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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 24, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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12 hours!! hmmm, ok. not coughing at yoga? antiquing not coughing? not coughing at the movies?! hashtag still not coughing?! aaah. oww! mucinex dm gives you 12 hours of relief from chest congestion and any type of cough, day or night. it's not cough season. it's always comeback season. ♪ ♪ >> president biden is he involved in a cover? >> demand on information of visitors to president biden's wilmington home he would we are going to find truth and i think it will be shocking. >> for five years he had these documents and nobody knew about it. it is disturbing is disturbing. speak with mayor of new york as the colleague adam klotz he was attacked on the subway. >> so they weren't able to be arrested but they are back on the street again. >> another mass shooting in
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california less than 48 hours after monterey park. >> did one motivate the other? governor ron desantis his decision to reject ap african american scores. >> that is somebody pushing an agenda. >> we want to see more people did this. >> we have to hit it head on. >> a new chapter. >> imminent having a definite pause from spokes after controvy after rebranded appearances. >> nobody asked for this initiative and nobody goes to candy he to get identity politics. ♪ ♪ >> shazam, little lamb in the morning. "wake me up before you go go" i
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hope you are singing along, do the dance for me. that is a chris dance to the song. >> brian: but shazam is the title -- >> ainsley: it rhymes with lamb. >> brian: is not shazam a ga game. >> ainsley: it is the name of a song. >> brian: in that action hero and he has some to do with lightning? >> i'm sorry to interrupt. chris, don't turn the music off break it up, do it, chris, come on. come on. >> right there, ladies and gentlemen. >> steve: now he is dancing. >> brian: by the way he's the one who wakes us up before we go go. >> brian: how much fun it is to work with us, people just dance. >> ainsley: even brian went the cameras aren't rolling. >> brian: exactly. that is not happening, just
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saying. >> ainsley: coming back next year. >> steve: from dancing to tap dancing which the white house is doing. republicans demanding to turn over information on visitors to president biden's wilmington home ever since he was vice president. >> brian: it comes as the president brushes off questions from the press as his own party calls for transparency. >> ainsley: jacqui heinrich joins us live from the white house, good morning. >> lawyers for the white house have now responded to congressman james comer's request for information who had access to the biden family home. the larger say they will work to accommodate a legitimate oversight request from the committee while also balancing the need to protect the integrity of the law enforcement investigation. they have agreed to set up a time to talk about what james comer is seeking but that is about it. >> this has all of the pattern of an influence peddling scheme. and also has the makings of a
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potential cover up. >> is president biden involved in a cover-up? >> the president has been very clear that he takes this very seriously when it comes to -- when it comes to classified information. speak with the white house counsel's office cleaned that up a bit in a zoom after the briefing. >> this was an unprecedented offer for the doj to thoroughly search the family home of the president of the united states, to ensure any documents issued in possession were in the possession of the government. and it reveals how seriously the president is taking this issue and how actively he is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. >> but now, it is not just congressman combe are seeking information. senators grassley and johnson a request to a national archives when republicans were in the minority about the family's financial dealing. the biden family financial dealings and any potential
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conflicts of information that might exist there. this is happening as a democrat, joining calls with millions with chinese donations to the owner of our first city of pennsylvania that funded the pen biden center. >> we need to look at that and really know what the facts are. where was the money coming from? was it private individuals are coming from people ties to the chinese communist party? what was the purpose of the funding and was it connected in any way to the pen biden center? >> pen biden center does not make requests for donations and not funded by foreign entity but because they money from the university of pennsylvania they have gotten millions from anonymous chinese donations, there is a call for scrutiny there. the senators claim they have been rejected and him the former request by the agency's acting archive, guys. >> steve: jackie, you asked a million great questions at the
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white house. didn't get anywhere. did you see in advance of the republicans taking over the white house hired new attorneys and spokespeople to handle the republican investigations. now the white house a person by the name of ian sams was on a press call yesterday. he said essentially he attacked reporters like you accusing reporters of trying to stir up controversy to get attention for time on camera. so, is that why you are asking questions, so you can put the picture together so you get on tv just a little more to stir things up, is that what you are doing, jacqui? >> certainly not in if we got questions to our questions we would probably move on. >> steve: exactly! >> we haven't gotten those answers and referred to a cycle of other referrals which is why we are still asking. it has been frustrating, but we have gotten the message from the white house that we are not going to get much from them.
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doj has kept a tight lid on things. by the way the investigation has not formally begun so the white house to talk about this saying special counts was involved and we can't say anything, it is a little bit -- exactly. >> brian: can i ask you in the big picture that you since she doesn't know the answers or told not to answer you? because her retorts are embarrassing. >> welcome i think in the case what was it a week or two weeks ago she gave. information and you should assume the searches are complete and we found out that was not the case. i think she gave the information that she had at the time, whether she framed it in a way that was more absolute than she should have, that is up for people to decide and for her to weigh in, which she won't. but at this point, i think she probably does not have a lot of information. she's just directing every question including how the
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president feels about these things to the white house counsel peer that is the funnel through which they were directing anything and everything related to this probe. >> ainsley: are they answering the white house counsel? >> no, they are not pure they were saying that they can't say and they don't want to compromise an ongoing investigation. it is unfortunate because it gives space, obviously, for a lot of speculation. just one example, i asked multiple times over the weekend, hade this search at the biden home on friday initiate what the doj request or was it what biden offered? they didn't answer that. we had two days of reporting questioning how this all began and sam went on msnbc and the president offered up and transparent and once the doj to check our work because he's cooperating. had he said that to us, that would have resolved that question. >> brian: two and a half hours later -- jackie, thank you so
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much. he's been in the senate 25 years with joe biden. you can't leak classified documents. you have to jam it down your shorts or his pants. excuse me, so the question is how did he get the senate documents at his house? 's beach house in wilmington? senator lindsey graham not only did they you created else but's weapons to stay alive. number two, you talk about the problem with this whole thing is when they found out about his classified documents. >> i want to know why the press wasn't told about this event days before the 2022 election. they had found out that there was classified information in biden's home days before the 2022 election and they sat on it. that is what i don't understand. if you come to my house you will find chick-fil-a bags over the
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floor but you won't find classified information. every time i view classified information it's in a classified setting. so this handling of trump and biden we need to apply it to both and make sure we don't do it again. >> i have to hit it to senator graham, chick-fil-a is fantastic. one of the questions yesterday in the briefing room peter doocy the first question was he asked karine jean-pierre, when you found out that there were more documents, what four letter word did you use? she just laughed and the room laughed. she never answered. that is probably because it was not just one four letter word appear of the entire white house has been knocked off-kilter because of these findings. >> ainsley: the first batch was in november, the second batch at his house and then she came out mid-january and said, "there are anymore and i think it is over." and now two more batches. >> steve: and they are looking at the beach house which
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joe biden visited this weekend. you have to know whether or not they tidy things up. do they have a shredder in their home? i don't know. >> ainsley: lindsey graham as they perfect question, why didn't we know before the election? we saw with the press did censoring the hunter biden story before the last election and we don't find out about this and how many votes would that affect? we don't know. >> steve: to that point, ainsley, is there a cover up? there was apsley a cover up for the midterm election because they call joe biden's lawyers, called the national archives. they didn't call the cops, the fbi or the department of justice, but the department of national archives because depository for those kind of things and hoping to just blow over and get through the election and somebody leaked it to one of the networks. now we are talking about it every morning. that is why the white house is not answering the questions. >> ainsley: somebody is talking here and throughout the network because it involves the employees, adam klotz sat next to brian yesterday. he was beaten up on a subway
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train trying to protect an older gentleman when the seven teenagers came on the train. they are smoking a joint and use the joint and a lighter to light the guys here on fire. adam klotz said, "this is not
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to apprehend the person overwhelmingly the number of crimes the person. overwhelmingly. and we have a revolving door system but we will continue to
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do our job, but we also must bottleneck the criminal justice system to get dangerous people off of the streets. >> brian: the key to this streets is that we have repeat offenders. that speaks to the fact this particular town that we are sitting in right now, adam said that after he got hurt, he got beat up. and the president of amtrak told him. he wants to see more cops and so does the mayor but unfortunately there were no cops on the subways. this is a soft on crime. >> ainsley: why can't the mayor change that? >> steve: he could say we can put more cops in there. it was in the middle of the night 1:15 a.m. >> brian: that is when needed the most. >> steve: speaking on soft on crime jurisdictions, this is the d.a. standard across the country that received a lot of money from george soros. yesterday, "the new york post" did a story about how george soros spent nearly
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$40 million getting das elected all over the country. he's got 75 prosecutors nationwide because ultimately what this article says is in the big scheme of things, it is hard to change a law. it is hard to flip the legislature in the state but it is easy to elect one person who ultimately winds up not enforcing the law or redefines it. one of the things, when you look at the image of adam according to the cops, that was just a misdemeanor. they beat the crap out of him and it's a misdemeanor. what does adam have to do? contact the law department and launch a complaint. they will decide whether or not to press charges. >> ainsley: the problem is they know he is a fox news anchor and that puts him in a bad position. if you file charges, they will not put these guys behind bars. they know who he is. >> brian: i think he is in a better position. >> ainsley: you have to walk around with security.
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>> brian: we will not stop with the scrutiny, a high profile case. this will force people to visit the circumstances. say that reminds me of me -- >> ainsley: like janice who fought so forward for her in-laws during covid and fought against cuomo and gave people answers. >> steve: ten hours after the mayor of head answers, crime stoppers put out an appeal. they offered a $3,500 award for the four individuals assaulted. there was one of them. apparently there are more because they are looking for four individuals according to crime stoppers in new york city. >> brian: do you know who that guy is? >> ainsley: call their parents and they had to come and pick them up, i believe? >> brian: may be in gym class because he's in high school periods b3 8:16 in new york city
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and carley turns to news from beautiful california. >> several mass shootings in california and seven people are dead and another injured after a deadly shooting spree and it happened in the bay california, and 67 year old chunli zhao with connection of two shootings in separate locations. and taken into custody's after authorities spotted him in his car at a sheriff's substation following the murders. the officials believe he was a disgruntled employee of one of the locations he allegedly shot up here the incident comes 48 hours after the monterey park shooting in southern california where 11 people died and despite california having the strictest gun laws in the country. florida congressman greg steube returns from the hospital after falling from a 25-foot ladder and suffering serious injuries. he posted this picture of himself recovering with the cash after being discharged yesterday
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>> he seems okay losing $2 million. former hall of famer and cowboy terrell owens to the big gamer, "mech i don't even think a tempur-pedic would have helped him." the cohost joined us earlier will cain to react to dak struggles and update us on his recovery. >> is down as i am on his performance dak is a leader and accepts responsibility. i feel a little better this morning but it takes a week. >> championship sunday the 49ers was brought against the eagles on fox and the bank will take on the chiefs at arrowhead and afc title game. the winners will to the super bowl and coming up february 12th on fox, the big game, brian will be there. >> brian: yes, i will be there. >> steve: ultimately, brian and carley, both of you can work on this. we have to figure out how many quarterbacks will sleep on tempur-pedic before the super bowl game.
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>> $1 million with a huge smile on his face. he's amazing. >> steve: did you say venting or betting? >> both. >> brian: i think it will be san francisco against cincinnati. a rematch and joe montana. >> steve: kansas city all the way, i'm just saying. >> ainsley: what do you think, chris? >> [indistinct] >> brian: thank you, carley. >> you're welcome. >> brian: coming up florida governor ron desantis with efforts to put kids first. >> make sure that teachers are doing their job well protected and are are able to do that without fear of any reprisal. >> brian: fox news contributor leo terrell reacts to his teacher bill of rights. plus, spend a quarter of a century chasing stories for thew rick leventhal is back and ensuring for what it was like to be on the front lines of
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♪ ♪ >> we want education, not indoctrination. if you fall on the side of indoctrination, we will decline. we believe in teaching kids facts and how to think, but we don't believe they should have an agenda imposed upon them. >> ainsley: florida's governor ron desantis introducing first of kind teachers bill of rights. the republican combating the wo critical race theory being indoctrinated to kids all across the country. fox news contributor leo terrell, a former history teacher and an attorney, he
5:26 am
joins us now, hey, leo. >> high matt, hey, ainsley thank you. >> let's tell what empowers the teachers. it creates a new process for them to report a violation of teachers rights and empowers teachers to maintain safe classroom environment and provides civil remedies for teachers to violate florida law. and also invest $1 billion in teacher pay. what is your reaction? >> brilliant decision by ron desantis. it is a blueprint, ainsley, to take away the political power of these democratic teachers union. this proposal gives teachers the benefits of the union, but without the politics of the union appeared because everyone in this country knows that teachers unions are basically a democratic capital are agents of the democrats and the teachers union i think of randi weingarten. this is a brilliant plan to give teachers a choice versus the union.
5:27 am
>> ainsley: i love he's preventing teachers pay and the teachers union automatically drafts whatever x amount of dollars to be a member of this union. he is saying, "no more. you can't take their money and if they want to buy into a union of they have to send a check or credit card." he is an advocate for the students and the parents as well. he is saying to the teachers are not allowed to teach critical race theory or the gender issue to little children and the classroom. that is up to the parents at home. >> that is exactly the whole purpose of this plan. it gives children independent from the plan. it details the teachers, "you don't have to worry about political pressure from the teachers union." ainsley, the teachers union are set up to an indoctrination program critical race theory all set up by the democratic party. what this plan does, every governor who has a democratic teachers union adopt this plan. it gives teachers the right to be free from pressure.
5:28 am
it turns them into a right to do what they are there for and that is to educate the students. >> ainsley: what did you make of him giving the teachers more money, $1 billion of allocated towards the petri tour teachers paycheck? >> beautiful, heat your and the legislation a special fund for salaries instead of allowing the teachers union on the school board to hassle over it and basically hold teachers salaries hostage. it is a brilliant plan! every governor should use this plan because now salaries will not be in the hands of the power brokers of the teachers union and the school board. >> ainsley: teachers don't get paid enough but thankfully they will get paid a little bit more if this passes. thank you so much, leo. >> thank you, ainsley. >> ainsley: coming up sarah huckabee sanders hitting the ground running signing an executive order aim to get the state back on track. the governor will join us live next.
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♪ ♪ >> brian: all right, historical race for governor, sarah huckabee sanders hitting the ground running with ten executive orders in the first few weeks and she took office.
5:33 am
she joins us now to talk about it. governor, what are your priorities? what did you discover when you walked in? >> you know, we had a huge list of things we wanted to accomplish, not on the first day but the first 100 days. we are continuing to be aggressive bringing about gold mike bold conservative to the governor of arkansas. no secret is on education reform. we have been working with our partners in the legislature to deliver one of the largest education packages, certainly in our console history and may be in the country. i'm very excited about the things we are doing in that space. in the meantime we have started signing executive orders to take and make some changes in large part to protect students, to protect students in our state. and make sure we are doing a better job for the citizens of arkansas appearance me once you talk about cutting red tape as well as improving education. there is some talk with the
5:34 am
covid money, a lot of the states do have surplus or it is that the situation with arkansas? >> we do. our governor and our legislature did a good job managing arkansas through the covid pandemic. we have a surplus i think that will allow us to have a safety net moving forward, but also focus on things like education, like public safety, and phasing out the state income tax, getting rid of that in the state and passing in a savings that we have onto the hardworking taxpayers of arkansas. >> brian: very interesting because education should be a priority there. it sure sounds like it is. meanwhile, i wonder if they have a chance to see this breath dome express briefings. what did you think about how forthcoming the press secretary is an actually keeps repeating over and over again how serious the president takes classified documents while they are being found all over his properties. what is your sense of how this
5:35 am
is being handled? >> maybe he just now starting to take it seriously since they have found them everywhere. because clearly, that was not the case when he was stashing them in his garage and all over other places. but i think it is important that reporters other than peter doocy are finally starting to hold her feet to the fire and starting to ask her questions and not give a free pass. i've actually been happy about the way the white house press corps has started to finally push for real answers from this white house. now, unfortunately, they are aggressively starting to ask questions here would certainly letting them off of the hook. you know, the way they have been treated over the last couple of years is nothing compared to the intensity and the criticism we had during the trump administration. but i'm glad to say they are starting to ask hard questions. i wish we could get some
5:36 am
answers, but frankly, she has a terrible story to tell. the differences when i was in the trump administration, we had a great story to tell. the economy was booming and the country was safer. our border was more secure. she doesn't have anything to talk about. that makes her job infinitely harder. >> brian: they want to talk about trump's texas and russian hoax. that is a problem you had and you would sit there and tell people what was happening. you get this sense better than anyone, does she not have the answers? is she not in the media? scott mccowan was left in the dark and because this horrible book about the administration. tony snow, you were not left in the dark. do you get the sense that they are not briefing the briefer? >> you know, it is hard to know whether she either just doesn't get it because she's not been given any information, or she just doesn't know how to communicate effectively. that is a question i would leave
5:37 am
to her. i'm glad they are starting to put pressure. i think the american people deserve a lot better answers than they are getting out of the white house. >> brian: those press secretaries working for her now. governor huckabee, thank you so much, huckabee sanders, thank you so much. >> thank you and also for the record because i feel like he's out there alone, steve, i'm with you on the chiefs. my husband is from kansas city and i think they will be in the super bowl. patrick my homes will take them to a win. i didn't want to leave him by himself. >> brian: he is a big cincinnati guy. >> 15 players, steve. >> brian: governor, talk to you soon. the small town in south carolina and we will bring you the latest developments in the oxford case with a double murder case. can provide temporary relief. xiidra... can provide lasting relief.
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♪ ♪
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>> brian: jury selection resumes and that alex murdaugh trail, i should say. >> ainsley: the south carolina attorneys accused of gunning down wife maggie and son, paul at the hunting lodge in 2021. >> steve: jonathan joins us live with the details. jonathan, there are a lot of details. >> there are, indeed, good morning steve, ainsley, brian. jury selection expected to go in wednesday with opening arguments possibly beginning as early as wednesday afternoon. the court is trying to find 12 12impartial jurors out of 900 prospective panelist in a small community where the defendant alex murdaugh and multiple generations of the family played prominent roles as lawyers and prosecutors. he is accused of fatally shooting his wife, maggie and 22-year-old son paul back in 2021. when he called, he told the operator he had discovered their bodies near the dog kennels on
5:43 am
the family 1700-acre estate. during the trial, the jury will view a snapchat that paul sent his friend shortly before he was killed. the prosecutors have not publicly said what is on the video, but the snap trap representative has been subpoenaed to testify to verify the authenticity. the prosecution has suggested alex murdaugh committed the murders to gain sympathy and to distract from allegations he pocketed millions of dollars in settlement money antenna for his clients. the defense said murdaugh looks forward to clearing his name so that authorities can, "began to look for the actual killer or killers." "the daily mail" asked murdaugh surviving son, buster supporting his father during the trial. according to the tabloid with the sun reacted angrily, "i don't want to see it written anywhere on supporting my father." steve, ainsley, brian back to
5:44 am
you. >> brian: jonathan, thank you very much. >> ainsley: some headlines for us, carley. >> the police arresting for comment on rape charges on medicine brook struck by a car after a parent sexual assault and two charged with third degree rape and others principle to rape meaning allegedly there at the time. the 19-year-old victim a bubbly, loving and selfless friend by the sorority sisters. i retired fbi counterintelligence agent who was a lead investigator on patrol pressure probe is now in custody for his own ties to russia. charles is charged with violating u.s. sanctions and allegedly agreed to provide services to a sanction russian energy typhoon. he supervised investigations of russian oligarchs including for same executive before retiring in 2018. he allegedly worked on an
5:45 am
unsuccessful effort to have the man sanctions lifted in 2019 in exchange for money. at the end of an era, disney world hundreds of guests standing in the record lines for hours yesterday just for a chance with splash mountain one more time. the attraction is now shut down or revamped and slated to open late 2024. some folks looking to capitalize on people's love for the splash mountain and several users on ebay selling water they claim is from the l log grade and $15. that is kind of grows, janice, over to you. >> i bet we could sell brian kilmeade's coffee cup for at least $300. >> oh, yeah. 450? >> yeah. [laughter] >> i will bid on it. >> okay, we should try it. it is coming up on we might get a little bit of snow
5:46 am
activity tomorrow. most of the country into the deep freeze here with the exception of the gulf coast where we can see some strong thunderstorms. certainly some snow piling up for new mexico, the panhandle, texas towards oklahoma and arkansas appear at the severe storm threat with damaging winds, isolated tornado winds and the snow will push towards the tennessee river valley, ohio valley to the northeast tomorrow. don't think we will get a lot of snow in new york city. unfortunately if you want the snow, this is not the storm to bring. we will continue to monitor it and bring the latest from all right, steve, ainsley, brian is brian putting that on the website? b3 right now, absolutely. >> brian: a big parents on wednesday night. >> we will talk about that on the radio there brian kilmeade show. >> ainsley: brian will be there. >> brian: yes. >> ainsley: janice asked him on air. >> brian: coming up rick let
5:47 am
them fall on fox and sharing his story behind the story and the biggest stories of been a lifett rick looks like now. that is the book. >> steve: that is right, bill hemmer is dying to read that book and a live preview at 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> he's got the california southern glow, doesn't he? and he wears it well. >> ainsley: very happy. >> nice to see you in the morning. docs on the delaware dole, how did this happen? karl rove, jonathan turley take us through it to tell us where we are now. crime on kids by kids and a soaring america but how do we reverse it today? making a mess of the atlanta and t's with the fans are heard on the hill, tickets and there were crickets. we will see you in a couple of minutes at the top of the hour. every single piece is made right here in america.
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♪ ♪ >> steve: for a quarter of a century, rick let them fall on the front lines with the biggest stories in the world from ground zero. live that a war zones, hurricanes and he writes about his remarkable career in the new book called, "chasing catastrophe." rick joins us now. 12:11 where you call home for 25 years. >> i had a great office
5:52 am
upstairs. i miss it. >> steve: i bet you do. i have known you longer than any other person in this building because as the book details, you started out and grew up in the suburbs of washington, d.c. >> spring maryland. >> steve: you and i worked together channel 5 in washington, d.c. >> that was a great start for me and i detail in the chapters how i grew up in what a mess i was when i was a teenager, young adult. i had to get myself together. it took a few years to figure things out. >> steve: you were doing drywall for a while. >> and sheet rock. >> steve: how did you do drywall to the big stories in the world? >> i didn't want to stare at the wall compound the rest of my life so i went back to junior college. i had a grade point average of 4.02. >> steve: that is hard to do. >> i took a class pointing towards journalism. i realized i did the morning
5:53 am
announcements and wrote for the school paper and i always loved to write. so, i wrote a book. >> steve: just like that. >> 110,000 words. you know how i did it, steve, i save my reporter notebooks. i saved boxes and boxes of them. i went through and organize because no way i could remember all the stuff. it was all there in my notebooks. >> steve: the thing about being a reporter, they were essentially a witness to history. we would send you places and you will get there as quickly as possible. >> right. >> steve: start looking around and figuring out the story. i don't think a lot of people, the one of the reasons i love this book, people don't realize how hard it is to be a reporter. we will see you a report 90 seconds from a bridge collapse. it takes a day to get there and a date to research it in a day to get back. your job is so hard. >> it can be very, very challenging and it is one of the reasons i was okay walking away after 35 years because, i wanted
5:54 am
to spend more quality time with my wife. i wanted to live my life and not have to leave a moment's notice to cover something. but sometimes, when the boot hit the ground running, we would get off the plane and go to the line location and start reporting. you didn't have a day to prepare. you just had to go right to the scene and get to work here that is, again, something i talk about in-depth and behind the scenes stories stories that happened off-camera. people received and would enjoy reading about. >> steve: absolutely, one of the stories we covered and you were out there doing things, one of the biggest stories the history of fox news channel, was katrina. you got an excerpt from it. >> i do. would you like me to read from a question mark >> steve: i do. >> a changed hurricanes over the past three decades but i don't think i've ever seen destruction to what i did after hurricane katrina. of the reporter said, it looked like a war zone and i hated that
5:55 am
analogy because i had been to plenty of war zones and it didn't look like this? it was wiped clean off of the foundations. that is from the hurricane chapter, which goes into great detail about a lot of storms. >> steve: you have so many great stories in here. i will not ask you to pick your favorite story or your least favorite story, but i think a lot of people looking in right now want to know what you are up to? >> i'm doing a podcast with my wife every day now. you too, i can't believe i'm on youtube, but i love it and we tk about stuff i would never have covered on fox news channel. but we do a show everyday called "the daily smash" and "the rick and kelly show." we have a great group of people who are survivors and watch us and appreciate the stories we tell everyday about our lives. i should have failed this morning but i'm so busy right now. we will put something on there this week. >> steve: i bet you will.
5:56 am
this great story towards the end called "kelly being the greatest chapter of your life." >> she is the greatest chapter. >> steve: rick, you look terrific. >> california agrees with me, steve. i love it out there. >> steve: you wouldn't be up for three more hours if in california. >> if the paycheck is right. >> steve: listen, you want to read this last line? >> sure, there is more "fox & friends" moments away. "fox & friends" moments away. >> steve: hi "chasing catastrophe." ♪ ♪ ady ♪are you ready♪ we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. our purpose is not just closing a loan. we want to do whatever's best for the individual service person. we want to be known as america's mortgage
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♪ >> that's scotty mccreery. he became famous on "american idol."enter >> he is such a nice guy. >> he did our christmas specials, too. see you back here tomorrow. >> bill: good stuff, thanks, guys. good morning. is it cooperation with a catch that's what the white house is promising republican investigators. they argue the white house stonewalled them. in truth we're at the early stages of this story. i'm bill hemmer. it is tuesday today. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." great to be with you. the white house telling james comer it will accommodate his committee's request for information as long as they are, quote, legitimate. so keep that word in moonlit. the white house also signaling it can only share


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