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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 6, 2023 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> president biden is set to address the nation at his state of the union address tomorrow, where he's expected to lay the groundwork for a potential 2024 reelection campaign. you're watching "fox and friends first" on this monday morning, i'm griff jenkins in for todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. the border is a mess under biden with 717,000 migrant encounters this fiscal year, inflation is still hitting hard, biden spent 13 trillion in taxpayer dollars and 141 billion set aside for
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climate spending. the president found time to relax with 207 vacation days logged and just 22 press conferences since being sworn in. alexandria hoff has the latest. >> alexandria: this is likely a kickoff point for the 2024 election season. this will not fly under republican-controlled house, biden will be working to win over his own party. according to abc washington news poll, democrats want someone else to run, just 31% support the president. buttigieg was presented with numbers and offered this. >> the poll, large number of democrats say they don't want him to run again. he is an absolutely historically successful president and i want
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to see that continue. >> alexandria: take a look back. this is important. we'll go over fiscal year 2023 alone, 718,000 migrant encounters, 207 days of vacation. tim scott doesn't expect to hear about any of that tomorrow night. >> i think you will hear a lot of glossing over the real issues that the american people are suffering through. if we were going to hear something authentic from president biden, it would be, american people, i apologize for record breaking inflation and border crossings. >> alexandria: might be hearing sarah huckabee sanders. >> griff: thank you. hardest speech to writes the
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state of the union, they have to leave the president with a takeaway line that rallies the nation. for george w. bush, the state of union had never been stronger after 9/11. for barack obama, when we come together, nothing americans can't do. former trump economic advisor steven moore predictses biden will tell six lies at his state of the union address. he will say he reduced budget deficit, inflation was high when he took office, he brought down gas prices, doing all he can to manage the border, i'm not sure there is much to point to and is something we should be encouraged, optimistic about going forward. in fair observation, perhaps criticism, ashley, this president is not known for his
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rhetorical language and ability to rally the nation behind major speeches. >> ashley: no, it's not, the vacation days versus 22 press conferences get me. i'd hate to write the speech tomorrow night, you know they are having problems with that. the headline for the op-ed from "new york post," six lies biden will tell in his state of the union. they are all important, but number two and number three really stand out to me. number two, the biden administration inherited a bad economy. i said this in the 4:00 hour and will say it every time i hear anybody in his administration say it, they say they inherited a bad economy. by second half of 2020 under president trump, when covid
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happened, back half of 2022, the economy rose by 20%, people were getting back to work, getting the economy back in play. if you think about it now with inflation and how hard it is for people to even put food on their table. griff, last week i interviewed a woman who said it is so tough for them right now, she's had to cut back on snacks she gets her kids and her 10 year old is like, where are the snacks? well, we can't afford them and this is teaching him inflation. he is 10 years old, everybody needs to learn about inflation, he needs to be a kid right now. this is taking families away from family time and things that are important to having to go work two and god forbid three jobs. when they said they inherited the bad economy, that is something and talk about inflation. i have no clue where they are
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getting that they had high inflation under trump, when you look at the numbers. the average was 2%. month biden got sworn in, it was 1.4% and summer of '22, above 9%. i'm not sure where they are getting the numbers unless they are blatantly lying to americans? >> griff: those are hard facts that debunk that claim along with the idea that the border is secure. that of course being the fifth lie steve moore thinks he will tell, nothing could be further from the truths, unprecedented numbers at the border. american family realization, that is who is watching this state of the union, only speech when all of the country is tuned in and judging against how it impacts them. the very first law moore says is that the president will claim he has
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reduced the deficit by 1.4 trillion. that is nothing when you consider that the deficit, national debt is more than $30 trillion, just 10 years ago, it was barely a few trillion. that is like an american family that is bankrupt with a mortgage, house foreclosure, can't pay for the car or anything and all of a sudden, the husband says i paid the cable bill. it is believable. it will be interesting to see what economists think about the takeaway from this speech, not to mention he has to lay groundwork for a 2024 reelection campaign and what will be the driving factor there, we will wait and see, interesting night. >> ashley: we has a lot of work to do, fox news alert, 600 dead after a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake levels buildings in turkey and syria. search and rescue are on the ground. we have the latest on the
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devastation coming up. >> griff: and the u.s. finally shoots down the chinese spy balloon leads to threats from the chinese nation. where tensions stand with the ccp. this is the lexus nx with intuitive tech... (beeps) car: watch for traffic ...and our most advanced safety system ever. ♪ ♪ sweet pillows of softness! this is soft! holy charmin! oh! excuse me! roll it back, everybody!! charmin ultra soft is so cushiony soft, you'll want more! but it's so absorbent, you can use less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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>> griff: more than 600 people dead in turkey and syria after a powerful earthquake. watch as one building collapsed, sends residents running for their lives. hitting 60 miles from the syrian border prompting searches in the towns in the aftermath. syrian officials declaring state of emergency, calling the situation catastrophic. officials expect the number of fatalities to rise in both countries, we'll continue to bring the latest. >> ashley: the gang of eight are awaiting intelligence briefing on the chinese spy balloon that traveled across the u.s. before being shot down. beijing is warning "under such circumstances, the u.s. use of force is overreaction and serious violation of international practice," and rebekah koffler is an
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intelligence analyst. this is not just a balloon, what exactly was this spy balloon collecting? >> rebekah: it is not just a balloon, ashley and no one invited china to a birthday party here. this is teleigence collection asset that was sent to our homeland by a top adversary. china is the top adversary of our country, to collect sensitive data, including nuclear intelligence from military facilities and other critical facilities. it is not just an individual case, china has massive intelligence program targeting the united states, which includes 500 satellites that are watching us, listening to us, intercepting our communications through cyber and penetrated network. they have sent human spies.
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this is just one piece to build composite what it is our military capabilities are and our policies are in preparation for a potential incursion in to taiwan that will probably happen between 2024 and 2000 27. >> ashley: you think this was plan for this balloon to go over the military bases that it did? china says no, this is no big deal, it has nothing to do with that. you think this was planned? >> rebekah: 100% planned, ashley. we know what chinese collection capabilities are and know what china intentions are and the intelligence community assessment, william burnes just stated clearly that china's leader, xi jinping directed his military to be ready to secure control over taiwan by 2 by /*
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2027. my intelligence tells me it is soon, during president biden's presidency. it is part of the plan, let's not be fooled by china. nobody is a fool in america. >> ashley: right, like china was taunting us, almost wanting us to shoot this down so they could say we are going to retaliate. talk about russia and north korea, as well, do you think this will bolster their relationship and make it worse for the whole world? >> rebekah: absolutely, what is happening right now, every possible dictatorship are joining forces, russia, china, north korea, iran, russia and china are u.s. top adversaries, they have top military capability and top intelligence capability and if they combine
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forces, they don't act jointly with russia, china and iran, but if they can stage provocation in their respective areas of combat operations, they call it tvd, theater of military operation right now. in ukraine and if china goes ahead and initiateses military assault on taiwan, it will challenge our intelligence resources, because there is limitted resources without satellites, how we can collect information and listen to them. and we could be challenged militarily and we so many weaponry, having been sent to ukraine, some of them is going to take from seven to 18 years to replace, we are really -- we would be struggling helping taiwan out. >> ashley: right, and north korea, russia and china saw this happening when it started with the collapse in afghanistan.
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rebekah koffler, thank you for getting up with us, great to see your viewpoint on this, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, ashley. >> ashley: of course. >> griff: incredible coast guard rescue caught on camera saving a man hfr his boat capsized. wait until you hear how he is facing criminal charges and connected to the movie "goonie," and some are so sick of rising taxes, they are threatening to secede and join idaho. next. oh, that spin class was brutal. ♪
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whole life insurance plan available through the colonial penn program. it has an affordable rate starting at $9.95 a month. no medical exam, no health questions. your acceptance is guaranteed. and this plan has a guaranteed lifetime rate lock so your rate can never go up for any reason. so call now for free information and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. and it's yours free just for calling. so call now for free information. >> good morning, everyone. let's take a look at what is happening across the map, a warm up after record-breaking cold across the northeast. it is 37 balmy degrees in new york. we have a system across the west
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and that is going to bring potential for stronger storms tuesday, wednesday across the south and the midwest will get in on the heavy rain and some stronger storms. that will move up toward the northeast, it will be too warm for snow. interior sections get snow tuesday through friday, the next system we'll watch. rain forecast from texas to tennessee river valley, some areas could get three to five, maybe five to eight inches in isolated areas, the next five days. severe storms possible in texas and louisiana, hail, damaging winds, isolated tornados is something we'll watch. warmer than average temperatures after record-breaking cold. we will enjoy the southerly flow ahead of the jet stream, bringing temperatures above average for the work week. it will feel like springtime for oklahoma city, st. louis,
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springfield, missouri. today close to 70, feeling like spring, even toward the ohio valley, the great lakes area, 40s and 50s, feeling like mid-march, we'll take it after really, really cold temperatures this weekend, griff, over to you. >> griff: we'll take all the warm days we can get. thank you very. . 11 counties in oregon voted to secede and join ohio. matt mccall and sandy gillson support the push is join us now. thanks for joining us this morning, guys. what is going on when you have oregon citizens wanting to go to idaho, explain the move to secede and how this will work? >> thanks, griff.
2:24 am
in oregon, we have urban rural divide like a lot of states across the country. west side of oregon is urban and left leaning and the east side of the state is rural, conservative and it is much more economically culturally, politically similar to idaho. people in eastern oregon felt like their state level governance has not heard them, has not paid attention to our concerns and has not been working.
2:25 am
-- over a million dollars, every time a dollar comes in to the business over a million dollars in gross take, they are taxed on that before they paid their
2:26 am
employees, before they pay for cost of goods or anything. it is on the gross income of businesses and it is killing businesses, especially in eastern oregon. >> griff: now we have seen, we should point out for viewers in 2022, saw red states like florida, texas, north carolina, all seeing massive gain in population and they are not the only one. you can see on the screen. matt, i have to ask you, you have a liberal legislature in oregon, how do you expect to succeed in this effort? >> well, great question. so our proposal is a win/win for both sides of the state. we're trying to match people up with government they actually want and that matches their values. western oregon is left leaning and want a left-leaning government and should have a left-leaning government without
2:27 am
interference of eastern oregon. eastern oregon wants conservative government, they should get the government they want. there are financial considerations, western oregon subsidizes eastern oregon in the sense they collect tax dollars and send back to eastern oregon more than they bring in from eastern oregon. letting eastern oregon go would be a financial win and would lower gridlock and political tension and get both sides of state and government they want. >> griff: seems like it would help business owners. thank you for taking time on this monday. >> thank you. >> griff: all right. ashley. >> ashley: griff, three top biden officials subpoenaed over doj handling of parents at school board meetings. will we see accountability and get some answers? joe concha is here to react next.
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>> ashley: the house judiciary committee dishing out subpoenas to top biden officials demanding they turn over critical documents that led to targeting of parent at school board
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meetings. >> griff: joe concha joining us now, happy monday to you, what do you make of this subpoena? >> joe: well, as parent of a seven and nine year old, this is completely warranted. we see the u.s. is experiencing lowest test scores for children in 30 years. china is cleaning our clock. we're trailing astonia, ireland in terms of test scores and our children being proficient in reading, writing, science and math and major topics that prepare our children for the real world. when parents stand up and say, i want to know what my kid is being taught on daily basis and know if in my case, my first grader or third grader is being taught about gender identification, sexual orientation, we have a right to know. if we go to a school board
2:33 am
meeting and demand those answers in a civilized fashion, we shouldn't be labeled potential terrorists or domestic terrorists. like to see folks in washington get to the bottom of this and glad to see those subpoenas go out. axne joe, if we find out what happened, it doesn't change the fact it happened and parents were labeled domestic terrorists and it was -- not to mention, wasted resources. they were telling local law enforcement help them figure out who the people were. that is not their job. do you think this will change going forward with investigations? >> joe: i think that light best disinfectant and if hearings begin as a result of these subpoenas, i think doj and local
2:34 am
officials, teachers unions will think twice before they treat parents the way they did a couple years ago when the answers were being demanded. >> griff: fbi fbi is telling fox news digital this, saying the fbi has never been in the business of investigating speech in school board meetings and we never will be, however, if we go back to 2021, we've been showing the footage there, we know that the white house was colluding in some shape or form with national school board's association and then of course who is the muscle? the fbi is the muscle, that is why. you have wray, garland and education secretary cardona subpoenaed. the takeaway is, joe, what do we get out of it? then what? once they bring them up there,
2:35 am
what is the takeaway? >> joe: hopefully we can have school board meetings parents can attend and not be labeled in that fashion. you will not see anybody removed like the education secretary will not be impeached, but at least folks in power will think twice before they treat parents like they did during that time. it is in writing, it is a matter of this is what was written and these were the orders. will that happen again? hopefully we get no, that won't happen again and can move on in educating our children and getting back to blocking and tackling to make us competitive in the world again. >> ashley: new poll shows we have a been there done that situation, what do you think? >> joe: the numbers are truly stunning and upon practices it is why we haven't seen
2:36 am
presidential election rematch since dwight d. eisenhower in 1956, last time we got a tyson-holyfield rematch. 44% of americans want donald trump to be their nominee. mr. trump enjoyed 90% intra-party approval. half voters want to turn the page, that is telling. for joe biden, les than one-third of democrats want to see a sequel to his first term. he is seen as too old and regressing and donald trump will be in his 80's if we were to win another term. he is aging differently than joe biden is. biden will have a state of the union tomorrow night and make it the everything is awesome state of the union on border, education, foreign affairs and reality is much different.
2:37 am
despite the numbers, biden will not be challenged for the nomination. he is running. and trump may have a potentially legitimate challenge likely from florida governor ron desantis, that is why trump has likely gone after desantis recently. either way, the fact majority of folks do not want either guy to run shows fatigue around both, right? donald trump announced his run eight years ago and joe biden been in the public eye 50 years, maybe it is time for another chapter on both fronts. >> griff: maybe tyson and holyfield are available to run for office, they would be younger. joe concha kicks i think thises off. >> joe: that would have some bite, no question about it. got to go, guys. >> griff: migrants are fed up with new york crime, so spending your tax dollars to flee the
2:38 am
u.s., we'll tell you where they are headed. >> ashley: and residentses are bailing on the state with florida seeing larger workforce than new york for the first time ever. cheryl casone is here to break down those numbers next.
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>> griff: new york city schools are accepting illegal migrant children into the classroom without proof of >> jackie: for covid-19. however, teachers and aids were fired because of the vaccine mandate. here is what they had to say. >> it is unethical and insane, they are risking safety of all new yorkers, you can't have one policy for one group and another policy for another group. so that really, this whole city should be in an uproar, it is illegal, unethical and unconstitutional. >> education is not to be discriminated against, there is huge discrimination against city and harm done. for me, i blame eric adams. i really do.
2:43 am
>> griff: estimated 11,000 migrant children have enrolled in big apple schools since the summer. migrants in new york city are leaving the big apple for canada thanks to u.s. taxpayer funded bus tickets. >> ashley: cheryl casone is here with more, good morning, cheryl. >> cheryl: we have "new york post" and fox digital talking to migrants saying, we are leaving new york city and going to canada and new york city taxpayers are funding this, calling it reticketing. they are hopping on buses getting as close as they can to the canadian border and getting asylum and finding out how to do this on social media. one migrant telling the post, i was at the hotel, too much crime and too many drugs in the northern part of the country.
2:44 am
southern part of the country, reports of chinese migrants flooding in. look at this from bill melugin. we have seen chinese nationals cross in recent days eagle pass tells me they have seen five chinese, four from african countries and i saw a report of an iranian crossing, a lot going on the southern border. >> griff: a group trying to take lobster off my table, not looking forward to that. >> cheryl: dark money is doing this, which is interesting. different groups are funding this fight against blue-collar workers, especially in maine, the lobster men who bring the food we love so much. look at who the donors are that are flooding the legal attack on
2:45 am
these poor lobster men, i want to say this, all this litigation. to save the north atlantic white whale, center for biological diversity, 2 million, almost 3 million, conservation money received 4.3 million, grants given, 4 million that came from the dooris duke charitiable foundation and million plus from the hewitt foundation, the new laws are now first of may 2021, it is killing the maine lobster industry. 90% of lobster come from maine. remember president biden, what did they have at the big dinner? >> ashley: lobster, there was a stink about that for a long time and now the state of florida is ending the year with larger workforce than new york city for
2:46 am
the first time ever. i saw this coming, people are leaving for florida in waves. >> cheryl: most jobs coming into florida because of the population. look at these stats, guys. florida 9.669 million workers, new york 9.661 million, never seen this. nationally, new york has had the biggest decrease in population. florida has had the biggest increase. another statistic. new business creation, 1.7 million new businesses since early 2020 when covid began and the number of jobs pre-pandemic, 9.1 million. florida is the place to be, business is going there, pro-business, low taxes, this is what upon has, you move where you want to go. >> griff: and it is warmer. >> ashley: i'll take florida over new york. cheryl casone, thank you so
2:47 am
much. take a look at this incredible video. you can see a 35-foot yacht wading through choppy water, when a man dives out seconds before the boat capsizes. the boater is pulled to safety, that boat was stolen, it your honor turns out and the driver is wanted in oregon for allegedly putting a dead fish on the porch of a home where the 1985 film "the goonies" was filmed. i didn't realize that was so illegal, i guess it is in oregon. police releasing surveillance from the massacre in california last month. the tape shows one victim attempting to flee from attackers by trying to climb a fence. 911 audio from that night, listen to this. >> this -- no, there is shooting in the house.
2:48 am
>> what do you hear now? >> nothing, i don't know if they're out there, i'm too scared. i hear sirens coming, thank you. [crying] >>-- >> is he breathing? >> i don't know. >> he's still breathing. hold on, baby, hold on, please. >> ashley: absolutely horrive being, authorities arrested two gang members in connection with the killing, a teen mom and her 10 month old baby were killed in that massacre. the county sheriff told reporters he is seeking the death penalty for both suspects. one chinese spy balloon is out of the sky, but we're learning this wasn't the first spy balloon to enter the air space. foreign affairs committee will tell us what the biden administration needs to do to stand up to china. >> griff: brian kilmeade will tell us what is coming up on "fox and friends" today. >> brian: i know you could have
2:49 am
knicksed this, i appreciate it. what we have on tap and i hope you have cable in the green room. monday we have this, live report from south carolina, trying to collect what is left of the balloon. president biden set to give his state of the union address, that is just a still picture. majority of democrats do not want to see his name on the ticket in 2024, and an 11 year old is profiting off biden's bad economy, his deal with a local bakery to supply them with eggs. and beyonce, no last name, makes history at the grammy and nearly misses the show. she was stuck in traffic. senator steve dane says why didn't we shoot this out of the sky when 234 my state? he will join us and congressman. and newt gingrich on hearings and investigations in the house and piers morgan will take
2:50 am
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>> todd: the gang of eight are awaiting an intelligence briefing on a chinese balloon that traveled across the united states hovering over our military bases before making its way offshore. >> ashley: navy divers recovering debris after it was shot down three days after president biden gave the order. brooke sippingman has more exclusive reporting. >> the gang of eight will be meeting as early as tomorrow morning for a briefing on the chinese spy balloon floating across our mainland last week. workers are working to recover debris f 2 fighter jet shout the balloon down on the coast of south carolina on saturday. a according to defense officials
2:55 am
the balloon was launched from china january 21st and crossed into alaska on the 28th. it entered the united states through idaho on the # 1st and was spotted across several states, including near a handful of military bases before it was finally shot down. now, let's take a closer look at the five air force bases the chinese spy balloon was spotted near. two in north dakota, one in montana another in wyoming and nevada. and last night i spoke to a senior administration official who says another chinese balloon crashed near hawaii just four months ago under the biden administration. now, that same official tolls me that the post prc government bs transferred briefly three times during the prior administration. they went undetected. the official tells me that the information on those spy balloons was, quote. discovered after the trump administration. but, trump administration officials claim that never happened and were criticizing the biden administration for spreading what they are calling
2:56 am
disinformation. listen. >> well, it's not true. i can refute it. former secretary of defense mark he is officer refuted it yesterday. former secretary of state and cia director mike pompeo has refuted it. er time something goes wrong in the biden administration, there is one two of responses they either find a way to blame the trump administration or they try and find a way to say the trump administration did it, too. it didn't. you would have heard about it before. >> and i spoke with former president trump himself who says, quote: this never happened it. would have never happened. china respected us greatly. it never happened with us under the trump administration and if it did, we would have shot it down immediately. it's disinformation. meanwhile, senator chuck schumer says all senators will receive a briefing ons chinese spy balloon next wednesday as biden reportedly considers taking additional action against china. >> ashley: we will bring in tennessee congressman tim which
2:57 am
burchett. i'm no chinese balloon expert mile. question is why does this keep lasmght we heard in brook's piece we heard there were reports it happened under the trump administration and they refused that and said it didn't happen. one came down in over hawaii. four months ago. so, how did this keep going undetected? >> well, our enemies no longer fear us, obviously. and our friends don't respect us. the chinese did this obviously for a couple of reasons. one, information-gathering on the ground. to see our reaction. they are playing chess. we are playing checkers. you have a group in washington the tail is wagging the dog right now. you got general milley who obviously has a relationship with china, who made contact with them during the trump administration, and now is advising the president not shoot this thing down it. goes into the salt water. you have got realize electronics
2:58 am
into salt water are very destructive. we probably won't be able to figure out what was on that if any gathering was done because all that information was sent to china, anything that was stored in it would have been destroyed by the salt water. it should have been shot down over montana. they had modelings that would show where it would land. it was as as big as two school buses. obviously a message to us and it's been received. >> griff: congressman, do the american people deserve the right to know when this balloon entered our u.s. sovereign airspace and why it wasn't shot down sooner? >> 100 percent. this is clearly an attempt by the chinese to flex some muscle and we are wincing, we are in the corner scared right now. and it sends a clear message, i think, that the american public should note that our leadership is very weak. >> ashley: yeah. a lot of people are saying what you said. it should have been shot down
2:59 am
sooner. they waited way too long. i do want to get to this before we let you go. i do want you to tell us what you expect from biden's state of the union address tomorrow. what do you think he is going to say? >> i think it's going to be rainbows and unicorns, ma'am. you have got a fentanyl crisis. a border that's out of control. the average american, you have got to realize, -- average american family is paying $9,100 more just to survive than they did under the trump administration. that's a fact. they cannot escape it. they will, and the national media will be playing this up. you saw jill biden presented a grammy or emmy or whatever the heck it was last night. this is -- they learned this under obama. they just want a rock star type situation and they don't have it. and they clearly do not have it in the american public does not support this president. >> griff: it will be interesting to see what we hear at that state of the union.
3:00 am
congressman tim burchett. thank you for taking time. have a good monday. >> thank you all for having me. >> ashley: have a good day. thank you for being with us. a lot of people are wondering, what's going to happen and what is the next move by china. we talked to a lot of people this morning. we will continue to get information on that. interesting to see if they can recover any information from the balloon in the salt water with that, "fox & friends" start right now. have a good day. >> divers are now working to recover debris after a fighter jet shot down the chinese spy balloon that was floating across our mainland. >> the gang of eight are awaiting an intelligence briefing. >> a message they are trying to send the united states is a once great super pawnchts i think you will hear a lot of glossing over of the real issues. >> president biden will address the nation state of the union tomorrow. >> the address will likely be knocked 2024 campaign. >> majority of democrats say they don't want biden to run. >> hundreds of migrants disillusioned with the big apple. bus tickets to


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