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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 6, 2023 3:00am-4:00am PST

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congressman tim burchett. thank you for taking time. have a good monday. >> thank you all for having me. >> ashley: have a good day. thank you for being with us. a lot of people are wondering, what's going to happen and what is the next move by china. we talked to a lot of people this morning. we will continue to get information on that. interesting to see if they can recover any information from the balloon in the salt water with that, "fox & friends" start right now. have a good day. >> divers are now working to recover debris after a fighter jet shot down the chinese spy balloon that was floating across our mainland. >> the gang of eight are awaiting an intelligence briefing. >> a message they are trying to send the united states is a once great super pawnchts i think you will hear a lot of glossing over of the real issues. >> president biden will address the nation state of the union tomorrow. >> the address will likely be knocked 2024 campaign. >> majority of democrats say they don't want biden to run. >> hundreds of migrants disillusioned with the big apple. bus tickets to canada.
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david patterson ripping new york city officials. >> there are other people out on the street who are homeless. they have problems, too. >> we are witnessing history tonight. breaking the record for the most grammy wins of all time beyonce. >> god bless you. thank you so much. ♪ ♪ people keep on dying. ♪ >> brian: hey, the grammys were last night. it's a time for music to salute music. move sessions to salute other musicians. they seem to pick the same person every single time. do you notice it's all about beyonce, beyonce. how can you be getting -- this is chris stapleton by the way. is he more country music.
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he sounds more bliewzy. >> ainsley: performing with stevie wonder. >> i don't think he should be labeled country. i think he is a more blues. >> pete: there is a lot of creditor reason. >> brian: i listened to his book on tape. >> pete: i woke up to one text from my wife to prepare for the show and she said the grammys 50th anniversary of hip hop was off the charts awesome. >> brian: off the charts awesome. >> pete: apparently they stuck to music. i didn't even know the grammys was on but apparently it was very good. >> ainsley: your wife was watching. you have were asleep? >> pete: absolutely. >> brian: they actually entertain. the problem with actors, fundamentally not entertaining. >> ainsley: beyonce has more grammys than anyone else. >> brian: she got stuck in traffic like all of us.
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>> ainsley: she is a great dancer i could watch her dance all day long. >> pete: that's a much. >> >> ainsley: about you watch the documentary she about her miss carriage. >> brian: she has three kids. >> ainsley: she is doing okay now. she was able to get pregnant. >> pete: now to a bliewnel. we begin with our top story this morning. navy divers are working to cover recover the debris from the chinese communication spy balloon shot down over the weekend. >> ainsley: recovery effort underway. three spy balloons flew over the u.s. undetected they say during the trump administration. >> brian: we have a throat say about that. charles watson is live in myrtle beach, south carolina. with the latest. charles recommendation the divers are going down. see what they come up with. >> yeah, hey, good morning, guys. navy divers were out searching the waters of the atlantic to try recover debris from that suspected chinese spy balloon that was shot down off the carolina coast on saturday.
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now, i can tell you on sunday, several vessels, large and small, were out on the water presumably for this operation which is expected to take days. we're told recovery efforts began not long after the balloon was shot down by f-22 fighter jet. debris went crash into the atlantic. the suspected spy balloon originated in china and floated for at least a week through the continental u.s. with a brief conversation into canada before it eventually ended up off the coast of south carolina. the balloon passed over at least five sensitive u.s. military sites including mall strom air force base in montana home to one of the nation's three nuclear missile silos. chinese spy balloon one flew over portions of texas and florida while president trump was in office. a senior biden administration telling fox news in a statement,
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quotes. rc government surveillance balloons transit the continental u.s. briefly at least three times during the prior administration. they went undetected. on sunday, former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe said said those claims are false. >> well, it's not true. i can refuted it. former secretary of defense mark esper refuted it yesterday. former secretary of state and cia director mike pompeo has refuted it. every time something goes wrong in the biden administration, there is one of two responses, they either find a way to blame the trump administration or they try and find a way the trump administration did it, too. it didn't. you would have heard about it before. >> yeah. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the gang of eight will be briefed on this matter in the coming days. meantime, president biden is defending his decision to wait so long to shoot that suspected spy balloon down. he says that he gave the
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pentagon authorization on wednesday to shoot it down. when it was safe they decided to do it saturday when it was over water, guys. >> brian: all right. charles. thanks. look forward to see what they pull up over the next few hours. a couple of things. when you have the people montana saying shoot it down over montana. and then you have this other place even north dakota is wide open. north dakota, these are sparse populated areas. i don't understand why we didn't look down and say 7-mile debris field. i'm pretty sure search miles of open field to take it down. would there be a way of doing that and not allowing them see every military installation transversing the country and take them six miles off the coast? >> ainsley: i saw a map on "fox & friends first" where it traveled over which states and which military installations were down below. the u.s. military officials say balloon was not, according to them, transmitting any intel back to china while did was over the united states but mike
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pompeo says we should have shot it down a handful of days earlier and china probably got all the collection that they needed in those first few days. >> pete: that graphic right there is over all of our nuclear icbm sites, b 2 bomber, two big portions of the nuclear triad. the story here this morning is, they kick into gear that somehow blame or compare to trump. when part of that report we all reacted to it. it happened three times under trump. but it was undetected. and now it's been detected? and so. >> brian: years later. >> ainsley: you didn't feel like you should tell the president. >> pete: or you didn't know because you were running around looking at does united states and didn't look at the skies and now looked back at the tape there were three of them. now that it happened under trump it is okay under biden because we didn't know it happened under trump. unnamed senior biden official it happened to them but it was
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undetected. >> ainsley: balloon incidents were logged under the trump administration butner reported to the chair of the joint chiefs. never reported to the defense secretary or president trump because they were, quote: relatively minor territorial incursions. minor. >> pete: minor. >> brian: they have a huge problem if it's not going up the chain of command to the president. at the very least you would think the chief of staff would get an alert. i want to tell you there has been three balloons detected we don't want to tell the with the, why? was he golfing? >> ainsley: president trump said if that had happened i would have shot it down. >> brian: the thing is i have a problem with everything about it. what diewmg it was undetected and then you tell me it was detected. what do you mean you didn't tell the president and it happened three times? first three times under the trump administration. such pushback they go well, it happened, we walked it back. it happened, we just didn't tell him which is terrible. and number three. robert o'brien, i texted robert o'brien and mike pompeo last night they said absolutely
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didn't happen. they went up and down the chain it didn't happen. john bolton who hates the president "never happened." why they wanted to blame president trump it i don't get. blaming the prior administration doesn't work. mark milley evidently and secretary of defense told him on afghanistan don't pull out it's going to be a disaster. that's what they testified. he said blow this thing up on wednesday, the president of the united states,and the military goes no, not going. to say. >> ainsley: mark milley said this. >> brian: biden said i told them to blow it up wednesday. they blow it up saturday. wait, the president said to take it out. find a way to take it out, the same way you found to take us out of afghanistan, in the worst military operation in the history of the nation, but, again, now you say i'm pushing back on the president when it comes to a chinese balloon? would we have ever known about it had the press in billings, montana not wrote about it? we would have had the meeting with the secretary of defense.
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no harm, no foul. but it was about us finding out about it is the key. we never heard -- we still barely heard from the president. just shouting through a chopper. >> pete: exactly right. i think it comes down to risk aversion. stupid risk aversion inside the pentagon. you can figure it out. there is ways to disable a balloon so it floats down or the hall detached do it in. >> brian: so much wide open space. >> ainsley: what it's something more serious than a balloon. what if it is not gathering intel. >> pete: this is a trial balloon. this is china saying what can we get away with what if a device was affixed to a balloon. whole other story. >> ainsley: we are going to talk about the state of the union coming up. >> brian: majority of democrats don't want him running again in 2024. how the white house is already playing defense ahead of his address. >> ainsley: plus, beyonce making history at the grammys. the biggest moments and other winners taking home top winners
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>> ashley: back to your headlines starting with a fox news alert. over 1300 people dead in turkey and syria after a powerful earthquake strikes the middle east. watch as one building collapses sending resident running for their lives. 7.8 magnitude quake hitting about 60 miles from the syrian border now prompting searches for survivors and the towns are nearly destroyed in the aftermath. officials expect a number of fatalities to keep rising. migrants in new york city are reportedly using taxpayer funded bus tickets to leave the big
3:16 am
apple for the greener pastures of canada. one migrant telling the "new york post" the military gave me and my family free bus tickets. i'm going to canada for a better quality of life for my family. former new york governor david patterson slamming the city prioritizing asylum seekers i don't know that asylum isn't starting to become an industry because so many people are choosing to do this meanwhile at the southern border cbp five migrants from china. four from african country and three from yemen. democrats in new hampshire are lived after the democratic national committee bumped the granite state from the top of the 2024 primary lineup. new hampshire will be held three days after south carolina's next year. senator maggie has sen rejecting the change saying regardless of the dnc vote. new hampshire will go first. and the new hampshire democratic party's chairman fears that the
3:17 am
scheduling shakeup could flip the state extremely concerned about the effects calendar will have on purple crucial battleground state. now as the 2023 pro bowl featuring flag football for the first time. nfc, taking down the afc the boys don't like it. both teams were coached by the manning brothers and eli was certainly happy he got the win over big brother peyton. countdown it i'm the greatest coach of the mannings. so much better. >> peyton's son looking dad the field looking to him showing off quarterback skills. could he be the next manning super star in the nfl? well, we don't know yet and sunday's football is the biggest day as the eagles and the chiefs square off in super bowl 57 which kicks off at 6:30 p.m. eastern. only on fox and, of course,
3:18 am
brian kilmeade will be there live. >> ainsley: really? you are going to be there. >> brian: not widely reported. >> ainsley: w >> ainsley: he said y'all are not promoting the fact that i'm going to the super bowl enough. >> pete: we did it all weekend. >> brian: did you it all weekend? >> ainsley: apparently nobody knows. >> brian: they could do a lot more. >> ainsley: when do you leave? >> brian: i leave on thursday. >> ainsley: are you doing the show over there on friday? >> brian: yeah. i will do friday, saturday, sunday and monday. unless something goes terribly wrong. >> pete: it won't. >> brian: i will add this peyton manning's son may look good but arch manning is going to texas. arch manning is unbelievable. is he cooper's son. >> ainsley: what a fun family and they are very nice. >> brian: and very successful. it's easy to be nice when you are that good at everything. >> pete: that's a good point. although the flag football game was terrible. >> brian: it was a joke. poor execution.
3:19 am
nobody wanted to play it and no one wanted to watch it. it was awful. chris chulo will have more on this. >> tomorrow night state of the union address. it's interesting. the timing of this. the chinese are flying this balloon over -- the spy balloon right over before the state of the union address. when we're expecting the president to go out there and tout all of the wonderful things that he has done since he has been president. if you look at the polls, even democrats do not want him. >> brian: i was shocked by. this. >> pete: this is a "the washington post"-abc poll of democrats and democrat leaning independence from late january to early february. 58% of democrats don't want joe biden to be the nominee in 2024. that's 60%. six in 10 democrats. that will be receipt accepts he gets in the hall. 32% are run. no one was running against him. they are probably not ticked by
3:20 am
the thought of him losing head to head by donald trump by four points according to another poll. so donald trump with investigation after investigation is still leading. >> ainsley: it's all about timing. when donald trump won. that's what the country wanted at the time. they wanted his policies. when joe biden won they wanted a change. they wanted someone who was more moderate. we found out after he was elected he is not moderate at all. he always votes with the progressives or become more progressive since he has been in power. and he is getting on up there. he is older. and he is not as exciting and he doesn't represent and then we saw what happened. >> brian: very exciting. that prompter goes down. >> pete: that's the only exciting. off the cuff. >> ainsley: what is the country ready for in the next lexington. two more years. some of candidates will probably start putting their names in the hat probably by this summer. >> pete: one of those names floated pete buttigieg. right now is he trying to defend the administration and their
3:21 am
accomplishment. heres is the. >> brian: transportation secretaries. transportation has never been worse in country. >> pete: exactly right. here he is on nbc. >> we hear the president wants message. basically that the economy is back on track. how do you make that case when so many americans don't feel it. >> make that case by pointing to the relates and recognizing that the story won't tell itself. what we are seeing is extraordinary. record job creation as the president has pointed out. more creativitied in two years on his watch than four years on any other president's watch. and usually, whether you have unemployment go down like this you have inflation go up. right now inflation is going down as well. >> brian: you go out and look at the nbc poll. only 36% are happy with this economy. only 40% are happy with the foreign policy. the war in ukraine, same thing 40%. so even though the numbers are staggeringly good 517,000 jobs. unemployment 5.6%. the numbers overwhelmingly are not good.
3:22 am
these are from democrats. one was a democrats how is the country going should biden run again and his polls are terrible. >> ainsley: steve has an article in the "new york post" six lies that biden is going to try to talk about tomorrow. the first one is that biden has reduced the budget deficit by 1.4 trillion. he says that is just false. the national debt has gone up 4.2 trillion since he has taken office. >> pete: inherited a economy in free fall he says inflation was high. do you know what the theme is. >> brian: at the time it was not in free fall. steve. >> pete: the economy was in the in free fall at all we were dealing with covid. >> ainsley: first half our economy soared 20%. >> pete: inflation, gas prices. at record lows then they went skyrocketed. >> ainsley: when donald trump took office it was 2.59. in july of 2022, 5.4. . .5.0 # 4. >> pete: telling somebody 200 pounds surged to 800 pounds
3:23 am
congratulations you now way 600 pounds you lost 200 pounds. that's the case they're making. >> ainsley: such a good example. >> brian: number one issue is inflation. if you feel as though you made the strongest economy ever made all these time of remarks. it's not resonating. the numbers are not transferring to down to the american people when you had inflation 9% and cut it down to 6%. you should not be celebrating. >> ainsley: according to this article the average inflation rated trump 2%. during the summer of 2022 under biden it rose to 9%. highest in 40 years. >> pete: i would like to see him attempt to point to number 5 of stephen moore's article. >> ainsley: talks about immigration. >> pete: going to get up there and talk about secure the border. >> brian: he is not going to talk about the border. >> ainsley: the 56th grammy awards hosted by trevor noah. >> brian: making history during the los angeles ceremony.
3:24 am
>> pete: griff jenkins is here to break down some of the night's best moment. >> brian: griff loves his music. >> ainsley: grammy griff. >> griff: filled with plenty of memorable moments last night. let's starmted off with a big one. beyonce breaking the record for most grammy award wins in history despite showing up late to the ceremony and missing her first award because she was stuck in traffic. >> i want to thank god for protecting me. thank you, god. >> griff: viola davis also by joining exclusive egot club. performers won emmy, grammy, oscar and tony award. now swifties myself included everywhere are aelated as taylor swift wins best musical video for all too well his or her short film and harry styles taking home first ever album of the year award for harry's house. it was a top moment as well for
3:25 am
millennial fans when hip hop stars, including miss is i elliott took the stage makings the genre's fifth anniversary with a show stopping collaboration and stevie wonder paying tribute to smoky robinson legends perform tears of a clowb. check it out. ♪ tears of a clown ♪ we know s sing it, steve ♪ ♪ >> he's the legend. chris stapleton of country music joining on stage for rendition of higher ground and hillary scott of lady a sharing the important message of her nominated christian single for god is with us. a collaboration for king and country. >> there song is just it is such an important message bringer of
3:26 am
hope where we find our hope and to be able to tell the story and hopefully pointed others to finding that hope themselves. just really is important. i think it's something that now, more than ever, the world needs this message. >> finally maverick city music and kirk franklin went on to win the best christian song and three other awards including best gospel album. that is your wrap on the grammys. >> brian: griff, anything else you want to add. >> ainsley: a little bit of everything. we saw some motown, rap, country, christian music? >> brian: you were demanding that. >> griff: you know, what's fascinating for those old enough to remember. beyonce, queen bee, we remember from destiny's child. harry styles winning album of the year he of course from one direction. it's like our children grew up and became very successful. >> pete: reservoir of knowledge.
3:27 am
never challenge him. >> ainsley: his children was the same age they followed taylor swift and harry styles so you know a lot about them. >> brian: let me add this because i wanted to add some music knowledge. my first record was was on the back of a cereal box bobby sherman, actually the bask the box. you have to cut it out and perforate it and it worked. you put it on a turntable. totally sucked me into buying it. i don't know how it is cost effective. sucked me into buying it, right, chris? brian that's all i have to add. that's why i'm not doing grammy coverage. >> ainsley: pancake pete what's coming up. >> pete: i deserve that china the want spy balloon hovering over the united states. coming up the man who called his local newspaper and exposed the communist chinese secret surveillance joins us next. >> ainsley: plus, neighbor helping neighbor, an 11-year-old is getting a lesson in economics 101, business business deal with a bakery earning him an eggslent
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>> brian: the biden administration accused of not being transparent over the chinese spy balloon as they claim knew about this last month and kept quiet until a local newspaper reported it and resident spotted it in the spy over montana right near a nuclear military site. the resident who spotted the balloon chase doak he called at the billings gazette larry maher. thanks for joining us. thanks what you are doing for the country. chase, tell me what happened. what did you do? >> i was getting ready to leave work on wednesday evening and i had just read the story about a ground stop in place at our airport in billings and i thought that was kind of suspicious. so i was sorts of glancing out the window just to see if there was any aircraft come in. i thought maybe there was a military exercise or maybe somebody important was coming into our airport and because my office window looks right at the
3:33 am
airport itself, i could see any traffic coming in but, instead, as i was gathering my things i spotted the circle in the sky. and i knew it was something kind of out of place. it looked like just a tiny moon in the sky. and i didn't know what it was. >> brian: you called your buddy. chase, you called larry. rye was larry the right choice? larry, you have an aviation background and you are a recover from for the gazette, right? >> yes. yeah, that's right. >> brian: so what did you do? >> well, so i, you know, got out of my car and started taking pictures of it. chase told me where it was. so i had some long tell photo lens with me. i got out of the car and started taking pictures of it. and at that point, you know, we really didn't connect august that stuff. i mean, i knew that there was something unusual going on. but we didn't make -- we didn't
3:34 am
know that it was a chinese balloon at that point, obviously. >> brian: you wanted to go ahead and put that into the paper. did you contact any other outlets or the outlets see this and start reporting this? >> the other outlets saw it and started reporting it. but, first, you know, i didn't get verification of what it was until the next afternoon, actually. i put together all the pictures that i had taken, the con trails in the sky. foreflight which showed where there were air tankers operating over the bear tooth mountains, and i put all those things together and started sending them to the faa and the governor's office. and they eventually put knee in touch with norad. >> brian: norad con 23eur7b8d this was a balloon. did they tell you it was a chinese balloon? >> no. they told me that the only thing
3:35 am
i i got was they were crafting a response. >> brian: we know about montana wide open spaces, what a great state. you also know there is hundreds of missiles, nuclear missile silos there. if people say they blew it up they might hurt people on the ground. from what you know in a seven mile area, is it possible to take that down and not hit people on the ground in the wide open distances of billings or your state? >> i think it would be possible. i mean, billings is the most pop plus city, of course. and even with all the open space, there's always a danger that you are going to hit something. but i think there was definitely an opportunity to bring it down and, honestly, i mean, if it had worked the way that it should have, i should have never seen this thing to begin with, because it should have been brought down the moment it was spotted over the ocean.
3:36 am
>> brian: chase and larry, thanks what you did. you really -- you actually did something. you changed the course of history between two super powers. and now we're going to see what the aftermath is. if you didn't do your job, we wouldn't have had this information. thanks so much for joining it. chase dzhokhar, from larry merritt. >> frption thanks. >> why the republican is right to reform universities. ♪ ♪ fithen psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms...
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♪ >> pete: florida governor ron desantis announcing plans to eliminate plans for diversity, equity and inclusion dei plans across florida universities. a new board he has appointed already begun shaping policies
3:41 am
at the state's liberal arts policy one of them called the new college of florida, which is located in sarasota. in a new op-ed, our next guest says desantis is right to reform these universities. new college of florida board of trustees member mark borrow line joins us now. mark, thanks very much. i read your op-ed. i love this approach. so, because this is a public university, the governor has the prerogative to nominate new trustees. you can elect a new president close to the governor and change these policies. is this unique power to florida or is this something other states could do as well? >> well, other states could do it. we have had a phenomenon in america for decades now. it's curious and exasperating phenomena where we have red states with popular conservative governors. and, yet, in the middle of these states, we have public universities, operating hard, left programs. and i don't mean sort of centrist liberal programs. i mean programs such as schools
3:42 am
of education that have put identity politics into overdrive and we have many, many conservative voters. republican voters across the country or in these red states are so frustrated. why can't we do anything about this? why can't we have the public university be a little more representative of the state and the fact is that a lot of republican governors have simply -- have simply dropped the ball on this. >> pete: why? is it because of the controversy the university will reject it you? are in a fight right now by the way if you read this op-ed. academics are in an uproar. you are simply saying we want balance at this university and the governor has the prerogative to set the policies at the universities publicly funded. >> i think a lot of supporters of the business committee shy away from cultural and education issues. that can be very controversial. and the media get very reactive about any effort to get into the
3:43 am
classroom because the classrooms are really the space fully controlled by the left. >> pete: yes. >> they know how important it is to maintain the classroom. of course what we are doing we have got the kids. >> this is the place where you can raise liberal leftists for life. that's how they put it. and so, a small gesture like this. this is a small school in the florida system. it's only 700 students. one can see by the reaction in the media it has been huge. i have done interviews with every major news outlet in the country over this. it shows how important it is for the left to maintain 100 percent control. they do not want to give one inch of space to conservative voices. and we have seen, when i started graduate school in the '80s several conservative professors around even in the humanities which have traditionally leaned
3:44 am
liberal there has been a slow purge of conservative voices over the decades. >> pete: not anymore. mark, we're out of time. this is at one university. do you think the governor will do the same at even larger universities in florida? >> i think this is very popular in the state. public opinion is on his side. and i think that you'll see that we are going to be responsible, academic, intellectual stewards as trustees are supposed to do. we are going to see success and growth. it's going to be very good for all the students and faculty who are at new college who prosper by more diverse intellectual environment that's going to spread, yes. >> pete: it will be popular, exactly right, mark borrow line thank you for your work. >> details emerging in the robbery of a new york city police officers that left him fighting for his life. police sources say the officer's brother-in-law grabbed the gun from his holster and then fired back at the suspect at least six times it. sun clear if the suspect was hurt during the fight.
3:45 am
the wounded officer is still in critical condition and the suspect, well, they are still on the loose. senators ted cruz and joe manchin introducing a bill to block a potential ban on gas stoves. it would prohibit the consumer products safety commission from changing regulation or increasing the price of those gas stoves. the bill comes after the white house walked back comments on a potential ban but then on thursday, a white house memo revealed the biden administration was serious about banning gas stoves before receiving that massive pushback. millennials are now raising eyebrows as a new poll shows 35% still need their parents to help pay their bills. the fortune poll also finding that 63% of millennials and gen zers say they are burnt out saying they don't know how to do simple tasks like changing their oil or tire, tying a knot and sewing a hole. martin truex jr. kicking it in to high gear winning the blurb
3:46 am
light clash at the coliseum. kyle bush and alex bowman to win the preseason race. it's his first victory since 2021 after he went winless in 2022. we will see if truex carries this momentum into the regular season which does start februara 500 and it is only on fox. those are your headlines. we are going to check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. hi, janice. >> janice: i have got to make sure the weather is good for the daytona 500. i will work on it. take a look at the maps. relatively warm across the eastern third of the country. take a look at those temperatures, 41 in new york after one of the coldest blasts in years this weekend. we will take it. we do have some rain offshore and then our next system is going to move in today across the plain states over the next couple of days. here's our midweek storm. trough jet stream dip across the
3:47 am
south. severe weather, snow on the back side of this across the great lakes, midwest, and parts of the interior northeast. look at those highs today. 66 in dallas. 72 in new orleans. even close to 50 degrees in new york city. by wednesday it's going to be 53. that's fretty awesome for this time of year. 60 degrees in washington, d.c. i think we all love that right pete hegseth? >> pete: we do. good morning, janice green i will see you in the green room in a second. great to see you. how a north carolina baker avoided the scramble to find affordable eggs buying them fresh from one ambitious fifth grader. he will bring you the story ♪ chasing all them green lights ♪ throwing up the shade ♪ throwing up the shade ♪ pull a little bit of sunshine. we needed it fixed right.
3:48 am
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>> ainsley: with eggsflation living millions of americans feeling delved sunny side up for a young entrepreneur. an 11-year-old in north carolina is supplying a local bakery owner for fresh farm eggs for a batter price than baying in the grocery store. joining us with sweet anna bakery's owner courtney johnson. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> courtney, you own this bakery. you have been baking cakes for rye rylen's family. you knew the family so you are seeing prices go up for sugar and for every ingredient basically that you put in your cake including eggs. so what happened? >> he had posted that rylen had some eggs and the egg prices just kept going up every week and i couldn't do it anymore. i reached out and said i will take as many as you can give me.
3:53 am
>> ainsley: rylen, your family has a coop. how many chickens do you have. >> 21. >> ainsley: how many eggs do they produce a day? >> 18 to 19. >> ainsley: that's amazing. how did you come up with this idea to start your business? >> it all came from us just going to the sale one day and then after we had enough hens then we started getting too many eggs. we came up with the bright idea to start selling them. >> ainsley: your dad posted something on social media and courtney saw it? what do your friends say about this? you are an entrepreneur at 11 years old. >> they think it's -- [inaudible] 11-year-olds to be on the news and being an entrepreneur. >> ainsley: yeah. you are famous now. courtney, what were you paying for eggs at the grocery store and what are you paying when you buy them from rylen, the highest is $6 to $7 a dozen. they have started to come down.
3:54 am
is he still cheaper at $3 a dozen. >> ainsley: what were they before inflation? >> oh my gosh like a year and a half ago? for 5 dozen i was paying $2.42 for five dozen of them. >> did you have to increase your prices on your cakes? >> yeah. we did go up. i'm trying not to because everything else just keeps going up. so i'm trying my best. finding other ways to cut my costs. >> ainsley: your cakes are beautiful. so what is your message to rylen? how has he helped your business. >> is he saving me some money and helping and i love helping him so thank you so much, rylen. >> ainsley: rylen, what do you say? >> thank you for making me money. [laughter] every got a lot of money in your pocket and you are such a smart young man to be doing. this what grade are you in? >> fifth. >> ainsley: do you have school today? >> yes. >> ainsley: what time do you go in? >> as soon as this ois over. >> ainsley: thank you for waking up with us. what do you want to be when you
3:55 am
grow up. >> firefighter and nba player. >> ainsley: where do you get this work ethic? >> work ethic? >> ainsley: where do you get this drive to make money at such a young age? do your parents teach you that. >> my papa. >> your grandfather? and how has he been an influence in your life? why do you love him? >> um, he -- [inaudible] i guess. >> ainsley: thank you so much for coming on with us. courtney, i love your sweatshirt. >> thank you. >> ainsley: thank you. god bless you i wish you both the best what's the name of your business. >> sweet anna's bakery. >> ainsley: what's your website. >> just facebook and instagram. >> ainsley: thank you for come on. party foul, i have a vacation rental act clamping counsel on fun. effort to prevent large groups from gathering after the its property. ♪
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so clearly you. sotyktu. >> scuba divers are looking to recover degree after the balloon was shot down. >> awaiting a intelligence briefing. >> message united states super power has declined. >> hear a glossing over of the real issues. >> president biden will address the state of the union tomorrow. >> the address will likely be a kick off for the 2024 campaign. >> majority of democrats say at the don't want biden to run. >> hundreds of migrants now disillusioned with the big apple. they are deciding to head to the great white north. former new york governor david patterson ripping u.s. officials. >> other people out on the street who are homeless. they have problems, too. >> we are witnessing history tonight. breaking the record for the most grammy wins of


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