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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 8, 2023 6:00am-7:00am PST

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song. >> last week we were in kansas city. tomorrow we'll be in philly. if you want to drop by, go to chickey's and pete's on packers avenue seeing lawrence live as he salutes the eagles. >> doing the radio show. more of this. stay within yourself. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow morning. >> so long. >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning. here we go. no shortage of big moments last night's state of the union. many say it was short on facts. we'll show you how it went down and more. live in washington today as we say hello and good morning. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. one of the headlines at the white house is gallup said half of the u.s. are worse off than they were before. the highest since 2009. not a great -- >> bill: why are you sitting so far away? >> dana: maybe it was something i said. maybe cause you heard what jesse and greg were saying about me
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last night on "the five." it is true. i did eat the salad with my fingers. i didn't have a fork and didn't use a comb. let's get back to the news. the second state of the unya than for president biden. his first before a divided congress. the president made lofty claims about his record. fact checkers are having a field day today. >> bill: headline, joe lieden. it had vocal pushback in the house chamber. >> president biden: some republicans want medicare and social security to sun set. we'll need oil for at least another decade. if china threatens our sovereignty we'll a act to protect our country and did >> president biden: fentanyl is killing more than 70,000 americans a year. let's also come together on
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immigration. we've been sent to finish the job. let's finish the job this time. >> dana: among the issues the president made no mention of, cartels, chinese spy flight, afghanistan and didn't mention his classified document. >> bill: surprise. president spent 12 minutes about the economy, four minutes on crime. minute and a half on resort and junk fees, did you know. 79 seconds on the border and 64 seconds on beijing, china. >> dana: arkansas governor sarah huckabee sanders delivered the republican response arguing the country is no longer divided by left and right. >> the choice is between normal or crazy. i'm for freedom. he is for government control. i'm the first woman to lead my state and he is the first man to surrender his presidency to a woke mob that can't even tell you what a woman is. president biden is unwilling to
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defend our border, defend our skies, and defend our people. republicans will not surrender this fight. we will lead with courage and do what's right, not what's politically correct or convenient. >> dana: we begin at the white house where mark meredith is standing by this morning. hi, mark. >> good morning. welcome to d.c. president biden pledged for unity in last night's state of the union speech. given the clips you were playing it is clear today unity is a long ways off. the president's speech lasted 73 minutes, he covered a lot of different topics in the speech from celebrating investment in infrastructure to reaffirming u.s. support for ukraine but one moment certainly stood out as the president accused the gop of trying to cut entitlement programs like social security. >> president biden: i don't think it is even a significant -- [shouting] >> president biden: it is being proposed by individuals. i'm not naming them but being proposed by some of you.
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[shouting] . >> there are no plans to cut social security or medicare. he doubled down on those comments this morning on fox. he says those programs are off the table when it comes to spending cut negotiations. after the speech we heard from the house budget committee now that we resolved that medicare and social security are off the table let's act responsibly by reducing the hundreds of billions in wasteful washington spending and stave off a future debt crisis. last night the president addressed border security saying the situation is getting better in his view despite elected officials from both parties insisting the border is not secure. >> president biden: we now have a record number of personnel working to secure the border arresting 8,000 human smugglers, seizing over 23,000 pounds of fentanyl in just the last several months. >> it is more than a staffing issue. the lacks policies have encouraged migrants to cross into the country creating a national security and
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humanitarian crisis. >> 100,000 americans aier are killed from drug overdoses largely from fentanyl pouring across our southern border. the biden administration refuses to secure the border and save american lives. >> if you were listening you heard the president say the phrase finish the job in his remarks fueling further speculation about his 2024 campaign. today traveling to wisconsin, a battleground state to talk about jobs and economy. while the president insists the u.s. economy is on unstable footing, the low unemployment rate but republicans say inflation is eating away at savings with americans pulling money out of retirement accounts or getting a second job. the president looking like he is gearing up for a re-election campaign. >> bill: josh holmes former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell. josh, want to play this clip
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about medicare and social security cuts from last night. watch this. >> president biden: some republicans want medicare and social security to sunset. i'm not saying it's the majority. i'm not naming them but being proposed by some of you. so tonight let's all agree and we are, let's stand up for seniors. >> bill: so leading up to this i think it was about a year ago the "washington post" gave that claim four pinocchios, kevin mccarthy said it isn't happening. is that the moment we remember, josh, or is there a moment we remember? >> well look, i think it memorial eyess a moment for sure. first off he didn't humiliate himself which is a full step above expectations in this regard given his speeches over the last 6 to 8 months but i will say it lacked ambition
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throughout, right? we were talking about spending and debt and he tries to use the proposal from two years ago from a junior senator from florida to try to castigate the entire republican party and missed a moment here. this comes in the context of a debt ceiling discussion, incredibly important opportunity to try to reduce the nation fall debt which is threatening the economy. instead of doing that, instead of trying to figure out how to meet the moment and bring people together he tries to use a wedge which is a laughable wedge that you heard the chamber react to. >> dana: josh, in the headline of the "wall street journal" editorial page today the state of the union contradiction. if biden is such a success why aren't americans pleased? you look at the "washington post" poll shows that 36% of people believe that biden has had a good amount of accomplishment. the white house is influences
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frustrated. a state of the union can't turn it around. did he do anything to help himself either to say he is a bipartisan deal maker or showing up the far progressive left which started to walk away from him? >> he certainly checked a number of boxes for the progressive left. things like gun control and pro act. crazy that would be considered with a republican congress. but in terms of expectations versus reality in terms of getting credit for the economy this white house has had a huge chasm between what americans are living in and the macroeconomic numbers. reality is most people have been living with inflation for a couple of years and there isn't any sight of it getting better. you talk about egg prices and grocery store prices, even gasoline still up over a buck from when this president took office. americans are not feeling like
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this is actually working. and that is a huge risk that this white house takes by continuing to paint a really rosie picture that in reality doesn't feel like it. >> bill: josh, thanks. we'll see how long the shelf life is for this one. sometimes it's not very long. josh, thanks. nice to see you in washington, d.c. >> president biden: today we are in the strongest position in decades to compete with china or anyone else in the world as we made clear last week if china threatens our sovereignty we'll act to protect our country and we did. [applause] look, let's be clear, the competition should unite all of us. >> dana: a strange moment. president biden with a passing reference to the chinese spy flight. the aircraft drifted thousands of miles across the country for days. it was shot out of the sky by a
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fighter jet on saturday. live team coverage. we're in south as crews work to recover debris from the spy flight. wisconsin congressman mike gallagher joins us ahead. let's go to aishah hosni live on capitol hill. what do they think up there about the president's speech, aishah? >> good morning. good to see you here in washington. look, china has dominated talk in washington for the last week or so and these lawmakers on capitol hill are anxiously awaiting classified briefings in the next 24 hours but as we saw happen late last night, the president did not mention the ccp until about an hour into his speech and even then, dana, that section was just about 200 words of the 7,000 plus words that came out of the president's mouth. at one point representative marjorie taylor greene yelled china is spying on us. every republican we spoke with last night and at least one
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democrat on house foreign affairs i might add, said the president yeah, could have mentioned china sooner. >> he said almost nothing. no specific talk or acknowledgement of the balloon. no plan to counter it. >> still think he should have started with the domestic agenda and could have identified china earlier. >> most democrats are defending the president. >> he was tough on china and -- but his hope is -- the main focus is where it should be, on the average working family. >> he said that he warnted to be strong against china. i think the -- you know, the balloon is only one aspect. >> senators get a classified briefing tomorrow with the gang of eight getting their classified briefing sometime before then. dana. >> dana: a busy day there. >> bill: 50 minutes from now on the hill the first high profile
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hearing on censorship when it comes to the hunter biden laptop story. house oversight committee very busy this week getting ready to press the former top twitter executives on the decision to suppress the "new york post" report weeks before the election of 2020. we'll watch it for you and bring you updates as soon as it begins. meanwhile a couple thoughts you want here in washington, d.c., ran into kevin mccarthy a short time ago. i said what did you take from im it? the one thing i took from it is he is running. sarah huckabee's best line washington lights your hard earned money on fire. i didn't get the kiss. i have to tell you, the first gentleman and first lady went for it smack right on the lips. i don't see it very often among two people not married or partners. that's what the cameras caught last night in the balcony. did you catch it? >> dana: i didn't see it live
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but i think it was an accident. >> bill: an accident. >> dana: i would think, yes, i think it was. i don't -- what else am i supposed to think? i'm not thinking that. sarah huckabee sanders was amazing. i thought she did an incredible job and -- >> bill: we were talking yesterday before we came down here the biggest risk in all this is to be the person that gives the rebuttal and she decided to stay in little rock, arkansas and deliver it from there and maybe that helped it. >> dana: did a really great job. good for her. >> bill: 13 past. >> president biden: fentanyl is killing more than 70,000 americans a year. >> that brought reaction from republicans in the gallery as the president appears to ignore the policies driving the crisis. meanwhile texas police bust a fentanyl lab they say was pretending to be a car rental
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business. the suspects are already out on bail. we'll take you live to the border and see the crisis firsthand. >> dana: sailors make a mad dash to salvage any remains of the downed spy flight before they sink to the bottom of the ocean. how critical is that? >> we may discover how they are building the tech. a lot we can pull out of this grab. i argued that we should try to bring it down to collect the payload intact rather than blowing it out of the air.riat i. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx.
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>> dana: president biden speaking about cracking down on fentanyl during the state of the union address. talk is easy. dramatic video coming out of texas, state troopers busting a
6:20 am
fentanyl lab in houston masquerading as a car rental business. bill melugin is live in mission, texas on how they made it work. hi, bill. >> good morning. that's right. we're finding out about this. four people arrested after texas dps bust a suspected fentanyl pill lab operating in houston. look at the photos here. texas dps and local police in hazmat suits finding this lab operating inside of a car rental business in northwest houston. look at what they found inside. 17 pounds of fentanyl precursor shipped from china. one kilo of suspected counterfeit xanax pills and oxy pills laced with fentanyl. one pound of meth-laced add roll pills. the pill press machines. 10 to 15 pill press dye molds, three pistols and a rifle. they believe this lab will
6:21 am
likely have some sort of association with a mexican drug cartel. four suspects have been arrested on a litany of charges including possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and manufacture fentanyl. however, i checked the jail records. as of this morning, all of them are out of custody. more on that as we learn it. look at the video out of la salle, county. texas dps chasing a human smuggler on i-35. they pull off the road. everybody bails out of the vehicle. eight illegals in the vehicle. trying to get away. la salle county is not on the border. it is inland. yet another reminder of what counties all over texas are having to deal with. the smuggler and all illegal immigrants were arrested and handed over to border patrol. back live moments ago, 30 minutes ago we saw another group of chinese nationals cross illegally. a football field away from where i'm standing now. five more chinese nationals as
6:22 am
we see an uptick of people from china arriving in the rio grande valley. >> dana: all of those guys out on bail this morning. amazing. bill melugin, thank you. >> president biden: if we don't pass my immigration reform at least pass my plan to provide the equipment and officers to secure the border. [applause] and a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. our duty to protect all the people's rights and freedoms. congress must restore the right and the- >> secure the border. >> brandon judd is president of the national border patrol council and nice to see you here in washington, d.c. all the catcalls it is your fault. border, border were the shouts.
6:23 am
we went back a year ago to the state of the union. by our count he mentioned fentanyl 0 times in 2022. this year he mentioned it five. how do you rate that as progress, yes or no? >> it is not progress. we're continuing to deal with the deaths and continuing to see the smugglers able to bring in the products at will. they are able to make -- to generate a profit we've never seen before. that's from 2022 to 2023. he has done absolutely nothing and to mention it just in passing doesn't give anybody any confidence that he is actually going to do something, put in the measures necessary for us to secure the border. we'll continue to see american lives taken because this president refuses to act. >> bill: i take it you were disappointed last night what you heard. i imagine it was a big surprise to a lot of viewers. >> it was maddening to every border patrol agent. all he told us we'll continue to have to deal with this crisis. he is not going to do anything
6:24 am
that's necessary for us to protect the american people to keep all the fentanyl, all these people from coming across. cartels use illegal immigration to facilitate all of their other products. all of their other smuggling. that's what they use. they are allowed to do it because the policies necessary. we have to put in place what is necessary to secure the border, to safeguard the american public. >> bill: meanwhile our fox polling from three weeks ago agrees with you. 61% of the people we polled in america disapprove of his job performance when it comes to border security. you can wrap so much into that. fentanyl, cartels and on and on which he did also mention last night as well. you get the inclination that maybe in the coming year there will be more attention on that border especially if you run for a second term. meanwhile hearings on the hill about border security. katie porter, progressive democratic lawmaker southern california, this is how she characterizes the amount of
6:25 am
fentanyl that has been captured on the border in parts inland. watch. >> so what we've seen from my colleagues is tweets that say over 800 pounds of fentanyl seized. this is biden's border crisis. to me the fact that you are seizing these drugs is a success. >> bill: how do you square that? >> it is not a success. all we have to do is look at how much fentanyl is on the streets today. talk to any law enforcement agency in missouri, iowa, idaho, kansas. they will all tell you there is month product on the street today than any time before. even though we seize 8,000 pounds it means that 100,000 pounds got by us and that there is more deaths coming. we have got to get control of the border and we can do it. it just takes political will and that's what this administration doesn't have. >> bill: the issue will live for another day, that's clear. hopefully not much more than that. we will be in arizona next week
6:26 am
and see it for ourselves. thank you for your time today in washington. >> thank you, bill, appreciate it. >> i thought it was probably one of the most partisan state of the union speeches i've ever heard. >> the world was watching with this balloon the sovereignty and try to ignore what china has been doing just adds more damage to this nation. >> dana: commander-in-chief glosses over the chinese spying scandal in his address to the nation as crews work to retrieve any intel from the wreckage. mike gallagher head of the select committee on china is live with reaction next. plus more heartbreaking scenes across turkey and syria from two powerful earthquakes and the race against time to rescue survivors continues.
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flight shot down saturday on the beach of myrtle beach, south carolina. in his state of the union address president biden referenced the incident calling the u.s. response a win. congressman mike gallagher has reaction. first bryan llenas live on the latest from the wreckage site. how much more do they have to do and how is it going? >> good morning. from our vantage point on this boat a few miles off the coast of myrtle beach, south carolina, the weather and boating conditions are perfect for a second day in a row. also perfect from our fox news drone high above the debris field. however, those conditions are expected to deteriorate into the weekend, which could make a salvage operation really difficult. here right now, though, the water is still and calm and perfect for it. the u.s. navy has been working day and night. yesterday they brought in an unmanned underwater vehicle which will help locate small pieces of china's spy air ship
6:33 am
sitting 50 feet below over a 15 square football field size debris field. the pathfinder is equipped with sonar to map the sea floor. u.s. navy released images showing most if not all the debris from on the surface of the water has been recovered. the challenge now will be finding debris under water which is constantly shifting. we spoke to a local salvage business owner about those challenges. >> we had probably 4 to 5 years ago actually had a plane go down off myrtle beach in 20 to 25 foot of water. very favorable conditions. it was about a week after it had gone down and it took weeks and weeks to finally locate that plane just because it was very light on the bottom and skipping along the bottom. >> time is so important here. you can understand why they are pushing to get the debris.
6:34 am
they're being analyzed and put together by the f.b.i. in quantico, virginia. china says they want their debris back. >> what i can say is that this air ship belongs to china and not the united states. >> the u.s. coast guard had set up a ten nautical mile security zone. this is as close as we can get as the u.s. navy works to beat the clock. >> bill: beautiful day on the carolina shore. good luck to the navy. >> dana: here to respond is wisconsin congressman mike gallagher on the house select committee on china and intel. chinese are demanding they want the debris back. how will that go down? >> well, i don't think we should be in the business of creeding to the ccp's demands after they just flew a spy balloon over the united states. we could send back the useless debris in a box similar to what
6:35 am
they did back in 2001. i was actually astounded that the president didn't make more of an issue of this last night in his state of the union. he had a huge opportunity to make the american people aware of the threat to our sovereignty. make the american people aware of the greatest threat we face short and long term, the chinese communist party. what the incident should bring home to every american it isn't just a distance over their threat but a threat here at home. for the commander-in-chief not to talk openly and honestly about the incident, to just allude to it vaguely i thought was really unacceptable last night. >> dana: congressman, the white house thinks that and the president himself thinks that this is a win for them. you know, yesterday i saw senator warner and senator rubio after they had a briefing rick got more information, and even senator warner, democrat of virginia saying this is a really big deal.
6:36 am
did the white house not see it or hope we all move past it? >> the idea this was a big win for them that somehow we were able to collect against this asset as it was flying over america contradicts some of the messaging they had early on oh, this has limited value, can't collect anything you can't get with $ten in access to commercial images but also you have to weigh the advantage of collecting against the asset against the clear disadvantage of allowing this thing to embarras us. the chinese communist party did it to send a message that look what we can do to you and get away with. i think it hurt our standing and people watched how we responded and didn't look strong throughout the incident. >> dana: this is nbc news. knocking republicans though not you, you are concerned saying tiktok doesn't sell balloons and has nothing to do with the one hovering over the interior of the country. you would agree you've been
6:37 am
talking about tiktok and the dangers there. >> as former national security advisor robert ryan has said you should be concerned about what is a spy balloon hovering in your pocket or bedroom, an app that is effectively controlled by the chinese communist party. the ccp has a massive espionage and influence apparatus. not just something happening in the pacific, it is happening here in all 50 states. the president could have talked about that and used it to galvanize bipartisan action to do simple smart thing line ban ccp land purchases in america and get rid of the ccp police stations operating on american soil. >> dana: the other thing that's strange is you do have a bipartisan consensus. look at the reaction to the committee that you and your democratic counterpart are putting together. there is a support for you both. there is an excitement let's get this going and talk about this
6:38 am
and do this. the president wanted to talk about unity last night. there is a way to do that. we can unify together against an adversary. last word to you. >> the president fell back in his old rhetorical trap of saying we seek cooperation on certain issues. listen, the idea the chinese communist party will cooperate with us is a meaningful way on climate change is a fantasy creating incoherence and preventing us from getting tough against the aggression we're seeing from the chinese congressman party. >> dana: thanks for getting up for us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> young children are taught to hate one another on account of their race but not to love one another or our great country. >> i don't think kids and families are under attack right now. if sarah suggests that, it says to me she is insecure in parenting. >> bill: arkansas governor sarah
6:39 am
huckabee sanders giving the response. response to that accusing biden -- how effectively did she make her case? martha maccallum is here in d.c. we'll talk to her coming up. looking forward to seeing martha. plus a mother who lost her teenage son to fenfentanyl was guest at the state of the union address. >> he took one pill. that was sold to him as a prescription pill and that one pill ended his life. the pill does not come from your doctor or pharmacy don't take it. soccer is the best. but her moderate to severe eczema could make it hard for her. my skin was so itchy. and my outfit was uncomfortable. now, my skin's not as itchy. now we're staying ahead of her eczema. there's a power inside all of us, to live our passion.
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>> bill: want to update this ongoing story from oversees. stunning numbers, 11,000 now confirmed dead after the quakes hit parts of turkey and syria. so much tragic stories. here is one glimmer of hope. rescue teams pull out a newborn baby girl from underneath the rubble in syria yesterday. they believe her mother gave birth to her before she was buried alive in the debris. >> dana: everybody is watching for this little baby.
6:46 am
>> president biden: fentanyl is killing more than 70,000 americans a year. let's launch a major surge to stop fentanyl production in the sale and trafficking with more drug detection machines, inspection cargo, stop pills and powder at the border. >> dana: president biden getting an earful from lawmakers speaking about the fentanyl crisis last night. there is frustration. meantime the tragic toll of the drug shows in end in sight. 17-year-old zach lost his life to fentanyl in 2020. his mother attended the state of the union address and she joins us now. thank you for being with us this morning and for beautifully representing your son, zach. you see him in the pin. it was made for you by another mom who lost her son. give us a sense of being there in the chamber last night. >> well, it was an incredible
6:47 am
honor to be there last night and very grateful to my congressman kevin kylee who was serving as my assemblyman when zach died and has been a staunch supporter to elevate this issue and grateful he can do it in congress now. i was grateful to be there. incredible experience. >> dana: the numbers are just astounding her. call for number one. opioid overdose deaths in 2021 there were 80,411. if you go back to 2018 only 46,000. this is growing. to the point that now you actually have it in a state of the union address. do you think you are making progress when it comes to awareness? >> absolutely. i do see progress with awareness. when i lost zach two years ago there wasn't much awareness. it was hard for me to educate myself on what killed my son because there wasn't much out there. fortunately i came to know a
6:48 am
nonprofit called song for charlie doing incredible work raising awareness and i have aligned myself with that mission. it is where i feel i can make the most impact because zach was a high school senior when he was killed. i have spoken in front of 40,000 plus middle school and high school kids in my county and adjacent sacramento county since the beginning of the school year. his story resonates with young people. you heard the tragic story of courtney and her father that was recognized last night and in addition to those tragedies there are tragedies like my son where there wasn't a history where experimentation or self-medication situation can lead to tragedy so quickly and important we recognize all the different types of ways these deaths are happening. >> dana: what is your level of concern about the amount of fentanyl making its way into the country? >> i'm very concerned. obviously as we all should be.
6:49 am
i'm also very concerned with what is already here. i think for the young people like i say is where i put my focus and attention. the awareness piece is crucial. just getting them to be aware of how dangerous fentanyl is. we've done research with young people but they still don't -- maybe they recognize the word fentanyl now but in terms of being able to see how dangerous it is there is a lot of work to be done there. >> dana: what do you hope will come out of the state of the union? the next process is any possible legislation. is there anything you are looking for or congressman kylee will give a speech in a few moments after the interview. what do you think might make a big difference? >> well, i think that there is a lot of things that need to be done. this is a big effort and i would defer to legislators. i certainly will talk with congressman kylee about ideas he
6:50 am
has. i know that he has expressed to me he really wants to work in a bipartisan way. i think that's what we need right now. it is killing young people and americans from all sides of the aisle, from all sides of the spectrum, you know, in our country. so we really need to join together to combat this. i am open to all ways to do that. right now, like i say, my piece of it is the raising of awareness. >> dana: laura, you are a bright shining light despite your grief, which i know is enormous for you and your family. thank you for coming on and let's stay in touch. good to see you again. >> thank you so much. >> bill: tough story. the house oversight committee about to hold its first hearing on twitter's role in suppressing the hunter biden laptop story. three former twitter executives will be there and give you updates from the hill once it gets underway. some rowdy moments.
6:51 am
>> i'm glad to see you. i tell you. -- >> rowdy moments from last night. mike lawlor is a freshman from new york state and he was there. what was it like in the room where it happened? we'll ask him. i just glance at my phone and... ...there's my glucose number. no fingersticks. none. yes! yay! my diabetes is no longer a mystery. you see a spike after eating raisins. but dark chocolate? no spike. that's a huge victory. my a1c's dropped over two points. to 7.2. (woman) i actually can't wait for my next doctor's appointment. my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present
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headache, and urinary tract infection. picture your life in motion with vyvgart. a treatment designed using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist if vyvgart could be right for you. >> whether joe biden believes this madness or is simply too weak to resist it, his administration has been completely hijacked by the
6:57 am
radical left. the dividing line in america is no longer between right or left. the choice is between normal or crazy. it is time for a new generation of republican leadership. >> bill: that was the part of the message new arkansas governor with a rebuttal for the state of the union. this was your first state of the union address. was it normal or crazy? >> well, it was certainly something. i brought my wife to it last night. she is an immigrant from moldova. an immigrant from former soviet satellite country listening to the president of the united states talk about the issues facing the american people, certainly a great opportunity. but frankly, bill, i'm
6:58 am
disappointed. i think the president missed an opportunity last night. he talked about bipartisanship but really didn't put forth any plans to move the country forward and work with the house republican majority. frankly, he gave short shrift to critical issues like the immigration crisis and the broken and porous southern border, the challenges in ukraine with the russian invasion, and china. and so as a member of the foreign affairs committee i was very interested in hearing what he had to say on china. they are our greatest geopolitical foe and i think he missed the ball to address that. lastly, his comments with respect to the debt ceiling negotiation and making the false claim that the republicans are going to gut social security and medicare was so disingenuous and really counterproductive, frankly, to really bringing together both sides to forge a
6:59 am
bipartisan path forward. >> bill: a year ago by our count he mentioned unity 11 times. by our count he mentioned unity last night seven. i take it from your answer you are not impressed with anything inside that gallery. >> no. again i think it was a missed opportunity. of course there was opportunity to agree on fentanyl, on mental health, on infrastructure, on micro chips, but by and large i think he had an opportunity to set a different tone, you know. he came in there at times combative and obviously there was some jeering from my side of the aisle as some of my colleagues but i think he relished it. i just don't see where that is productive. he has to remember they no longer have one-party rule in washington. they have to work with the republican house majority to advance the ball forward and conversely we have to work with him. we are facing serious
7:00 am
challenges. he acted like we don't have an economic crisis. we are dealing with record levels of inflation, skyrocketing energy costs, porous southern border and he just acted like everything was hunky dorey in america. >> bill: a lot of challenges ahead of you. thank you for your time and review on that. kiss your wife on the lips and no one else. >> i promise to do just that. >> bill: see you in person soon. thanks for your time today. >> dana: fox news alert from capitol hill house oversight committee kicking off a hearing on twitter's suppression of the hunter biden laptop story and we expect fireworks and we'll be there for them and bring them to you. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: good morning. late night. nice job last night with bret and martha. >> dana: everyone had a late night but we're here up and at them. >> bill: house republicans getting a chance to grill the former twitter executives in a few moments on their decision to


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