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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 31, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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kindergarten teacher takes a ton of acid, she's not sober. p >> what is this about? wet to the bottom of this. have the best night with the ones you love, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ welcome to "hannity," tonight we begin with breaking news. sources confirmed that joe biden's personal office at the biden's center was searched by the fbi way back in november. now, the topic of the search, top secrets, classified documents and the most transparent administration in the history, they never mentioned the incident. christopher wray and merrick
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garland, they never bragged that they approved it either. not joe biden or jean claude-pierre. november 8th was the midterm election. they hid this discovery from you, the american people until it was leaked to the press. that was a whopping 60 days later. the interim, while all of this was going on, they appointed a special counsel to investigate donald trump. we have no idea why the classified documents were uncovered inside the first place and the so-proclaimed most transparent white house in history, won't tell us a thing. what are they hiding? one system for r the clintons and bidens and one for the trumps and everyone else. they have been discovered in five separate locations and in
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addition to the biden center, other materials were found at biden's office in delaware and even in his garage piled up to that beautiful corvette and some of the documents were from his time as vice president while other materials dated back to his days as a u.s. senator. yet, so far as we know biden's beach house, that's never been the subject of an fbi search, maybe it was but clearly they're not going to tell us and were these places, why were they not raided like mar-a-lago? interesting question. the university of delaware also had not been subjected to a raid either. since 2011, the university had been home to a massive amount of biden documents. the president effectively locked away his record by giving them to the university which had claimed for a decades that it is still working to organize and catalog the documents over a decade.
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neither the bidens or the university will allow anybody any access to that material. a public university many f out paid for have been actively protecting a political candidate now president for more than a decade. and now this -- well, this low ranked, third tier party school of joe biden may be home to a trove of top, secret classified materials. we are talking about 30 palettes of documents delivered in two trucks. that includes 1800 cartons of paper and 415 gigabytes of electronic records. a few months of radiating mar-a-lago, the fbi and the national archives, they no longer seemed interested in any way shape, manner or form in securing all of these classified documents. why is that? james
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comber just met with the archives, he'll join us. sarah carter is joining us. a lot to impact here and a lot involving hunter biden. >> oh, yeah, absolutely, you have to go back to november 2nd, the house judiciary question has, one of the big questions, regarding those discovery of those documents, how did his legal team stumbled on those documents. why has the fbi not been vocal even with the house judicial committee or the american people of the fact they searched that center mid-november. i want you to think about that. they had searched that mid-november. on november 2nd, they found the documents, they have not yet disclosed to the house committees, neither committees to oversight nor to the judiciary whether or not they had search the house in
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delaware. now, house judiciary asking for full information, they wanted that by january 27th. the house judiciary has not received that information. i have been talking to some sources today, those sources say they'll be subpoenaing personnel from that department of justice because merrick garland refused to answer the questions that they sent to him on january 13th. shawn. >> sarah carter, great work. >> one big concern surrounding joe biden's scandal involving his dear son, hunter. there is no doubt that the father/son duo worked together and hunter lived with pops where many of the classified documents were located. look at this, a big report from the new york post claiming that hunter may have actually tried to sell some of
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the materials, listen to this, quote, "documents dating back to 2011 on his notorious laptop from hell shows that hunter pro promising to sell el jens on russian oligarchs to the u.s. alumni. obviously, he's probably desperate for money and finding himself on uncompromising situations. now, for example, according to report in the daily mail, hunter engaged in dubious sexual relationships so the young assistant at his law firm. hunter would send her apple payments and reportedly demand she would perform sexual acts in return. at one point, hunter
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texted that he would only compensate her if she video chatted with him. and, another time he sent $500 payment and asked her to face time in the nude and there were multiple other sexual requests and lewd sex acts that were filmed by hunter. he opened up about his special alone time in the caban na. he was thinking about her. hunter's payments to this assistant ultimately triggered suspicious activity reports filed by jp morgan and other reports were filed because of hunter's payment individuals affiliated of human trafficking. according to joe biden, the top secret documents in his garage were safe and sound and locked in the house with hunter biden and his corvette. here is josh boswell with us. let's focus on hunter and this offer in writing
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for 55,000. they're talking about russian oligarchs, i got to believe that's not information that a crack addict that somebody compromises thuntr should have. >> this is an issue that has come again and again with hunter. he's selling this level of expertise and information that appears he does not have. he's not a top energy expert. he's not someone who should normally have access to the inner workings of these future link oligarchs and he's here pitching this u.s. company of this kind of detailed access and information. when you put that together with the fact that he was living in the house where classified documents were found that joe biden had when he was vice president, you have got to ask the question, did hunter have access to any of that classified or restricted information, was he trying to sell that to a u.s. or foreign
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company? >> you know it really is amazing. the question is he had access to the documents that is clear. he's offering to them that's clear. if the fbi had hunter's laptop, we know they had it since december 2019, yet if we go forward, fast forward to november of 2020, remember we have the fbi organizing weekly meetings with big tech companies warning them of possible disinformation campaigns and according to the twitter and integrity site leader, mr. roth, he testified in the state of missouri under oath and they even mention of this misinformation campaign may be about hunter biden. hence, when the hunter's laptop comes out which the fbi could have corroborated in the 11 months prior, they're out there pedpe pedpe pedpeddal
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pedpeddaling this nonsense. >> they should we using it for corruption or potential threats to the united states. the guy who became president, his son is working with the chinese and someone with someone hunter biden called the spy chief of china. instead, they're trying to say it was misinformation of disinformation. i think the fbi really needs to be held accountable here. hopefully, that's what the house committee would use their subpoena power to look at what did the fbi know and when did they know and what decisions were made and why social media sites told this was disinformation. they could have told them yes, this is real. >> josh boswell, we appreciate the report. here now with more on this investigation into the biden administration in the executive branch, chairman james
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comer was with us. your investigation was going to involve the biden's dealings. although this new information ababout aluminum and hunter's offer. does that sound like the type of information he ought to be selling aluminum about russian oligarchs. >> our hopes about the documents in joe biden's possession was that some of his family members been involved in influence peddling with our adversaries were using those classified documents inappropriately. if they viewed the document ms, that's illegal. if they were trying to pedal those documents for money, that's criminal. it also jeopardizes our national security. we need to get answers
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to this right now. that's why we brought in the national archives today for our first transcribed interview. >> can you tell us what happened. did they shed any light on any of this? >> right before the national archives came in, they had the letter of the department of justice informing them and us that the general counsel for the national archives was not allowed to say anything about the biden documents. we went ahead and had about three plus hours transcribed interview with the general counsel. we learned that there is a double standard here with how donald trump was treated verses joe biden. i will give you an example, shawn. if you go onto the national archives website. there are pag pagpages of press releases information about fbi raid into mar-a-lago of donald trump. there is nothing on the website about joe biden. there was not any press release or anything on
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the website about joe biden. so we ask the general counsel, why were there no pressure on joe biden once it was determined he had classified documents in his possession. the counsel said he did do press releases but he was ordered until they could not be published. so -- we did ask who gave the orders and he said, i can't tell you that. there is only two people that could have given him the order. that was merrick garland or the white house with joe biden. it shows right there that this department of justice and this white house is interfering with this and treating donald trump very differently than they are treating joe biden. >> i want to hone in on that. the last 48 hours, the last two days now, we have had jim jordan's committee denied
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documents by the justice. then we have this whole issue of a double standard. we have five different locations where documents were found with the bidens. clearly, hunter biden, a crack addict at the time had access to some of these documents. nobody had to answer for that at this point. they never gone whether or not, why had there been a prosecution in over three years as a result for the hunter biden's laptop. why are they ignoring the university of delaware of this trove of documents biden had there. why didn't they raid the home of his beach house in delaware. why is it that they didn't tell us before the november 8th midterm that in fact joe biden had top classified documents. why didn't they tell us the fbi went to the pen/biden center. they treat this entirely differently than the way they treated donald
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trump? >> they have. why can the white house tell us more about their documents? are they allowed to talk about their documents? the general counsel for the national archives said he didn't have any problem with the white house being transparent about what's going on with their investigation. so, it is nothing the national archives, it is the department of justice. it is merrick garland's department of justice. remembering shawn, we would not know about the fact that joe biden had classified documents in his possession were it not for a leak to cbs news. so, someone leaked this out. we would never have heard it from this white house. they would have covered it up forever like all the other cover-ups they are doing with other major investigations into the biden's family. >> here is the interesting thing. they knew on november 2nd that joe biden had top secret classified documents, they didn't tell us before the
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midterms. in the interim they appointed a special counsel to donald trump. they gave joe biden the courtesy allowing the fbi to come in but they don't tell us any of that. we don't find out about that until 68 days. how should the american people interpret a treatment of a former president verses a president in light of the fact that the fbi had access to mar-a-lago. they were in the room where the documents at mar-a-lago were found. they just decided not to take and asked for a padlock to be put at the door and raided the place with guns drawn. how did the american people juxtapose all of that and say we have equal justice. >> this white house is not being transparent. another fact that proves the white house is trying to obstruct our investigation
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and treating former president trump differently than they are being treated themselves is the fact that we requested the same type of information on joe biden that my predecessor, maloney, requested on donald trump. they never gave me any information and once again the reasoning was the general counsel said he published and printed out all the information and answered all our questions but he was not allowed to turn it over to us. once again the only people that could prohibits him from answering our request was the department of justice or the white house. >> last question, we know that joe biden lied when he never spoke to his son hunter or any family members about their farm business dealings. you would concur and we have photographs and times and meetings and etcetera, we have the
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testimonies, my question is did hunter biden and his laptop when he says he gave half his income to pops and when he complains about paying for pops' home repairs and he talks about 10% for the big guy. the big guy is joe biden. do you have any doubt and will you be able to prove joe biden's profited from his son's dealings. >> that's a big part of the investigation. that's why we need the bank records. we spoken to several whistle blowers that says hunter biden was paying for a lot of joe biden's daily living expenses. once we get those bank records, we'll be able to determine if it is a fact. >> james comer,thank you. biden's border crisis have now come to new york city. migrants have been living in the nice hotel in new york city but they are refusing to leave the hotel, some are camping out the
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streets. we'll check in with gianna caldwell, he's on the scene tonight. last call, i am being warned not to expect a good grade tonight. i have no idea what my staffs are up to but i will get to the bottom of it. straight ahead.
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new york city is filling the full effect of joe biden's border crisis. mayor eric adams announced the illegal immigrants in his city will be relocated to the brooklyn crew terminal. this decision prompted a massive backlash from illegal immigrants who set up tents outside the hotel to protest their move. joe
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biden is in new york city and touting all of his infrastructure spending. in case you are counting, we have $31 trillion in debt that you are passing to your kids and grand kids. not like many people in washington would care. joe refused to address illegal immigration that he caused over 5 million immigrants got into this country because of his policies that aided and abetted that activity. this begs the question, why is joe refusing to see what his open border crisis is doing to the country. our own gianna caldwell spoke outside with those at the camp. here is what they said. take a look. >> it would be nice if he can come down. >> reporter: he has no plans of coming down to talk to migrants. what do you think? >> we already know that he does
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not care. we don't care about any of the people down here. >> the fact that the president who ran on this kind of a platform -- promises of working and fixing and resolving some of these manners and the fact that he's here and ignoring it is a little telling. >> reporter: do you think president biden has failed on the immigration issues? >> absolutely. rp >> rp >> gianno caldwell is joinis live. >> reporter: it appears to be the case that some of these migmigrants are taken a stand. have no interests in moving to another facility and this is where we want to be. as i spoke to some of the residents, i got the sense from them that there is as care and consideration abouts the well-being of the
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migrants. some wondered why should they have to capitulate their bills. i get the sense shawn this is going to be an issue that mayor adams will have to deal for some time especially if president joe biden is refusing to come and see what the result of his border policies are. this is something that he's going to be able to kick under the rug, if you will. >> rp >>rp >> gianno, we appw it is time for the "hannity's hot seat. joining us now is jose, let me ask you a question.
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1.2 million coupled with 4 million that we know entered the country illegally. all of those illegal immigrants, every american is having to pay for whatever they stay. they're having to pay for all of their healthcare. they're having to pay for all of their food, all of their necessities, medical care, education, for their kids, and this country is $31 trillion in debt. explain to me why the american people should not be outraged and the people that didn't respect our laws, sovereignty of borders should not be sent home. >> so great question. i think we have to look at -- immigration is a federal issue. we want to see any changes in the immigration system. we need to pass some sort of immigration bill and immigration reform. i understand some of these folks should pay taxes and learn english and go back to the back of the line. eventually, -- >> jose, when you say the back of the line, you are not saying go home. the back of the line would mean
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going home and the people that get in the front of this line -- >> no, that's not what i meant. >> are the ones that did the entire process legally. that's really the back of the line. >> well, you can argue that. let me say very important, they would have to go through extensive background checks. >> you are not willing to kick them out. you are rewarding illegal activity by allowing them to stay here. we have laws. we have constitution and the law says that you can't enter illegally, you need to follow the law. >> shawn, shawn, with all due respect, it is unrealistic to deport 11 million or 12 million people. >> what's so unrealistic about it? >> it would cost more money and drive them back to where they come from. >> republicans care about saving a lot of money.
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>> education, house care and food and housing. joe? >> well, i have a couple questions for jose. in terms of immigration policy, you say that republicans and democrats should come across the isle to each other and pass, would you sup supsup supsupport rein stat in mexico. >> i think we can talk about that. let's remember that donald trump said that mexico was going to pay for the wall. they did not. >> that's not answering the question. >> so, i said we can talk about it. >> excuse me. you are forgetting one thing. that donald trump negotiated a new trade deal that was financially far more beneficial than nafta that he inherited. you are wrong in that sense, mexico paid a lot more in terms of free and fairer trade by getting a better deal in
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mexico and canada. >> let me go to joe. >> joe, when jose says or anybody else says people go to the back of the line. the back of the line means go back to the country you came from. that would mean apply legally. i am all for expediting the process, and that would mean the people that are following the process legally, they go to the front of the line. we should vet them. >> joe, do you agree - >> excuse me, this is for joe. they should not have radical association, they should have a health check during the pandemic and the means to pay for themselves when they get here. i think that's fair. >> that's very fair. i think jose can remember a former president declared this. here is the quote. "we can't allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the lines of people who have been waiting undiligently."
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unquote, that was barack obama. that was your former boss. >> i understand that. closing the border completely is not realistic. you know that, joe. closing the border completely is not realistic. let's put to rth a deal. by the way, let me just say this, it could be a peace approach. i am all for putting together border enhancement bill. let's send it to the president and instead of having kevin mccarthy -- >> border enhancement? >> did you say barack obama. >> a washington construction then? >> is that what you are saying, joe? >> i am talking about technology at the border. >> are you saying barack obama's policy was unrealistic? >> you are asking me? >> yes. i am asking you. >> that was joe's question. >> no, why would it be unrealistic. >> i am quoting barack obama.
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>> barack obama never said to close the border. that's not true. he didn't say find me a quote -- >> i just read you the quote. >> he didn't say close the border. that's not true. >> hold on, joe, we have to close the border, give me a sake of clarity. read barack obama's words again. >> sure. we can't allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the lines of people waiting diligently to become immigrants in this country. >> i agree with it. >> jose, you know what president deported more? let me finish, shawn. the president that deported more people at this country than any administration was the obama/biden administration. >> that's exactly right because he executed and let me say this, he did the right thing because he was executing on the current law. i am not saying, if we don't let the actual system,
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let's change the law. i am all for it. let's change the law. that's got to be done in congress. >> change the law. >> joe, would it be fair to send people home that didn't respect our laws? >> that's why we have a border, i believe. if they're not here seeking an asylum and as we are seeing all these folks in hotels in new york city and it is single men and they are pretty well- well-dressed. enforce the laws in the books, that's all people want and for people to come here legally, it is a simple argument, i think, right? maybe? >> i think so. >> barack obama agrees with you and me. think about that, amazing. >> jose, joe, thank you. straight ahead tonight, you are going to love this video tape. california liberals have been exposed, you are not going to believe what biden supporter, stephen curry, reportedly did and the tape of gavin newsom, it
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is going to be a hannity's classic. straight ahead.
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a many class families continue to say good-bye to california. the failures of their far-left governor of governor newsom is in full focus. we surfaced this video in 2008 while newsom was the san francisco's mayor showing him bragging and boasting of his tetenure plan to fix homelessn in san francisco. the homeless problem have gotten worse and spiralled full out of control. full credit to ruban for putting a lot of this together and posting it because it is well-known. >> take a look, we believe
6:39 pm
fundamentally, that food solves hunger and housing solves homelessness. if we are going to solve the problem of those that are out on the streets that we define as homeless, we better solve the housing problem if we are going to have an impact. that's why we establish this framework of what we call a ten-year plan and chronicle in san francisco. >> ten-year plan to end that? it is only gotten worse. with gavin newsom in charge whether governor or mayor, quality of life in san francisco and frankly across the state had only gotten worse. crimes are up and quality of life is way down. he should clean up california first and all those limousine liberals who claim to be so passionate and wanting an equal society, they don't seem to want to be anywhere near the problem is. take a look at this. a report says that the
6:40 pm
trump-hating biden supporting nba superstar, he's a great player, stephen curry, is moving to block low income housing, that was going to be built in his mansion in northern california. curry and his wife wrote, "we hesitate to add to the not in our backyard rhetoric, we wanted to send a note before today's meeting. safety and privacy of our kids to be our priority, one of the biggest reasons we chose to attend this home." liberals are only generous with their own money. here is reaction with kyra davis and leo 2.0 tyrell.
6:41 pm
you are on with the star, leo 2.0 with tyrell. do what i say with the thousand private jets but we can't eat meat ourselves. you know here you have stephen curry which i think he's one of the greatest ballplayers, one of the best, but not in my backyard. i am a liberal but nowhere near and i don't want the people showing compassion for to live where i live, what's that awesome about? >> >> yeah, it is always about you, right? it is never about them. i mean they want to come for your gas stoves and not their gas stoves. they want you to stay home from visiting grandma. they don't mean they're going to stop flying around their jets. they're important people. they don't mean they're going to eat bugs. you are the ones that's supposed to eat bugs. it is easy to tell other people what to do. that's why it is so easy to be a liberal. i love being a liberal.
6:42 pm
i kind of wish i could go back because you know what, ignorance is blissed. now, i have to live the way the rest of us live as a part of teen reality. they live in teen fantasy lan and they can afford living in that land while blaming the rest of us for america's ailment. >> leo, i love this. not in my backyard and do what i say and not as i do. that's -- that sums up liberal hypocrisy to the t. >> also embarrassing for stephen curry. he didn't visit trump because he says trump had a problem with people of different backgrounds and different walks of life. he is a person of color and he's basically saying i don't want you, you people in my backyard and you know every city, every city in california has to have affordable housing. he lives in the martha vineyard
6:43 pm
of california. he's special. people watch him play basketball, it is okay for them to watch and play but not to eat at the same restaurant and not to have their kids to go to the school and not to rely on good law enforcement. it is an out right embarrassment. that's how democrats roll. they're elitists and they do not care about the everyday average americans. >> i think you are right. kyra, let me ask you this. you know nancy pelosi's house is on one side where the homelessness has their greatest problem. two miles in one direction is her house, a gated community with multi millionaire living there. that happens to have great timing with the stock market like she and her family does. two miles to the other side of this area where people are shooting up in the street,
6:44 pm
deput street, -- nancy pelosi is really wealthy, why does she leave the community and say i am going to give a million dollars. go to every neighbor and why don't they build a shelter for compassion and offer up maybe two millions or a place where people can shower or get drug counseling if they need it. why don't they do that? >> well, what would that solve shawn? it may solve homelessness but not the next election. they're always running for reelection. if you solve the problem, you can't run on those problems anymore. >> amazing. what is hypocrisy? >> thank you, both. biden continues to repeat the same lies again and again. he's a liar and we got the proof. what's going on here and why is the white house delaying the release of his physical. we'll
6:45 pm
check in with former white house doctor and congressman, ronnie jackson, straight ahead. for back pain, i've always been a take two and call in the morning guy. but my new doctor recommended salonpas. without another pill upsetting my stomach, i get powerful, effective and safe relief. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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tonight's joe biden's favorite talltale. how did he end up with a beautiful beach house and a corvette and another house. the president told the same story over and over again including yesterday in baltimore. take a look. >> towards the end of my term, headlines came out and all the papers, biden travels, i think
6:50 pm
1.3 or 1.7 million miles on-air force planes. so i am getting on the train and a guy who was the number three guy from new jersey, the conductor grabbed me. joey, baby, true story. i just read, big deal, whatever it was 1 million something miles. you know how many miles you travel on snapchat? he said 36 years, 119 days a year back and forth. a total of 269 miles everyday. joey -- you travel over a million miles on amtrak, how the hell do you know that? they added it up. >> his one big problem like most of the stories joe tells is entirely fake and the conductor biden mentioned retired in 1993
6:51 pm
and he died in 2014. that would be two years before biden said that conversation took place and while biden is struggling cognitively, we have no idea of his physical health. the white house did not release any of his medical records. biden scheduled a physical for february 16th. no word if this physical will include the cognitive test that donald trump aced with a perfect score. anyway, here is with reaction of author of holding the line texas, dr. ronnie jackson is with us. he tells a lot of lies. i have a list here that i can read of joe biden's lies. the list goes on. >> my question is is that just a sign of character or does that have anything to do with cognitive issues, in other words, is he wired to lie or maybe he convinced himself is
6:52 pm
true. >> i think somebody got character issues and he now has cognitive issues. i saw an article yesterday in the new york post that listed one after another of all the lies and the talltales he toll us the last several months. these are lies that are debunked and impossible. they loved somebody who died years before and he keeps telling these lies over and over again. you know his staff had to be telling him when he's on the road because it draws so much attention. he keeps on doing it and it tells me something is going on here. i think the white house has been covering something up for a while. i think that his medical team is covering something up. we'll get another physical like the one we had last time. the physician where the president does not have and is not willing to go out and stand before the press and answer the hard question and let them dig into the objective results of this
6:53 pm
phy physical. >> he spends 40% of his time away from the white house at one of his homes. that's 40% of the time since he's been president. why do i suspect that this physical is probably a show physical and why do i suspect that probably we did have the visitor's logs, i would imagine anybody in his life that sees what everybody else sees, his cognitive declined that there would be a long list of doctors making their way to his home to treat him or see him. is that a bizarre conspiracy on my part? i don't think he's doing well cognitively. >> shawn, you have been right, i have been saying this. the reasons he's gone all the time because he's getting care that we don't know about. we need to know. i will tell you when president trump got accused of not being mentally fit, he was chopping at the bit for me to get that physical exam done and
6:54 pm
get out there and prove to everybody that he was mentally fit to be with our president. this is not happening with this president because something is going on and they're covering it up. we'll hold their feet to the fire on the 16th of the february. >> he needs that cognitive test. my staff is warning me this may be roff. "last call" is next. by. later chest congestion. hello 12 hours of relief. 12 hours!! not coughing? hashtag still not coughing?! mucinex dm gives you 12 hours of relief from chest congestion and any type of cough, day or night. mucinex dm. it's comeback season.
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sean: brachyto my bartender days, tell us what you liked or didn't like about the show. if you want to participate, 180-941-sean between the hours of 3-6 eastern for a chance to be featured tonight. jaquline is from erp. like wyatt erp, california. is that true? how are you? >> i'm good. how are you, sean. sean.
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sean: i'm good. thank you for watching. tell me what you liked or didn't like. unload. i can take it. >> tonight you did pretty good. what i didn't like was having hgeraldo on. scene: does he get under your skin? he drive as lot of people crazy. if you knew him like i did, you'd love him. >> you can't argue with a democrat. scene: that's true, he's a lot more fun when you're having dib dinner or drinks and they have that observation. absolutely. anything i can do that you would like to see me improve on? any quests you want to see? guests you want to see, tell me me? >> i want to see a little more
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dan. dan bongino. sean: they cut the sound. thank you for being with us. >> laura: reality bites and that's the focus of tonight's angle. how many of you are feeling more positive about your family's finances? do you feel like you're heading ahead financially or feel like you're falling behind?