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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  January 30, 2023 12:00am-1:00am PST

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in your life, he has great advice and you can hear all the interviews on today's program on the "fox news sunday" podcast, you can download and subscribe by heading to or wherever you like to get your podcast, that is it for us today, thank you for joining us, have a great week. we'll see right back here for next "fox news sunday" about. >> in the big new revelations on how she and the origins of the pandemic and iowa governor kim reynolds will be here on "the next revolution" and the education she is leading in her state. but we start tonight with the story everyone is talking about the video of their
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brutal beating what the story tells us about policing and crime in america. nichols never should have died. for those of us who are rightly concerned about what we may call government overreach it is the worst kind taking life without any care of due process and man who did it we cannot even call them police officers insult the hundreds of thousands of brave officers who put their lives on the line to protect every day we saw and is visited videos is murderous thugs and savages. that these events bring the same toxic debate all police are demonized because some abuse their power as a result america's police are undermined. >> the conversation about the cops. and of course this is a tragedy and they should be
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prosecuted but if we don't have some level realize it's not white cop or black cop but a cop who is under stress and underpaid a cup semi district they are only paid $14 an hour. steve: exactly on top of all of that defined the police and every police department and officer demoralized and many would have joined didn't we have seen imax fitness and a brilliant piece in the free press unbelievably some democrats are still pushing that defined the police madness any tragedy to revive as aoc did on friday prompting this response from michael shellenberger. the rising police killings in the us with the homicides is a direct result of anti- police politicians like you demonized the police and drove them out of their jobs and pushed many into more affluent neighbors
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and that is the true disaster the fact that in america today astonishingly the most under placed in over police at the same time. whether you agree or not it's important to understand that it is how millions of americans feel with policing today. >> frankly the idea of american policing and protecting is true. they serve white wealthy people and they protect property. you see a unit that is clearly designed as so many similar units around the country to delete certain kinds of people. we have a bicameral system in america where there are certain people who are policed in certain people who are served. steve: the more the police are attacked the worse it gets for everyone.
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nobody feels protected and that's where we are today. we have the crime wave to prove it. it is a disaster with respectful policing interpretative without being authoritarian equal treatment for everyplace and everyone is a foundation of the civilized society. we don't have that in america and to get it we need serious policy changes and in them that this case the system worked the video was released they were charged in a happened very quickly that maybe it worked afterwards but it sure as hell did not work before otherwise nichols would be alive today. people talk about better training for officers and yes we need a culture of de-escalation but it seems we need better training for the managers and bosses and police chiefs and that cannot be done from washington 18000 police forces in this country mayors and governors need to step up to make sure their forces run properly which this clearly wasn't and the responsibility
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for that runs from tennessee governor lee but also address the demoralization and stress the last that - - lack of respect and an adequate pay and those district attorneys who make the police feel they are wasting their time but admits dollars remember most people are good and decent into the right thing. in that spirit i want to finish with these comments from friday night. about the monsters. >> as my wife said we pay for them to. we pray for their families because he is disgrace the whole family from grandmothers to kids. they have to bear the plant on —- the brunt of what their parents did or what their sons
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did. and it is shameful. steve: what such incredible grace in the pain and loss and that is the spirit. here with reaction is detective been civil rights attorne attorney, great to see you tonight. thank you for joining us. i want to start by asking you to address this situation i laid out there which right now in america you have some communities that feel they are over police that many that feel they are under policed. how do you think we got there? >> the law enforcement system is not involved as quickly as communities expected. there was quite a few stages. we have seen that through history. the interactions of what law enforcement. and in my lifetime but is not
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quite there. we need to evolve on —- involve law enforcement and undergo a massive change and get law enforcement on par with the communities so the answer to the paradoxes how some communities are under policed it others are over policed. why do we have so many officers in neighborhoods of color versus not enough where they are wanted in other communities? and leaves crimes of service and not what we think it should be if that makes sense. steve: our love for you to take it further and where she would look for the answers because it was all about congress days to pass a bill that it seems to those forces it can't just be done from on high.
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>> there is need for reform and congress does it need to push through legislation to make changes. some that we have been promoting the last couple years. the reality is we have to listen to our communities. we don't get to say, it's not a cookie-cutter response. we are not listening to the communities are the people who want change in law enforcement. we never ever want to see what happens in memphis that we can rewind the tapes and then to have the same thing again and again and the reality is until we start looking for major changes in make those major changes we are proud to have the situations happen. you are 100 percent correct. with supervision it is wholly lacking. if you look at the video and look at all four clips i cannot find a supervisor on the radio or on the scene a
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person watching this guy can who said lieutenant, captain , look at what is going on. get down there right away. that didn't seem to happen. i agree that supervision is part of the problem but with a unit like that you should have intense supervision because they are already running on ten in getting involved in the most dangerous situations and they get jacked up and hyped up and when you become emotionally hijacked that's what happens. steve: i these conversations and what we have had and many others leads to those changes we will continue to follow that. thank you for being with us tonight we appreciate it. turning now to stories of the establishment and then media keep trying to bury exposing corruption at the heart of the
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government that hunter biden laptop story but of course it is the joe biden corruption story it is the business model of the slot influence peddling and exploiting public office for financial gain that's why they don't think this is a big deal. but it is a big deal because the people we elected governors should be in it for the public interest not personal interest. tonight and went to focus on one specific aspect that is not getting enough attention. so the main thing you have latched onto as vice president threatening to withdraw usaid to with to ukraine firing a prosecutor threatening. so that is the alleged quid pro quo and the problem is a lot of other people are also
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calling those because they were correct seeing with the investigations turned up but there was another quit pro quote. calling it cash for a gas. obsessed with the climate zealotry biden was hostile to fossil fuels in america that included natural gas which we have an abundance of them biden try to close down the national gas industry. he really hates natural gas as do most democratic congress. one exception. ukrainian natural gas while vice president and a few key democrats were all in on ukrainian natural gas and pushing ukraine to pump more gas and and then the one that
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the vice president just joined the board of that's a total coincidence. and then paying $90000 to a lobbyist who was john kerry's former chief of staff and then gave thousands of dollars to democrats among them ford donations to senator markey and three to senator shaheen and another to richard blumenthal all of whom pushed for the gas industry. while hunter biden was on the board biden prison oversee three different loan guarantees from taxpayers to ukraine. ukraine freedom support act markey and blumenthal gave another 50 million to ukraine energy industry. on top of that according to usaid records we gave another
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$1 billion to ukrainian foreign aid. the essential question is out of the billions of dollars of taxpayer money joe biden sent to ukraine, how much went to barry's now while his son was on the board? fortunately with the client state i think we can say we are in a strong position to demand some answers so that we can finally get to the bottom of the ukraine cash for gas scandal. tell us what you think and share the message when we post it. here to help us understand the full extent is the author of multiple the profiles and corruption and how american elites get rich off of china. and to show the records can show went to help directly to
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burisma while biden is in charge of ukraine policy that is cut and dry corruption. >> so let's be clear it's not a sufficient defense politically or legally for a politician to say my family got money but i would have made the same decision even if we had not received the money. so for joe biden to say i would've supported the ukrainian gas industry anyway simply does not cut it the timing is very clear. joe biden became point person on policy after vladimir putin invaded ukraine february 2014. within three weeks his son is put on the board of burisma with no experience of energy or ukrainian policy or anything.
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it is clear millions and millions of taxpayer dollars here is the problem one of those investors in burisma is a gentleman who is a ukrainian oligarch and the chief financial backer of the current president of ukraine which is mr. zelens mr. zelensky. steve: that's an interesting connection. what else would you say? with these investigations now they have taken back the house what are you looking for what do we need to dig into. >> i would focus primarily on china it is frightening and i don't say that lightly and i know with the e-mails and the treasury department and those that have been release the bidens have received $31 million from chinese
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entities when you look at the businessman that may that happen all of them have links to the highest levels of chinese intelligence a gentleman helped hunter biden was that chinese investment fund at the precise same time he is setting hunter biden up for that deal that he is also business partners with a gentleman who is the vice minister of state security in china with the possibility of foreign espionage looking at who wired $5 million to hunter biden he wired that from an account that he shared with the daughter for the former minister of state security running the entire spy apparatus as china all based on hong kong financial records and there are others. the bottom line that hunter
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biden received out of china came from individuals with ties to the highest level of chinese intelligence with no discernible business service that hunter biden performed for any of that money. steve: it is amazing. one last question i saw ron johnson what did hunter biden do it was illegal? it's not illegal it is the business model but totally corrupt. >> imaginative during the cold war jimmy carter ronald reagan was doing deals with those link to the kgb with their defense be there's nothing illegal about it is the absurd standard the way you want investigation is to figure out what happened whether legal or illegal we need to know why this money from ukraine or
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china or russia found its way to the bidens and literally have no discernible service. these are not charities they gave them for a reason and we need to find out what it was. >> absolutely we were not be anywhere without all the work you have been doing for years. thank you for being with us tonight
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. steve: welcome back we are trying to representative, the newly named house oversight accountability committee. like to get to the news but first while we were just discussing with peter sweitzer the cash for gas aspect of the ukraine story and the timetable of your investigation. >> exactly. this is something we have been looking into all along while we were in the minority getting sign up for when i finally got the gavel was subpoena power. we have our first real full-scale committee hearing
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pertaining to the biden family next week. but this is something we will look into. as we stated correct this is been an investigation of joe biden and the wrongdoing of joe biden. we know the presidents fathers have been engaged in influence peddling for decades. so what types of involvement does joe biden have? the evidence is overwhelming he is been an active participant in parts of these influence peddling schemes especially dealing with the energy companies of ukraine and china. his policy with respect to american energy is very different than what his family advocates for with adversaries in foreign countries. steve: just to underline the point need to get information from ukrainian government much of our money ended up in the bank account of burisma.
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with covid it is interesting and not getting enough attention. tears ago this week the first 11 the details of damning evidence of the niaid director doctor fauci broke the rules to carry out gain of function expired experiments in china most likely causing the pandemic there's calls for a conspiracy theory but for the first time we started to get from confirmation inside us government we were right all along this report from the hhs inspector general investigated the exact research project that we identified two years ago and news reports focused on generalized criticism of the nih and the wuhan lab and nobody has read the report once you get over the language there is a bombshell. first of all we should be clear the central question is whether it happened at all was
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beyond the scope of the investigation and very much needs to be in the scope of the congressional investigation and we will get to that in the moment. despite that, we learned may 2016 the a a id determined the research and being in a function. that is a quote that is big news we now know that people inside warranted game function research was done as part of that project and now we also know that ego health alliance should have submitted a subsequent progress report by september 2019 but in fact that progress report was handed in august 3rd, 2021. the inspector general says in the understatement of the century that is particularly concerning nih had already was concerned about gain of
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function and then with the progress reported to suggest that they really had gained function carried out so what happened between september 2019 when the progress report gain of function shutter been submitted and august 2021 went it was? just a global pandemic that killed millions and worse we read in this report if the procedures have been followed would have new biosafety measures to be enacted so adding insult to injury ego health claims the reason that gain of function progress report was two years late they could not upload it to the nih website "we could not find evidence to support that claim. the most appalling part that should enrage every single person on the planet the ig concludes with improved oversight nih to take corrective action to mitigate
12:28 am
the inherent rest of this type of research they never shut commission the research in the first place. but when they did the incompetency and carelessness meant they can prevent the global pandemic. there must be accountability for everyone at the nih and responsible for the massive and completely avoidable catastrophe. james, is back with us now is astonishing how to get this type of information where does it move the investigation? >> we are very thankful for the ig report. now the dust is settling we will get answers that many around the world have been begging for we will bring in the 40 employees within the federal government we have identified to do with the
12:29 am
decision-making process on gain of function research as well as grants of the ego health alliance doctor fauci and doctor collins are prime people to bring before the new select committee on covid-19 but also the ceo of ego health alliance if they have not been in clients with those received then i think it's fair game say they never should have received those to begin with that at the end of the day the biden administration just gave equal health and not alliance another grant a few weeks ago that's how this administration is treated the covid-19 origination from day number one. they don't care they tried to push it aside in the one entity at the top of all of the gain of function research and this administration just gave them more money even though the ig report that has
12:30 am
come out about the money they have already received they were never in compliance to begin with. steve: it is outrageous and to underline and with all the mistakes i could have been made to avoid the pandemic at on top of that but they invited making a judgment if they should have given the grant and that's what i hope you get into in your investigation. thank you so much. >> that will be the prime reason why did the government do this to begin with the wider doctor fauci and doctor collins lie about gain of function research to begin with? is one of the main areas we will start off with and get to the bottom of this it is for the men on —- for the majority.
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steve: speaker mccarthy is definitely hitting the ground running natalie setting up the new committees from the threat from china and the origins of
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the pandemic but what the house intelligence committee mccarthy wasn't taking any crap you may have seen this already but it is magnificent. >> asked me a question it's a you don't get to determine if i answer your question or not. okay? letter answer her question when adam shifted using power as the chairman line to the american public even inspector general senate and let's talk about swallow i had a briefing and nancy pelosi had a briefing from the fbi they were concerned about putting a member of congress on the intel committee who has a right to see things that others don't because of the knowledge and relationship with those voters elected even though he lied to the american
12:37 am
public. so i will respect his voters and serve on the committee but they will not serve on a place with national security because integrity matters to me. that's the answer to your question. steve: that's the way to handle the democratic propaganda in the media. this morning these widow crybabies about being held accountable and that shamelessly try to raise money off of it with a pathological liar actually looking for a promotion to me a senator from my home state. no way. anyone that schiff here is tammy bruce. there is something magnificent about kevin mccarthy and the real energy and fire that i think is encouraging. >> may be a result of the fight that got him the
12:38 am
speakership or people learning from donald trump that clarity, being direct, honest, sharp. matters. in congress there are so many words used and complain about the kamala harris word salad but in congress you get the word much. nothing really matters or says anything that they hesitate at being honest about their colleagues that the american people want that now and it seems that kevin mccarthy has see one —- a scene that he has done his job with the intel committee the one committee where he does have the personal power to do that with the other committees they can have voting on that's he's doing what he can do and it's interesting the fact they are in congress at all is an embarrassment to the country.
12:39 am
steve: and schiff wanting to get a promotion. >> look who is that president. look was the president. come on. leave for time loser caught being a plagiarist and had to quit. the symbolism looking at george santos what do you think is happening? all of the people who want to fail up has so many role models and that's what the democrats in particular do that now politics in general has allowed this to occur and it really does seem to be the worst among us with some exceptions. but of course he has the ego and the confidence to lie to the american people as if he knows better that us while doesn't he think he would not deserve to be senator let alone president but those in
12:40 am
los angeles need to send a different message. >> this is what we see. you can imagine what we don't know when it comes to shamelessness with the chinese spy issue. we were all wondering that if you are close to a chinese sp spy, you are in congress. that is bad enough why would you be allowed on the intel committee? pompeo has been doing interviews talking about their concern when it came to the issue of classified information. we are in trouble around the world and there is a reason for that with that mentality that exist not just in the white house but throughout congress
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steve: as you have known me long champion school choice with massive positive news on this front i was passed a monumental school choice bill the bill that will allow every family and i went to take public money allocated to each student and use it for school of their choice including public or private to celebrate the students first act governor reynolds we did for the first time we will put students over system this is a giant system to toward if opportunity and i have a chance to talk to governor reynolds earlier. fantastic to see you governor reynolds what an accomplishment you just got this done so quickly so just tell us exactly what this new line does.
12:47 am
>> i'm very excited about it's a great day for iowa kids and parents a bold plan that gets us to universal full choice in three years one of the most aggressive in the state but what i love about my republican colleagues they will be fighting for the same thing it starts next year $7600 that will transfer the same per-pupil cost that goes to the kids in public and private school kindergartners and all kids in public school are eligible each of the three years but we actually phasing kids in private school and do that over two years the first year the families in chemistry hundred percent of federal poverty levels and then they take advantage of the esa the next year it is 400 percent in the year number three every student is eligible to participate in the esa.
12:48 am
very excited about that. can be used for tuition and fees and other qualified expenses. steve: it is so amazing to get it done on that timescale. educational savings account is the esa and that means it is completely in the choice of the parent the money goes to them in a can choose the school as best for their child including continuing to send them to a public school. >> right in the vast majority of parents will choose the local public school. but that also means that every parent not just those with the financial resources can make the choice now have the choice to choose the environment that is best for their child. it's exciting you will continue to see the spread across the country and other
12:49 am
states led by republican governors. we are proud to be leading in iowa and the opportunity it provides. steve: one person who does not like it at all is randi weingarten. what was that about? >> she's telling me i'm political? randy has done more for school choice than any other person i can think of. she has empowered parents across the country including those in the great state of iowa. she kept her kids out of the classroom made it contingent on additional funding she has led the charge to take. out of their children's education. she can keep talking because i think that emboldens parents to fight and asked their legislators to have the opportunity to choose what environment is best for their children.
12:50 am
and she never mentions kids. she talks about politics the whole time and me being divisiv divisive. wears most of their funds going to? not the republicans magically but the circle of getting what they want by funding the liberals so she can keep talking anything that's the best marketing tool we can have her school choice across the country. steve: absolutely that shows them up and that's what they cannot stand. mentioning taking across the country but one thing that enabled you to get this done is a trifecta to control the governor, both chambers in the legislature and there were 22 states in the country but that was true so a texas and montana all across the country new hampshire. lesko follow kim reynolds lead. they give very much. >> let's go.
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try this. (celebratory choir sings) this... will work. scooore! pick up score! at walmart. steve: a >> steve: tommy is back as this week's close closer. biden put out this preposterous tweet, "my word as a biden come i've never been more optimistic about america's future." oh, really his word as biden? a drifter with public office for private gain. absolutely delusional.ic never been optimistic and put
12:56 am
some reality on that this morning. >> or nbc poll painting a a picture of deeply pessimisticdep country, distrustful of government general with overall outlook that is historically bleak. as to describe where america is headed this next year, more thae two-thirds use negative wordshid and phrases, downhill, wrong track, disaster,ster hard timesd 71% of americans say the nation is on the wrong track. we are in the longest, sustain period of wrong track number o that i in the history of our poll. nearly two and a halyearf yearsf sustained. >> what happened, steve, what happened to win a half years ago? >> steve: it was perfect. so perfect. when i saw that this morning, i cannot believe that they let him read out that script. to perfect. >> there is a realization with the numbers going down here they realize there is a point you
12:57 am
have to be honest.est they may also think bringing this uupp could somehow make the democrats feel like they've got to do a better job.ak bue t we have seen this is what they mean. i think that is what he meant whawith that tweet. i don't know what he's doing or what is imagining america in tec years is, but if he'ans op optimistic, he's optimistic for dante's seventh level showing up. i don't know what it is or if optimistic because he's gotfort comfort food. it could be that a too. but when americans are saying disaster, look, we have a chance to send a stronger message during the midterm we did not. d wewe sent a little baby messa. so the 2024 election is going to be a real message about what americans want to come b especially since donald trump is back. also, the republicans that the
12:58 am
pinch of talent has long from donald trump. so if the democrats think, "oh, yoouu have to get rid of trump." everyone is talking like kevinwl mccarthy and who knew that would happen? so this is across the board. yeah, if he's optimistic, our great days aret da ahead of us high-energy cost and open border my real wages down, the world's at war, you know, we are sending -- how much excitementnu can russia and china be having? it's like they will have at this point they are so thrilled. >> steve: and not to rub it in but listen to this, for biden, listen to this, this is about biden's personal qualities. >> this poll from whenever it ia a lot of things we tested qualities. he has seen the public has lost
12:59 am
confidence ipubln the presidents confidence to handle the crisisl whether he's got the physical and mental health. all of this stuforatf hasis deteriorated. this is not a good place to start. >> steve: you can say that again. >> i want to know that two to three out of every ten people think everything's fine peer that is what i'm worried about, the 20%, 30%. he's never been above 50%. nt ayou know, we know what it ws like to have the strongest economy in the world. we know what it is like to have control at the border. we know what it is like to have ve aa good job and be able to pn our futures. owwe know this is kind of not jt the new world order. renew america could be betterex and we experienced it and we know leadership matters. that is why americans are not happy. we have now been lulled into accepting this kind of garbage as the new normal because it does not appear they have underestimated us, t that is one
1:00 am
of their biggeststak mistakes i think. >> steve: you see, tammy, youou aalways make me feel optimistic because you know what the country needs and always advocate for it. so grateful to see you asalwa always, tammy and make sure you dvr that show so you never miss an episode and mike pompeo, never give in inches up next we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution" which will be televised. >> todd: president biden on the road today headed out to baltimore to tout his infrastructure bill with soaring inflation still top of mind for many americans who are not buying what biden is selling. you are watching "fox & friends first" on a monday morning, i'm t todd piro. >> as ashley strohmier in four carley shimkus. >> asked to describe where america is headed this next year, more than two-thirds of negative words


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