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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  January 24, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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way it is structured we will see if it's biden vs. trust. last austin says what golf club have you mastered and how long did it take you? zero golf clubs, i thought i was a good putter, i missed, he missed, he missed and he made it. you never can master it. tomorrow on "special report" we're going to get into a bunch of different stories, fair, balanced and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" starts right now. is there a golf club you have mastered? >> jesse: mini golf. that's about it. >> bret: see you. ♪ >> jesse: you know those things in life that look the same and taste different. ask for oranges and come back with clemen tiny. tangerine. it's different than an orange, right? and people always stop me on the street and say hey, david. can i get a picture? they think i was in friends i
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bet david schwimmer gets stopped by my fans, too it's the hair. nothing worse than when people mistake you for a slob. >> that's your mess. look at it. look at it. it's hanging all over the wall. >> well, i'm. >> you leave that alone. you touch one strand of that linguini and i will punch you. >> jesse: and democrats today are comparing apples to tangerines. after squeaky clean mike pence comes out of nowhere and says hey, guys, i have classified docs at my house, too. really, mike? we will joe up against the wall and you are muddying up the waters. binder was blowing up. media saying pence and biden, same thing. >> it appears that former vice president pence and president biden handled these scenarios pretty much the same as one another. >> we went through this with biden. he said he was surprised i think
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it's clear former vice president pence was surprised as well. >> you treat the situation the same. what everyone says is clear. based on what we know so far, pence and biden seem to be in a much more similar situation. >> jesse: no. i am not letting the media get away with that. biden was trying to look good comparing himself to trump. i cooperated, my search was consensual. when you compare biden to pence biden doesn't look so good. pence's box of documents were still taped up. he didn't have them in a garage with his compromised crack head son. he didn't have documents from 10 years ago in three different spots and then hide it for a month. biden said he was in a rush to pack up his stuff after his have vice presidency. wait a second, i think mike pence was in a little bit more of a rush. remember that transition.
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and biden knew he was leaving the white house. it had been eight years. you are not allowed to stay any longer. pence was looking around saying wait, is trump going to pull this off? i did the right thing, right? pence won't be alone with another woman. elaine chao came into mike's office to brief him. pence would have to call his wife. trump vouched for him saying pence is an innocent man. he never did anything dishonest in his life, leave him alone. does anyone really think pence was stuffing top secret documents down his pants like sandy burglar. mike pence found out he had classified documents and locked them in a safe. when biden found out he had classified documents he hid it and his lawyers told justice that's all we have. until justice found out he lied. is anyone worried that mike
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pence gave classified documents to his kids? pence's daughter wrote a book about rabbit. does she sound like the type to sell it to the communist chinese. mike pence still has a library card. pence has never even returned a library book late in his life. while joe biden is a serial liar and plagiarist who lies every time he opens his mouth. one of these guys get the benefit of the doubt and one doesn't. mike doesn't have a flashy car like a corvette that he sticks documents under. mike has probably got a lincoln sedan that has great gas mileage. he doesn't let his son take a joy ride with minors and leave the garage door open so america's secrets around spread eagle for the whole neighborhood to see. look what we have here? here is a box of important documents laying out on joe's dining room table that pic is from hunter biden's laptop. hey, dad, i left a secret box of
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documents on the dining room table. jiaqi bao is over. ear would headed the bed. we will leave the door open for when you come home. were the classified documents in that box? that could be the box that the fbi seized the one hunter was eating chinese take out next. to say look closely see the soy sauce on the corner. looks a lot like the box that was in joe's garage. doesn't it? and it just so happens that at the same time hunter took this picture of the box of important documents at joe's house, there was a kid's birthday party at the house the same weekend. now, sit back and think about the last time you have been at a kid's birthday party. rowdy kids running around, climbing tables breaking stuff. parents in the background drinking. a clown. did anyone vet the clown? what a great disguise for a chinese spy. i am just going to change into my clime clown costume in the garage. give me a minute, kids. jimmy you have cake on your chin. let me get that for you.
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why does this napkin have iran's nuke secrets on it? did the clown memorize the documents and shred them and use them as confetti? ' telling pee joe didn't notice a big box labeled important docs on his dining room table? hunter noticed he was living there. he took a picture of joe's document box. he got so banged up at the kid's birthday party he went out until 2:00 a.m. and lost his keys. he is texting jill at 2: 30 in the morning asking hey, you up? saying open the door, please. my key fell off. hunter got so drunk at a birthday party he lost his kids. was hunter hanging outs with jiaqi bao chinese secretary or was hunter out with someone else? sources close to the investigation are telling "primetime," hunter was actually the one who moved joe's boxes into the house. and he was the one moving
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documents around, and he had some help from his exstripper girlfriend london roberts the one who had he had on his payroll and later got pregnant and hid in malibu and fought the can child support? also, around the same time the documents were being moved around and hunter was losing his keys past midnight, hunter biden was getting bribed with chinese diamonds. >> investigating hunter -- the biden family is about like tracking a a bleeding bear through a snow storm. evidence everywhere. that diamond was given to hunter about the time these documents were being transported to different locations. it's very concerning. you know, two ways the chinese try to launder money into the united states, are through the art worlds and through diamonds. do you see a connection here. >> jesse: what pence's daughter out with hunter chinese diamonds
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no working on bunny dom tri and hunter was moving documents. hunter stored records at his sister-in-law's house hali biden, remember her. when hunter's brother died he started sleeping with his brother's widow but it didn't last. has the fbi searched the hali biden house? has the fbi searched hunter's house? the fed say they were going to search properties linked to biden. has anyone checked biden's brother's homes for documents, jimmy the chin, frankie four fingers? it's time to get a warrant for biden's brother's homes. or is the fbi just going to let the bidens destroy documents before the fbi decides to show up? how do you let joe biden lie to you about documents let him to go to the beach house before checking the beach house. take biden's word after he lied to you about what was in wilmington? i thought the fbi was the fbi?
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why hasn't the fbi searched the university of delaware where joe has almost, what, 2,000 boxes of documents? newly dug up emailings from the laptop show hunter was personally moving papers, quote, unquote. from joe's time in the senate into the center at the university of delaware. and he was talking about it with his business partners. was hunter leveraging his dad's classified documents to make money? what does binder think. >> those records include about 1850 boxes intelligence 1415 gigabits of electronic files. does president biden have objection to such a search? >> when it comes to the documents and ongoing legal matter, i refer to you the white house counsel's office. >> jesse: at this point we have to check cheney's house. i want gore's home raided. what's fair is fair. i thought we were supposed to
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take this stuff seriously adam schiff pats himself down before he leaves the scif. >> if we search your home and properties and cars, would we find any classified documents there? >> no, you wouldn't. i am so careful when i leave that scif, i am careful when i go into it. i literally pat myself down to make sure i have gotten rid of all my electronics and very careful not to take anything out of the scif. >> jesse: who is patting it joe down when he left the white house or the senate? biden looks suspicious. that's the difference here. pence found documents. box was still shut, put them in the safe, handed them right over. trump had documents. he is allowed to. is he president. the librarians knew he had them and he admitted he had them. but biden has been caught with documents all over, decades of documents. and he hid the story from us. he changed the story. he lied now we keep finding more
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and more and more. keeping saying he is so surprised and knew nothing. what's joe hiding? we all know the cover-up is worse than the crime let's bring in florida senator marco rubio is he a member of the intelligence committee. what is going on with all these classified documents showing up everywhere, senator? >> i think the executive branch needs to hire better movers number one at least to go through some of these things. i think any time documents are removed from the proper setting, especially after someone has been serving for a while, it's a problem. i don't care who did it. i think the biden connection one is more concerning for the following reason and that is we are talking about 8 years vice presidency of service and really bizarre documents going back to the senate. in the senate it's not like you can bring these things into your office without the proper protocols being followed to begin with most members of the senate can't do that if they don't have a staff member who is cleared to bring you documents to read and has to come in a special secure pouch that has to be locked and that person
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themselves has to have the clearance to be able to move it around. so for a senator to take classified documents, it would have to do it almost deliberately. the one that's concerning here is a bunch of products, a bunch of documents were moved to the senator at the university. these documents were not. somebody had to go through boxes to decide what goes to the senate and what doesn't go to the senate? why were these left behind in the house and the others were delivered to the center? these are the kind of things we need answers to. right now we are not getting any answers from the director of national intelligence. we will. i think there is a bipartisan commitment, frankly, to get those answers. >> jesse: so if you have classified documents at a chinese funded think tank next to a steakhouse and classified documents in a garage that was likely left open by hunter biden who probably moved them and who lost his keys and was being bribed with chinese diamonds are
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you worried about this as a member of senate intelligence committee at all. >> absolutely. that's the reason we asked for a risk assessment. we asked for that after mar-a-lago too. we wanted to see if it justified an fbi raid. what are these documents? different levels of classifications. maybe some of them have since been declassified. i don't know. the bottom line is there is the concern that these things totality or individually could pose a counter intelligence threat but expose both methods meaning the way we got that information and sources, meaning the people that gave it to us could endanger operations. we don't know until we have answers. we haven't gotten any answers. i don't know anything more about what they found than what you read in the press today. and that's unacceptable for people on a committee that's charged with overseeing how america does intelligence. >> jesse: tell me you don't have documents stashed somewhere in your office in florida, senator. >> no, no. i guarantee you we don't. and it would be near impossibility the way we handle things. that's why the piece about documents going back to his time in the senate is so bizarre.
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not that i understand. vice president office is secure but for a senator to do it would be deliberately. >> jesse: not next to your corvette. >> i don't have a corvette if i do i wouldn't put it there. >> jesse: really big wrench that just got thrown into the democrats' plan to brainwash your kids. ♪ to design hr solutions to provide flexible pay options and greater workforce visibility today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ mom! mom! every day can be extraordinary with rich, creamy, delicious fage total yogurt.
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>> jesse: you probably heard of the trojan horse. the greeks gifted a giant trojan horse to their enemy. >> offering the greeks are praying for a safe return home. >> i hope the sea god spits in their offering. let's them all drown at the
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bottom of the sea. >> this is a gift. we shall take it to the temple. >> jesse: once the gift was behind city walls the soldiers hidden inside the soldiers jumped out and opened the gates. this is what is happening in schools. the trojan horse is a black history a.p. high school class. advanced placement. smart kids take because it looks good on application "primetime" read this syllabus. for the african-american a.p. history course that desantis rejected in florida that is making all these liberals crazy. and i got to give this course credit. the first three quarters of this african-american a.p. history course is very high quality. very rigorous stuff, as a history major. i am impressed. here's the problem the last quarter of this course goes off
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the rails. this course is going along perfectly and then, boom, critical race theory, abolish the prisons, overthrow capitalism, intersectionality, whatever that means. i think that's where they rank people based on their race and gender. you read pro-reparations material. nothing to balance the other side. the required reading discusses how white supremacist super structures oppress black people and they examine the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy and then you have a whole section on black queer studies where high schoolers can learn how to build forms of queerness to reject the given realities of the government and the market. if you want to dive into that in college or grad school, have at it. but this is a little much for high school. antioxidant doesn't have a problem with a.p. african-american history courses. he rejected the course and said it's too woke, fix it, and
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reapply. >> this course on black history, what is one of the lessons about? queer theory. now, who would say that an important part of black history is queer theory? that is somebody pushing an agenda on our kids. they have stuff about intersectionality, abolishing prison. that's a political agenda when you try to use black history to shoe horn in queer theory, you are clearly trying to use that for political purposes. >> jesse: so a bunch of people who didn't even look at the syllabus called desantis a racist. >> ron desantis is now running a state where he decides what can be taught in schools. >> well, now because you have got a lot of racism going on and a little bit of insanity. >> already seeing some activist call this don't say black like the idea that he is going to say like the don't say gay bill that you somehow draw lines in the classroom. >> i don't think ron desantis is
4:23 pm
qualified to make those judgments. >> so slavery became illegal now it's going to be illegal to teach racism in school. >> this is cultural erasure. we have seen it happen before. when black people were brought from africa over here forced to be here they erased our culture from us. that's what you are doing right now in education. >> jesse: you are done. it's illegal to teach slavery in schools in florida. good work. teaching african-american history is important. it's our history. and if black students want to learn african-american his if i have african-american scholars, they should be able to take an a.p. course. but this course should teach history not push radical, racial propaganda. here's a chart that's been floating around online that caught our attention. if a white person does anything the left doesn't like, the left smears them as racist. if you see color, you are racist. if you don't see color, you're ignoring racism. if you move out of your
4:24 pm
neighborhood it's white flight. if you move into new neighborhood you are gentrifying it. see how it works? it's how you destroy a country. smearing everybody as racist. but decide for yourself, does this guy southbound like a bigot? >> that's what our standards for black history are. it's just cut and dried history. you learn all the basics. you learn about the great figures. and, you know, i view it as american history. i don't view it as separate history. people that have participated to make the country great. people that have stood up when it wasn't easy, and they all deserve to be taught. >> jesse: mini diaz is the florida education commissioner. manny, cnn says it is illegal to teach slavery in the state of florida. is that true? >> i will tell you what, jesse, i am glad that don lemon and the communists at cnn are not teaching our students in florida. we have robust african-american history curriculum with over five courses in our state and it
4:25 pm
is required teaching. >> jesse: so why are they saying that this is racist to knock this thing down? are they pointing to anything specific? >> no. they are not. they are basically ignoring the fact that this has queer studies. that it has intersexuality, that it has crt. that it talks about reparations one sided without a counter argument. take down capitalism? that is not african-american history. and, like you said, three quarters of that syllabus has good content and that would be -- that would serve our students well. but we're not going to allow indoctrination to come into our schools under the guise of african-american history or any other history for that matter. >> jesse: yeah. the curriculum is excellent until you get up to this one point and then it totally goes off the rails. i want to show you something else your governor said. he says teachers should be able to take away cell phones from kids in the classroom. watch this. >> why are these kids on their phones during class all the time? i mean, i think a school
4:26 pm
district would be totally within their rights to say you know what? leave your phone in some cubby or something, go sit in class, learn, and then if you get it at recess and you want to text people, fine. but they should not be always on their phones. >> jesse: msnbc says it's authoritarian for the governor to say teachers should be able to take kids' iphones out of their hands during history class. >> hey, the governor wants to empower teachers in their classroom so the students can learn and he wants to basically do stand your ground for teachers so they can actually keep control of the classroom and teach. students can have their cell phones put away and use them during their break. why they are interrupting lessons and getting on apps and disrupting the governor is right we have to maintain incorporate telling gri at this in classroom. >> jesse: or cheating on -- if i had had a cell phone i'm not going to get into it. good work, manny. >> thank you, jesse, for having
4:27 pm
me. >> jesse: let's check in on how biden's app. for illegals is doing. if you didn't know biden launched an app. that helps migrants schedule when they should break into the country. open table for illegals. how is it going? the u.s. coast guard just detained a boat stuffed with 400 haitians on their way to florida. 400. this is so dangerous. look at that if that capsizes, hundreds drown. do they not know there's an app. for that? maybe they couldn't connect to wifi in the middle of the carribean. joe? time to go back to the drawing board. the app., going to get people killed. up next, james comey has gone into hiding. ♪ ♪ ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪
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russia asset run the trump-russia investigation he also ran the dnc server hack investigation. has anybody heard from james comey? the story broke 24 hours ago. where is he? is he still wandering in the woods somewhere he? signed a multi million dollars book deal after being run out of town his russia investigation turned out to be a total hoax and now we find out there were more fbi agents colluding with russians than trump officials? not only that, there were more fbi agents who doctored evidence than trump officials. there were more fbi agents that took cash bribes than trump officials. this fbi agent, charlie mcgonegal, red charlie, was put in charge of cyber crimes and counterintelligence out of a new york office. new york office that is a top perch. and is he a double agent? comey put a russian double agent in charge of investigating our people? and he can't be found for comment? not a single reporter outside of comey's house with a camera and
4:34 pm
a mic? red charlie was handcuffed at the airport yesterday after he was caught cashing checks from putin's buddies. his law firm was on putin buddy's law firm. russian bud ohleg. comey's russian asset was on his way back from sri lanka. what was red charlie doing in sri lanka. who goes on vacation in sri lanka. is the media going to waukesha parade this thing like it never happened? our people went to prison. they wracked up tens of thousands of legal fees. the reputations trashed. so now the question is was mcgonegal working alone? did james comey know he put a russian asset in charge? i think it's time the fbi brings james comey in for questioning. kentucky senator rand paul joins me now. your reaction, senator? >> you know, it's not just malfeasance or crystal, i think the whole upper echelon of the fbi has been politicized from peter strzok to his mistress to
4:35 pm
comey think about it the other heads brennan and clapper have gone on to be left wing pundits. brennan started out his career at o. as a supporter of the candidate in 1976. end his career as a commentator for cnn go. figure this is troubling, a real problem. a one-off in the sense that this is a spy, someone who has actually betrayed his country for money. the thing is more important than that is the dozens of officials throughout the upper echelons of the fbi that have been corrupted by politics there has got to be a thorough cleaning of house. that cleaning of house isn't coming until you get a president. this president has seen no interest in it. merrick garland has shown no interest in it. really ultimately this is what elections are about and this is what we have to get a republican strong enough to say we are going to end the politicization. and start going after criminals and not go after political we
4:36 pm
politically disagree with. >> jesse: i know if "jesse watters primetime" hired a russian spy, they might want to at fox talk to jesse watters about hiring the russian spy. apparently no one wants to talk to james comey. i have to ask you senator now. because now we have to ask everybody, do you have classified documents anywhere in your old kentucky home? >> no. in fact, i have never had a classified document even in my office because people don't realize, this but the normal part of classified documents is i go to a secure reading room. they show me the documents, i check them out and check them back in as if i'm in the library. if i take notes about them. i leave the notes in a secure reading room. i don't take any paper when i leave. that being said. it's a little bit different being president or vice president or state department head, secretary of state because you have more documents. and there really is a problem of overclassifying everything. the menu at the white house is
4:37 pm
classified. so there are -- i'm not kidding. there are problems with this. >> jesse: you are say going i get invited to the white house for lunch and i leave with a menu i'm in deep trouble? >> i would watch it, jesse. >> jesse: good information. thank you very much, senator. >> thank you. >> jesse: up next, the gun fight in a walmart. [gunfire] and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. there are some things that go better...together. burger and fries...soup and salad. like your workplace benefits and retirement savings.
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>> stop, stop. [gunfire] awe. >> don't move. don't move. [rapid gunfire] >> jesse: that video comes out of reno, nevada where a police officer was shot by a guy armed with an ar. luckily that officer is going to survive. this is just another example of the risk cops face every day.
4:43 pm
over in elka hone, california, officers were forced to confront a man with a shotgun who just stabbed his co-worker to death. >> i see something in his right pockets. >> he has a rifle. >> [gunshots] >> get on the ground. get on the ground. hit him begin. >> get on the ground. [gunshots. >> jesse: life is getting risky in america. in indiana, former walmart employee came back to his old store and gunned down his old co-worker. police responded. [gunfire] >> right back there. >> drop it! drop it! drop it!
4:44 pm
[gunfire] >> jesse: crime is out of control in this country. store staff have having to defend themselves from shoplifters like this lady. she wouldn't let go of the shopping carts until the robbers finally gave up and ran out. so what are our elected leaders doing about it? let's take chicago for example. since mayor big unit came into office. major crime shot up nearly 65%. but don't worry about getting robbed on your way to the store because lightfoot has a new plan. >> we have been in little village working with those street vendors understanding what the nature of the crime is making sure we are doing things in concert with them to help them make sure that their money is secure. not use money if at all possible. using other forms of transaction to take care of themselves. >> jesse: so her solution is telling stores to stop using cash and use venmo. lightfoot wants to fight crime with venmo. lightfoot has never been in the streets, seeing the crime for herself. but our next guest has.
4:45 pm
citizen journalists, chicago critter has been on the streets for the past two years. risking his life. documenting the crime. people have even started sending him videos because they know he will get it out there. watch. [sirens] [bleep] >> yeah! yeah! [sirens] >> oh my god. [gunshot] [gunfire] >> citizen journalist chicago critter joins us now. so, critter, why are we disguising your identity? are you worried about retribution? >> i'm deciding to hide my nature of the content i expose is raw footage of chicago.
4:46 pm
that's why. >> jesse: you are not worried about lightfoot knowing who you are, are you? >> no. i'm definitely not worried about lightfoot. as can you tell, she is a complete incompetent mayor. she has -- hasn't really been doing much for chicagoans across chicago. nobody feels safe. you cannot ride the cta without feeling you are going to get robbed. michigan avenue also known as the magnificent mile you can see scores of stores that have been closed. it's just awful what she has done to the city. >> jesse: you have been documenting crime in chicago for the last two years. how have you seen things change? >> honestly since i started that is when the blm riots were happening. i really have not seen anything get better. if anything, i have seen lori lightfoot deflect more of what
4:47 pm
is going on in chicago to outside what is really going on. she would rather focus on issues that aren't in chicago to actually talk about what's happening. >> jesse: what do you think the root causes of this crime wave are? >> well, one of the root causes is the demonization of police. we have drones of police officers leaving the department. we have them overworked. we have prosecutor that does not want to prosecute criminals. she would rather let them go and there's no point in police officers really trying to catch criminals if they are going to be released the next day. >> jesse: sounds like kim foxxs person you are talking about. listen, critter, stay safe but keep shooting these videos because you have got to get the story out there and expose what is really happening on the ground so these politicians wake up. we appreciate you joining "jesse watters primetime."
4:48 pm
>> thank you so much, jesse. i appreciate your having me here. >> jesse: the bathroom is a sanctuary. well, except when you are in public. you don't have your fuzzy slippers or your favorite bath mat you have got share the place with everybody else. >> i had a neighbor confront me for using the woman's restroom. i lived here for. i'm a transwoman. kailey. only place i feel safe using the women's bathroom. i got done and got out. and this neighbor was talking to another neighbor. and started pointing at the sign. i knew exactly what she was talking about because big old woman sign. i'm like is there a problem? yeah, you are using the woman's restroom you are a man. i said i'm a trans woman. she said no, you are a man. she kept saying it over and over. and honestly i just lost it. i just lost it and just started screaming. i just couldn't handle it. >> jesse: so cailee is upset because her neighbors won't affirm her identity. the only thing they will affirm
4:49 pm
the door says women. she just can't. and now even her friends are siding with the trans phobes next door. >> and then my group of friends that i thought my friends were all started to i escalated because she had two kids. i didn't even see the kids. they were there. and i just lost it. fight flight or freeze and i fought. they blame me that i was the one that was at fault when no one stood up to me when this person kept calling me he, she -- he, man. like, triggering awful like i deal with enough on here. >> jesse: yeah, those kids shouldn't have been there. so, what's heaven like? well, a woman died, went there and came back to tell us. ♪ ♪ think again. this always ultra thin is our best yet. it wicks gushes 90% faster and absorbs even more. for up to 100% leak-free and odor-free comfort. this is triple protection from always.
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>> jesse: everybody wants to go to heaven after they die. ♪
4:55 pm
>> welcome to heaven, my [bleep]. >> jesse: you try to be the best person you can, so you walk straight through the pearly gates. if you're not a good person, you go to the other place. nobody knows what heaven or hell is like because there's no turning back. our next guest said she's seen both, heaven and hell and brought back to life to tell the story. charlotte holmes joins me now. you had a stroke. you were rushed to the hospital. what happened? >> my blood pressure was 234 over 134. i was in there. i fell over in bed. my eyes were wide open. the next thing i knew, i come above my body. the next thing i knew, i was in heaven. >> jesse: what was heaven like? >> beautiful. it's so much -- you can't imagine. i can't tell you how gorgeous it
4:56 pm
is. the colors, the beauty. god let me see so much in such a short period of time. >> jesse: what did god let you see specifically? >> well, i seen a lot of valleys, hills, i seen rivers, i seen oceans. i seen the pearly gates and behind the pearly gates was my family. >> jesse: you said you went to hell to. how did you go to hell after that? >> after a long conversation with god and seeing my family and he turned me and took me to the edge of hell. at hell, the stink, the sponginess. it was horrible the smell and the screaming. as i was looking down, it reached to the point where i couldn't stand it anymore and i felt him turn me and bring me back to heaven. >> jesse: hell smells? >> do what? >> jesse: never mind. did you talk to god -- >> jesse: the smells were bad.
4:57 pm
did you ask god if he's a fan of jesse waters prime time? >> jesse: he said he was. >> i'm going to believe that. >> jesse: do you still talk to god, charlotte? >> i talk to god. i see angels, speak to angels. it's amazing. we think human nature that god is the almighty. god is everything. >> jesse: all right. i'm glad you're back. i'm glad you exclusively decided to share your experience with heaven here on "jesse waters prime time." tell god i said hello and i'll see him one of these day. johnny found something very surprising. in my office. while he was moving. that could get me in a lot of trouble and we'll have that for you tomorrow. now is time for texts. todd, california, jesse, i've been in the citrus industry for
4:58 pm
30 years. the difference is clementines are smaller and sweeter. i don't know if that helps. i know a clementine is in the orange family. is it technically an orange? alex from rochester. it's less like open table for illegals and venmo for coyotes. you got that right. as lori says, venmo is the way to do this. sharon from nebraska. would someone please hand the binder a thesaurus? yeah, i would hand her a thesaurus and maybe a get out of jail free card. all of those lies she's telling, not going to be good. samantha from michigan. jesse, you hit yourself in the face with that syllabus. are you okay? yeah, that was a thick stack. shirley, virginia, letting children have phones in class is insane. when i was in school, you weren't even allowed to pass notes. i mean, i could cheat so easily
4:59 pm
if i had this little thing in class. i would get straight as. janice from connecticut. please take my kids phone during school. it's only making him dumber. harrison from wild wood, new jersey. being a rush asset is what qualified him for the job. this is interesting. if you hire a russian asset to run the russia investigation, don't you expect someone to come knock at your door and you say hey maybe come with me, we'll ask you a few questions. what were the qualifications that led you to hire this asset to run the russian investigation or just unlucky? at the head of the fbi you didn't have the skills to decide and see if the person you were putting in charge of the russian investigation was a russian asset? carl from tennessee, what is on the white house menu?
5:00 pm
can't tell you. it's classified. that's it for tonight. dvr the show. that is dvr. you guys know how to do that? it's a button on the remote control. tucker carlson is next. remember, i'm waters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." looking back, this use bad a straightforward country. what you saw is what you got. it felt that way. that's not the case anymore. a lot what you read feels not like news but a highly curated


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