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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  January 23, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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630 peperoni tops. 68,000 slices being donated to charities around los angeles. makes you hungry. tomorrow on "special report." pollsters kellyanne conway, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair, balanced and still unafraid. jivment ""jesse wattersprimetims win. >> jesse: even happier after they win the super bowl. thanks, bret. >> bret: see you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: at one point or another we have all had to move on from something. maybe it's a bad girlfriend. yes, mom was right when she told you could do better. maybe it's a bad hairstyle. you thought you were the coolest kid in school until you realized you had a mop top. or maybe you just have a hoarding problem. >> this newspaper is from november 1986. >> oh the first rang guidelines of iran contra don't throw that
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out. >> your house is like a crazy person's garage. what do you need this bird house for? can we get rid of it? >> i might need it. >> what about this one? >> well, if two birds come along. >> people who are hoarders usually don't want other people to find out. and it's no different than the president of the united states who we're finding out has a huge hoarding problem. joe biden isn't just latching on to old newspapers or bird houses. he has been hoarding classified documents and joe has tried to keep it a secret for over 50 years. after weeks of biden telling the feds don't come to wilmington, where he promised there would be no more documents. the department of justice finally stepped in this weekend and decided to take a look for themselves. and they sure got a look. they spent 13 hours combing through biden's home in delaware and, yes, the feds found more piles of documents just spread eagled in joe's house. some of them are from his time in the senate.
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was joe taking classified documents on amtrak? did one of those documents just slide in between the seats? or was the russian spy just sitting behind the big guy one day reading over his shoulder? who knows? some of these senate docs could have been there for 30 years. in a place where joe's rickety security cameras went down many times. but we don't even know what's in these documents, unlike with trump the government is not leaking. at this point all the media can do is speculate. >> earlier today the fbi searched president biden's delaware home and found six additional obama-era classified documents. worse, one of them was obama's real birth certificate. [laughter] it was hidden in a copy of black tail magazine. [laughter] >> the feds did tell us they rummaged through biden's handwritten notes, bernie sanders, schedules, reminders from the 90's and even his to-do list. what's on joe's to-do list? number one, fire the prosecutor. number two, brag about firing
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the prosecutor. number three, lock the garage. the first two were crossed off. but the last one wasn't. maybe that's why joe didn't throw it away. and the justice department says the raid was completely consensual. biden only had two drinks but he was totally willing and able to give consent. and the government can prove it because joe shot them an email afterwards saying how great of a time he had. this is the best part. joe's personal attorneys were there while joe's home was being consensually searched. they wanted to watch. not my thing but whatever works for you. biden's attorneys even had a list of rules the government had to follow. biden's attorneys says they outlined the parameters of the search, including which areas of the president's home could be swept for documents. so the fbi didn't go all the way. hey, fbi, have your way with the garage, do whatever you want to the bathroom but the attic, the
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office, and the safe are off limits. it's only the first date. trump's lawyers weren't allowed to watch. and the fbi spent more time there. i mean his search was not consensual when his home was raided. and the fbi spent nine hours searching mar-a-lago, 60,000 square feet. and spent 13 hours searching biden's tiny house? and they weren't even allowed to go in certain rooms? wind got choose what rooms were searched but they rifled through melania's vanity? something weird is going on here. as always the ladies of "the view" will clear it up. >> presidents and vice presidents can declassify these. not with their brains. there is -- you have to go -- there is something that you go through before it's declassified. if you say you know a classified document, everybody goes oh my god, how dare he keep that. and if these guys can declassify, presidents and vice
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presidents can declassify. are we chasing our tail with some of this? >> jesse: so the vice president biden has the power to declassify but president trump doesn't? even joe's allies are starting to bail. >> do you fear that because of that the current president has kind of lost the high ground on this notion of classified information being where it shouldn't be? >> well, of course. let's be honest about it. when that information is found, it diminishes the stature of any person in possession of it because it's not supposed to happen. >> jesse: wait a second we were told joe takes classified documents really seriously. >> when you and the white house and the president all cited the president takes these classified documents very seriously without commenting on the ongoing legal issue, what will you point us to that would demonstrate that
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seriousness? >> i'm going to really refer to you the white house counsel's office. i am. i am i am. >> jesse: binder is realizing you can't say biden takes classified documents seriously and keep finding missing documents. the binder is blowing up. >> the president said he did not know the documents were there i'm not actually sure he has said that that clearly. are you saying the president didn't know. >> he said he was surprised. he said he was surprised. >> any of the documents. >> he said he was surprised i'm going to leave it there. >> don't you think people might question that given that you -- every few days we are finding more documents have been found at his house. >> what i am telling you is what the president has said, which is he takes it very seriously. >> jesse: the justice department is now deciding whether to search biden's other properties. consensually, of course. because, after they let biden's lawyer search his house and say that was it, when it wasn't it, is the fbi going to take his word that biden's beach house is clear, too? because where was biden this
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weekend? biden was in his beach house. and the fbi still hasn't been to the beach house. what was biden doing at the beach house all weekend? because i thought i saw him carrying a gallon of bleach did biden go to beach house to flush documents down the toilet in the fbi is doing bang up job letting the suspect sleep at the crime scene. hey o.j. why don't you go back to bundy drive and rest up before trial. the bronco ride probably wiped you out. rest up and see new court. the fbi let joe go wilmington before they consensually searched it and now they are going to let him go to the beerch house before we assume they consensually searched that peter doocy asked this straight up. >> is president biden involved in a cover-up? >> we have been very clear here from this administration, the president has been very clear that he takes this very
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seriously. >> jesse: miranda devine makes a great point. why doesn't the fbi cross-reference the classified documents with the laptop? you know, connect the dots? even jesse jr. could crack that case. and the fbi isn't just looking at biden properties. cbs reports they are going to be looking into places linked to biden joe is 80. he has been linked to pretty much everywhere. university of delaware. cafe. corn pop's pool. the feds could lay up a heavy blackmail op. know beverage the big guy where he has been and what he stole at this point hunter is starting to look like the smart one. trey gowdy the former house oversight committee chairman host of sunday night in america and author of start, stay, or leave the art of decision-making we're going to get to the book in a second. is it odd that they're just going to take joe's lawyers'
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word for and it then look and find stuff and then take his word that they cleared out the house at rehoboth beach and then maybe not? that doesn't seem proper. >> it would be if it not already happened once before. remember when secretary clinton they gave her lawyers the questions before we was interviewed. there were no subpoenas. there were no searches. so, you played this montage of media reaction. they think it's a joke. i'm not surprised at the media duplicity. i'm a little surprised at doj's disprit treatment. how would they treat you, had did they treat other how they tweeted president trump and now president biden. what documents did you find? you played -- it was a video
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this humorous clip about a bird house. you show me what the documents are. tell me what the documents are and now i know the motive and i'm better able to piece together who took the documents and for what purpose. right now you may know but i don't know what documents they found. >> jesse: what about not being allowed to go into certain rooms of biden's house? does that strike you as a little sketchy? look in the garage but my office is off limits? whether you give consent to search. what i hear you asking why did you do a consent search. why not get a search warrant? why not get a subpoena? why are you asking for consent if you -- we're talking about two separate issues. possession of government property, whether it's classified or not, you can't have government property. even if it's not classified. and classified material. why are you asking permission to do this when you have probable cause to go search? >> jesse: after the lawyers said they searched and that was it, and it wasn't it.
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multiple times. >> he may need a new group of lawyers. can you imagine how much money. >> pack of blood hounds would be cheaper. >> also paying them to move. remember, they are actually movers, too. they are movers and lawyers. have you ever paid anybody $2,000 an hour to move for you. >> just my wife. [laughter] >> jesse: all right. we got a great book it's called "start, stay, or leave." i read a li blurb in the back. i read most of this book. three quarters of it i made a financial decision that has really worked out thanks to trey gowdy. tell us a little bit about the book and why everybody needs to read it besides because it's very profitable. >> besides the fact that you endorsed it and thank you for reading three quarters of it that is more than my mom and wife have read to date. jesse, we get one shot at this gift called life, life is the accumulation of decisions that we make and often tell me you
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had to decide where you wanted to work. had you to decide where to go to school had you to decide do i do "the five" and take on the 7:00 show because you give up something. you give up time at home. so, life is about decisions. what i would encourage you and everyone else to do is look at the end. what do you want to be said about you at the end, when you retire, your 50th wedding anniversary. god forbid your wake, your funeral. and are we making decisions to get us toward that desired closing argument. >> jesse: i love this book because it presents a blueprint for simple people to just hit these certain levels step-by-step by step to success. we need a lot of instruction some of us to focus. and that's what this book does. thank you very much, trey gowdy book is out. presale buy it now or where books are sold tomorrow. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: thanks, trey. >> i thought antifa was just an idea. how did this idea set so many
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>> jesse: causing chaos in the ununited states for years. when antifa soldier was killed after shooting a cop in the stomach. the group promised a night of rage and this weekend they delivered. [explosions] [sirens] [shouting]
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[screaming] >> you okay? >> jesse: this is the aftermath of a slash and burn tactics but, cnn wants you to know that once again, the riots were mostly peaceful. >> keep using these words violent, violent, violent, violent. the only acts of violence against people that i saw were actually police tackling protesters. >> jesse: six people were arrested. all on domestic terrorism charges, which is weird because the fbi said domestic terrorism was just a right wing thing. they came from every corner of the country to raise hell. wait, i thought the left hated when people crossed state lines and got violent? now, the guy on the right francis carroll comes from a wealthy family in kennebunkport, maine. obviously he made bail from a domestic terrorism charge just a few weeks ago. you know how francis can be sometimes. this isn't an isolated incident. it's a national movement. six more antifa freaks were just arrested in michigan for
4:20 pm
vandalism. and in boston, the transson of a democratic congresswoman catherine clark was arrested for punching a cop during another antifa rally. the democrats always make excuses for antifa because they are always saying they are so loosely organized. you know, does it seem loosely organized to you? this seems a little more than just an idea. >> antifa is an idea not an organization. >> oh you got to be kidding me. >> disavowed antifa? that's happening in portland right now? >> that's a myth. >> we look at antifa as more of an ideology or a movement than an organization. >> jesse: very hard to reduce violence if leaders can't acknowledge it. remember, obama? islamic terror in if you can't say it, you can't stop it. and the question is, does the left really want to stop antifa. gabriel used to be a former
4:21 pm
member of an antifa if a and the author of "behind the black mask." all right gabriel when you hear the left down play violence is that good for antifa. >> , it's good for antifa. can i always count on cnn to act as a professional pr team to excuse antifa violence time and time again they will say it's just an idea ideology not real. when they get caught and see identify on the street it wasn't that violent. sometimes they say they are the good guys. and this guy, david beisner, you just played a clip about him there wasn't any violence except for police. they were tackling protesters. why were they tackling protesters? was it probably because one of those same type of people shot at a police officer a few days ago? or was it because that same police or those antifa activists were attacking police cruisers they don't want to say it
4:22 pm
because they don't want to fight antifa. to fight antifa would be to admit they were lying for five, six years now when they first praised antifa in 2015 when candidate trump first announced office. >> jesse: summer of love rolls around. they have been down playing it for many, many years. when you were inside antifa and you were a member, what was the end game for them? >> you know, the end game for antifa can very by collective. there is always this overarching like antifascism, you have to ask yourself what does antifascism mean. when you define it they don't mean nazis and kkk. western ideals as well as democracy itself. they don't like the democratic party. they don't like the republican party. they want to destroy america. just in 2020. 2021 when president biden right before he got inaugurated. antifa was targeting democratic offices, campaign offices they don't care this is the crazy thing about me cnn or other
4:23 pm
mainstream media united against antifa. antifa is anti-american movement. yet, for some reason, they just want to excuse it and pretend it doesn't exist. let me tell you the longer we don't acknowledge the threat of antifa, the longer it will -- the more they will grow and the harder it will be to fight them. >> jesse: i think antifa roughed up cnn's headquarters in atlanta last year and now cnn is saying don't worry worry about it. why did you leave or did you get kicked out. you look pretty normal. was it because you had a traditional hairstyle? >> no, i mean, this is over 10 years ago. one of the reasons i started feeling ostracized by a lot of my friends at the time was because i had the audacity to go out and find ideas that were separate from my own. i remember reading by milton freidman and thomas sol and not liking them. hey, check out these ideas. well, they just called me a capitalist pig.
4:24 pm
prepeteed cycle any time i tried to ren temperature out of this sticker type ideology. all of a sudden they started of kicking me out and pushing me out. i have enough. i want to go and explore and find more than this echo chamber that they created for themselves. >> jesse: capitalist pig is a compliment in my opinion. glad you got out thereof and sharing your story. thank you so much, gabriel. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> jesse: well, james comey tapped a russian asset to run the russia investigation. unbelievable. plus, "primetime" gets tattooed. the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. it's lying dormant, waiting... and could reactivate. shingles strikes as a painful, blistering rash that can last for weeks. and it could wake at any time. think you're not at risk for shingles? it's time to wake up.
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>> jesse: turn over every stone. what happens when the investigator is the rat. where did they put you. >> hey, frank, i got to find myself. >> you're telling me, sony boy.
4:30 pm
>> i got to find the guy apartment. >> jesse: the last six years the fbi has been trying to find russia collusion and it turns out today they finally found it. former fbi special agent charlie mcgonegal who ran the counterintelligence division out of new york was arrested at jfk airport this morning on his way back from she lanka. he was charged with four counts of money laundering and close ties to a sanctioned russian billionaire. i can't even pronounce his last name. charlie boy was picking up money cnn so he plan mows. $2,017,200,000 cash found it way into mcgone gams pocket buddy's payroll. almost 200 russian asset running the fbi russia investigation. who put asset in charge it was
4:31 pm
james comey fired trump otrump raush probe kicked off. do you think comey knows he appointed a russian asset to investigate russian assets. maybe that's why they never found any collusion they were the ones colluding. comey's brother charlie started russia hoax. mcgonegal one of the first agents to target george papadopoulos over his role in 2016. he continued to peddle in lies pushed by the clinton campaign while he was cashing russian checks. and guess who was the fbi point man for the dnc hack? it was red charlie. comey's number one draft pick. and mcgonegal wasn't the only deep state insider trying to protect russian oligarchs. is durham going to look into this remember durham? comey making a russian asset investigate the dnc hack and russia collusion? wow! mike pompeo is the former secretary of state and author of
4:32 pm
the new book "never give an inch." fighting for the america i love. we're going to get to the book in a second, mike. call you mike. >> you must. >> jesse: this is nuts. comey put the russia asset in charge of the dnc hack and russia investigation. >> if they put this in the movie you would turn it off immediately saying there is no way this is possible. this is comedy not drama. this sun serious stuff. the fact that you had this guy pursuing the trump administration, i suffered under this, too, for two and a half years with the russia hoax, it's hard to know where to begin because it is so outlandish. you got it right though. director comey has a lot of questions to answer about how they picked this guy and why he picked this guy and did he not know what this guy was up to? >> jesse: where is comey he carkd in his big book deal which you probably did too. he took the money and ran an you can't find this guy. he pointing russian assets at
4:33 pm
the phish. hello, james, any comment? can you waterboard him for us. >> that's not as funny as you think it is. >> jesse: i thought it book was good. it was funny. i know you went over there to cut a deal with chairman kim, little rocket man as they call him. and that was quite the trip, wasn't it? >> it was remarkable trip. we had an important mission trying to get the nuclear weapons out of chairman hands. i was cia director can we talk to the north koreans i think we can. good, tell them you are going to come see them i will come to but you are going to go first. >> jesse: you go first. >> then, just before i was leaving. i went to see him. i left on good friday in 2018. mr. president, i'm heading out. please keep this quiet best for me and my healthcare. he said good, before did you go though, make sure you talk to dennis rodman. >> jesse: did you talk to dennis rodman. >> i tried. to say i was unable to reach them before i departed. he knew him from the apprentice.
4:34 pm
he spent more time with the leader of north korea. actually knew more about him than anyone else. >> jesse: did you get the goods from rodman. >> i didn't manage that catch up with him. it was amazing trim. it was quite something. >> jesse: is there an impression of kim that you do? >> i tell the story in the book. [laughter] i don't do this impression but i refer to it. one day i will. it's an impression of president trump imitating dennis rodman imitating chairman kim it's a long story but very funny impression. >> jesse: please don't do that on my show i'm in enough trouble. you go over there to look at the iran deal and you look at the deal and you find out there is about 1,000 side deals in it. can you believe that and they tried to keep this from the american people. that he was in the book, too. >> it was remarkable story. i tried in this book to do that to tell these important stories that fro frankly haven't been sn about before. i went over to vienna to meet with the iaea who was in charge
4:35 pm
of this thing. i said is this the entire document? somebody traveling with me one of the senior people look there -- oh, no, there is a couple other little agreements. and we said so there is side deals? yes. can we see them? no. no american has seen them. just in they. >> jesse: what was your job at the time. >> i was a member of congress at the time. >> jesse: they wouldn't let you see the side deals obama and biden cut with the iranians. >> no. when i went to see that we were traveling as part of the representative committee. have you seen these things? he said above my pay grade. call the state department. >> jesse: oh, boy. you know, the state department, that's a whole nother part of this book which i think everyone is going to love. i love this book. i'm almost halfway through it, charitably. and it's one of my favorite books from the trump era. it's got juicy stories. not so gossipy but like real hard core stories about your role and relationship with all these power players. it's called "never give an inch." and i'm not going to ask you if you are running for president.
4:36 pm
so get the heck out of here. >> thank you, jesse. have a good evening. >> jesse: you too. let's check in on the cowboy fans. [screams] [bleep] [screams] (engine accelerates) ♪ ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ ♪ the gmc sierra with hands free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pickup in its class. ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ yeah, it rocks.
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>> jesse: we all have different ways of supporting our team. some people paints their faces. [laughter] >> what the -- so what do you think? >> what is that? >> i painted my face. >> you painted your face? >> yeah. [laughter] >> why? >> you know, support the team. >> well, you can't walk around like that. >> others give inspirational speeches. >> we can't have anyone freak out out there, okay? we got to keep our composure. we have gone too far! there is too much to lose! we have got to keep our composure! >> jesse: y paint my face and i speak with my clothes on but i had a great time watching the
4:42 pm
eagles beat the giants this weekend. the cowboys didn't have as much fun. >> final play looks like penalty, prescott over the middle. gets smoked right away and that will do it the 49ers back to the championship game. >> jesse: some people just can't handle losing. instead of taking a deep breath and saying we'll get them next year. some cowboys fans expressed their feelings differently. [shouting] >> cowboys fans. >> and if they didn't have a person to punch, they went for the next best thing.
4:43 pm
[shouting] [bleep] [scream] [bleep] [bleep] >> oh my god. oh my god. what are you doing? what the [bleep] oh my god. >> oh my god. >> some guys locked themselves in their bedrooms. throw on a jersey and just record the videos of themselves crying. >> have nothing to say. all dressed up for nothing. debate over daca, the need to wear a jersey. playoff season. man, it's over. >> jesse: will cain is a very sad cowboys fan and co-host of "fox & friends weekend." do you have any tvs left in your house, will? >> will: this is rich, you know? yes, all of my tvs work.
4:44 pm
>> jesse: you didn't run over them with the truck. >> my wife sent me the video of that guy and says turns out you are pretty low key. rich coming from you watters. i understand what this segment is all about. i understand you are from filly and eagles fan. to say have you criticize cowboy fans, you the fan base that i think threw ice sicks at santa claus, batteries at the cowboys coaches. cheered when michael irvin was almost paralyze. you were the eagles fan criticizing cowboys fans like a hoarder coming over to your house going this is messy. >> jesse: you know what? i think you are just salty because that last play you guys dialed up what was that? can you explain that? >> will: yeah. i know what it was. i'm going to explain it in technical football terms. an embarrassment; luckily thick skin, 26 years of this going on. disappointment when have a jerry jones sold his soul to the devil
4:45 pm
for one more super bowl. we haven't been past divisional round since. tony rum fumbling a field goal to win a game. whatever you saw last night mirror image of what we saw a year ago final play of embarrassment. >> jesse: what's going on two and a half minutes left ball on the 15-yard line. that's the drive. that's the most important drive of his career to go down the field score a touchdown. extra point send it in overtime win and move on. first, he almost takes a safety can. then he throws to some guy that just casually doesn't get 2 feet inbounds. third play they punt. they didn't go for it on fourth. you quote to go for it on fourth, william. >> will: long time -- long time ddak lover. love dak leader of men. good human being.
4:46 pm
i think the ceiling for dak prescott divisional round of the nfl playoffs. i love him i said weighs a top fiver, i was wrong. >> jesse: how much is he getting paid again 4 year deal. 160 million. >> 40 mill a year. dak is still a quarterback to win. time to shake it up. if you want a serious sports analysis. time to probably change the offensive coordinator. >> jesse: i act like i understand. >> will: coming from this cocky place of your eagles are in the nfc championship game. here is the deal watters i love your existence and the eagles fan base you love me. we need each other. this is healthy irracial tribalism will. good place in our lives. never throw soup at a van go. you won't find us at antifa chop rally. sports fans no. cowboy fans in downtown atlanta right now. find us punching our tv's. >> jesse: weird that you put your jersey on by yourself and watch the game especially when the cowgirls lose embarrassing.
4:47 pm
don't videotape yourself, will. have some self-respect. >> will: i'll be damned if i'm going to take advice from an eagles fan in jesse watters. >> jesse: well, better luck next year. thanks again. remember, when you were little and you were scared there might be a monster under the bed? maybe as an adult you felt like your house is on it. a lot of people say they felt evil spirits in their homes or even inside their own bodies. and what do they do? they call in a priest for an exorcism. >> it's the power of christ that against you. the power of christ. that's the power of christ compels you. >> jesse: exorcisms are more common than you think. even speakers of the house have them, nancy pelosi. a month after paulie p. got hammered in the hair nancy apparently thought there were dark spirits left in the house. his or her daughter alexandria told the "times" that nancy had priests coming trying to have an
4:48 pm
exorcism of the house and having prayer services. and it's not just evil spirits that have been weighing nancy down. because it's looking like she has lost her magic touch with the stocks. nancy disclosed that in december she told millions of stocks and took major losses. i mean, she is almost at a million dollars loss after she sold paypal. she took another half million in losses after selling tesla. and then three quarters of a mill in losses from selling sales force call options. i don't know what a call option is. paulie p. does. and the list goes on and on. she lost big on netflix, road blocks, disney, something is wrong. it looks like nancy is cutting her losses right before the market heads south. does nancy know something we don't? or is her husband just not what he was used to be? i don't know. we are just asking questions. well, johnny gets a tattoo of my
4:49 pm
face. >> ready? >> ready. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ that's why my doctor recommended qunol coq10. qunol has the number one cardiologist recommended form of coq10. qunol. the brand i trust.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> jesse: the tattoos arts festival was in philadelphia. we asked about joe biden. watch. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> what is so special about that it -- tattoos? >> you can wear it like a sleeve. >> i have a goal of no more blank skin. >> i beg your pardon, honey. >> let's see your tattoos. what does this mean? >> hell. >> are you interested in that?
4:55 pm
>> yes. >> will she turn to me stone? >> you would probably like it. >> is she flirting with me? >> what should the special counsel did about the biden document drama? >> i have no idea what you just said. i don't know. discipline is somebody they should do about that. >> they are throwing everybody under the bus because they want to get rid of their puppet. >> the weirdest place you have a tattoo? >> my butt. can't show you that. >> any on your regrets? >> yes. >> no regrets. >> dad! >> when you are 80 and older and wrinkling how will this work out? >> i will look like the worst
4:56 pm
grandma on the block. >> keep doing this. what do you want to tell the people about all this body work is vandalism. >> my temple and i like to decorate it. >> maybe i can have a picture with you before i leave. >> your senator says his tattoos connect him to the community. do you feel the bond? >> no. >> i don't feel like just because you have tattoos you are connected with the community. >> open borders. >> close them. >> you sound like joe biden. >> tattoo the migrants. let's do it. >> what about mine? >> dude! >> what does mine say?
4:57 pm
>> do you know who this guy is? >> [bleep] a young guy. that puts on the sweaters. mr. rogers. >> what did you get a tattoo of? >> mom's name. >> an eagle. >> he loves the eagles. >> go eagles. >> we can get a portrait. let's do it. >> ready. >> i can't do it. >> jesse: one thing he's never done for me. noted. it's very important for everybody to walk their perimeter? i just bought some property. it's very good, not just me but any homeowner, business owner,
4:58 pm
walk the perimeter. walk your perimeter. see if there is a neighbor's tree that is coming down. see if anybody has been doing illegal dumping. just look out. let's roll it. dwayne: [laughing] watch your mouth. susan from wisconsin: >> [laughing]. >> bob from hollywood, florida. we watch you every night. suzanne. trey gowdy is a class act. julian from new york:
4:59 pm
i should have welched on the geraldo rivera bet about the red wife. he doesn't know anything about football. carol from pennsylvania: i think i jinxed them. i pre-booked by travel before the game. so no jinx. we beat the hell out of the giants. i will be there on sunday. patty from pennsylvania: right behind citizens bank park. go, birdies. i will see if i can find you. cathy from ohio: yes, i have johnny right here. tina from texas: well, sorry to say but we are not hiring.
5:00 pm
tim from virginia: now that's the kind of guy that would get a tattoo of me on him. do you hear that, johnny? someone dedicated. it's okay. send you to another convention. tucker is up next. i am watters and this is my world. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: the geniuses at the mars cooperation imagine you want to be lectured about sexual politics while you ate their chocolate candies. a lot of people just wanted a snack. a chapter in the m and m wars. what happened to


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