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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 9, 2023 9:00am-10:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> a house hearing about to begin any moment now on the weaponization of government. the republican led hearing is focused on the politicization of the fbi and doj and attacks on americans liberties. we will be monitoring what is expected to be a fiery hearing, and it comes one day after republicans on the oversight committee suggested some fbi officials to get active role in suppressing reporting around hunter biden's laptop.
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but the president thinks americans just won't care. hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno here with my cohost kayleigh mack and mcenaney and also joining us fox news contributor lisa boothe, marie harf, and ari fleischer. now, the white house is dismissing today's hearing and much the same way it did that yesterday. the suppression of the hunter biden's laptop story calling them both political stunts. it is just part of a new round of denials, dismissals and afflictions coming from the biden administration. the president brushing off the growing scandal surrounding his son, hunter, and the biden family business dealing during an interview yesterday. watch. >> one of the things republicans say he is a priority for them is investigating your family, your son, hunter, your brother, jim. they talk about access that they
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say others have gotten because of you, because of your political success. how do you plan to deal with that? >> the police will not pay attention to that. they want these guys to do something. the only thing they can do is make up things about my family. it is not going to go far. speed to public won't care, kayleigh? >> kayleigh: and the republicans do something, very interesting. after all, he is president joe biden but the public majority, what is it three weeks? they have done more in a like protection act which keeps babies born alive who survive abortion a life outside of the womb. and the democrats all voted against that. what else have they done prohibit strategic petroleum sales to china, dead violence against violent centers, reduce crime in d.c., the national covert emergency and also addressed -- it sounds like a lot to me. so do something, biden, they
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have peer that will not stop republicans from looking into the issues the american people and voters are not fox news poll in. listen to this spirit is this an important congressional investigation? fbi irs by a 71% yes, hunter biden 61%, yes, afghanistan which will come a 60% yes, and the list goes on. so voters do care and incumbent upon republicans to make sure the american people understand why they should care about the hunter situation. it is not about going after the president's son. it is about national security. >> emily: that is a good point, ari. not only in my argument typical of the white house narrative to dismiss, write always deflect but also it is incumbent on g.o.p. to remind the american public why. part of the criticism of this administration since day one there has been a disconnect over what americans deeply care about like inflation with what the administration tells them they should care about. this poll that kayleigh cited
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reflects the disconnect, but she also reminds us the g.o.p. needs to hammer out exactly the reason why. it is not about hunter. it is about conflict of interest in national security. >> ari: you just hit on it. and listen to the interest rates. house republican senate republicans to investigate your family was the question. no, they are investigating joe biden! joe biden's family is meaningless in this spirit i come as a republican, will never use the name of his son. his son equals evidence of a laptop equals texts, emails, photos, facts, evidence peer that is what we are talking about. we are not talking about anybody's name. the issue is joe biden's behavior. why does joe biden deny knowing any business dealings when it has been contradicted by proof in a laptop that contains text, emails, and photos? that is all this is. it is about joe biden. not his family and this is the republicans here they need to
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get that message and shouldn't make it about the president's son. his brother, if you do that, the american people will rally because we will protect presidential families. it is about the president. >> emily: that is a great point and at times the g.o.p. is raising against borrower with the mainstream media twisting and phrasing it as such but all the more important the g.o.p. uses phrasing that can be distorted to that point. maria, i would like to get you in here for a response after. what is your opinion on this fast disconnect we have been underscoring as well as the importance of these investigations into the conflict of interest and potential impact on national security? the mainstream media and this administration seems to refuse to acknowledge? >> marie: i wish house republicans would listen to ari because that hearing was about hunter biden. it was not about a new story. it was about a private company being able to say what is on their platform. it wasn't about free speech. yes, it was mainstream media.
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kayleigh, let me finish. you spoke, let me finish peer at the g.o.p. can't help themselves. there is no evidence that anyone has seen that this involves national security or the joe biden somehow compromise national security. what joe biden said in the state of the unit this week, he talked about inflation, he talked about record job growth, record it on employment and the issues that pocket books, the dinner table that they care about. the house g.o.p. wants to hold hearings about twitter and hunter biden and "the new york post," they will lose the next election peer that is why democrats did better than most people thought they would do in the midterm spirit because they were focusing on the base and these culture war issues that quite frankly, it is not looking for them at the ballot box. >> ari: there is evidence. joe biden received 10%, if joe biden received 10%. >> marie: have peer that is not evidence. >> kayleigh: have you read the report from the oversight committee? >> we read the political
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documents. then you would know there were 150 flag transactions from the biden family for the treasury department from the biden administration who will not hand them over. >> marie: what about all the trump family? >> kayleigh: donald trump jr. didn't have a relationship with ukraine, china et cetera. >> lisa: i think investigating the sun is at best flying your son over air force to shaking hands with chinese businessmen and suddenly deals got done that hunter biden was trying to get approved is problematic. also, taking credit for jobs coming back from decimating the economy from covid isn't going to ring is positive for americans particularly when the record high american the mike amount of americans feel worse off under joe biden. but we know for a fact that the fbi was having weekly meetings with twitter officials. we know for a fact they were trying to prime twitter officials there would be a hack and leak operation pertaining to hunter biden. lo and behold, the night before, twitter shuts down the sharing of hunter biden laptop story
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which mind you the fbi in possession of quite some time knowing that this laptop was real. the fbi sent ten documents to twitter officials. what were in those documents? why did they send them tonight before twitter stopped the sharing of something the fbi knew to be true? yeah, i think the americans care about the weaponization of their own government against the american people. and also censorship if we lose the first amendment we cease to be a republic and cease to be a free country. so i do think americans care about all the decisions that are very, very important. >> emily: to dig in further what kayleigh pointed out, it is the forensic financing and accounting of the situation unveiled and grand jury testimony and evidence and briefs on both sides, actually of both of the parties including the federal government acknowledges massive amounts of payments received by hunter biden and his chinese government representatives as well as ukraine political figures.
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it boggles my mind you can say in a seemingly either oversimplistic or whitewashing way that there has been no evidence peer there has been fast evidence and the court. >> marie: joe biden -- 's >> emily: he is referenced as the big guy. it is surprising you are not seeing what is clearly printed in these federal investigations. >> marie: doj is investigating hunter biden, we know that they are the department of justice has open investigations on hunter biden. let those go forward. i'm not saying though should stop. i'm saying we should investigate if there is wrongdoing. the leap from that to joe biden somehow compromised and has done things that putting our national security at risk is not there. lisa, let me finish, ari. we can debate twitter and what should be allowed on their platform. when voters go to the polls, are they really going to say, "oh, that "new york post" story and the hunter biden laptop, that is why i will vote republican."
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[overlapping voices] >> kayleigh: who is the big guy? who is 10% for the big guy? >> marie: do you have evidence that even happened? [overlapping voices] speak of the d.o.t. is investigating biden, classified documents appear they are investigating classified documents including from the time during the senate which is actually the most suspect because he had to somehow get those out of the skiff where you walk through multiple doors to get to. you sign in to get the documents, you sign out. you are supposed to give over your phones, all of your electronics. he had to stop those down his pants to get them out of the senate. how did he do that? regardless of the vice president documents, how did he get those senate documents out? that is the question. sorry, ari. >> ari: this is such a perfect conversation and illustration of the gaps between the parties. and communications, the republicans we see it and we know it and we believe it. democrats reject at all. but the problem i have with democrats is that means rejecting the written testimony,
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the written words shown 10% for joe biden of business dealings. which does mean joe biden made money off of all these deals and all around the world. secondly, you are rejecting oral testimony of tony who was an insider and knew what was going on and suggest joe biden was a big guy and he got 10%. but republicans challenge is to make those facts in print and testified orally to independent voters and some democrats. we believe the democrats don't hear it, the republicans went around saying hunter, hunter, hunter as opposed to using evidence and facts. >> emily: so much more to come. stay with us, guys. the white house is refusing to get up on t the presidents claim the republicans want to end social security security even though that has been widely debunked. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> starting to make the wealthy pay their fair share. some republicans want medicare and social security. i'm not saying the majority. let me give you -- contact my office. i will give you a copy. i will give you a copy of the proposal. at least congress doesn't vote. >> kayleigh: well, that was one of the many mistress from the president tuesday night. now he's tripling down on that false claim about republicans and social security. the white house released a statement ahead of biden hometown of tampa to th speak at social security and medicare pure president biden has taken action to strengthen medicare and social security. bedrock programs that they have
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paid into tens of millions of seniors depend on to support their livelihoods. congressional republicans, however, have a different record. let's talk about that different record, emily. as i mentioned yesterday, put a little bit more of "the washington post" factor woke up to fact-checked a democrat. put a little more from a false claim and senate republicans plan to end social security and medicare article and he goes on to say this is another example democrats trained to conjure up nonexisting g.o.p. plan regarding social security and medicare, senator murray earns four pinocchio's for that claim. >> emily: to me it illustrates a top king point coming out of the president which is pulling a small thread and an outlying threat and using it to paint with a broad brush the entire party. he will get amplified headlines. it is almost like the state of the union when he barely mentioned this by china. he mentioned he will never accept this.
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the headlines are "president vows to make china pay for it." when you look at it in context, one senate devoid of context that it was so late it was not enough. here is the same thing where he then digs and his heels, typical president, yes, you don't leave me, call my office and we will show you. the rest of the party saying that actually wasn't us with a proposed bill years ago. here is what is important to us now. unfortunately all it does is dilute the efficacy and authenticity of the transparency of the process that americans deserve. we need to know what his proposal we can elect representatives that will vote the way that we want to. this is a massive distortion of the process and of the truth by our president that no good and i fear the mainstream media will continue amplifying it so that now in the polls any voters that don't dig a little deeper on their own accord will be misinformed. >> kayleigh: ari we so with paul ryan who is vp nominee for mitt romney here they have this
9:19 am
image of pushing grandmother off of a cliff. it was false and totally mischaracterized, but they are trying this plan and they are trying it now. will it work? >> ari: it might work because republicans historically have been like that on these issues peer of the pushback against joe biden spontaneously at the state of the union pure joe biden brought that on himself. joe biden is the man who came before the american people and said, "my whole soul is for unity." but his whole mouth health is for misrepresentation. [laughter] we have a republican president going to the state of the union and i know not all if you are socialist but most of your socialist because alexandria ocasio-cortez is a socialist. or saying, i know you are not anti-cement but you democrats are anti-semites because ilhan omar is anti-semantic. so they found one with a proposal years ago and all federal legislation who has said he would not sunset
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social security. the purpose being that every law should have a review, every law should be looked at and the good ones will continue. joe biden, and the republicans want to cut social security. it is a responsible. >> kayleigh: six words on page 36 of the document mischaracterized. marie, your president, our president, joe biden, 1995. let's listen to what he had to say. >> when i argued we should freeze federal spending, i spent social security as well! i met medicare and medicaid. i meant every single solitary thing in the government. and i not only tried it once, i tried it twice, i tried it a third time and i tried it a fourth time. hypocrisy barometer is sky high. [laughter] >> marie: it is not just rick scott. senator mike lee said his goal is to phase out social security rip it out by the roots and ultimately to get rid of it. republicans have for a long time talked about going after
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entitlements. we have to address social security insult and see a medicare peer those are actually important issues for a country to address going forward. will our generation never get it? i don't know the answer to that but there are republicans who have said we want to do this. i'm glad joe biden put them on notice and got all of them in the chamber to agree together that they were not going to touch it. if that is the outcome of this, i think that is a good one. look i'm willing to look across the aisle. he started off the state of the union by praising kevin mccarthy and congratulating him on being the speaker. he girl graduated mitch mcconnell and willing to work with you on all of these if you are too. and republicans to agree not to cut social security. >> kayleigh: we agree to that before he lied about it. >> marie: but your senators are saying different things on the record, kayleigh. mike lee said the goal is to phase it out and rip it up by the roots. what does that mean if not get rid of it? >> ari: to address it and it's a good thing we are not addressing it. >> marie: we need to address
9:22 am
the solvency. very different than rip it up and get rid of it. how we pay for it, how it is funding care that is not ripping it up. that is what all the members of congress figure out how to do. >> kayleigh: you may want to talk to your friends at "the washington post" getting back in line with your talking points. lisa -- >> marie: you are siding with "the washington post"? i'm so surprised. >> kayleigh: marie, it is an odd day for me. i want to address a supported trip. seniors are a big part of florida. donald trump by ten points, just one met by 30 points. but it is the job of joe biden to play them away from republicans. >> lisa: it is not going to happen and he didn't put it on notice. so those are two different things. but to your point, kayleigh, look, joe biden is wasting his time by going into florida. you look at the fact that in 2018 democrats had about over 300,000 more democrats than republicans. you look at today and
9:23 am
republicans have 400,000 republicans. >> kayleigh: we have a microphone issue. if we are rectifying also so good but they had to silence your microphone. censorship. but to that point, ari come about the state of florida, do you think you will succeed in getting seniors away? >> ari: as you point out republican governors have been doing quite well on a national level. seniors have been vulnerable to the demagoguery of social security and medicare peer and also women care for their elderly parents and the ones who have to take care of financial issues. so it is a vulnerability. >> kayleigh: lisa? >> lisa: and back, back in the game. >> ari: and approve my appearance before i'm off of the bench. the point i was trying to make is that you also look at the fact that in 2018, democrats had i think something over 300,000 more democrats than republicans in the state. now today republicans have 400,000 republicans and
9:24 am
democrats. governor desantis delivered florida into the red category. it is now officially a red state winning 20 points every single county and every single demographic in the state and what that means is you got 30 electoral college votes no longer up for grabs. in the 2024 election. so i think he is wasting his time. but you know, go ahead and waste your time mr. president. >> kayleigh: waste your time exactly, we republicans are fine with that. coming up a democratic strategist makes racially charged claims about republicans who called out biden's misleading claims. that is next. ♪ ♪ it can never die in our hands." true then. true now. let rosland capital help put gold and silver in your hands. rosland capital - a trusted leader
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or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. entrust you heart to entresto. ♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: welcome back. democratic strategist james carville resulted to name calling to bless the republican party. we have heard this before. over the booze and heckling of president biden state of the union address. >> you know, white trash trilogy, and you so real white trash on display. let me say something, marjorie taylor greene dresses like trash. she needs a consultant. i recommend george santos. he can do a good job of dressing up and doesn't announce her white trash. >> kayleigh: yikes! attacking a woman's clothes?
9:30 am
i think this is not a good look. >> marie: i knew this was coming to me. >> kayleigh: i was debating. it's marie. >> lisa: you made eye contact. >> marie: the reporter, i would not have use this language. there is plenty to criticize marjorie green taylor over and her colleagues during the state of the union was embarrassing. i wouldn't have used that term but the kind of things republicans have called my party doesn't make it okay, but the pro collection is a little much when people say my party like hates god and hates the country so like politics should be better. i wouldn't have done this. marjorie taylor greene was embarrassing. >> kayleigh: let's take a walk down memory lane and republicans have been called by democrats. >> the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking -- >> domestic terrorist cell at at this point. >> they start to look like jihadist. not a political party, fascist threat to our nation. a party of knuckleheads, a party of wu freaks. you can put half of trump
9:31 am
supporters into the basket of deplorables. >> that backs donald trump, that wants to think that donald trump is the smart one. [laughter] you leaders with your geography and your maps and your spelling. >> your math in your reading. [laughter] >> your math in your reading. >> kayleigh: i love how that brought don limited to tears. >> marie: he said a lot of vile things and wearing a baseball hat and t-shirt set the closing comment. let's not go there. i'm okay with a little chaos, to be perfectly honest. you look at the house, 435 members of all different walks of life in all different parts of the country. so you will get a little bit of chaos peer that is what makes the how special. i do want to point out republicans do a good job of reopening the house to the public. taking things back to regular order. and if you look under nancy pelosi, everything was leadership driven. under speaker mccarthy
9:32 am
committee driven allowing both sides to have input on legislation going to the house floor as opposed to just being leadership driven. get rid of proxy voting and you have to show up and do your job, imagine that. i think republicans should get a lot of credit for doing great things in the house. >> kayleigh: ari, that languages was mild compared to president biden, not leaders and the republican party and threatened the foundation of republic, anger, chaos, carnage, darkness and here and present danger. >> ari: i will try to practice my politics and not push the other side's motives. i think that is why everybody should be. that is how i was brought up in politics and i will die in politics because i don't care for this. james carville come i want to remind you, when jones accused bill clinton, james carville's boss a sexual assault, a fact that bill clinton pled guilty to, lost his law license over and almost a one million-dollar fine, james carville said about paula jones if you drag
9:33 am
$100 in a trailer park, it is amazing what you will find that turns up. he has a history of doing this. my advice to everybody in politics if you use the word white something is it okay if somebody else uses the word black or hispanic something? so if you don't want it to happen to someone that you care about, don't use those words yourself. none of us should engage in that type of talk, starting with james carville. >> kayleigh: emily. >> emily: i'm so glad you brought up the historical nature of the attacks because it comes from from the democratic party. why don't they ask themselves, why do voters feel disenfranchised? why do members of the republican party feel unseen, disrespected, mocked question requires wealth if they are so elite and so much better educated than all of us, why are they acting terribly them? why are they on the basis of her arguments and why she calling the president a liar and arguing this? let's talk about it. instead, they are ripping apart what she wears? this is appalling and beneath
9:34 am
anyone who considers themselves a spokesperson of the party. i think it is at the root of the fact no matter what the democrat party will see everyone else has less than them. we will never be good enough. we talked about this before. we will never be educated enough, good enough, smooth enough, rich and for hillary clinton or james carville or the person occupying the commander-in-chief position in the white house. >> kayleigh: i sleep happily among the deplorable spirit i take my spot. [laughter] >> ari: and your husband come i'm telling your husband you said that. >> kayleigh: please. who knows. all right, democrats are blaming the parties woke policies forert driving away voters. that is next. ♪ ♪ ht. in studies, the majority of people reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart attack, or death in adults also with known heart disease. and you may lose weight.
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9:39 am
a problem with new york city eric adams after he called the party out for driving away voters. adams blamed the parties focus on woke ideas while ignoring pitch table issues. for turning off crucial voting blocs including latinos and age dumb occasions. >> the latino community and api communities with traditional democratic base and it is because we will allow the loudest and those consider themselves to be woke. some of us never went to sleep. and we here speak directly to people. i think the party is now understanding that we have to speak those issues that are important. jobs, public safety, educating our children, good health care. these common, you know kitchen table issues that -- >> emily: i believe he is absolutely accurate, what say you? >> ari: these are the fascinating errors where we watch the republican party among
9:40 am
the black community is tremendously encouraging for republicans. democrats are giving educated voters. that is part of the what problem is the liberal college educational mostly white voters pushing the party and this will direction. but mark my words, if the democrats keep making the liberal movement the woke movement their vanguard, the republicans will continue to grow especially in the hispanic and black community. >> emily: the liberal educated woke. >> marie: i feel like i'm the liberal white that you were mentioning, ari. democrats and the midterms won state houses back, expanded the majority in the senate and only lost a very small number of seats in the house. excuse me, democrats in new york really messed up in the midterms and maybe that is what eric adams is talking about. the democrats at large across the country learn how to win back the swing states, swing districts and took back state houses, pennsylvania, michigan. they took back governor's mansion spirit this idea woke us
9:41 am
is taking over democrat politics and sweeping the country, we are not seen that with the candidates and the policies they are supporting especially in swing states. it gets a lot of tv attention, but that is not who is winning the race is for the democrats on the ground. >> emily: i hope this was new york city come on that front, what say you? >> kayleigh: i hope democrats do what marie does and don't listen to eric adams. there was a political article that said democrat should be cautious about declaring -- no doubt this was a lackluster midterm for republicans and disappointing to me and many others. with that being said, politico says direct quote, "every racial group moved white this year." that happened last november. plus ten with hispanic community, swing from 2018, plus 17, 17-point swing of the asian community, four points in the black community. there was a swing, 8 and if republicans can harness the issues that manage there matter to the democratic groups, they can have a big victory in 2024
9:42 am
perhaps the democrats don't seize coming. speak to you represent the hundreds of thousands who fled in new york from florida during covid appear the aftermath and to kayleigh's point, one of the biggest voting blocs against bail reform here in new york city and across the country are the asian american population. the asian american bar association stop bill reform here they are shouting from the rooftops about this spike in crime against asian americans for example that we see here in the city that was ignored patently on all fronts by so many of the members of the mainstream media and the democrat party at large. as well has the largely minority owned small businesses here that were ravaged and continued to be ravaged by crime. again, the mayor is addressing those. what say you? you had that first-hand experience of what everybody is talking about here appearance before you how come i got out and move to 40 because there isr quality of life. but i think sarah sanders nailed it and her rebuttal to joe biden state of the union when she said
9:43 am
this about normalcy or crazes there versus crazy. that is where we are as a society and to ari's point to transcend ideological lines. we are saying it is about the elite versus the working class against actual americans throughout their everyday trying to hustle to raise and to make money and to put food on the table and josh hawley said this in response after the state of the union, joe biden wants to talk about blue-collar workers but shutting down their pipelines, regulating firms out of existence and forcing to buy electric vehicles which are enormously expensive and regulate ability to own a gas stove. the democrats want to talk about being part of the working class but all of their actions, their policy or the antithesis of t that. >> we have to move but coming up, our harrises in washington with a special assignment. she is joining us with that n next. ♪ ♪
9:44 am
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>> happy thursday coming up lie of moments from now president biden speaks on social security and medicare. and also listening for news from the president's remark. plus, senator marshall dominic marsha blackburn southwest ceo in the hot seat after holiday break down force the carrier to cancel more than 16,000 flightst what we are now learning about major changes on the horizon. and charles payne is here to react to more than half of american state of the art financially worse off now than just one year ago. how do we turn things around? come join john roberts and me life as "america reports at the top of the hour. >> kayleigh: welcome back
9:49 am
moments ago our very own harris faulkner in washington with a special assignment. she will be honoring heroes who fought bravely for their country in world war ii and airmen as the first black pilots to serve in the u.s. military. these pilots began serving in 1941 help the allies when the second world war and also working to integrate america's armed forces. today, one of those pilots will be honored by world war ii foundation lieutenant colonel harry t stewart jr. jointed students, next to kiki airmen and flew 43 missions ang outstanding record. lieutenant stewart will have the bob dole leadership award hosted by harris. harris live from washington, d.c. harris, we are so excited for you. what an incredible man, he wrote that will be honoring tonight. >> harris: i tell you, we will learn all about the tuskegee airmen because we are losing them down into single digit
9:50 am
numbers now. the greatest generation included tuskegee black men who flew with the armies air division and trust an amazing pieced of our shared black history, black history month. but it is american history as i always say we share. but what is so special about lieutenant colonel harry t stewart is that when he was flying and it was a time the b51 mustangs and there was a picture of him as a young man, they were doing incredible things. they had a very low ratio of damage and harm and death to all across europe and northern africa. in fact, he is known, most known for taking out three german fighters in one day. >> kayleigh: wow! >> harris: that is a lot considering what we were playing against considering what they were flying. so it would be all about the
9:51 am
history of this man who has such a great example of american exceptionalism and belief in this country. we were struggling. at the same time my dad was years and years later fighting in vietnam as a combat pilot. this group of black men, all of them, thousand of them were wings and many, many more were trained by the thousand war wings and fought during world war ii and set the stage for so many others to follow. my father one of them. >> emily: harris, that is what i love about lieutenant colonel's amazing story is that he really illustrates that american tenacity. you know, he signed up and volunteered to be a pilot before he was drafted having grown up around now what is laguardia airport. what does it mean to you personally, harris, to be a part of an incredibly evening and incredible document a project being the daughter of a combat pilot? >> harris: first of all, i
9:52 am
believe as you know from facing endemic faith is the mountains and that the good lord gives usn assignment and we have to look for the signs. do you know that lieutenant colonel harry t stewart was born on the fourth of july? my dad was born on flag day. the 14th. i have always looked for those signs. i want to share one thing and i want to read this because i want to get it right. lieutenant colonel stuart flew with 332 fighter group. and i mentioned the red tails, the b51 mustangs. tonight you will get the senator bob dole world war ii leadership award appear the world war ii foundation is putting all of this on and it is at a special place. i've never actually been to this part of the smithsonian where my dad was stationed at the pentagon. i was much younger so i have been around these grounds, but i haven't seen the national museum of african american history and culture. for the first time tonight, i
9:53 am
will. that is where the event will be pure there is a cool motown section at the museum. the after party is going to be. i can't wait to see 98-year-old lieutenant colonel stuart, you know, take all of that in. and it is gratitude. and i want to take it to a slightly different place because emily and kayleigh and lisa, everybody, ari, you and i have talked about it. we have talked about the low recruit numbers. just last year, our u.s. navy had to raise the age of people who could get into the fighting force because they had so few young people getting in. and you gave a great example from lieutenant colonel stuart. he wanted in! he would have done anything to fight. i want us to get back to that and we need to celebrate people from the greatest generation. >> kayleigh: harris, we are cheering you on and what i understand the step of the
9:54 am
united states air force will be there. >> harris: yes, they will be there. >> kayleigh: we cannot wait for you to return. >> harris: think you guys, love you. >> kayleigh: love you, too. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪
9:55 am
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♪♪ >> last but not least, you can call it a pint-sized protest. a 6-year-old named brody did what kids do, and took to social media to make his case for a causing we can all get behind. >> i'm brody, and this is for the government. i'm protesting and i want three days off of school because i've been tired of school lately and i've been dreaming for three days off. two days is not enough. i need to time to just play and
9:59 am
go with nay-nay and stay home and do whatever i want outside. >> he's absolutely right. ari, i think he's won his case. >> i love it. brody needs to organize, a union and get it done. >> they have that in "boss baby," there's a union of babies. this kid is the most popular kid in america. no doubt about it. good way to get further behind china, i hate to break it to you. >> do you think nash is going to be like that, kayleigh? >> blake is, she's already there, she's only three. >> if he gets his three-day week, can we get three-day week? >> we need him to be with us. >> kids are like little mini mes of their parents, i'm drained, i need extra days. i've been dreaming all day. me, too, man, we are all there. >> exactly.
10:00 am
>> france does it, you think we will catch on, or be the working 20 hours a day america? >> i want to work even less than that. i want to work just one day a week, i'm getting to that age. >> nice. i'll get on that campaign. but for now, we love being here five days a week with you guys. thank you for joining us. when you can't watch us live, please dvr. and now here is "america reports." >> why didn't we know more earlier, what do we know that is not public about this threat and it is a threat from these chinese balloons. >> this is a part of a larger surveillance plan by the chinese communist party and something we need to be vigilant. >> john: senators sounding off what they would like to learn regarding that chinese spycraft downed off the coast of south carolina, new information from fbi officials, fbi telling fox news most of the evidence relating to the surveillance aircraft is still underwater. new development comes as


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