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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 10, 2023 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> laura: she didn't see the kiss? greg got filled next. >> todd: a fox news alert, chinese spy that hovered over the military base the mainland for days is ce of listening in on american conversations and transmitting that information back to the ccp. you are watching "fox & friends first" and i'm toddtodd pyro. >> ashley: ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. taken from the surface of the ocean, but officials say still searching for electronic
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payloads with final information on the capabilities. >> todd: alexandria hoff joins us with the latest, alex. >> todd, ashley, good morning. the payload where the evidence was found, the fbi official says that remains underwater. what has been recovered at this point the wiring and small electronics. the u.s. officials believe the u.s. surveillance within tan is the intercept and listen in on american conversations. according to the pentagon for we know the people's republic of china gives these balloons for surveillance. high-resolution imagery the fly altitude balloons with intelligence operations. senates briefing, jon tester pushed for answers from the biden administration. >> i want to know if we knew what the chinese were trying to collect with that balloon come up with that reconnaissance ballooned. >> senator, thank you for the question.
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what we can probably get into details and a classified setting. >> you can say yes or no. you don't have to get into specifics, do we know if they are trying to collect? we think we know that they are trying to collect but we don't know. that scares the hell out of me. >> most americans too. president biden's defend the call to take down the spice craft once safely over water feels this was not a major breach. senator tim cotton d tom cotton does not agree. >> it is totally a violation of national law are airspace. >> any time chinese airship enters the airspace is its chinese to spy on america. the biden administration could have shot it down off the coast of alaska and the balloon proceeded to spy all across america. until we actually have the hardware that was on that balloon but we can't say for sure. we can take some educated guesses, but we can't know for
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sure. >> the house did pass unanimous resolution condemning high altitude spying. to keep congress briefed with a counter of measures taken to prevent information collection. resolution six account of communications with china and the spy craft with prior and similar breaches u.s. airspace. >> todd: alexandria hoff live in d.c., congressman mike waltz said president biden continues to fail america when it comes to china. >> this balloon hovered over not only our missile fields and of which we only have three and it hovered over one of them, but it also hovered over the command, the strategic command that command that controls our nuclear missile sites. so at the end of the day, i think the answer by the president completely discounts the message that the rest of the world god was that america is
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either incapable or unwilling to defend its own airspace against a balloon! so, that is the message sent from the adversaries and our allies and it's not a good one appeared speed to fox news exclusively apprehension control of chinese national crossing in the u.s. 800% over the same time last year. cdp sources says there have been 1900 border patrol encounters with chinese nationals from october to december and december alone there were 931 chinese nationals encountered compared to just 64 and december 2021. in the meantime president biden denies the possibility of a proposal to carry out mass deportations of nonmexicans. >> i am saying we have not done that. >> we will not consider that in the future? >> i don't think we have to do that. >> the biden administration has not yet said what it will do
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once title to 42 ends. gofundme is accused of playing politics yet again as it shuts down the fund-raiser for the arizona ranch held on $1 million bond for the shooting death of an illegal immigrant who was on his property. >> todd: jackie ibanez with mark, jackie. >> good morning gofundme moving from the arizona rancher for shooting and killing a migrant on his land. the platform claims its terms of service prohibit campaigns to raise money for the legal defense and formally charged with a violent crime and fund-raising campaigns illegally defend someone charged with murder are removed from our platform. donors who contributed to the fund-raising campaign for the ill legal expenses have been fully refunded. but now mission fund-raiser give, send, go supporting donation efforts for calais, the platform: gofundme's decision say it is purely political.
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this is exactly why give, sand, go exist to gain support in times of need. we understand you are not the judge and jury and takedown campaigns owned by bias. spirit that started last week when the police were called to kelly's ranch and reports of shots fired and found this deceased hispanic male 100 yards away from the home. kelly's case comes as migrants pour across the border at record levels. the rancher's friends had trouble with the beliefs and the property to cross the border in the past. the ranch just a mile and a half from the border in the tucson sector where cbp reported 68,000 illegal crossings since october 1st. kelly is expected to remain in jail and a preliminary hearing for february 22nd, ashley and todd back to you. >> todd: jackie, thank you. d.c. man accused of violently
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attacking minnesota congresswoman auntie craig in the elevator of her apartment building yesterday. suspect reported greg on the chin before grabbing and holding by the neck. she was able to escape by throwing her coffee on him before the assault, craig saw the suspect earlier that morning acting erratically in the lobby as if under the influence of an unknown substance. craig's teams had suffered a few bruises but expected to be okay. and surveillance footage of used in a gunman surprised when he attempted to hold up a hotel clerk. you can see the suspect pointed a gun to the employees had demanding money from the cash register. that is when she pulls out a handgun of her own sending him running. >> okay. there it is, i promise. >> todd: wow, the suspect still on the loose.
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speaking out about the cities searching crime problem with such they say is leading to massive drop in business. >> ashley: the owner's urging state lawmakers to empower state police and let them do their jobs, pittsburgh business owner which chuck joins us, thank you for getting up with us. it seems the last three years or so crime has gotten pretty bad. you know in the last couple of years but what's going on? >> well, the administration isn't allowing the police to do their jobs. you have to let the police do their jobs. >> todd: how tough is it to run a business on the southside of pittsburgh? >> very difficult. last year, we had over 90 shootings, over 23 people went to the hospital and fish here, it is continuing. >> ashley: you know, i was
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reading that you had to hire police officers come off duty police officers just to monitor the area and try to keep you guys safe. six days a week. i'm sure that's costing a pretty penny, but also what made you decide? did something in particular happen to your business to make you think i need police here to keep us safe? >> i have sent hired any police that the southside has. it's a six block area the southside between wallop and 18th street, but the police, no matter how many you have out here, you can have a thousand police down here and have a police station every corner. if the police are not allowed to do their jobs, nothing would change. >> todd: give us some examples -- >> there is no room for politics and public safety. >> todd: give us an example how police were not able to do their jobs. >> well, and in order for a
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patrolman to arrest somebody, he's got to give the authorization of a supervisor. pittsburgh city counsel, council ordinance against state law so that no one could be pulled o over. speak to you guys have been meeting with city leaders for a couple of years but are they just not doing anything about this? what are they saying to you? >> we have had over 30 maintains in the last 30 years and nothing has changed. they brought the state for a hearing southside a couple of days ago. 15 state reps and they talked for about an hour all the bureaucrats talking to these people for about an hour and nothing was accomplished. they let us talk, the business owners. i told them basically what they
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said briefed was not true. it's just that they were saying statistics that crime is dying, which it isn't. on paper, crime is dying because the police aren't allow to do their job. >> todd: why are city leaders taking this attitude do you think? it seems like you would want an area like south pittsburgh to be bustling? a big business center where a lot of comers can take place, visitors can go and have a good time? why are they taking food to allow the exact opposite to happen? >> there is no time for social experience with public safety. that is what is happening. we have juveniles that are shooting people on a monday and out of jail on tuesday. >> ashley: okay, a lot of this has to do with -- they are basically arresting them and putting them right back on the
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streets. >> what the problem is they close down our juvenile detention center shuman and no place to put these juveniles at. they are being arrested the next day. and we've had murderers, breaks, i mean the juveniles know they can get away with this peer they see what's going on on tv. they know there is no consequences to their actions. >> todd: if the cops aren't they are or their hands or tides, you have to ask the question, where the parents and the situation? this is mostly juveniles wreaking havoc in your community. where are the parents? we asked the question every single segment. hopefully you will give them answers and because our country is going down fast. >> ashley: richard, thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> ashley: accusations flying on capitol hill as investigate the bidens families business
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dealings. >> the fbi has within its possession very significant impactful and voluminous evidence with respect to potential criminal conduct by hunter and james biden. >> the latest in a live report coming up next. >> todd: tackle football for kids about to get sacked if democrats have their way. and we will tell you the new proposal band for certain age groups do not go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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all on the most reliable 5g network. with no line activation fees or term contracts. saving you up to 60% a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> ashley: it is the day house republicans have been waiting for. the first house of the select committee on weaponization of the federal government. it is aimed what judiciary chairman jim jordan post politicized nation of fbi after whistle-blower complaints. the targeting of conservative speech. the hearing getting off to emotional start from testimony from a former agent who accuses the white house of manipulating the bureau. listen. >> it was taxing and emotional jarring. i believed i was making an
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impactful difference until things changed. the fbi's trajectory have transformed on the bureau, the paper, the bureau's mission is the same but the priorities governing has shifted dramatically. weaponize starting from the top of washington and trickling to the field offices. >> ashley: jordan brown involve professor jonathan turley to testify censoring of conservatives on twitter which was exposed elon musk twitter fios to my files. the alleged involvement makes the largest in history. the democrat calling jonathan turley's credibility into question. >> essentially your response to the questions were your own opinion impure contraction. >> no, i wouldn't say that. i try to base them on what we know from the twitter piles. >> this is only your opinion would you say is a twitter account user? >> know i came to give legal
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analysis based on the public facts and domain. it was doing what i was asked. >> legal analysis is another word for opinion. >> todd: it will always being opinion so i don't know what she was getting at. joe biden and his family business dealings also a main point of discussion in the hearing. the lawmakers zeroing in on claims the fbi is covering for the biden. >> other whistle-blower disclosures in my office, they cleared the fbi has within its possession very significant impactful and voluminous evidence with respect to potential criminal conduct by hunter james biden. >> these disclosures also alleged joe biden was aware of hunter biden's business arrangements, and they have been in endowed to some of them he would speak to the latest with the ongoing battle for records related to hunter, good morning,
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brooke. >> since grassley's claim, hunter has denied us have representatives committees for documents made by hunter, the president's brother james biden and business partner eric swearing. the attorney sang "peddling an accurate and baseless conclusion other guys have real investigation terms the gnomic terms turn sick money and you sentence first verdict afterwards. "an attempt with legislative purpose failed at best. the republicans determined to get to the truth, oversight committee james palmer to jamesr to testify. and investigation of joe biden's involvement with his family's business games. the biden family members attempted to sell assets around the world including individuals connected to the chinese communist party. meanwhile, brand-new fox news
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poll rebuilt americans are not only concerned about the biden families business dealings but 39% of president biden in hunter actually broke the law. president biden then spending week downplaying the investigation. watch. >> the public will not pay attention to that. they want these guys to do something. all they can do is make up things about my family and it won't go far. >> judge jeanine pirro accusing the president of being out of touch with the american people. listen. >> for the president joe biden to say all the american public doesn't care about this. he is delusional, he is disconnected because three quarters of the american public who were questioned said this was critical information and they should have known about that was suppressed by the fbi and by twitter and social media. of that, three quarters, half of them said that would have change their vote. we are talking about both republicans and democrats. >> james biden and eric swearing
1:23 am
the respondent on handing over documents or to testify. he is willing to issue subpoenas as early as february 22nd, guys. >> ashley: that is my question if they ignore say we will not give you this information, how long does it take to get that information once the subpoenas are submitted? this could go back and forth for a long time. >> todd: along those lines, yes he could go back and forth but we have to remember where the judges are to determine the validity of this case? they are in and the swamp and we have seen the subpoena oftentimes goes against the conservatives are the people trying to disrupt the swamp and go for the people that are for the swamp. that is my concern of the situation. with that said, the facts are on the site of james comer. we have the facts because we have the laptop, right, brooke? >> we don't have the laptop. [laughter] no, but if james comer will issue subpoena by the 22nd, this
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is something, you are right, ashley, this could go on weeks and weeks and they will stonewall. but ultimately if hunter biden, james biden, eric swearing and other business associates to testify before the committee, the house has subpoena power and can bring these people in front of the panels. but ultimately i think james comer has said before republicans took the majority of the house and again despite what president biden's income of the american people don't care about this, james comer has said this is the committee's top priority right now and the republican investigations into hunter biden's business dealings, like i said, yesterday has been going on since 2019. but there has been federal investigations into hunter biden's business dealing since 2018. so, while democrats and the president can say this is a political witch hunt or republican scheme to make the biden family look bad, you have to remember there is an ongoing
1:25 am
four year long, more than four year long that will investigation out of u.s. attorney for delaware and to the tax affairs or business dealings. >> ashley: well, jesse watters took on joe biden's afrocentric politics to point out his family's corruption, watches. >> it was a shot in the dark 50 years ago when joe biden ran for senate. he was a 29-year-old outside or no experience, no money and losing his hair. but somehow the media dubbed him as the next jfk. biden reminded everybody of camelot, young, big ideas and wanted to fight for the little guy. and admitted the very thing no one wanted to hear at the time, the politicians are all corrupt. as soon as joe got to washington and some money waved in his face, he relates the honest politician lifestyle wasn't for him. and joe biden started doing the opposite of what he promised to do. he became a corrupt politician.
1:26 am
there was a time when the politician was wheeling and dealing with the chinese, young joe would have said that is a problem. but now, it is the new norm. and he wants you to accept that he's corrupt. >> todd: i think that is a fascinating analysis by jesse but again it's based in fact. senators make a good salary, but they don't make a salary that leads to the lifestyle of one joseph biden over the course of years. admittedly they are our book deals and speaking happening following this time as vice president during his four years between then and when he became president. but there is a lot of questions out there how the rest of the money came in. i think that's what these investigations need to lay bare. we need answers to that. >> ashley: that is right, this is an even about hunter biden. it's about president biden. we discussed this yesterday. but you know, president biden has never been involved in a sense business dealings. we have to take a look into what
1:27 am
he means by being involved. he's never spoken to his son. he's never been involved. you know, had any conversations with anyone and his family about these business dealings. but at the end of the day, we have seen emails, documentation he shared office space with these people. he is on these emails with breakdown of steak and companies here at the white house said he's not involved in never been involved and never will be involved, but this is what republicans are looking into and we have questions about. >> ashley: absolutely, but of course, the white house is going to say that. broke, thank you. >> todd: that would be a funny thing 15% the big guy gets inflation. i thought that was funny. [laughter] secretary pete buttigieg finally ready to make an investment in infrastructure, but, buck dimmick but only if woke is included in the deal. >> ashley: 20 public schools
1:28 am
have zero students proficient in math. and the city's mayor is not answering questions about it. we have the shocking task force next. ♪ ♪ where will they take you? ♪ ♪ (dog barks) ♪ silverado zr2, trail boss, and custom trail boss. because adventure is everywhere.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: wait until you hear this. test results show zero, zero students are proficient in math and 23 different baltimore public schools. and 93% of third through eighth graders tested below eighth grade in the test subject. this comes after maryland's new democratic governor declared public education a top priority. >> we made the largest investment in public education by any governor in the state's history. we can no longer separate our vision for economic prosperity. from a duty to make maryland's public schools the best in the
1:34 am
nation. >> todd: the first by cheer of the baltimore county central committee and ed harris a baltimore resident. great to have you here. kj, are you shocked by how abysmal from abysmal those numbers are? >> yeah, i'm shocked. i am frustrated and angry about it. as a parent, i live in baltimore city. we have been dealing with this for decades. these results are very frustrating, frustrating because we are not able to get to the root cause of what is happening. in the leadership here point on racism. we've had democratic leadership for decades. people here empower -- and everything is blamed on racism. >> todd: who are you blaming? >> hi, thank you for having me.
1:35 am
i would start with the commissioners and the board of school administrators and i also want to add some parents like kj said, we've had these results for decades. i'm not shocked because we've been having these results. i'm angry in my major claim majorly the baltimore city school administrators who are absolutely dismissive and arrogant at the results we are seeing in baltimore. >> todd: evie goes up to the mayor's level and he refused to answer any questions on this topic. that begs the question to your point, evie, where is the accountability here? >> there is none. there is none. there is only, again, attitude, though elitism and the constant failure about children. you mention 23 schools. let's add into that the fraud uncovered as well. the students, paid for students i haven't shown up on the books.
1:36 am
how about students who cannot get the services rightfully do well in the public schools. this is nothing short of fraud and corruption and you are right, the mayor needs to be included because he refuses to hold accountable even for school board ceo. who earns upwards up almost half a million dollars to add in the perks. >> todd: kj, you heard the governor leading into the segment, but need to put more money into education. it sounds like a good idea, but i would argue that, we have been pouring dollar after dollar into black and brown communities for decades now. and we are not seeing the results. you are a little bit more intimately involved in the weeds here. what is your take on that? >> i agree. they receive about $18,000 per student here in baltimore city wfor public education. the governor has put forth a
1:37 am
budget and he's cut spending for school choice options for baltimore city, for marylanders. and that hurts us. we don't even have the option of taking the money that they pour into these students money given through these budget to go to other places for better education. so what you have here is education to prison pipeline. that is what we have here. we have some parents who fourth-graders and third graders who can't even read! they have to choices baltimore city and they can go to prison or take them away and a body bag. this is a real crisis we have here. >> todd: and yet, you hear talk from the left from crt and reparations, but you never hear actual solutions to solve our educational system problems when it comes to our inner cities. that is the reason that our
1:38 am
country is struggling so much. evie, last word to you. why is that? why does the lift refused to solve the problem at its core? >> they don't want to. they don't want to because not solving the problem keeps them in power. and it also keeps their emotionalism, the guilt tripping and keeps parents ignorant to a degree and keeps parents fearful and not knowing what to do. one solution that i've been calling for is to take your children out of public schools, take your children out, but homeschool them and put them in private school. real quick, we do have a charter school in baltimore. a charter school with 90% success rate of graduating black boys, black meals, very successful that those school board wants to shut down because of some technicality but their paperwork that could have been corrected in a minute. okay? they don't want to solve the
1:39 am
problem because they want to retain their power and control. enough is enough! parents need to wake up, fight back and tell them, "no these are our children and they have meaning and a purpose and you don't get to run their lives!" >> todd: perfectly celebrated when some success story comes out of the project with an education. that should be a one-off. every child should have the opportunity in america and those kids did nothing to deserve the horrible education from a horrible system that is keeping them down. kj and evie, thank you for your insight and work in this area. this is they want number one issue facing our country, and i always say thank you for your time. >> thank you for having us. >> ashley: new york democrats pushing a new bill to sack technical football for kids. michael says he's been trying to pass the legislation for ten years but new sponsorship from a state senator is giving it legs.
1:40 am
>> while the super bowl is an awful lot of front, it's not fun when you see young children run around, play a game that they are hitting their heads dozens, hundreds of times a week. brains that are rapidly developing, why are we putting children at risk for injury to their brains? >> but the youth organization in the country said the lawmakers need to follow the signs on head injuries. the national leading medical research has found no proven connection between youth football and a brain condition known as cte. >> todd: now to the adults that play football into the nfl honors. the record-breaking season has landed kansas city chiefs quarterback and ashley's
1:41 am
patrick mahomes mvp award 48 of 50 boats. they honor coming three days before football's biggest stage, the super bowl lvii. [cheers and applause] >> think you're forgetting on the platform with amazing people around me. to my family, my mom, my dad, my brother and sister, thank you for supporting me every day and telling me since i was a little kid to follow my dreams. and most of all my teammates. i would not be standing here today without you all. every day, giving everything we have together to the ultimate goal, the super bowl. >> todd: i don't know if i agree with that, jesse watters there but i do agree with patrick mahomes selected appear this year's walter payton manning year award dallas cowboys back prescott. >> the recipients of this award and a prestigious award which is -- bill mcmahon i look up
1:42 am
to and learn so much from. they realized alongside of them i would never take for granted and something i would take pride in forever. >> todd: so much good work with cancer issues. and to my new york giants, an incredible turnaround season for white and blue. the giants first year head head coach, well-deserved coach of the year award after basically bringing us to the playoffs for the first time in forever. >> i want to thank the family, all the scouting staff and support staff, the club, the fans, the voters and particularly the players and the coaches are the ones are the reason i'm up here. >> todd: we love this guy in new york city, the future is bright. you've got to love this, i didn't know what this was a team award celebrating 2023 season, 2022 season and the bengals and
1:43 am
that honor 18 celebration in 2023 against the baltimore ravens pretending to be riding a roller coaster. needless to say the defense orchestrating that perfectly. look at that! and finally veterans entering the league and this year's fuel recipients. the quarterback on outside linebacker and lineman joe thomas. they were all studs, congrats to them. >> ashley: whitney yelled, jumped and pretty sure that was broke. >> todd: i haven't yelled in a while. >> ashley: we were due. >> todd: the chiefs take on jail and hurts and the eagle super bowl 507th asante 6:30 p.m. eastern only on fox. we will be checking in with brian kilmeade who is live state farm in glendale, arizona, and we will get his predictions out of the big game. >> ashley: president biden targeting ron desantis with the exact key level for
1:44 am
republicans at the state of the union. >> or 1.1 million people in florida would be eligible for medicaid if governor desantis would just agree. this isn't calculus. >> but is the next guest part of the blue state exodus? we will ask them what they think about the president's visit. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: the department of education and by that the department of education with a whopping $662 million to fix america's ports but with a few condition. the department said ports must advance equity and environmental justice. how does that necessarily work? transportation transportation secretary pete buttigieg said it will go to supply chains but how much funding it will pry prioritize that focuses on climate change. good luck getting supplies come america. in the meantime joe biden attacking ron desantis and republican party during his trip to the sunshine state yesterday,
1:50 am
watch. >> over 1.1 million people in florida would be eligible for medicaid if governor desantis said i agree to expand it. it's not, this isn't calculus. i know that a lot of repub republicans, their dream is to cut social security and medicare. well let me say this, if that is your dream, i am your nightmare. >> todd: it's no one's dream and he keeps repeating that lie. the president responded to marjorie taylor greene for pointing out that life during the state of the union address suggesting she should be punished. >> offended, liar, liar. the last person who said that florida senate got censored by the congress. >> ashley: president biden criticizes desantis and more americans are packing their bags to a democrat state radical policies for the freedoms of beautiful florida. three members of the blue states
1:51 am
joining now george miller, left california for florida while kathleen murray and michelle matta sue left virginia and move to florida back in 2021. thank you so much for getting up with us this morning. >> you are welcome. >> ashley: i want to go to you first, what did you make of president biden being in tampa yesterday talking about desantis? >> well, the most honest thing he said yesterday was that he is a nightmare, which, indeed, he is. during his speech he referred to social security as a sacred trust and then he spoke about medicare appear the first thought is he is a liar and hypocritical. 1984, i was told that along with other service members that after 20 years, that our health care would be provided for the rest of our life. fast-forward to 2023, i will be 65 in a few years and i'm being
1:52 am
told that i will have to be forced out of my tricare into medicare only because my husband and i worked past our military retirement, only to see the premiums skyrocket when we actually do retire. so his sacred trust means nothing, especially when it applies to veterans. >> ashley: george, how do you think his message was perceived to people in florida, especially considering the huge win desantis had back in november? >> i don't think most people realize how he was distorting and lying in the process. he has kind of refined his message over the last couple of lakes and more offensive things and tried to put things that people are in favor of. but he knows a lot of things, for example. he has ignored the issues like border, abortion, farm inflation especially. he has even claimed inflation will be reduced substantially over the last six months. i don't see any sign of that in florida.
1:53 am
if anything, much higher than the numbers have come a much less security 7%, 80% and in the meantime inflation 15%, 20%. he is focusing on the medicaid. what he did talk about is the cost of the medicaid increase and the conditions imposed upon florida to do that. florida has other things to handle, self care but other than that, those things were kind of ignored. >> ashley: george, i think your camera went crooked for little second. michelle, you left virginia for florida. what was the biggest reason you went to florida? >> okay, so we were there for 16 years and my husband is navy. we saw the lockdowns happening. the state went hook, line, and sinker right with the federal government. at first, i understand why people were scared but eventually, things started to
1:54 am
pan out. i was watching what governor desantis was doing opening up florida and to me it was tyrannical, absolutely disgusting what they were doing with the states. terry mcauliffe was going along with it everything from the lockdowns. you couldn't go to church but you could go to walmart. if you are a small business owner, the department of health in virginia is going to find that store $180,000 if someone didn't wear a mask. this is a small business. it was really frustrating, extremely frustrating to watch all of this happen. we couldn't wait to get out of there and we came down to florida. my friends are fighting a good fight in virginia. glenn youngkin is doing a lot better, but he's up against a lot. yeah, he is. >> ashley: kathleen what is the biggest difference in florida compared to virginia? >> the biggest difference, i would say has to do with taxes and medical freedom. so, a lot of virginia is
1:55 am
considered a pretty good place as a retiree, especially in the military. but i moved to florida and my taxes went down, my personal property taxes almost nonexistent. and i didn't have to worry about my state forcing me to wear a mask or forcing me to take on constitutional mandate and faxing. >> ashley: really more freedom. i have to get to george quickly. george, in a couple of words what is the most about california compared to florida? i can only imagine. >> the number one advantage to make my left california and the people of california, everything was done that way. coming out here, more freedom, we don't have problems with the second amendment. we don't have problem with enforcing the law properly. just push back quite a bit. >> ashley: i saw michele shaking her head. i assume you're on board with
1:56 am
everything they said. we will get to next time, michele. thank you, george miller, kathleen murray, and michele matisoo. thank you so much. enjoy florida. i wish i was there. >> take care of. >> ashley: montana dealing with a very deadly fentanyl problem, and the state says it is all coming directly from mexican cartels. >> todd: every state is now a border state. we talked to the next. ♪ ♪
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