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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 30, 2023 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, "jesse watters primetime" read this for me, dana. >> dana: prostitution running wild in california. >> jesse: secret videos show you at 7:00. >> harold: watch this las vegas police officer and good samaritan pull somebody out of a are can a. >> dana: oh my gosh. >> harold: thank god for them being there. >> dana: they are amazing. that is it for us. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. you got a cousin on mars? >> bret: yes, maybe. good evening, this is "special report." i'm bret baier, breaking tonight lawmakers are pressuring the justice department to access to the materials and specifics of the investigation into president biden's possession of classified documents. meanwhile, the president has made a decision on the idea of sending one very specific american weapon to help ukraine battle russia. white house correspondent jacqui line has that and more live from the north lawn tonight.
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good evening, jacqui. >> pres good evening, bret. fighter jet decision will disownt disappoint ukraine. the president has moved from self-imposed red lines before just last week. today the president was asked to confirm report that he goal poland around the one year anniversary of the invasion he said he will go but he is not sure when. >> president biden is stamping out a push to provide f-16 fighter jets to ukraine as it plan as new offensive to retake territory occupied by russia this spring. the country's defense ministry tweeting simply f-16 three days ago. today a one word answer from president biden. >> no. >> meantime biden is still waiving off questions about his handling of classified documents. >> i don't even know. >> the doj says it will work with congress on some oversight requests. responding to bipartisan calls from the senate intelligence committee over national security exposure with the biden and trump documents. the assistant attorney general says prosecutors on both matters
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are actively working to enable sharing information with the committee adding that they are working with the director of national intelligence to ensure it doesn't harm the special counsel's probes. it comes after the dni refused to answer senators in a briefing friday citing the special counsel's investigation. >> this is a little better but, frankly, it's not going to be acceptable until we get access to all the classified materials. >> still, the doj is refusing requests from house judiciary republicans about the timing and process of their investigation into biden saying it would put the investigation at risk and potentially create the appearance, quote: that congress may be exerting improper political pressure or attempting to influence department decisions in certain cases. the white house counsel's office not holding new briefings but sharing talking points passing reporters a cbs poll that shows 54% of americans think the president's handling the investigation well. and biden spending his time promoting achievements like the infrastructure law today in baltimore. >> we're going to invest over
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$4 billion to replace existing baltimore potomac. >> even though a tweet touting his electric vehicle tax credit shows him in $86,000 electric hummer that doesn't qualify for the program. >> a white house spokesperson says the president's commitment to lowering the cost of electric vehicles remains a priority and also pointed us to other times where the president has driven cars and trucks that do qualify for that tax credit. separately tonight, the president shed some light on his upcoming meeting over the debt ceiling with house speaker kevin mccarthy. he said his message is show me your budget. i'll show you mine. bret? >> bret: and jacqui, we have date for the president ending covid-19 emergency declarations? >> yeah. we have just learned new details on this, bret. of the president informed congress he is going to be ending both emergencies, the national emergency and the public health emergency on may 11th. now, that will formally restructure the government's response to the pandemic but it could have some far reaching
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implications including potentially for his student debt cancellation program. biden's doj argument in court most recently was that the national emergency does have to be in place for the creation of the program but not necessarily throughout the duration. that court case is still ongoing, bret. >> bret: okay. we'll follow it all. jacqui, thank you. >> thank you. ♪ >> bret: also breaking tonight, secretary of state antony blinken is in the middle east. his visit comes amid fresh violence between israel and palestinians over the past week and a report of an israeli attack on an iranian target. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot has details on this. [explosion] >> a blast in the heart of iran. reports say an israeli drone struck a def facility saturday night. nuclear development. while israel did not claim responsibility it does say it's against iran getting nukes and
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has its sites before. >> their policy and my policy is to do everything within israel's power to prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. >> for its part, iran claimed it shot down two of the drones and the other did only minor damage to the site and none to its alleged nuclear efforts. >> such news can impact our nuclear scientists and intentions to achieve peaceful nuclear energy. >> secretary of state blinken in israel today called iran an increasing threat to the world but there is more to deal with. following israel's raid on a west banks refugee camp leaving 10 palestinians dead and shooting of palestinian eastern jerusalem synagogue killed seven israelis trouble continued over the weekend. two more israelis shot and injured by a palestinian teenager. settlers strikings back against palestinians in neighboring towns as families rounded up families of the attackers and sealed up their houses. >> we're urging all sides now to
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take urgent steps to de-escalate. >> all this as protests continue against netanyahu's new government which critics say is beefing up the rights of jewish settlers and tamping down the power of an independent judiciary while the killing and the suffering goes on on all sides. summed up by the son of one of the synagogue victims. >> you chose to sacrifice your life for others. and i will make sure i honor you forever. >> blinken also met with israel's president and foreign minister today. both praised him for speaking out against terrorism. tomorrow, he meets, among others, with the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas. tough times in the region. back to you. >> bret: greg palkot in london. greg, thank you. more in on this with the former secretary of state mike pompeo in a bit. former british prime minister boris jobs says russian president vladimir putin did not seem serious about avoiding war in the days before he invaded
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ukraine. johnson says a new documentary at one point putin told him it would be easy to kill him with a missile. kremlin is denying putin made any such threat. we'll get a chance to ask johnson about it tomorrow during an exclusive interview here on "special report." >> let's talk about some of the foreign policy challenges for the u.s. tonight. we welcome in former secretary of state former cia director mike pompeo. he is the author of the new book "never give an inch are, fighting for the american i love." mr. secretary, thank you for your time. >> brit, it's good to you with you this evening. >> bret: congrats on the book. i. wanted to talk to you a little bit about some of the breaking news over the weekend. we have reports that, perhaps, iran used drones for a facility for that city is known for making missiles and nuclear weapons in iran. nuclear material i should say. your thoughts on that as we get to a very tense time in the world, not only with china but
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still with iran in the middle east. >> bret, make no mistake about it i know the facility fairly well. i don't know for sure who conducted the strike. the whole world seems to think it was israel. importantly, if they took down the capacity for the iranians to continue to build out their nuclear program, including their weapons program or if they were able to successfully set back a little bit the capacity of the iranians to these unmanned vehicles. very drones used to kill ukrainian civil yaps. the world would be a safer place as a result of what transpired your administration under president trump and secretary of state pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. the biden administration was trying to restart that does not seemed to have worked. where do you think that is. you have been since back to the house intel committee been concerned about iran's ambitions we know they're the state
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sponsor for terror. the butcher of tehran we know these are folks that want to wipe israel off the face of the earth help that to come after america next. three folks indicted arrested here in the united states for trying to kill an american civilian. these are bad actors, bret. our mission set in the trump administration was to deny them wealth and resources to reduce both their capacity to commit terror and to do the hard work, the work of the research and development of their weapons program. >> bret: i want to turn your attention to the far east. we have talked a little bit about china you and i over the months. something raised eyebrows this weekend air force general predicts war with china in 2025. tells officers to prep by firing a clip at a target and aim for the head. i hope i'm wrong. my gut tells me we will fight in 2025. general mike mill hand said in a minnow obtained by nbc news do
3:10 pm
you think we are going to war with china in the next two years. >> i take him serious we are not doing enough to deter the chinese communist party. that's what he was really getting at. hard to put timelines on any of these things. he says 2025. make no mistake xi jinping is working for american weakness and absence of resolve. if he see he is the opportunity he will seize that opportunity. >> bret: you talked about a lot about foreign policy successes and chat trump administration and your job as secretary of state was trying to do. what about ones that you were not that happy about? there's a picture of you with taliban co-founder abdul ghani bare darr and poli politico writ mike pompeo takes own air worries over the afghanistan collapse. future election bid should he choose to make one. pompeo's involvement in the taliban deal has now drawn criticism from republicans and
3:11 pm
given a preview how afghanistan could complicate the political ambitions on those of both sides of the aisle. your response to that and taliban are in general. >> we were trying to deliver the outcome president trump had promised the american people. we were trying to get every american soldier home. we weren't successful at that president trump wanted out. nobody needs to doubt that i wanted to get everyone home, too. would he be couldn't do it. we could not go to the president and say we could get everybody out and still solve the problem set. not just getting our soldiers home but doing in a way that respected 20 years of work. doing so in a way that didn't get everyone out and 13 americans killed. gosh, it was the deal that caused the collapse. the deal was caused by president biden. he made a political decision to withdraw the last 2500 americans. it was the last stick in the jenga pile. we didn't do it on our watch. he did it on his. we had relative afghan security there for the entire time as we drew down from 5,000 to 2500. to somehow say that the biden
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administration was bound by the agreements of the trump administration would suggest that was the only thing we did that they felt remostly bound by. >> bret: i have heard you talk about your decision-making and you and your wife susan you say will pray on it and make a decision some time soon about possibly running for president. in the book, you do talk about the former u.n. ambassador u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley and perhaps she was angling to become vice president. i want you to react to what she said in an interview we had and asked her about the book. take a listen. >> i never had a conversation with jared, ivanka or the president about the vice presidentship. you know what i will tell you is it is really sad when you are having to go out there and put lies and gossip to sell a book. i mean, i don't know why he said it but that's exactly why i stayed out of d.c. as much as possible to get away from the drama and get away from the gossip. >> bret: i wanted to get you to respond to that. >> i will just say this. this isn't about me or
3:13 pm
ambassador hali. this is about america. there are a bunch of us who were told, you know, you should leave everything president trump turns to dust get out. i never thought about leaving for one second, bret. not for individual moment. those of us who had important positions and had this incredible blessing to serve the united states of america, like ambassador hali says she did, you know, she didn't hang in there the turn over in the trump administration was staggering difficult to manage. i had a handful of secretaries of defense and handful of -- cia director and secretary of state. ambassador hali made a different addition. she can articulate. i was proud to stay the course and those of us that stayed that whole time think did really good service in america. >> bret: you stick by everything in the book. >> absolutely. others have confirmed it. chief kelly told me that's what happened. that's what i wrote about. >> bret: secretary pompeo we appreciate your time and good luck with the book.
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>> thank you for having me. have a good evening. >> bret: calls for police reform following the killing of a motorist in memphis. first, beyond our borders tonight. russian shelling kills five civilians in eastern ukraine. a woman killed and three others wounded in kharkiv. russia seized large areas of northeastern kharkiv region in the months following the invasion but ukrainian counter offensive as we talked about retook russian territory most notably in kharkiv a suicide bomber strikes a crowded moss o. mosque inside a police compound in afghanistan. at least 59 pee 59 people killed 150 wounded. live look at cane, france. france acquires a stunning impressionist masterpiece for its national collection of art treasures. a donation from luxury goods giant lvmh paid nearly $47 million for the painting
3:15 pm
titled a boating party by a french artist. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> bret: president biden is facing pressure to come up with new police reforms in the wake of the tyre nicole's death. today a sixst officer was disciplined. two medical workers and a driver were fired. both democrats and republicans have urging new discussions on reform, so are many americans. correspondent mark meredith has details. [chanting] >> from the streets of memphis to major cities nationwide. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> protesters are demanding changes to american law enforcement standards. while in washington tyre's death reigniteds calls for police reform legislation. >> we need a national
3:21 pm
conversation about policing in a responsible, constitutional and humane way. >> congress has debated and has been dead locked on the policing issue before. in 2021, negotiations between democratic senator cory booker and republican tim scott fell apart over whether officers should lose qualified immunity or protection from civil laws due to their work. pro-police interest groups say ending qualified immunity could create chaos. >> if we reduce or eliminate qualified immunity, we are going to have even more critical problem bringing people in this profession. >> booker is expected to reintroduce a version of the george floyd justice and policing act later this week. but it's unclear if the legislation will move any further than years prior. proponents say they remain hopeful. >> we are working with outside groups to make sure that everyone knows now is the time for action.
3:22 pm
>> i don't know there is any law that can stop that evil we saw that is just difficult to watch. >> democrats always think that it's a new law that's going to fix somebody that terrible. >> the chairman of the congressional black caucus has invited tyre nicole's state of the union. their attendance likely to bring the policing issue front and center most watched political events of the year. >> bret: mark, on a different story you are following tonight a jury has issued a verdict in a case you covered last week. >> tonight mark hawkeye violating the faith act. he was facing 11 years behind bars after prosecutors claimed he had assaulted an abortion escort. hawkeye was telling us he was defending his son and this was simply a sidewalk scuffle. the jury late today finding him not guilty on both counts. hear from legal tomorrow call verdict for their client and
3:23 pm
pro-life movement. bret? >> okay, mark, thank you. let's bring in fox news chief political analyst brit hume. as congress now deals with calls about police reform, th there is still a lot of focus on documents both former when documents were taken before that how do you think this stories has evolved? we are learning that there was supposed to be a briefing from the director of national intelligence to the intelligence committees in september. but it got put off it. never happened. what do you think about this story as it evolves? >> well, this is in part about something we are beginning to hear discussed again and this is the overclassification of these documents. this has been going on for as long as i can remember, bret. back in the 1950s in the early phases of the cold war there was a commission to study the classification of documents and the conclusion walls, wait for it, there is too much of it. and then in the 1990s, daniel
3:24 pm
patpat moynahan, the senator committee to study classified documents and came to the same conclusion as did members of his commission that there was much too much classification going on and nobody substituted that nobody disputed it in the 1950s or 1990s when moynahan and his group did their work but here we are again today what a quarter century or more later and we have got this problem with documents not being carefully held or closely held case of biden scattered around and trump took a lot with him and so on. the question is which is the worst problem being being careless with classified documents or being so many classified documents that people lose respect for the system? it's probably a bit of both. you know, i will believe that any change on this will happen when i see. i think the temptation of government employees to hide their work behind classification markings is simply too great for too many of them to resist.
3:25 pm
>> bret: the former president was in new hampshire and south carolina over the weekend. ansand heweighed in on all of t. take a listen. we have fbi that raids mar-a-lago. placed under lock and key additional locks added at their request but then they want nothing to do with biden's garage where classified documents are strewn all over a wet floor nobody know much about garages those floors get very damp and wet. >> bret: those floors are damp and wet. >> bret: maybe those classified documents got in the water they might have blurred the ink who knows. >> bret: i want to ask you about this trip to new hampshire, south carolina and perhaps how this race for the former president looks different than 2016 and 2020? >> well, i would say he has some ground to make up, bret he enjoys wide support still within the republican party he has lost
3:26 pm
ground with too many voters. in certain polls you see he falls behind ron disarnts and some places and other places he does better. but, remains, you know, he has lost ground and the question he faces is whether people think with all the mella drama that is associated with him and with the loss of the house, the senate and the 2020 presidency whether it's time to move on a lot of people look at him and say why would we want him again? he lost to biden people deny that, think it was stolen or whatever. i don't think a majority of people feel that way and that's a problem for trump. >> bret: we'll follow it. brit, as always. thank you. >> you bet. >> bret: technology and energy stocks brought down the numbers of wall street today. the dow lost 261. the s&p 500 was off 53. the nasdaq dropped 228. you were next, illegal immigrants sent to new york are now refusing to leave their manhattan hotels.
3:27 pm
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>> bret: breaking tonight a suspect in the alleged rape of a 19-year-old college student is facing a separate rape charge in an attack on a 12-year-old girl in 2020. the most recent victim was killed shortly after that attack. senior correspondent casey stegall has the story from dallas. >> the students and staff continue to mourn the loss of louisiana state university sophomore madison brooks. sad to know the last hour of her life was horrible. >> the 19-year-old died nearly two weeks ago after being struck by a car. police say leading up to that she was raped and left alongside the road. >> people around her should not have taken advantage of her.
3:33 pm
they should have protected her. >> kyree washington is one of for accused of raping madison charged with the sexual assault of a 12-year-old girl back in 2020. surveillance video obtained by wafb shows washington and his friends leaves the bar with madison earlier this month. >> absolutely not a rape. >> this is a tragedy. definitely not a crime. >> defense attorneys climb to have another video not made public it proves madison was not too drunk to give consent. >> can you tell that she was intoxicated? yes. to the point under the law that you say you are in a drunken stoop poor? to the point that you cannot lawfully give consent or answer questions? absolutely that was not the case. >> investigators say madison's blood alcohol level was nearly four times over the legal limit. the young woman's family though accusing lawyers now of trying to tarnish her reputation. >> we're not going to allow any
3:34 pm
victim blaming to occur here. she was the victim of a horrific rape which led to her death. >> the ride share driver who accidently hit madison brooks will not be charged according to police. meantime the baton rouge bar where everyone had been partying that night has had its liquor license temporarily suspended as this investigation continues. bret? >> bret: casey, thank you. ♪ >> bret: in the trial of disgraced lawyer alex murdaugh jurors listened to audio of his interview with investigators three days after his wife and son paul were found dead murdaugh is recorded given alibi did not visit dog cebles with his wife the day of the killings. the video places all three family members at those kennels a little more than an hour before murdaugh reported the
3:35 pm
deaths. ♪ ♪ >> bret: we have new fox video from the southern border tonight. dramatic dash cam images from texas show the moment large grouch migrants run from the truck and into the bush while being chased by texas authorities. the driver later loses control and crashes the truck after reaching speeds of 110 miles per hour. tonight our focus in the immigration crisis is a long way away from the southern border. dozens of migrants in midtown manhattan are now refusing orders to move to brooklyn. correspondent david lee miller shows us tonight. >> dozens of migrants living on the streets of manhattan's west side refusing the city's demand to pack up. they're all single men told thi. some refused to leave their rooms and spent the day negoti city officials. >> the men were all provided new
3:36 pm
housing at a cruise line terminal in brooklyn that has been set up as a temporary shelters. lawyers for the migrants say this is a video recorded at the site. a number of the migrants say the terminal is cold. doesn't have enough bathrooms and is too far away from businesses where they could find work. this man, who said he was from the dominican republic broke down in tears explaining why he would rather live on the street. >> i feel bad because they are treating us really poorly by taking us to that place. that place is not for human beings. do you understand? >> the mayor's office issued a statement reading in part the facilities at the brooklyn cruise terminal will provide the same services as every other humanitarian relief center in the city. city officials say 42,000 migrants, most bussed from texas, arrived in the cities in spring and overwhelmed the budget and resources. others city including washington, d.c. and philadelphia are struggling to quid pro quo migrant influxes, in chicago the mayor is asking for $54 million to fund emergency services for migrants.
3:37 pm
for now, authorities say some are being housed in a public school. some residents oppose the plan. >> henning people different countries instead of helping people in this country. >> back here live, manhattan's west side at the migrant encampment where the standoff continues, the migrants say they will not leave and the city says they cannot reenter the hotel. one migrant from told us they will remain on the streets until they are provided permanent acceptable housing. bret? >> bret: david lee miller live in new york city. thanks. up next, fresh criticism of the u.s. government over what happened at that chinese laboratory before the coronavirus pandemic. you can check out our podcasts under the bret baier podcasts all star panel and common ground. just go to fox news or wherever you download podcasts. check it out.
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>> bret: there is new criticism on the federal government's oversight or lack of it for the chinese lab where the coronavirus is believed to have originated. as the that investigation continues. senior national correspondent rich edson has the story.
3:43 pm
>> millions in u.s. government grant money, some of it ultimately ended up in china's wuhan institute of virology that the national institutes of health, quote: did not adequately monitor. >> it is reckless that we continue to fund this organization that refuses to release information to the public as required by law. >> that's according to a new health and human services inspector general report. $800 million in grabs between 2014 and 2021 that the nih award ecohealth alliance a new york based nonprofit. ecohealth sent nearly $2 million of its grant money to several other groups including the wuhan institute of virology for research into bat coronavirus. the inspector general found, quote: the reof a type that should have been reported immediately to nih and was not. the report also says the wuhan institute of virology has refused to share data with the u.s. government. senator ernst is calling for immediate and permanent end to
3:44 pm
taxpayer funding of ecohealth alliance. ecohealth says it has since addressed many of the concerns in this report. house republicans say they will schedule hearings. >> i would like to hear from any employee that played a role in the decision making of getting a grant to ecohealth lines for gain of function research. >> james comer says he wants dr. anthony fauci to testify. fauci has said he would comply with congressional oversight requests. all this as there is intense debate over the type of research the government funds. whether it's helping scientists prepare for another pandemic or some of this research is just too dangerous and risks creating a deadly virus that could accidently escape into the population. bret? >> bret: rich, thanks. the federal government may have given almost $5.5 billion in coronavirus aid to small businesses with potentially ineligible social security numbers. that's according to "the washington post." the news comes from a top watchdog group overseeing
3:45 pm
stimulus spending. it comes as house republicans prepare to hold their first hearing to study the $5 trillion in such spending approved since the spring of 2020. up next, the panel on my interview with former secretary of state mike pompeo and trouble in the middle east. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around this country are covering tonight. fox 43 in norfolk, virginia as students return to rich neck, elementary school the facility had been closed since january 6th following the shooting of a first grade teacher by a 6-year-old student. the child's parents say he is receiving treatment. the teacher is suing the newport news public schools. the school boards who voted to fire the district's superintendent over the incident and the school's vice principal has resigned. fox 32 in chicago with the death of a black hawks hockey legend bobby hall. all time leading scorer in team history. inducted into the hall of fame in 1983. he died this morning at the age of 84.
3:46 pm
this is a live look at denver. one of the big stories there tonight from fox 31. our affiliate. the city hits a record cold temperature 10 degrees below zero this morning. the national weather service says that ties the mark for january 30th set in 1985. the coldest temperature ever recorded in history 29 below on january 9th of 1875. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the buick envision. built around you. all of you. get 3.9% apr for 5 years and no monthly payments for 90 days on buick envision models.
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>> we know they are the world's largest state sponsor for terror. we know the regime rye easy the butcher of tehran we know they want to wipe israel off the face of the earth. they are happy to come after america next. they are striking to strike americans here at home. three folks indicted arrested here in the united states for trying to kill an american civilian. these are bad actors, bret. >> bret: former secretary of state mike pompeo talking about iran there. this as the "wall street journal" and other publications reporting that israel used drones to attack a missile nuclear facility inside iran. want to start there with trouble in the middle east. bring in our panel. katie pavlich news editor at town marc thiessen and mara liasson national political correspondent of "national public radio." mark, there is all this tension, obviously on what happens with
3:52 pm
russia and ukraine. but, this iran situation and whatever happened with this attack, obviously is tense as well. >> yeah. we don't know all the details of it, but, you know, israel has been under a lot of criticism for not cooking more to help ukraine. a lot of israeli citizens came from ukraine to escape anti-semitism. now got a jewish president in ukraine fighting the russians and israel has not been helping. if they, in fact, did launch a drone strike against a facility in iran that is helping russia producing weapons for russia, that's a big help. and it probably has something to do with the fact that iran has been fomenting these attacks against israelis and they wanted to retaliate. so probably had both the domestic and ukraine angle to it. >> bret: mara, we haven't heard a lot about iran from the administration. at one point they were trying to reinstitute and get going with this iran nuclear deal which teamed to fall apart. they have given up on that,
3:53 pm
right? >> i think the iran nuclear deal is a thing of the past big argue. with or without this deal. a lot thought they weren't abiding by it in the first place. they certainly aren't abiding by it now since it has been suspended. that's a thing the past and mark raises a pretty important point because iran has been helping russia with various kinds of material including drones. and we will see if this attack, this incident set them back. >> bret: meanwhile, katie, all of this material arms are going into ukraine. not only from the u.s. but from europe, the guns are never on. everything is going in there no question how long this is going to last and how much the resolve is up on capitol hill to continue that funding. >> well, that's been an open-ended timeline for president joe biden. the speech he gave last week he said again that as long as
3:54 pm
president volodymyr zelenskyy needs the united states to back him in this war against russia that the united states will stand by and continue to give them the weaponry that they may need now hearing may send f-16s to fight this war. british intelligence saying that they are not sure who is winning at this point. the frontline hasn't moved much over the past six months. and on capitol hill, republicans do have big questions about blank checks and auditing of checks going. what the mission is for the united states. most importantly how this could escalate into a bigger issue, again, considering that russia is a nuclear armed country. >> bret: mark, the president did say today f-16s were not going. in however we should note he said the hi mars were not goingg in and tanks were not going it in that could change?
3:55 pm
collect the headlines what he said is not going in later goes in. he does the right thing but does it late. that's the problem saved ukraine but done in t. in a way that's dragged out this conflict instead of sending in all the weapons they need to move those battle lines to have success. the fact that there is lack of resolve or weakening resolve on capitol hill, there are no americans being killed in ukraine. there why are doing what ronald reagan did in the 1980s. nicaragua contras. fights enemy for us and all they are asking for is weapons and training and intelligence and diplomatic support to help them do it. we should do that as long as they need our help and they're willing to fight our enemies for us. >> bret: mara, on the budget, the president said in the rope line asked by reporters what he was going to say to the house speaker he said show me your budget i will show you mine. here was the house speaker over
3:56 pm
the weekend on the sunday shows. >> are you willing to consider any reductions to social security and medicare. >> no, let's take those off the table. >> completely. >> yeah. if you read our commitment to america. all we talk about is strengthening medicare and social security. so, i know the president says he doesn't want to look at it. we have got to make sure we strengthen those. >> what do you mean strengthen? >> you mean lift the retirement age. >> no. no what i'm talking about social security and medicare keep that to the side. >> bret: mara, what do you think. >> always it fraught subject strengthen can mean reform so they last longer with some kind of what some people would call cuts or strengthen can mean as he seems to suggest like let's not talk about them at all. look, social security, medicare, medicaid are the biggest parts of the budget plus the defense department. if you put those -- if you make those untouchable, what are the spending cuts that republicans want? i mean, that's just a really good question and we still haven't seen what they want. and they are risking the full
3:57 pm
faith and credit of the united states in the process. so we are waiting it find out. >> bret: yeah, it seems like they're getting closer to negotiation though, katie. >> yes. >> bret: it's not going to be no talking. >> yeah. i mean, kevin mccarthy confirmed that he is going to meet with the president on wednesday. that he said about a week ago in a tweet that he is willing to raise the debt ceiling with republicans so long as there is something in return for spending cuts. and the bottom line is someone is going to have to touch the third rail. social security and medicare and medicaid are programs that do need to be reformed if we're going to have them in the future. and the idea that washington, d.c. refuses to touch them and to reform them is a reason why we do have $31 trillion in debt and refuses to talk about mane trying to make sure that those programs are solvent for the future is something that i think republicans and democrats should try and talk about in a way that helps them politically.
3:58 pm
>> bret: yeah. meantime, last thing, marc, police reform back in the talking at least on capitol hill in the wake of what happened in memphis. take a listen to senator dick durbin and jim jordan. >> we need a national conversation about policing in a responsible, constitutional, and humane way. these men and women with badges put them on each day and risk their lives for us. i know that. but we also see from these videos horrible conduct by these same officers? what strikes me is just the lack of respect for human life. so i don't know that any law, any training, any reform is going to change, you know, they -- this man was handcuffed. they continued to beat him. >> bret: what do you think? also, we should point out, i mean, there was a bipartisan piece of legislation that was blocked, actually. >> yeah. >> bret: by senator tim scott. >> yeah. >> george floyd -- >> please reform two years ago when tim scott introduced the justice act and the democrats filibustered it.
3:59 pm
he offered to reach -- he included democratic proposals like mdaa making lynch crime a crime and chokeholds and offered amendment. they filibustered it because they didn't want to have donald trump sign bipartisan police reform into law. they cared more about having the issue than solving the problem. that's why we don't have police reform today. >> republicans have blocked the george floyd justice act there have been lots of efforts. both sides have blocked them for different reasons. >> this is a tough problem. this is about reforming a whole culture of policing. >> bret: all right. thank you, panel. >> thanks, bret. >> thank you. >> bret: finally tonight a special report salute. rescuing a driver from a car in nevada. a white sudan catching fire after the driver crashed into a palm tree. two able to safety flames
4:00 pm
intensified spread in that vehicle. both the driver and officer taken to the hospital. but they are okay. great stuff. tomorrow on "special report," an exclusive interview with the former british prime minister boris johnson, if you have a question. drop me a tweet. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" who is flying high after his eagle's won starts right now. congrats. >> jesse: thank you very much. maybe the red skin also have a good year next year. [laughter] >> jesse: before we get started you might notice my voice is shot i was at the eagles game yet. don't worry i'm not sick. sick of winning. staying at a hotel is great. somebody makes the bed for you. fresh towels every day and room service. ♪ ♪