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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 27, 2023 3:00am-4:00am PST

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here in the united states and go after these mexican cartels to dismantle them. the federal government -- another good letter these people should have written was a letter to the president requesting more funding. >> todd: got to leave it there because we are up against it. thank you for your time. we appreciate your insight. with that, "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ home is wherever i'm with you ♪
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>> brian: the reason we have a snow shot ainsley's upset with snow. this is the least snow we have had in new york since 1973. >> ainsley: not supposed to snow in new york. >> brian: i have to do this for you. this should have been your bump-in because you love show. >> ainsley: christmas alley ski slope. ing. >> you said your daughter is going skiing for the first time today? >> we are going to do the bunny slope today or tomorrow. >> brian: are you going? >> ainsley: of course i'm going. i mean, i send her up there all by herself? >> brian: listen, she has got to go grow up. will is here. avians ains have you taken your children skiing either one of you. >> brian: no. oh yeah, hi, will. >> brian: ainsley asked me a question. >> will: i tuned him out. all morning long you have been throwing shots and lobbing missiles over this way only catching one of every five. >> brian: i just looked at him. wow i was hoping it would have
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been pete and we got off to a bad start. >> will: pizza pie down the slope. >> ainsley: i haven't skied since high school or maybe middle school. >> will: i have taken my children. skipped skiing put them on a snowboard and good luck, boys. >> brian: why did you do that? will is will i thought it would be fun and they like it. we don't go very often. >> ainsley: snowboarding feet locked into one board that kind of makes me nervous at least if you have them in two skis you have control. >> will: like brian said, you have got to grow up some time. >> ainsley: they do well no injuries? >> will: it's been a couple years no injuries. >> brian: that's why they made ice, ice it. >> ainsley: i thought you meant do the ice skating. >> brian: if you get hurt, ice it. walk it off and ice it up. >> will: rub dirt on it and ice it. the republican national committee as we get started this morning will select their chair today as some members of the
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party are calling for big changes. >> ainsley: ronna mcdaniel is seeking her fourth term. some she is no longer the right person for the job. >> brian: alexandria hoff will lay it out for us. what else the latest. >> 168 committee members from all 50 states gathering california. they will decide secret ballot who will head up the rnc next two years. one side mcdaniel understand the parties and players and cohesion at the time where that is needed on the other there are those someone needs to be held account for the g.o.p. underperforming in the midterms. the closest competitor co-chair of the national lawyers association. ceo for the center of american liberty harmeet dhillon. my pillow ceo mike lindell. ron desantis says yeah, he thinks that someone new is needed. >> we have had three substandard election cycles in a row. 18, 20, and 22.
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i would say of all through of those, '22 was probably the worst. i think we need a change. i think we need to get some new blood in the rnc. i like what harmeet dhillon has said about getting the rnc out of d.c. >> so of course governor desantis has positioned himself as a potential 2024 candidate. new hampshire survey center found that transportation secretary pete buttigieg has nabbed 23% of likely democratic voters with president biden trailing at 18%. even that is a tying position with senator elizabeth warren, bernie sanders came away with 15% that poll. interestingly 66% of those surveyed said they did not want president biden seeking another term and 26% reported that the president should definitely not run. guys? >> will: thank you, alexandria. that set of candidates for potential democratic nominee for president in 20 2024.
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i don't think that's a partisan point to point out that's not very strong. pete buttigieg is your leading vote getter or consensus voter at this point at 22%. ahead of a sitting president of the united states. if there is anybody on the screen right now. i would ask this of any democrat watching right now who is it that makes you excited? >> ainsley: i think he is still going to be the run. the one that they pick. >> this is a poll and how much emphasis or how much -- what's the word i'm looking for, how much confidence do you put in these polls? >> brian: i will tell you, one thing you would say is just where it is right now, it is not -- donald trump at this point was 95% over republicans when running for re-election in his camp. it shows you they are somewhat on the shelf. one things democrats do getting behind one candidate when they finally make the pick. do you guys have any standards? pete buttigieg is the worst cabinet secretary that we have seen over the last two years. if you just look at pure perform
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man's, what about pete buttigieg, besides his intellect and his hair make you think that he is going to be a high performing president? i mean he has been average -- below average mayor, as transportation secretary had one disaster after another and doesn't seem to be working too hard. >> brian: he doesn't do anything. >> ainsley: when everyone was criticizing him for taking time off when he had his babies, when he had his twins and taking paternity leave in the midst of a supply chain crisis. but then you learn one of the babies was having, i believe, surgery or heart surgery or something like that. that pulls at your heart springs. i think people like him. he's smart. he speaks, you know, several languages fluently. concert pianist. he served in the military. >> brian: look at the holidays. everything he has touched, what has he done? where is the infrastructure plan? >> ainsley: what has biden done?
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they don't really have any great candidates. >> will: that was my point as well when you see that line-up. not anybody strong to answer those questions. why can't you do better than pete buttigieg? he is primary requirement of the democratic party. he satisfies the checking of a box of some identity politics. it's the number one thing of importance for the democratic party. and as gay man, he checks the box for identity politics. >> brian: right, by the way how did he do in south carolina? what's going to be the first primary? it looks like it's going to be south carolina if they are able to pull this off. that's where he got trounced and basically bowed out. i don't know what has changed. meanwhile the president of the united states was speaking yesterday in virginia. >> ainsley: amongst all the companies laying people off and not hiring anymore, hiring freezes or cost-cuttings, the president is going out and touting his job of growth and how well he is doing with the economy. despite record inflation, despite interest rates going up again, possibly the feds are talking about that. here is the president yesterday
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in springfield, virginia. >> economic growth is up stronger than experts expected at 2.9% we're going. [applause] jobs, jobs are the highest highist in american history. wages are up growing faster than inflation. inflation has gone down every month and god-willing continue to do it. manufacturing jobs continue to go up stronger than at any time in the last 40 years. and i don't think so it's unfair to say that this is all evidence that the bidenomic plan, because y'all is actually working. it's working. it really is. [applause] >> ainsley: tell that to hasbro, bed, bath and beyond. lyft, amazon. all these companies having problems. bed, bath and beyond can't pay their debt back. >> will: line of credit canceled by their banks. talk to anybody in finance. any of your friends who work at
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a big company. there is a general sense of stress and fear inside of those companies. layoffs coming to almost everyone. started in the tech industry and then seems to be spilling over into the media industry. then as you point out, ainsley, it it's spilling over into the broader know hasbro set to cut his work forest by 18%. >> brian: larry kudlow says i paid down the deficit later does. and point out imagine i can't republicans looking to destroy the economy and left a mess is just not accurate. you forget this thing called the pandemic. here is larry kudlow who was there every step of the way and turned the keys over to this administration. >> real wages going up. inflationary wages. well, if you do some proper counting, the reality is real waging for typically families have fallen 21 consecutive months when they're properly measured on a 12 month year-on-year basis. ever since biden's first massive
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so-called rest could i plan in 2021. that's when it started and now in just the past year december earnings report average earnings for all employees increased 4.6% for the past 12 months. meanwhile, consumer prices in the same december increased 6.5%. for the past 12 months. folks, 6.5 is higher than 4-point #. so mr. biden's arithmetic is, shall we say, questionable. >> brian: one thing the president keeps leaving out. talks about cutting the deficit. spent most of that speech ripping president trump and one congressman's idea of a fair tax. when you look at the fact that we're looking at our deficit record rate and see all the entitlements social security is going out 200. medicare under funded instead of
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addressing something and will and ainsley my point yesterday was you are two months after a midterm elections. you haven't really announced reelections. if there is ever time to lead a country and not give us political rhetoric, it was yesterday. where you just come out and say, listen, this is my vision. this is where i want to head. this is where i want to go. this is where i still think we are lacking. this is where i could add. instead he spent two thirds of the time acting like he was auditioning for the wwe mocking maga republicans and their view on the country. and i'm thinking to myself how much older and mature -- how much longer do we have to wait for him to mature? >> will: you had two years of almost exclusive control of the federal government. at least in every elected branch. and now he has got the senate, he has got the executive and he is still focusing on donald trump. as his scapegoat for any problems two plus years into his presidency. >> ainsley: yeah. i mean i think the country -- if the democrats run him again, it's blah.
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is anyone excited about that? is anyone really excited about any of those candidates that were on that poll? buttigieg, biden, aoc, klobuchar, kamala. same names. if republicans put up someone that is exciting, then they have a good chance. >> brian: think of shapiro and new governor of maryland and the governor of pennsylvania is couching himself as a moderate. he was not that shot. ill will coming up rapper assail zoo banks praises governor ron desantis' leadership why she says she feels way safer in florida than liberal l.a. >> brian: never guess on the latest word being canceled why the associated press is waging war on "the"? ♪
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police body cam footage traffic stop in memphis that led to the death of tie renichols. >> >> will: authorities are on high alert as officials and nichols' mother urged protesters to remain peaceful. >> brian: all the details live from memphis, tennessee. charles? learning four of the five officers are out on bond. as we speak this morning demetris hali only one who remains behind bars this morning on $350,000 bond.
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the attorneys for two of the men say they appreciate how law enforcement cooperated with them and allowed their clients to turn themselves in safely. they say they haven't seen the body cam video in question. >> at this point we don't know what proof they have because we have not seen. we don't have discovery. we have not seen the video. we are kind of in the blind right now. >> body cam video is expected to be released as early as this evening grand jury indicted the men on second degree murder. aggravated assault. aggravated kidnapping. official misconduct and official oppression. they are charged with beating nichols so badly during a traffic stop earlier this month he was left unrecognizable. he ended up in the hospital on january 7th and died three days later. last night the community held a vigil for the 2 #-year-old, his parents were there as well.
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>> you guys are here and tie re. tirey, you will protest peacefully. next step is a conviction. they are expected to hold a press conference in memphis along with their attorneys, guys. >> will: thank you, charles, for that. >> will: it will be a tense day waiting to see what that video footage unveils. >> ainsley: we will have it live and reaction in memphis, too. >> brian: we heard the audio. we have not seen the video. judging by that press conference last night by the police officers, it is horrendous. so expect the worse. >> ainsley: she says she want to be transparent so we're going to release it. his mom's message -- i'm sure she is going through so much losing her child but to say "we want only peaceful protest." >> brian: see if everyone listens. ashley strohmier is going to
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update us what is going on. ash an the disbarred south carolina attorney alex murdaugh sobbing in court for the second straight day as he stands trial for the murders of his wife and son. you can see him wiping away tears while the jury listens to his 911 call. listen. murdaugh crying as they watched the footage from family hunting long where his wife maggie and son paul were shot to death. the first deputy on the scene testifying murdaugh was not crying the day of the murders. prosecutors say murder day killed his family to cover up a long list of financial crimes. he says he is innocent and faces 30 years to life if convicted. and in los angeles, the building coming up in flames yesterday leaving one person hurt.
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responding to multiple alarm fire two story complex near dodgers' stadium. police say they initially responded as domestic disturbance call when a suspect himself on fire. he was taken into custody after jumping from a balcony. rapper praises florida governor ron desantis after leaving california and moving to miami. she says she feels way safer than she did in los angeles. banks says, quote: elderly people in our country without walkers who don't have the money to get a septic tooth pulled and here we are talking about divvying up healthcare funds. those should take to facial surgeries and stuff like that. i think desantis is practical about a lot of things and those are your headlines, guys, back to you.
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>> will: reality breaks through to the cool, the accepted, the normal. look, people vote with their feet. they are moving to texas and florida recognizing the quality of life difference. it's kind of, i don't know. >> brian: more people live in new york than anywhere else. >> ainsley: last year more people moved from new york to florida than any other year in the past. turned the state red. believe it or not. i guess all the republicans left new york. >> will: yeah, right. >> brian: 22 minutes after the hour. i always want to stay with the trends i want to do what's right as today. if today is different than yesterday. i want to be ahead of the game. if i truly want to live up to my mantra. lots of times i will be moving my lips and won't say it out loud. i will changes the way i refer to "the french." to"the mentally ill "the disabled and"the poor "no longer use"the
3:23 am
"dehumanizing. >> ainsley: here is mine from college when we get these when we are in journalism school. tells you how to write letters. which letters you use, numbers, which ones you write out it. tells you all kinds of rules, especially if you are a newspaper writer. you really need to know all these rules. so the a.p. style book changes and do these contemporary updates periodically and here's the latest one. they are focusing on the labels, the poor, the mentally ill, the french. the chapter there is a new chapter in the new book and it's inclusive story telling and they call it essential. instructions on the proper use of crort. >> brian: are you going to change your life now will? are you no longer going to say the french? general and dehumanizing the labels. such as "the poor" the mentally ill, the disabled, the college-educated. instead of using words people with mental illnesses.
3:24 am
and using these descriptions only when clearly relevant. like what are the purposes of not just journalism but communication is to say as much as possible in as little as possible. make it concise and accurate. >> brian: right. buff we are so worried about offending people like "the french" or "the disabled." >> ainsley: they trolled us on this. they said i guess this is us now. the french embassy in the united states they changed it to embassy of frenchness. [laughter] >> brian: also warned us about dead naming. calling people by other gender as they transition to a new gender. don't dead name. if you dead name somebody that means if they're becoming a woman and you call them their old male name, that's a problem. not good style. >> ainsley: the french might like being called "the french." >> brian: i think they do. >> ainsley: they like being known their own separate thing. >> will: french people. people from france?
3:25 am
>> brian: of course. >> will: reverse it. from france and talking about americans. you don't say the americans. you say the american people. i'm going to guess, when you start throwing around american people. it's going to be wrong real fast. >> ainsley: it is a show on tv "the americans." >> will: wonder if they will rename that show "the americans." >> brian: if i can talk to the prompter for a second. promise me you will not cave to this. "the prompter" can we see this? it just went blank. [laughter] >> ainsley: did you hear what will said. i wonder if they will that i che name of the show. >> will: a.p. style book better not start showing this in the prompter. >> ainsley: let me quiz you all something i learned in college. farther and further, what happens the difference when do you use farther and further? >> will: i'm just going to get in trouble on that one.
3:26 am
>> brian: right. we have gone further than we should with this segment. >> ainsley: farther is distance. further is like furthermore. >> will: i was going to say that but you said it. all right, will, what's coming up. will willing i forgot it was me to do the thing everybody is yelg yelling us to do. >> brian: going by your name now. "the will." >> will: congressman adam schiff taking to china-owned tiktok to complain about getting kicked off the house intelligence committee. >> ainsley: tom cotton is going to join us. >> brian: he is also tall. >> will: the arkansas. having diabetes can raise a lot of questions. like my morning ride, will it help lower my glucose?
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or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. hello, i'm congressman adam schiff with troubling news. today kevin mccarthy removed me from the house intelligence committee, all for doing my job, for holding trump accountable and standing up to the extreme maga republicans. we knew it would be bad when the republicans took over but it's far worse than we expected. but i can promise you this. this is not the end of my fight for our democracy. this is just the beginning. please, join us and contribute today. >> brian: right on tiktok. knowledge of the intelligence apparatus. congressman adam schiff posting on chinese owned tiktok how he got kicked off the intelligence committee for not being trustworthy. >> will: this as matt gaetz
3:31 am
would deny schiff to have having any access to classified information would that would prompt an investigation. >> ainsley: joining us for reaction is arkansas senator tom cotton. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning ainsley. good to be on with all of you. >> ainsley: great to have you. what's your reaction to that and why shouldn't he have access to classified documents. >> ainsley, it's really remarkable, who adam schiff the senior democrat on the house intelligence committee for years gets removed from it and then he immediately goes on to tiktok, the chinese communist propaganda app., a security and privacy trojan horse in america to complain about it. maybe this is one reason he should be removed from it for not having any sense to not use such an app. but, more seriously is that speaker mccarthy said last week neither adam schiff or eric swalwell would get a security clearance if they were in the private sector. junior in the military or eye aapplying for a job in the
3:32 am
executive branch. adam schiff misused intelligence information from the committees for years to lie about the russian collusion hoax during the trump era. eric swalwell had a personal relationship with a chinese spy. speaker mccarthy made the right decision here. >> will: senator, i want to ask you at the national archives sent out a requests to all former presidents and vice presidents as the search for classified documents across the country seems to expand from donald trump to mike pence to joe biden. what -- i would love to ask you like how big a problem do you see this as classified documents floating around, some say it's a dirty little secret inside of washington, d.c. that there is classified documents everywhere. but one of your colleagues rick scott has said look i'm a senator. i only get to see classified documents inside of a classified setting. so which is it? is it that classified documents are really unsecured, that's the dirty truth or are these individuals like joe biden taking classified documents out of a classified setting and in
3:33 am
some inexplicable manner? >> well, will, rick scott is right that as senators we typically review classified documents either in a secure facility or maybe with the right kind of staffing who have security clearances, courier to our personal offices to review briefly. it may be different in the executive branch. this is something congress needs to review. a patiently the handling of these documents in transition from presidents and vice presidents out of office. the more fundamental question is whether the mishandling of these documents, in any of these cases, caused any damage to national security. that's why republicans and democrats alike are outraged that this administration is refusing to show us these documents. we had a hearing earlier this week with the director of national intelligence and we did not see a single document. did not have a single document characterized being told they
3:34 am
can't happen. one of the is not on the job yet. this is nothing but a stonewall to prevent members of the intelligence committee from doing our oversight responsibility which is distinct and separate from any criminal investigation. in fact, my colleague on the intelligence committee senator susan collins says this is the worst stonewall she has seen in 26 years in the congress so i really can't answer your questions about the seriousness of it until the administration allows us to conduct our legitimate oversight responsibilities and until they do, there is going to be consequences in the congress for them. >> brian: i know you are the legal guy not supposed to just jump to conclusions. if someone won't let you see the contents of the documents knowing their own party is going to have an aneurysm and blow up on them on the senate floor and it's worth that type of blowback, how bad are those documents? how incriminating and disturbing are they? >> well, i think many senators after this week are now beginning to ask that question.
3:35 am
you know, senators who are willing to give these former officials the benefit of the doubt now wonder like what could be in these documents that the administration is so stonewalling in such an unprecedented fashion? >> brian: right. >> i also want to point out, brian, this is another example of the department of justice's double standards. donald trump had his personal residence in mar-a-lago raided. mike pence had fbi agents showing up at his home within hours of notifying the government yet when joe biden discovered classified documents at his personal office, the fbi cooperated cordially with his personal attorneys, allowed those attorneys without security clearances to review them. another example of these double standards is that there were a lot of leaks last august about what may have been in the papers at mar-a-lago. cnn already had a story this week about what was at mike pence's house. yet, we haven't had a single leak about any of the documents found at joe biden's office or home that's why it's even more important that we get to the bottom of what was in these documents and what damage, if any, was caused to national
3:36 am
security. again, that's totally separate from the depa department of juss criminal investigation. >> ainsley: senator, we also wanted to talk to you about russia because we just promised them all of these tanks from the united states and russia is perceiving that as europe and america's direct involvement so they hit ukraine with missiles. what's your reaction? >> i welcome the decision by joe biden and germany to provide these tanks but it's long overdue. this is consistent too with joe biden's timid, cautious approach to this war. you could say that he even tempted vladimir putin to go for the juggler with his weakness and appeasement of putin in 2021. as the war was about to begin and since the war began last year, you have seen a consistent pattern of the president declining to provide certain kinds of weapons or intelligence t would allow ukrae to defend its own territory within a few months they will provide the weapons and intelligence but at the cost of thousands of lives more lost
3:37 am
territory that ukraine has to fight to take back rather than defending in the first place. i predict you will see it again in the future with longer range missiles and drones and fighter aircraft. the simplest and quickest way to end this war is for ukraine to win it. and for us to back ukraine to the hilt with the weapons and intelligence that its army needs to defend its own territory from unprovoked nation. >> brian: just real quick a story in the "new york post" today not denied the pentagon says we don't have the tanks available right now in our stocks. we don't have 31 m 1 a 2 abrams tanks to send over? really? this is again, part of the troublesome decision, brian. >> if this decision had been made a year ago. these tanks might already been in the fight. hopefully our european partners who have the german leopard 2 tanks will be able to get those more quickly into the fight. if we got them toe ukraine they
3:38 am
would have been able to use them in their territory or spring offensive to try to retake their territory. understandable you can't snap your fingers and put a 70-ton vehicle in ukraine and have them trained and ready go go that's why. >> brian: i do think we would have 31 laying around with a country this big. >> ainsley: 31 seems like a low number. >> brian: come on. senator tom cotton, thank you. >> will: thanks, senator. >> brian: president biden vows to veto g.o.p. economic plans while touting his own economic success but with sky high inflation. does he have much to celebrate? former chrysler and home depot ceo bob nardeli will be here live. he cannot pick this bump out music ♪ every waynic ♪ i've been taking care of ® business
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many not your father's republican party. another breed of cat. going to eliminate the irs. going to eliminate it
3:43 am
completely. only guys look at the complicated tax returns that people have and replace the irs that would be nice. no taxes, right? except with a 30% national sales tax on everything from if you buy a home to a car to eggs. and let me be clear. if any of these bills somehow got passed the house and the senate,. [whispering] i will veto that. >> ainsley: whispering. president biden taking aim at the g.o.p. while touting economic policies. the president claiming success despite skyrocketing inflation and many layoffs. here to react is the former chairman of chrysler and ceo of home depot bob nardelli. >> good morning. >> what is your reaction when you heard his speech yesterday? i think you listened to the whole thing. >> i watched the entire speech with a great deal of intensity and listening very carefully to the president's words. and i found myself shaking my
3:44 am
head continuously. it sounded exactly like a campaign speech. full of rhetoric. and the fact checkers had a holiday yesterday, didn't they? going after some of his statements. i can say this. this is not the economy and the business that i work and live in every day dealing with large corporations to lower middle market. how could he talk about how great the economy is for example ibm laying off 3900 people. 3m, 2500 people. google, 12,000. microsoft 10,000. amazon 18,000. when did we ever think amazon would lay 18,000 people off? and i can tell you dealing with a lot of lower middle market companies, this rolls down and we are seeing the same percentage, not as big a number but same percentage on lower
3:45 am
middle market companies. and all be affected by one of the first decisions this president made when he was in office. and that's the effect on the energy policy. we were energy independent and he surrendered our position. so, by increasing fuel costs, it added to the cost of shipping product, to make products, and then it added more cost by shipping it to the retail shelves. at the same time, we see shrinkflation, less ounces, less pieces per package. it is -- it's impossible to believe what he said about this robust economy, inflation is still exceeding wages. wages are adding significantly to our inflation rate also. it's not -- it's not the business and economy he talked about. i don't know what he was referring to. >> ainsley: yes, sir. what about your ceo friends? you ran chrysler. you ran home depot. i know that you talked to a lot of these individuals. it's not just the tech structures we are also reporting
3:46 am
this morning bed bath and beyond can't pay the banks back. also reporting that lift is laying people off. and hasbro cutting 15% of the workforce. just left christmas where moms and dads are buying so many toys for their kids and hasbro is letting go of people. when you talk to the ceos, are they fearful? what's the plan? when do you think we will get, you know, back on track? >> yeah. it is pervasive, exactly what you said. and talking with major corporations on the new york stock exchange, lower middle market companies, we are working frantically to figure out how we reposition our company from a cost standpoint given the reduction in volume. at the same time, we're inundated with working capital. we were ordering material to be able to produce to a certain level. and we're getting cancellations every day from some of the biggest companies that are affecting this rolldown effect on some of the smallers that are providing that product. so we're forced, we're forced to
3:47 am
do some draconian things in laying people off. and having to, again, reduce some of the benefits that we're providing by laying people off. and, of course, it's the temporary people. people working from home that are going to be impacted first, ainsley. it's just the nature of our business. >> ainsley: that's true. bob, thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate it? >> thank you very much. have a great day. >> ainsley: thank you, you too. let's check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. >> hello, ainsley. 325 days without measurable snow here in new york city. i'm working on it for hayden, all right? take a look at the maps where we have cold air going to sink in across the northern and central plains this weekend as we move forward. and you know what? my maps are not functioning. i will tell you that will be the biggest story. you see 15 in fargo. it's going to be single digits and below freezing teens in a lot of these cases across the northern plains, central plains and then we are going to see the potential for more rain in the forecast for california and flooding rainfall for the gulf
3:48 am
coast. so we will talk about that certainly throughout the show. fox for all of your latest details but, yes, the snow, the lack of snow here in new york city is certainly a big topic around here for the snow lovers. over to you. >> ainsley: we will get it eventually. february is right around the corner. >> yes, ma'am. >> ainsley: thank you. see you soon. today is holocaust remembrance day how the united nations is paying tribute with a very special exhibit here in new york city. ♪ some describe it as an intense burning sensation or an unbearable itch. this painful, blistering rash can disrupt your life for weeks. it could make your workday feel impossible. the virus that causes shingles is likely already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older, ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles.
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>> during the holocaust the n nazis owe bolivia united states every jew. since the 1950s. worked tirelessly together holocaust and imhen rate them. the book of names result of meticulous and pain-staking work that commemorates 4,800,000 men, women and children. >> wow, starting today that book of names can be seen by the public at the entrance of the u.n. in new york city. right here. in honor of the holocaust remembrance day it all is thanks to this man yad space vashem holocaust museum in israel. danny, welcome, thank you for
3:53 am
being here. >> thank you so much for having me, brian. >> brian: this project seems ominous. how hard was it to get all the names? immediately after the show. legislation of -- parliament and they started to register names to us, the public, to give names to pages of -- but one fifth of the victims of the holocaust. we have 2.6 million testimony family members and friends that testified about one victim of. but then we knew that there were much more. and we engaged in the most incredible adventures to register more and more names. including, you know, -- former soviet union to get to remote archive and to find five, 10, 15
3:54 am
more names we have 4.8 million names, individual thousand jews that the nazis tried to convert them to a number and put on their arm before killing them. we give them again, a name, a personality. a face. >> brian: right. do you know what has been so important dani, too. there is a sense these idiots didn't think it happen. you had a whole country who said the holocaust was made up in the leadership in iran. that's why this is even more important. >> that's right. even more important in a civilized country like the netherlands research said that more than a quarter of the youth believed that it's a myth, that it never happened. that stresses how important it is to educate. the education that we have all over the world for teachers for influencers about the fact and the lessons of the holocaust.
3:55 am
these days more important than ever u.n. has not been the friendliest place for israel. how important is it that they have this on display. >> i met -- a year ago must admit immediately. first place to exhibit this book is not because i believe the united nations will fulfill its mission. i want to encourage. i want to help the united nations to fulfill its original mission of bringing peace, of bringing an end to bigotry and bringing an end to stemple. semitism. there is many forms of. anti-semitism is the pelosi deadly form of racism and therefore should be the first priority of combating. >> brian: do you think we have done enough here. >> never. can you do never enough. you know i served in this country israel's council general
3:56 am
to new york. when i came here i saw thought that anti-semitism would not be a big issue. 15 jews were murdered. not attacked, not insulted, murdered in jersey city in this country. that's the proof that we have to do much more. >> brian: absolutely. keep pointing it out. this is what i want you to do the book of names in new york city. go to for the digital version if you can't get to new york. thank you so much for this massive project. >> thanks so much, brian. >> brian: coming up ahead georgia governor brian kemp declaring a state of emergency over violent protest in atlanta. reacts from georgia next. ta go . only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty liberty♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ i want to put on my my my my my boogie shoes boogie with you ♪ i want to put on ♪ my my my my my boogie shoes ♪ boogie with you. >> will: sun coming up over providence rhode island this morning 7:00 a.m. eastern time. >> ainsley: brian is jealous. >> brian: i didn't get water. beautiful. >> ainsley: he requests from the folks behind the scene


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