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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 1, 2023 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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gullet. ted from michigan, biden won't take responsibility. one won't stop talking. we know who that. sydney, ohio, what happened with the oil in your driveway? no more oil stain. your suggestions work. now i need help with my neck. tucker is up neck. always remember, i'm watters and this is my world. >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. former british prime minister boar is johnson rolled into washington trying to sell law make ores on a new world war naturally as we told you last night we invited him on the show. boar resident johnson is a famously articulate man.
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he was perfect. if there's one man on earth that could explain the war on earth could benefit anyone by china, that would be boris johnson and we made the offer and he said he was interested. a few hours before air time, his publicist call sod say he wasn't coming and boris johnson reputed to be the smartest leader of any english speaking country in the world didn't want to publicly defend his position on ukraine and afraid to take questions about it. we found that disappointing. not just because we many assumed johnson was more impressive than that but mostly because it's a subject that badly needs to be debated and soon. millions would die in the war that boris johnson is promoting. the public has a right to know why are we doing this before it starts. as you can probably tell, it looks like it's starting very soon. so that was our experience with boris johnson yesterday. given all that, we were shocked, actually shocked. this afternoon to see johnson show up at a neocon think tank call atlantic counsel and say
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this. >> i'd be amazed and horrified of a guy called tucker carlson. anybody heard of tucker carlson? what is it with this guy? all these wonderful republicans seem somehow intimidated by his perspective. >> tucker: all these cowards in washington are afraid of this show, boris johnson said derisively. somehow he never mentioned that he is one of them. again, we had just invited johnson on the show hours before he said that. it was remarkable and remarkably dishonest. we knew that johnson himself was a coward, we watched during covid as he transitioned into a terrified old woman, but we had no idea he was a liar. we should have known. there is no popular support in this country or in any country in europe for what boris johnson is now pushing. the overwhelming majority of people understand that a third world war would mean the destruction of the west. they don't want that.
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why would they want that? they live here. only the chinese government wants that. and yet despite that total lack of popular support, it looks like as of tonight, we'll have that war anyway. that war will be waged connoisseurs of irony delighted to know in the game of "democracy". we're going to have a war for democracy that nobody voted for or wants. shouldn't we have a popular referendum on the war for democracy? no. it's almost hilarious really but it's sad too. you've got to wonder how it happened. a year after russia's invasion of ukraine, we're much further from a negotiated celtment and close tore a nuclear conflict. how? well, that happened because of lying, dishonesty made it possible. consider the amazing case of senator lindsey graham of south carolina gram is the most aggressively liberal republican in the u.s. senate. on the two issues that define
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our moment, immigration and foreign policy, lindsey graham is strongly on joe biden's side. lindsey graham believes that ukraine's boarders are much more important than our own boarders. here he is last month demanding that american taxpayers who are themselves being invaded even as lindsey graham was speaking, that american taxpayers must send ebb 1 abram's tanks to zelensky and his wife. >> we're almost in world war i battle conditions in the east and it's impossible in my view to dislodge the russians by the ukraine indians unless they have tatanks and we also believe that longer range rockets will help stop the counter offensive that is building in the east. the goal is to dislodge the russians from ukraine by helping the ukrainian military in that endeavor. give them the weapons they need to beat the russians on the battlefield. >> tucker: there he is standing with fake war hero
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richard bloomenthal of connecticut and it was part of a strategy and not long after that joe biden indeed dutifully sent the tanks. now lindsey graham demanding the pentagon send f16 fighter jets to ukraine. arming the ukrainian military with f16 would mean direct american involvement in a war against nuclear-armed russia. from there it's a direct and short line to a nuclear exchange. it is lunacy. true lunacy. but it's also lindsey graham's stated position. he's an utterly committed neocon. that's what he cares about and has no children and not worried about the future. but you knew that, of course. here's the weird and revealing part and the reason we're telling you all of this, lindsey graham is the most flamboyant neocon in the senate but also simultaneously a passionate donald trump supporter. in fact, lindsey graham is donald trump's number one
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booster in the united states senate. that's bizarre. whatever else he mae may be, donald trump is not a neocon. the neocons hate donald trump. they run from him as the devil hates holy water. trump famously ran against the neocons and then mocked the neocons and fix the destruction they rout on foreign policy and the first republican to criticize the rock war in the debate of south carolina he won cause of it. and then he criticized nato. no one criticizing nigh toe. trump criticized nato and nato is donald trump's obsession. he's talked about nato for ten years. why are we funding nato? nato also happens to be joe biden and lindsey graham's instrument in the war against russia in ukraine. that's the opposite of trump's position. by the way, that position has not changed. just today donald trump released two videos on truth social ya, his social media app. one was called why the
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russia/ukraine war would have never happened under president trump. that's true, it never would have and the other video entitled how to restore peace through strength. that's trump's position. those are from today. donald trump represents everything that lindsey graham despises and the tool of putin and denounced others that disagree and you're a tool of putin. no, lindsey graham is not doing that but doing the opposite. lindsey graham is literally campaigning with donald trump for president. here was lindsey graham at a rally on saturday. >> how many times have you heard we like trump policies but we want somebody new? there are no trump policies without donald trump. i was there. we live in a dangerous world right now. the good news for the republican party, there's many talented people for years to come, but there's only one donald trump.
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>> tucker: there's only one donald trump. may his name live forever. lindsey graham isn't just a booster or supporter, he's a fan boy. mr. trump, will you sign my t-shirt? if he felt that way, that'd be fine. it's okay. we like donald trump. but here's the creamy thing -- creepy thing, lindsey graham is not a donald trump fan boy, he's an enemy of donald trump and we know that not from what he says but ignore what he says but watch what he does. this is the same lindsey graham spent four years while donald trump was president trying to undermine his biggest priorities on the biggest issues, foreign policies and immigration. one point he said the border wall wasn't real and met fore for border security. he didn't want trump to build an actual wall to prevent actual people from invading an actual country. he wanted a met fore. how'd that work? 7 million people later, not very well.
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metaphors don't secure your country and on foreign policy, graham became apoplectic when trump wanted to withdrew troops from syria. he called that a big win for isis as if trump was on the side of isis. as if trump was supported snuff videos. right. you know who they are inside by the nature of their attacks. are the attacks fair or are they re-deck louis slanders on your character? low people launch low attacks and then at the height of the covid pandemic, lindsey graham promoted sending billions to pakistan, not baltimore but pakistan to help people open bank accounts in a country where life is pretty tough. like is isn't pretty tough here. then graham tried to sneak ex-pension of the eb5 visa program during pandemic. it gives visas to foreigners.
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half of those come from china. americans were losing their jobs thanks to a virus that came from china, possibly on purpose, lindsey graham was dutifully serving the interest of the chinese ruling class. so whatever else you say about lindsey graham, he's the walking embodyment of the neoliberalism. ignore your own people and children and drug addicts living on the street and dying in favor of the theoretical act of virtue in a place you know nothing about. i'm a good person because i help people i've never met as my own people die. that's lindsey graham. yet this same man is also campaigning on behalf of the america first candidate donald trump. what! shouldn't lindsey graham be come paining for people he agrees with like mike pompeo or nikki haley? you'd think so. he's at a trump rally that trump is fighting everything that lindsey graham is supporting.
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trump condemned joe biden for sending the tanks to ukraine. >> joe biden's weakness and incompetence has brought us to the brink of war and now he's sending in american tanks. it's far past the time for all parties involved to pursue a peaceful end to the war in ukraine before this already horrific catastrophe spiraling out of control and ends up leading, indeed, to world war iii and this would be a war like no other war because this would be a nuclear war. war. >> tucker: right. so biden is sending american tanks, trump said. yes, biden is doing that and he's doing it because lindsey graham and a whole lot of other republicans in washington, but most prominently lindsey graham, gave biden the cover to do that. for the first time, what the hell is this and why is lindsey graham on stage with a man he
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disagrees with on everything and doesn't even like? simple. lindsey graham believes that donald trump may get the nomination and trying to control him through flattery. not through argument or with facts and reason as you do with adults, but with false praise. these are the politics of the late automan court transferred to washington and tell the ruler what you want to hear so you're free to subvert what the ruler wants. nothing uglier or demeaning to all involved. or less democratic. nothing more sinister than a flatterer. if there's a choice between a mans to punch you in the face or tell you a lie and claim you're great, choose the guy with a cocked fist every time because you're less likely to get hurt. the author of contra on substack. thank you for coming on. i'm not particularly smart. this is the most obvious thing i've ever seen and i don't know why no one said so outloud.
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i think lindsey graham means his views but i can't believe he'd be on stage campaigning for a guy he despised, what is that? >> you're right, tucker. it's flattery but it's actually extremely pre-niches because guys like graham can fly under the radar precisely because they're viewed as bizarre and a feat but ultimately harmless but that's anything but the case. lindsey graham is a snake who has built his career on selling out america. i mean, you just look at the donors to the leadership pack that he founded, they're mostly defense contractors. so it's no wonder that he's a booster for the war in ukraine. he won't fight that war because he doesn't want to break the nail, but he's happy to sell out the american national interest to lockheed martin and that european panhandler zelensky. but this is a fundamental problem. again, it's not something that you can just say, well, it's
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lindsey graham. how much innuance can he have? well, a lot. that proposal that you mentioned about the eb5 -- the eb5 visa give away that would go to mostly wealthy chinese investors and that got traction buzz lindsey graham was working on that with the trump white house. the only reason it died is because it happened at the same time as the coronavirus. you can't do a chinese visa give away at the same time that you're talking about the china virus; right? the influence that people like graham can have through tank actional politics and flattery dilutes the america first mandate and subverts it. >> tucker: boy, is that true. sad to see too . pedro gonzalez, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: we should say this is a fox news alert. we're learning the fbi searched joe biden's vacation house in delaware. fox trace gallagher has the story.
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reporter: hey, tucker, they called today semper of the beach house a thorough and timely process. some say the word thorough was debatable. a handful of fbi agents search the beach house for three and a half hours but the search on mar-a-lago took all day and conducted by 30 fbi agents and the white house called the search timely and it was the documents at the pen biden center found back on november 2 and it's taken the doj three months to get to rag delaware. after documents found in the wilmington, delaware, home, the president spent that weekend in rahobath and the fbi didn't find documents at the home today but removed notebooks and other material for further review. the doj wants to see if any classified information was transferred or written about in the notebooks. meantime despite the white house
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repeating ad nauseam it's transparent. we have zero information about what the classify documents contain and we know that none of them were safely secured. all though the white house might soon argue the documents were held inside a skiff, which normally stands for sensitive come partmented information facility but in in case would mean a '67 corvette, indoor facility. tucker. >> tucker: amazing. you don't want the fbi at your beach house. that's a rule of thumb a lot of us live by. the great trace gallagher, thank you for that . >> you bet. >> tucker: we should stay at the top we're pretty tough on boar resident johnson and lindsey graham, both with redeeming qualities and to some sense it's not personal. we're moving towards something very, very serious and there's no debate what about it whatsoever and happens that this is one of the only places in the media that's raised quos about this coming war. not because we love putin. nothing to do with putin, has to do with america. the question is is this good for
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america? we've not been able to find a single person promoting the war to come on the show and explain how. it's that simple. the public deserves that. it's not about us and again it's not about putin. it's about america. so lindsey graham and boris johnson and anybody else in washington or either capitol promoting the war is always welcome to explain calmly and rationally why it's a good idea for us. well, speaking of dictatorships in foreign lands, canada, some believe canada should be liberated. liberating all the countries around the world, why not canada. it's right there? wouldn't even need weapons, could do it with a pillow fight. something to think about. we mentioned that on the air because why wouldn't we, it's pretty obvious and the canadian parliament is in an uproar. so funny. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> tucker: we're talking to our friend david azerad on fox nation and he was worn and raised in montreal and like a lot of ambitious freedom people he fled later in the united states and because of all the people that care about their own rights left canada under justin
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trudeau and has become a dictatorship, we liberate dictatorships and that's what we do. we ask the question and what's liberate canada. why should we stand back and let the biggest trading partner, the country that we share the longest boarder and actually i can say a great country, i love canada and always love canada because of the central beauty, why should we let it become cuba? why don't we liberate it and -- you don't have to answer. >> i don't know that i'm there yet with you. >> tucker: i'm talking myself into a frenzy here. it's a fair question, and honestly we thought the canadians would be flattered because they're always flattered when you talk about them. they're like stockers. you don't know they exist but have pictures of you in the dorm room. if you do a canada joke on tv,
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they go crazy and they don't know how to handle it but it doesn't matter. they're excited and that's true even in the canadian parliament. apparently there's so little going on in canada like civil liberties that if you tell the joke about canada, they go bonkers and watch this canadian "member of parliament"trying to get a resolution passed condemning this show. >> mr. speaker, after consultation of parties in the house sports, if you seek it, you'll find unanimous consent for the following motion that given the rise of far right and associated violent extremism led to attempted nation in the united states and recent comments and my personality and he suggests u.s. armed forces liberate canada from the prime minister. >> all those opposed in motion
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say nay. afraid we don't have the unanimous consent. >> tucker: it failed and we don't want to be too picky but we didn't suggest the armed forces and you'd need the armed forces and a couple of college roommates ride up the sled dogs and not able to move. we're not going to do it just yet but something to think about. settle down. another blue origin weinership set to take off and jeff bezos sending his girlfriend into outer space. how does she feel? she'll have special guests and who can they be? we turn to west coast correspondent jason rants joining us tonight. >> hey, tucker. lauren sanchez heading to space leading an all female crew and
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the rocketship founded by her billionaire boyfriend jeff bezos and scheduled for sometime in early 2024 and she'll be joined by five other women as the weiner rocket penetrates suborbital spice and performed 22 successful space flights and don't yet know the cruise identity, the 36-year-old bo tocks beauty said it's going to be women making a difference in the world and impactful and have a message to send. sanchez and bezos have been mum on the details of this girls only trip to space and bezos won't be joining the flight, sanchez says he's very encouraging and thrilled we're putting this group together and obviously it's going to be a challenge for sanchez, second only to convincing jeff that a prenumber isn't necessary but has flight experience. she said southwest rejected her for being too heavy and she
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became determined to get back in the air. she's a licensed pilot that learned to fly helicopters before starting black ops aviation, an aerial film production company. tucker, in the last few years, we have seen many historic firsts, the first black lesbian white house spokesperson, the first gay transportation secretary, the first nonbinary kleptonuclear waste official and the first billionaire girlfriend to fly into space with an all female crew. this is going to be a rocket trip to remember. >> tucker: jason, that sound you hear in the distance is a million glass ceilings shattering all at once. i personally feel a little empowered by it. i appreciate you coming on. jason rantz. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we feature a number of employees that some will admit it happens more than once. this is when we especially love. our next nominee is not a person
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but an animal. straight ahead. ♪
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>> today we're thrilled to honor a dog, the dog is called bass. bass is a belgian shepard in the u.s. marine corp. and 350 sweeps in iraq and afghanistan and sniffed out a lot of lives and three taliban ieds during the raid and has been awarded the animal visioner of victoria -- version of victoria cross and we're joined by marine staff sergeant alex shnell, his former handler. alex and bass, thank you for coming on. tell us the basics about bass. how old is he and what did tech athletics do and what's he like? >> absolutely, tucker. thanks for having us on. >> tucker: of course. >> bass and i served for five years together in the marine
5:34 pm
corp. and three overseas combat deployments. bass' main job as a military working dog, he's kind of a specialized type. it's call add multipurpose say nine and his three main capabilities were explosive detection and apprehension and bike capability and track enemy combatants and over the last two decades, the greatest threat that coalition forces faced were the ieds and improvised explosive devices and military working dogs have by far been the best asset to try and mitigate that threat and that was primarily what we relied on bass for. >> tucker: so his breed is reportedly the smartest in the world. they're the smartest dogs there are. that's what people say. is that your experience with him? >> yeah, i mean, belgian malls are very smart and intent by nature and bass is one of the most if not the most intent dog
5:35 pm
i've had the -- intelligent dog i've had the pleasure of working with and the resiliency and ability to read the emotions in a certain situation, especially on the battlefield and be able to mr. when the stakes are that high. it's a lot to ask the animal to do that and the fact he's done that on so many occasions, it's pretty special. >> tucker: it's a lot to ask a person to do that and it's amazing that dogs do that. so i think the question a lot of people have, you work with this dog in combat arenas and then both of you leave the service. do you stay with bass? >> yeah, bass retired about two weeks before i was honorably discharged actually. i got to adopt him directly after i left my time with active duty, and it doesn't always work out that way. it has a lot to do with the timing of the unit and the specific dog and our situation we'rety fortunate to be able to do that. one thing i wanted to highlight with the retirement of the dogs is once they leave active duty, they no longer receive medical
5:36 pm
care or support from the government and that's one i think i want to change and i'm involved with the u.s. war dogs association and and they provide financial support for the military retired dogs that have given so much for us and bass enjoyed his retirement and last october was diagnosed with a pretty aggressive form of blood cancer and he had to have emergency surgery, he's done chemo therapy they provide medical care and gives them the quality of life these guys deserve after doing so much for us they're really saying that. >> tucker: i love there's a
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group and it's underneath it all and nice country and nicest. alex, thank you for coming on and it's great to meet you, bass. >> thank you, tucker. appreciate it. >> tucker: thank you. now no one ever says it out loud, which is kind of weird because it's impossible not to notice that a lot of major news organizations, nbc news all the sudden sound like who too radio advocating nbc and we're going to do it again now, watch. >> we see american white people are going crazy, they're resorting to violence. >> this is literally what conservative white folks do when they don't get their way. >> it's not our responsibility to be tasked with destroying and dismantling the racial oppression that's against us. that's the thing, we're more at fault than the white people that constructed this system and white people that continue to practice constitutional racism. >> this country was built on the idea that white men had a
5:38 pm
particular kind of freedom and slave catchers onto inflict violence in the name of protecting property. >> tucker: not in the media subbases of its reach. that's completely irresponsible and immoral and ultimately can have very bad effects. in july of 1993, radio broadcaster in ro rowand attacka group called the tootiy sis and they were -- toot seizure disorderses and they were dragged from their home and beaten and brutally attacked.
5:39 pm
we'll show you part of the conversation we had and it's amazing and the moment two soldiers turned up to murder her. watch this. >> i was stretching and i saw them through the payne window of the bathroom and i didn't know they were coming and they came very quiet and they were dressed all in banana leaves and all kind of arms and grenades and had guns, long spears. they came quiet and they started to scream and this is the first time they did, which they did eight times. >> tucker: started to scream? >> yeah, started to scream when they got in the house. they would come quiet so that no one would run away from the house. then when they came inside quiet and they would scream so people can run out. so then what they did, i saw them when they were coming in through the tiny window of the bathroom. i saw that and i fell over the
5:40 pm
ladies and they started to scream and i knew my life was over. i never felt pain in my life as i did that time. so in that moment, i truly thought, this is maybe a thousand people that is what i thought. there's no way they're going to miss out on the door of the bathroom we're in. this was a four bedroom house and it's not like a big house. my life was over. i remember thinking, how am i going to die in how does it happen? and the worst thing was why? why? why would another human being want to put another person to suffer? what do they get out of this? why -- how can i convince them i'm innocent? how can i convince them that actually i love them but they want here and have decided i'm bad. they have just decided i'm an enemy. they have to eliminate and do they know the pain i'm going through? in that moment especially when they came to search, i remember
5:41 pm
feeling like 8,000 needles are going through my body like i'm in fire, burning, but i'm not dying fully. i wish to die. and to end with this torture. then somehow as they were inside searching, i truly thought how is my soul going to come out. am i going to see jesus or mary? you know, as i hear miture and have made my parents? has any one of them died or not? i remember asking god if you can hear me, don't let the killers open the door today. just today. >> tucker: the most striking part of that conversation, which you really should watch is her description of what rwanda was like before the media started singling out an entire group on the basis of ethnicity. it was a really nice country with social trust and very little crime. happy people. the media started whipping up race hate and it fell apart. worth paying attention to that. that whole thing on fox nation.
5:42 pm
absolutely worth seeing. so obviously the plan is to get rid of cash because it's easier and cash is for criminals and mandate digital currency. now if you think about it for a second, you don't want to hand total control of total money to people that don't like you and it's not a good idea and it's happening anyway and it's happening because atms are disappearing. oh, okay. no one voted on this but it's happening anyway and we've got details, next.
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible.
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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when a truck hit my car, ♪the insurance companyed, wasn't fair. eight million ♪ i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou >> tucker: so if they take away cash and make everything digital and digital currency and bank digital currency no power whatsoever and don't like what you're doing and shut you down and you're impoverished and last canada and know the consequences and they want it. that couldn't happen. we may live to see the day that it does have and here's the latest sign tafanely it may be happening. the number of banks and atm machines in the country are in steep decline. far fewer than there were just a few years ago and some countries are like australia and they're
5:48 pm
going high speed. this is not something anyone voted on but something that they're just doing whether you like it or not saying we have cash but if you can get cash, do you really have cash? where is this going that's what we want to assess tonight and catherine fitz is monitoring this and assistant secretary of housing and development and we're happy to have her. catherine, thanks for coming on. if you put this up to a vote nationally, most would say no, i may not use cash and would like to have cash. if there's no cash, then i have control over my life. it seems like this could be a way to affect the same outcome without a vote. >> so, tucker, one of the bedrocks of freedom is freedom to do financial tank actions including privately -- transactions including privately and what you want to do and unfortunately as the financial system has become more and more
5:49 pm
digital, you see more and more not only invasive surveillance but more and more controls and refer to canada perfect example. the reality as the financial system gets more controlling and invasive, it's a bit like bringing up a corral around us and cbdc, central bank digital currencies and vaccine passports to digital ids are sort of the last shutting of the gate. it's hard for many people to imagine the risks here because we're so used to living with financial tank action freedom and we don't understand that when this gate closes on us, we literally will be sitting in a system where the central banks believe that our assets belong to them and they can dictate where we can spend money and what we can spend money on. the important thing to understand is central bank digital currencies are not currencies. it's a financial tank action control grid and it gives the ability for the central bankers and said this publicly the
5:50 pm
ability to not only set the role centrally but enforce the roll strike thaty, if you don't behave, you can have your money turned off. >> tucker: you keep hearing people on television say cash is for criminals and why do you need cash if you're not doing something bad. why are so few financial journalists pointing out if cash goes away, so does any power you might have many over your own life? >> i find a lot more journalists are beginning to understand and are beginning to not only right about this and talk about this but do documentaries and we had a new one done here out of the netherlands called state of control, which does a great job of explaining the invasive nature of this control grid. i think it's very hard for people who's groan up and enjoyed western l liberty and human liberty to imagine we're going into a system where literally our homes, currents
5:51 pm
and communities are becoming digital concentration ca camps d if you've enjoyed liberty, it's hard to perceive this iceberg before you hit it, and that's why it's so important, and i commend you for talking about cbdcs because we need to not let the propaganda persuade us that one, this is convenient or two we need this or three we need to understand the -- not only the daniels of cbdcs but the opportunities if we start to reverse financial tyranny. we've seen the financial system engineered using the federal credit to increase in equality and political and economic network and it's shrinking our wealth and network and debt grogrowing and central control growing faster than the gdp. that can be reversed and the opportunity of rejecting financial tierney and financial -- tyranny and financial tank action control is so -- transaction control is so important and all over the
5:52 pm
united states there's legislators working to press this as cash and increasingly talking about state depositories of state sovereign banks and many people are doing this and if you look at what they're doing, when it succeeds, it can really reinvigorate our economy and so don't forget -- >> tucker: i think when people understand it, that's the first step. catherine austin fitts, great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: ni nikki haley is officially running for president. she made that announcement a couple of weeks ago and not that long ago she said immigrants are more patriotic than you are. she endorsed the blm riots and said george floyd's death needs to be painful for everyone. we thought we should speak to someone that worked for nikki haley to see what she's like. ceo of evans public affairs and former political director and joins us now.
5:53 pm
justin, thanks so much for coming on. you know nikki haley well. she hired you, you worked intimately with her in politics. what's your reaction to her announcement she's going to run for president? >> yeah, i mean i appreciate you having me on, tucker. it's great to see you again. it's going to be a long road for nikki, running fourth in south carolina and it's no surprise to anybody that she's running for president and has been running for president ever since she was elected governor in 2010 so her announcement on february 15 won't move the needle in any kind of meaningful way. that goes to make a prediction and i don't think she ends up on the ballot and i think she understands her capital as -- her vice presidential capital runs out if she doesn't perform well in her own home state. i think it's going to be a long road for her. a lot of people are asking like what's up with all these political inconsistencieses that we've seen out of her lately and one is with her support for the former president. i mean, she's been so inconsistent on that and flip-flopped on that so often that people are starting to confuse her with mitt romney at
5:54 pm
this point. as it relates to her time in south carolina, she likes to tell people she's never lost an election. well, on the ballot that may be true but, tucker, she's also never finished a job. whether it was her time as governor, time at un or boeing she's got a demonstrated pattern of behavior that she just walks away when times get tough. it's going to be a tough road for her to hoe her and she'll have to have a lot of trust she has to build back up with taxpayers and speaking of taxpayers on that regard, when she was a house member voted for tax increases and as governor architected one of the larnest tax increases in the history of south carolina as far as foreign policies -- sorry. >> tucker: justin evans, fortunately we're out of time and we'll see you again as her campaign continues. appreciate your perspective having worked for her. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> tucker: you can't turn on a
6:00 pm
tv set without hearing another person outraging about george santos. ultimately curiosity peek peaked. we are doing our own investigation. do the best job with the ones you love. see you soon. [music]. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." breaking today, house speaker kevin mccarthy squared off with present biden. he will be here and tell us all that went on behind the scenes. also joe biden had a lot on his mind few hours before meeting with kevin mccarthy. joe's multibeloved beach house searched


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