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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  February 3, 2023 8:00am-9:00am PST

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incident. >> bill: quickly a new warning from police in upstate new york. be on the lookout for highly addictive substances. good ones, too. thin minutes, tag alongs. police in oneida county say they are being distributed by nice young women. you will be addicted. >> bill: thin mints in the freeder. >> harris: the massive balloon the size of three buses and china has just confirmed it is their balloon hovering in u.s. airspace all the way to montana above the nuclear weapons facility. this is a major foreign policy test for president biden. how will he respond to china on this? i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." the pentagon is set to take to the podium, have a briefing on
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this situation. we're awaiting that. we'll hear the president's plan, we're told, of action. china today claims that balloon is just a civilian air ship used for research and that it got blown off course. all the way to montana? it just so happens that it was very close to a sensitive site in that state. 1 of 3 in the nation with nuclear weapon silos. it also houses ballistic missiles. montana in red on the map for a reason this hour. deafening reaction so far, bipartisan lawmakers biden allowing on-demand access to our u.s. airspace is dangerous. it is not okay. some republicans, including 2024 hopeful nikki haley, calling on president biden to shoot it down. congressman andy biggs calling
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biden a affectless commander in chief. secretary of state antony blink en was scheduled to travel to beijing but now the trip is postponed indefinitely. senator tom cotton says biden must answer as to why he hasn't secured u.s. airspace. the president walking away from questions moments ago. >> mr. president -- [reporters shouting] >> harris: we've seen that again and again and again. house oversight committee chairman james comer in "focus." first let's begin with our chief national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer. >> the pentagon does not believe there is a second spy balloon flying near u.s. airspace as initially reported by canadian defense officials.
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according to a senior u.s. defense official the balloon over montana was launched from china. it doesn't believe it was a weather balloon that flew off course despite the chinese blaming a weather event. there was not one that caused the balloon to enter u.s. airspace i'm told. it was intentional a senior u.s. official told me. secretary of state antony blinken has postponed his upcoming trip to china. a state department official told reporters we have noted the prc statement of regret but the presence of this balloon in our airspace is a clear violation of our sovereignty as well as international law and unacceptable this has occurred. the balloon is flying at 60,000 feet which is higher than most u.s. war planes can fly. the u.s. doesn't fly spy planes or balloons over mainland china
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according to a senior u.s. official. questions why the pentagon advised not shooting it down now. one official says there is a lot of empty space in montana but a lot of schools. what happens when the balloon, which is carrying heavy equipment and is the size of at least two school buses hands on a home or kindergarten? if we shoot it down the balloon and equipment on board will plunge to earth at fast speed. the possibility of american civilian casualties and collateral damages is the reason the president opted not to shoot down the balloon for now. there are options for bringing down the balloon when safe to do so. the u.s. government is tracking this balloon for some time. was not surprised by its appearance over the u.s. but described the chinese action as bold. u.s. officials tell me they have mitigated the ability for this balloon to survey sensitive sites and blocking it from doing
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so and learning a lot by monitoring the balloon. >> harris: quickly before i let you go. i haven't found this information anywhere and you mentioned that they've been tracking this balloon for some time. where did they start to track it and how many days have they said from the pentagon? >> they said last night when we spoke to a senior u.s. defense official that they've been tracking it for several days but i think the point at which they began tracking it is still a classified information. >> harris: jennifer griffin. excellent. thank you so much. republican congressman james comer of kentucky chairman of the house oversight committee is in "focus." what is your greatest concern as we track something that is the size of three buses now that china says was taken by wind that we can't substantiate? >> i have concern this will be another example of the biden administration's weakness on the national scale. you look at what happened in afghanistan. that hurt the reputation of
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america's military strength. that hurt the reputation of our commander-in-chief. and now we have china clearly playing games with the united states. this balloon never should have been allowed to cross over into the past the pacific coast under the continental united states. never should have happened. my concern is that the federal government obviously doesn't know what's in that balloon. bioweapons, did it take off from wuhan? we don't know anything about that balloon. but the fact that this balloon was slowly making its way to the united states for several days and this administration never alerted anyone about the possibility of this balloon coming over the united states is very concerned and concerning they didn't shoot it out of the air before it didn't reach the continental united states. >> harris: you mean people on capitol hill were not being briefed, national security briefings about this giant object in the sky?
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>> no one on the house oversight committee. i don't know about the intelligence committee with the senate or house. the overwhelming majority of members of congress i've spoken to in the last 24 hours had no idea about this. this administration again is the least transparent administration in the history of america. this is very concerning. unless china is working with the biden administration to find missing documents scattered around the united states it is unacceptable and should not be allowed another sign of weakness on the international stage by our commander-in-chief. >> harris: reason the balloon was well above military and commercial airlines. it is at 60,000 feet. for your committee that you chair no notice of this, there are so many problems inherent in that. we'll continue to cover it. let's move to this. hunter biden's lawyers are now saying their letter that they
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sent does not confirm the laptop actually belongs to their client. but they did confirm it is hunter's personal computer data that has been going around. their new angle is that it has been weaponized somehow. the "new york post" with a scathing burn to that legal team. friends-in-law places. a new op-ed says all these family ties just add to the already bad optics. how is it going to look if at the demand of the president's son the justice department unleashes the full force of the federal government on the people who exposed hunter's problematic foreign dealings including documents that raise questions about joe biden's knowledge of those affairs? i want to come straight to you and get your reaction to all of that. >> well, it is good that the legal team for hunter biden finally confirmed the authenticity of the hard drive. in november right after the
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election when republicans won the election and we had a press conference with the oversight committee to announce our formal investigation of biden family influence peddling many came to hunter's defense. democrats and mainstream media suggesting the laptop and the contents weren't authentic and had been tampered with. now we know heading into our first hearing next week on the biden corruption that the contents of this laptop are authentic and indeed hunter biden's. it's very concerning for the president of the united states. there are countless emails, text messages, pictures very damaging to president joe biden. they will prove that joe biden was not truthful with the american people when he said he had no idea about his family's involvement in these shady business dealings. we are now to the point where we're concerned that some of these emails that we targeted could potentially have some of
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this classified information that is turning up all over the east coast on it. so this is very concerning. this investigation -- >> harris: wait a minute. i want to slow you down for a second there. are you saying that somehow the classified documents would have been mingled with things that would be on that laptop that now hunter suddenly says is actually his? >> that's what we will try to find out. there are two emails that are emails of interest for the house oversight committee. these are two emails that read like a government document. not like any other email. not worded in the same manner. more scholastic and written by a bureaucrat. they have the appearance of being government documents. we want to know where these documents and emails were derived and where the information was derived. if, in fact, these emails were part of some of the documents that were mishandled by the
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president of the united states. this is very concerning. again, from day one we said the biggest reason we're investigating the biden family is we're concerned this administration is compromised because of the millions of dollars that they've taken from china and here we are today, harris, with this spy balloon flying over american soil over potential problems with our military. >> harris: messing with us. we'll find out more detail. hopefully they will be more transparent if something is hovering over the united states for several days. great to have you in "focus" on all of this chairman comer. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: the president promised to unite america. now just days before his state of the union address voters weigh in if he has done that. republicans are keeping that your vow to boot congresswoman omar of a key committee. the meltdown by democrats. >> this is about targeting women
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>> in is about targeting women of color in the united states of america. don't tell me because i didn't get a single -- my life was threatened. >> don't come here looking at us for anti-semitism. look in your own mirror before you ever come over here. >> time has expired. >> i will not be silenced. congresswoman omar i'm so sorry that our country is failing you today through this chamber. >> harris: democrats are upset after the house voted to expel
8:18 am
congresswoman ilhan omar from the foreign affairs committee. republicans fulfilling their vow to hold her accountable for a series of anti-semitic comments. the white house standing by omar. >> she is a highly respected member of congress and has apologized for comments she made in the past. this is a political stunt like house republicans unjust removal of other leading democrats from key committees in recent weeks and a disservice to the american people. >> harris: house speaker kevin mccarthy says the move was not about partisan politics and is calling for a fair process going forward. >> i think what we should do is put into the rules there is a code of conduct here so if there is a concern, i moving forward every single member of congress has a responsibility to how they carry themselves. let me finish. it is responsible upon us to let
8:19 am
them know what that is and what is the due process in a bipartisan way that we can deal with it? >> cassie smutly, jose former deputy press secretary great to see you both. cassie, day two of this. democrats as you saw are very angry. >> if it's a day that ends is why the squad is out there launching attacks in dramatic fashion. eric swalwell might want to sit this one out. kevin mccarthy is doing the right thing. not only punishing a member for a series of disrespectful comments but also setting up a process going forward so this can't be politicized in the future to hold members accountable. if they are going to make comments like these, they go before a panel and adjusted the
8:20 am
house rules and will adjust them so that they will be investigated by their peers and decision made. that's the right thing to do going forward. not what the democrats did last congress where they willy-nilly removed republicans from committees they didn't like. >> harris: you are talking about marjorie taylor greene. there was a lot of consternation over how it would play out in the future, jose. the idea of having a bipartisan way in order is nothing but positive for both parties, i would imagine. let's get into, though, just how angry these women were. you saw eric swalwell mixed in there, too. this week ilhan omar has gone and said it was about race. but adam schiff and eric swalwell are not people of color that we know of. so, you know, you are seeing some victimization along the way here as well. >> look, i don't always agree with alexandria ocasio-cortez but agree with her in the sense that when her life was
8:21 am
threatened by a member of the republican party where was the punishment? we didn't see that coming. i do think it is important and i'll agree with kevin mccarthy we need to work with democrats to put forth a standard of conduct. it gets messy in congress when it comes to this process. i think it is important. i don't see the removal of representative omar as a cause for poll cismd i think it is political revenge. >> harris: it doesn't help a divided country for her to say she is a victim of race and other reasons when you named a couple of other possibilities as well. anti-semitic speech is overarching all of it. days before president biden's state of the union speech the "wall street journal" with this warning. our political parties are struggling. democrats need nor malt. republicans need coherence.
8:22 am
the new fox polling. political divisions come in third among voters' top issues. 78% say they are extremely or very concerned about it. let's go back to president biden's repeated promises. >> president biden: my whole soul is in this, bringing america together, uniting our people. uniting our nation. as i said in this campaign, i will be president for all americans. if i'm elected president you won't hear me dividing you but trying to unify. the third reason i ran was to unify the country. to unify. >> harris: new op-ed argues biden never tried to unify or be the unity president. it cites the way he demonized those opposed to the left's agenda. jose, you first. the president had majorities in the senate and house. he had the white house. he still does.
8:23 am
why couldn't he lead with more unity? what went wrong for him? >> well, i think the republican party unfortunately -- >> harris: they were not in the majority. he had it all. >> let me say this. democrats were in the majority and why we got passed infrastructure bill, veterans bill to help veterans and you name it. this president -- let me say this. >> harris: some of those were bipartisan. >> yeah, biden has passed more bills than trump and president barack obama. so this president will go in history as a uniter when it comes to building it up. there has been some republicans that have supported this bill not to the numbers i would like to see. >> harris: the country is very worried they can't get along. they aren't imagining that. why can't he pull people together? i hear the legislation and policy. he ought to be able to do it then. but he is not.
8:24 am
cassie. >> to jose's point if president biden was able to pass all these bills it is because republicans were the ones who pushed to have this bipartisan approach and get something done but to this whole point what we hear from the american people they are tired of the antics in washington. to our conversation a couple minutes ago congressmen spendsing their time on instead of issues that help the american people. the solutions probably aren't in washington. you saw governor desantis push back on a woke curriculum and got it changed. the company i work for is where people can spend their money that matches their values as opposed to having to deal with all the woke policies all the time. american people are fighting and begging for leaders who will work on the issues that are most important to them and their values. we aren't hearing that right now from president biden or from
8:25 am
congress in washington. >> harris: always great to have you in "focus" on the power panel. good to see you both. let's stay on the breaking news now. china infiltrating united states airspace with an air ship the size of three passenger buses launched from main land china. the pentagon has been tracking it for days. it reached montana and was hovering above a nuclear weapons facility. we expect a pentagon briefing very soon and we'll cover that as it happens. china claims by the way this was a civilian air ship used for weather research and was blown off course as you might imagine, it is raising major concerns about chinese surveillance with republicans hitting biden's failures to take immediate action. you heard from chairman comer just this hour on that. the search for answers continues in the murder of a new jersey republican councilwoman. police say they don't know why
8:26 am
whoever did this did so. and they've made no arrests in the case. what we do know coming up. plus the house voted yesterday on a bill to condemn the horrors of socialism. it barely got the support of democrats and even appeared to trigger a few of them including minority leader hakeem jeffries. >> the extreme maga republican agenda have no plan, they have no vision, they have no ideas. when it comes to making life better for everyday americans. >> harris: why is it so hard for some democrats to denounce socialism? marc thiessen in "focus" next.
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again, this is mount washington in new hampshire right now the temperature there negative 31 degrees. windchill is minus 80 expected to dip to a punishing minus 100. meteorologists calling the dangerous cold a generational event. local officials are telling people to simply stay inside. all the way through saturday. keep it right here for updates or go to the fox weather stream for live updates as well. get the app. no documents for you, that seems to be the stance from the department of justice and the director of national intelligence. the bipartisan leaders of the senate intel committee accuse those agencies of stonewalling their requests for information on classified documents which applies to the materials found in both president biden and former president trump's personal spaces. they say this is an urgent national security issue.
8:33 am
here is chairman warner. >> our job is to make sure the intelligence agencies that classified the documents, if those document were lost or got into an adversary's hand would there be damage done to our national security? the administration is recognizing they have an untenable position. let us do our job on intelligence oversight. >> harris: reporters say they've had it with the white house lack of transparency on the whole story. press secretary continues to dodge ball herself after giving false information to the press corps and the american people. >> statements from this podium at different points later proved to be inaccurate. >> i will always follow the guidance of the white house counsel office when it comes to ongoing investigations. we've been very clear about ongoing investigations that is led by the department of justice. i have be consistent about that.
8:34 am
when i have made statements from this podium on this investigation. >> harris: she says she is always going to follow the white house counsel. are they lying to her? back on january 13th she said the document search was over. remember that on a thursday? it was done. two weeks later it is still going on. marc thiessen, fox news contributor, former white house speech writer as well. great to see you. first of all, as this drip, drip, drip continues talk about the politics for the president right now. >> first of all he has the problem. there are not a lot of things in washington that republicans and democrats agree on. this is one of them. this is not just republicans and marco rubio calling for this. this is mark warner, the democratic chairman of the senate intelligence committee. he said that the entire committee republicans and democrats are absolutely united in demanding these documents and says the refusal to provide them will not stand. he said everything is on the
8:35 am
table when it comes to forcing the administration to provide that. so i don't think they will be able to get away with it. the smart play for republicans now would be if they want to make sure to get the documents is shift strategies on the debt limit and make this the demand they have for the debt limit say we'll raise the debt limit when president provides all the documents that were found in his home and office. then biden is in the position of having to risking a fiscal crisis in order to protect himself from congressional oversight of his mishandling of classified information. >> harris: i wrote that down. that could actually happen. >> i wrote it in the "washington post" today. >> harris: i know you put that in a speech and that would be really effective for someone to deliver. wonder if kevin mccarthy as the house speaker might be watching and hearing you lay out that plan. i do want to get to this. president biden's document troubles come amid another
8:36 am
gaffe. >> president biden: more than half the people in my cabinet. more the half the women in my administration are women. >> harris: oh, hum, marc. >> he just -- he is not fully there. it is just -- he makes so many gaffes it is hard to keep up with it. it is a shame. if the only problem is the alternative of him is kamala harris would be worse than the president. >> harris: you say that's what he may mean when he says there is no there there. >> that's so outrageous. what the president should say, former speech writer this is what i would say. any time classified information is found outside of a secure area, a terrible error has taken place and we have to get to the bottom of it and i will not rest until we find out why those classified documents is where they were and how they got out of the white house. it is -- it seems pretty simple. to say there is no there there
8:37 am
and not a big deal. these are not just -- everyone talks about the overclassification of classified information. there may be overclassification of secret information or confidential information. some of these were top secret secure compartmented information. there is no overclassification of top secret information. that's the most sensitive intelligence our nation possesses and not sitting in a garage next to a coervette or i a closet at the penn biden center under any circumstances. if he can't acknowledge that he has bigger problems. >> harris: so good to have you. i appreciate your time. good to see you, marc. the alleged chinese spy balloon drawing for attention to the growing threat from china. the pentagon set at any moment to give an update. breaking details as we get them. plus a new bill in the senate would stop the federal government from banning gas stoves and it is a bipartisan
8:38 am
effort now. >> i don't like where i think they are going with this. i tell you one thing. they aren't taking my gas stove out. my wife and i would both be upset. >> harris: new information that flies in the face of white house claims that they never wanted to tell you how to cook. of course they did. steve forbes is cooking up his own information for us. ease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. (vo) with verizon, you can now get a private 5g network. so you can do more than connect your business,
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>> harris: the f.b.i. is now involved in a nationwide manhunt to catch a killer after a new jersey republican councilwoman was killed, shot multiple times. police say she was found outside her home inside her car that had rolled and crashed after she was shot wednesday night. she represented sayerville, a city 30 miles south of newark. officials say they don't have a motive at this time but they do believe she was targeted. she is being remembered as a positive force. >> people like eunice leading our way forward she was such a bright light and such an opportunity to do so much more for her community and our state. to have this taken away from her
8:44 am
and all of us is just horrific. >> harris: karen bailey is a sayerville republican chairwoman is with me now. i'm glad we can be together and remember the woman you knew and loved. first of all, you were with her along the way of her dream making. her campaign manager. she was working to get the job she earned. >> yes, harris, i definitely was, as well as the community that stands behind me. we worked very hard. at the time we were a minority in our county. the council there was five democrats and one republican. so after christian and eunice's race we had one-vote seats and we had more of a balance. we worked very hard for that, the whole team. >> harris: tell me about her.
8:45 am
i know she was a mom. i'm curious to know just about her as a person. i hear it in your voice and i know people loved her so much. >> she always had a smile on her face. god was first. she was very christian, very religious, always brought up god and she just -- i never saw her to tell you the truth, unhappy. the woman always had a smile on her face. >> harris: as a mom, leader, what can you tell us about her? >> as a mom she has a beautiful young daughter. i had the opportunity to meet her several times during the campaign and beautiful little girl and always emotion peckably dressed like her mother. two beautiful ladies. it is just such a crime, such a despicable act that so many in this town, what i said this morning, we're weeping and
8:46 am
crying a river of tears here. no one should that happen to. and this beautiful young woman, her life cut short. she had dreams and aspirations and she was working towards her goals that she had set in her leadership role. >> harris: just real quickly from you. you said crying a river of tears. police have said they believe it was targeted. how is the town taking that portion of it? do you have much crime? i live in new jersey. i was shocked to see this. >> we were shocked as well. i've been here all my life and generations before me. this is not sayerville. i can't comment on any of the investigation as it is under investigation but people are incredibly just -- there is a mixed amount of emotions here. you have the anger, how could
8:47 am
this happen here, you have fear, this person hasn't been caught yet. it is a mixed bag of emotion but together we are going to get through this. we are sayerville strong and as i said a young leader like eunice, if you can see her you can be her. she set an amazing example for many who will come after her. >> harris: what a blessing. thank you for your words and we pray for the people she leaves behind, her young daughter. karen, thank you for being in "focus" today. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: god bless you. >> president biden: 12 million jobs since i took office. that means we have created more jobs in two years than any presidential term at any time in two years. that's the strongest two years of job growth in history by a long shot. the lowest unemployment rate in 54 years. manufacturing rebounding at a
8:48 am
faster rate than in the last 40 years. inflation coming down. i would argue the biden economic plan is working. >> harris: president biden taking a victory lap last hour. the january jobs report exceeded expectations with more than 500,000 jobs added last month alone. but inflation is still crushing americans. the fed again raising interest rates this week in hopes of tamping down runaway prices. new fox news polling shows it is still far and away america's top issue. 86% of people saying they are concerned about those higher prices and having to pay them month after month after month, absorbing whatever raises that they may get on the job. only 37% say they approve of how president biden is handling the economy. steve forbes chairman of forbes media. steve, what is the disconnect between what the president sees and what the american people are
8:49 am
feeling? >> well, that disconnect is the right word. when he pats himself on the back what we're recovering from are the mistakes he made in his administration. inflation was 1 1/2% when he came into office. three times that rate today. interest rates are soaring. people are dipping into their 401 and. and savings. people are taking second and third jobs to make up for the rising prices. but in terms of the job creation, that is an anomaly in this economy. manufacturing is still slowing down. services are slowing down. consumers are spending less and businesses are investing less. so he is taking a victory lap but reget it later this year to explain why the rosie picture isn't happening. >> harris: the energy that he has for hating on republicans is
8:50 am
not the same as when he tries to explain the economy that he has created. bipartisan effort to save our stoves, our gas stoves. energy committee chairman joe manchin teaming up with republican ted cruz on legislation to ban the consumer product safety commission from banning gas stoves. senator manchin yesterday. >> i tell you one thing, they aren't taking my gas stove out. my wife and i would both be upset. the federal government doesn't have any business telling american families how to cook their dinner. if there is technology down the road as we transition into the new technology, that's fine. but basically retrofitting or removing stoves that people had for years is not going to happen. >> harris: he is the only democrat i know talking about transitioning. it feels more like a shove. you may remember, though, the white house said it was never on board with a gas stove ban.
8:51 am
>> gas stove ban bubbled up yesterday, does the white house think gas stoves are safe? >> to be clear i am not looking to ban gas stoves and the cpsc has no proceedings to do so. >> harris: why don't they tell that woman the truth? but fox is now learning of a new memo that tells the truth. it is dated october 25th of last year and in it the head of the product safety commission says the need for stove regulation has reached a boiling point and there is now sufficient information to propose a ban on stoves in homes. you don't think the white house got a copy of that? steve. >> well, this is what you call modern socialism. the modern socialists realize you don't have to nationalize things you do it by regulation. businesses can only survive at the sufferance of the governance. we won't take away gas stoves it will make it impossible to buy a new one or put in one or repair
8:52 am
an existing one. coming out with regulations or proposals fake studies that say gas stoves are a disaster. we've had them for decades and people aren't dropping on the streets. they just do it by stealth. look what has happened to your washing machine and to your dishwasher. they cost more, they take more time and they don't do as good job as they did before. so they kill these things not outright but do it by regulation and they just squeeze it like a python or beau constrictor. >> i want you to look at some numbers the team and i worked on this morning. 76% of restaurants use gas stoves. this is going to hurt small abilitiess when they start to tinker. 38% of americans have gas stoves in their u.s. homes. 70% of homes that use gas stoves are in the cobalt blue states of california, 69% in new jersey. and when you look at the aging population and particularly on
8:53 am
the east coast now you are asking restaurants end-to-end, people living on fixed income, you are asking everybody to make a shift that is not a transition, it is a shove off a cliff. >> that's their whole approach is a shove. so again they don't do it overtly like the federal government now says the white house says you can keep your gas stove. no you can't. try to get a new one. new york state is banning them and you can't get new lines. we have a gas stove at home. we live in new jersey blue state. they push relentlessly and do it in every aspect of our lives. bathrooms, kitchens, wash rooms, whatever. they keep pushing and they make our lives miserable. anything that works well they try to find a way to make it work worse. this gas stove thing is prepo preposterous.
8:54 am
with the chinese balloon it's simple. shoot it down. they didn't -- russia shot down our spy planes back in the 1950s. we should have shot it down and said explain what you are trying to do. a provocation. the administration botched it again. everything they do whether it's making our lives more miserable, making things we used to work not work, whether lawnmowers or the like they try to get rid of those so we pull up grass by hand again. it is a relentless push making our lives miserable and they have the power and love relishing it. you saw it during the lockdowns. they love telling us what to do and not do. they can't get over it. we have to push back and i think the american people are pushing back in schools and elsewhere and now in the kitchens. the battle of the kitchen is underway and they'll get cooked on that one. >> harris: i will tell my audience every day that you called it the battle of the kitchens. that's what it feels like. we have another battle on our hands up in mount washington,
8:55 am
new hampshire is about to be minus 100 windchill factor. a lot of people heat with gas, too. we didn't get into any of that. this really potentially hurts people for all the reasons you mentioned. steve forbes, always great to have you on the program. thank you for being in "focus." the pentagon briefing on the giant china spy balloon coming up at any moment. "outnumbered" is next. ...
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muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingrix today. >> we begin with this fox news alert. we are awaiting a news update from the pentagon about the chinese balloon in montana. president biden, we are told, has been briefed on his options, i hope so, we learned the pentagon has been watching this thing for a few days. one option is shooting down this thing. the pentagonin


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