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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  February 9, 2023 8:00am-9:00am PST

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going back on the road and be in arizona over the weekend. have a lot of reports over the weekend. monday morning we're live post super bowl. then tuesdays we're going to the border in yuma, arizona. there is some interesting things happening in yuma with regard to the border and immigration. we'll bring it to you tuesday morning. >> dana: have a great time. harris faulkner is next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. jarring new information on how huge china's spacecraft program, a whole program, really is. five continents, 40 countries are seeing balloons like we saw in our skies and the federal government slow rolled a briefing on the vessel that was in our skies for more than a week. members of congress are finally getting some info. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." intelligence, defense and state department officials right now briefing all members of the
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senate on the china spy craft that flew over u.s. airspace or into it last week. all house members got a briefing about two hours ago. they have had a chance to go through some of that material more in detail. it is the senate's chance now. not until 12 days after the first flight crossed into our airspace republicans say the lack of transparency all around is abyss mall. >> i think the president should have gone before country and explained. here is what it is and what i decided to do about it and why. people would have understood it. they didn't tell congress until one of the news outlets ran with the story and it cut a diagonal path across the middle of the country and never explained to us it was coming or why. i mean to us the american public.
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>> harris: right now the senate subcommittee on defense is looking at why the military let it happen in the first place. since they say it happened before why couldn't they keep it away from montana for example? armed services and foreign relations are putting hearings on their dockets. as i mentioned moments ago huge revelations from the pentagon. last week's china spy flight is part of a massive worldwide surveillance program by a communist country. the d.o.d. revealed sightings across seven continents. that speaks volumes about china's global ambitions. the "wall street journal"'s editorial board argues this administration could have taken a lesson from history. a quote. an instructive. if less threatening precedent here is the 1962 cuban missile crisis, the kennedy administration brain trust debated whether to inform the public or keep it quiet. they decided to show the world
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the threat and it helped to sway global opinion. we were kept in the dark until a citizen saw it over his state. in "focus", republican congressman andy biggs who was just briefed this morning. and congressional correspondent aishah hosni is live for us on capitol hill where the senators are being briefed right now. >> senators will be briefed by several different departments, defense, intelligence and state department officials are here to try to tell them as much as possible in this classified closed door briefing. even some senate democrats are walking into this with some really pressing questions as to how this happened and the intelligence gap we've learned about. watch. >> why didn't we know more earlier? what do we know that is not public about this threat? it is a threat from these
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chinese balloons which apparently are part of a larger program that has been ongoing for years. >> as you mentioned this briefing comes just ten days, a whole ten days after the spy flight was first entering into our airspace over the mainland and part of this massive chinese espionage program run by the army based in china and designed to gather intelligence on military capabilities. these aircraft can be different sizes, different capabilities. they have been spotted in at least five continents and regions. there are questions on the hill whether this could explain some of those unidentified flying objects that congress has already held a hearing on. >> this provides some -- at least a partial explanation for some of these unexplained ariel vehicles, ufos that have been sighted but not identified. we're asking a lot more
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questions about it. >> i can't overstate, harris, what a bipartisan issue this is as there is a senate hearing happening right now led by democrat senator from montana john tester who, as you said, is investigating why the military allowed this thing to enter into our airspace in the first place. harris. >> harris: it's actually not partisan when the enemy hovers over your state and one of only three sites where we keep intercontinental ballistic weapons, missiles are in his state. it doesn't matter which party he is in. he is in the american party. i'm sure he is mad. good to see you. thank you. republican congressman andy biggs of arizona sits on two very important committees with big hearings this week that we've been covering. oversight and judiciary. congressman, you were briefed on the china spy flight this morning. i know that some of it is classified. you can't share all of it. what can you tell us?
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>> well, i'm not going to -- i didn't go to the classified briefing because i knew i would talk to you. instead i have had a discussion yesterday and here is what i can tell you. first of all, the tool package and equipment package on that balloon was enormous. second of all, we were not able to jam the transmissions, unlike what has been reported. the third thing is, we tracked that thing for a significant period of time and for whatever reason this administration chose not to dismantle it. the fourth thing is, this is we're unsure of this, we don't know the extent of the program, at least i did not receive a briefing indicating how long that program has been in place, but we know one thing. it stayed deliberately over montana because of our facilities, nuclear missile facilities that we have in montana and it breached, the whole pattern was designed.
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it was not an accident or a weather balloon blown off course. it was deliberate espionage from the chinese communist party. >> harris: i appreciate you getting an early look at that to share so much with "the faulkner focus." let's unpack that. the size. you are talking about, why is that so significant? it looked huge from the ground. we were told it was the size of three passenger buses. you have no concerns about just what was in the sky and how big it was. why? >> well, because it had -- it would have had sensitive surveillance equipment and ability to transmit that information back to china. and so that means that they were actually surveilling and actually obtaining information that we wouldn't necessarily want them to have. this is not like a satellite. this is a 60,000 foot lower altitude vehicle with the
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equipment necessary to sur veil us more accurately. also because it came as a balloon and we were ostensibly tracking it but we don't know what they could or couldn't see. the size of the package indicates the strength of their ability to look and transmit. >> harris: when we couldn't jam their transmissions, what does that tell you? >> there was so misrepresentation maybe from the administration for whatever reason. number one. number two, it indicates that we have a bigger hole in anti-surveillance technology than we would like to admit. you know, harris, this indicates further two things. the continued probing by the ccp who wants to be the rising power in the world, number one. number two, our failure to respond quickly and adequately
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seems to be another indication to the world of our weakness in foreign policy leadership. >> harris: congressman, what particularly would like to say to the white house right now? there were some time gaps, decision making, all of that. we didn't get to see it. you have a better view of what was going on. what would you say to the president? >> that his weakness is further empowering china and he has to push back in very strong, meaningful ways. if he can't, he needs to get out of the way. his weakness with china, with north korea, his iran, with russia prior to ukraine, all of this indicates why bad guys in the world continue to expand their efforts to a regional power or rising international power like china, they want to
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expand their efforts and their areas of influence and power. he has got to be stronger. that balloon should have been shot out of the sky over the allusions. never have let it get to montana. the other thing is we never would have known about it if somebody didn't happen to be watching it and said i have to take a picture of that. it looks odd. >> harris: can you even believe it? >> unbelievable. >> harris: this was worldwide. ten days over the continental u.s., 12 days if you include alaska. they saw this thing coming. it is unbelievable. when i hear you equating the size to the capability, that's really troubling. i don't know what's in the briefing that you could ever share but maybe at a later date i want to know what we're doing with the 40 other countries across seven continents. i hope our government is talking. i hope that everybody stays safe and learns from us on what to do. it is phenomenal. a lot of countries don't have
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militaries like ours. last quick thought and we'll move forward. >> i'm with you. we need to be communicating. but the people who we need to communicate most with are the chinese with a very stern warning this can't happen again and if it does we'll take more effective, immediate, remedial action. >> harris: i want to get to this. another g.o.p.-led house hearing happens less an an hour from now. the weaponization of biden's department of justice. democrats are claiming republicans are using that panel itself as a political weapon. lawmakers set to look at alleged d.o.j. bias against conservative voices on anything from hunter biden to parental rights and two panels will testify. the first made up of current and former lawmakers, senators ron johnson, chuck grassley, former congresswoman tulsi gabbard.
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it will be spirited. the other is 1 of 2 f.b.i. agents. one of them from earlier. >> we find it heartbreaking. i look forward to the day when the f.b.i. can get back on track as a law enforcement organization where people raise their hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. unfortunately now it is guided more like an intelligence agency where the truth is shaded. and we have to change that culture. >> harris: shading the truth from the intel. familiar refrain from the white house today. it is calling today's hearing a political stunt. the same word they used for the border cross hearing and the one on twitter suppression of the hunter laptop story. back to you, congressman, to get your response to all of it. >> well, we have to get to the bottom of this. what we found out yesterday and what you find in the twitter files and in that hearing
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yesterday these twitter former executives. when they were twitter execs they were meeting with the f.b.i. and c.i.a. weekly in the run-up to the 2020 election. it was the f.b.i. special agent specifically saying you need to maybe look at this iividual's account who might be violating your twitter policies. it was the f.b.i. that was trying to suppress information whether it's the hunter laptop, covid questions, whatever it was, they had weaponized to police apparatus of the federal government against conservative voices and against voices not in line with what i would call the orthodoxy of the left. and so that came out just enormously yesterday. i think it will happen again today between gabbard, johnson and grassley. they have been on the receiving
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end of this kind of suppression. previously twitter said they didn't shadow ban. it was revealed they did shadow ban. specifically. that would be they banned me. >> harris: you asked such a good question before i let you go. i want to comment, thank you very much for getting a head start on that briefing material so we could dig deeply into it today. appreciate it. i know you have a full house vote coming up. it is a tight day for you. any time we can get we're thankful for. thank you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: pay no attention to those terrible polls, top democrats rallying behind president biden for another run. insisting he is vibrant and bold. voters don't seem to agree with that. the woke education war is on. >> this indoctrination of our young children must stop. >> the continued use of wokeism,
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referring to the democratic party. >> history will judges harshly for how we sacrificed children on the altar of poor political decisions. >> harris: they used all their words in that hearing. republicans and democrats at odds. it was heated. it was heated. abveteran homeowners, have you looked at the interest rates
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>> forcing woke political ideology in our school curriculum. this is all -- as long as our children learn about woke politics and gender identity.
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parents are outraged in this indoctrination of our young children must stop. >> my republican colleagues have decided to weaponize their new found majority to republican reforms including the parents bill of rights are nothing more than political posturing. >> harris: democrats and republicans clashing over parental rights in a spuristed i had indication there. the issue coming to the forefront as parents fought against critical race theory and gender issues and hiding gender transitions from their own parents. watch this. >> appropriate for an adult teacher to talk to an 8-year-old girl about changing her gender? >> these are not part of the state standards or curriculum. what is important the teachers and principals meet the needs of all students. >> you haven't answered the question yet. >> if parents want to have
8:22 am
discussions of other kids what they think or don't think. >> it is appropriate or not? >> schools have to deal with every variety of diversity society has and keep the focus on learning. >> harris: virginia lawmakers passed a bill banning schools from hiding a child's gender transition from their parents. florida and alabama passed similar laws. indiana is weighing a bill on the issue as well. ian pry prior is with me on set here in washington, d.c. great to see you. hard to believe you have to pass a law to make sure parents know about something so important that is happening with their children. it is not just on the gender transition issue. we are being kept out of everything. >> the gender issue is so important. it starts at the beginning. what they will do is create this narrative books in the library or how they teach young children and really denying biology
8:23 am
saying just because you were born a biological male or girl doesn't mean you have to stay that way. that's arbitrary. they put this idea in very early. when they get to 6th, 7th, 8th grade. whether for acceptance or fitting in, kids start adopting this. it gives them some level of protection like a civil right and then they start using pronouns and wanting to use a different bathroom and the school won't tell the parents. the reason why the school won't tell the parents is because they see this as healthcare, right? hhs says gender affirming care is healthcare and say if parents don't support this they are denying children healthcare and therefore creates an abusive situation and that's why they don't tell the parents. >> harris: you are saying that eventually kids have something akin to a civil right so we can't touch that. and then they are protected by healthcare, hipaa, apparently we can't touch that, either. they have blocked us out like a
8:24 am
hockey game. according to a school choice advocacy organization there are currently 76 different educational choice programs on the books in 32 states. senator tim scott is an outspoken advocate for these kinds of programs and spoke to "the faulkner focus", as you know. he was on with us recently. >> parents deserve as many options as humanly possible. the more options a parent has the better chance the child has of succeeding if life. your zip code should not determine the quality of your life. the current environment is saturated with adults who have power and that power means they decide where the money goes. unfortunately, we needed indication systems designed for kids, not for adults. >> harris: according to an education advocacy group, the tracker, there are 84 parents rights bills that have been introduced in 26 states.
8:25 am
they have only passed four. arizona, georgia, florida and louisiana. why aren't the bills passing? >> democrats are making this same mistake that they made in virginia in 2021. and what we saw was they just thought oh, this is some manufactured republican issue that is being used for elections. in reality that's not what happened. you had decades of left control of schools. parents just assumed if i send my kid to school they'll learn math and signs and go to college. but they were engaging in social engineering. covid happens, parents start to wake up and you get parents into the fight. many who will tell you i have never voted for a republican in my life. this is not a thing where people just put on their team jerseys for their political parties. these people are really concerned about what is going on. they are not your usual political actors. democrats continue not to get it and they will pay the price eventually at the polls.
8:26 am
>> harris: give us some hope. >> i think you are seeing a lot in florida and a lot in virginia, iowa passed school choice. you have seen school choice in arizona. what senator scott said really hits the nail on the head. you have heard from equity people and they will say people shouldn't be -- their future shouldn't be determined by their zip code. if you live in a wealthy area you can afford to pull your kid out of school and send them to a private school. if you don't you're stuck at whatever school is in your zip code. it is not fair or competitive. if you see what other countries are doing we'll fall behind further in the coming years. >> harris: the group that you lead is fight for schools. you must be extremely busy right now fighting for schools and for children and for parents. i thank you for being on "focus." >> thank you for having me. >> harris: more than 19,000 have been confirmed dead after earthquakes in turkey and northern syria on monday. that number is expected to keep
8:27 am
climbing unfortunately as rescue crews become recovery crews. it hasn't happened yet. they've really got to do things very quickly if they search for survivors in bitter cold temperatures. let's watch a live picture of crews working through the rubble in southern turkey, in a town there. some of the worst destruction and damage happened there on the left of your screen. on the right is daytime pictures of what it looked like. the pentagon was talking about our american effort to help. let's watch. >> u.s./european command is pre-positioning some assets to include medical supplies, water, relief supplies. we're trying to do everything we can to lean forward to be responsive to their requests and help them as they try to save lives and recover. >> harris: more than 19,000 people dead at this point.
8:28 am
this is now the deadliest seismic event in a decade. republicans are ripping into president biden's repeated claims on social security and medicare. i thought we got past that a couple nights ago. apparently not. >> just to repeat of the big lie that was told in the chamber during the state of the union. it is unbelievable. he is back on the campaign trail and the big lie is part of that, right? >> harris: but the president the other night said no, we'll work together after, of course, most of the chamber booed him. yes indeed, the president today expected to once again push those debunked ideas that he has that republicans want to gut entitlements. how the g.o.p. are going to hit back. pete hegseth in "focus" next.
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just, straight up great cars. right from your phone to your driveway. go to and pick your favorite. wooo. oh yeah, she digs it. buy your car on vroom. get in. >> harris: american social security and medicare are front and center as the president heads to florida today. he is expected to keep attacking republicans on those issues claiming some of his political opponents are trying to cut those important programs for our aging americans and then biden singled one particular senator out. >> president biden: look, a lot of republicans, their dream is to cut social security and medicare. well, let me just say this, it is your dream but my veto pen will make it a nightmare. rick scott from florida, the guy
8:35 am
who ran the u.s. senate campaign, has a plan. he says all federal legislation sunsets every five years. social security, medicare, medicaid. >> harris: senator rick scott hit back with brand-new ads. >> joe biden just cut 280 billion from medicare. biden improperly used a loophole to dodge half a million dollars in taxes that should have gone to medicare. now that biden has ripped off medicare for a half million he wants to close the loophole and raise your taxes. biden should resign. >> harris: fox business correspondent edward lawrence live from the white house. i understand in your reporting you will remind us exactly that kumbaya moment the president said he would work with republicans a couple nights ago. >> the president -- what happened to that, right? the president landing in 45 minutes in tampa, florida likely going to ask to strengthen
8:36 am
social security and medicare and will pull out that brochure like we saw in wisconsin where senator rick scott's brochure for his plan to sunset every federal program every five years. listen. >> what a hypocrite. he accuses republicans that they want to cut medicare and social security. i never suggested that. i said we have to preserve them, right? my plan i said we ought to tell the public how we'll preserve them. >> the senator calls the president a hypocrite because he pitched the same thing back in 1995. here is the president again last night. >> president biden: when i pointed out that some republicans talking about eliminating medicare they said no, i said okay. that means all of you are supporting medicare, everybody raised their hand. they all raised their hand. guess what? we accomplished something. >> trying to take a win. congressional budget office says part of social security will be insolvent in ten years and
8:37 am
automatic benefits would be cut by 23%. republicans don't want to cut this program. senator josh hawley has a plan to put out to pass a bill saying they'll protect social security and medicare going forward. back to you. >> harris: edward, thank you very much. "fox & friends" weekend co-host pete hegseth now. it's amazing at the state of the union the president acknowledged that okay, maybe not all democrats after he got booed and the hall got all rowdy but he is trotting out the same words. did he forget what he said tuesday night or was he lying then? i don't know. >> there was a lot of lying going on. now there is a lot of demagog going on. it has long been the trope of democrats on the campaign trail and we saw the state of the union at the beginning of a campaign salvo that's what joe biden is doing. this is a party that can't even
8:38 am
embrace a simple idea that would say maybe every 4 or 5 years we should review all the things that we are funding to determine their efficacy. if a program is popular and it is working, then of course it will remain on the books. social security has insolvency problems as edward lawrence pointed out. changes have to be made eventually at great political risk in whoever attempts to make those changes. sunset clause makes so much sense that democrats have to be against it. of course, he was for it as you point out as a senator from delaware decades ago. he agreed with and believed in a common sense measure like reviewing all federal programs so we aren't wasting tax dollars. that's the same sliding scale of democrats since jfk. he was a tax-cutting, pro-life, anti-communist. now the democrat party is controlled by socialists who would love to be communist eaves to raise all your taxes including a wealth tax and
8:39 am
abortion on demand. democrats have moved to the extreme left. he is using this as demagoguery and republicans are right to call for a sunset clause but doesn't mean they would be on the chopping block. >> harris: back in 1995 then senator biden was saying he said we should take a look at all these programs. a couple of nights ago ignited a fire by using his rhetoric about republicans and then said okay, so social security and medicare are safe, we aren't going there, everybody clapped and he moved on. i guess he forgot both 1975 and 2023. >> will the real joe biden stand up, correct. >> harris: president biden is dismissing his classified document scandal. we knew that from the state of the union address two nights ago. you know the one the special counsel is investigating. here he is in a rare sit down interview with a journalist.
8:40 am
>> president biden: the kinds of things they've picked up are things from 1974 and stray papers. >> you said just possessing classified documents you said totally irresponsible. so what was totally irresponsible about the fact that you had some? >> president biden: what was not done well is as they packed up my offices to move them, they didn't do the kind of job that should have been done to go thoroughly through every single piece of literature. >> harris: shortly thereafter the interview went on. first says he can't talk about it. then from 1974. what is going on here? by the way, he would have been a senator then if that's the case and he doubly was not allowed to take those papers out of the scif. >> which means he would have had to very proper actively removed those documents as a senator. >> harris: you mean steal them? >> borrow them, stuff them away,
8:41 am
save them for later, whatever word you want to use. this is -- he had one interview, got asked one question with a basic follow-up from a friendly reporter who dabbled his toe for a hot second. she is fine. i would love to know her true politics. we all know what they are. ultimately she is not really getting pushed. when he does he throws other people under the bus and points fingers and says this is no big deal. just like what he did in the state of the union with the chinese spy balloon. don't mention it. pretend it doesn't exist and count on accomplice it press to not press him on it. hopefully the republicans will get what value is in the documents, how they got there and whether hunter biden had access to them and used them.
8:42 am
>> harris: you mean next to the corvette? thank you for being in "focus." spend, spend and spend some more. the president's wish list has sparked comparisons to democratic socialist senator bernie sanders as we wait for a biden 2024 announcement. plus democrats standing by their guy despite the polls. >> people realize biden is hitting it out of the park. the working family sitting in front of the tv said he is talking to me. he is talking about my needs. >> harris: hum. maybe it was a little league park, small? all in for biden again, the polls don't look good. they don't care. ♪ living with plaque psoriasis? otezla is a pill that can help you achieve clearer skin. with no routine blood tests required. and doctors have been prescribing otezla for over 8 years. don't use otezla if you're allergic to it.
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>> you will be 82 the day of the next election. 86 if you are successful and finish that term. does it give you any concern? >> president biden: watch me. that's all i can say. i would be completely, thoroughly honest with the american people if i thought there was any health problem or keep me from being able to do the job. and so we'll see. >> harris: president biden pretty defiant when asked about a possible 2024 run despite big concerns about his age, mental acuity and terrible polling. top democrats including his own vice president insisting it is all good. in fact, it's all great. >> i think that age is more than a chronological fact to be very frank with you. it's about thinking about whether we have in our leader, which we do in joe biden. >> people realize biden is hitting it out of the park.
8:49 am
families said he is talking to me. >> i hope he runs. i am for him if he runs and i know the democrats willfuly embrace him. if he runs, it's over. >> harris: a poll this week found 78% of americans do not want president biden to run again. even worse, just 37% of his fellow democrats want him to be their nominee again. president biden's state of the union address saw the second lowest viewership in 30 years. the only speech was one that was lower than that was his state of the union address in 2021. so about 27 million this year and even less than that in 2021. mark lauder, former special assistant to president trump and richard fowler, fox news contributor and contributing writer for forbes magazine. great to see you both. i want to get your reaction to the president's defiance on just watch me. >> i don't think the president
8:50 am
struggles are about his age but his poll numbers. if his poll numbers were good democrats and americans would be behind him. the fact that 37% -- only 37% of democrats want him to run. most people are worse off now than two years ago. those are the factors why he whats the second lowest state of the union in history and numbers are soft. people aren't seeing it in their real lives. >> harris: as i watched him the other nights most presidency a bump coming out of the state of the union an doesn't help them. that's only 50% of the time they even get a bump. i thought he missed an opportunity to talk to people about food prices in particular. half the country was having dinner. it was dinner hour for half the country. he doesn't talk to real people. he really missed an opportunity. what of those 37% would you say is a problem? >> look, i think poll numbers
8:51 am
are snapshots in time. >> harris: this is like a movie, a film now. >> i was getting ready to say one would argue on a lot of issues the president has had a rough year. we'll have to see. as he begins the turn the corner, last month we saw half a million jobs created. 2% gdp growth. the price of eggs and food is high. he will have more to navigate. >> harris: all of breakfast is expensive. >> i think it's worth pointing out if you look at the past two presidents and what they were able to do in obama's two terms and trump's only term joe biden got that done bipartisan in his first two years, infrastructure bill. barack obama wanted one and donald trump wanted one. biden got it done. vets and burn pits. biden got it done. >> harris: he has had plenty of time to silked and not selling it. i asked you about the 37% who
8:52 am
support him simply because every time we look at that poll that number gets smaller. i wonder what troubles them. they could be part of the larger number that doesn't support him to run again. all right. after his state of the union address this op-ed argued joe biden is bernie sanders. when biden announces his re-election bid he will be running as a democrat socialist. the clear takeaway from the more than 70 minutes he described his plans to push spending and mandates into every area of american life. some of the plans he laid out in his speech. >> president biden: we want to have the best educated workforce. let's finish the job. by providing access to pre-school for 3 and 4-year-olds. we'll build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, installed that will cost the country. i propose with quadruple the tax on corporate stock buy backs.
8:53 am
let's finish the job and the loopholes for the rich to pay taxes. >> harris: i was almost bret baier on this show last night. there were 21. >> this is the point you were earlier making. people aren't sitting around thinking about building the best workforce or taxing billionaires. they want to talk about egg and gas prices and they are not worried about losing their jobs right now. they will be later this summer, i think. right now they aren't worried. this is not a jobs unemployment rate economic concern moment. that's where he misses the point. i'm not sure about calling him a socialist. it doesn't work. i don't think -- it goes over people's heads. when it's about results that's why he has such low support. people don't like the results they're seeing. >> i think calling him a socialist is not going to get much points. where i disagree with him when you talk to the american people and talk to them about prices,
8:54 am
one issue that has come up in every poll in the past decade is the idea people think they're paying too much for prescription drugs. under the inflation reduction act they've capped insulin at $35 a month for senior citizens. what the president said we need to do more. they won't say about democrats or republicans but making sure people don't have to haggle with the pharmacist to figure out how to pay for the drugs they need. >> harris: he is talking about the capitol. mark, let's talk quickly about foreign policy. that is something that this president is going to of to get crisp and concise on. he isn't doing that. >> no, his failures are big in front of the american people whether afghanistan or the china spy balloon. those are easy to get your hands around. it is easy to say you failed on both of those. this is not fine point negotiations with nato over their reimbursement rates.
8:55 am
people understand the failure of the balloon and understand the failure of afghanistan and something that will stick with them for the next couple of years. >> harris: seven continents, 40 countries that are dealing with what we shot down after several days of dealing with it in our skies. it will continue to be an issue. the president has to define what his foreign policy really is. are we first? great to see you. thank you. "outnumbered" after the break.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> a house hearing about to begin any moment now on the weaponization of government. the republican led hearing is focused on the politicization of the fbi and doj and attacks on americans liberties. we will be monitoring what is expected to be a fiery hearing, and it comes one day after republicans on the oversight committee suggested some fbi officials to get active role in suppressing reporting around hunter


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