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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 30, 2023 4:00am-5:00am PST

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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. entrust you heart to entresto. >> ashley: date is set for the exmemphis police officers in the death of tyre nichols. >> ainsley: body cam footage sparked protests all over the country. >> this is a continuous problem. >> not getting the best of the best. >> infrastructure bill. >> message from the white house is my word as a biden, i have never been more optimistic. 71% believe that the nation is headed in the wrong direction. >> more than two thirds use negative words "down hill" "wrong track." >> brian: nearly 300,000 got-aways slip past border
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agents. northern border on the rise. >> tough situation. border patrol needs to step up. >> todd: chicago mayor lori lightfoot dancing into the final months of her re-election campaign. blasting lightfoot for ignoring crime in new york city. crime in chicago has spiked. >> for 45 yards, all the way it'sy chiefs have won it. ♪ you got to fight ♪ for your right ♪ to party ♪ >> ainsley: this is whey: the mf cincinnati did something travis didn't like. >> will: he talked trash on social media he plays for kansas
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city. his brother tweeted out officially being done being a chiefs this season considering is he an eagles player. i wonder hot mom pulls for? >> will: everyone has their favorites. >> ainsley: which child is the favorite. >> brian: in fact, we have photos. i ranked them today. >> depends on the day, right in. >> exactly, a daily ranking system. why we have a coaches poll and parent poll. i will say this it's also a randy reid super bowl. andy reid 14 years with the eagles. 10 with kansas city. so, it's really going to be interesting for him to go back to theson. >> will: eagles-chiefs. that's your super bowl. sunday, february 12th. 6:30 p.m. right here on fox. >> ainsley: brian is getting to go. is he going to arizona. >> brian: bigger story rather than the teams going is my coverage. >> ainsley: absolutely. >> brian: it's been under reported. >> ainsley: are you excited? >> brian: first time in a while.
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i haven't gone since prior to the pandemic. >> will: you know, i love this part of the story. you talk about the kelsey brothers. it was how many years ago now. jalin hurts, then quarterback of university of alabama was benched at halftime in the national championship game replaced with toe low a. he goes on and transfers to the university of oklahoma. and he at the point and one of my good friends pointed out jaylen is benched in the cool story coming from a cowboy fan so you know it's objective he ends up under achieving and gets hurt. >> ainsley: here in new york people are upset because the empire state building was lit up in green and white. the giants fans are really upset because we just lost to the
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eagles 8 or 9 days ago. this is what it looked like. and you had all of these people on twitter complaining saying giants fans felt like it was a slap in the face. they said "you let the city down. what a shame. this has to be a joke, terrible one at that "outkick the first incidence in their article said"what a giant betrayal." >> brian: something else, we do have other reports that it was also red and white for the chiefs. >> will: don't care. [laughter] >> brian: i'm just reporting. >> will: just saying it's new york. >> brian: that's fine. so there is calls from chris chulo and others to take down the empire state building. [laughter] >> brian: just to get rid of it. >> ainsley: whose decision was this? not a good one. >> brian: we will see what's gonna happen. >> brian: jillian mele full time here for years saying that led the story that this was lit up in green and white. >> ainsley: i thought about her last night and steve doocy. steve is not here today he is still on vacation he is a big chief's fan so he will be happy.
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let's talk about this infrastructure. the president is going to be back on the road today heading to baltimore to tout his infrastructure bill. >> will: inflation is still top of mind for many americans who aren't buying what biden is selling about his economy. >> brian: also, i wouldn't mind solving the crime problem in baltimore while you are there. peter doocy is live from the white house with more. peter? >> peter: good morning, and the white house is going to try something different this week with a big ceremony bringing in a new chief of staff. the former covid czar jeff zients, and this new change in direction comes as an nbc poll finds that 71% of people believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction. what else does the biden team think they can do to turn things around? get busy. look at the schedule. later on today going to be in baltimore for an infrastructure event. tomorrow, up in new york city for another infrastructure event and a dnc fundraiser. wednesday he is going to have the competition council come to the white house. also meet with speaker mccarthy who wants to talk debt kreiger and then on
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thursday the national prayer breakfast with the vice president and on friday president tweeted my word as a biden have never been more optimistic about the future than i am today. do events outs of town and together. they usually leave at least one of them behind to tend to the business of the country. and it is particularly interesting because president biden's announcement about re-election or not is expected to come as soon as february, which starts in two days. back to you. >> brian: kind of unique also, peter, noteworthy that jill biden went to the eagles game. >> ainsley: sat there with roger goodell. if they didn't want to upset an eagles fan or chief's fan they could just upset everybody else by sitting next to him. >> ainsley: what did your dad say about the chief's win?
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>> peter: i talked to him at the beginning of the game sitting there in a chair very excited. we face-timed and he -- i'm sure he will show up tomorrow just full red. >> ainsley: it was a close game. i wanted to go to bed it was close game 20-20. >> brian: that's why we delayed the opening of the show until ainsley woke up. >> ainsley: thank you i appreciate that. >> will: very al-bundy picture he painted for us just sitting there in a chair president is going to get busy. the question is at 80-something he has never really been that busy. is he not that active president. >> ainsley: very optimistic. >> brian: according to a biden. >> ainsley: border is open. wages are counsel. electric bill is through the roof. gas is going back up again. cartels are getting rich. we have our borders open and fentanyl is coming across.
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our border down there he says he is very optimistic never been more optimistic. >> brian: his word as a biden. >> will: my word as a biden, i've never been more optimistic about our future. who within that administration thinks that somehow is an exclamation point that that is my word as a biden somehow sells the next line. >> brian: he says it all the time. >> ainsley: my word as a biden. bidens are very worthy. >> brian: jim biden we actually go check out his houses. other story with a biden is that they are finding out that his notes that he took with the classified documents were classified. so they took his handwritten notes out. so this thing goes back 20 years. so his word as a biden is very much under scrutiny right now. >> will: first half of that tweet. second half never felt more optimistic than he does now about the american economy. it's just not what it looks like when you look at the tail winds, headwinds. you pointed out layoffs spilled
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overruled media, tech, economy at large hasbro, layoffs. interest rates continuing to rise. inflation not yet tamed. there is really nothing out there that you would think unless he has some private information, maybe some classified information that he wants to share. [laughter] >> will: about the economy that would make you feel optimistic. >> brian: growth is 2.9%. points a little bit higher than they thought. gradually going down. >> ainsley: look what is happening across the cities. crime is soaring. seeing that in new york city. chicago. the mayor there, lori lightfoot is filmed dancing around in the streets of chicago. as she is celebrating the lunar new year parade yesterday. there she is dancing. many are wondering if this is appropriate. the crime rate is soaring up 61%. macy's, old navy, banana republic, gap. euna glow, they all left. magnificent mile is nearly 30% vacant.
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>> brian: she has a primary on in one month on the february of. jungle primary. everybody in it. nonpartisan. if nobody gets 50%. then she is going to have an election on the fourth of april. not many people think that she is goings to get reelected. could never know but many of the candidates believe it or not are more to the left than her. >> ainsley: yeah. >> will: look at that individual kwr0e of her dancing in the street. okay. a lot of people have various aspects to their job and celebrating is part of the mayoral job. it can't be separated from what is happening in the city of chicago. that's the issue. does it come off -- does it appear let them eat cake moment? there's a twitter account called chicago contrarian. since chicago mayor's term began. chicago has suffered 2278 homicides. and over 9,000 shot. since january 1st, the city has endured 41 homicides and 194
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shot. lightfoot blissfully dancing and asking voters to return her to office. lightfoot is detached from reality. in chicago, you are seeing a city decay. you are seeing a city in many ways die. of course, millions of people live in chicago this is not a safe american city and here is someone dancing in the streets. the leader dancing in the streets. >> ainsley: she did it last november. on tiktok singing karaoke when the violent crime rate was 37% more than the year before. >> brian: do you have that tape? >> ainsley: i believe we have it here. ♪ baby don't you wanna go ♪ come on ♪ come on ♪ baby, don't you want to go ♪ >> brian: that was great, also. some of her better moments was during the pandemic when she was caught getting her hair cut when no one else was allowed. the people of chicago want their mayor to look good. >> ainsley: she had a nancy pelosi moment?
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>> brian: absolutely. nancy pelosi in denial. >> ainsley: she might be fun or gaining. those videos might get you a few votes. it's not about cleaning up chicago and making sure the families feel safe here. >> will: look at the senator. i'm not sure she loses people go new york will be all right. it will be fine. >> brian: are better than de blasio. >> ainsley: wouldn't anyone be? >> brian: he said he is mandating crt training for everyone before march 6th. you wonder where is that the priority? >> will: you hear what you vote for. ashley strohmier few additional headlines. >> brian: i vote we toss to her. >> ashley: nice to see all of you. start with tyre nichols case in
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memphis. the officers accused of murder will be arraigned on february 17th. memphis district attorney says there could be additional charges for others involved in the case. listen. >> we're going to need time to allow the investigation to go forward in further consideration of charges. nothing we did last thursday regarding the indictments precludes us from bringing other charges later. >> this comes as we learn two of the officers charged with murder were hired by the department now defunct scorpion movement as it reduced the hiring requirements back in 2018. senator elizabeth warren says she is eager to see president biden run again in the 2024 election but she doesn't seem so sure about vice president kamala harris as his running mate. >> yes. he should run again and he is running again. >> why? >> because he has gotten a tremendous amount done. >> kamala harris his choice as second runner-up? >> i really want to defer to what makes biden comfortable on
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his team. but they have to be a team and my sense is they are. i don't mean that by suggesting i think there are any problems. i think they are. >> ashley: that is if he can win the 2024 nomination. transportation secretary pete buttigieg as the top choice among likely democrat primary voters with biden trailing behind by five points. and time to grin and bear it. a colorado bear going viral for taking over 400 selfies in the forest. the so-called selfie bear made sure to get multiple different angles and action shots. a spokesperson for the bolder park says the bear took a special interest in the wildlife camera they used to check on different species in the woods. after the photo shoot the bear headed back into the woods. but one social media user suggested the park name it kim barely kardashian in honor of those fabulous photos and now to
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super bowl 57 and nf crrnlt the philadelphia eagles stopped the 49ers 31-7 and headed back to second super bowl in five years. >> fly eagles, fly. on the road to victory. ♪ fly eagles fly >> ashley: the win getting a controversial congratulations in new york city, the empire state building lighting up green and white drawing complete outrage from new yorkers. the "new york post" this morning calling the display bird-brained and in the afc, the kansas city chiefs outlast the cincinnati bengals after a game-winning drive led why patrick mahomes taking home the 23-20 win. watch. >> for 45 yards, all the way it's good. >> the big win, of course, was not without some controversy though with just over 10 minutes, the bengals stopped the chiefs to force a fourth down.
4:16 am
but the refs ordered a do-over whistle was blown before the snap and gave the chiefs the win they needed. super bowl matchup was set and very own brian kilmeade was heading west and bring you all of the big game details from glendale, arizona. which can you watch it the game. sunday, february 12th. only on fox. back to you guys. >> ainsley: all right. brian, the pressure is on. are you ready? >> brian: absolutely. i think more pressure on me than both teams if you think about it. >> brian: let me tell you what is coming straight ahead. better yet let ainsley do it. >> ainsley: double murder trial of alex murdaugh week two. housekeeper's family in court after her death. as a possible witness for the state. >> will: plus, touring twitter dave rubin joins us live of what he learned during inside look at twitter's headquarters. ♪ go back ♪ this is the moment ♪ tonight is the night ♪ fight until it's over ♪ put our hands up ♪ like the ceiling can't hold us
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>> ran out. velly really bad. and i ran -- actually, i think i tried to turn them all over first. >> did you see what and to be blood on alex murdaugh's hands. >> i did not. >> on his hands. >> no. >> on his shirt. >> no. >> on his shorts no. >> >> on his shoes? >> did i not. >> will: those are some of the inconsistencies the defense team of alex murdaugh point out and alternatively try to explain
4:22 am
entering week two of the murder trial. eric bland is the attorney who represented the sons of the murdaugh housekeeper in ho died in 2018. also possible witness for the state and the host of the cup of justice podcast. and he joins us now. >> good morning. >> will: as you look at -- good morning to you. as you look at what has taken place in the courtroom so far, do you feel like there is a not just a strong case but a case yard being made by the prosecution. >> i do. the question is whether the jury does. this week is going to be a battle of the experts. we're going to have blood experts, voice recognition experts. gunshot residue experts going it have people come in and testify to the blood on the seat belts. gunshot residue after murders were done took to his mother's house. going to see the defense attorney in action. defense attorneys have never seen a crime scene that they
4:23 am
liked. so, there is no matter what job the state could have done in securing and preserving and maintaining that crime scene, dick harpoon is going to try shoot holes in it going to be an interesting week. >> will: take a look at some of the scenes inside that courtroom and get your reaction. >> other than being assaulted has he received any direct threats related to the boat accident. >> oh, yes. all the time he gets threats. >> recently? >> yes, sir. i mean, he gets them all the time. >> okay. >> he gets them all the time. >> will: that's a video that was played to jurors. eric, you know, i want to get your reaction to that video. as you pointed out as well, the defense is going to say as you point out that the crime scene wasn't secured. do you think there's enough there for them to creed cede whr or not evidence can be trusted? >> i don't. i think alex alibi has been
4:24 am
blown to sheds. timeline compressed. we know he may have changed his clothes from earlier in the evening from a snapchat video to after the police showed up. we know that now he is at the kennels. because we have a voice recognition on a video that was done by paul immediately before the death. and i think the -- what we just saw in the car is not credible one there is no blood on him whatsoever. there is no mud on him. nothing that would indicate as he told the 911 operator that he flipped paul over to check his pulse. paul was completely full of blood. unfortunately his brains were at his feet. as far as the death threats to paul, that is easily verified because, from my understanding. no police report was ever made by any of the murdaughs in connection with death threats to paul. i can tell you i have two children. in my children received death threats, the first thing i would
4:25 am
do and i think any reasonable parent would do would be to notify the police and he did not do that. >> will: we are entering another several weeks of what goes down in that courtroom. it's great to hear from you this morning to give us perspective. eric bland, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> will: all right. coming up, overnight, dozens of migrants seeking shelter in a new york city hotel refused to leave. why they are against trading their taxpayer funded accommodations. after years oe big idaho potato truck... i finally caught it. oh man. always look for the grown in idaho seal. people remember ads with a catchy song. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a little number you'll never forget. ♪customize and save♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty liberty♪ ♪liberty♪
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>> ainsley: in another act of transparency twitter ceo elon musk gives dave reuben a look inside the twitter headquarters and what causes the platform to enact shadow ban on users. >> brian: musk telling rubin report host and former victim of twitter suspension he was the first to be exposed by the way. the whole situation is a flaming dumpster rolling down the street. >> will: dave joins us now. dave, good morning. good morning, guys, i have to telling you the flaming dumpster rolling down the street was pretty much the exact right met for. >> will: take us behind the scenes, david, what you saw when you got this tour of twitter.
4:30 am
>> yeah. well, for about two weeks i had been doing some work behind the scenes with some engineers just looking into my account because, like you guys, we are seeing really weird engagement, it seems to completely disappear and come back a little bit you don't see certain people in your timeline. stuff on the dl. suddenly i got a call ton tuesday hey, can you be in san francisco in a couple hours. saft in the plane middle seat did not recline, made it to san francisco basically a little bit after midnight. and there was elon meeting with a ton of people. there were all sorts of engineers still up, again, after midnight. he had obviously a long kay. i think he was testifying. tesla quarterly earnings going on he said look i have had a very long day. >> if you need me to stay right now we can work it through tonight. otherwise we can do it tomorrow. in and of itself the world's richest guy who is busting his
4:31 am
butt, willing to stay. i said no, we can do it tomorrow. the next day we had a couple hours with elon and then a whole bunch of hours with the engineers. and they are finding out incredible stuff. the whole system behind twitter in essence was built to shadow ban and built to suppress certain voices and elevate others. and as he described it. it's a frac tall goldberg scene. first machine in peewee her man crazy machines in essence the more they fix things, the more that things break. he also described it as a giant jenga, you are pulling out one thing and hoping it doesn't all collapse. but he is working hard, they have got great engineers on it. they brought people in from tesla. and spacex and they are spring. but it is a big job and he does realize the gravity of the situation because without twitter our ability to communicate in this 2023 world
4:32 am
whether we like it or not would be hampered severely. >> brian: what was happening during the 2020 election to suppress all pro-trump thought and any time trump would trend positivively, somehow looked at as russian disinformation. when lawmakers were told to back off. they went ahold and said lies anyway. and you were the first to find out dave rubin shadow banned. matt taibbi found out about hamilton 68. considered michael morell, with former ambassador of russia, john podesta, bill crystal as well as and i think a couple more. they put together this group to really try to destroy any positive trump thought on twitter. here is what matt taibbi walked out with. >> in the early trump years, there was an organization called hamilton 68 that was the source of probably hundreds of news stories over the course of a
4:33 am
period of years that was allegedly tracking russian bots. their secret sauce was a list of 600 accounts they said were linked to russian influence. well, in the twitter files we found the list. the list let's just say is mostly bereft of russians and full of real americans and what they did is a fraud. they took ordinary conversations of ordinary conservatives, mostly. and essentially just called it russian influence. >> brian: they got together with all the msnbc, cnn networks and that became the story russian influence on social media is pushing trump forward. causing more people to say trump and russia. those guys are together. don't tell me that doesn't affect the election. >> now, brian, look. this is how they launder the lies. it's not just when it's coordinated by organizations like this. what they're finding out, also, you may remember when elon took over at twitter he fired
4:34 am
basically half the staff. he fired about 3,500 people. they are still finding people inside that are, perhaps, doing bad things and also, you know, the way code works as he described to me. i know not all your viewers are coders nor am i. basically looking at cake. you fix one layer and realize how many problems are under it and may have screwed something up. there is a coordinated effort on the part of the government and big tech and there then is there is uncoordinated activists working at these company's layer and that's why this so so messy. >> ainsley: i know they admitted in the past they have suppressed views and you say they are working on the problem so hopefully they can figure this out so they police everybody equally not just conservatives with bias. thank you very much. very interesting. >> thank you. >> brian: this is just twitter. you know facebook halls things being covered up right now and
4:35 am
all the other social media. same thing. >> oh, facebook, youtube. all of them. and speaking of youtube. brian kilmeade is the guest on the rubin report this week. >> brian: that's going to be fascinating. i have a sense. thanks, dave. appreciate having you on, too. >> ainsley: coming up, it has been called the most extreme abortion bill in the nation and was just passed by minnesota senate. a state lawmaker is going to join us next with her call to protect the unborn. >> minnesota has pioneered the limit of viability and if a child can survive outside of the womb, i think it is a reasonable and moderate place to say that that child deserves a shot that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the buick envision. built around you. all of you.
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urinary tract and upper respiratory tract infection. ask your doctor about gemtesa. more time here, less time there. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. >> ainsley: minute society state senate passes legislation guarantees the right to abortion. critics call it the most extreme in the country. next guest calling out democrats for refusing to protect the
4:40 am
unborn. minnesota state senator julia coleman joins us now. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. >> ainsley: why do you say it's the most extreme in the country. >> this bill not only allows for abortions for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy what it does to strip away parental rights is abhorrent. it not only allows this for minors but also allows for minor sterilization without parental consent or notification. >> ainsley: minor sterilization when would that happen? >> as soon as this bill is assigned into law. >> ainsley: so a child could walk in and say they want to be sterilized? >> they could. the worst part is republicans we reached our hands across the aisle. we tried to work with democrats on this. and each time we pulled back a mangled hand. we tried over 50 times to make this bill more moderate. more reasonable. more bipartisan started when i
4:41 am
introduced an amendment 21 weeks as the cutoff. minnesota pioneered the way here and had 21 weaker survive. we went month by month after that. all of the way through woman active labor they destroyed or voted down every single amendment. we tried having amendments to say parents get consent over abortions or sterilization of minors. when they shot that down notification to parents. they shot that down. amendments you cannot abort a child solely based on their sex, their race, if they have a disability or down syndrome. every single time they shot us down. >> ainsley: does this establish a right to abortion up until the moment of birth. >> up until the moment of birth it is the most extreme abortion bill in the nation. we even had amendments saying that if you are going to seek a late term abortion. it must be done in a hospital for the safety of the woman. they shot that down, too. it's not only extreme but now it's dangerous.
4:42 am
>> ainsley: senator, why are you so passionate about this topic. >> i have always been pro-life. but that was solidified after i was pregnant with twins and doctors told me i had to kill one to save the other. and at 33 weeks, i gave birth to two healthy, beautiful baby boys, charles and james who are just waking up right now. and i saw firsthand how at 33 weeks how they responded to something as small as a blood draw or a needle poke, but this bill is inflicting unimaginable pain far worse than a needle poke to babies at that stage of development, it's barbaric and future generations will look back at what this legislature did in horror. >> ainsley: gosh, did you ever go back to your doctor and say you wanted me to choose which child and now look i have two healthy children? >> i walked out of that clinic and i never came back. but i share their story loudly and proudly as a message of hope of saying mothers, women, i have had to choose life in the scariest of circumstances when one of my own children's lives
4:43 am
was on the line and let me tell you, you are stronger than you know, you are brave and you will never regret choosing life. >> ainsley: okay, senator, thank you so much. i think this is -- it's a done deal now, right? >> it is headed to the governor's desk. and it is a dark and sad day for minnesota. >> ainsley: all right. senator cocoleman, thank you fog us. >> thank you. >> ainsley: hand it over to ashley for headlines. >> start with wild video out of georgia. watch as atlanta police officers rescue suspect from oncoming train after he crashed and stole their police cruiser onto the tracks. >> oh. move, move! [sirens] >> train horn] >> ashley: before the crash, police say the suspect stole
4:44 am
their car during a routine traffic stop before taking them on a high-speed chase. the young officers are being hailed heroes for saving that driver's life. the 20 conservative shows members voting mccarthy to speakership have inspired g.o.p. lawmakers all across the country to fight the 50 swamps into 50 states. they are referring to the states run by establishment leaders, the leader of the state freedom caucus network telling fox, because of what of the house freedom caucus did in january during the speaker fight, that has created such a huge inspiration among state lawmakers all over the country who are providing just a little bit of assistance for david to go up against goliath. new york city mayor eric adams is forcing all city employees to undergo radical critical race theory training. a source familiar with the policy spoke exclusively to fox news saying the mandatory training provides all employees with the framework to understand the importance of racial equity in the workplace. that source also says new york
4:45 am
wants contracts and hiring decisions to be viewed through the lens of racial equity. those are your headlines, back to you. >> ainsley: all right, thank you, ashley. check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. >> janice: set a record for new york longest stretch without snow. that's pretty incredible. we are going to see snow across portions of texas and oklahoma and ice storm unfolding. let's take a look at the maps and i will show you exactly where we are talking about. all that moisture along the southeast. we have got this next area of low pressure along an artic cold front. that's going to bring not only snow but accumulating ice for areas like texas through oklahoma and arkansas. up towards tennessee. kentucky, alabama, and that's going to be really dangerous. we have winter weather alerts as far as south as san antonio, up towards the ohio valley and ice storm warnings for little rock in towards nashville. this is really dangerous. accumulating ice on the roads and the power lines that, is going to be a complete mess and even a disaster, so we will
4:46 am
watch it. look at dallas over the next couple of days, see rain and then it drops below freezing and that's when we see the freezing rain for several days so this going to be a big deal, folks across the south they know that they are not prepared for this kind of thing with the salt trucks and that sort, make sure you are paying attention to your local forecast and local officials. i want to say h i hi to a specl friend of mine. this is thomas with his little dog tucker named after tucker carlson. is he going into surgery this week. february 2nd to remove a tumor after being in remission from cancer. he loves watching "fox & friends." he loves tucker. he just -- he is watching right now with his family at home. his friends, obviously mom and dad and madeline and reagan. and james and, of course, tucker. we want to make sure that the whole country is praying for thomas. is he such a good little guy and he is going to do great. we love you. all right. ainsley over to you.
4:47 am
>> ainsley: saying prayers for him right now. i hope everyone watching says a prayer for little thomas. thank you, janice, that's really sweet. coming up judge jeanine pirro is going to join us live on the curvey couch. self-made millionaire catching heat online for telling followers that they should be able to afford a $200,000 car. he joins us live to share his keys to success. ♪ ♪ if i had a million dollars ♪ we wouldn't have to walk to the store ♪ if i had a million dollars ♪ now take a limousine ♪ any a million dollars on contr. we have a denture problem. over. roger that. with polident cleanser and polident adhesive refresh and secure for any close encounter. if your mouth could talk it would ask for polident and poligrip.
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>> ashley: back with quick headlines, steph curry and his wife railing against a town house project in their affluent
4:52 am
california neighborhood. the celebrity couple is asking the town to invest in a quote considerably taller fence. safety and privacy for us and our kids continues to be our top priority and one of the biggest reasons we have chose at&tar ton as home with the density being proposed there are major concerns looming right behind us. roy mcilroy wins the 2023 dubai dessert classic. mcilroy rolled in a putt for birdie. he charge liv golf on tuesday. reid called mcilroy an immature little child after the super star ignored him at the practice range and he responded by throwing a golf tee in mcilroy's direction after the snub. i think you should cue brian
4:53 am
now. >> brian: thank you very much. appreciate it, ashley. 8 minutes before the top of the hour. finance uber and self-made multi millionaire being slammed for telling followers they should be able to afford a $200,000 car. >> you are guy in your 20's and you don't have a lamborghini you should actually sit down and have like a serious discussion with yourself as to why you don't have a lambeau. i realize now it's so incredibly easy and so much money out there and 200 grand, especially now with ai tools that you can leverage 200 grand is chump change. >> brian: did he say trump change? >> defending viral video and here today to share his tips for every young american striving for success. sebastian, first off, how do you feel about the backlash with your proclamation? >> yeah. i mean, it's not crazy to me. life church i can understand how people can take that statement and get a little bit upset about it. but, i was hoping people would be able to detect the sarcasm in the statement a little bit more.
4:54 am
obviously not. but it is what it is. anybody that looks into me, anybody that, you know, discovers my youtube channel and sees who i really am and where i come from and how i did everything myself, they will realize that i'm not some ignorant little kid. >> brian: sebastian, people that have a calling that want to get into being a police officer or a firefighter they are not going to be able to afford a $200,000 lamborghini, you don't look down on them, right? >> no, no, no; any work is respectable work. the world needs to, everybody has their jobs that they need to do. and so, yeah, absolutely not. i have nothing but respect for all the firefighters in the world. >> brian: so you grew up and your family gets divorced and your mom is living paycheck to paycheck. you are short on money your whole life. you were determined to change things. decide decide you are going to start watching tapes on how to make money and earn money. you find a lot of it through social media and some drop shipping. describe some of the things you did to make yourself successful.
4:55 am
>> so, like you said. when i was a kid i was obsessed with money because of my unfortunate childhood. and i read a ton of books and when i was 17, i started a business online called drop shipping. it's what i actually teach on my youtube channel and that's basically where you sell product on the internet. i started one of them made 30 grand. one made 100 granted. every brand i started continued to make more and more money as i grew and developed my kills skills. and then i got into some other businesses as well. like i started a marketing agency which has generated millions of dollars for our clients and i still run that today. and i have all sorts of other businesses that i have my hands in as well. >> brian: some of your tips, sebastian for everybody out there that wants to make money and get their $200,000 car. educate yourself on money in the financial industry. you did it on your own. identify your motivation. what do you mean? you don't want to be poor anymore. create a plan and decide on next steps, hustle and work hard until you achieve what you want. so, out of all those, it's
4:56 am
really the determination not to be short of money that drove you, sebastian? and to help your family? >> yeah. i mean, exactly. i was just -- i had an incredible amount of like shame and humiliation as a kid. and that is what drove me. so i would say to anybody watching out there, you need to have a strong -- if you are try to get rich lamborghini and flox e. flex on your friends probably not going to hurt. you need to have a strong passion and fall back on that because it's going to take a really long time. >> brian: sebastian, thank you so much. that is the american spirit. you got people's attention along the way. sebastian ghiorghu thank you so much. >> p king charles wants prince harry and meghan to attend his coronation. it can quickly stop migraine
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♪ ♪ >> and arraignment date set for the police officer charged for murder with the death of tyre nichols. >> the body cam released all across the country. >> we must listen to the voice of the people with a with solutions. >> president biden back on the road today to tout his infrastructure bill. >> biden come i've never been more optimistic. >> are they buying what biden is selling? >> people believe he's heading in the wrong direction.


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