedicated public servant who cooperates unfailingly with law enforcement because he has nothing to hide. don't fall for it. team biden has been playing games for two month and clearly not only does the in the have things to hide he has been hiding some of them for over 15 years with that, bring in our panel, mollie hemingway editor and chief at the federalist. byron york, chief political correspondent at the washington examiner and mara liasson national political correspondent of "national public radio." mara, your sense in the white house, obviously they are not saying much there. they are pointing everybody to the white house council's office
3:53 pm
and the doj. but has this evolved and even more documents were found it is frustrating. >> frustrating for democrats. that's for sure. >> this is a classic drip, drip, drip story we don't know what the documents are we don't what the mar-a-lago documents are. every day you get a headline another document found keeps the story alive when a lot of democrats are becomes exasperated and frustrated because this is hurting joe biden just as he is about to run for re-election. this is the kind of thing that we're going to have to wait for the special counsel in both of these cases to find out what actually both of these men were keeping in their residences. >> bret: mollie? >> i think joe biden has a very difficult situation here of his own making. this does go back decades. his handling of classified information. he needs to be transparent. he has had this very effective
3:54 pm
rollout of the information. we don't know why he was hoarding these documents. i think a lot of people reasonably surmise that it's related to the biden family business where people were trading on his name and power to get money for the family. by working with foreign oligarchs or powerful foreign governments. ukrainian oligarchs or chinese communist officials. and he is going to need to be as transparent as possible without further violating classified statutes if he wants to survive this. >> classified material can run the gamut, byron as we know 108e written notes classifications. some use those for memoirs down the road. arguably there is some of this is actual documents in folders at least that's what we're being told material taken out of classified place bias a senator and by perhaps a vice president. >> yes and we need a lot more clarity about it from the white house.
3:55 pm
first of all, we're still getting this stonewall in the white house briching room. real questions what the president's lawyer bob bauer has said. he described the recent search of the house in wilmington. said the fbi took six items consisting of documents six pieces of paper or a box? it can if you look at the inventory the justice department released after the mar-a-lago raid in the trump document case they used the word item to refer to a box maybe 10 classified pieces of paper. 12 top secret piece of paper and 100 unclassified things in it. we don't know what the justice department has actually found and, thus, how serious the case is. >> bret: these investigations raunching not only the special counsel but up on the hill as well i want to turn to the
3:56 pm
situation china and taiwan. todd young on the show earlier. >> whether we like it or not we are part of an order and we benefit from an order that defend democrat values and way of trade and that's been our way of life post world war ii. we need to just as we are resourcing the ukrainians to fight on their front against russian aggression. we need to continue to give the taiwanese what they need to contain china. >> bret: mara, he is just back from taiwan and his timeline for confrontation is a little shorter than other people. >> that's right. look, and kevin mccarthy is about to go taiwan. nancy pelosi went to taiwan. i mean, china is watching what happens? ukraine very carefully. and the que question is their te away going to be whoa, we better not move against a country that's going to be heavily armed with united states help, et cetera. or should we do it all of a sudden? we don't know what kind of
3:57 pm
conclusions they are drawing. but, i think one of the questions and you did ask the senator 'this how steadfast is the current republican majority in the house about helping countries like ukraine and taiwan? there's a realize labor relationist wing in the party. many of them are turning against helping countries like ukraine and taiwan. sending them arms. we'll see if that holds up. >> bret: mollie, your thoughts on that. >> this is a weird way to talk about how many americans want to make sure that our foreign policy serves our national interest. and it is true that there are threats abroad, particularly with china, which is growing in ininfluence operations throughout the world. and people who are very worried about our resources that we have in this country, how much money we have. how much of our supply is being drawn down by what happened with china. not isolationist to care what is happening in china and make sure that we are well-situated to be able to handle that in terms of our financial situation and our
3:58 pm
military situation. >> bret: semiquick tore question and all that's in taiwan building to it but going to take years have a question about whether the president isen othis. take a listen to this. he said it about four times. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> four times the white house walked that back saying it wasn't a change in policy which kind of muddies the waters. >> yeah. and you asked senator young if china attacks taiwan are we in the game? and he said yes. that's just the way it is right now. good for senator young and kevin mccarter and nancy pelosi to express u.s. support of taiwan but one thing china might be seeing is a country disarming
3:59 pm
itself right now american armed stockpiles. the number of javelin missiles sent to ukraine since last august. equals seven years of production. we are disarming ourselves in this proxy war right now. and, unless we rearm ourselves really fast. not be prepared for a crisis in china and taiwan. >> bret: fascinating. these conversations are going to continue and we will continue it with you all. thank you. be. >> bret: finally tonight special day pizza hut joins with popular uber to break world record for the largest pizza ever. measures nearly 14,000 square feet. baked at the los angeles convention center by army of passionate pizza preppers. pie made with more than 13,000
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