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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 1, 2023 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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well see has never been i need londonstani three times a week. i exercise and i'm just living 1 i exercise and i'm just living 1 a great life now.ystem it's so easy to use. dexcom forsakes has given me dexcom forsakes has given me confidence and control that everything i need is right there on my phone. dexcom g six is the number one recommended cgm system by doctors and patients. call now to get started. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. tonight, former british prime minister boris johnson roldroll sashayed into washington ed iwayesterday trying to sell lawmakers on a new world war. so naturally, as we told you last night, we invited him on the show. boris johnson is a famousl resis articulate man. he's the kinlyd of guy who can a quote escalus from memory in toe you laugh. so we figured he was perfect.
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if there is one person on earthe who might plausibly explain how a wa manrth thatr between nd western powers could benefit anyone but china, thatbenefit n would be boris johnson. he made the offerr an and johnson said he was a terested in coming on . >> but then a few hours before , airtime, his publicist called to say that boris johnson b wasn't coming at borisor johnson ,reputed to be the smartest cou leader of any english speaking country in the world. ntn thworld did not want to puby defend his position on ukraine. >> he was afraid to take questions about it. we found that disappointing, not just because we had assumedt johnson was more impressive than that, but mostly because it's b is a subject that badly needs to be debated. and soon millions would die init the war that boris johnson is promoting. the public why ar has a right to knowas you why are we doing this before it starts? ou and as you can probably tell, it looks like it's starting very soon. riso that was our experiencen al with boris johnson yesterday. shven al, we wl that, we were shocked, actually shocked this afternoon to see johnson show up at a neocon think tank atl called the atlantic council
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and say thisl and sa. >> i've been amazed and horrified by how many people are frightened of a guy. who tucker carlson and anybody heard of somebody calld of? has anybody heard of tucker carlson? what's what is it with this guy? gwonderfuall these all these wl republicans seem somehow in intimidated by his by his perspectivctive.e, all these cos in washington are afraid of this show. >> boris johnson said derisively. >> yet somehow he nevers on mentioned that he is one of them again. we had jusurt invited johnsonat. on this show hours before hearkl said that it was remarkable and remarkably dishonest. we knew that johnson himself was a coward. we watched during covid as hema, transitioned into a terrified woman, but we had no idea he was also a liar. .we should have known there is no popular support in thisis country or in any country in europe for what boris johnson is now pushing. the overwhelming majority of wot le understand that
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why third world war woulthd mean the destruction of the west. >> they don't wantey3 4 f1 desl lack of popular support, it looks like as if tonight we're w going to have that war wagedand that war will be wage. connoisseurs of irony will be delighted to in the name ofto hv democracy, we're going to have a war for democracy that nobody voted for or wants. shouldn't we have a populare wa referendum on the war for democracy? >> it's almost hilarious,yo really, but it'su' sadve to . and you've got to wonder how it happened a year after russia's invasion of ukraine, we are much farther from a negotiated settlement and much, much closeronflict. to a nuclear con. how will that happen? because of lying, dishonesty made it possible.ase of consider the amazing case of senator lindsey graham of south carolina.t aggressively liberal republican graham is the most aggressivelye liberal republican in the u.s. senate on the two issues thatn i
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define our moment, immigration and foreign policy. lindsey graham is strongly on joe biden'siden's s side. lindsey graham believes that are ukraine's borders are much more important than our own borders. here he is .e last monthis las demanding thatv american taxpayers who were themselves being invaded eveadnn as lindsey graham was speaking, that american taxpayers must send everyone abrams tanks to zelenskyy and his wife. >> watch. we're almost tanks in world war one battle conditions in battthe east is impossible, ine my view, to dislodgethy th the russians by the ukrainianstk unless they have tanks. we also believlieve it longer rt rockets will help stopuilding in the counte ther offensive that is building in the east. the goal is to edislodg the russians from ukraine by helping the ukrainian military in that endeavor,ssians give them the weapons they need to bea ot the russians>> tucke on the battlefield. >> so there he he is is standing with fake war hero richard
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blumenthal of connecticut.d bl oowho may be almost as liberal as lindsey graham. it wasn't an accident, was it? an impromptu press conference? it was part of a strategy. and not long after that, joe biden indeed dutifully sent the tanks. now, lindsey grahamon sen is demanding the pentagon send f-16 fighter jets to ukraine,wih arming the ukrainian military with f-16 would mean direct american involvement in a warwa against nuclear armed russia.s from there, it is a directo and possibly very short linenacy to a nuclear exchange.true lun he'ss lunacy, trueacy. lunacy, t it's also lindsey graham stated position. he's an utterly committen utd ne con. neo con politicsar arees wha abo cares about to the exclusion of everything else he has childrenhat, o .f he's not worried aboutco the future. but you knew that, of course. he, here's the weird and revealinglf part and the reason we're telling you all of this.lamboyan lindsey graham is the most flamboyant in the senate, but he is also simultaneously a passionate donald trump supporter. in fact, lindsey graham
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is donald trump's number one booster in the united states senate. >> well, that's bizarre. the neocver else he may be , donald trump is not a neocon. the neocons hate donald trump. they run from him as the devil hates holy water. trumhep famously ran against the neocons and then he mocked the neocons and then tried to fix the destruction they had wrought on america's foreign policy. he was the firstde fit republte republican ever to criticize the iraq war in the debate. remember where south o carolinfa and he won because of it. and then he criticized nato . no one criticizes nato . trump criticized nato's nato is donald trump's obsession. t >>en he's talked about nato for ten years.ha >> why are wppens to be funding? nato also happens to bent i joe biden and lindsey graham's instrument in the war againsr t russia in ukraine.positi >> that's the opposite of juump's position. and by the wayst, that position has not changed. just today, donald trump released two videos on social s so and social media acit one video
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was called why the russia ukraine war never would have happened. ruunder president trump.wo and of course,uld that's true.e it wouldn't have.o enti and the other video wasre pea entitled how to restore peaccee. through strength. so that's trump's position. those are from today.. donald trump represents everything that lindsey graham despises. de in fact, to the poinspt you thik graham would denounce him as a tool of putin, as he has so often denounced to others who disagree with your total putiy grn. but no, lindsey graham is not doing that.s literall he's doing the opposite. th don lindsey graham is literally campaigning with donald trump foalr president . here's lindsey graham at s a rally on saturday. >> how many times have you heard we like trump policies,e but we want somebody new . >> there are no trump policies p .without donald trump. >> i was there. we live in a dangerous world right now. the good news forod news fo the republican partyr , there ae many, many talented people for years to come.
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but there is only one donald trump. there is only one .ive forever. donald trump made his name live forever. so li lindsey graham isn't just a booster supporter. >> he's a boy, mr. trump, you signed my t-shirt. >> and if he felt that way likeo would be fine and people feel that way. it's okay. we like donald trumpre's. but here's the creepy thing. lindsey graham is not a donald trump fan boy. enemy of donald t lindsey graham is an enemy of donald trump. >> and we know that not from what he says. bunore what they say, watch what they dos always. is >> this is the same lindsey l graham who spent fouinr years when trump was president trying to undermine donald trump's biggese hit priorities on the biggest issues, immigration and foreign policy. s,at one point, lindsey graham said trump's boorowa wasn't real. it was a metaphowall wn't realrp security, a metaphorical wall he didn't want trumpto to build an actual wall tol prevent actual people from invading an actual country. >> he wanted a metaphor. well, how that work? seven million people later.
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not very well. metaphors don't securer your country. >> and thetry ann on foreign po, graham became apoplectic when trump said he wanted to withdraw troops from syria. e he called that decision, quote,n a big win for isis as if trump was on the side of isis is if trump was supporting videosvides righ.t. so you know who they are inside by the nature of their attacks.r are the attacks fair or are they ridiculous slanders on your character? n charactelow people launch lowm promat the height of the covid pandemic, lindsey graham promoted sending billions s toto pakistan, not to baltimou to pakistan, because we needpake to help women open a banlpkry account in a country where,s quote, life is pretty tough.pret >> oh, like it wasn't pretty tough here. then graham tried to sneak in an expansion of the ebie five visa program into a pandemic aid bill . prw, what does the five visa program? ring pwell, that's the program t gives green cards to rich foreigners who promise to inves tt money here.
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half of those visa recipients come from china. so when americans were losing their jobs thanks to a virus that came from china, possiblytn on purpose, lindsey graham was dutifully serving the interestts ,the chinese ruling class.aham,s >> so whatever else you say about lindsey , he is the walking embodiment of neoe neol liberalism. ignoreiberalism. your own peopl, your own children, your own drug addicts living on the streets, your owng addicy class in favor of some theoretical act of virtueo. in a place you know nothing about. i'm a good person because i've helped people. i'vea never met, even as my own people die. that is neo liberalism thatn lindsey graham. and yet. die that's and here's where your head ye. aigninspin l this same man is alsoof campaigning on behalf of the america first candidate, donald trump. >> what shouldn'tt lind lindsey graham be campaigning for? >> people he agreesecomes with e mike pompeo or nikki haley? >> you'd think so.e mike pompebut he was at a trump exactly the moment that trumpt is fighting everything that
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lindsey graham is supporting literally. just today, trump condemnesuppod joe biden for sending those m1 tanks to ukraine. joe biden's weakness and incompetence has brought us to the brink of nuclear war. and now biden is doing what he said ten months ago would lead r to world war three . he is sending in american all tanks. it's far past the time for all parties involved to pursue a peaceful end to the war in ukraine before this already horrific catastrophe. ophe spiraling spirals out of control and ends, up leading indeed to world war three . and this would be a war like no o nthero other war because this would be a nuclear war. >> right. so biden is sending in american tanks. trump said , well, yes, bideny is doing that. and he's doing iam and at becaue lindsey graham, a whole lot of other republicans in washington, but most prominently, lindsey graham gave biden the cover he needed to do that. >> so, again, for the fifthnd time, what the is this? why is lindsey graham on stagee
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with the man he disagreesything with on everything a and apparently doesn't even simpleimple? lindsey graham believes a trump may get thenation republican nomination and he is trying to control donald ag o him through flattery. not through argument or with trump through flattery, not through argument or with facts and reason, as you do with adults, but with falsef th praise . >> these are the politics of the late ottoman transplanted to washington. freeell the ruler what autom has to hear so that you are free to subvert what the ruler wantsr . there is nothing uglier ordemean more demeaning to all involved or by the way, lesster th democratic . there's nothing more sinister than a flattereran . mans t if you have a choice between a man who wants to punch you in the face or a man who's willingd to tell you a lie and claime your great choose a guy with alt cocked fist every time because you are less likely to get hurto . >> pedro gonzales is the author of contra unsubstantiated, joins us tonight. on. >> pedro, thanks so much forarls coming in. i don't know what i meanma.this i don't think i'm not particularly smart. don this is th'te most obvious thing i've ever seen. i don't know whywhy no n oo oned
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out loud.. i'm not even attacking lindsey graham for having insincere views, which i think are sincere. >> i think they're wrong, butn' i think he means them. but i just can't believee he th he out he'llfo be on stage campaigning for a guy he despises. what is that? i think you're right, tucker. i think it's flattery, but it's actually extremely pernicious because guys like graham can fly under the radar precisely because they're viewed as bizarre and effete, but ultimately harmless. butthat's abut that's anythingt the case. lindsey graham is a snakei meano who has built his career on selling out america. u juk ati you just look at his e the donors to the leadershipy' pac that he founded.r that they're mostly defensea contractors. booss no wonder that he's a booster for the war in ukraine. now, he won't fight thatheoe wan tecause he doesn't wan to break a nail, but he's happy to sell out the americand manational interest to lockheed martin.nsky and that european panhandler zelensky. s y. n just say but this is a fundamental problem.
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again, it's not something you. can just say, well, you know, it's it's lindsey graham.well, how much influence can he have?h well, a lot. that proposal that youe eb mentione5 d about the eb five proposal, the eb five visaa giveaway that would most likely have wealthy chinese investors that got traction becauseam was lindsey graham was working thathat with the trump white house. d is the only reason that proposal hp died is because it happenepenede the same time as the coronavirus. you can't dogive a chinese visaa giveaway at the same time that r you're talking about the china virus. ighte inso the influence that pe like graham can have through transactional politics, through flattery dilutes the america first mandate and ultimately subverts it. is that true? sad to see two. pedro gonzalez, thank you forke: joining us tonight. >> thank you.shou weld s shoul d say briefly, this is a fox news alert. >> we're just learning the fbi h has searched joe biden's vacation house in rehoboth beach, delaware, fox to trace gallagher has that story for
10:15 pm
us tonight. >> hey, trace. tucker, the white house called e today's fbi search of tod president biden's rehoboth, delaware beach house to , quote, step in a thorough the and timely process. but some say the word thorough r is debatable. we know today a handful of fbi agents searched biden's beach house fos r three and a half t hours.he but you might recall the search on mar-a-lago back in august took all day and was conducted by 30 fbi agents 3. and when the white house callsis today's search timely, it should be noted the classified documents of the pen biden center were found back on november 2nd.2 's meaning it's taken the doj three months to get to rehoboth. . and remember, after classifiedaf documents were found at biden's wilmington t, delaware, home a few weeks ago, the presidentme spent that weekend in rehoboth . and while the fbi did not find classified documents, the president's beach house today, they did remove some materialsidn't fi and noteo for, quote, further review. >>ma legal analysts say it i appears the doj wants to see if any classified information may informahave been transferred or written about in those notebooks.
10:16 pm
meantime , despite the white repe house repeating ad nauseum that this process is transpac, we still have zero information about what the classified documents contain. all we. know is that none of them were safely secured, ld although the white house might soon argue the documents were held insid e skiff, which normally stands for sensitive compartmented information facility. s case would mean a sixty seven corvette indoortu. facility. >>r. use.'s you know a r what? lot the fbi, your beach house,e that's the rule of a lot of us live by the great>> trace. >> gallagher, thank you so much for that. we should say at the top were pretty tough on boris johnsobon and lindsey graham, both ofqu whom have redeeming qualities. >> and really to some e says not personal. >> here's the point. we're moving towards something whryvery, ve, very serious and s no debate about it whatsoever. it just so happens fora that's whatever reason, this is one of the only places in the media that has raised questions about this coming war.utin, has because we love putin, there's nothing to do with putin. toerica.the quto with america.
10:17 pm
the question is , is this good for america? and if so, how ? and we have over the last yearth not been able to find a single person who's promoting this war, who's willing to comen on the show and explain how it's that simple and the public deserves that an. it's not about us . and again, it's certainly not about putin. it's lindsey about america.n an >> so lindsey graham and boris johnson and anybody else in cap washington or any otherit capital is promoting this war alwayis always welcome here to explain calmly and rationally why it's a good idea forod us . >> well, speaking of dictatorship, ships in foreignca lands canada, some believe sorld canada should be liberated, liberating all these countries around the world. why not canada?need wea it's right there. wouldn't even need weapons. yopo au do with a pillow fight. something to think about. a beca we mentionedus that on the airhe because why wouldn't we? pa's pretty obvious in c the canadian parliament is now in an uproar.l be r so funnyig. back.
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the real george santo's? i'm a bombshell allegation seve.
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>> that's eight hundred three four one nine eight forty' seven .re we're talking to our friend t david azerrad recently for anzea interview on fox nation. f and the topic of canada came and up. david azerrad was bornt and raised in montreal. but like a lot of ambitious peo and freedom loving people, he fled later to the becau united states. >> and becausese of all the pee who care about their own rights
10:23 pm
have left canada under, justinde trudeau has become effectively a dictatorship. and we don't like dictatorships or america.ship, we lib we liberate dictatorships. that's whaet we do. quest >> so we ask the obvious question, why was liberate canada? here's that conversation. why should we stand back and let our biggest trading countrpartner, the country withr we share the longest border?ea and actually, i just says love a great country.why should w i love canada, but we suffer because of its natural beauty. why should we lee t become cuba?y don't why don't we liberated? we're spending all this money to liberate ukraine from the russians. why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate canaday' from you know, and i mean it? >> i d well, i don't know. you don't have to answer. >> i don't know that i'm there yet with you. tucker: i'm talkil i'm just talking myself into a frenzy here. >> fai it's a fair question. bed honestly, we thought the canadians would be flatteredways because they'r. always flattered. when you talk about them, they're like stalkers. the you don't know they exist, but they've got pictures of you insf their dorm. youthroom.a
10:24 pm
so if you do a canada joke on tv, they go absolutely crazy . they don't really know how toer handle it or what it means. but it doesn't matter. they're excited.e canadian and that's true even in going on the canadian parliament. apparently, there's so little jokeg on in canada like civil liberties that if you tell a joke about canada, go bonkers . watch this canadian quote, member of parliament, tryanad to getia"mem some kind of resoln passed condemning this show. afe co speaker, after consultation with the parties in the house. n for ou seek it, i believe you will find unanimous consent for the following motion that given the rise of far right and associated violent extremism led to the attemptedmm insurrection in the united states , the house condemns recent commentnts made by fox news personality tucker carlson in which he suggests us armed forces liberate cannot from the current prime minister. motn all those opposed to the honorable member moving
10:25 pm
the motion will please say nay ,nay, nay. >> i'm afraid we don't havee do' doanimous consent, by the way, if it fails and we don't want to be too picky or anything, but we did not suggest the armed forces liberate canada. you're flattering yourself, canadian member of parliament. we wouldn't needforces the armed forces. a couple of your college roommates just ran up the sled dogs and you wouldn't be ableo t to move. we'r juste actually going to dot just yet. there's something to think about. settle dow settlen. well, another blue origin winner ship is set to take offef this time, jeff bezoss girl is sending his girlfriend intofr outer space . >> how should chie f feel aboutl gu that? she'll have some special guests. who could they b ando can be?es >> the answer? all these questions. wescot coastr correspondent, jason rantes. joins us tonight. >> hey, jason .cker hey, tucker.. lauren sanchez is headed to space, leading an all female crew in a shaped rocket shipcrw
10:26 pm
erected by blue origin, which is an aerospace manufacturer founded by her billionairellionr boyfriend, jeff bezos.ez >> now, thisos flight is scheduled for sometime inhe'e early 2020 fiv and sanchez will be joined by five other women as the winner. rocket penetrates suborbital space . now, the company already has performed twenty two successfule space flights. well, we don't yett know know the crew's identities. the fifty three year old identi botox-year-ol beauty did offer some hintsai to the "wall street journal" promising, quote, it's going to be women who are makingd have a difference in the world and who are impactfua messagl ae a message to send out. sanchez and bezos have beenetais opretty mum on the details of e this girl's only trip to space and bezos won't be joining the flight. sanche sanchez does say that hez saysry is very encouraging. d he's , quote, thrilled we're putting this group together now. obviously, it's going to be t a challenge for sanchez, second only to convincing jeff prenup isn't actually necessary, but she does actually have flightprm experience after she saidbeha southwest rejected her as a flight attendants flig for beino heavy. n they actuallye weighed job applicantsfor be. a.
10:27 pm
she became determined to getilot back in the air. she's a licensed pilot who learned to fly helicopterst before starting black opsin aviation. this is an aeriahe ll filmass, production company. tucker, in the last few years, we have seen many historic firsts. , the first black white house spokesperson, the first transportation secretary, the first nonbinary klepto nuclear waste official, now the first billionaire girlfriend to fly into space withear wast an all female crew if she is anywhere nearl as confident as the trailblazers i just mentioned, this is going to be a rocket trip to rememberremember, jasont sound you hear in the distances is a million glass ceiling shattering all at once. >> and i personally feel a little empowered by it. i appreciateou your jason rante. >> thank you. >> tha thanks. >> so we feature a number of people in our employee ofme the month segment, which will admit happens more than once a month. but this wly love. is when we ey
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fifty seven gets underway. touchdown. it all kicks off february 12th on fox. so far , every person feature employee of the month segment has been a person. but today we are thrilled to a dog. the dog is called bass. bass is a belgian shepherd, served in the u.s. marine corps. he's been in more than three hundred and fifty explosive sweeps in iraq, afghanistan and somalia. he saved a lot of lives by sniffing out at least five taliban ieds during a raid. >> and for that, he's been awarded the animal version of the victoria cross. >> multipurpose canine bass joins us now with his former handler, retired marine staff sergeant alex , alex and bass. thank you so much for coming on . >> tell us the basics, if you would, about bass. how old is he? what did he do? what's like? >> yeah, absolutely. tucker, thanks for having us on bass. and i served for five years together in the marine corps.
10:34 pm
and then you mentioned that we did the three overseas combat deployments, barstow's main job as a military working dog. he's kind of a specialized type, is called a multipurpose canine. and his three main capabilities were explosive detection, the apprehension or by capability, and then being able to track enemy combatants. and over the last two decades, the greatest threat that coalition forces faced were those ieds, improvised explosive devices and military working dogs have by far been the best asset to try and mitigate that threat. so that was primarily what we relied on bass for. >> so his breed is reportedly the smartest in the world. >> the smartest dogs there are. that's what people say is , is that your experience with him? >> yeah. i mean, belgian guys are very smart, very intelligent by nature. a bass especially is one of the most, if not the most intelligent dogs that i've had
10:35 pm
the pleasure of working with . and i think that's just due to his resiliency and the ability for him to kind of read the emotions in a certain situation, especially on the battlefield, and be able to perform when the stakes are that high. i mean, it's a lot to ask an animal to do that in the fact that he has has done that on so many occasions. it's just it's pretty special. >> it's a lot to ask a person to do that. and it's amazing that dogs do that. so i think the question a lot of people have is you work with this dog in combat arenas and then both of you leave the service. >> do you stay with bas? yeah. bass retired about two weeks before i was honorably discharged, actually , so i got to adopt him directly after i left my time with active duty and it doesn't always work out that way. it has a lot to do with the timing of the unit and the specific dog in our situation. we are pretty fortunate to be able to do that. and one thing i wanted to highlight with the retirement for these dogs is that once they leave active
10:36 pm
duty, they no longer receive medical care or support from the u.s. government. and that's one thing we'd love to change. but that's where some nonprofits step in. >> and i'm involved with a group called the united states war dogs association, us war dog, and they help provide medical care and financial support for these retired military working dogs that have given so much for us . and bass has really enjoyed his retirement. but last october was diagnosed with a pretty aggressive form of blood cancer called hemangioma sarcoma. and he had to have emergency surgery. he's done some chemotherapy. i'm happy to say that he's going or he's in remission, which is fantastic. but those medical bills are expensive. and us war dogs footed the whole bill for his treatment and provides medical care for over twelve hundred dogs every single month. which gives them the quality of life that these guys deserve after doing so much for us without even really having a say in.
10:37 pm
>> i love that and i love that there's a group like that. this really is underneath it all, a really balanced country, the the nicest alex , thank you for coming on . >> and it's great to meet you, bass. absolutely. thank you, tucker. i appreciate it. thank you. now, no one ever says it out loud, which is kind of weird because it's impossible, not to notice that a lot of major news organizations, nbc news, all of a didn't sound like who to radio, openly advocating race hate. >> that's particularly true on msnbc, as we've noted. and we're going to do it again now. watch. >> we see american white people or going crazy. >> the goal, they're resorting to violence. this is literally what conservative white folks do when they don't get their way, they turn violent. i don't think it's our responsibility to be tasked with destroying and dismantling the racial oppression that's against us . that's just saying we're more than the white people who constructed this system and the white people who continue to practice institutional racism. this country was built on the idea that white men had
10:38 pm
a particular kind of freedom and a particular kind of citizenship that only they have that gives from the catchers on the right to inflict violence in the name of protecting property. >> so bottom line, and we used you can't attack people, whole groups of people on the basis of their race and ethnicity, not in the media, especially because of its reach. that's completely irresponsible and immoral. and ultimately, you can have very bad effects in july of 1993, radio broadcasts in kigali, rwanda, openly attacked and demonized a tribe called the tutsis on ethnic grounds, just like msnbc. less than a year later, tutsis were dragged through their homes and hacked to death with machetes. >> it was the most horrifying of our age. imad culebra garza lived through that. >> she was a tutsi killer's, came to her house, dragged off
10:39 pm
her family, murdered them. >> she hid in a bathroom for months. >> an amazing story. and she emerged without bitterness. we're going to show you part of the conversation we had with her, which is an amazing conversation. but the moment that soldiers turned up to murder or watch this, i remember was twitching and i saw them through the pain, the window of the bathroom, and i didn't know that were coming. so they came very quiet. so they were dressed or banana leaves. you know, they had all kind of arms, grenades. they had guns along spears. they came quiet and they started to scream. and this is the first time they did, which they did eight times. and they started to scream, they said to scream. and they got in the courtyard of the house because they would come quiet so that no, we would run away from the house. so then when they came inside, quiet and then we screamed so that people can run out. so then what they did, i saw them when they were coming in through the tiny window of the bathroom.
10:40 pm
and i saw that. and i hit over the ladies and they started to scream and i knew my life was over. i never felt pain in my life. as i did that time. so in that moment, i thought, i mean, this is maybe a thousand people that or i thought there's no way they're going to miss out the door of the bathroom we're in. this was a four bedroom house. it's not like a big house. so my life was over. i remember thinking i going to die. how does it happen? and the worst thing was, again, i was yeah, well, i'm not a human being. want to put in and a person to suffer. what do they get out of this? well, then how can i convince them i'm innocent? how can i convince them that actually i love them, but they want here they have decided i'm bad. they have just decided i'm an enemy they have to eliminate. and do they know the pain i'm going through in that
10:41 pm
moment, especially when they came to search? i remember feeling like it thousand it was. i went through my body like i'm in fire burning, but i'm not dying. and i wish to that end to end of this torture. and then somehow, as they were inside searching, i truly thought, how is my soul going to come out? am i going to see ? and i went symmetry, you know, as i, i hear in my church and i'm going to meet my parents. is any one of them died or not? and i remember asking god , if you can hear me, don't let it kill us . open the door today. >> just today, the most striking part of that conversation, which you really should watch, is her descriptions. >> immaculee ilibagiza of what rwanda is like before the media started singling out an entire group on the basis of its ethnicity is really nice country with lots of social trust, very little crime, happy people. >> when the media start whipping up race hate it fell apart. worth paying attention to that.
10:42 pm
that whole thing is on fox nation. absolutely. >> we're seeing so obviously the plan is to get rid of cash because it's easier and cash is for criminals and mandate digital currency. >> now, if you think about it for a second, you don't want to hand total control of all your money to people who don't like you. so that's not a good idea. but it's happening anyway. and it's happening because atms are disappearing. oh, okay. no one voted on this, but it's happening anyway. and we've got details next. >> don't touch shut-eye. but party only on fox nation. can you turn back the clock and watch some of the best comedies of all time. outrageous. he hates these giant and unapologetic, ugly, funny. oh, it looks good on you. lo. these castlebury classics all together in one place.
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e. crystal flies for thirty days. absolutely risk free coller visit crystal flush .com. >> now. so if they take away cash and make everything digital and digital currency is central bank digital currency obviously have nwhatsoevo power whatsoeve. if they don't like what you'reue doing, they just shut you down in your impoverished. st just happened in canada lastno winter. so we know whaw tht the consequencesan are. ee >> w te know why they want it. a so that couldn't happen, right?d well, we may live to see the day that it does happen. and here's the latest sign that it may be happening. the number of banks and atme machines in this country are in steep decline. >> far fewer than there were just a few years ago. and in some countries like
10:48 pm
australia, they're going way ati high speed. so this is not something thatetg anyone voted on . this is something that they'retn just doing, whether you like it or not. so you can say wcae have cash,st but you can get cash, then do you really have cash? >> so wherwhere e is this going? that's the question we want to assess tonight.s goin and we're going to with catherine austin fitts, who has been monitoring this. >> she found the salary report. >> she's also the assistant secretary of housing urban development. and we're happy to hav catherineo catherine . thanks for coming on .vote so i think if you put this up to a vote nationally, most people would say, no, i may not contcash, but i'd like to have cash because if there's no m cash, then i have noy control over my life. but it seems like this could wi a way to affect the same outcome without a voteth. . so, tucker, the one of the bedrocks of freedom is the freedom to do financial transactions, including privately our freedom to do where you want to dofortunat and wherever you want to do. and unfortunately, as the
10:49 pm
financial system has become m more and more digitaorl, you ser more and more not only invasive surveillance, but more and refer tomore controls. you referred to canada. perfect example. and the reality as the financial system gets more controlling and more invasive, it's a little bitd like bringing up a corrausl around us and cbd, centralaccine bank, digital currencies and vaccine passport or digitalf ids are sort of the last shuting of the gate. we're it's hard fosor many peopled to to imagine the risks hereg wi ancause we're so used to living with financial transactionon freedom and we don't understand that when this gate closes on us, we literally will be sitting in a system where the central banks believe thatm our assets belong to them and they can dictate where wespe can spend money and what we can spend money on . g the important thingrrenci to understand is central bank digital currencies arees not currencies. it's a financial transaction control grid. and it gives the ability for the central bankers and they've
10:50 pm
said this publiclyhe, the abilil to not only set the rules centrally, but enforce the rules. essentially, if you don't d behave, you can have your moneye turned off. >> you keep hearing people on television say cash is for yu criminals. why would you need cash ife you're not doing something bad? >> why are so few financial journalists pointing out that actually if cash goes away, so does any power you might have had over your own life? >>fe well, i . understand an i find a lot more journalists are beginning to understand and are beginning to not only write about this and talkof about this, but do documentaries. we just had a new documentary fe out of the netherlands called state of control, which does a great job of explaining the invasive nature of this control grid. i think it's very hard forho's o enople who've grown up and enjoyed western liberty and human libertjoy to imagine literally that we're going into a system where literallyan
10:51 pm
our homes, our cars, mi our communities become digital concentrationg n camps. soif if you've enjoyed liberty, it's very hard to , you know, perceive this iceberg before you hist. and that's why it's so important. and i commend you for for talking about cbd, because we need to not let the propaganda persuade us that, one , this is convenien ct. or two, that we need this orhe three , we neenod to understand not only the dangers of cbd seas, but the opportunities ifw we start to reverse financialse tyranny. we've seen the financialcial sym engineered using the federal credit to increase inequality and centralized political and economic control. and it's shrinking our wealth and it's shrinking our economy. we havalth ande debt growing and central control growing much faster than the gdping tht can be reversed. so the opportunity of rejecting financial tyranny and financialy transaction control is s ao- tr important. and all over the unitedct states , there are great stateit
10:52 pm
legislatureshe working on legislation and passing legislation to protect legislatressour right to use ca, increasingly talking aboutg abot state bullyingat depositories, state sovereign banks. there are many people doinargifu this l. and if you look at what they're doing when it succeeds, it can really it can really d reinvigorate our economy. and so don'ton forget, people need to know rejecting this. >> rightha.t's i think when people understand it, that's the first step. catherine austin fitts, greater to see you tonight. authank you. >> tha thank you, tucker.nk so nikki haley just announced she's running for president . official announcement imade t a couple of weeks.ha was thatt lonang ago that nikki haley explainef d that immigrane are more patriotic than you are. she also endorse pd the riots. m she said george floyd's death, quote, needs to be painful.said geofor everyone.. so we thought it'd be interesting to speak to someone who has worked for nikki haley to know whatr she's like since she wantsto s to run the countryee w. . >> just evans is the ceo ofubli evans public affairs. ju's her former
10:53 pm
political director. he joins us now. coo much forks sstthanks so mucr coming on .d >> so you know nikki haleyyo well, she hire wd you. you worked intimately with her e in politics. what's your reaction to hert? announcement that she's going to run for president ? >> yeah, i mean, i appreciate you having me on , tucker. it's great to see you. again. >> it's going to be a long road for for nikki. nikki, running fourth in south carolina and it's no she's running fourth in south carolina. and quite frankly, it's noe surprise to anybodto fory. she's running for president .rnr she's been running for s president ever since she was elected governor in 2010. anso her announcement on februay 15 , i don't think is going to move the needle in any kind of meaningful way. and in fact, i'd go so far as to make a prediction here. i don't thinth ik sh te ends beg on the ballot. i think sh-e understands thatl hecar capital , her vice presidential capital , runs out if she doesn't perform well in her own home state. i thin a so i think i think it's going to be a long road for a lot of people who are asking, like, what's up with all these political inconsistencies that we've seen out of her lately? witone of those is is with hers support for the formerat peo president . i mean, she's been soplo inconsistent on that and flip flopped on that so often.
10:54 pm
people are starting to confuse her with mitt romney at this point as it relate s to her time in south carolina. sh e likes to tell people b that she's never lost aned election. a well, on the ballot, that may be true. but, tucker, she's also never finished a job, whether it was o her time as governor, her time n, our time at boeing, she jus she's got a demonstrated a demonstrated pattern of behavior that she just she just walks away with when times get tough. so it's going to be a it'strus going to be a tough road for for her to here.k up tad she's going to have a lot ofxp trust that she has to buil back up the taxpayers.onrd and speaking of taxpayer, whens on that regard, when she was a house member, she voted for tax increases and when she wasr architected on a governor, she architected one of the largest tax increases in the history of the state of south carolina. tax tas far as foreign policy's sorry, just unfortunate. >> we're out of time, but we will see you again as here campaign continues. appreciate your perspective. having workefor her.we'll be ri. >> after this. jj, never miss a beat any day
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cuz it is tv's most captivating new crime show guiltiness. this is a nightmare and now you can watch it any time. i'm going to fix this, i promise. accused all new tuesdays on fox and watch any time on hulu. >> it's the super bowl pregame party on fox. join khorasan group for performances by jason de rulo in the blackies michael strahan. sit down with brian and the guys break down the big game. it all kicks off february 12th on fox. >> america is waking up to fox and friends. hey guys, morning, sam. watch out. rains in the forecast. it's important to have friends you trust. >> fox and friends, america's best friends are. >> you can't turn on a tv setkey in this country withouout hearig
11:00 pm
another outraged person rantingh about george santo's. george santo'searing ano new mef congress. >> we would say anything about george santos. but ultimately sa, our curiosity was piqued. >> so we're doing our own investigation into george santo . that's tomorrow night. we can't wait.aked. in the meantime, have the best night with the ones you love.t >>jo we will see. nity." >> and welcome to hannity. and breaking today, houseay speaker kevin mccarthy, well, he got to pay a visit to the white house and squared off squ with president bidenar. he will be here exclusivelyer and tell us all that wentth on behind the scenes. that's coming up straight ahead. also, joe biden likelyes had o a lot on his mind just a few hours before meeting with kevin mccarthy. orwhile joe's belovedarth multimillion dollar beach house in rehoboty.h, delaware, it was finally searched by the fbi. now, this comes three entire b
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