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tv   America Reports  FOX News  January 30, 2023 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> oh, love it. >> wow. >> we need a second hour. >> when i turned 18, my parents said see ya, go figure it out. this enabling thing is crossing over and creating issues for someone like myself and having to like take care of people. i say get a job, work hard, pay your own way. >> there you go. >> leave the snowflakes on the slope. "america reports" now. >> sandra: kicking off a brand-new week, day four in the alec murdaugh murder trial, today's cross examination kicking offer with the special agent who oversaw evidence collection in that case. >> john: the defense suggested the scene was contaminated by officers, prosecutors have focused on the 911 call and murdaugh's state of mind. nancy grace has been in the courtroom. her take on all of it coming up. >> sandra: her fresh analysis on is that, begin with president
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biden's border crisis new migrating north of the u.s. border as agents in new york, vermont, and new hampshire are all seeing illegal crossings now. i'm sandra smith, and it's great to be with you for another week here, john. >> john: john roberts in washington. you are warmed up, revved up ready to go. this as "america reports" freezing weather not stopping migrants from making the journey across the canadian border into the united states. border patrol agents have seen 743% increase at encounters in just the last three months. more than in the previous two years combined. >> sandra: meanwhile, south of the border, cbp sources say nearly 300,000 known got-aways since october. that averages out to 2,450 got aways a say. >> john: streaming through south texas. texas dps in a high speed chase before a group of migrants fled
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on foot into the brush. >> sandra: eric shawn on the northern migrant surge but first, bill melugin is live in the rio grande valley. they do whatever they can to evade detection. >> sandra, absolutely correct and that sometimes includes the use of disguises, something we saw happen right here in the rio grande valley this morning. take a look at the images, right here in mission, texas, where we are, earlier this morning, texas troopers and border patrol arresting this group of illegal immigrants who disguised themselves as bicyclists as they came across the border. all these guys were dressed like this with their helmets and they brought their bikes on rafts with them as they crossed the river and did it in an effort to blend in once they got to the u.s. side of the river to look like any other bicyclist in the area. did not work out, they are now in border patrol custody. take you up and look at this
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wild dash cam video, baling out of a human smuggler's vehicle, several of them, they run off into the brush. the driver decides to floor it and take off, trooper goes after her. i'm told this pursuit got up to speeds of 110 miles per hour. the driver eventually loses control of that truck, flips over, she bails out and goes running into the brush, she keeps reaching into her waistband as she's running. the trooper eventually catches up to her, what do they find in the waistband, a pistol on her the time she was trying to reach for. they took that off of her. she was arrested and charged with human smuggling and evading. i'm told she's an american citizen from the dallas, texas area. then nogales, arizona, take a look at this image of another major fentanyl bust. cbp officers at the port of entry seizing 75,800 fentanyl
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pills, 40 pounds of meth in a smuggler's gas tank as they were trying to drive into the united states. and lastly, tucson, arizona sector, another child molestor arrested at the southern border. a mexican national, his name is martin rojas venezuela, he was previously convicted in 2009 of lewd acts with a child in the state of california. and live, texas governor greg abbott will be in the rio grande valley, holding a press conference, he's going to announce the construction of more texas border wall, not the federal border wall, and also has other announcements he plans to make about texas' efforts when it comes to securing the southern border. >> sandra: bill, thank you so much. john. >> john: south texas to the 49th parallel, migrants are braving the cold, ice and snow for hours
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to cross into the united states from canada. eric shawn is live in the new york newsroom. and small children are among those making the journey. >> it's unbelievable, attention on the exploding southern border but the northern border has also seen a huge jump in migrant crossings. customs and border protection sighs arrests have soared 743% in the final three months of last year, when compared to 2021. unlike the southern border and their counterparts, the northern migrants are forced to brave harvestore -- brave harsh snow and ice, and some show the treacherous conditions that can prove so deadly. a haitian man froze to death
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earlier this month in the northeast trying to join his wife who is already in the country, and family of four from india, they froze to death last year on the border in north dakota. but despite those type of dangers, the northern border crossings could hit a record number of migrants, even when the numbers are smaller compared to the southern border. in 2022, there was just over 109,000 encounters at the northern border, that's more than three times higher than their previous fiscal year of 2021, just over 27,000. since october just over 42,000 encounters on the way to another record. andrew arthur, center for immigration studies, he says obviously the threat is not just to the migrants but also to the border agents. >> it's also dangerous for the agents, it's very cold, expanses are broad, and a lot of those border sectors and border ports
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are far away from major population centers. so you know, the agents themselves are in danger and the migrants are in danger at the same time, especially this time of year. >> example what the agents and the michigans face, right now about 19° in the northeast. later this week, nighttime temperatures are forecast to drop to - 2, in the west - 19. john. >> john: tough sledding as they say. >> sandra: house speaker kevin mccarthy is expected to sit down with president biden, expected to happen this week. mccarthy says he's optimistic a deal will be reached but the administration is holding firm that it will not offer any concessions on spending cuts. let's bring in dagen mcdowell and sean duffy, you guys had an
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amazingly successful kick-off last week, an awesome show, we'll keep watching. i'm excited for you guys. on the debt ceiling talks, to quote larry kudlow, he was here, are you telling me they can't find anywhere, anywhere where they are willing to cut, just a little bit? no concessions. >> the budget is so bloated, there is plenty of room to cut and untenable for joe biden to say listen, 31.5 trillion in debt, just spent 5 trillion over the last two years and it's going to be catastrophic if wep don't raise the debt limit. so catastrophic i won't negotiate with republicans? and i was in the congress when we had negotiations, john boehner was the speaker, barack obama was the president. barack obama sent joe biden to negotiate with the congress and he did a great job. he's a negotiator. he did so well, barack obama pulled him back and said joe, you have to come home, you are cutting too many deals. so joe can do this, just put his
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mind to it. >> sandra: mccarthy on "face the nation" on the talks with the president. >> i know the president said he did not want to have any discussions but it's important for the government to find compromise. reasonable and responsible way that we can lift the debt ceiling but take control of this run away spending. there will not be a default, but what is irresponsible, what the democrats say just raise the limit. >> sandra: the sticking points, to clearly lay this out, republicans, they are mulling the short-term suspension of the debt ceiling to buy time, of course. only want to vote on the long-term debt fix if cuts, that's clear, but democrat, clean increase to the debt ceiling, they do not want to negotiate on that. why is he so optimistic? >> we are going to ask kevin mccarthy this evening, bottom
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line, i'm not going to put words in the speaker's mouth. how about them apples. >> sandra: but you are going to cheap promo? >> every opportunity. >> it wasn't cheap, it was free, sandra. a couple things. joe biden and the democrats don't even need to cut spending, they just need to get rid of the moratorium on student loan payment because that wasn't even spending passed out of the congress. that was a handout welfare to the rich, done by fiat out of the executive branch $5 billion that is not going into the treasury coffers every month, so we would not be under the gun as a nation if the money was going into the treasury, number one. and number two, if this is so urgent, why are the democrats proposing an 8.7% raise for federal workers right now?
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8.7% raise for 2 million federal workers, and this is according to congressman democrat jerry conley of my home state of virginia. for years now, federal employees have risked their health and safety on the front lines of this pandemic. subjected to the trump administration's cruel personal attacks. and unsafe work environments. if the economy is so great and inflation is so -- is easing, why are you requesting an 8.7% pay increase then? if -- you know, ok, if spending is not a problem, why are you proposing that. that, again, he's laughing in the face of the american people by proposing that. >> kevin mccarthy understands american politics really well and when you want to negotiate, come to resolution, that's what america wants you to do. my way or the highway never
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works with the american people. >> most americans have not gotten a raise in the last two years and the democrats are trying to pull this one. >> sandra: fair set-up, we will watch tonight. on artificial intelligence, chat gpt, it's been around two months, as business headliner talks, untold chaos, and this market is expected to balloon in the next ten years, call it, seven years, supposed to hit $1.5 trillion. what does it mean for all ever us? >> i don't know, but change the way we live, the automobile and horses, and the phone -- don't need tellers anymore. >> sandra: they are comparing it to the introduction of the iphone to our lives. >> this is -- this a.i. is going to do the same thing in our lives. >> i can tell you that headline, what was the headline for
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business insider? >> chat gpt has only been around two months and causing untold chaos. >> that headline is utter horse manure, and any of these stories about the world coming to an end. >> sandra: new york post says it could cost jobs, the wolf is at the door. >> wolves and dinosaurs and the like. listen to an interview someone from microsoft, they have invested billions of dollars in open a.i., the parent, the creator of chat gbt. the head of microsoft, he was interviewed by the editor and chief of the wall street journal and he perfectly explains how a.i. and these appliances is helping not only say the guy who created the auto pilot for tesla that 80% of the code that he is writing today is done by get hub
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co-polite, but also helping farmers in rural india. it elevates productivity, which makes us a more prosperous society globally and helps grow faster. >> she sees the best of everything, i love it. productivity. >> people who don't understand it will be alarmists and chicken littles, that's what i'm saying. >> sandra: i look forward to more of this discussion tonight, sean and dagen, see you tonight. thanks so much. dagen, john. >> john: prominent former south carolina attorney alec murdaugh back in court, charged with murdering his wife maggie and son paul in june of 2021. nancy grace is in the courtroom today. she is going to join us later on with legal analysis, in the next hour. right now, jonathan is live in atlanta, and jonathan, what's the latest from the courtroom today? >> today murdaugh's defense has
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been trying to poke holes in the prosecution's case. investigators say alec murdaugh fired the weapons that killed his wife and 22-year-old son paul. during cross examination, defense attorney dick harpootlian proposed a different theory. >> is it a possibility there are two shooters, based on the data you collected? >> i indicated -- >> moving from here all the way up to here? >> i don't know that it went all the way up there. >> and he also said some of the footprints belonged to a responding officer who marked the location of paul murdaugh's body. but a witness said ammunition was consistent with the ammunition used to kill maggie. >> do you know a specific brand and make and caliber of
10:16 am
ammunition that was used to kill maggie murdaugh? >> head stamps was s and b300. >> same thing? >> yes, sir. >> if convicted, murdaugh could face 30 years to life in prison without parole. john. >> john: we'll keep watching that trial and see what unfolds later today. jonathan, thank you. much more coming up on the next hour as well. >> sandra: fresh perspective and analysis from nancy grace, and a lot of the viewers have taken interest in watching the trial, john, and very emotional at times so we are going to keep our eye on that throughout the afternoon and have nancy grace on it shortly. >> john: took harpootlian has tied up witnesses in the past. >> sandra: new fallout from the death of tyre nichols. five police officers are charged with murder. are relaxed hiring standards
10:17 am
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save hundreds a year over t-mobile, at&t and verizon. talk to our switch squad at your local xfinity store today. >> sandra: the office of manhattan district attorney alvin bragg is giving
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information about stormy daniels and trump's 2016 campaign. possible criminal charges against the former president. >> this position that we are left in limbo until somehow a special counsel designates that it's ok for us to get briefed is not going to stand. >> the position the dni has taken on the topic is untenable. it cannot be their answer is we can't tell you what was discovered until the special counsel allows us to tell you. >> john: the justice department says tg now working to brief the senate intelligence committee on the trump and biden classified documents, after more transparency, leadership wants to see the actual documents, not just briefed on them. john cornyn is a member of intelligence committee and joins us now. looks like the intelligence
10:23 am
committee will get a little satisfaction, the assistant attorney general saying we are working with the office of the director of national intelligence to support the provision of information that will satisfy the committee's responsibilities without harming the ongoing special counsel investigations. from what you know of what the doj is trying to facilitate, is that satisfactory? >> this should have been the initial posture of the department of justice. it's completely unacceptable as they pointed out for the biden administration saying we are going to block access to information about classified information that involves the biden justice department -- excuse me, the biden presidency. so this is a little better but frankly, it's not going to be acceptable until we get access to all the classified materials. the senate select committee on intelligence regularly reviews classified documents.
10:24 am
we don't take them home. we don't leave them in our garage. we leave them in secure facilities and don't talk about them. so, i believe we can be trusted to get access to these -- this information to assess its national security consequences. we don't care about the investigation, that's up to the department of justice. what we do care about american national security and what these documents might reveal. >> john: you are on the same page as senators rubio and warner who want to see the actual documents themselves. warner saying we have a right as not only members of the intelligence committee but part of the leadership to review virtually every classified document, part of so-called gang of 8. the doj is indicating they are not about to give up the actual trump and biden documents because they are part of an joan going investigation. what do you say? >> well, ordinarily you would not, to maintain the integrity of the criminal investigation,
10:25 am
you would not want to keep it confidential. this involves more than a private person or investigation that affects their jeopardy or not. this has national security implications. if you can imagine a scenario where some of this classified material would reveal what an adversary may or may not do in the near term, and this is something that the policy makers, we as the members of congress would not get access to because the department of justice locked it down for two years while they completed their investigation, you can see what a danger that might present to national security. so this is unacceptable. now we'll see whether department of justice will be forthcoming enough, but i don't believe it will be acceptable to do anything less than get full access to all the classified documents. >> john: here is what your colleague from florida, senator marco rubio, said about that point. >> i don't know how congressional oversight knowing
10:26 am
what they are impedes investigation. these are probably materials we have access to, don't know which ones they are. >> john: why do you believe it's imperative to have access to the actual documents and not just briefed on them? >> well, after the committee conducted investigations into abuses of the intelligence-gathering authority, the congress created oversight committees, both in the house and the senate to provide an extra layer of protection to the american people to make sure that these tools were not misused, and so we do have enhanced insight into these documents. i read classified documents on at least a weekly basis and we have briefings directly from the people collecting that intelligence as part of our oversight responsibilities. but we have a constitutional responsibility more than anything else as a co-equal branch of government, concerned about the safety and security of the united states.
10:27 am
that cannot be trumped by the private interests of president biden or any other single individual in an investigation into whether they mishandled those documents or not. >> john: one more quick question, you view classified documents in secure locations all the time. have you ever taken a classified document either home or to your office? >> absolutely not. everybody who handles classified materials know you are only supposed to look at them in a secure facility, called a scif, and but perhaps when they are transferring from secure facility to another secure facility, it's all under lock and key to make sure those documents are prepared. so never is it permissible to look at those documents, review them outside of a secure facility. >> john: senator john cornyn from texas, appreciate it. >> sandra: the u.s. weapons stockpile running low after
10:28 am
supporting the fight in ukraine against russia. now boosting production in a battle over taiwan. >> sandra: a community in mourning, after the bodycam video of tyre nichols' beat down was released. memphis police department, are relaxed hiring standards partly to blame for what happened? darren porcher has some thoughts on that coming up. >> and six years at the most, left out there unsupervised, a lack of empathy, lack of humanity. it means if you need cash, you get more at newday by borrowing up to 100% of your home's value, not just 80%. it means newday has been granted automatic authority by the va to make our own approvals.
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10:33 am
slip inside the walled compound, a commander for the pakistan taliban claiming responsibility for the attack on social media. group ending a ceasefire agreement with the government in november. sandra. >> sandra: accused cryptocon man sam bankman-fried allegedly has been talking with former colleagues and they say he might be trying to influence potential testimony. he has not been shy about reaching out to employees on social media, we know that. why are prosecutors so concerned about this now? >> that's right, sandra. this push comes after he used the encrypted app signal to send this to current general counsel, he said i'd really love to reconnect and see if there's a way to have a constructive relationship, use each other as
10:34 am
resources when possible or vet things for each other. he faces up to 115 years in prison and this one individual he sent the message to is known to have information to incriminate the cryptoking. so they said the proposal to vet things with each other suggest witness tampering and they are seeking to have him not contact all former and current employees. and from signal or other encrypted app, you can send messages to auto delete, something sources close to him share he's done in an effort to evade detection. his lawyers are firing back, saying he is no longer using the auto delete function and should not be banned to talking to anyone, it should be a short list, and imposing a blanket restriction would remove an important source of personal
10:35 am
support. any legal sources tell me no contact is standard but this is only granted with cause, should get a ruling from the judge on that this week, sandra. >> sandra: ok, we'll look for that. thank you. >> john: chicago residents say they feel blind sided by the city's plans to house illegal migrants in an old neighborhood elementary school and in new york city, several dozen migrants are refusing to leave a free hotel for a new shelter. byron york joins us with his thoughts on that. >> we are tired of begging for what we already own, which is the right to live peacefully and to not have our communities turned upside down on a whim of your plan. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way.
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>> john: a sixth memphis police officer has now been suspended in the tyre nichols investigation. f five other officers are charged with murder in the death of nichols. at least two of them joined after the department relaxed hiring requirements. we will put that question to darrin porcher just ahead. but charles watson is live in memphis, big changes are underway in the police department there. charles. >> the memphis police department has confirmed a sixth officer is suspended in connection to the death of 29-year-old tyre nichols following a brutal beating during a traffic stop earlier this month. the officer in question is identified as preston hemphill. however, the department has not said specifically what the officer's involvement was. disturbing and graphic bodycam
10:41 am
video you can hear officers on scene mention someone named hemphill, listen. >> everybody -- >> i spray, he spray, hemphill tased. >> and so this newly suspended officer joins at least two memphis fire department employees and two shelby county sheriff's deputies also under investigation following the release of this video, showing the memphis police officers savagely kicking and pepper spraying nichols, he waits for 20 minutes before he received medical attention from a first responder on scene. >> you can't just go to a scene like that where your co-workers are beating somebody to death, it's not good enough. it's like committing the crime yourself. >> so far five now former memphis police officers have
10:42 am
been fired and are now charged with second-degree murder in nichols' death. they'll make their first court appearance at a bond arraignment scheduled for february 17th. we know at least some of of the officers were a part of the memphis police department scorpion union. that union will be permanently or has been permanently disbanded. we are also learning today that the parents of tyre nichols will be in attendance at president biden's state of the union address next week at the request of the congressional black caucus, john. >> john: that tape is really difficult to watch and baffling why it ever happened. charles, thanks. >> sandra: darrin porcher is with us, former nypd, and law professor. our reaction continues to pour in, seeing the video last friday night. and there's a lot of questions
10:43 am
over how this could happen, and there's questions over the relaxed requirements on police to join that particular department in memphis. and the changes were made back in 2018 where you no longer needed associates degree or 54 college credit hours, educational requirements, you could substitute college education requirements for five years of full-time responsible verifiable work experience. this was at a time there was growing anti-police sentiment out there, you had massive amounts of retirements, it was difficult for a lot of these departments to retain or attract new talent to the department, so they lowered the standards. do you believe those relaxed hiring standards are to blame here considering two of those officers were hired after that fact? >> well, good afternoon, sandra, and good afternoon to the viewers. a qualified candidate pool is essential in having officers that are able to provide quintessential policing to that
10:44 am
community. police officers are public servants, but we need qualified and capable candidates. when you relacks the standards, it creates a challenge for the population served by the officers. sandra, as you mentioned earlier, when we look at the defund police movement or the anti-police rhetoric that had driven the nation back in 2018, created somewhat of a challenge to acquire qualified officers, but at the same time token i don't believe you should recede your standards. so we saw what manifested in the beating of the individual on the video tape. >> sandra: and i want to play out more reaction from former police reacting to the release of that tape. listen. >> forget about police work. i mean, you see something going on like that, you have to step in and you got to stop it, right. what happened to mr. nichols shouldn't happen to anyone. >> from what i've seen of the
10:45 am
footage, approached the car, they are screaming, yank him out of the car, no effort in any deescalation. the only person who seems to be deescalating is tyre. >> sandra: the debate about major changes in the police departments. >> we have to have a collaborative approach between the police and community. symbiotic focus how they are going to reframe the department. tabletop is now going to tran send into a pilot project. we need to roll out a new enforcement related unit to ensure they are keeping their community safe but also a reevaluation process in 90 days to see if this is sound.
10:46 am
and that's what lies ahead for the memphis police department. >> sandra: darrin, you and i to pivot to another national story, happening in so many great american cities, rising crime rates. but in chicago, the mayor is being aexcused of being tone deaf to what so many residents are living through, the spike in crime rates, the mayor lori lightfoot is dancing during a parade on the ground in chicago, and while so many will be quick to say it's fine to dance in the streets and have a parade, but not if you are turning a blind eye to the spiking crime rates that have caused so many residents, so many businesses to flee that city to the point where one of the nicest areas in chicago has a 30% rate of open stores, the magnificent mile, stores are fleeing at a record rate in that city. and robberies, aggravated battery, motor vehicle theft. is this a time for the mayor to be dancing in the streets when people are leaving because they
10:47 am
don't feel safe? >> well, in mayor lori lightfoot's defense, she was incompetent, we knew that prior to her taking position to being the mayor. she's on the heels in the wake of the upcoming election. i don't believe she has a genuine understanding how to reduce crime and what she's doing is reflective of bill de blasio when he was mayor of new york. she is not the plausible candidate to advance the agenda of public safety in chicago. therefore she needs to step back and let the new mayor come in upon being elected and make the necessary changes because that city genuinely needs to say drops in crime but have not been delivered by mayor lightfoot. >> sandra: and more and more companies and businesses are threatening to leave, people don't want to have their families live there. it's becoming a bigger and bigger problem. darrin porcher, thank you, good
10:48 am
to see you. >> thanks, sandra. >> john: disturbing new details in the alleged rape and death of a 19-year-old l.s.u. sophomore. what we are learning about the fast of one of the suspects. >> sandra: and from the driver's seat to the state legislature, a retired nascar driver throwing his hat into the ring. why hermie sandler is fed up with american politics and plans to fix it from the inside. >> people are frustrated, concerned, why things are not getting done, not changing for the better and i hear a lot of people complaining about it but nobody is trying to do anything about it.
10:49 am
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>> john: all right, as we look ahead to 2024, our next guest has gone from the nascar track to the race for a senate seat in virginia. hermie sandler is running for the newly created district 17. and joins us now. a nascar driver, wrestling, small business owner, do you believe life experience trumps political experience?
10:53 am
>> i think so, for the people in the 17th district and appreciate the opportunity, you know, to be on. i retired from nascar racing and from fox sports in 2019 to go back home and spend more time with family and to run our family businesses. we are in convenience store, truck stop and the petroleum business as well. and when i got home, i started to pay more attention to the government and started to become more and more frustrated at how the government in my view was ignoring or leaving the south side of virginia behind. i deal not only with convenience stores and truck stops, we deliver fuel to our farmers and our loggers and to residential homes, people in middle to lower incomes and i slowly saw this group of people get crushed in this economy. and when i came to richmond to try to advocate for my area, i didn't really get the answers i wanted and kind of got the door shut in my face, so i decided this election cycle was too important to sit on the sidelines so i decided to jump in. >> john: you say the virginia of
10:54 am
today is not the virginia you grew up in. what has changed in the commonwealth? >> well, i live in a very rural area of virginia, john, and in my opinion, northern virginia has a lot of power, a lot of influence, but what works and what's important in northern virginia is not always what my area of virginia needs. in my opinion, we have not had a strong voice for our area of virginia in the general assembly in a long time. the truth of the matter is, the democrats control the senate here in virginia, 22-18. the only way we are going to have a chance to get virginia the relief they need and deserve and governor youngkin's agenda through is get control of the senate back. to get that we have to fight and what we have been doing has not been working and i'm here to offer to be a different kind of a candidate to fight to try to get that majority back. >> john: you say you want to be the sort of candidate to make and keep promises. it's difficult to know how the
10:55 am
race will go. it's a brand-new district, created out of the 2020 census. if it had existed in 2020, based on the political and demographic make-up, joe biden would have won by 7 points, glenn youngkin would have won by 5. may look it leans a little democratic. how does a republican win? >> i'll be the same person if elected than i am reaching out to the people in the district and asking them to vote and they have a choice. if we want to send politicians to do the job that is not done now, they have that choice. i'm not a politician, i don't have political experience but i don't have political, you know, motivations either. i'm here to serve the people of this district. >> john: you say you don't want to climb the political ladder. listen, you were the nascar rookie of the year in 1992. we will find out soon if you
10:56 am
will be the political rookie of the year. >> sadler for virginia to find out more. >> sandra: new at 2:00, the justice department has announced more arrests to kill a journalist in new york city. she's demanding a meeting with president biden. nancy grace, where does she see the alec murdaugh trial going. we will find out in a brand-new hour. at newday we make it easy. our newday 100 loan lets you combine your first mortgage, your second mortgage, your high-rate credit cards, personal loans and car loans into one, low monthly payment. so you can save hundreds every month. and at newday, there's not one dollar upfront to apply. give us a call.
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