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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  January 29, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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carolina. "life, liberty and levin" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i'm mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin." we have a great show. two great guests, speaker of the house kevin mccarthy, our buddy, legal eagle leo terrell, before we do. you heard of advance placement courses and college board that puts it together and virtually every
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state in country and school district in the nation embraces whatever the college board puts together. in the last 15 or 20 years, in my view, college board has become radicalized. as you can imagine, it like water with cracks, they find their way whether mod madison home or montrose's home or jefferson's home, they want to control what you think or what your kids think. we have been talking about it for a long time. in florida you have a governor in ron desantis who says no. i'm not going to permit it, we put billions of dollar in our public school system, we'll not subsidized the teaching of destruction of american, honest american history, and our curriculum.
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we're not giving in to this we'll fight it he is really one of few governors who will do it this is a very important issue. because so far he is the only governor who stood up against the college board to fight this particular course. you can see why, just as with disney, anti-gay law which had nothing to do with gayness was stop sexualizing our kids law, not an opposition to teaching african-american but teaching marxism. as left likes to talk about intersectionalty, and they are inser -- they are intersecting it with race there is one one governor who gets this.
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they don't get it in senate. the college board put together a pilot ap african-american studies course. what is in this? what is the problem. i don't have time to read the whole thing. but they kept it secret. until a florida newspaper, got a copy of it made it public, the curriculum. they kept secret pilot course teachers guide for a long time. until they got a copy of that. why is it secret? the public might be appalled. what you see spokesperson for president of united states trashings republican governor of florida for opposing african-american history studies, she is a liar, a propagandist like her boss joe biden and the
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rest of them. in in administration, and the vast majority of so-called leaders in democrat party. they push a lot of prop propaganda to back. the 4th quarter of course features a topic on movement of black lives, was started by marxist organizer who founded black lives matter. so that is in there organized on policy platform, the vision for black lives it is marxist. it including defunding police, it goes further calling for abolition of all money bail and pretrial detention. to this, squad member pr presley with marxist activists like robin kelly, who is represented in the
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course. the teacher guide, represents an agenda in a way free of criticism from alternative points of view, recommended topic meeting support black lives matter, part of a tight far left activist group the topic prior to topic on the movement for black lives covers reparations movement, which is discussed. author success are in study the case for reparation, you can see the problem. the course would focus on revolutionary violence. advocated in work of frans fa fanon. it connects his work to the
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belief by black radicals in '60s and '70s, and that african-american in united states live in a kind of internal colony, justifying violence here in america. that is what this is -- teachers guide confirms he said, he claims, that the course will assign robben kelly's black study black struggle, a. >> do you think that is what should be taught, that is just the tip of the iceberg. that is what should be taught in advance placement college board class? for every single state? every single school district? why is there just one republican governor who objected to this, one, ron desantis, where is chris sununu in new hampshire bouncing on cable pointing to himself as a potential
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presidential candidate and republican governor in tennessee, i'm not picking on them, and south dakota. and in texas and elsewhere? should account the republican governors be joining together to fight this stuff? where are the republican legislators? don't they take this seriously? they fund these exow courses and classrooms and school districts. we have 4500 schools in this country, also, that are using 1619 project as a historical tool. teaching this, written by nicole hannah jones. she is one of them, she is a radical. in my view, a bigot. my view. and another professor, who is quite brilliant okay clear politics, tells us a little bit about hannah
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jones, she promotes what she views is a racists version of u.s. history, which ispy being t taught to a lotza lot of your children. -- in a letter she alleged, white race is biggest murderer, rapist. >> saying: >> we find in the contribution is more modern in tone. but otherwise the same racialized she espoused in college, she is not alone.
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on in an article for schools, the word white used to describe people in community 77 times in 35 cases, white people are striked add hold something kind of pow or privilege almost always unearned. and 32 cases word associated with oppression, injustice, cruelty. white americans during darkest days of jim crow held same racists ideology as toms -- jefferson. and says: >> this goes on, the problem
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is this marxist agenda, you hear the word equity. replace the word equality, that is an important word, it means equality under the law. or you should not be discriminated when it comes to access and housing. eq-- equi equity is different and being pushed it is equal out comes, if you don't have equal out comes in is discrimination, it is nothing that can be achieved. people fail and people succeed for a thousand different reasons, having nothing to do with race. how motivated they are, how hard they work, and they g get good luck, where and how they might live, parental situation a child has and on and on. having nothing do with race, but if you are one of these folks is always has something to to with rairks race, and the word
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equity is perfect because it is unachieve an work have joe biden promoting this. we have a president of united states, actively involved in segregation movement 4050 years ago who is one of his mentors in senate was eastman, and james eastman was one of leader racist session -- segregationist senators from mississippi biden was not simply going along with him but he was an activist in the movement. you know, he talked about the racial jungle, he didn't want public school inopeintegration. he has now flipped from anti-black race to anti-white racism we have two federal courts throwing out two obama practices. one, white farmers excluded from benefits that all other farmers could have, what
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kind of a law that? >> we have seen it also in or areas. where the biden administration lost like covid funds, that restaurateurs either could not get cove covid funds or last in line if they are white. we have that kind of racism now. if you are born and white, this is critical race theory, you are an ap ark oprpressure. this is the state of play in this culture. that seemed i. >> and throughout federal government. first and foremost, school board need to put an end to
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this, second. republican governor need to join with ron desantis, now college board said we'll take a look. republicans legislator need to step up and clean up their schools. yes. teach african-american history. but teach history. not marxist propaganda. i'll be right back. [♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. i'd like to thank our sponsor liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready?
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mark: welcome back. we have new speaker of the house kevin mccarthy. first a quick question, who has more power, joe biden or george santos? >> right now i think it is the president. joe biden. unfortunately. mark: how many questions have you been asked about all-times joe biden has lied since law school to republicans in congress to american people about economy and border, about classified documents, about china. how many questions have you received about that? >> i think maybe only one or two. it is what the press always likes to do. i could bring up clips where you have joe biden claiming he has 3 degrees and graduated first in his
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class. if i answered questions that press would provide to me in washington, and equate it to president of united states, he should resign. mark: i find is amazing, he has no power, george santos, ethics committee will do what it does. then there is joe biden with his classified documents, that is just the latest. on e-mails, the big guy, mr. 10%, now a e-mail he is talking about business with his son, that he denied. lives in two massive mansions. classic corvette and on. what about santos? he has nothing do with me, the president of united states, every decision he makes affects me, that say problem that i have.
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i want to ask you, mr. speaker, before you became the speaker, the democrats in senate and ape republicans in senate wanted to move as quickly as people and pass a massive of a spending bill they had not read. that was knocked out by handful of senators and staffers biden signed it, he never read it. they say to you, the incoming majority and speaker, here. fund it. fund it. it has hundreds of billion of new debt, they say just do it. you are saying, we need to talk about this. there needs to be cutting. no. and if you forces thank you try, we'll accuse you of shutting down the government. is that the trick. >> that is the trick, you are correct on everything but you have know about who
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are senators who wrote it, the two senators are no longer here. nonone can't through committee, democrats have increased our spending by 30% over 400 billion. now you have a president, trying to tell me that he can't negotiation. there is no place and no waste in government spending and i should just raise the debt limit after the it is th31 trillion dollars. we have never been in this position to debt since world war ii, he went believe there is any place you can find you can cut spending, a month ago, we were spending a lot less. i think we were doing quite well. mark: let's talk about this. we're talking about discretionary spending.
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>> yes. mark: entitlements have a different paths of funding, people pay to social security, there is a trust fund. when people are taxed to medicare that is a tru trust fund. we're not talking about those with the shutting down government. >> no, you set a debt ceiling you have until june to deal with it now would be the time to sit down and find the reasonable plateses to eliminate the wasteful and ending, do you think we should spend million in tune ytunisia to make sure they have enough tourists? we have a president who thinks that there ises on one dollar that you could save, no body in america lives their own life like
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that no state live like, that no, business. we have schummer in charge of senate, who -- schumer in charge of senate who never produced a budget. or appropriations bills. you know why we're in a fiscal problem, they don't layout a budget for the american public to see where they would spend the money. mark: social security and medicare for example, they are not discretionary, people pay into those. do they need to be reformed? according to trustees they do that is a a separate issue. i'll put that aside. they don't seem to have enough money to secure the border and fund our defense department sufficiently. with the threat year facing which communist china, they always have money to redistribute wealth and hand out to their friends, and
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bulk of the fbi that chases down republicans, the idea 18 senate republicans went along with them does that disappoint. >> you it makes it difficult, if they waited two weeks, we would be in power and talking about it now. what that would mean, at the table, republicans would have one part of the government, we have congress, so we would have a stronger hand, we would not be taking about just throwing more money at wasteful places. but saving and investing in the right places. mark: and it would under cut your leveraging. >> they would have more of a voice today than then. mark: when you talk about now secures border and wall, they under cut your leverage, and you talk about the a. >> i think what they did is really -- realty be righ' back. s
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jon: web to fox news live, i am jon scott, important face-to-face this week in washington that could determine the fate of our financial security, president biden and republican house speaker kevin mccarthy set to meet on wednesday to discuss raising national debt limit, kevin mccarthy pledges cuts to social security and medicare are off the table. but threat of a government default can be avoided if democrats are willing to
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negotiate. >> funeral for 29-year-old tyre nichols will be held wednesday in memphis,l he died this month after a brutal beating while in hands of police officers. officers. >> i'm jon scott. now back to "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back, we're with speaker kevin mccarthy. i are a map of your word, you warn -- man of your word. you warned nancy pelosi. i view it as a necessary response to put an end to it. niin addition you made it clear the other day, when
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you were educating the pbs reporter that for swalwell and mr. schiff should not be within 50 miles of the intel committee. and. >> we're dealing with this different from democrats, they went after republicans based on things they said before they were elected. for all viewers, they have to understand, intel commity from different from others. intel this is national security. the members on this committee get information that other members do not. they fund a part of the appropriations that people tend to know about. you have to trust level, you have to have integrity, we watched adam schiff live to the american people, he came after devin nunez, inspector general said that what adam schiff said was a lie, he
5:30 pm
had a laptop before and the election, we had a whistleblower in adam schiff said he didn't know anything about but haze staff met and prepped beforehand, you cannot have someone at that level with no integrity, lying to american public, and you knowing it to put back on, no, he is no longer serving oth on the -- on the intel committee based on what he did. swalwell was a member of congress, he developed a relationship with a chinese spy. he was appointed by nancy pelosi, fbi came to congress said, you have a problem. we need to warn you, you put someone on intel committee that has a relationship with a chinese spy. fbi fo thought it was a
5:31 pm
problem, they told congress, mistake was that nancy pelosi kept him on. i became leader, that was only time that i had a level that fbi briefed me about it he should not serve on the committee, private sector, he could not get a security clclearance. i will keep national security as top level, i integrity matters, he will not sit here overseeing fib ffbi and the cia. i'm sorry. i think there are 200 other democrats that can reach the level integratey and serve on intel, as the power of speaker that is not something new i have said, i have said this 2 years ago, if his the opportunity to be speaker, they would not serve. congresswoman omar, thing she said as a member of congress, she said, people
5:32 pm
only love israel for the benjamins on 9/11 something happened there. she equated u.s. military, and israeli security forces equal to hamas, or even doing further and claiming it to others inside the middle east, this is say real concern to me, on foreign affairs they get read into classified information, if she has that belief i don't believe she should serve on foreign affairs committee as well. mark: amazing how press and democrat makes it so controversial, shouldn't the democrats be ref refereeing among themselves. schiff, you know he does our get dirty work.
5:33 pm
we have to move them to the subcommittee on apples over there. we just can't have them. they don't police themselves do they? >> they don't. we brought up when omar said this on the floor they defended her anti-semitism view, what is interesting individual democrats will come up to me and tell me that i'm right, but they were so beaten down by nancy pelosi they have to vote. they mi missed what happened in afghanistan and the world, our adversaries love having schiff and swalwell. i'm t trying to bring intel committee b focused to where they are supposed
5:34 pm
to. i have a course created our generals and military take. i am having republicans and democrats on intel committee take the course together, make sure that america is protected and prepared for the future. and stop putting into politics, i'm sorry i will pick integrity with the american public. i don't think that american public believes that swalwell with the relationship with a chinese spy and schiff, lying for his own political gain, this he announced this week he will run for political senate this shows his political nature and omar, equated u.s. military to that on 9/11 something happened. i'm sorry, that is not the foreign policy that america should have, if there is classified briefing there, ien to believe she should serve, in a will serve on other committees, but not in places that could damage
5:35 pm
america's integrity and classified information. mark: mr. speaker, i can speak for millions you are off to a great start. you have very much united republican party and the country in many ways. the battles will get more difficult. i think as you stay steady, people will see more. the republicans to not want to bankrupt america, they are trying to fix the process. change dc, and i wish you the best, sir. >> thank you very much. one thing i hope we learn from speaker race, i will never give up for the american public. we'll make it happen. mark: god bless, be well. >> we'll be right back. >> woman: why did we choose safelite? >> vo: for us, driving around is the only way we can get our baby to sleep, so when our windshield cracked, we needed it fixed right. we went to
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mark: welcome back america. one brilliant lawyers that i
5:40 pm
know, leo terrell, you watch the document stuff. ithey try to criminalize it against the trump. they say he didn't have power to declassify. now they say vice president did. he does not. but in trump's case it was obstruction. they were negotiating. they were in there looking for january 6 stuff. now biden is caught up in works, we know jimmy carter did some. this hillary clinton, if this were a crime she would be doing consecutives years. we see this. we see that gonzalez, when he was attorney general mishandled security information and deutsch, cia
5:41 pm
and i could go on. my issue has been. effort to try to turn all this on trump. when we had legal people coming on tv, saying we got him, black and white. it li bi liability, they are not saying that any more. >> thank you very much, mark. president trump did nothing wrong. the democratic department of justice and fbi, owes president trump an apology, you look at what is going on with joe biden, he has held documents not just 5 years ago, but when he was a senator, how in the heck did he get those out of the scif room, we'll never know, unless we invest trade the biden crime family. there a one system for president trump, which media and democratic party and rinos cannot stand and a
5:42 pm
different policy for everyone else. look at what is happening with joe biden. his white house counsel, his personal attorneys are handling the documents without proper securi se security clearance. they are allowed to do it because she cooperating? cooperating is not -- >> and justice department looks the other way with joe biden, he claimed to be very poor as a senator is now rich. there should be an investigation into joe biden's family, joe biden needs to take a deposition as to how he got the documents without as senator and what he has done c with the current documents in his position. mark: so true.
5:43 pm
he never had to go on the record. only time was in september, whether he denied he had classified information and he was trashing donald trump. they were having a grand old-time. bringing old never-trumpers on and professor, strict liability, then the department of justice they cut off the negotiations with the trump team. i've never seen such an id idiotic. allegation, have we different levels of classification that is not discussed. from weakest, to strongest, confidential, secret, top-secret, t top-secret code word, they took pictures of coves of trump documents, fbi spread them out. they didn't have to do that.
5:44 pm
you are not is up dosed that even. -- supposed to do that even. we have no idea what biden has or how much. you mentioned the senate. all of senate papers at university of delaware, has fbi looked at those? should we know a heck of a lot more of what we're talking about. >> let me think about that, yes. be clear. you and i know and american people darn well, that democratic party, rinos and left wing media hate trump, they are afraid of trump running for reelection. you can't stop him, but electric at kid glove treatment they are giving joe biden, he is in charge, of the federal government. he is in charge of the federal agencies, he is in charge of merrick garland, department of j justice
5:45 pm
and the fbi. they will slow walk everything, the key is that we need to know what documents he had in his possession, when did he take out of the scif room while senator. we need to know whose dna are on those documents. i am tired of that white house stress secretary, lying to american people, she insults our intelligence every day, when she gets up there and pretends she is representing the white house, and telling the truth, she has been so dishonest to american people, we see it and it is sickening, but democrats feel comfortable lying to american people. mark: we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back america we have leo terrell with us. he actually practices or practice law, a lots of people who don't. they don't know how. i have a tough one for you. department of justice has controlled -- is controlled by biden and memerrick garland, by a
5:50 pm
corrupt fbi. it has a history in past of corruption. the oversight committees, even if they were to hold someone in criminal contempt, they send it to people they are holding in contempt who are not going to change them, we saw this with eric holder. over "fast and furious," it died like a regular mail letter out of post office. >> i'll tell you, we have a problem, american people have a problem as far as getting to the truth, we have a great speaker of the house in kevin mccarthy, and great house republicans, comer and jim jordan, they will do due diligence in trying to investigate corruption within the fbi, democratic fbi, and department of justice, and the biden crime family, we're still waiting for investigation re
5:51 pm
regarding hunter biden, but we have a conflict of interest with jordan and comer trying to get document, subpoenas and maybe file contempt motion, guess who will make the decision, democratic department of justice, merrick garland, the guy who only sees domestic terrorist when it comes to conservativists and does not look at left wing radicals, we have a problem. house republicans will have a problem over next 12 months, as long as they too their job, we'll see a com blea -- a shut down of cooperation from fbi and department of justice, why? they are protects joe biden and the democrats, they will not throw a democrat under the bus for next year and a half, that is the -- it will be programs like you, your program and programs to get the message out. the democratic media, that control 90 percent of media is going to protect garland
5:52 pm
and fbi and joe biden, they are doing it right now. >> my suggestion to republicans, tell me what you think, to just keep at it. keep issuing subpoenas. and holding people in contempt. making demands that the federal judiciary enforce. enforce those contempt citations, keep pounding away. and never give up. that is the only alternative they have, isn't it? >> you are right. they have to do it 24/7. you know, they know there is a stonewall out there, they have to make sure they get their message out to the american people. you hold the house investigations, you tell the american people, what we're trying to did do, we're being stonewalled by garland and fbi and joe biden and that p press secretary, important american people deserve the truth.
5:53 pm
they deserve to be told the facts. the democratic party has got everyone away with lying to american people, you have media protecting those lies it makes it difficult. we do have an a advantage. we have house and leadership and committee assignment. it has to be 24/7 barrage, mark levin on radio and tv, leo 2.0 telling american people the truth with house republicans who are trying to do the right thing, hopefully democrats will get message what they lose to 2024. mark: two things i would do. with the debt ceiling, if i were republicans. they are not getting any really essential information out of the department of justice, i would slash their budget, slash by 20%. some significant amount and move to border patrol and
5:54 pm
i.c.e. who need money to encto enforce force the lay, or try to get language in there. that with the attorney general of united states, more powerful than any other cabinet secretary in a sent, they could enforce the law or not, i would allow for a vote of no confidence. the constitution does not prevent, that she not president or vice president. a vote of no confidence, if that i want to test it in court, then test is in court, where majority of house and senate can vote no confidence in an attorney general, it is worth an effort, right now. the democrat party controls the institutions, and is running away, leo terrell, i want to thank you for your insight and passion, got bless you my friend. >> god bless you great one,
5:55 pm
thank you, call up only any time, we have a country to save. >> amen. >> we'll be right back. mom! mom! every day can be extraordinary with rich, creamy, delicious fage total yogurt. teeth sensitivity is so common. it immediately feels like somebody's poking directly on the nerve. i recommend sensodyne. sensodyne toothpaste goes inside the tooth and calms the nerve down. and my patents say: “you know doc, it really works."
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mark: welcome back america. our friend rush limbaugh used to say conservatism works when you give it a try, it does it creates prosperity, and security. all kind of new things, and products are invented. families are stronger and happier. nation is stronger. conservatism works. marxism is negative, it devilish a -- is evil, down you feel better today with republicans controls the house and speaker mccarthy holding the line? don't you feel a little
6:00 pm
better with governor like ron desantis taking on the race bait -- and trump was looking out for your interests before him a president reagan that is w what it is all about. >> in the big new revelations on how she and the origins of the pandemic and iowa governor kim reynolds will be here on "the next revolution" and the education she is leading in her state. but we start tonight with the story everyone is talking about th


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