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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 31, 2023 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> steve: joe biden in new york city $4 billion for the dance you gateway tunnel. >> down the road migrants upscale hotel. >> new shelter in brooklyn. total chaos. there is no accountable. >> tyre nichols will be laid to rest tomorrow as the shocking footage continues. >> two more officers involved were relieved of duty. >> they have to look at their training standard and hiring practices. >> brand new week in the murdaugh murder trial. defense attorneys got one witness to admit there could have been a second shooter.
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>> two shooters? >> jury acquitting pro-life activist mark houck facing 11 years in prison abortion colinnening. >> throws all sorts of insults, vulgarity. overstepped his bounds. >> distorted. >> surgeon general out with a warning about the parents about the dangers of social media saying 13-year-olds are just too young to be on the platform. >> the more time kids spend looking at screens the worst their social performance is. ♪ will. >> all right. you are looking at fairfax virginia live. we have asked all the people to get off the road for this shot. just a few more seconds. if you listen closely put your head near the tv you can see and actually hear the mayes scholarships being suppressed. >> ainsley: exactly. >> brian: that's the problem. >> this is the reason to move to fairfax, virginia. no traffic. >> ainsley: they might have woke
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schools but they have a pretty town. >> brian: right they do have a pretty town. >> steve: that picture is very deceptive. fairfax, virginia has some of the worst traffic in north america. >> brian: not at 7:01. >> steve: not in that square in downtown. by the courtroom. thank you very much for joining us. as you can see it is a sunshiny beautiful day here. >> is this a picture of new york? >> yeah. absolutely. we are in the building let's see on the other side of that building right there. >> this is times square, right? >> that's the w. we blotted out the w. so you couldn't tell. anyway, i'm not supposed to say that thank you very much for joining us, hour two of "fox & friends" from studio m. meanwhile, the border crisis comes to the big apple where dozen of migrants are refusing to relocate two shelters from a high end manhattan hotel. city wants them out. >> brian: i have a good idea. go back to your own country and we wouldn't have this problem. migrants choosing to camp out on new york city street instead of
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shelters offering free food, warmth, and ferry rides. >> ainsley: todd piro is live outside of the watson hotel with the latest. hey, todd. >> hey, steve, ainsley and brian, good morning to you. all three of you. and by my count, there are between 25 and 40 migrants here all adult males, got to point that the o. i haven't seen one child or one woman in this group. but, take a look. they're on the cold hard sidewalk wrapped up in sleeping bags, blankets, whatever they can find their luggage from their journey right near them. and i mentioned the word cold. it's not only cold out here. it's damp. we have had a little rain here, a little mid winter chilly rain i should add. this is a scene that's been repeated for the past couple days here i should say. dozens of migrants lining the street outside this high end manhattan hotel refusing to relocate to the shelters. many of them claiming they would rather sleep on the street than
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go to the brooklyn cruise terminal which they're comparing to prison. advocates are asking migrants not to board the buses while city officials are left pleading with asylum seekers promising they will have everything they need there. new york city mayor eric adams taking a trip out to the terminal, checking out the conditions while showing himself playing ping-pong with a migrant in the facility. he says activists are steering migrants away from a warm facility with food and water. listen. >> it doesn't matter if it's ellis island or the brooklyn cruise terminal or any of our ports, it is all rooted in the american dream. i just come here when i started hearing all the rumors about it was too cold. my brother got on shorts. it's warm inside. about the food not being there. you know, healthy food is present. even the snacks are healthy. we just need to stop the anxiety. >> guys, take look at some of
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these pictures from inside the facility. tons of volunteers working to make migrants comfortable. nutritious meals served three times a day, nice bathrooms. hot showers. even offering free transportation to migrants with mta buses and stifferies. and on my show, "fox & friends first," about an hour and a half ago, i interviewed congressman carlos gimenez. he was detailing his family's plight to america. he said boy, they did not have the amounts that these makes no sense. does make you wonder how much the activists that mayor adams mentioned were really pushing it. >> steve: right behind you two police officers just walked into the scene behind you, two officers they are just there to keep the peace no moving anybody
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along. >> todd: no moving along. those guys out here backs turned to us for a while now. they are making sure that media is here, a lot of i have gathered on the sidewalk where typically they aren't not typically that much activity outside the watson 7:05 on a tuesday morning. they just want to be here to make sure nothing goes awry. >> ainsley: todd, i read they are going to allow them to stay there through this morning. what happens when the sun comes up and are they going to move them out? are they going to make them go to the shelter therein lies the question. how much force can they utilize to move these guys out? you know those activists that i mentioned. eric adams mentioned are going to be here making sure that it doesn't go as smoothly if they want to do that so, obviously, this could come to a head later on today and be with you the entire step of the way on the fox news channel to make sure you get to watch it. >> brian: thanks, todd. meanwhile, take a cover of "the new york post." should say ingrate instead it
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says insane. about 43,000 have come to new york city since last spring. many of which bussed from texas. free bus ride. then they get free accommodations and free food and clothes and passes. beautiful water view and ferry passes. everything that you need information how to get a job and where to go and where to apply. instead we don't want to leave the watson hotel. we don't want to go to the brooklyn terminal we have heard it's not nice. 90 toilets, countless showers. four times that in terms of sinks. and what you do you get the word free. so you have come to our country, we are writing the check. now, it was three weeks ago where that mayor said we are overextended. everyone has got to cut 5% of their budget, including police officers. guess where the money is going? to these 43,000, many of which ingrates who come here and say free is not good enough for me. >> ainsley: you are right. isn't the whole point for them to get jobs so they can make money and pay into the taxes
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here in america? so openfully they just stay in these shelters for a week or two and go out and get jobs and make their own money then they are able to pay their own rent. >> steve: todd mentioned the activists are who are over at the hotel who are essentially and mayor mentioned this as well who are essentially stirring up the migrants. the "new york post" has got an op-ed today and it talks about how these particular activists seem to be pushing and trying to get better affordable housing for people who live here year around and what they are doing is they are essentially using the migrants. the post writes the standoff is not about justice or migrants. it's about using an opportunity to advance left-wing power politics. and if new york's most compassionate have to use the migrants as their mega phone, they are okay with that. ainsley, you talked to a guy who worked over at the roe hotel. it used to be known as the lullaby of broadway the milton
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plaza, and they have got so many migrants there. >> ainsley: one of several hotels, they have taken over in a big way. watch. >> there's no accountable. the city so-called running the program, allowing these people to destroy these rooms. there is no daily supervision. there is too much alcohol, too much drugs. and too much violence. and you have teenagers, you know, going into the staircases and making out and, l like it's lover's lane. free fall for all. self-entitlement is beyond belief. they believe that, you know, the hotel is theirs. and they are going to do what they want. and our general manager really don't care about any of the workers toxic conditions or hostile conditions. he cares about is the money. >> ainsley: he says the city is paying for these hotel rooms.
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so your tax dollars are paying for this. they said they are making more money off of these migrants staying at their hotels than they are tours that come into the city. he said they leave the rooms with trash all over it. beer bottles. >> brian: we saw some of the pictures. >> ainsley: we did. that's from the roe hotel. are you worried about losing your job? why are you speaking out on fox? he said someone has to stand up for of my union workers who work with me set. a mitt runner. if you need a toothbrush or more towels. he runs from third floor up to the 28th floor. brian they come here for free, they stay here for free and they wreck the place and show no graves in these rooms. whoever wants to stay in the watson hotel again when these men are done and gone? meanwhile, let's talk about the other major issue in this country? that is with classified documents. we know there is at least 30 classified documents found in various places through joe biden's residences. and he is basically sitting in
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back and says don't tell me what they found. i will have my other people handle it. he has been ducking every interview since. when asked yesterday, will he give testimony, what should he be asked by the special prosecutor assigned to investigate him and, remember, these documents date back as much as 16 years. listen to what he said. >> if the special counsel would ask for your testimony, would you give testimony? >> oh, i don't know know about the special counsel. >> steve: he touched the third rail there obviously he has been told don't talk about that. >> brian: sounds like he is sick of the special counsel. i heard behind the scenes is he very upset that the doj did this. >> steve: he has got to be steamed that it's gotten to this stage. also brian. >> ainsley: what do you expect? >> brian: blame himself. look in the mirror. >> steve: yesterday, the department of justice told the house judiciary committee they will not give them access to information on these documents for biden or pence or donald
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trump as well because there are special rules governing special counsel investigations that prevents the department of justice from releasing and in particular, they do not want to disclose nonpublic information about what is going on. >> ainsley: house judiciary committee. >> steve: they are not. >> they would be. house judiciary is asking them to give them the information. we want all the communications. weave want all of the documents associated with these classified -- the classified information. they are saying we can't. it would be too risky to release the information that's central to this case. it's not the public's information. they are saying we are not the public. we are the house judiciary committee. senator marco rubio touched on this and he said this is their job. their job is to make sure we're all safe. make sure national security issues are in place. there is no espionage and that kind of thing. listen. >> we are the committee in charge with making sure that our intelligence agencies are doing a good job. part of their job is to protect classified information from
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espionage and from putting our country in danger. do we know that there are letters and documents and material. the media seems to know more about it than congress does that are out there thaty not stored properly thaty in the garage, whatever. we want to know what those materials are the justice department possesses them but the intelligence community knows what they're and they are refusing to tell us which materials they're. it's not that we are not clear. probably seen some of these documents and materials they won't tell us which ones they are. how can we know, if there is a risk here, how can we know if any damage has been done and whether the plan to mitigate that damage is sufficient if we don't know what we are talking about. their refusal to tell us what was exposed is not sustainable. it's not acceptable, and i think you're going to begin to see us take action. i hope and i expect on a bipartisan basis. >> senator warner over the weekend this is unacceptable. remember the mueller report while this was happening. do you think for a second they weren't doing simultaneously
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warner leaking to the press what was going on before that report was handed ow. that never stopped the special prosecutor super from doing his job and won't stop either one of these and if one gets signed to mike pence. so no one is buying. this right now they are getting away with it. >> steve: the doj has got protocols and they are saying we are going to stand by it. what really hacked off. >> brian: different protocols in the previous administration. >> steve: same ones apply. >> brian: that's why they kept briefing on the mullen report. while the mullen report was happening they kept getting briefed on the intelligence committee. >> steve: just telling you have what the department of justice department said. here is what hacked them off last week when the dni went up to capitol hill and didn't tell them anything. we are good at keeping secrets. ' and didn't tell them anything. >> brian: that's why warner and rubio out r. out saying this is unacceptable, something has got to king. the administration has to come across. beam have to hold them accountable. >> ainsley: hand it over to ashley strohmier for headlines. >> the funeral for tyre nichols
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is s set for tomorrow. preston relieved of duty when investigation into nichols' death two weeks ago. neither of those officers charged with a crime. the memphis fire department firing two emts and ambulance driver responding to the scene for failing to provide knicks columns with adequate medical care. beth, bath and beyond closing more stores after defaulting on massive debt. these closures include all 50 of harman beauty along with five byebibi baby. likely to end in leg question accommodation if it doesn't find a buyer as the company is nearly bankrupt. less than 1,000 bed, baath and beyond storms were still open across the u.s. prior to the covid pandemic more than 15 lurks in operation. more than 40 republicans signing a letter demanding that president biden take action after turkish officials offer a
4:16 am
$500,000 bounty for the cap turf of former nba star enes kanter freedom. he joined us earlier on "fox & friends first" it is unacceptable because i am a u.s. citizen and getting death threats and i had a bounty on my head in u.s. soil and i want my president to actually go out there and do something. all i'm asking from president biden is to violations and actually put sanctions on individuals. >> kanter freedom saying his home country of turkey has become a dangerous place for journalists and free speech. missouri congressman mark alford took a minute to celebrate kansas city chiefs cincinnati bengals on the house floor. >> i rise to honor my kansas city chiefs for their afc championship and their berth in super bowl 57. the chiefs made short work of the bunk geles, i mean bengals and send them off in the off season. i hope the rest of the
4:17 am
cincinnati fan base learned a valuable lesson last night. >> the empire state building celebrating the win with red and yellow lights. the building's exiter account hurt by own decision to light up in new york giants rival philadelphia eagles green and white. chiefs face off against the eagles february 12th. our very own brian kilmeade will be heading to glendale, arizona for the big game where he will be live there another shout-out for you today about this brian. >> brian: yeah, under reported to this point. >> ainsley: haven't heard. ashley, let's announce it brian kilmeade will be at the super bowl. >> brian: going to buy my eye black once i land. i'm not going to travel with it. >> steve: apply it here around see if anybody notices. >> ainsley: do you take your hair and makeup team wherever did you go. >> brian: after guy home on the key after i get the train sit there with the engineer makeup artist. >> steve: do you have a key like joe biden? >> brian: yes, i do.
4:18 am
a skeleton key. >> new theory in the murder of his wife and son. >> is it a possibility that there are two shooters. >> yes. >> brian: wow, a criminal defense attorney will break down the defense's argument next. >> ainsley: plus, the recommended age for apps like instagram or tiktok is 13 years old. but the nation's top doc says that's still way too young. a panel of moms going to weigh in on this coming up. ♪ ♪ people remember ads with a catchy song. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a little number you'll never forget. ♪customize and save♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty liberty♪ ♪liberty♪
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this morning after crime scene photos were introduced to the jury yesterday as the defense is pushing back on claims there was human blood on murdaugh's shirt and even speculated how many shooters were involved. listen to this. >> animal blood? >> it's possible. >> could be detergent? detergent oftentimes? >> not -- bleach, maybe? >> is it a possibility that there are two shooters in one explanation movement, correct? one explanation would be -- would be two shooters? >> steve: joining us with reaction is south carolina based attorney susan williams. susan, that was news. suddenly the suggestion is and we know that a defense attorney is just going to throw out a thousand theories and yesterday there was one of them. maybe there were two shooters. >> right. exactly. the defense job in this case is
4:24 am
to cast reasonable doubt. we know it only takes one juror to hang this jury, one or more. and last second to change the outcome. so, it's too early to speculate now but certainly the defense's job is to cast reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors. >> right. and we have been following this for a good while. what was the most interesting thing you heard yesterday in the courtroom? >> probably one of the most interesting things that i heard was when we were able to see the -- when we were able to hear the police interview with alex murdaugh. and we were able to -- because this is the second time that we have been able to hear in alec murdaugh. >> exactly.
4:25 am
we can all put ourselves in that chair. what did you make of how he presented himself? >> well, i don't know alex murdaugh personally. i dto compare it to. i believe that he -- what we saw yesterday was, i believe, three days after the double murders and people process things different ways. it's not a linear situation that he is going through. so, at times he was very emotional which is understandable and at times he was not. >> steve: sure. i understand from somebody following this case they said in the 911 call that he made he talked about how he had touched the bodies. so you would presume there would be blood somewhere but then later when he was talking to the cops they couldn't find blood. so, that's just another one of those discrepancies between what was said that day and what is being said now.
4:26 am
>> that's right. this -- the way that this evidence is unfolding, i'm sure you have heard it's like a puzzle. right now we may have the outer edges of the puzzle. and the state is giving their case, putting their case out there. we have very early in this case. we have not heard all that there is to hear. so, it's really early on to know exactly how this is going. >> steve: sure. yesterday, the defense did introduce just a reasonable doubt, could there have been two, and i'm sure the jurors thought about that when they went home last night. >> susan, thank you very much for joining us today from south carolina. >> thank you for having me. >> steve: you bet. 7:26 here now in the east. nearly three quarters of americans say the country is on the wrong track but president biden sees things differently. >> i have never been more optimistic about america's future. >> steve: well, at least
4:27 am
somebody is. former g.o.p. congressional candidate kim klacik on the out-of-touch comments from potus coming up next. psoriasis really messes with you. ♪ tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. (tony hawk) skating for over 45 years has taken a toll on my body. i take qunol turmeric because it helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. why qunol? it has superior absorption compared to regular turmeric. qunol. the brand i trust. in one second, sara yes! will get a job offer somewhere sunnier.
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♪ >> we have two of the strongest
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years of economic growth and job growth in american history. i can honestly say as i stand here today i have never been more optimistic about america's future. >> brian: wow, president biden hailing his economic record as he promotes the $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed about a year ago but now it's going to have impact on baltimore he claims. next guest disagrees. may remember her from viral campaign ad highlighting what life is really like with democrats in charge. >> crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty and crime. baltimore has been run by the democrat party for 53 years. what is the result of their decades of leadership? >> brian: well, we bore to see some change. kim klacik ran for congress in baltimore. did well, did not win. so, since you didn't get the congress spot, when the president shows up in baltimore, what was your take away? >> well, you know what, brian, first of all, good morning and thanks for having me. but, you know, president biden came to baltimore to take credit
4:32 am
for a project that we, the taxpayers are funding. and there were two takeaways. one he disrupted traffic for hours to tell us how he is going to save us traffic time years from now but the biggest take away is that it took us 150 years to get a $6 billion upgrade to our infrastructure while we have been sending $40 billion plus to ukraine to secure their infrastructure. so i'm not very impressed. you know, in the month of january we have had 26 homicides and two mass shootings involving children. one of those mass shootings happened at 12:00 noon across the street from a high school where five teenagers were shot and unfortunately one didn't make it. needless to say we do not need more train tracks. for two years president biden has been in office and in those two years our police commissioner has been reaching out though this administration asking for federal resources whether it's more money or federal officers because thanks to the defund the police movement we are currently down 400 officers on patrol to get violence under control.
4:33 am
and president biden has not responded yet. >> brian: seems like baltimore is the utter definition of decline and overreaction to the freddie gray incident where they decided the problem is the cops so the cops backed out. there's no more proactive policing. so now this is what memphis could be looking at if they don't react correctly to what this horrific incident that happened on january 7th. you know, many people and first off, do you agree with that? >> yeah, i do agree with that. you know, we just had a mass shooting that involved two children two days ago on saturday. three days ago, excuse me, and an infant and a child is currently in the hospital. president biden like i said he was there yesterday. and he didn't even acknowledge it. so it is a slap in the face to residents that have been screaming out for more public safety measures. i can tell you what, brian, absolutely no one has said that they want a faster train. people want safer streets. >> brian: gallup does a poll and ask people what's their greatest concern their biggest problem? 21 percent said poor leadership
4:34 am
in government. 15 percent said inflation. 11 percent said immigration. 10 percent said the economy. the other thing is at the very last is family decline as well as poverty. but the other thing to keep in mind is over 70% of the country say we are on the wrong track. the president can say what he wants. people feel a different way, kim. >> no. absolutely. the only people that believe that we're not going in the wrong direction are people that are getting money and paid for going in the wrong direction. that is president biden and his family for sure. >> brian: you going to give another run some day next cycle? >> i think we will. i think we will. i hope everyone stays tuned because we are ready to fight. >> brian: announce it right here. kim klacik, thanks so much. >> thank you. britain bribe let's go over to ashley who has the other news she was working on while i was talking. >> ashley: hi, brian. a california judge is reportedly agreeing to hold a bay area doctor in jail without bail. that was after he was accused of
4:35 am
driving his tesla off a cliff with his wife and two kids inside. investigators say when he was driving on part of the road known as devil's slide, the doctor abruptly turned off the roadway and drove over a 30 story cliff side. his wife and two young kids were injured in the crash but have since been released from the hospital. he is charged with three counts of attempted murder. seven migrants bailing out of a human smuggler's car in uvalde. the suspect takes off crashing as even more migrants make a break for it. appears troopers chase them down they realized one of them is armed. >> let me see your hands. [speaking spanish] >> she's got a pistol? she's got a pistol. >> texas governor greg abbott announced the first ever border czar banks to address the border crisis. next hour, we will be joined by
4:36 am
the new hampshire governor who is warning of mass migration at the northern border. a 19-year-old woman from iowa is accused of faking cancer to solicit thousands of dollars of donations on social media. this is madison rousseau allegedly received $37,000 from more than 400 different people after falsing claiming she had cancer in blood, pancreas and spine. she shared her fake story as a guest speaker at a local university and featured in a local newspaper article. she was found out after doctors pointed out tubes were in the wrong place for the treatment she was claiming to get. laverne and shirley actress cindy williams has died after a brief illness. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. ♪ we're going to do it. >> williams played shirley alongside penny marshall in the
4:37 am
happy days spin off that lasted for more than a decade. williams was 75 years old. those are just some of your headlines, brian, back to you. >> brian: too bad. it was a great show. and now they have both passed away unbelievable. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. hey, january be miss. >> good morning in new york city. we are getting a mix of rain and sleet. but we do have the potential for an incredible ice storm that is happening right now across the south. those are current wind chills. so not only the ice storm but incredible cold across the northern plains. dipping into the central u.s. and we have wind chill alerts. in some cases wind chill feel like temperatures below 40 -- minus 40 degrees what it feels like. the pink on your map is not good. that is ice that could accumulate on the roads and power lines. power outages are going to be widespread in some of these areas. moving into arkansas and the tennessee river valley. there is the threat for disruptive ice and you see the next three days so this is going
4:38 am
to be ongoing for a period of time and that's why we are really concerned for crippling ice, especially for our friends in texas untowards arkansas. and then you have the power outages which could be quite widespread from texas through arkansas up towards missouri. so this is the biggest story that we're following because it's going to last a couple of days and people are urged to stay off the roads. they don't do very well with ice storms across the south brian kilmeade. to listen to your local official. >> brian: yep. put it in 4 wheel drive if you have that option. thank you so much. >> you got it. >> brian: first, what is the right age to let kids use social media. according to the nation's top doctor, it's older than you think and i know what you are thinking. we ask a panel of moms what they are thinking and they are going to answer out loud ♪ i know i lose control ♪ ♪ hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart
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♪ >> the guidelines from the platforms at age 1 is when kids are technically allowed to use social media. i personally believe on the data i have seen believe it's too early. time, early adolescents where kids are developing identity and sense of self-and skewed environment of social media often does a disservice to many of those children. >> ainsley: the surgeon general warning all of us parents about the dangers of social media 1-year-olds too young to be on platforms. bring in our panel of moms. nicole mealy, mother of two. and parents defending education founder and president. amanda ray, arizona mother of two, and care lena del colvo texas mother of two. good morning to all three of you. >> good morning. >> amanda, i will start with you. you are telling our producers you are not letting your children go on social media at all. they are right at the cusp. i know you have a 10-year-old and 12-year-old. how do you prevent this?
4:44 am
what do you do when your children get a little older, 13 or 14? >> you know, it's nonnegotiable in our house. i look at social media. it's a drug. it's a distal drug. and it's intoxicating for our children. and as parents, you know, i grew up and most of us grew up in the age of no social media. we had our awkward years. played out without the constant pressure from social media. and our children are vulnerable and they should be protected and shielded from the constant comparison and selfie culture. so, in our house, i think it will be based on the maturity of my child. but, i'm thinking probably not until they are at least 17. >> ainsley: nicole, your children, you have two. one is seven and one is nine. how do you -- when all of their friends are going on it. you don't want to be the parent that says you can't ever do this because some of my mom friends that are doing that their children are sneaking behind their backs, they find out. it's a big uproar.
4:45 am
what's the balance here? when do we allow it. >> sure. absolutely, parents are under a tremendous amount of pressure to be the person. you don't want your kid to be an outcast at the same time we worry about the kind of things that our children are exposed to. and, you know, you don't want to be the coddling helicopter parent but at the same time protecting them from the content that's out there. the algorithm on tiktok feeding them information about eating disorders, about transgender things. and so i think parents want to protect their children and that's our right and role as parents. >> ainsley: you have 8 and 10 elder i don't. i'm sure the children are grabbing your phone and like to go on there. what are the rules in your house? >> so, they are 8 and 10. so social media is not really what we do in the house yet. i think it's my responsibility as a parent to coach them and guide them through this platform because it is part of life as we know it today. so, anything that they do is with me under my supervision.
4:46 am
and they will have social media when i think that they can handle it. my 10-year-old probably won't have it for a while. my 8-year-old is more independent, more responsible. so, you know, it depends on the kid as well as what the parents allow in their home. >> ainsley: a mother knows best. amanda i had a friend to tell me you don't want to be the first to allow your child on social media but you don't want to be the last. what advise do you have? you say you will wait 17. what happens when they are 15 and all their friends are on it. >> i think we will have to take it day by day or year by year and see where we are at at that point. i also think the social media platforms need to make some changes and put in some controls that help parents better monitor their children's access and spend less time targeting our kids because, what's the saying when the service is free, you are the product? and our children are the product of these social media platforms and i don't want to sell my
4:47 am
children out. so, it is my responsibility as a parent to make sure that my children are not sneelded and they are ready to face the world. but that's something that we're going to do together. >> ainsley: care lena, the scary part is not every parent is going to be like you. some parents are lackadaisical, working, two or three jobs so they don't have the opportunity to see what their kids are putting up. but you might be the parent that does care or cares a little bit more. and then your kids, though, are still going it see this. what do we do about it? >> so i feel like if i cannot monitor it, if i cannot be the supervisor of what they are doing on social media, they probably won't have it until i feel that they can handle it. like 100 percent a very scary place. especially for naive minds, young and adults. but, 100 percent my responsibility to make sure that they can handle what's on there. and if they can't, then they are not going to be on there.
4:48 am
>> ainsley: nicole, do you know what is scary, if we have a question about parenting we usually can call our moms how did you handle it or lead by example. what did our parents do? how did they handle these situations? we don't have that here because we didn't grow up with social media. >> right. it is brave new world. what is frightening to me is the role that our schools are playing in pushing ideology and programs. school districts throughout the country are assigning tiktok as homework students have to download the platform and once they are on like my colleague said, it's an addictive drug. so people want to stay on that seeing trevor space. which is a chat platform through the trevor group -- the trevor project that encourages children between the ages of 13 up to 24 to speak without adult supervision. that is frightening and schools should not be pushing this either. >> ainsley: i talked to moms that have older children stay close with the moms in your daughter's friend group because then you can all come up with a collective decision on when to
4:49 am
make this available. thankfully we all have a few more years until we have to deal with this but a lot of parents that don't. thank you all so much. ladies. god bless your children. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> ainsley: you are welcome. come up, it's become a far too familiar sight, shoplifters strolling out of stores with backings of merchandise. how lowe's is taking action. implementing new tech to deter theft. that's next just to reach for pads. waiting for the sunset, just to wait for the stall. discover gemtesa. a once-a-day pill proven to reduce all 3 key symptoms of oab: leakage episodes, urgency and frequency in adults. do not take if you have a known allergic reaction to gemtesa or its ingredients. tell your doctor right away if you are unable to empty your bladder
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or if you have a weak urine stream. tell your doctor if you're taking medicines that contain digoxin or if you have liver or kidney problems. side effects may include headache, common cold symptoms, diarrhea, nausea, urinary tract and upper respiratory tract infection. ask your doctor about gemtesa. and see how urovant could help you save.
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♪ >> brian: we tailors are seeing that theft spiked more than 2-b 5% putting huge burden on businesses and one company has seen enough. >> ainsley: lowe's introducing a new system project unlock radio frequency technology only activate schools after you buy them and scanned at the register. >> steve: this is brilliant. to tell us more here is lowe's chief digital and information officer. good morning to you. >> ainsley: good morning. >> steve: it's good to have you. the idea is all the stuff in the store is inactive if it has a motor and stuff like that, until you pay for it. it's a great idea. how hard is that going to be to do? >> you know, just to recap the
4:54 am
idea putting the technology in on the shelf, the tools are not functional but when you pay for it, you know, they get unlocked and then they are ready to use. like, you said, we will need, of course, the registers to be, you know, with that technology to unlock the tools. but we will also need our manufacturers for these tools to put in that technology to begin with through their assembly lines and stuff. >> ainsley: how big of a problem is crime for you at all of your lowe's stores? >> you know, i think it's not just a lowe's problem. it's the industrial. it's all of the retail problem. and i think, ainsley, the two things that i really think about is one is that we are taking away experience from our customers when we lock down the product. because of this problem you will see various stores not just lowe's locking down the product and that means you are taking away experience from our customers when they should be
4:55 am
rightfully enjoying the product by touching and feeling it in our stores. and on the other hand, i think it also poses a problem for our associates and their safety. and these are the two problems we are trying to solve with this technology. >> brian: do you know what your policy is with security? is your security in the store and can they grab somebody and call the cops? >> you know, what we have being doing is we work very closely with our protection team who do by the way a phenomenal job protecting both our associates and customers. and what they do is they just make sure that the -- you know, the safety of our associates is really important. and so the directives to just make sure that we are the safety of our customers and associates and, you know, keep the experience and retain, you know, just enjoyable experience that everybody has at lowe's.
4:56 am
>> brian: what percentage of your products are going to have this code in them? >> yeah. those are the conversations we are having with our tool manufacturers and just seeing what is practical and what is the right thing to do. you know, these could be mostly the battery operated products. the ones that have battery in them. these are various tools, you know, lowe's sells a lot of equipment that you would use in lawn care for household chores and we are looking at all of these battery operated products. >> steve: it is great idea. see what happens. >> ainsley: it's sad that you have to get to this point. every company does. they have to spend a lot of money to put these locks on. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us, good luck. >> ainsley: thank you so much. >> steve: check out lowe's folks. >> brian: governor chris sununu, will you run for president? we'll discuss it ♪ take my horse ♪
4:57 am
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