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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 25, 2023 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> more classified document drama. >> files discovered at former vice president mike pence's indiana home. >> meanwhile, the white house continues to side step questions on president biden's document scandal. >> i refer you to the white house counsel. >> i would refer you to the white house counsel. >> again, i would refer to you the white house counsel's office. >> half the country suing the over the border. >> parole program welcomes up to 30,000 migrants per month is illegal. >> bonds set for the four men charged in the alleged rape of a louisiana state university student madison brook. >> according to police she
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wandered into the street and struck by a are can a. >> boys tend to take advantage of young girls. always be careful. >> catastrophic storms battering the u.s. with texas, louisiana and arkansas right in the path of destruction. >> an earthquake reported off the coast of malibu. >> moments ago one of them 4.2 followed by another 3.5? if you care about the consumer, cap the price. congress taking onticketmaster. >> there are several things we could have done better. >> ticketmaster should look in the mirror and say i'm the problem. it's me. ♪ she ain't nothing but a little ♪ she's so fine. >> steve: that sky. >> brian: did we do that with our color correction or is that real life? >> steve: that is new jersey, brian. welcome to garden state. >> brian: by the way if you are about to get a wet suit on and
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surf city to surf. unzip and it put on normal clothes because it's not a good sipperring day. >> steve: why is that? >> brian: because the behaves are small. >> steve: exactly and it is also 30 degrees. >> brian: i thought the question was going to be harder. >> very deceptive people think new jersey, newark. it's one of the prettiest days. it's gorgeous. >> steve: they call it the garden state. >> rachel: people don't think about that. >> steve: do you know where that came from when johnny carson was the king of late night. he was actually broadcasting from across the street at 30 rock. and a lot of the l.a. writers would fly into newark and then take that drive. >> brian: terrible drive. >> steve: up toward the lincoln tunnel all you see is royal oil refineries and depots. new jersey is one of the most beautiful states in the world. >> brian: just by the way the reason we had to battle the lyrics on that song. usually the lyrics are lower.
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>> steve: i didn't notice the song. >> brian: suit and tie. i had an incident yesterday i brought up in the break. i have a little problem is that everything i really like with my new dog it seems to pay a price. and i will give you an example. every once in a while you have a tie that could only match one shirt. i have this great shirt and i always try to find something in that shirt and that's why i match my tie. so there is a color that i don't think exists on the color wheel. i think it's a maurve aqua. i loosened my tie day of work. put down my lunch box. >> rachel: how manly of you. >> brian: i put my tie over the chair. all the toys that we buy for our new dog, he always looks at something that i have and thinks what a perfect thing to chew and now my favorite tie, worn on monday.
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look at this. [sighs] >> brian: enough to destroy it. >> rachel: this is turquoise. are you colorblind? >> brian: do they make this is the only tie that matches that shirt that i have. and the dog waited for me to leave the room chewed it up and left it on the ground like a carcass. >> steve: maybe the message from your dog is. >> brian: don't wear ties. >> steve: don't wear ties you look better without a tie. >> brian: if anyone has a tie like think will exchange it. can you have mine. i want yours. >> steve: brian, people will send them in. are you sure? if somebody sends in a tie and you don't wear it. i gave my favorite turquoise tie. >> brian: if you have this material i will make it myself. [dog barking] >> brian: so he it in the back. >> steve: america, don't give him a tie. >> brian: they don't make any others like this. look at the design. the fine design here. >> steve: when is the last time you were in a store? >> brian: last time i was in a store i was in a store.
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>> steve: what kind? >> brian: i'm trying to think. >> steve: have you ever been to a grossry store? >> rachel: this is a sign that your dog has good tastes. >> brian: why am i spending all this money on toys if he is going to use my stuff. >> rachel: give him a pair of shoes you hate and let him have at it. let him think he is being naughty. >> steve: final note on that tie, did you not pay for it. >> brian: how do you know? >> steve: because we have a clothing deal. >> brian: we don't know. that could have been a gift. >> steve: that is absolutely that is from our wardrobe. >> brian: wild willows, and the name of the dog is willow. together we should be able to replace it. the message is don't get dogs] sighs] >> brian: only kidding. >> rachel: that's a terrible message. we are going to move on because 20 states are suing the biden white house they say the migrant control program that welcomes up to 30,000 people into the u.s.s. a month is illegal.
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>> steve: the parole program illegal. that means up to 360,000 migrants could be flown into the country eve year remember that coming fly them in. >> brian: get them frequent flier numbers so they can compile points. lucas tomlinson is live in washington with the latest on the border battle and the legal case, lucas? >> good morning, guys. that's right. 20 states that's approaching half the country suing the biden administration right now over its new border policy. they say violates the law. let's take a look at the map. all republican led states notable three border states, california, arizona, and new mexico are not among them. the new parole program announced by the white house allows up to 30,000 migrants per month from cuba, nicaragua, haiti and venezuela to come to the u.s. texas attorney general ken paxton is not happy about that, quote: this unlawful amnesty program this will invite
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hundreds of thousands of aliens to the u.s. every year will only make this immigration crisis trafficly worse. monica delacruz skipped white house reception for new members. she says while i believe in building good relationships with my colleagues. in both parties at this time my time is best spent advancing policies that will help south texans prosper and live safely. i would welcome a meeting at the white house to discuss issues impacting my community with you and your staff on another occasion. other republicans also sounding off. >> nowhere in the six pillars agreement between president biden and the president of mexico is the word fentanyl mentioned by name. not a single time will you find the word fentanyl in the six pillars agreement. >> topping the list, the diversified, equity and inclusion. climate change, and integrating gender perspectives into disaster response. we do not need to be worried about gender inclusivity at our border. we need to be worried about
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securing our southern border. >> it's not just the border that kept some freshman lawmakers away from the white house reception last night. congressman wesley hunt says he skipped it because the white house had required a negative covid test. guys? >> steve: all right, lucas thank you very much. we understand regarding that freshman incoming congressman reception they had at the white house last night, 11 g.o.p. newcomers were expected to attend but as lucas detailed monica delacruz didn't go. a number of the new members who tried to block kevin mccarthy did not go. and apparently george santos did not go, which is good. >> brian: but he said he did. he said he was there. i'm only kidding. >> steve: you are lying for him now? he does a good enough job on his own. >> brian: he had a volleyball game so he was just showing up there. ains. >> rachel: can i say lucas tomlinson's report about we may be flying migrants.
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some are coming over the southern border. some are flying. my mind immediately went to what happened to just applying for citizenship. people used to do that. when you do do that, what ends up happening is you actually have to go through a citizenship process where you learn about our country, you learn why it's so wonderful. my mother did it. she was a foreign, you know, a foreigner, she married my father who was a military man. when i was in kindergarten, she applied for citizenship. she went through a program. she -- you will never meet a prouder, more loyal american than my mother. that's what the process is supposed to do. >> steve: right. >> rachel: people are losing that because they just come across the border now we're flying them over. >> steve: that's the way we handled refugees for decades and decades. this administration have taken a different tact. and they have now increased the number of refugees. and everybody now is applying for asylum. they are not entitled to asylum. if it's persecution or you are
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in danger, that is a good reach. but just i wanted to make money and send it pack to ecuador that is not a good reason. >> brian: they never say that they come up with the buzz terms. >> rachel: they don't come up with it the ng os teach them. >> brian: one thing they are doing that's similar to trump, which they will never admit. to say listen, the first country, when you leave your country, the first country you get to that's where you apply for citizenship. we will judge you there. because we don't -- we want you on the border. if you come to the border, you are disqualified. so that's a way of getting ahold of the border. but what they do and if you come in and say persecuted, terrible over there. had a really bad day. i have odd water days. i water my lawn every other day. i want the even days. i need to get into the united states. it's a lot easier. but the whole first country you come into, you apply for, is a system if we expand our consulates that could be
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effective especially for work visas. you come in and apply we need you here. see how you go. there will be an audition process but little by little they are realizing everything they have done two and a half years ago was really stupid. >> steve: it's the biden business plan and because congress does not have specific laws they can interpret it the way they want to and that's it. so, you know, tens of thousands of people come into this country illegally each month. actually, hundreds of thousands. there is a story that if you remember, we have told here on "fox & friends" of abdul safi. he was an afghan soldier, former afghan soldier. he traveled through different continents to actually come to the united states. he came through illegally on our southern border. and do you know what? he was arrested. and he wound up four months' worth of detention. it was just yesterday that the charges were dropped that he illegally entered the u.s. an assistant u.s. attorney asked a
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judge to dismiss in the interest of justice. and ain't that the truth? we had his brother on "fox & friends weekend" talking a little bit about how much his brother went through going from afghanistan to try to live the american dream. here he is. >> he basically flee afghanistan to pakistan and from pakistan he was issued humanitarian visa from brazil. upon arriving to brazil, he was treated as a terrorist. even though he had all his documents to prove who he was. he was treated as a terrorist. and he flee from brazil. upon arriving to the border, united states border, he found himself in between approximately 100 other migrants that were trying to reach the united states. he was interrogated by special
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agents, questioning him if he was a terrorist or if he had any ties with any terrorist groups in average or who he was. he provided his documentations, his certificates, hills work i.d. his every paperwork that he had he provided to the investigator. even after that recommendation , he wastransferred to u.s. marr unknown reason. >> steve: right. see, he would qualify as a refugee. >> rachel: right. >> steve: because there are so many it's like oh, where do we start. >> rachel: right. >> brian: a couple things the reason why he got his word out because we tired guys, the same guys that got all the good guys and allies out of afghanistan and americans out of afghanistan had to spring into action again to save him. scott mann and his group and chad robe dough, he also got involved and said this guy saved my life. he is one of the good guys.
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why didn't you even check his background but you saw afghanistan and put him in jail. while everybody else gets you in. you have 4 million in here illegally. over a million got-aways. and you take an afghanistan guy who people are vouching for his integrity and background who has proved himself in war and you put him in jail for four months. >> rachel: meanwhile when we left afghanistan in such a terrible fashion. a lot of afghanis came in who weren't. >> brian: 70,000. >> rachel: that did not work with us did. not translate for tour troops and show royalty for our country and serve in that way. it just seems like it's so unfair. and if you are one of those people that's waiting, you know, you are waiting for your relative or your wife to get a citizenship or a visa, you know, some people are waiting 10 years. and other people just come across the border. it just seems so unjust. in the interest of fairness, we do need to fix this system.
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>> steve: in the interest of fairness. >> rachel: we need to secure the border. >> steve: let me transition to something else. in the interest of fairness it would be great if the rest of the country followed what my birth state of iowa did yesterday. governor kim reynolds, third time is a charm. she has tried three times to get school choice passed by the legislator. and yesterday she signed it into law. the legislator did pass it. the law allows any iowa family to take the amount of money that the state would spend on educating their child, which is $7,500 a year, to pay for private school tuition as an education savings account. so many people across the country would love to be able to take their kids out of public schools and put them in private schools where, for a variety of reasons they feel like they would get a better education. in iowa, starting in the fall, with kindergartens and public school students, they can finally do it.
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>> rachel: this is a growing trend. the unions are losing their minds over. this they only have themselves to blame. greedy, demanding money or they wouldn't open schools. everyone went to zoom while they were negotiating all this money. basically ransom money. when the parents saw what was happening on zoom they said we don't like this. that's why this trend is happening. i also think parents are getting sick and tired of people like michelle and barack obama who will tell you school choice is bad and then send their own kids to she she private schools and shut down scholarship programs for the poor. you cannot say you are for minorities or poor people and be against school choice. it's impossible. >> brian: here is governor kim reynolds yesterday. >> what was happening in the classroom and they started paying attention and then we talked about woke ideology, about crt. about sex education in elementary and parents had had it. we removed some of the burden some language and actually
4:17 am
provided new money for some of the districts that have a private school in their system. so it is a win. our rural schools, even if they don't have a private school are getting a lot of options. >> brian: that's great for her and good for the people of iowa. they said listen, while everyone is worried about surprised there was no red wave there was a red wave in florida. there was a red wave in iowa that allowed that to happen. she says we will fund students not systems. parents not the government. we can now choose education. now in oklahoma, governor kevin stitt has already made some changes but now he wants school choice. so you're not -- you're not forced to go to the school counsel the road if you can't afford a private education. they can't actually go dollar for dollar. odo different things get the same result. give the parents some freedom. watch. >> over the history, we have kind of trapped kids in their zip code school and we said hey, this is what is best for you. you have got no other options. so, really, it's become only the rich or the haves are able to move their kids to a better
4:18 am
school. but, in oklahoma, i believe that every single parent, regardless of your economic status or your zip code, deserves the best education possible. so, why not let parents choose and put and let every kid decide if they want to go to a private school or a charter school or a different public school or an aviation school, why not let them do that. if they need special tutoring for reading help or dyslexia, we need to unlock that. >> steve: so oklahoma would love to have what iowa has. as i mentioned a moment ago, iowa now, parents will be able to take that $7,500 they would spend in a public school and apply it to a private school. i just looked up, we both live in new jersey, guess how much the state of new jersey spends on every child every year? >> rachel: how much? >> steve: $18,200. so, if you had that $18,000. >> rachel: oh my goodness. >> steve: put into catholic school, parochial school, private school whatever.
4:19 am
you have got to figure most parents say i think i would rather try that school than my public school. >> rachel: they sure would. imagine bloviating about equity and being against school choice for families. unbelievable. >> steve: all about choice. parent's choice. >> brian: 18 minutes after the hour carley you have the other breaking news. >> carley: turning to a situation in california. san francisco police are calling on the public's help in searching for the man caught on camera sucker punching an elderly victim in an unprovoked attack. the suspect approaches the victim from behind and knocks him to the ground before running off. a good samaritan later helped the victim get to the hospital. that suspect though still on the loose. speaker kevin mccarthy officially rejecting congressman hakeem jeffries' demand to keep congressman congressman adam schiff and eric swalwell on the house intel committee. mccarthy says he quote cannot put partisan loyalty ahead of national security and cannot simply recognize years of service as the sole criteria for
4:20 am
membership on the committee because integrity matters modify. schiff, swalwell omar kept off in a joint statement mccarthy struck a corrupt bargain that required political vengeance against the three of us. green bay packers aaron rodgers calling out woke culture for making him tout to be the bad guy because he is unvaccinated. >> there's heroes and villains in sports and entertainment. and i think because of my stance on covid, and maybe some other things, i have been cast as the villain, especially the last few years. this woke culture wants to be offended by everything and go online and find something you don't agree with i'm offended. how could you possibly say that i don't care who it is coming from or who said it. >> carley: preach, aaron rogers. will the mvp play out contract in green bay.
4:21 am
traded to another team or call it quits with his career? we'll have to wait and see on that front. those are your headlines, guys. >> steve: now we have got to worry about him and tom brady. >> steve: coming up the alex murdaugh trial enters the third day. the disgraced lawyer who faces a double murder charge was seen smiling in court. i smiling in court. i next . f ♪am i choose airborne. unlike some others, airborne gives you vitamin c and so much more. it's an 8 in 1 immune support formula. airborne. do more. wondering what actually goes into your multivitamin? at new chapter, its' innovation, organic ingredients, and fermentation. fermentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done. ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪
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steve the trial for disgraced lawyer alex murdaugh who was all smiles in the courtroom yesterday underway as third day resumes today. murdaugh charged with murdering his wife maggie and son paul back in june of 2021. remember that? as we learn a snapchat representative will reportedly testify after alex's son paul sent a video moments before his
4:26 am
death. here with reaction is nancy grace. there is so much here. where do you want to start? >> well, for one thing, we may have a jury by this afternoon. they started off with about 900 potential jurors to get a jury of 12. they have culled it down to 122 out of that 122, the state and the defense has to pick 12 jurors and i believe they are taking six alternates. so 18 people out of 122 possible jurors. >> steve: so what was in this snapchat that the kid sent around? >> the content, i believe, is not what's significant. >> steve: okay. >> if you have got a kid that uses snapchat like i do they send pictures of heir head or face or surroundings. >> steve: all day. >> the timing 7:56 is very important. very crucial to the timeline because, listen to this. apparently a private i for the
4:27 am
malory beach family the teen girl that was killed because paul was driving drunk on a boat, boating drunk. a long story short, they were tailing paul to find him talking about killing the girl and drinking and carousing. and apparently they had a camera set up outside the hunting lodge that i believe may show alex murdaugh coming there about two hours before he called 911. but on 911 he says i just got here and they are dead. that's significant. >> steve: no kidding. another case that you were following is this microsoft executive who was murdered in front of his 3-year-old and it sounds like an arrest is imminent and it sounds like the ex-wife and her new husband suspects, right? >> they are suspects. shannon gardner kennedy and the new husband fernandez, long story short, the authorities
4:28 am
announced they have a major development, which we believe is going to be an arrest, and she picks up with bridegan ex-husband's twins from florida and goes all the way 2800 miles to the pacific northwest. from what i understand the new husband did not go with her. now, she had gone to a tattoo parlor before the murder and stated she was looking for somebody to shut up her ex-husband, a devout mormon who divorced her after she had an affair. >> steve: nancy, there is a witness here. the witness is the daughter bill of particularsly, who is 3 years old. that's right. i find it very difficult to believe anyone could bet bexley on the stand. i do know this, her mother told me that bexley came home and said bang, bang, daddy's on the ground. that's her memory. and she at 3 years old was a
4:29 am
witness to her father being murdered. i believe, by a hit man driving a dark blue ford f-150. >> steve: you know, people all across the country to this news are going, wait, how reliable is the testimony of a 3-year-old? i mean, you can't really swear them, have them put the hand on the bible and say do you swear to tell the truth because at 3, you don't understand that stuff. >> well, you also don't understand how to lie, do you? >> steve: good point. >> this went down at night with the child in a car seat in the back seat. she may not have seen the assailant as well. >> steve: listen, nancy covers all of it with crime stories with nancy grace. it's on fox nation. i watch it all the time. nancy, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> steve: you bet there it is right there over at fox get it. meanwhile, still ahead, the white house still deflecting questions on president biden's classified documents as a batch
4:30 am
of classified doxes are found at mike pence's house in indiana. monica crowley reacts to that plus, woking the dead. british museums are pushing to ban the word mummy from ancient remains. what they want to change mummy to coming up. ♪ o my god ♪ so in love ♪ you make me want to say oh,r+h oh, oh, oh so, long live family time. long live dreams. and long live you. kisqali is a pill proven to help women live longer when taken with an aromatase inhibitor. and kisqali helps preserve quality of life. so you're not just living, you're living well. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. avoid grapefruit during treatment. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms,
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>> carley: we being back with quick headlines, a missing architect from cincinnati was found dead in central mexico. jose gutierrez last seen alive in the u.s. december 22nd on his way to visit fiance in mexico. a few weeks later discovered both of their bodies along with sister and cousin buried next to a car riddled with bullet holes. meanwhile in unrelated development, the state department issues a new travel warning for americans traveling to cancun, taxi drivers are protesting and in some instances attacking ride share drivers and their passengers due to frustration over the competition. a top adviser for failed georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey y abrams nonprofit making a shocking statement. marissa pyles says the rioters
4:35 am
who destroyed property and torched a police car in atlanta over the weekend were not violent. she tweeted you cannot commit violence against a window or a car, killing a human, now that, that is violent. leaders fall into the same tired path of protecting property while our people are murdered by their police. and how is this for a mugshot accused of afternoon?ing an officer's half-eaten meal when he stepped out to assist a colleague with inmate. investigation cleared the k-9 pup. his own sandwich as a reward for being such a good boy. those were your headlines, janice, how funny is that? >> janice: cutest mugshot of all time. we love it. let's take a look. there are some people that steal lunches in the refrigerator and they need mug shots as well.
4:36 am
all right. let's take a look at the maps. we ever expecting a little bit of snow across the northeast and it looks like we have a tornado warned storm. we had tornadoes move through southeast texas along the gulf coast and it looks like we have a warning right now. doppler radar indicating some rotation near panama city, florida. can you see that line of thunderstorms that continues to move eastward. we have snow on the northern edge of this system and the severe storm threat will continue today through the mid-atlantic up towards portions of the northeast and then the snow. the snow is flying across portions of the plain states up towards the midwest here are some of the snow totals. fox for all of your latest details and we have been promoting the book "i am the storm." last night we had a wonderful signing. this is happening this even with brian kilmeade introducing me on long island at long island university which is his alma mater. this was last night at the wine and sign at the harrison and floral park. thanks to everyone who came out. it was such a great event. we had lots of laughs and lots of signings and lots of wine.
4:37 am
over to brian and steve and rachel. i don't think there is wine tonight. but we're still going to have a lot of fun. >> rachel: i want to go to a wine and dine. >> brian: i think everyone is bringing their own beer. the white house dodging questions on president biden's classification document scandal. >> peter: before the fbi search, president biden went to his house in wilmington. what was he doing in there. >> i would refer to you the white house counsel. >> do you think that this story was leaked by someone trying to bruise the president politically ahead of a re-election announcement? >> i would refer you to the white house counsel's office. >> why did he do it? >> i would refer to you the white house counsel's office. >> peter: why did he smuggle it out? >> i will let the -- the statement of the president stand for itself. i'm just not going to go down a
4:38 am
rabbit hole with you on this. >> steve: peter is right. he smuggled it out. and now classified documents are discovered at the home of former vice president mike pence. >> rachel: monica crowley served as under president trump and hosts the monica crowley podcast which i love. and she joins us now. monica, great to see you this morning. >> good morning, guys. great to be with you. >> rachel: what do you make of pike pence saying i have classified documents as well? why now? >> is there any place in america where our nation's secrets aren't, guys? i think that might be a critical question here. look, there are two tracks. there's a legal tract and now that we see there are three high profile high level individuals who have classified material at various locations. it might actually neutralize the possibility of prosecution of any of them. >> steve: right. >> there is also a political tract as well. and i think what we're seeing
4:39 am
now is all kinds of questions about what kinds of materials we are talking about. yes, there should be a standard that is equally applied across the board to all high profile and high level individuals in the government. but, there is an overclassification problem in the government. i mean, when i was at treasury if you took a piece of paper and wrote and, they could classify that again, i'm overexaggerating to make the point. it does matter what these documents are and what they involve. it also is extremely important in terms of how -- how tight they everywhere controlled. for example, in president trump's case, they were under lock and key at mar-a-lago. secret service. in mike pence's case the boxes were not open. but in joe biden's case. and he is the sitting president of the united states and commander-in-chief, making national security decisions for this country. those files were thrown willy-nilly and rand dom
4:40 am
cardboard boxness his garage next to his corvette. we need to know who had access to those documents. we also need to know if his son hunter, who we know has a long and troubled hills industry of drug addiction was living in a that house at the time. did he have access to those documents? our colleague and friend miranda devine of the "new york post" had a great column the other day where she identified one particular email from hunter to his business partner in april of 2014 right before joe biden traveled to ukraine to meet with the then prime minister. this email is 22 points long and very detailed about ukraine's internal political situation, conditionsen the ground there. this was highly sophisticated political analysis. way beyond the intellectual capabilities of hunter biden. and so the question needs to be raised, did hunter biden, who had no security clearance have access to those documents and
4:41 am
did he leverage those documents for the biden family's personal international business dealings? if the answer to that is yes, and hopefully we'll have an honest investigation into this, but if the answer is yes, it is lights out for joe biden. >> brian: we'll see what these documents say with mike pence. we still don't know what's happened with donald trump. we don't see what happens with joe biden. bottom line is, out of all the court cases trump has to deal with i don't think he has to worry about this so more. monica, thanks so much. >> rachel: thank you, monica. >> brian: from the border to local mall migrants charged with $12,000 from macy's. how migrant surge affectingpi american citiengs next. ♪ 9% of people over 50. it's lying dormant, waiting... and could reactivate. shingles strikes as a painful, blistering rash that can last for weeks. and it could wake at any time.
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4:46 am
worth of merchandise from macy's. joining us now police commissioner patrick ryder, good friend of the show executives bruce blake man. started with you commissioner, what happened and what can you tell us about these guys? >> on january 9th they came up into macy's they shoplifted $12,000 fled in bmw unregistered and god forbid they ran someone over there was no insurance on that car and they had no license. we processed them. when we processed them they said they crossed at the texas border. fingerprinted and photographed. put on a bus, driven up mere onto new york city. two of them were put up in the watson hotel right down the block. another one is in an apartment here in manhattan and the other one is in the bronx. >> brian: you arrest them find out they are part of a bigger organization. >> south american theft group that is coming up. organized groups that are coming up here for the purpose of stealing when you get caught because of cashless bail you walk out and go back to south
4:47 am
america. >> brian: they were supposed to appear yesterday. >> no one showed up. >> brian: no cash bail, they didn't show up. no surprise. so, as executive of nassau county, people are watching around the country probably don't know. they think new york city is the issue. the county is a target. why is the county a target? >> the county is a target because we are a prosperous county and because of cashless bail. so what they do is they migrate from the border to new york city. they are transported at taxpayer expense. they are put up in a hotel at taxpayer expense and then they prey on us in nassau county because we are a prosperous county. luckily we have great police department. we have a tough prosecutor. and our district attorney donley. so they're beginning to find out if you come to nassau county, you're going to get arrested and going to get caught. but the fact of the matter is 90% of our burglaries are from south american organized groups like the ones that came here. so we have a border crisis that is not only in arizona, texas,
4:48 am
california, it's now migrated here to new york. >> brian: the challenges are great now because of people from other countries hitting nassau county how are you handling that challenge. >> handling because we have the support from the local politicians. we have the support from our communities. everybody wants to live in a safe and healthy environment. as we arrest them. our district attorney as you just heard ann donley is holding them when she can. unfortunately, with cashless bail she can't. the judges have been given more discretion to hold them if they had prior arrests. two of these individuals had prior arrests already in new york city before we arrested them out in long island. >> brian: nancy pelosi said the reason why the house majority is republicans because of long island and new york. and because of crime. so why don't things change in al weaken if they understand their political longevity is at steak, bruce. >> you have trawl liberal who controls the legislation because she controls the flow it's got
4:49 am
to pass two houses and basically. >> brian: all democrat. >> it's all democrat it's one party rule and she has told me that she is going to continue with cashless bail because she feels it's the right thing to do. >> you making case no, sir discretion. it's as bad as you thought. >> it's as bad as we thought and getting worse every single day. >> brian: how do you handle. >> it keep getting at it. constantly going at it. and with the support of our local politicians we make sure that we're going to keep the quality of life that nassau county wants. >> brian: the four arrested in bmw made headlines there is a bigger story there is more where that came from and this is ongoing issue. guys, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> brian: don't say mummy anymore but rather mummified person, finally. we are getting politically correct. douglas murray has an english accent and really smart. he'll be up next ♪ walk like an egyptian ♪ r so
4:50 am
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4:54 am
this distorts mummified people in ways that can undermine their humanity. let's bring in fox news contributor and national review institute douglas murray. are the wokesters running out of perceived victims and having to go to long dead people. >> thousands of years back. if you are one -- you might wonder what the most woke profession in the world is. some might think it's the media. i say it's without doubt it's people involved in the world museums these days. >> rachel: interesting. >> i have written about it at length in recent books and articles. if you look at the world of museums they are so nervous about absolutely everything. they are nervous about historical artifacts. nervous about the historical figures that are represented. we have seen it in new york with theodore roosevelt statue moved just up the road from here. nervous about everything. the problem is it is the past. the past doesn't agree with everything that we think now. and so we have to keep trying to
4:55 am
rearrange the past. and this is just the latest version of that. the idea that anyone's sensitivities are sort of triggered by using a term clean-up is known by every school child mummies is ridiculous. but it's completely typically of the world of museums and the curators who just really are the most woke people of all. >> rachel: i'm going to add librarians to that list for you. what i would find fascinating these people are so worried about preserving the humanity of mummies who are dead. these are the same people who don't care about the humanity of a fetus by the way. which is very much alive. i want to get from you what you think the long term effects are for a country and a culture that keeps flogging itself. what happens? because other countries don't do this. >> exactly. in the end you just can't keep up your own history. you can't hold your own history
4:56 am
up. you can't hold the past up in a reasonable light. the british museum is now talking about sending back, yet, more artifacts. particularly the marbles to greece. the new director wants to return them. we have already seen the return of bronzes to nigeria because people want to get them off their hands. they don't want to have these artifacts that will bought or looted in the past. people are elm waiver wassed embarrassed about thepast. whole civilization. it's highly self-destructive thing. wonderful museum in cairo won't be doing. this. >> rachel: excellent analysis. thank you, douglas murray. >> thank you. >> rachel: you can catch him in the new season of miseducation of america available right now on fox nation. ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on... ♪ [coughing] ♪, you know how i feel. ♪ if you're tired of staring down your copd,...
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♪ ♪ >> classified documents are on file. >> discovered it over vice president pence's indiana home. >> and sidestep questions with president biden's document scandal. >> i will refer you to the white house counsel's office. >> half of the country is suing the biden administration over border policy. speak what they say administration's parole offers 30,000 migrants per month. >> set for the four men's of the louisiana stat


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