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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  January 24, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> we are out of time. thanks to trey gowdy and our studio audience. trace gallagher is next. [applause] >> trace: thank you, greg. good evening, everyone, and welcome to america's late news, "fox news at night." i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. breaking tonight, it's not just present joe biden. it turns out mike pence also had classified documents in his home. even though he insisted in november he did not. for the very latest including how the biden white house is keeping quiet on the docu-drama, let's get to kevin corke at the nation's capital. >> good evening, trace. it was not that long ago, as you accurately point out, that the
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former vp seemed unconcerned he might be in possession of classified documents, only then to inexplicably instruct his lawyers to construct a search, who then probably found a few. fbi agents came to his indiana home on the night of january the 19th to retrieve documents that the former vp himself had located a few days earlier. that is, of course, with his attorneys. the chair of the house oversight committee, he said in the statement that the former vice president's transparency stands in stark contrast to biden white house staff who continue to withhold information from congress and the american people. speaking of coming over at the white house they are still not answering questions, and not, say critics, telling you, the american people, the whole story. answering questions like, what kind of documents are we talking about? are there more of them? who keeps moving them around place to place?
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how did they get out of the white house to begin with? and what about this question, did hunter biden have access to them? >> i would refer you to the white house counsel. i would refer you to the white house's counsel's office. i would refer you to the white house counsel's office, as they are the ones who have been closely involved. >> and so it went. meanwhile on capitol hill the search for an explanation continues. >> we haven't gotten any answers. i don't know anything more about what they found then what you read in the press today, and that's unacceptable for people on a committee that is charged with overseeing how america does intelligence. >> the great marco rubio. no real surprise then that lawmakers say they are in fact expanding their probe. trace? >> something tells me we will have to check with the white house counsel on this. thank you, my friend. for the political impact of the newest twist of the classified documents scandal, let's bring in fox news contributor
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leslie marshall and kurt schlichter. welcome to both. kurt, to you first. i don't really care who cooperated more or less, which one of these three men is cooperating and which is not. kind of like kevin was saying, i want to know what's in the documents and why these men decided to take the documents. >> you know, trace, i'm kind of torn. on the retired army colonel side, ray spent years working with classified material, i know that if i had done any of this i would now be at leavenworth making large rocks into much smaller rocks. as a lawyer i can only dream of having clients that the media would bend over backwards to excuse wrongdoing. i'm torn, i'm not sure how to feel. >> trace: i want to play this sound bite from chuck schumer and get your response on the other side. >> look, there's a huge difference between how the president handled it and how president -- former
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president trump handle that. one cooperated fully with the authorities, and the other stonewalled for over a year. the bottom line is simple, there are prosecutors in both cases. they ought to be able to proceed unimpeded without anyone pressuring them. >> trace: if you take a look at 30,000 feet, leslie, there's not a difference. president biden had these documents for years and years. we don't know what's in the documents, why he took them, and what was so important about these things that he had them. for someone to say there's huge difference in the way these things are being handled, it's disingenuous. your thoughts? >> i don't think it's disingenuous. look at it like a library book. if i have a book overdue, i discover it, i bring it to the library right away. whereas the library calls for over a year, "you have the book, give it back." it's a big difference with a response. even former vice president pence, right away, found them, made a phone call, "here they are."
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the bottom line is, if we are going to treat them the same, we have to treat them the same, and with both the former president and the current president, they have a special counsel assigned, let them do their job. because then we will find out at the end of this when they finish their job look f kind of documes we are talking about and how they got there. i don't see any of these men carrying out boxes. let's be honest. >> somebody carried out something. somebody somewhere carried out something, and in the president's case, carried out something to one place and picks him up and carried them into another place. we know that the facts, and we are wondering why. this is the business insider headline. i thought it was kind of relevant. it says three potential frontrunners for the presidency in 2024 are now embroiled in classified documents controversies. it's a good headline, kurt. >> except to the extent that it treats mike pence as one of the front runners, because he's got absolutely zero chance. but i do understand the point.
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the real point is there is a dual track justice system in america. if you are an e4 sergeant and had to this at your house, again, you'd be next to me at leavenworth making big rocks into little ones. these guys aren't, and they're not going to. nobody is. what's going happen is suddenly it's not going to be a big deal anymore, and we can't have a dual track system. i want all these guys, including the ones i like, to be treated exactly the same as that sergeant who screws up and takes a document home. >> trace: this is the latest emerson poll. hypothetical 2024 president to match up. look who's on top, joe biden 41%. he's on top and the actual poll, but in the numbers he is not. donald trump, 44%. somebody else, undecided, 4%. it's kind of a telling poll, leslie. your thoughts? >> first of all, a 3% margin of
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error. then -- [laughter] hey, i'm going to put it out there right now. we are in vegas. i will bet you that donald trump will not be elected in 2024 as president, even if he is the g.o.p. nominee. i'm putting it out there. let's start taking bids and things like that. i want to go to what you said, though, with regard to these gentlemen. i was going to agree with you at first, but if trump and desantis are so busy fighting with each other, pence might squeak up in popularity. at the end of the day it doesn't matter to voters. this is not a kitchen table issue. of course anyone feels that all three of them were wrong, but that's not what they're going to vote on. >> trace: when you find out what's in those documents, every kitchen table in the country's going to be very interested to find out. thank you both. good luck on the book. thank you for coming. ♪ ♪ meantime, breaking tonight, speaker of the house kevin mccarthy formally rejected democrats adam schiff and
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eric swalwell from serving on the house intelligence committee, saying in a statement that integrity matters. mccarthy has accused schiff of lying, while eric swalwell was suspected with a chinese spy who had fund-raiser on his campaign. congressman schiff tweeted the news tonight and asked for fund-raising donations. while a senate committee put ticketmaster executives under oath today over the uproar concerning tickets to taylor swift's upcoming concert tour, it's a hearing that could end up saving you money in the future by pushing to bring sanity to live music ticket pricing. jeff paul is here with the very latest. a lot of finger-pointing today, jeff, on capitol hill. >> we will see if it leads to any change. for anyone trying to buy any of these big-name concert tickets, they will believe any sort of change when they see it, especially when it comes to all those fees that really add up when you are about to hit buy at checkout. the amount to roughly 27% of the
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cost of a ticket, and it's unclear who determines those fees. >> i don't know where the answer lies. no one's taking responsibility. >> transparency would be helpful to know what the fees are, is that right? >> absolutely. the market can't work well without transparency. >> clearly there isn't transparency when no one knows who sets the fees. >> this has started to gain a lot of attention, especially with a bipartisan group of senators in mid-november. that is when ticketmaster's site crashed during a taylor swift presale. thousands of fans lashed out after waiting in an online queue for hours. ticketmaster blamed it on a bot attack to jack up the price on the secondary market. but senators on both sides of the aisle aren't buying it. >> if you care about the consumer, cap the price. cut out the bots.
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>> i have to thank ticketmaster for an absolutely stunning achievement, bringing democrats and republicans together. >> ticketmaster should look in the mirror and say, "i'm the problem. it's me." >> ticketmaster is the largest ticket seller in the world, owned by live nation entertainment. live nation puts on a lot of these big-name shadows and many venues feel forced to use ticketmaster out of fear that live nation would find a different venue for a show. because of that dominance and the merge of the two and panisse, some lawmakers want a second look at whether or not this is a true monopoly. trace? >> trace: dominance is a good word on this. thank you for that. for more on how much we end up buying these future tickets for, let's bring in fox news contributor joe concha. always great to see you. the "l.a. times" quoted an attorney who represents the lawsuit from taylor swift fans, saying, "i feel like they have done this monopolistic behavior for so long, and this was the
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straw that broke the camel's back. they are going to keep gathering more and more power, charging more and more until concerts become this luxury for only the richest people and the scalpers." he's got a fair point that the ticket prices really do just keep going up and up, joe. >> they completely do. to the report by jeff paul right now that you just played, 27%? nearly one-third of ticket prices, trace, or for processing fees. it is done online. a computer is taking care of it. so if i pay $100 for a ticket, i'm paying another $27 on top of that just have it processed? that doesn't make any sense. ticketmaster has to explain why they are charging that much above already sky-high ticket prices in order to just process it alone. ticketmaster clearly is a monopoly, trace. pearl jam, who i have a feeling you, like me, saw at one point in the '90s, they boycotted
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ticketmaster decades ago and they were forced to play in venues that were way out of the way because basically ticketmaster and live nation, in this case, controlled most of the venues where you see big artists. but congress is getting involved here, because aligning oneself with someone as powerful as taylor swift has almost zero downside. it's why we saw so many senators quoting taylor swift songs during the senate judiciary committee hearings today, which was as cringeworthy as it gets in an environment that's already inherently cringeworthy, trace. but in the end, she's the most powerful nonpolitician, you could argue, in the country. she has more than 331 million fans across facebook, instagram, twitter, and tiktok. 50 million youtube subscribers. and she has a beef with ticketmaster, a justifiable b beef, capitol hill will benefit politically, trace.
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>> trace: it was weird seeing them read the taylor swift stuff there. this is the president and chief financial officer of live nation testifying. watch. >> we knew that bots would attack that sale and planned accordingly. we were then hit with three times the amount of bot traffic we had ever experienced. >> trace: it's all about the bots for them. it's possible, joe, because we know there were bots out there, but that's not the whole matter here. >> no, it's not. what happen here the presale for taylor swift's tour was supposed be capped at 1.5 million verified fans. but then 14 million, those bots, they hit the site and bought out most of the tickets, and those are resold by resellers because they are not really bots. in the end, human beings are controlling them. they are being sold for triple, quadruple above already sky-high prices, pricing at many taylor swift fans. what happens here and how do you control that? i'm not quite sure.
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but, in the end, ticketmaster doesn't really have any competition, so until they do, they're not going to be compelled to act until they are broken up, and that the job of congress. >> trace: very close to monopoly. the allegations are the following, initially released less than 10% of the tickets available, illegally sold tickets to vips prior to public release, sold obstructed view tickets without telling buyers, knowingly pulled tickets from byers' baskets before they could complete the sale. again, these allegations, but you heard these kinds of complaints again and again. i've got about 15 seconds left for you, joe. >> there's probably anecdotal evidence that, for instance, tickets were sold to seats that have obstructed views, for example, and that will be easy to prove. either way, taylor swift, when she speaks, people listen, trace. >> trace: indeed she does. joe concha, great to have you on the show. thank you. >> thank you, sir.
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have a good night. >> trace: later on the show we'll get perspective from a former sony music executive about what some consider the root of the problem, the sweetheart deal that live nation and ticketmaster made with the justice department when they merged 13 years ago. he will also give you some information about how much money you could save because of what happened on capitol hill today. meantime, the death of a 19-year-old student at louisiana state university after she was allegedly raped in the back of a car, and the arrest of suspects has sent shock waves through the baton rouge campus community. lauren blanchard is tracking and develop a taurus in york. >> the campus is hard broken over the alleged rape and death of madison brooks. charges have mounted against four men, including a minor. three suspects have been identified, and an unidentified 17-year-old, charged with her degree rape. the bond was set at $150,000.
9:16 pm
the minor's bond hearing was moved to next month. the other two men, ages 28 and 18, are charged with principle to third degree rape, meaning they were there but didn't participate. they cannot post about the case on social media and have been placed on home confinement. according to police, brooks had been drinking late on january 15th. she left with the men and a car. two who allegedly raped her, though they claim it was consensual. the men dropped her off in a subdivision where she wandered into the street and was struck by another car. an attorney for two of the suspects told fox 8 it was a tragedy, not a crime. but brooks had a blood alcohol level of 0.319, almost four times the legal limit. the charges say she could not have been able to consent. >> with a blood alcohol that high at anyone of any age, that is approaching alcohol poisoning. any time you get above 0.25%
9:17 pm
alcohol intoxication, that is when you start getting into trouble with your balance, trouble walking straight without assistance. >> brooks was just 19 years old. the suspect's attorneys blame reggie's bar where the suspects were last seen before they got in the car. lsu's president, william tate, says he wants to can't do on that crack down on campus bars serving underage kids. we know the louisiana office of alcohol and tobacco control has announced an emergency suspension of their liquor license. they said it was due to the seriousness of the allegations and the potential threat to public safety. >> trace: it's an awful story. lauren blanchard lives for us in new york. for step in tonight's crime crisis round up, the suspect is dead in the fatal shooting of three people at a convenience store in yakima, washington, earlier this morning. police said there was a second shooting across the street at another store. investigator said 21-year-old jared haddock died of a
9:18 pm
self-inflicted gunshot wound after he used a bystander's cell phone to call his mother, telling her he killed those people and was going to kill himself. san francisco police released this video tonight that shows a man who had been sitting on the sidewalk approach an elderly man, and then suddenly assault him from behind, unprovoked. the 78-year-old victim was helped by a good samaritan and is in the hospital recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect fled on foot. philadelphia police on the hunt for two suspects in the robbery of a west philly market at gunpoint. the masked men were armed with a semiautomatic handgun and a shotgun. the employee was not injured. the suspects got away empty-handed. while san francisco 49ers defensive and was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence after an incident with his girlfriend. san jose police said there were no visible physical injuries. in a statement, the 49 they said
9:19 pm
they are aware of the matter, but no word yet if omenihu will play in the nfc championship game against the eagles. police in whatcom county washington are looking for to suspects who tried to burglarize a gas station's atm machine. they pulled in driving a stolen red jeep and they use a strap to pull open the doors of the story, then tried ramming the atm machine multiple times, but ultimately they drove away unsuccessful. they didn't get any money out, but they did because, as you can see, a budget damage. in new york city, and other major u.s. corporation is making a concession to america's crime crisis. chase bank now locking up many 24-hour atms early in the city that never sleeps. here is the senior correspondent, laura ingle. >> it's very, very sad. it's a facility that people use all the time, and they should be encouraged to have access. >> some chase bank customers not happy with the move to shut down
9:20 pm
the vestibule's that have atms inside, those little rooms normally open 24/7 throughout the city that never sleeps will be locked up overnight, meaning chase bank customers will be locked out, unable to access ca. the reason connect the continuing uptick in crime in the home was using the vestibules to go to the bathroom or to sleep. chase support tweeting in part, "our apologies. we decided to close several atm vestibules at 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m., aligning with the hours of service to that of the normal branch hours, due to rising crime and vagrancy that occurred in these previously 24/7 vestibules." new york city mayor eric adam says he's doing what he can to keep people safe and keep businesses open. >> people don't want to talk to mike walk into the atm and see someone urinating, screaming and yelling. people don't want to go through that. i don't want them atms closing down. >> some customers say they understand the move by chase and
9:21 pm
wonder if there are other ways to handle crime and vagrancy. >> i think it is something people could get used to, but it's definitely a system shock. maybe more security might be the move. >> i spoke with the president of new york atm, which sells and services atms in new york. he said another solution could be moving the atms back outside on the outer walls of the banks, like they used to be. trace? >> trace: loretta, thank you. coming up, u.s. service members fired for refusing the covid vaccine now being forced to pay back their signing bonuses. and, later, how many group texts are you part of? do any of them drive you a little bit crazy? beep, beep, beep! lettuce no. the poll is up. respond. we will talk about it. talk about coming at.
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>> trace: some former members of the military fired for refusing to get a covid-19 vaccine are being forced to pay back portions of the recruitment signing bonuses. let's bring in board certified dr. houman hemmati. i want to read this, because this is what a soldier was telling fox digital. the soldier had signed a contract with the army for six years and received a $7,000 bonus. however, because he fell short of the six years because of the vaccine, the military notified him that he owed the government a prorated amount of slightly over $4,000. in order to pay it back, hand up having to sell 60 of his own used vacation days to cover the amount owed. that is shameful, doctor. >> it's not just shameful, trace. that's coercive. in medicine there is an ethical concept of coercion where you are not supposed to give or take something of great value to a particular individual to force
9:28 pm
them to get a medical treatment, especially one that is not proven perfectly for their particular age group or demographic. we are talking about someone young and healthy enough to be in the military who has a near zero chance of death or serious hospitalization, to force them financially in such a way, to shame them, to not quit the military by getting the vaccine is ludicrous. it violates every ethical principle that we have in medicine, and i'm ashamed of the government. >> i think it is shameful, as well. the military says there's no hard data showing the vaccine mandates hurt recruiting. according to the defense apartment data, 3,717 marines, 1,000 soldiers, 2,064 sailors, had been discharged for refusing to get vaccinated. we know that recruiting numbers are down, and you put these together, you think, what is the military thinking? readiness is at a 25-year low,
9:29 pm
and here we are. >> for the military, they need to get the best, the brightest people who are energetic, who are committed, and these are people who sign up to risk their lives for our country. the last thing you want to do is discourage them or shame them, or worse, to train them and then kick them out. i think our government, are people really owe the people who sign up to serve a debt of gratitude, and we owe them to treat them ethically, with dignity and respect, rather than doing with the military has been doing. i think this is a big black eye for them and a time for them to say they are sorry, and let's change things. >> trace: speaking of covid vaccines, now the fda proposing we switch to annual shots. the panel votes in favor of the proposal pfizer, moderna bivalent vaccines, for all vaccine doses and not just as boosters. so every year, come on back, we will get even a shot. >> it all sounds nice, right?
9:30 pm
but then you ask, where is the efficacy data? is there any proof that in any demographic this is necessary, effective, and save? we know for young healthy adults, men especially, there is a one in 5,000 chance of myocarditis, or a serious adverse event. but where is the benefit to counteract that? if you have all risk and no benefit, literally doing? i think the government has been very opaque with the safety data. we know that the fda's own advisory committee members have complained about that. they need to be transparent and release the data. >> trace: i want to put this on the screen, this is taught parental concerns, p research. struggling with anxiety or depression, being bullied, kidnapped, abducted, getting beaten or attacked, having problems with drugs and alcohol. i was surprised that is down at number five when you look at the problems facing young people, especially with the fentanyl crisis. >> what's not on there, interestingly, is covid. i was surprised because it shows
9:31 pm
you the disconnect between what the government is saying and what parents actually care about. i think the reason why the drugs aren't on there is awareness. part of the reason we have the problem we have today is that parents are unaware of what a big deal it is for the kids. once that awareness develops, once people are personally impacted and the kids they know begin to have overdoses or die, heaven forbid, their eyes are going to open to this. i don't want it to get to that point. i think we need a national campaign like we have with covid vaccines to educate the public, especially parents come about this. >> trace: great stuff. dr. hemmati, great to have you. ♪ ♪ well, dr. hemmati and the "fox news that night" common sense to permit every interested in the pew research poll it's a valid number one concern, especially with a slew of new studies that appear to show social media being a major contributor to both anxiety and depression. the number two concern is being
9:32 pm
bullied. common sense gets it, because bullying can lead to anxiety and depression. but common sense thinks the number three concern might be a bit out of place. parents being worried about their kid being abducted or kidnapped. as the fbi would tell you, being abducted by strangers extremely rare. the vast majority of kidnappings involve a parent in a custody case. the number for concern in the poll is getting beaten up or attacked, also a valid concern, but also becoming less prevalent. it's concern number five that really concerns common sense and dr. hemmati, having problems with drugs and alcohol. in 2021, more than 3300 young people between the ages of 15-24 died from a drug overdose. it's the number two killer of young people in this country come up behind guns. alcohol use presents its own list of worries, both immediate and long-term. common sense knows that parents have lots of worries and they are all valid, but a few of those that we mentioned need a little bit of extra attention.
9:33 pm
meantime, new information tonight about the vast reach of america's opioid crisis, with news that fentanyl decks are rising faster among children than any other age group. bryan llenas takes a look at the alarming numbers. >> that's your heart be that they recorded before she passed. >> serenity was just 17 months old when she died after her grandmother says the toddler put tin foil laced with fentanyl in her mouth. >> there were paramedics already working to get her to breathe. and my grandson was standing there screaming, "nana, nana, nana!" my heart just dropped as i watch them work on my granddaddy. >> a shocking new study from the nonprofit "families against fentanyl" shows that child fentanyl debts are rising faster than any other age group. deaths among children age 14 and
9:34 pm
under 15 times higher than they were in 2015, rising from 10 to 153 deaths. in just the last two years, fentanyl debts quadrupled amongst infants and children ages 5-14. >> he was one of the most genuine and loving people i've ever known in my life. >> he died from sentinel fentanl poisoning in 2020 after purchasing from a dealer and snap. both of these families are sharing their pain to save li lives. >> this can absolutely happen to anyone. please be open and honest with your children about drug use. >> our children our future, and if we don't do something, who is going to? >> families against fentanyl is calling for the president to establish a white house task force dedicated to the fentanyl crisis and designate this opioid a weapon of mass destruction.
9:35 pm
trace? >> trace: bryan, thank you. still to come, beyonce went to dubai for a dazzling return to the stage, and what spontaneously combusted on this kitchen counter? not the stove, or an appliance, or anything you might expect. the day's best viral videos, next. ♪ ♪ neutrogena® hydro boost lightweight. clinically proven. 48-hour hydration. for that healthy skin glow. neutrogena®. for people with skin. the long-lasting scent of gain flings made it smell like dave was in his happy place... ...the massage chair at the mall. but...he wasn't. gain flings with oxi boost and febreze.
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>> trace: breaking tonight, an update to a story fox news has been following. criminal charges against an american-trained afghan soldier have now been dropped. he has been held in u.s. custody since september after attempting to cross the southern border to reunite with his brother in houston. his story of service to the u.s. military and subsequent imprisonment sparked by partisan outrage. he was left behind, and then he got in trouble for coming. first up in tonight's viral hotness, it was a normal night in this ohio home when the
9:41 pm
families iphone 4 spontaneously combusted while it was charging on the kitchen countertop. the old phone exploded while everyone was asleep. the family woke up to so it all over the counter, but fortunately it did not catch anything else on fire. mom said apple told her the phone was "vintage," and they don't expect people to keep using phones that old. comforting, right? this show caught by a drone in canada when a bullmoose shook off both its antlers. the drone operator checked them down. worry not, the moose is fine. moose apparently shed their antlers every year, as to deer and elk. it's a process known as "casting." michigan police department hosted a mug shot of one of their own. canine ice is accused of stealing officer berwick's lunch. ice played the fifth and has not cooperated with the investigation, but the public has since come to the canines defense and delivered a new lunch especially for ice, along
9:42 pm
with a sandwich tray for his fellow officers, so the charges, of course, where dropped. in dubai, singer beyonce gave a dazzling show in a private performance for the grand opening of a luxury hotel. it was her first full live concert in four years and included fireworks, colorful get up, and huge sets. the singer ascended on a platform above the water for her finale. one tennis fan captured the moment of fellow spectators going through the normal task of eating a hotdog in a very unusual way. fans, i have to ask, would you do this? is this a great idea or is it a crime? let me know what you think. if you have a viral video to share, hit us up on socia social media. as we showed you earlier, a senate panel took on ticketmaster in the ticketing trade expensive issues. will this hearing have significant impact on the
9:43 pm
industry and sky high prices that you pay? let's ask former sony music executives seth schachner. it's great to have you on. were you surprised? because this person, the president of live nation, was testifying there was no support. there was a major act, nobody. he was alone out there. >> it was surprising that they were out in the cold a bit. the artists there were certainly not the biggest of superstars. it would be of good to see more artists support to help the cause, at least. >> trace: we want to save people money on these tickets. you have some insight into the industry. ticketmaster needs, you think, all-in ticket pricing. meaning? >> meaning, when you buy a ticket and it looks like it's $200 and when you are in check out it turns out to be $290. i think new york has something like this they are rolling out, but the idea is to bundle in the
9:44 pm
fees. it can be on the consumer side are also we heard from the artists today that they are getting hit with fees that aren't really being set by them. so one of the ideas that came up today that was helpful is just to clarify that up front for consumers and for artists, as well. >> trace: i kind of confused, he said abolish speculative tickets. what does that mean? are they selling these things on the hope they are going to sell? >> someone out there on the secondary market can sell a madonna ticket and they don't have one, so it's like a future. that's really tough stuff. i think everyone agreed that has got to go away, as well. >> trace: and breaking up exclusive deals. is that between ticketmaster and live nation and these venues? what does that mean? >> some of this are the long-term deals that the ticketing service has with individual venues. that's where the attention is right now. i don't honestly think it's going to change the world if you
9:45 pm
break it up, but i think one thing they can do is take away the exclusivity and lengthy venues choose their ticketing service, basically. >> trace: here is senator richard blumenthal and we will get your response on the backside. >> i have to thank ticketmaster for an absolutely stunning achievement, bringing democrats and republicans together in clear unity, that something drastic needs to be done. ticketmaster has the view that it's "everyone but us." you ought to look in the mirror and say, "we have a problem. it's me." be when we do see a lot of solutions from congress. do you think ticketmaster ends up having to do something drastic here? >> i don't think anything that came out of today is going to be the drastic decision. i am not of the view that you need to completely surgically restructure that whole enterprise, honestly. i do think you could reduce some of the exclusivity and create a lot better consumer experiences. i do think they are a platform,
9:46 pm
and they are the biggest platform in our country for this stuff. scalable, a all the artists use them. it's a good idea to give others a chance. >> trace: really the most important thing, do you think this is going to level off and lower ticket prices? >> not necessarily. we have been through a period in music where touring was cut off her 2-3 years during the pandemic. recorded music, where i came from tummies to be the heart of the business, and it's not the core of what the business is all about anymore. it's all about audiences, and touring is huge. so i don't think you will necessarily see that lower in price. people will keep pushing that. >> trace: i've got to go. "top gun," best picture, would he think? >> i think "the fablemans." >> trace: i thought "top gun" was a great americana movie. seth schachner, thank you. coming up, the most annoying group texts you are a part let us know what you think on
9:47 pm
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>> trace: airbag with the nightcap crew. kevin corke, lauren blanchard,
9:52 pm
jeff paul, seth schachner, and dr. houman hemmati. the topic is annoying group texts. a pennsylvania dad is going viral for threatening to leave his family group chat. here's his exit text posted by his daughter. "i can't keep up with the pressure of always having to lol or light or hard everyone's random thoughts, pics, an amusement period. for all future text, i like, love, or laugh at them, unless it's bad that i laugh at them. i can't live with this pressure. i'm out." lauren blanchard, you are new to the nightcap crew. i love my family text. i know where my girls are going in alabama, but when they say they're going across the street to get a cup of coffee in those 19 follow-ups, i'm thinking, do i need the coffee story? your thoughts on the group text? >> mine is called the blanchard family 8. my uncle is part of it for four days before he just left the chat. they are good for sharing things. i had the alerts. my mom is going to send a video
9:53 pm
of the segment, till my brothers i'm sleeping, i'm working. but hide the alerts if it gets to be much. >> trace: seth schachner, love them or hate them? >> more on the hate side. very annoying. i like whatsapp better for some reason. >> trace: here's the poll. do you find group chats overwhelming or exciting? 60% exciting, 32%. jeff paul? >> i love them, that my dad has somehow figured out how to create multiple different group chats. we will respond to multiple ones as different things, or the samn alert come you got 50 texts in your like, "something really bad happened," but it's just a picture. >> trace: if you are a doctor, houman hemmati, every text you have to look at because you don't know who is texting and you're not sure what's going on. love them or hate them? >> hate them, but there is a solution to that. for my family group text chat,
9:54 pm
which is all pictures of my brother showing what he had for lunch or my mom taking pictures of the mail and asking if it's junk or important, you know how it is. you can mute it on the iphone. you can mute that thread and just check it when you want. sometimes i will go for several hours, sometimes for a few days, and i'll proactively take it when i want, and only at that point do i really notice anything. if i want to ignore it, i'll ignore it. >> trace: your family will not be happy. here are some responses. when people ask a question to a singular person in a big group chat. don't you hate that? you are invited for dinner and the appetizers are going around, let's bring this in this. karen, asking a question and having nobody respond. kevin corke, a fun forum for banter, but once they become unnecessarily cc emails, they lose their luster. your thoughts? >> i'm the guy who has so many siblings, i want out immediately. i'm the recluse, so you can miss
9:55 pm
me with the chats. >> trace: awesome stuff. kevin, lauren, seth, houman, jeff paul, thank you for your responses. these are kind of annoying. you love them or you hate them. sometimes they turn the other way. thanks for watching america's late news, "fox news at night." i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. we will see you right back here tomorrow night. good night. ♪ ♪ well, tonight, you see mark from the i get border leaks,it'r it's just a new way of life for
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