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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 2, 2023 1:00am-2:00am PST

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the zoo last night. maybe it is a case of divine intervention. don't forget to watch us, it is america now and forever, go to my instagram, lots of new photos, including what i returned to when i got back to washington and gutfeld and the gang take it all from here. >> todd: breaking overnight, the nypd and sanitation crews clearing out the migrant camp where dozens of male migrants have been sitting for days, refusing to leave for a migrant shelter. you're watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier, in for carli lloyd. the single men staying at the watson chose to transfer to the brooklyn cruise center, called a
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warm location, or decided to leave our care by connecting with friends, family or other networks. >> todd: mayor eric adams calling out agitators providing food, water and clothing. he says shelter at brooklyn cruise is nothing like the prison they are making it out to be. >> what they said to me, thank you, mr. mayor. there are agitators that are doing a disservice to the migrants and the children and families moving to the hotels. >> todd: i'm dumbfounded by the sense of entitlement from the migrants. the shelter conditions, they call a prison, these conditions are better than most college dorm rooms that most college students experience. these are clean. you have some semblence of privacy, unlike college dorms. having been there, i agree with mayor adams, the activists are
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agitators. they are standing in front of the media and prevent the media from covering the party because they wound their socialist operation to take place in the shadow separated from the public. >> ashley: right, you talk about seeing it, you don't expects asylum seekers, migrants to come here and start protesting. when you hear mayor eric adams say agitatorings and activists are pushing them to stay in the cold, it is ironic the democrats and liberal activists slammed -- i mean, absolute she crucified abbott and desantis saying they are using migrants as political pawns, that is exactly what they did in this situation. part of me wonders if the migrants are like, i'm not going to listen to them anymore, i'm freezing and i'm going to the shelter. another question i have to raise and i'm not saying the handful
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of men migrants who did not go to the shelters are criminals, i'm saying we do not know where some of them went. we have not vetted them, we do not know their criminal history and they are on the streets. the quinnipiac poll, many think it is a crisis for new york city, according to a new poll. the poll numbers, 70% say it is a problem, 25% say it is not, they are only having a problem now that it is at their front door. what did people expect? did they think this wasn't going to filter to their home state? it is all 50 states now, some form of migrant issue in all 50 states right now. >> todd: that 25% that say it is not a crisis, they are responsible, they have forced mayor eric adams previously to say things like we'll remain a sanctuary city and encourage people and that puts mayor eric
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adams in a tough bind. this is not working out, we can't handle 40,000. >> ashley: and billions of dollars. >> todd: we can't handle it. it is the fault of the 25. what are their priorities? what vision do they have for the city? do they want it to go back to the grimy old days in the '70s, when this place was horrible? that is not what i want. i want to take my kids into the city, i want the city to be a functioning economic engine. it is not that right now. activists are encouraging homelessness and what has made this untenable, it will hit like 8 degrees on saturday. >> ashley: wind chill negative 40. >> todd: you can't be out in those kind of conditions, even if this is your vision of new york city. >> ashley: it will come down to a complete overhaul of leadership change or the current
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leadership of the cities, states and president to be like, we have to shift our ideas and what we're doing because clearly something is not working. i don't see that happening, but you never know. now eric adams is saying it is activist agitators, i didn't think he would say that. i think kathy hochul needs to step up, she is the governor and she is missing in action. >> todd: her new budget she put forth doesn't give indication she is taking it seriously. >> ashley: republicans are taking the crisis at the southern border to capitol hill. lawmakers sparring for house during the first hearing on the border crisis. >> todd: lucas tomlinson has more. >> republicans on the house judiciary committee used their first hearing to focus on the crisis on the u.s./mexico border. >> month after month after month, we have set records for
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migrants coming into the country and frankly, i think it is intentional. i don't know how anyone with common sense or logic can reach another conclusion, it emzoos deliberate and premeditated. >> address the border in crisis mode. >> that reflects uptick in migrant deaths, that is 2020 to 2022, almost thousand migrant deaths at the southwest border. kamala harris was reported border czar, she should know the border in and out, along with mayorkas. has she? have you had interaction with her? >> no. >> democrats fired back. >> first hearing will showcase racist tendency of the republican wing of the party. >> many republicans in congress seem intent on demonizing migrant families and asylum seekers, portraying them as
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fentanyl traffickers and violent criminals. >> this hearing is titled biden's border crisis, it is not biden's border crisis, this has been a cries for half a century. >> no invasion of migrants in our community nor hoards of undocumented immigrants causing havoc in our community. >> four and a half million migrants crossed the border since biden took office biggs writes, secretary mayorkas has failed to do his oath at the expense of the constitution and the security of the united states. house oversight committee will hold hearings next week, the only cabinet member ever impeached was president grant secretary of war in 1876, guys. >> todd: it was grant, i find
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that interesting. thank you. top d.e.a. official warning two mexican cartels pose greatest drug threat in u.s. history. warning these ruthful violent criminal organizations have brokers in all 50 states and 40 countries around the world, i have seen what the mexican cartels have done to our country, destroying families and communities. he explained the two organizations control supply of deadly fentanyl into the country from china. his warning comes after eight million potentially deadly doses of fentanyl are seized in just d.c., maryland and virginia last year. cdc reporting 1continue,000 overdose deaths last year. overdose surge hitting san francisco hard, a drug awareness group, national harm reduction coalition is facing backlash for
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an ad campaign featuring posters that endorse safer ways to do drugs. tips include, do it with friends, use drugs with people and take turns. another poster suggesting users should change it up and try smoking or snorting instead of injecting drugs. san francisco residents not happy with the campaign. a freelance journalist and san francisco resident joins me now. eric, when you see the posters, i wonder why there is effort to normalize drug use and what they should be doing is rehabilitation? >> it is a misguided campaign and it was ended by one of our supervisors after there was a huge outcry from the public. it was so wrong-headed and so bizarre, it is interesting that the public health department is
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the one who accepted this as a program and they were just bombarded with complaintses. we see in our streets all over the death, destruction, suffering and to see these kind of posters that basically grandize drug use that is killing people. it was outlandish and horrible. it just shows how they operate in a bubble. it makes no sense. >> todd: you are outside of the bubble on the streets of san francisco doing your daily life. you see faces of these individuals. they are not fun, happy-go-lucky, let's do drug images on the screen, they are despair and sadness, aren't they? >> yeah, it couldn't be anything, but this joyful party atmosphere, where you hang out with friends and you're enjoying a good smoke of fentanyl. it is a tragedy. you see it. there is nothing enjoyable about
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it. it looks miserable. it looks painful you can see they're dying in front of you. this is something we confront all the time. as citizens, as business owners, visitors, we see it constantly. this is truly a battle between the people who want to perpetuate it and they do want to perpetuate it and those who want to say, we deserve better. humans deserve better. all of us from people on the street on up. >> todd: that is a great point, these people are huknow mas, they deserve help, not facilitation to make their lives worse, which is what the advertisements do. the national harm reduction council, they are advocacy group and they gave us a statement, in san francisco, people use drugs and reverse moreoverdoses than
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any other group of first responders, thousands survive overdoses every year in the city because of people who use drug and harm reduction workers. that's a confusing statement, i double clinched there a couple times, it made no sense to me, what is your reaction to the claims? >> it makes me livid, livid, because it is not solving the problem. just because you have a heartbeat for that moment doesn't mean you are living. in the next hour, the next day, you may be dead. it is nothing. yes, you keep somebody alive for a moment. by the way, it will not keep them alive much longer, we have newer, stronger drugs that are narcon resistant. there is huge influx of drugs that are deadly and a population who is severely addicted. help them with treatment.
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this is what we're demanding right now. the city of san francisco is rising up, we are changing. i went to a meeting last night, it was powerful, people are demanding the opposite of what the public health department is adopting, harm reduction. this is what you see. this is embarrassment. it is so immoral. it is unsustainable. eventually it is going to collapse. >> todd: i can't get over the fact in the statement, which came to us after we called them out for ridiculous posters. they say the people who use drugs are best frontline helper for people who use drugs, that is the biggest head scratcher of all. erica, thank you for your insight. keep up your good work to hopefully save some lives. >> thank you. >> ashley: fox weather alert, seven people dead in texas and
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another in arkansas as powerful winter storm cripples the mid-south. rain causing roads to freeze over, resulting in three deadly crashes. >> i've never seen ice like this. >> do not come out at all. >> never see nothing like this, it is worse than we thought it was going to get, a lot worse. >> ashley: 360's,000 texas resident are without power. flights were cancelled across the u.s. yesterday with hundreds delayed or cancelled today as the artic blast is expected to linger in the area. >> todd: i get nervous when they de-ice the plane. >> ashley: let me off right now, i don't want to go anywhere. look at this wild video showing group of thieves taking smash-and-grab to a new level, driving a car through a mall, we have the story. >> todd: yesterday we told you an armed robbery suspect taking this claim after alleged crime
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spree. >> i'll be off in 24 hours off of bail. >> todd: i don't know if you could hear, he said, i will be out in 24 hours, he has a lengthy rap sheet and a local business terrorized by this repeat offender is going to join us next.
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>> ashley: we're back with pretty wild security footage from toronto, canada, catching the moment when two robbers crash into a mall. you see the audi heading toward the entrance and ramming through the glass doors and the thieves take a joyride through the first floor before robbing an electronics store and they leave the mall smashing through an exit. both suspects are still on the loose. they didn't think to of coer their license plate up, worst criminal ever. to the crime crisis at home, we're learning the armed suspects accused of robbing a dozen people across new york will be prosecuted in federal court. >> todd: marianne has details. >> marianne: two career criminals, including one who said he wouldn't stay in jail for long are hit with charges
1:21 am
spanning several burroughs. >> 24 hours, i'll be out on bail. >> marianne: the 13 robberies started innen 82s and brooklyn before being arrested in upper manhattan. wallets and jewelry was taken from victims and even hitting a local motel on queens boulevard. one is carlos lopez, affiliated with the cryptses. he had nine prior arrests for gun possession and alleged beating of 79-year-old man in november. suspect alvin velez, 11 prior busts dating back to 2001 for sexual abuse, assault, and attempted murder and he spent eight years in prison before being paroled in 2021 and been arrested five times since then, most recently on drug charges. chief essex says none of the
1:22 am
suspects should have been on the streets. >> they were on parole for bad crimes, attempted murder, they get arrested numerous times, we don't violate their parole, they are out in the streets and steal a gun and ride through three burroughs pointing guns at people, they should not be out on the streets. >> marianne: if convicted on federal charges, they will carry longer jail terms, heavier fines and additional penalties. >> todd: thank you. bring in business owner richie romero, who owns businesses in the manhattan area where part of the heist took place. how disheartening, to know these two guys should have been behind bars, but were out on the streets despite lengthy rap sheets? >> well, todd, it is very
1:23 am
disheartening. we see it everyday. we see different cvs closed, dwayne reid, people stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly, why stores are closing and they are back out on the street. we see our commissioner over and over state that the no bail is an issue. numerous times, she said it. nothing is being done about it. we have police officers on the street that are underpaid, underappreciated and misunderstood and dealing with a community that doesn't trust them and something has to be done about it. you have alvin bragg, kathy hochul, adams, everyone has to get on the same page and make it repeat offenders. i understand education, but these are the same repeat offenders over and over doing the crimes.
1:24 am
let the judges judge. this is what they spent their entire lives studying the law, they should be allowed to get rid of politics and let the judges judge. >> ashley: i want to play this sound bite, this suspect is bragging he would be out of jail in 24 hours, listen. >> in 24 hours, i'll be out on bail. >> ashley: that was one of the suspects, but another suspect like a duo type situation, he's going to be out soon on $75,000 bond on house arrest. does that really matter? does that worry you? they already had a criminal record, it doesn't matter to them house arrest or not. >> no, ashley, it is very concerning, you have career criminals listening and watching this show right now and being like, i can get away with this. i have a 24-hour stay in hotel nypd, get a meal and get back
1:25 am
out and do the same crime over and over. it is fearful for citizens, business owners and cops themselves. >> todd: as the city gets more unsafe by the day, do you notice fewer customers and fewer foot traffic, those sorts of things? >> more during the late night, you know. some of my places pre-covid and pre things, we were opening up a lot later, more curfew, more after 10 p.m. >> todd: interesting. >> ashley: you talk about city leaders and you talk about eric adams and the da's office, the da's office plays a huge role in this. i think the mayor and commissioner do want to see changes, especially with bail reform. what is your message as a business owner in manhattan, what is your message to city
1:26 am
leaders to get this to change? what do you want to see them do? >> a simple thing, everyone get on the same page and let the judges judge. it's that simple. you spent your entire life studying the life and that is your career, let the judges do it. it is the same thing. you look at the stats and everything, it is same repeat criminals doing this. get on the same page already, let everyone feel safe. let the cops do their job, we need the balance >> if you are born and raised new yorker, no one wants to go back to the years. we were trending in a great direction, let's stop repeat criminals. >> todd: also needs to be a sense of urgency from those in charge. i appreciate some leaders are acknowledging the problem, we got to get going, small business owners don't have time. they will shut down business, go
1:27 am
bankrupt and leave the city. >> ashley: they talk about it, i think that is richie's biggest issue and a lot of business owner. you talk about it, you are not seeing action. i feel so bad, you are trying to make a living and have situations like this at your front door. >> todd: thank you for your time. voters say the state of the union is dysfunction, dissatisfaction and disapproval. they are getting a d, and we'll tell you where joe biden got lowest marks. >> ashley: inflation taking toll on small businesses, natural gas prices spiked 400%. restaurant owners just paid $8000 for their energy bill. chevy silverado factory-lifted trucks. where will they take you? ♪
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>> todd: days before president
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biden is set to deliver the state of the union address, voters say the country is divided. 81% of voters describe america as a dysfunctional family as opposed to a tight-knit family, with 26% saying they are satisfied with the current state of our country. meantime, the federal reserve raising interest rates quarter point in another attempt to quell inflation, putting federal funds rate 4.5 to 4.75, the highest in 15 years. >> ashley: the business taking toll on san diego leaving one restaurant with an energy bill $6000 more than last month. the owners of the restaurant join us now. thank you for getting up with us this morning.
1:34 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> ashley: jeff, what did you think when you saw your bill went from $2200 to $8200? i would have called somebody is said, is this right, this can't be right. >> that is only the gas bill, the total bill is $13,000. >> ashley: what are you talking about, food, what is that? >> we're talking about our original gas bill last month was beginning of covid was $2200. this month it is $8200, just for natural gas, excluding electricity. electricity is $5000 a month now, up 2.5 times since 2020. >> ashley: i can imagine, that doesn't even account for increase in food costs, minimum wage, you have prices, have you thought how much longer you will
1:35 am
stay there and take this or have you thought about picking up and moving to a different state? >> i think they're running us out of here, it is out of control. costs are out of control. >> nick, what do you think, have you thought about switching states and working somewhere else? >> we've been in the same location since 1949, i don't think we are going anywhere, here a huge staple in san diego. we don't plan to go anywhere, but there are times where we can't exactly be prepared for something like that. you mention minimum wage. we're able to get a heads up for a couple months for minimum wage and able to increase many prices. as far as what sdg needed, they dropped it on us december 30, just to let you know, your bill will go up to $3.49.
1:36 am
i don't know if you saw, just recently, two days ago, they released gas bills will be 68% less for the month of february. i'm not sure what happened there, i think they got their hands caught price gouging people of san diego. here we are now with a bill that is going to be less. >> ashley: do you think there will be repercussions? if it is a high swing and comes back down, sounds like somebody really messed up. >> we don't know if it is 68% off of this bill or 68% -- we don't know where it is going, that was just a press release. every month there is something, every month we have some kind of cost increase. we don't know what to do with the electric bill. very difficult business, as it
1:37 am
is, and now we set -- >> ashley: with everything you guys have told me, what is your message for leadership in california, whether it be in your city, your county or up to gavin newsom? >> you know, the politicians in san diego are pretty much directly connected with gavin newsom. they have their own ring they are bouncing off each other. so i mean, they are not exactly representing the people here in san diego, i can tell you that. it just seems like they're throwing businesses under the bus and we're such a huge -- we bring in so much tax revenue for the city of san diego and they are here stabbing us in the back with cost and allowing companies to do whatever they like. it is sad to see the people are
1:38 am
suffering, if you go online on facebook and all that, people say they can't afford their bills any longer and these are people that need it most and just doesn't seem like they are representing any of us. >> ashley: before i let you guys go, was it difficult to pay that bill this month? >> it is very difficult. the cost has to come out of somewhere, we can't continue to raise our prices until nobody shows up. this is a very blue-collar restaurant. we're on a tight budget. we try to control our costs. we're just doing the best we can. even two bedroom, two bath apartment, some bills are $1000 a month, gas only, not electricity. electricity is up 40% over what it was at the beginning of covid
1:39 am
and this new gas bill, but we're hoping there will be some relief and our politicians do take action and control these costs. >> ashley: politicians have to step in, people will not be able to survive on this, this is ridiculous. i had to do a double take when i saw it went up 400%. thank you for telling your story this morning, we appreciate it. have a good day. >> todd: minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar says her attempted removal from the committee is payback after democrats impeached donald trump. >> been on a vengeance tour. what they have done now is deny eric swalwell and adam schiff committees because they disagreed in the way in which they led the impeachment against trump. this is extracting revenge for trump, their master. and certainly i've been a target for them from the beginning.
1:40 am
>> todd: house speaker kevin mccarthy telling fox news the house will vote to remove ilhan omar today, he vowed to remove her in 2021 over anti-semitic comments she made about israel and its supporters. hunter biden and his legal team making major new announcement about his laptop a week before house republicans launch their investigation into the biden family. >> ashley: we have the details in a live report.
1:41 am
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>> todd: hunter biden's legal team calling for a probe into the laptop he left at that delaware repair shop. >> ashley: house republicans are set to kickoff their block buster hearing into the biden family. brooke singman is here with details. >> brooke: hunter biden and his legal team are calling for an investigation into what they say are attempting to weaponize data found on the laptop. the attorney calls out several allies of former president trump, along with the repair shop owner, claiming the shop owner unlawfully accessed the data, which was used against hunter. his attorney says this resulted
1:46 am
in exposure, exploitation and manipulation of mr. biden private and personal information. here is what we know. december of 2019, repair owner matt isaac discovered the information and sent to the fbi. the "new york post" was given a copy of the hard drive and yesterday's hunter's legal team coming forward and admitting it belongs to him while calling for a probe. the repair shop owner responding to allegations, saying the timing is interesting, he told "new york post," with congress starting investigations next week, it is a scare tactic, it is heaviest when you are over the target and the hearings into president joe biden and his family will begin next wednesday, february 8th and james comer says the scope of the investigation will lead hunter's art deal and censorship of the story observe the 2020 election. >> todd: a lot to investigates,
1:47 am
president biden personal lawyer says the fbi did not find new classified documents during yesterday's search of his vacation home. the white house is keeping quiet about the biden family potentially having access to mishandled family. >> did anybody else in the family have access to the same documents? >> i will not speak to the negotiation or discussion or collaboration between the president's personal attorney and doj and establishing search, we are cooperating fully with the justice department. >> ashley: former cia covert operation officer and author of "company rules," and mike is with us this morning. my question is, why and what sparked the investigations in the first place for them to search his home and area? >> great question, i don't think the question has been asked and answered. if you look at this timeline, which is sketchy. despite the administration
1:48 am
saying repeatedly they have been transparent, they have been anything, but. saying you are transparent, you have to answer questions, not enough to say, we're being clear here. apparently the president's personal attorneys found classified documents at the penn biden center and a few days after the fbi came in and searched the penn biden center. what prompted the lawyers, what sparked that visit? it wasn't as if they were sitting around, opened the drawer and look at that, classified documents. from the beginning, there hasn't been this transparenty that the administration claims. first thing if i was the president, fire my crisis communication team, whoever that may be, the messaging has been awful and continues to be awful. >> todd: you are former covert operation guy, which means you root through bs, right? okay.
1:49 am
isn't it clear -- >> thank you for summing it up, that sums it up. >> todd: isn't it clear hunter and other members of the biden world, biden family, their industry, they had access to the documents. >> well, sure, everyone intuitively understands, the general public, the millions who have never handled classified documents can look and say, this seems dysfunctional and i spent a long time handling classified material and it is not that tough to figure out what is classified and what is not and how you properly secure it. it is not difficult. the biggest problem the biden team is facing right now, not the documents and what is in them, right? it is this optic that it is unfair, it is a two-tier system. the public understands, if it was any of us, we'd be in jail and that has happened repeatedly
1:50 am
when just your average person has mishandled classified documents. they see this and see this unfairness and that is the real problem for the bidens. >> todd: the white house keeps touting it is cooperation and mutual agreement. where was mutual agreement with trump when they went in with a raid, not a question there, just i feel like they are driving themselves deeper down the hole of hypocrisy. >> absolutely. you have unfairness between how the two presidents have been treated and are being treated. there is this big idea that the political elite can get away with something that you or i, the average citizen, would never be able to get away with. we would never get a cooperative visit from the fbi. >> ashley: bob woodward says the media failed when it comes to covering the steele dossier. were you shocked by this?
1:51 am
this is not news. >> i do love it, bob woodward has claimed the obvious statement of the year, possibly for the decade by saying there was incurious effort by most of the media to pursue this story. look, anybody involved in the intel business for any period of time and i have a company that works in the private sector after having left the cia. look at christopher steele and look at this dossier and we did, talked about how many questions there are here. the bureau or some in the bureau and great portion of the media and a lot of the dysfunctional politicians on capitol hill, including adam schiff, they swallowed this information, hook, line and sinker. they had a political agenda. bob woodward said a lot of people after the debacle will have to walk the painful road of
1:52 am
intraspection. the idea of that is fantastic. >> todd: you are not real confident that is going to happen? >> i am not confident about two things, a, that will not happen, and b, i don't think anything will come of any investigation in washington, d.c. i've seen investigations die with no end result, anybody who wants that is going to be disappointing. >> ashley: they disappear and you never hear about it anymore. will there are consequences to this? this was all we heard during the trump administration, it did a lot of damage. >> it did. now it is again, karma has come back around to bite the biden administration in the backside. most of the trump administration, they were beating this drum. how many times did adam schiff talk about evidence he had and now they want to acts aggrieved by the gop wants an investigation into something -- there are real problems here. i don't know, i think
1:53 am
republicans have a messaging problem, as well. hunter, the average american goes, i don't care, it is the influence pedalling, they have the message wrong >> the more they zero in on hunter, the average american doesn't care. >> ashley: they need to make it clear, it is not just about hunter biden, it is about the sitting president of the united states. >> todd: and ties to our enemy, this is not a tie to an american company where you got a favor for a little money, this iss china. this is russia connected with ukraine. i'm hearing in bob woodward's next expose, he will come out and say you and i are wearing suits. >> and ties. >> todd: hope we can confirm that, check out mike baker's book "company rules" or everything about business i learned from the cia. thank you for coming in. >> ashley: florida governor ron
1:54 am
desantis getting support. listen to this. >> frankly, i'm against the college boards curricula, i think it is trash. it is not african american history. it is ideology. >> ashley: that democrat lee county commissioner bill proctor joins us live in the 5:00 hour. >> todd: do you feel like everyday is the same? we are checking in with janice dean who is live in vladamir putin /* pux, pennsylvania. >> the crowds have been here since 3 a.m., we'll find out if there are six more weeks of winter. stay tuned for "fox and friends first" and "fox and friends," we'll be broadcasting live. whoo!
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>> todd: fox news alert, seven people are dead in texas and another in arkansas as a powerful winter storm cripples the mid-south. the winter blast causing several deadly crashes as roads there become dangerously icy. this is not an area of the country that has a lot of experience in dealing with ice, that makes this more dangerous. this is "fox and friends first"s, i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier, in for carley shimkus. flight delays and putting 380's,000 texas residentses without power. >> i have never seen ice like this before. >> do not come out. >> it has been a lot worse than we thought it would get. >> ashley: texas residents being warned it could take until tomorrow for power to be restored. to america's crime crisis,yp


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