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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  January 26, 2023 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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wow. good stuff. tomorrow on "special report," we expect to see police body camera video of last fall's attack on paul pelosi. the husband of then house speaker nancy pelosi we will bring that to you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balance and unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" i think we will bring that to you too, maybe even tonight. starts right now. jesse? >> jesse: better believe it. thanks, bret. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: crime families are nothing new in america. whether it's the real life gambino ares or sopranos on tv. romanos are the same. what happens in the family stays in the family. because, if it doesn't, you could blow the lid off the whole operation. sometimes all it takes is someone ratting you out to the feds. >> i wearing a wish? >> are you [bleep] crazy?
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>> take them off. everything. >> jesse: and if you are the biden family, you don't get to spend 50 years running the game without keeping it all in the family. but, last night, we learned the bidens may have been compromised. as investigative reporter paul sperry broke to us that the biden family has been under federal surveillance for years. >> another chinese partner of his a guy named patrick ho, his office for secretary of statey was rated, we learned recently from some law enforcement documents was actually raided. the feds actually put the chinese partners under a fisa have a surveillance and at the same time they were monitoring the bidens' communications with those chinese partners. >> jesse: so the bidens are all over fbi wiretaps talking to china. the fbi was investigating
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patrick ho. a chinese bag man who eventually got popped for bribing african leaders and helping iran evade sanctions. real nice guy. so what does ho have to do with the biden family? ho was the v.p. for the chinese energy company that was getting the bidens rich. but ho was also a spy and hunter knew he was a spy. hunter is on tape calling ho the f'ing spy chief of china. ho handed hunter and jimmy the chin millions in dirty chinese money consulting fees. that's what they call that hunter and the chin were bribed with chinese consulting fees. the fbi knew ho was an intelligent agent and they were listening to his phone calls. and the fbi finally picked him up at jfk. slapped the cuffs on him and booked him right here in manhattan. so, ho gets his one phone call and, of all people, ho calls the chin and the chin calls hunter. and hunter picks up the phone and ho asks him to be his lawyer.
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how much says hunter? a million bucks says ho. deal. says hunter. so hunter is helping ho the f'ing spy chief of china and the fbi knew it. ho even had joint bank accounts with china and the bidens. and the fbi knew that, too. the fbi even raided ho's office. got his phones, got his computers, documents, at this point they didn't even need hunter's laptop. they had ho wired. and hunter and the biden family were wired in. it was a $6 million relationship, at least. i mean, there could be more. they are hiding it. but, did the fbi give a defensive briefing to the bidens? hey, guys, you might want to watch out for ho and the cefc. they are spies and might want to take down our country. no, the fbi just watched. the fbi watched and they listened. as hunter got bribed with diamonds.
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slept with checchi bough set up phone calls with joe biden to get gas deals. if they didn't get a geive briefing. what was the fbi doing for the last couple years? >> patrick ho was convicted of bribing government officials in africa and he gave a million bucks to hunter biden. are you familiar with that i'm not going to speak about any ongoing investigation sncht that an ongoing investigation? patrick ho bribe. >> i'm not going to speak about any ongotten investigation. >> don't you see that -- >> jesse: the spy chief with china was in bed with the bidens and the fbi chief knew it the all time. the diamonds, the gas deals, the text messages, the wire transfers. so when the computer repair shop guy, remember him with the hat, handed him the feds the laptop the feds said yeah, we know. but they still lied. when the "new york post" exposed the laptop, the intelligence community called the october surprise russian disinformation
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breathing down their necks, tough on china and the border. corporate america had seen enough. so the fbi and the cia wanted a compromised president in the white house. they had a game plan, either these people were working for biden was working for them. was hunter working for the fbi the whole time? was hunter feeding the cia intel when he was off in romania, kazakhstan and ukraine? was he just a little doggy biscuit for the bureau to reel in the chinese? was hunter an asset? did hunter even know he was an asset? certainly makes sense. trump got impeached the second he started zeroing in on the biden family corruption in ukraine. makes sense that the intel community covered up the laptop before the election. that would explain why hunter hasn't been indicted yet. and why the charges we hear are
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coming are just, you know, tax-related to pay for play is off limits we're hearing. that's why treasury is hiding the suspicious wires. is the classified document scandal how this story ends? did sloppy joe just derail the whole operation? or is the fbi shutting the operation down? and what's going on at the justice department? >> some justice officials have been frustrated. at times by certain decisions the biden team has made. for example, weeks after the justice department told the biden team that they would be reviewing this case, the president's term searched the wilmington home and didn't tell the justice department until after they found classified material. a notification wasn't required but the lack of advanced notice irritated some justice officials. >> so what the heck was in these documents? they spread out the trump docs and took pictures of them, remember? all over that nice rug, leaked them on tv? but they won't even brief
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democrat senators on the intel community? what was in the documents? >> every member of the committee, regardless of democrat or republican, were unanimous in that this position that we are left in limbo until somehow a special counsel designates that it's okay for us to get briefed is not going to stand. >> jesse: so selling out america, the corruption, the bribes, that's nothing. but this whole thing shuts down over a few pieces of paper? something doesn't add up. stuart caplin is a retired fbi special agent who joins us now. stuart, what was the fbi doing this whole time? >> well, good evening, jesse, and thank you for having me. first of all, the world or the business of espionage and counterintelligence is dirty business. the rules of engagement are cloaked in secrecy. the methods and sources are
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mostly unknown to most americans. and so, when you talk about the bidens and you talk about, perhaps, a free pass with respect to hunter biden's, for example, his travel, here's a fact that your viewers need to know. as an fbi agent, we would be well aware that if a former vice president's relative, such as his son was traveling to a foreign state we would definitely approach that individual to make sure that their safety was first and foremost to and to ensure that if in fact they were approached by any potential threats it would be reported back to the embassy or directly to the cia or the fbi i see a lot of smoke here all over the place and no doubt that the fbi was well aware of hunter biden's engagements his relationships and he led them to a lot of individuals but keep in mind we
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may never learn what the end game was for the fbi or the cia or the dni because these are national security investigations that generally do not lead to the criminal arena where we would then hear it played out in a court of laugh. >> jesse: so hunter was useful to the cia or to the fbi. would that mean that hunter was aware of his usefulness or we have no idea? >> so there are two ways income one is there was a lot of liability with respect to hunter biden, with respect to just the way he was behaving and living his life, there may have been an assessment that he may not have been approachable with respect to actually signing him up as an informant or as an asset in a normal course of what we generally would do. but then again, that would be something that would have to be discussed as to whether or not
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it made sense to approach him overtly and let him know that we want to utilize his relationships and exploit those relationships or are we confident and satisfied that even if he was not aware of our presence that we were surveilling him and paying attention to what he was doing, we still would reap the benefits of those contacts that he was having overseas. >> jesse: so how do you interpret the classified document scandal, which is now ballooned into a special counsel investigation? >> well, the first thing that comes to mind is, look, i think we can all relate to maybe having someone that we have learned that lives in a household that may have some drug addiction or some behavioral problems and i think we can all relate that we would probably safeguard our valuables. for example, our jewelry, our car keys, our weapons. and so to suggest that these national security type of classified documents were left
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unattended, unsecured in the biden residence, knowing that hunter biden with respect to his behavior may have had access to them, and certainly exploited or potentially exploited that, there is now the can dots seem to come back as to whether the president, meaning the then vice president or when he was out of office, did he leave them accessible to his son to allow his son to exploit those classified documents for pay to play, so to speak overseas? >> jesse: yep, that's the question right there were those documents exploited for cash by hubbard? thank you very, very much, stuart. that was eye-opening and we appreciate you sharing that insight here on "primetime." >> my pleasure. >> jesse: well, "primetime" knows exactly when pelosi's body cam is going to be released. funny little story behind that and comedian louie c.k. goes on joe rogan and blows my mind.
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♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. it's official, san francisco has agreed to hand over the paul pelosi hammer attack video to "primetime" tomorrow afternoon. this is a huge "primetime" victory. they were trying to keep the footage under wraps but after we joined a lawsuit a judge ruled in our favor and demanded the release of the 911 call depape's police interview, surveillance footage of the house from capitol police and the body cam. nancy pelosi just learned about this and here's what she said to a fox producer just moments ago. >> what does that have anything to do with the legalities of out
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of respect the system. my concern is my husband's -- excuse me, i'm trying to hang up. my husband's well-being and we take that day to day. we are really grateful for the outpouring of prayers and support for him and that is what our focus is. the justice system we have confidence in and whatever that is it is. >> jesse: nancy says she has never seen the video of the assault. >> is the body cam footage something have you seen at this point? >> no. no. i don't even know if i will see it. i mean, it will be a very hard thing to see an assault on my husband's life. but, i don't know. >> thank you, alleluia. >> i have plans to see it. >> they are still making it as hard as possible for us to get the video. they know we are in new york. they told us if we want the tape we have to come to san francisco and they will hand us a cd. this is the tech capital of the
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world and they can't email it to us. that's fine. a producer is on the way and we'll be there first thing in the morning west coast time. the tape is going to give us a treasure trove of evidence should give answer a lot of questions who opened the door. the justice department says the police opened the door. sources told nbc paulie p. opened the door. then they suspended the emmy award-winning journalist who reported the story they said it didn't meet their standards. we don't know what those standards are of the tape will tell us also what happened after police arrived. apparently dave depape smashed paul's head in with a hammer after police came in. so how did that happen? they had to know this was the speaker's house. paul is in san francisco. he is royalty. they see him wrestling with a guy with a hammer and they don't tackle him? it doesn't make any sense. how did capitol police not spot the guy casing pelosi's house? they have a live feed of the house being monitored by capitol hill police and the guy walks around the house all black with
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a backpack and smashes his way into the property? and the alarm doesn't go off? the interview with depape should also tell us what kind of lunatic we are dealing with we know the guy is a drug addict who went skits zoe, ta talked wh squirrels and talked with a guy named lazarus who sells insurance in michigan. illegal alien from canada and slew of felony convictions like elderly abuse. he should have been deported but california is a sanctuary state so he stayed. thank you, gavin. depape's stepdaughter said he would sexually and physically abuse her and her sibling when they were very young. total sicko. and locals said depape lived in a little yellow school bus parked in front of his ex's house who is a nudist activist behind bars for trying to kidnap a 14-year-old boy. his excess depape is a progressive and a big fan of barack obama. this is how the neighbors described him. watch. >> they are just, you know,
4:21 pm
nudist drug abusers and that's who gravitates toward them. >> what would you say their politics are? >> i'm not sure. i would imagine that they are more left-leaning. >> jesse: despite all of that, the press tried to paint this guy as some far right extremist. >> this part will not shock you, the alleged attacker posted conspiracy theories on facebook. including links to multiple videos from the trump ally and pillow sales men mike lindell. >> david depape was a fervent qanon guy. >> the suspect who trafficked online in far right conspiracy theories about covid and the 2020 election and holocaust denialism. >> jesse: so, you know any conservatives who live in a school bus, worship lazarus, love obama, talk to squirrels and are friends with fairies? me neither. instead of use offing this guy as a political pawn, how about we just do some digging? the entire case is fishy and the media hardly talks about it. the governor in california
4:22 pm
doesn't even want to answer about it. he is blaming me for paulie p. getting hammered. >> i watched this one guy this jesse watters or something on fox news what he has been saying about paul pelosi the last five, six, months mocking him consistently. don't tell me that's not aiding and abetting all of this, of course it is. >> jesse: "primetime" covered paulie p.'s dui we don't think someone should get away with a dui because of last name. depape didn't go there for paul anyway. he went for nance. wanted to break her knees and hold her hostage. newsom is making stuff up. he thinks if he makes an enemy out of us he will make a better shot at the white house. if you deported the guy none of this would have ever happened. now we are getting the tape and we will know what really happened that night. brian claypool is a criminal defense attorney. so, brian, what specifically are you looking at the minute you get your hands on this tape because we'll share it with you. >> yeah, jesse, great to see
4:23 pm
you. before i answer that, gavin, i got news for gavin newsom, that dash cams and dash cam footage is created for transparency, gavin. that's all that fox and the country wants to see transparency on that. that said, jesse, i have got to tell you. the department of justice is in a boat load of trouble. if that body cam footage that you get tomorrow shows that paul pelosi walked over and opened that door, why? because they issued a report that said to the contrary. the two officers opened the door. that is a legally created document that formed an arrest warrant and if that document is proven to be falsified by that video tomorrow that you are going to get, then i would suggest that merrick garland and the whole department of hypocrisy -- i mean, the department of justice needs to be investigated. and, one more question for you
4:24 pm
and the world is, and, look, i don't want anybody to get hurt by getting assaulted, but, if paul pelosi was legitimately in fear for his life, and he walks over and opens the door, why wouldn't he run out the door? that's what we have to see in this footage. why we walk back to the alleged assailant, have a conversation, and, by the way, hopefully we get audio footage, too. what was discussed? what were they chitchatting about? and how did this assault take place? that's what we need to see. >> jesse: yeah. i'm looking forward to seeing the tape and getting to the bottom of this and just we want to know the truth. that's all we want. that's all we ever want. thank you so much, brian. we'll discuss this tomorrow. >> you bet, thank you, jesse. >> jesse: coming up, one of these climate people, you know, the people that throw soup on paintings, is here to talk to "primetime." ♪
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for years schools taught the basics reading wrighting and arithmetic. well rounded education white privilegal privilege and homeroom and abolish capitalism after recess. critical race theory is spreading like a disease. politicians to ban it some did. some teachers did didn't see that as an order. they saw it as a challenge to bend the rules and change the name. on friday we aired hidden camera videos of ohio school districts bragging about how the crt sausage is made. >> we have some parents that. [giggling. [they don't fully understand so, you know, it's -- when we trick them, you know,. [giggling] so similar situation.
4:31 pm
so, if we have a certain content that we want to share students, and they see one word and the language oh no, we can't do that well, let's look at it from a different, you know, viewpoint and then. >> jesse: we reached out to that school district for comment and they accused us of deceptively editing that video that video we just showed you there wasn't a single edit. the group that goes under cover accuracy in media, who does a great job. they left ohio and now they are in utah a place you would never expect crt but look what they found. >> what if the maga crowd or church say when you started talking about social justice. >> two group of seniors at western high. >> don't let me talk to students about what is diversity, what is microaggressions especially at the middle school level. >> what about middle school social justice. >> in junior high.
4:32 pm
very close partnership with planned parenthood. they our district. >> they go out he and meet the kids and work with them we operate like a math department. >> parents need to wake up. don't listener to the media. they will spin this into oh you want to ban books or you don't want slavery taught in schools. that's b.s. the truth is we don't want our kids called colonizers in kindergarten. is that too much to ask? we don't want teachers sneaking around behind our backs. they are our kids. they are not yours. douglas murray is a fox news contributor. i didn't like that woman at the end who said they don't do the sign out sheet, you have to give your parents a little sheet you are going on a field trip or anything whole thing being sneaky, ever since the crt issue came n this country part-time
4:33 pm
teacher's union campaigners have been saying the same thing. one at the same time they say crt is not taught in our schools. crt should be taught in our schools. crt is good, there is nothing wrong with it but it's also not being taught. none of that makes sense. >> jesse: obviously being taught because we have the video and they are lying about not teaching it. >> that thing we just heard from utah we operate like a math department. well, kind of except first of all you haven't told the parents you are teaching this so-called math like subject. secondly we know crt doesn't add up to anything. the whole thing is a mess. i have written about this at length ideologically and everything elingsz. the whole thing is a mess. in crt land 2 plus 2 equals 5. so, no, they don't operate like a math department. they operate like a systematic operation of brainwashing americans' children into
4:34 pm
thinking that, you know, america started in 1619, that everyone is a colonizer. that there is a hierarchy of oppression and much more. they just teach this gibberish. so when parents hear kids coming back from schools spouting this. they spout it because they were taught it in the classroom because, as ra randi weingartend others know it's a beautiful thing which they don't teach and they do teach. >> jesse: everybody knows america started in the late 18th century with when we beat the pants off you guys. >> that's a disputed issue. >> jesse: murray, love having you on. thanks so much. >> see you. >> jesse: the woman who escaped the climate change crazies, you know, the people who throw soup ativan goes? she joins us next. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change,
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>> jesse: we were wondering the other day what's louis c.k. been up to since he got me tood. one of the top comedians until
4:40 pm
poof he disappears. we tracked him down and it looks like he has been advising the white house on border policy. >> my feeling is they should open it, the border, just let them -- let everybody pour in and then the answer well then there will be all these problems he yes, there should be. it shouldn't be so great here is what i'm saying in america. it shouldn't be -- it's a weird thing to sequester a certain group of people and try to keep upping their lifespan and their lifestyle and trying to increase that for this group of people and then everyone in this pressure people try to come in so they can enjoy and it then it gets worse and worse down here. i mean, i'm from canada just from down here. something wrong with that. that's not a system that's working. and it forces people to do cruel things to other people. there's a lot of people that die so americans can be safe. they are just dying, you know, weddings that are drone bombedy yemen because the guy said
4:41 pm
something that might have resulted in american insecurity. not even like definite american deaths just so we can breathe a little easier. folks die and people do labor in unsafe places so we can keep the prices where we like them. so much about american life that other people pay for. that's part of it. but, also, it's not good for us, either. it's not a good way to live in a gated community, you know. if you let folks pour in like any other wave it will kind of slosh and then y'all just -- things will be different. i don't know like what will really happen? will they just come with knives and start killing everybody? i don't think so. >> jesse: louie, louie? oh boy. that was something. so, when you think of a cult, what comes to mind? the mansion family, people in robes making sacrifices or jump suits and kool-aid. >> i'm so glad you could join
4:42 pm
us, meg. we are going to have great time on our trip. >> a trip, like to the beach? because i didn't bring my bathing suit. >> you won't need anything for what we are going. >> excuse me, i have got to go mix the punch. ♪ >> jesse: one of the biggest cult in the world was right in front of our eyes. i'm talking about extinction rebellion, the people who destroy priceless works of art. oh my god. >> jesse: so the crew thinks fossil fuels are killing us and we only have 10 years left. so they are destroying things we love on earth in order to save her. and it's not just an art galleries and can you see it anywhere. i mean, you can't even ghetto
4:43 pm
work these days without people blocking traffic. remember the protesters that took over the highway in d.c. in the summer? they brought everything to a halt for two hours? one guy was on parole and he was late for work so he had to go back to prison? that's pretty bad. we wanted to see what these groups are all about. remember we sent a producer to central park to talk to some of the members of extension rebellion to see exactly what they were worried about? >> civilizational collapse is not exaggerated. >> like genocide and homicide. there's nature has life as well and we are nature. we are life. >> climate change equals mass murder. >> okay. so who is being murdered? >> um, well, all of us, slowly. >> jesse: these people have developed a fanatical following, uses language like you saw, mass murder, genocide. civilizational collapse to
4:44 pm
provoke you and scare you into surrendering your lifestyle. but there is hope. people can escape. my next guest is the former spokesperson for extension rebellion. she left the movement after she had an awakening. we have on lights joins me now. before we get to why you left just to make a distinction i was rebellion, people who throw suits now and block now is a different group. and they kind -- they have poem have come out to create don't get me wrong in the rebellion a battle going on between those kind of extreme -- people with extreme views and the rest of us. i was on the other side trying to use what was a really good platform. good media slot to talk about the issues and how we could address them but we wasn't
4:45 pm
allowed to and that's why i ended up leaving. >> jesse: what were you not allowed to talk about when you were with this group? >> well, there is a difference between what climate activists are telling you and what climate scientists say, so if you look research by climate scientists they don't just say -- they don't say civilization is ended. there is not consensus in that. we don't say we only have 10 years left. had this is all overblown hyperbole. facing these issues and things we can do to help resolve them and quite sensible. carbon capture storage. these groups just choose to focus on the political part. when i was trained as a spokesperson that's what i was told to do. i was told to, you know, wake people up and scare them and make them panic and i didn't want to do it. i felt we should be talking about solutions and trying to, you know, do good in this space. ultimately i was bound by the rules of the spokesperson and i wasn't really able to talk about
4:46 pm
the issues like i wanted to and i did actually go on television as a spokesperson and say they were using islamic language they didn't like. it was very difficult. it was very difficult to be in that group and do any good. and i actually started to think -- has done more harm than good. >> jesse: you think it's done more harm than good because you are saying they don't actually want to solve the climate crisis. they just want to with a? they just want to up convenience people and cause mayhem? >> different people want different things, realize the founder. so founders, the leaders, basically, it's not. there are leaders who come up with the demands who decide what the strategy is, who say we should, you know, get arrested on mass. those people, honestly, they are just doing it for ego and they are doing it because they will political revolution and that's it. they do not care about climate change. then you get lots of people like me who actually it care about environmental issues that get involved. these are the guide guys, that's
4:47 pm
what you do. that's what everybody do. very well funded by donations people think they are giving money to a good cause. i have give money to them they will help the environment. actually those groups have protested things like nuclear energy and gmos for decades. they haven't just not promoted solutions. they are actively protested solutions that science says that beneed to address all kinds of environmental issues. >> said they wanted a political revolution. they want to overthrow, what? and replace it with what? >> three demands the third demand was its kind of solution based demand, which was -- which is to replace current democracy assemblies. >> jesse: wait, replace democracy with citizen assemblies? what is a citizen assembly? >> the idea is that you gather an average group of people like a jury and you get them to sit down and you get them to decide
4:48 pm
i-them to make decisions instead of the current system with politicians that they don't believe that kind of. >> jesse: like little juries all over the world deciding everything for us. okay. >> and they are not -- they are not -- you know, they are not hiding that that is their demand in all the country that these groups exist that is the demand. when i went on the show and asked all these questions about what should we do to replace gas? what are we going to do without flying? i wanted to give real answers, but, i had been told in my training what you do is you point to that third demand and i sat there and i couldn't do it because i knew he would tear it to sheds and political revolution isn't actually the answer, but, also, that was the moment when i realized hang on a minute, this isn't about climate change. this isn't about making things better on the planet. this is about some people just wanting to overthrow the system because what they say is the current system that created climate change, right? and they said that early on and even people picked up that
4:49 pm
messaging. picked up this messaging, it's the system that needs to change. actually you are saying climate change is so serious that we need to deal with it now. then we don't have time anyway. >> jesse: the ego is a very, very powerful force. trust me. i know. thank you so much for joining us and we are glad you got out of extension rebellion or whatever group that was. tell them i said hello and they are welcome on "primetime" any time. up next, what's happening to america? >> finish the quote: the only thing we have to fear is? >> life itself. [buzzer] ♪ the gmc sierra with hands free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pickup in its class.
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qunol has the number one cardiologist recommended form of coq10. qunol. the brand i trust. biden is not hiring the best and the brightest. i think you know of his judicial nominees. >> tell me what article 5 of the
4:55 pm
article constitution does? >> article 5 is not coming to mind at the moment. >> okay. how about article 2? >> neither is article 2. >> so, biden pasta's judicial nomination just funked her judicial quiz. maybe it's harder than we think. we had the streaks to talk about new yorkers. do they know any famous quotes from u.s. history. not pretty. watch. ♪ music playing ♪ >> finished the quote. the only thing we have to fear is- >> life itself. >> god. >> us. itself. >> i would shut it down. >> democracy is the government, of the people, by the people. >> i should know this.
4:56 pm
>> this is embarrassing. for the people. >> it's a long time since history class. >> ask not what your country can do for you, ask- >> what it can do for others. >> what martin luther king can do for you. >> what you can do for your country. >> who said that one? >> was it biden? >> edgar hoover. >> john hancock, hamilton. >> that would be john f. kennedy. >> yes! >> finished the quote, that is one small step for man, 1- >> small step for women? >> small step for humanity. >> giant leap for mankind. >> who said that one? >> bill nye the science guy. >> the one that went to the moon, right. neil armstrong! it is neil.
4:57 pm
>> ding, ding, ding. >> johnny would bring sandwiches brought by his mother. >> december 7, 1941, a date which will live in? >> 1941? >> memory. >> i have no idea. this is like a history thing. >> a date which will live in? >> infamy. >> canada? >> one nation under god, indivisible with? >> i actually haven't said that in a while. >> one nation under god. i know this, i am sorry. >> truth and justice for all. >> justice, peace? liberty. >> one nation under god with liberty and justice for all. >> i have one more for you. fill in the phrase, i am waters and- >> i am waters and ice.
4:58 pm
>> and this is waters world. a little update on the spillage in the waters driveway. we have heard from all of america. i mean all of america. i think i know exactly what we need to get this oil spill taken care up. we have addressed it. we believe this afternoon or tomorrow i will have a full update on weather or not all of your suggestions were successful. state-owned. randy from maryland listening to your segment on the fbi and the bidens. it makes all the sense in the world why joe says nobody else with the biden. jamie from kentucky, big guy with forefingers anagen. where do you come up with this stuff? i am koekkoek. carly out of new york, what else did johnny find when you sent him diving? >> we cannot tell you. that is classified.
4:59 pm
kelly from georgia, crt equals crazy racist teachers. apparently we have taken them all out of context. gabby from florida says mr. louis ck should test that theory with his own home and start by taking off his doors and windows and let them all in. louis ck, i can see if we opened up the borders you would still be living in a gated community. drake from idaho, jesse, i love when you have these reformed ex- crazies on your show. it gives me hope for the country. 1x crazy at a time. that's how we do things on "primetime". ted from new jersey, in 20 years i hope kids remember biden's famous quote, corn pop was a bad dude. yes, of all the great historical quotations for america's greatest presidents, i wonder what will go down in the biden history of quotation? i don't know.
5:00 pm
maybe nobody asked for biden. maybe corn pop was a bad dude. there are so many to choose from. i cannot even do it. that is all for us tonight. dvr the show. it's just a button. if you can dvr the show you can easily get the olive oil out of the driveway. tucker carlson is up next. always remember, i am waters and this is my world. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight". how powerful exactly are the big pharmaceutical countries? that's a big question and a lot of ways to measure it. here are a few ways you can measure. and this country big pharma can advertise drugs directly to consumers. that is strange if you think about it since consumers don't prescribe drugs. why are the drugs being


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